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Feeling like drawing something. Someone give me an idea.

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Ork riding an Elysian through the sky.

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Emrakul as a Touhou.

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Rule 63 CWC

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or better yet....
reveal this mystery

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That...is an interesting question...

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Two people are playing chess. One of them has a large, flaccid penis hanging from his forehead. The other picks up a piece and says "check." Penis-head says "where?"

Neither act upon the obviously abnormal situation as if it were anything more than a normal chess game.

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unless this whole time....
no, it cant be

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Something from >>9371081.

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Elf makin' cofee for a dorf while a warforged slucks.


Shardmind with a grafted-on armblade.

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A male tiefling with red skin, ram's horns, and a goatee made of horned projections from his chin. He is wearing medieval finery (German-style, if you feel like doing something interesting with it) complete with adornments for his horns. He's sitting on an ebony throne with red plush velvet cushioning. He's drinking out of a massive onyx beer stein with silver trim, covered in pentagrams and demonic imagery.

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Do some gnome girls

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A Crysalid being lifted by a floater up to an X-com agent in a flying suit.

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Skeksis and a Fimir looking at each other with puzzled expressions.

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Not quite what you're looking for.

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Space Marine Captain punching a Great Unclean One to death with a power fist.

The Captain is basically just Pedro Kantor, except without the back banner, and one of those more rectangular aquilas in its place. Also not colored Pedro style. (main color black, red and silver accessories if you're coloring).

He might be using his wrist mounted storm bolter to pop a few plaguebringers or nurglings, and in the background, perhaps some tactical marines are cheering him on.

(this would be a gift to my Captain who actually did beat the ever living fuck out of a Great Unclean One)

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I like it.

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But what does her mouth look like?

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A scruffy long blonde haired man with with a cybernetic arm.He has an attractive face and dull green eyes. He is wearing a black vest with white long sleeve shirt and straight pants. A 6inch holographic projection flying above him. The holographic image is that of a blue eyed woman with waist length black and fairy wings. That man has his arm disconnected and is smoking on a cigarette. The setting is futuristic.
(Picture futuristic Link without the ears and green.Instead of a sword he owns a revolver)
pic example of what "fairy" should look like.

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I see whut you did there.

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Tentacles, you can see the tips of them below her hands, she's hiding the rest with her scarf.

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I'd like to see a pic of an Administratum official and an Imperial Guard officer arguing.

As they shout at eachother the Administratum person is turning into a tzeentchette while the IG officer is mutating into a khornette. This includes their clothes melting off.

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I know. I want to see her actual MOUTH.

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what the fuck is wrong with you?

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What? Aren't you curious?

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An orange Kel Dor with silver irises and a nasty scar above his left eye wielding a green lightsaber in this way http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/File:Nautolan_Fem_Sith_SWGTCG.jpg but a kel dor.

Pic is a Kel Dor

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I'm too slow for this I think. But it is letting me run some quick scribbles.

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You ever hear the old adage, "Curiosity set the baboon on fire?"

Or something like that. I wasn't paying any attention, because I might have accidentally learned something otherwise.

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Your adamant interest seems to be a little beyond curiosity.

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A skeksis and a hezrou? I don't get it

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Well, he is on /tg/.

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I failed at Fimir?

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rolled 40 = 40

Dear OP, please draw a picture of all that is evil in the world.

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What? I just think it would make for interesting drawfaggotry.

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Your shit's good, don't worry about it.

Now that I've buttered you up, could you draw my request? A lich on a stone throne, wearing tattered robes, with two elite skeleton warriors in ancient armor standing guard over him. He's staring contemplatively at a wedding ring. Dust covers everything.

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these are very cool by the way.
You speak the truth, but I believe the drawfag has spoken on this issue.

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We all know you want Cthulhu-tan blowjobs, and we don't judge you for it.

At least, not while you're in the room.

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Requesting a halfling druid in dragonscale half-plate riding a timber wolf. The halfing is wearing a helmet and has a long spear and a moss covered shield and a scimitar sheathed at his side.

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I didn't say anything about blowjobs.

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>>9373250 Cthulhu-tan blowjobs

Great, now you have me wondering how a non-euclidean esophagus feels on your dick.

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Then accept the lamprey mouth that was posted and move on with your life.

Because it's either that or a nasty sharp beak covered by a powerful sphincter that leads to a tongue covered in shredding teeth.

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I imagine that it would make you go mad after you ramble on about 18th-century architecture for fourteen pages.

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But would you be going mad because it felt so good?

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Well since you're the same nameless protagonist from every story and you faint at the sight of fish people, I'd say no. You're going mad because you can't wrap your head around it for some reason that's never really specified.

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Well, that one who discovered he was part fishperson had a good reason to go mad.

On the more general level though, I agree. The story "The Dude Who Collected Lovecraft" does a good (though highly irreverent) job presenting why the situations in Lovecraft's stuff kind of fall apart when evaluated by modern audiences.

Find it on google, or listen to it here:


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Requesting is a responsibility, brother. Be careful of what you request, some asshole may draw it just for fun.

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But he discovered that he was of Innsmouth descent long after his escape from the town. And he was cool with it.

I'm very sad that Lovecraft wasn't a better writer. The concepts he introduced had a lot of potential.

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You draw awesome eyes, you know that? And it makes me wonder why nobody's requested any beholder art from you.

On that note, requesting a beholder jealously guarding a Greek-style statue that's missing its head and arms. But not its glorious, bare tits. I leave the details to you.

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A pale pouty lipped Gnome with poofy flowing purple hair.A massive swarm of black and blue butterfly shaped lights flow about her.She is wearing a tight short dress and corset.Her sandal-like shoes are several inches high. She has on finger-less laces gloves.

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He wasn't cool with it. He started going crazy and then went to live in the ocean.

But yes, I agree. The fact that Lovecraft was scared of EVERYTHING was why he was able to write his stuff in the first place, but also makes it not stand up too well under scrutiny.

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She menaces with spikes of velvet.

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Hey Greenmarine, about how long does it take you to sketch and color pictures like these?

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Someone has asked me for a space beholder before. I wound up with this.

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Two-panel request.

Panel 1: Well-built human male is in bed with female eldar. Both naked, they can be screwing or just cuddling, or whatever. As long as it's sexy.

Panel 2: The "man" is morphing back into a Callidus assassin, being about halfway. The "eldar" has pulled down a previously-unseen zipper in her skin to reveal CREEEEEEED. The eldar-suit is flopping halfway off.

Both are utterly horrified.

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Now draw all that is good.

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10 to 15 minutes

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exact same pic.jpg.

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Ahaha no.


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How about a young dragonborn asleep drooling acid and melting through the bed?

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I want a drawing of sexy Velma. There is not enough sexy Velma in the world.

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Not that guy, but here

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This sounds cute.

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Why does Comrade Putin swim with the dolphins?

Is he teaching them to kill? Or perhaps, they are teaching him to hold his breath for 45 minutes. He can already do it for 43 minutes, he's just looking for some pointers.

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This thread still alive?

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Greenmarine, requesting Katherine Heigl naked and inside of a glass of red wine. She looks a little inebriated and shocked, her body pressed up against the glass. A pearl earring lays beside the glass. I ask you because you are so good with colors, but it is open to anyone.

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...Wait, what?

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Sorry, had to take a break. My hand keeps cramping up.

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oh wait, that's not what a dragonborn looks like. >_>;

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Sister of battle masturbating with pudding please

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Not really a dragonborn.

But thanks anyway.

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Eh, the gag is still there.

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to quote other thread:
Eldar conga line. They are tipsy. There is a daemonette amongst the line somewhere, but no-one has noticed yet.

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Request: Black guy and his ghost buddy, who's only facial feature is a HUGE fucking smile.

Thanks if you decide to do it.

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Currently trying to do this. The bulbus things on his head are a little awkward.

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When we come for you, you will not hear us. You will not see us.

You will simply die.

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No colour, unfortunately.

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Last one I can do tonight. My hand is too cramped up, and I'm too sleepy.

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Also, feel free to make a list of everything that's geeked out about the original picture. I had wanted to put more in, but...eh.

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