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What you saw was a fantasy world of intrigue, what your friend sees is the status menu of video game RPG.

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Spilling coke or taking your character sheet? Because root beer stains felt poker tables like a bitch.

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That's why you keep a dummy character sheet in front of you, then pull out the real character sheet when FIGHTAN.

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What a faggot, I would have smacked him upside the head and kicked him out.

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Sensing disturbing levels of samefaggotry, please stand back.

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Only the second post is OP. I forgot the text with my image.

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I knew it was a kobold rogue by


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>>9345572 tiny

Isn't that more of a pixie thing?

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Lol christ it's even more hilarious as a ms paint.

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Size is relative.

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When I made him he was a bit smaller than a normal Kobold. about a foot smaller. Stat wide he was just Small.

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>"Stop being a cunt."

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Slap that bitch for taking your stuff. Slap him again for interrupting you.

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I lolled.

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Exhibit A) Why DMs need their own campaign binder and DM Screen.

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Except that Kobold was a PC. Sure it should be painfully obvious to the players when I start shifting as a minor and backstabbing. But let me play my own character.

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A kobold in a cloak is still going to be obviously a kobold.

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Unless it's templated as to be unrecognizable.

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I'm notorious for forgetting my DM screen. I make due with laptop screens or folded paper.

Doesn't stop me from bringing a wide array of minis that I won't be using to throw people off if they catch a peek, though.

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I figure a Kobold Disguise kit would be stuff to make him look less like a kobold in a cloak and more like a vague humanoid.

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A guy in my group does this whenever he wants to look at something of yours. Dice, character sheet, a book that is in your hands, etc. He has done this to me a grand total of one time, because that one time, he grabbed a book out of my hand and tore a page in the process. I immediately punched him in the face hard enough to knock him backwards out of his chair and calmly informed him that every time he touches something of mine without first asking me, I'll hit him harder than I did the last time.

I don't mind the other players touching my things, but the blatant disrespect this annoying little cunt shows when he snatches something right out of your hand? Fuck that.

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I once had a 100% NO METAGAMING campaign, I let the players individually choose which city they want to start in without telling them who had chosen what already.

It took them five sessions before two of them happened to bump into each other.

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Happened to me once too. I was looking up something from PHB3 that I had just bought. trying to figure out the rule. One of the younger players rips it out of my hands and the page with the power I was looking for was ripped from the book in my hand.

Now I don't intentionally look scary when I'm mad, but I work at a biker bar as a bartender. I'm not as mean as I look, but I have that look that can make a sixteen year old cry. And he did.

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I cant stand this, I work to make a plot twist and they guess the fucken thing cause they read the same obscure passage in the monster manual as me. I had one WoW fag who suggested farming villagers for xp so they could "raid easier" completely serious not like typical party shinagins.

I think I'll start home brewing shit or changing it entirely.

"you see an elf"
"I attack the pussy"

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>I had one WoW fag who suggested farming villagers for xp so they could "raid easier" completely serious not like typical party shinagins.

My ass just started to bleed a little. Had a new player ask me if he could be a vampire and I said sure, then he proceeded to ask 'So do I get to look strange like sparkle and stuff in sunlight?'

He was totally serious with this hopeful look on his face.

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I encourage all players to read the Monster Manual. It helps encourage familiarity with the game. I don't encourage players to read it during the game. That's just a dick move.

I do however permit it as a prop if a character buys an "Encyclopedia of Monsters" for 10k gold.

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any other board and I'd think internet tough guy, but us neckbeards are basically bikers without the leather

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Oh god, the tough guy routine is all a facade. I have bouncers and a shotgun at arm's reach in case anything goes wrong.

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That sounds kind of fun.

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Or the toughness. Or, in fact, any of the attributes of a biker.

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Hm... out of curiosity, I wonder how many bartender-neckbeards there are among /tg/ regulars.

Upscale small-town Irish pub tender here. Shit pay, dream job. Everyone loves the guy with the beer and whisky, even if they have to pay for it.

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Excessive body hair, distrust of outsiders, BO, and a die hard appreciation for aesthetics the rest of the world thinks is stupid sound like some good parallels.

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oh if they nat 20 an idintification rule I let them read the passage. the problem is some assholes look at the stats and implement it during the game. by friend is new to DM'ing and has this god awful grognard in his group. I'm there to help but this guy will yell "your not the dm!" he rolled a paladin who keeps abusing the rules and tries to play it like a vidya. I keep telling to kill him off to teach him a lesson. he tells me the paladin has been thinking Palor is talking to him but it was really an arch devil trolling him

pic related, my face

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you don't know many bikers outside of the tv do you

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I'm a private investigator, but I always try to make friends and tip well every bartender I meet.

You guys are a goldmine of information.

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going for either gen ed or IT, bar tending always seemed like a pretty chill job if it's a local place

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It's not the 1920s any more. Put down the fedora.

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No, seriously, especially the dudes in single bars. It makes infidelity investigations easy modo.

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Fedoras are the best headcovering devised by mankind.

That being said I am a bit of a hat fetishist. Love all kinds, but the people who wear fedoras and think that it grants like 20 cha are wrong. Its just a cool hat

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Actually, leather is pretty much the only similarity between /transgender/ and bikers.

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Fedoras are indeed awesome, but you need to wear a suit with them, otherwise you're just a hipster.

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Okay, hold on. There's nothing wrong with someone wanting to be stylish and look good. I wish I had the money to afford a nicer wardrobe like how people dressed in the 30-40's, Fedora among that.

But goddamn people DO need to understand certain styles beget certain accessories. Fedoras DO NOT GO WITH TANKTOPS AND JEANS.

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I call shenanigans because real bartenders never talk.

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Apart from carelessly spilling drinks, I AM THAT PLAYER. Fuck you and your pretense---your character's fluff is not even half as interesting as you think it is, even after allowing for this fact. Universal law.


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Rocks fall, only you die.

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Those would be very strange barmen then.

Most of the ones I know love to bitch and moan, and almost everyone loves to talk about themselves and what they see. The trick is to go when the bar is doing slow business.

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With the right surrounding wardrobe jeans are okay with a good 'ol fedora.

Those light trenchcoat things are perfect actually. Jeans, one of those and an untucked striped dress shirt

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Then you're not talking to bartenders. You talking to servers. And I still call bullshit.

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My DM actually forbids other players from reading another player's character sheet.

It isn't so much a "HAY GUIZE ROLEPLAY EVERYTHING TO THE LETTER" issue, so much as one player who intentionally irritates one of the players by comparing stats and mechanics with him, when he is less about the numbers and more about the character behind them. The rest of us are a little more balanced, but the statfag doesn't whine as much so we ruled in the MASTER OF ROLE PLAY (he has in fact called himself this, unwarranted self-importance and whatnot). He stops annoying the whiny guy, we can get back to pretending to be elves and wizards and shit like that.

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Apart from carelessly spilling drinks, I AM THAT DM. Fuck you and your jackassery---your spotlight grabbing is not even half as amusing as you think it is, even after allowing for this fact. Universal faggot.


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Um, okay, if you say so. I'm not sure what so objectionable about it, but in general people in the service industry (not just bartenders but store staff, waitresses, hotel staff, etc) enjoy complaining about their clients, and all you have to do is pretext and listen and they'll hand over just about any info you want.

My personal favorite is apartment managers, who tend to be gossipy middle aged women who love to talk. Once you get them going they're amazingly helpful.

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This man knows the number one fact about therapy and information gathering. People talk about themselves, they like doing it more than anything else in the world, and if pushed lightly in the right direction as long as its related to them they'll say it

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I post on /tg/ calling you a bad DM and asking for help on how to troll your game with a bad character build because I, like all /tg/ posters, am socially defective and only know how to respond in a passive-aggressive manner which will only escalate anatagonism up until the point that DRAMA happens.

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That sounds like fun, I'd like to try playing in a game like that someday.

On a related note, I heard a cool story once (bro) about a campaign where it was so metagame-free, each player rolled a 1d20 for their starting level and built their characters without DM knowledge. He'd write adventures with random levels, the players would hear about it and try to figure out whether they could handle it. The players would then each handle their own combat, and the DM would only be told the outcome.

What made this funny was, eventually the DM pinned down everyone's class and level but the bard, who always seemed to come out of fights unscathed. It eventually turned out he was Bard 8 / Assassin 10.

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>It eventually turned out he was a cheating bastard.

You can't trust players. This is why I roll all the dice and hang on to the character sheets myself when I DM.

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I was posting in a passive-aggressive manner about the idiot who grabs character sheets, no comment on the DM came from me

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prereqs wut?

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And real bartenders, like me know that if I reveal information about one of my customers, it's bad business and they can't trust me.

Mr. So and so wouldn't appreciate me telling some Dick that he was in the card room every night after work blowing off half his earnings so his wife can get a bigger settlement for the divorce.

I just don't work in the service industry, as some drink chucking, bottle twirling prick. Real bartenders have a code of honor.

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Why would you want to conceal your character info? To make it impossible for fellow players to do teamwork and coordination?

As the DM it's necessary. As a player it's dickish and unsportsmanlike, and only serves as a detriment in the group.

A little metagame knowledge that helps everyone play AS A TEAM in a game where you do TEAMWORK isn't going to suddenly annihilate your ability to RP.

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Dick here. I'm always amused when the bartender who protect client information, yet the government worker will gladly handover someone's life information on the phone just because I asked.

Crazy world.

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All he's doing in the first frame is describing what his character looks like. No attempt by the other player was made to discern more information from player 1, he just snatched his sheet and knocked his soda over in the process without remorse. Two major dick moves.

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3.5 Assassin doesn't have any sneak attack prereqs or anything, just skills, all of which are class skills for bards.

Unless you mean the requirement that they have to kill someone. I'll grant that would be tough for a bard.

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you expect me to introduce myself as a scout5/ranger1 with the swift hunter feat, with arcane casters and undead as my favored enemy?

I introduce myself as an ex-military former scout. I am good with the bow and blade, and prefer to stay mobile.

that's all you get. no, you can't look at my character sheet.

geez, trying to play a chameleon with pricks like you should be Fun.

"I am a specialist. specifically, I specialize in ambushes and the preventing of."

seriously, if you rip my sheet out of my hands and shout across the table "Hey, he's a factotum5/chameleon3!", you just ruined my character. bloody vengeance will be had.

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It's the same code of ethics that all good doctors protect the confidentiality of their patients. He trusts me to keep my mouth shut, I get a loyal customer who tips well.

If I do talk I also trust him to feed me a fist wrapped in a chain.

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It's a game, learn to dig past the crappy abstractions and get to the crunch already.

If you want to write fapfic about your character do it in your own goddamn time.

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or you know, the players could know this shit ahead of time before the game happens

if the guy who snatched the sheet had known what the party composition would've been, he would've had no need to snatch the sheet

most players will figure out who the fuck is playing what beforehand; the fact that one player isn't telling the other players makes it implicit that he is deliberately withholding information to teammates

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Exactly my feelings.

>> No.9348646

have you guys heard of a concept called "roleplaying"?

seriously, I'm not saying everyone should write a 15-page essay on their character's background, history and life story; hell, I can't be bothered to do more than think of the basic idea of where the bloke came from.

what sort of sense does it make for a group of strangers who just met to instantly work together as a well-oiled machine? that is, quite rightly, supposed to take a while to learn. isn't roleplaying supposed to contain character development?

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Yeah, for doctor's offices I rarely go through the doctors themselves. Usually the receptionists and sometimes the nurses are the weak link.

More generally, I usually need medical records for child related cases, and if the hiring parent has custody of the child in question, I just go ahead with a release of info form and do it all upright and such.

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tl;dr'd the rest of the thread, but this guy's being truthful. I wince at calling it a code of honor, but I suppose that's what it is. Other than that, it's also good business. You don't just sling drinks, you also make people feel safe and comfortable. At home, so to speak. It's what keeps them coming back. Small-talk and the usual pint-bottom philosophy are a significant part of the job. And gossiping to non-coworkers is an absolute no-no, since it'll detract from the feeling of security the place gives. Which will, without exception, show on the income.

At the same time, though, bartenders have to maintain a distance. Be formal on first meetings. Be politically correct, and steer discussion away from 'sensitive' subjects. Keep your sexual orientation under wraps, whether gay or straight. You'll have women buzzing around you every hour of the day, and since you will without exception be the sharpest fellow in the bar, temptations will be constant. But keep it professional. Never give your surname, or at least use an alias - people sometimes do unsavory things when drunk, and sometimes the unsavory things escalate to the point that they'll follow you home if they know where to look. No skimming, taking advantage of over-inebriated clients, or any other shenanigans. Those end carreers.

The list goes on for a while from here, but I suspect people will get the idea.

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Exactly. It's not a just a job, it's one of the last remaining great traditions.

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Am I a faggot for doing something similar to OP's pic? Once the game starts, I do my damndest not to metagame.

But BEFORE the game starts, I'll metagame the fuck out of shit. For example, if I'm rolling up a brand new character, I'll ask everybody what they're playing so I can fill whatever role I think we lack - like for example if the party lacks healing I'll be a cleric.

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>have you guys heard of a concept called "roleplaying"?

I do it fucking near-daily and I don't need to hide the character sheet from all the other players to do it competently

>what sort of sense does it make for a group of strangers who just met to instantly work together as a well-oiled machine? that is, quite rightly, supposed to take a while to learn. isn't roleplaying supposed to contain character development?

knowing what other players are capable of doesn't instantaneously make your group perfect at team play and strategies

even if you knew every single party member's exact CHA score, what feats they took, what weapons they used, and what spells they prepare daily, it'd still take a long amount of time to devise the perfect strategy for each encounter

roleplaying doesn't mean you have to dick the group over because of your masturbatory antisocial "look at how dark n mysterious and BROODING i am" bullshit that reeks of emo sue

>> No.9349224

Depending on my character I am quite willing to go into details when asked, or none at all.

If I'm playing my Bard, I will just hand out my stuff because my bard likes to get to know people and work together with random strangers.

If I'm playing my Changeling Rogue, I'll just say something like, "He's wary of new faces. You can see he favors a crossbow and is chewing on the tip of a lock pick." That usually gives enough detail to the players on what they expect me to play as. At that point depending on how trusting he's felling he might tell more about himself in game.

>> No.9349414


The odd thing is, other than the loads of women buzzing around, that's more or less identical to my behavior for this job as well.

You don't want ANYTHING of the clients following you home. The law type an attorney is most likely to be shot while practicing is family law, and PIs and other second parties are at risk as well.

>> No.9349604

>"look at how dark n mysterious and BROODING i am" bullshit that reeks of emo sue

It's all the same "I made, you saw, we played" bullshit.

Let me have fun with my character, you play your own.

>> No.9349750

>It took them five sessions before two of them happened to bump into each other.
Care to share what's it was from reality-point-of-view?

>> No.9349810

More temptation for metagaming that way.

>> No.9349906

I would assume a lot of "Ok, leave the room for 10 minutes and play video games while the other players take their turn."

>> No.9349935


Not if your character is going to annoy the rest of us with your bullshit.

Tell us what you are, a small reason as to why you joined the party, and let's just get on with it. This is a game, not drama theater.

>> No.9349963

pixies are small, they are halfling size

>> No.9350012

In time the mysterious cliche fades. Usually a session or two and I do explain my actions like why I'm part of your party.

>> No.9350054


Yeah, funny thing about that: 8 hours of insufferable bullshit is still 7:58 too many.

>> No.9350055

This a thousand more times.

The story isn't about your character. The story isn't really about anyone's character. The odds that your complicated back story will even come up are slim to none. That's not because you didn't come up with an interesting one.
That's because no one's going to ask you.
No one's going to give you that opportunity you've always had waiting in the back of your head. The busty, sort of shy female NPC isn't going to sit you down alone one night and say, "So why'd you get into adventuring?"
It just doesn't happen.
Stop trying to force the mysterious dark corner of the room chaotic neutral dark cloak and hood bullshit at the table.

>> No.9350074

Actually, players in my group do this for each other. I was so proud when they started making idle conversation IC, seeing as they started off as a group of WoWfags.

One of them still doesn't get into it, but fuck him, he plays wow at the table.

>> No.9350078


Not the guy in question, but I actually did get asked my backstory once.

But that was because my character was the only Drow this DM had EVER allowed, so everyone wanted to know what I'd come up with to get him to let me play it.

>> No.9350086


You could just do that now instead of being an attention whore.

We don't have time for your mysterious backstory, there's a world to save and monsters to kill, join us or be left behind.

>> No.9350098

Can't see any other reason for anyone to have ever done this than because they wanted to gloss over the target's story and after the fact have that person look back at them and say,
"What about you?"

This is what pisses me off most.

>> No.9350104

The six hour long argument between this dude and the OCD Warlord who must memorize every character's sheet was funnier.

>> No.9350145

Here is the thing, my back story, everyone's back story in the campaign we're playing matters. The I'm mysterious, don't look at me thing is appropriate because 1. He's a Kobold, 2. He was a slave and doesn't trust people easily.

>> No.9350169

My DM's way of handling this sort of drama whoring assfuckery is to have us all meet up some place, and then take a couple week journey during which all the PCs get to know each other in character so that we don't have to listen to the stories OOC.

>> No.9350173

>doesn't trust people easily

Except for the PC's that you'll miraculously 'grudgingly' join until over time your icy heart is melted by the camaraderie you all share?
Oh okay.

>> No.9350176

My DM makes a point of telling everyone at the very beginning of the campaign what class and race everyone is, specifically to get around all that Changeling faggotry.

>> No.9350179


More like "I don't plan on participating in social encounters. Please don't make me!"

>> No.9350198


I've never had an issue with actual changlings, because they just can't resist showing off their power.

>> No.9350240


Also useful so that if nobody brought a cleric they can figure this out IMMEDIATELY rather than two sessions in when someone is dying.

>> No.9350298

>>9348481 you just ruined my character


>> No.9350331

I hate faggots that think cloaks and hoods are some kind of magical Ultimate Disguise Kit.

Guess what faggots? People can see your fucking face under a fucking hood, unless you've got it pulled over in such a way that you're effectively blindfolding yourself. And unless you've got it zipped/buttoned up like a goddamn coat it's not going to help much to hide anything underneath it whenever you move.

As for the comic? Kobolds have long snouts, so that's pretty fucking hard to cover up with a hood. And that cloak isn't going to do shit to cover up the fact you've got a goddamn tail and legs jointed like a goddamn animal. Guy in the first panel is a faggot, the other guy is only a douche for spilling the soda.

>> No.9350346


On that note, repostan.

>> No.9350358


It does make you look like a threat though.

>> No.9350367

No, it doesn't.

>> No.9350372


Yes it does. Mysterious hooded figures are a cliche villain.

>> No.9350394

No, it doesn't. Because, as you even said, it just makes you look like a cliche.

>> No.9350416

This reminds me once again why I only like the idea of role playing and not the reality. There are only two sides, emo fucks and metagaming raid bastards.

>> No.9350417



I'm pointing out that it, in addition to making you look like a complete tool, makes the other PCs likely to suspect you of being a villain, or at least a chaotic stupid faggot.

>> No.9350467

How it should have gone:

IC: First panel. Other characters react.
OOC: "Hey, what are you playing?"
"Kobold rogue, thanks for asking and not being a prick."

>> No.9350486

I have a player with this problem, only he sneakily looks at it when he gets up, so I started putting enormously powerful monster sheets front page in the DM screen, he'd walk by, see a renamed Orcus, and shit himself.

When he got back, he said very cautiously, "I back slowly out of the bar, weapons drawn, whispering to the rest of the party that they should do the same"

They then back into the bar to get mugged and arrested as one of the brigands feigns the assault


>> No.9350549

Ok, then. In that case, agreed.

>> No.9350569

I had a Missionary in our Rogue Trader game -constantly- snap his fingers at me and demand that I give him a +10 for my Exceptional Leader ability.

Every fucking time he snapped his fingers, I gave it to someone else. Rude prick. That, and he metagamed "hm we need new vocal cords HEY OH WAIT DOESN'T KRIEG KNOW ABOUT CLONING" Krieg Trooper in the party rages, tries to dual-storm bolter him in the face.

that, and faggoty badasses who disrespect authority and doesn't afraid of anything. "wat? im guardzman i dun salute lewten-ant. WAT Y AM I SHOT FACE"

>> No.9350636

You seem to be the only person, samefag, who falls for that pathetic trope.

>> No.9350664


>> No.9350695

Can't think of anything else to say.

>> No.9350700

>>9350569 disrespect authority and doesn't afraid of anything

In games where you're not playing little peons this can be perfectly appropriate.

>> No.9350710

Not much else needs to be said.

>> No.9350713


Or, conversely, in games where you don't have that stupid "the generals are in charge so they must be the strongest!" bullshit going on.

>> No.9350720

In games, or in life generally, it's a good Idea to not piss off the guy who can decide your fate.

>> No.9350758

In the RT game, it was cool, character development, etc. But the all-guardsmen game...yeah, I'm unsure why he did it. It'd be like a Space Marine standing in his Primarch's face going BAW NO YOU STINKYHEAD I HATE YOUR ORDERS.

>> No.9350810


"Crap, I forgot which character I was!"

>> No.9350834

...hard to do when every one of the characters are the same. Fast, melee-oriented, "fuck the captain who's practically family/the sarge who saved my ass/LITTLE KIDS GETTING IN THE WAY OF MY PUNCHES"

>> No.9350925

Playing the sneaky guy in the hood can be done well if your party is just forming and you haven't gotten to know each other. Eventually though you're character is going to cause problems if you refuse to flesh him out a bit more.

For example, my Character the Kobold Rogue was a slave for for a Drow Master. He grew up chained and shackled until one day he broke free of his bindings and murdered his master in his sleep. Seeing the suffering that his master not only caused him, but all his fellow slaves instilled him a great respect for each race's differences and abilities and without the prejudices of typical Kobold upbringing.

Now he searches the land, looking for clues to his brother's whereabouts. All he knows is that he was sold to an Orc when they were very young. So survive he keeps his race a secret in order to avoid the usual Kobold stereotypes. Using a clever disguise kit and his unusually small stature for a Kobold, he attempts to pass himself off as a Gnome or Half-ling in a hooded robe to the causal observer. In combat he uses the abilities he learned as slave to survive, by sticking to the shadows and taking his enemies by surprise.

He doesn't trust new people very easily, giving him the impression that he's often up to something. In truth he's a good soul who's trying to find his last living relative.

>> No.9350959



That reminds me of the 4-man party I had that were ALL bastard sword-wielders in light armor who could bench half a ton. They were also all really rare races. It was kind of amusing, though I'll have to admit they fit better in the professional military setting than the normal patchwork party does.

>> No.9350989


Uhm, no, that isn't done well at all. I don't give a fuck about any of that crap, and neither will your party, beyond the fact that you're a rogue who didn't take any social abilities.

>> No.9350996

So how exactly do you disguise the fact you're a lizard-like creature with a tail, long snout, and different shaped legs? And don't you fucking say "the cloak hides it" because I swear to god if you do I will sit here frothing with rage and type insults at you because this is the internet and there isn't much else I could do anyway.

>> No.9351008

Because you know what his party wants. Not everybody is LOL EFFICIENCY AND LEMME SEE THAT SHEET

>> No.9351014

A really clever disguise kit.

>> No.9351017


You forget, these are people who play DnD.

>> No.9351031

You seem to believe that everybody is as worthless as yourself.

>> No.9351053


I think you're confusing me with yourself, since you're the one who thinks people show up at sessions to wank instead of play.

>> No.9351054

You'd be surprised how many people ignore shit that's happening right in front of him. Are you going to check every shifty-looking halfling-sized thing you see for a tail? You'd also be surprised how far some people can get just by acting like they belong exactly where they are.

Also, cloaks can hide a lot when it's already fucking dark and all you have to go on is vague shapes anyway. If he's a smart kobold he's not walking around in broad daylight like an idiot.

>> No.9351058

Eh, better than "LOL CLOAK&HOOD"

>> No.9351098

The reason the dude is an asshole isn't neccessarily because he looks at the sheet, it's because he fucking grabs it, rather than asking like a fucking person should. It's called being fucking polite, and it has nothing to do with roleplaying.

>> No.9351104

There is a difference between using a hood and cloak to further obscure yourself in a dark place where you're already pretty obscured as it is, and walking around thinking that hoods create some kind of anti-light zone under them that will hide your face no matter where you are or how much light there is.

Its the latter that pisses me off and too many people seem to actually believe.

>> No.9351105



Also, cruise control...

>> No.9351138

Ever notice how its only D&D players that think there only is and can only be stats and crunch?

>> No.9351151


That's all the OP is bringing to the table.

>> No.9351179

I've also seen it with Dark Heresy and GURPS

>> No.9351199


u mad, bro?

y u mad?

>> No.9351200


Understandable in GURPS. The one time I tried making a character there, I didn't have enough points left to buy a personality.

>> No.9351236


You should've picked the sort of personality you get points back for, then. You know, a thoroughly miserable wretch of a human being. Like us.

>> No.9351238

Clearly you misread my intentions. I'm for role playing.
Is not me, diregard that fag.

>> No.9351245

Yes, and that's exactly my point! Why must everything be so goddamn crunchy!? I'm not saying a "deep character" is unoptimised, I'm just saying that in order to get the most out of the experience there should be at least something remotely believable about them, which a little background could help with. Roleplaying is so much more than just killing things really good, and it doesn't make you a faggot to give some consideration to a damn plot! Sword and Sorcery is fine, complex intriguing is fine, epic fantasy violence is fine, dungeon crawling is fine, monster hunting, mystery solving, paranoia, backstabbing, san-losing and vampire/werewolf wrestling is all completely fine, but make it the part of something! Otherwise we could spend the afternoon rolling up characters to kill a dragon over and over again, because then we'd not even have to bother looking for that dungeon or meeting at that tavern/bar/spaceship, and we could get on with the violence right from the fuckin' start!

>> No.9351272

Might be the case, actually I was intending to quote a shitload of posts, but the computer here sucks, so it would take too much time, I apologise for that, though I'm still fucking fuming over thread.

>> No.9351289


The fuck is wrong with just killing things and taking their stuff?

Way to be closeminded, bro.

>> No.9351296

This is exactly how I wanted my character to be. Sort of a comic relief with a tragic past. The reason I don't engage in role playing is because I'm rolling stealth checks the whole time, getting ready to detonate a bomb or something or making sure I'm not captured with the party so I can break them out. Also ding all sorts of weird shit. I made a stealth check once and all of a sudden a bunch of guards burst into he room and take the party into a dungeon. Except me, I was hanging off a curtain rod and accidentally made myself look like some drapes.

>> No.9351297


It's a wizard.

>> No.9351324

>>People not realizing that the OP was a PC and not a DM


>> No.9351452

>background used by DM for adventure hooks
>gives players the options of doing shit about it and an opportunity to share their "OMG SO AWESOME STORY" in a decent way.

>> No.9351503

I was shocked to learn that most DMs who write their own campaigns don't do this.

>> No.9352265

That's exactly the point. It's actually really interesting to listen to people recounting their latest or most memorable adventure, plus it makes the experience more exiting for the participants. Of course, you shouldn't use everything all the time, but a little note here and there, or just a continuity nod of someone reading the name of his brother among the captains for a trade guild makes a lot of difference.

Besides, when people talk about "awesome rpg stories" here, you'll be hard-pressed to find a hack'n slash adventure adding up to them one-shotting the BBEG with a well-placed shoe (which is fucking awesome), but it's only interesting the first three times. The more narrative examples, however, can tell of everything from mind-raped players, to tear-filled farewells to badass oneliners said in the perfect situation, with hundreds more still unmentioned. That's the difference between "gaming" and "playing". Both are fun, sure, I love good dungeon crawls, but that's not the soul of the roleplaying game for me.

>> No.9352273

As mentioned, it's part of it, but it's not all of it. I would never pay a thousand dollars for a stack of books whose contents can be summed up as "Five hundred different ways of killing goblins, summed up in four different categories.". Is it too much to ask for a little more variety in application than that? And yes, I am aware that roleplaying is possible in virtually any game available, but seriously, DnDers should look past the crunch and see the fucking universe. It's like spending a week intensely staring at a mansion without ever going in, without ever wishing to learn anything about it, just staring at it because it's so cool. You learn exactly where every window is, you know exactly how every brick is placed, you can draw plans for the entire exterior of that mansion in your sleep, but you haven't got a clue about what's inside, because that's for faggots and emo kids.

And yes, I am totally aware that you were just joking.

>> No.9352389

Damn it, why does shit always have to die right when I start getting steamed up?

>> No.9352404


>> No.9352470



See, this is how I know you're a faggot.

You assume that everyone who plays Dungeons and Dragons doesn't care about roleplaying.

Sorry that the game I like doesn't have scenes or stunts or whatever it is your amazing roleplaying system has.

I like roleplaying, but I want to play a game, too.

>> No.9352542

No, I didn't, I did say that it was overrepresented though. And really, tell me one other system that gets close to DnD when it comes to what we just talked about. The other big games like GURPS, WoD, etc do not work that way (although I've seen the same kind of talk when it comes to WoD) without at least someone objecting, and the other games that I know can manifest this behaviour by default are ED and Exalted, but it's far rarer due to the sheer number of DnD players.

If you got offended I really do apologise, but you must agree at least to a certain extent.

>> No.9352562

>"Five hundred different ways of killing goblins, summed up in four different categories."
I'd pay good money to read that.

>> No.9352599



And I just think you're an elitist who can't understand that people enjoy the game just as much as being the character.

>> No.9352666


DnD does have stunts now, actually.

>> No.9352687



This in 4th or something?

>> No.9352705



It's basically guidelines for adjudicating the effects for "I do something awesome" actions.

>> No.9352725



Huh, time changes.

>> No.9352745

rolled 18 = 18

I don't get your analogy at all.

Why am I not going in the mansion again?

>> No.9352763


Because you play Dungeons and Dragons, I guess.

>> No.9352782

But I've gone into a mansion while playing Dungeons and Dragons.

>> No.9352802

Gee, sure is DEATH TO THE FALSE PRETEND in here.

>> No.9352803


How can that be, when we're so obsessed with crunch?

>> No.9352855


Disliking self-aggrandizing faggotry != being obsessed with crunch.

>> No.9352873

Maybe you guys have different groups, but we once had a 6 hour Mekton session that took place solely in a bar after a mission. We had met a new recruit upon returning (friend'd first session) and decided to go out for a meet and greet/celebratory drink.
Our characters just sat at a bar chatting shit, delving into the other's backgrounds and generally just getting to know each other/reminiscing about 'previous missions' that the two senior pilots had been on (naturally they were all made up on the spot).

This was midway through a fucking Mekton campaign, and people can't even roleplay in D&D? For shame, those of you who are not trolling ITT.

>> No.9352912


Difference here: that's a group that's been going for a while, not a new one.

>> No.9352913

Kobold rogues are brilliant.
Team up with the fighter and you can shifty into a flanking position incredibly easily.

>> No.9352930

At the time there was no-one in the group that I had known for longer than a few months, and we had played maybe a dozen session of anything in that time.

>> No.9352941



Here's the key word. Things are different at the beginning.

>> No.9352976


Doesn't matter.

The way it goes is stats, teamwork and questing, and THEN maybe I'll give a shit about your actual character.

Try pulling something off like the OP and you'll just never befriend the team and nobody will ever care and then eventually you die and they won't bother healing you because who gives a shit about the silent guy who wasn't any fun?

>> No.9353002

Yeah, if one of my coworkers wasn't "fun" then I certainly wouldn't try and ressurect him.

This may be because I have the mental age of an 8 year old.

>> No.9353025


If your character didn't provide anything to the group (i.e. FUN) that any other rogue of equivalent level could have, then yes, the group is well within rights to say "try again" and not spend the resources to raise your original character.

>> No.9353038

I wish I had made a better metaphor, or at least not called it a "mansion"...

>> No.9353048

I've spent multiple consecutive DnD sessions without combat. Lot of people spending time shopping and talking. And this was even the 4e that everyone claims is just a wargame.

>> No.9353066

>It took them five sessions before two of them happened to bump into each other.

Boring game sounds boring. That requires each and every player to talk one at a time with the DM, which leaves you doing nothing at all with the game about 80% of the time.

>> No.9353106

That's great, but you're still a painfully small minority.

>> No.9353153

What I'm trying to get at is that it isn't the system it's the players. DnD is just the most well known RP systems (at least outside of Germany) so when people try an rpg they're likely going to try DnD.

Stop lumping everyone that plays DnD into one group, that's like lumping all scientists into a group, there are too many subcultures.

>> No.9353210

>The way it goes is stats, teamwork and questing, and THEN maybe I'll give a shit about your actual character.

Jesus fuck, why do you people even bother leaving your WoW accounts to show up for these ROLEPLAYING sessions? You want to play a game where stats are more important that character? Here's the newest Disgaea, go grind in the corner while the rest of us play this character driven roleplaying game.

>> No.9353211

My gaming group does this when we need to too to craft a better story.

If someone wont be involved for a few scenes they get control of one of the extras that will be interacting with the party members.

Story uber alles.

>> No.9353243

This is why RPGs suck.

It's either "How dare you not roleplay!" or "How dare you not optimize!"

Faggots, the lot of you. Go write a book or play a fucking video game.

>> No.9353257


Do you greet people in real life with a monologue about your history?

No you fucking do not.

Why not?

Because nobody gives a shit about the life history of total strangers.

You start caring about people's lives after you've gained a reason to appreciate them, not before.

Same thing applies here.

>> No.9353260

Several thousand times this.

You'd be better served by a computer game if number crunching is your thing.

Since you want to play a roleplaying game and don't give a shit about character you deserve to be mocked as the little cocksucker you are.

I pray to Crom you are never a DM/Gamemaster/Storyteller because you would fucking suck.

>> No.9353287

I was going to say something but fuck it. Just lol @ you

>> No.9353323

My God, this is why I dislike internet forums. The "roleplayers" are almost always a small segment of the group focusing on a small segment of roleplaying, and they always deride everyone else and come off as insufferably elitist.

>> No.9353335


Faggots. If you care about character so much, write a story.

And you, If you care about stats so much, play a video game.

Both of you are retards, and I hope you die.

I'll just be over here, playing some chess or card games, because apparently RPG players are whiny babies.

>> No.9353357

When did /tg/ sink to /v/-level trolling?

>> No.9353359

>I can make universal statements about all roleplayers based on two samefags

>> No.9353369


Right, roleplaying. Not "public masturbation", roleplaying.

Roleplaying is not jacking off your flaccid insignificant character concept onto the group, it is productively working with the group in character. If/when it ever becomes relevant to the plot or we actually decide we care enough to ask, THEN you can give us the backstory rant.

>> No.9353431

>>9353369 flaccid insignificant character concept

How dare you insult my character concept!? I have the best, biggest character concept ever!

>> No.9353434

Well fine but you should've said that to start with. Saying
>The way it goes is stats, teamwork and questing, and THEN maybe I'll give a shit about your actual character.

Makes you come off as a number cruncher who doesn't want anyone to write a character backstory beyond "He pushed a mill wheel for many years and it made him strong. Then he was a gladiator. Now he quests."

I guess we actually agree though.

pretty sure there are like five people there bub. Bad troll.

>> No.9353458

You guys must have really shitty groups if your characters can only switch between 'I am a level 12 paladin, here's my feats and equipment' and 'I am going to tell you about every facet of my deep past, this'll be a long story'.
Roleplaying isn't black and white like that, and the way the OP introduces his character is more than acceptable (if a little cliché).

>> No.9353460


in b4 this somehow becomes a cut/uncut debate.

>> No.9353487

As a GM I like reading character backstories. They're plothook gold-mines and useful for figuring out what objectives the character has. Nobody's going to rant about it to the other players. There's also a practical limit on backstory length. A couple of paragraphs is good. Any more is overkill.

>> No.9353491

Seriously. If you didn't gather that he's some kind of rogue class from that description you probably don't have the mental capabilities to fully enjoy a good RP game.

>> No.9353501


Have you browsed other forums?

They're full of insufferable faggots from both camps. This shit is par for the course. Either you're a faggy drama student who must wow the world with his amazing story that is totally not a cliche even if he did rip it off from some fantasy novel, or you're some aspie motherfucker who plays Rolemaster to warm himself up for Calculus.

The good players don't make it worth it.

If you want a good time with bros, just play board games, like Settlers of Catan. Don't waste your time with RPGs.

>> No.9353518

I was uncut and then was forced to get cut due to phimrosis. Fuck the haters.

For the record I preferred uncut until it caused me intense pain due to tearing. Now I'm just glad it can't cause me intense pain again.

>> No.9353598


Same. Character backstories are something every DM worth his screen should love to read, because:

-They give you so many ways to both be evil and make the characters more engrossed in the story.
-They help you spot faggot players from a mile away before the game starts.

>> No.9353611


Ouch, that really blows. Especially since it's supposed to be much worse going cut from uncut later than just being cut early on.

...Now consider that we committed years of work from valuable researchers and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cutting-edge medical equipment to make that discovery.

>> No.9353719

What the fuck man.
I'm DMing my college group and it was just revealed that "Pelor" was actually an illithid that raised them all as sentient undead (skimmed over the fact that you can't unwillingly be raised).
This is odd.

>> No.9354070

i'm currently playing a halfling rogue. Whenever the "So what's your guy?" question comes up, "I'm a locksmith."

>> No.9354131

I wish my players would write backstories for their characters.
Or hell, if they would make their characters have CHARACTER, it would be nice.

>> No.9354794

Right, so unless my backstory becomes the focal point of the story, I'm going to be the sneaky little fucker who goes off and does stuff in the shadows, to the benefit of the party, because I'm a shifty little bastard and that's how I wanted to play this character.

>> No.9354867

When a player does that, I always make sure a facehugger lands on their character before the night ends.

>> No.9354880

Then the players who actually play your games willingly are almost as insufferable as you are.

>> No.9354897

Don't look at my shit. It's that simple.

>> No.9354916

I can't even imagine something scarier than running into something like a facehugger in a game. That's evil.

>> No.9354930

It's awesome because the player knows he's going to die, but has no idea when.

>> No.9354959

Exactly. And the reality of the situation never seems to hit them until the facehugger falls off. Then there's only the waiting...
Don't look at my shit.

>> No.9355110

Well, this was fun.

>> No.9355324

>> No.9355339

>a game, not drama theater.

Doin' it wrong.

>> No.9355391

omg, I lol'd so hard

>> No.9355404


Wow. Theatre is the same thing as jacking it in public now.

Maybe you should go back to your Saturday morning cartoons, and let the grownups game how we like?

>> No.9355443


Wait, this guy was DM?

The DM gets to see *all* the character sheets before the game starts, *always*. What the fuck kind of game is this where he has to steal them from the players? WTF?

>> No.9355460

They're both players.

>> No.9355504

No, Mr. Anon.

I expect you to die

>> No.9355614

My players do this all the time.

Mostly they lie a lot though, as their characters have shady pasts they don't want the other characters to know about.

>> No.9355745

Yay for an entire thread where everyone forgets the fact that different groups and settings have different 'acceptable' behaviors from the players.

If everyone else is saying "I'm a 3rd level rogue", "I'm a 4th level fighter" and you're all meeting at a tavern, then saying "I'm a shadowy figure who doesn't reveal exactly who he is" makes you sound like a pretentious douche.

If everyone else is meeting each other in character and have personal motivations, and you just come up and say "I'm a 5th level monk, tell me what you guys are! I punch someone, lol", you're going to seem like a tremendous faggot.

Of course, chances are you're going to be somewhere between these as there ARE a few places between all crunch and all RP (holy shit, imagine that).

Also just to chime in on >>9353048 as a game I am currently in is the same way (and 4e). It was a little rocky at first trying to figure out exactly why everyone was hanging around with each other, but every once in a while the DM covertly pulling on some players background makes the plot feel like we're driving it rather than being forced to it.

>> No.9355814

>there ARE a few places between all crunch and all RP

No there aren't. Quit being indecisive and pick a side already.

>> No.9355856

Shows what you know, I took Improved Fence Sitting a few levels back. I use it to like both 3.5 AND 4.0.

>> No.9355945

>Yay for an entire thread where everyone forgets the fact that different groups and settings have different 'acceptable' behaviors from the players.

That is basically every thread on /tg/.

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