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/tg/ hates Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40k, calling them mechanically shit games.

Yet every other thread is about them, and they are the most popular games of their style.

/tg/ is full of hipsters who aren't even good enough to have fashion and music taste. Just thought I'd let you know this.

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I hate everything too!!! Including you!

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I don't hate either, I find them fun to play. If we're talking about shitty games ITT, I wish there were fewer Magic threads.

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yeah, seriously. How many thread about "use this card combo and shut up" can we have?
I stopped playing the game in 3rd.

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D&D, mechanically, is pretty shit. But that doesn't mean it's not fun - our group finds it's an excellent way to kick back and relax with some less intensive roleplaying between each WoD Chronicle.

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How the hell can you say that hipsters have fashion taste most of them look like a goodwill threw up on them.

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>hipsters who aren't even good enough to have fashion and music taste
>have fashion and music taste


"Did you hear about Dropwing Crocodile Dicks, it's a really cool band."

"Yeah the new album was okay I guess."

"[silently makes note to sell off album because another person actually owns it]"

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Most hipsters at least have some kind of flare. Look interesting in some way. The average /tg/ dude is probably wearing a t-shirt and generic pants of some nondescript type, neither fit right or are pointedly clean.

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D&D Fags want the 40k fags to shut up
40K fags want the D&D fags to shut up
Everyone else... want the 40k fags to shut up.
Nobody gives a flying fuck about the magic fags.
Everyone takes part in the off topic shit.
And lastly, anything that is on topic but isn't D&D/40K/MtG, is immediately page 5'd.

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It's not the best, no. But then again, WoD isn't exactly top notch mechanically.

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>at least have some kind of flare

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sounds like you're butthurt because you haven't heard of them first.

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u superficial?

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hipsters = boring insides with cool outsides.
nerd = boring insides with boring outsides.

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What exactly IS a mechanically sound game? This isn't meant in a threatening or attacking way, mind you, but it seems as though no game out there is really a superb one, at least as /tg/ describes it. Few are elegant, true, but I think that the main question is whether or not the rules are conducive to fun. If they are, then it's a sound game. If they're not, it's not a sound game, or at least has unsound elements. Would you disagree with that assertion?

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Why would I be butthurt if I can assume I heard of it first before he did? I have better taste after all.

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>hipsters = faggot outsides with faggot insides
>nerds = boring outsides with non-faggot insides


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I agree whole heartedly. Which is why I think Dnd is still popular. It's fun if you stop whining whilst playing.

And I think this (not to drag in a min/maxer v roleplayer arguement into this) is why people complain about power gaming. Power gaming sometimes exploits the system's flaws, making the game less fun for many people, particularly the people who don't care about the system but just want to do cool shit.

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least those faggots are having fun, and fun to be around.

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>It's fun if you stop whining whilst playing.

It's almost like playing with non-whiners makes something fun.

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>enjoys funtime with faggots
>implying nerds are having the wrong kind of fun

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Seriously! As if the point was to enjoy a game with friends instead of playing hardcore pretend.

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Nerds have fun too, sometimes.
When they aren't being boring shitsticks that do nothing but bitch about game mechanics, update schedules, and the like.
Also, would it hurt you to take a shower and clean your clothes once in a while?

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You're delusional then. Hipsters have fun by pretending to have fun to something other hipsters can't/haven't had fun to.

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Like hipsters every wash.
If they were clean it would ruin their "vintage" look.

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Yup, you have a fashion and music taste. Too bad it's shit.

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Well, I think the dichotomy is a false one at any rate. It's possible to play a well-thought out character capable of both interacting meaningfully with the fictional game world presented AND regularly succeed at the stated goals of the player, just as it's possible to play a sickeningly overpowered character with no sense of role-playing or a mechanically useless but interesting character. All three happen with great regularity, and the whole argument never really made sense to me. Besides, one of the GM's stated roles is to ensure that everyone at the table has a good time. If someone abuses the system and makes an absurdly powerful character, is it the GM's job to intervene? It depends. If none of the other players particularly care, then you should just leave it well enough alone because everyone seems to be having a good time. But if that player's fun actually impinges on the ability of others to have fun, well, that's when the GM should intervene and quietly talk to the player in question and ask if he wouldn't mind toning it down.

But that's a digression. The main point is, do you think that there are extant any mechanically sound, elegant, or enjoyable games both from a "fun" perspective and a game-design perspective?

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>implying that hipsters ever stop bitching about trivial shit

And at least /tg/ spends less time trying to look pretty for people too laid back to care about other people's prettiness.

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ITT: nerds think they're cooler than hipsters.
Nothing like that cheeto's and dragonforce chic, huh?

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You know the sad thing about this? You're actually getting responses that aren't saged.

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I just want to see what he'll say next.

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I was serious in the first post, and serious responses get serious answers, but fuck is it too easy.

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>implying hipster coolness is being encroached upon by malevolent nerd chic

Typical hipster mindset.

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Or, you know. Some people like those games, and some people don't. The people who like those games talk about them in the threads centered about them, which are more common because those people are more common, while the people who don't like those games post in other, less common threads because they are less common.

/tg/ isn't one contiguous entity. It consists of more than one person.

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I'm the guy who's replying to most of your crap and I'm just practicing my trolling.

You need to ramp it up.

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woah woah. When did I ever imply that? I meant more "god you're stupid if you think you're cool"

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why bother? Together we're making the board shit. Well, keeping the status quo of the bored full of whiny nerds.
I'm to lazy to try. I mean, seriously. Who cares?

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>implying nerds care about being perceived as cool, because that's something one should care about

Typical hipster mentality.

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I don't, which is why I'm replying. Silly faggot. You'd notice, if you're keeping score like you probably do, I barely consider my replies before I send them off.

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/tg/ hates D&D. /tg/ loves 40k.

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/tg/ loves dwarves. /tg/ hates elves.


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Obama sage.
Sage I can hope for.

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If you don't care, why do you respond when someone calls you uncool?
Is it because you lay awake at night, realizing that your shit hobbies and lack of taste in anything aside from mountain dew and vidya is why you're leading a sad and lonely existence, children run screaming from you, women never talk to you, and if you weren't living conveniantly on a college campus you'd have no social contact aside from your mother and that one friend who feels bad enough for you that he brings his freinds along?

Or, you know, you could be cool, and not be like that. Not talking about "being popular". This isn't fucking middle school. Just mean, being worth talking to. Looked at. regarded as human.

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... no, it's pretty much exactly this.

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You don't need no black man to empower your sage, brother!

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people keep score? people "consider their posts"?
There is a score to keep?
People don't just jam their meathands on the keyboard and then click submit as fast as they can?

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I don't think that even Commubama can save this thread.

Or, can he?

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Why would I need to, since I'm not the one who goes for the incredibly difficult thread topic of saying how uncool nerds are?

My life isn't even as bad as yours to be doing that, brolinger.

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Perhaps *I* can help!

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Holy shit, that's *glorious*.

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So THAT'S why they called the show "Red Dwarf".

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It is indeed. Let us all bask in the glory of Commubama.

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I don't know, why would you care about what other people do? You afraid of not fitting in here?

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Obviously you do need to, since you're still responding.
Your tears, so sweet.
I can't wait to hear your soft sobbing later as you masturbate to traps and pictures of that girl you kinda like.

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You seem to be in the same boat since you keep posting.

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Does anyone remember that Deathworld earth thread with undead Presidential monstrosities and genetically-modified cybernetic Australian super-spiders? 'Cause I think we should threadjack this piece of shit.

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actually, I came to bitch about how everyone keeps bitching.
And I stayed to continue being a dick.
And you keep making it more interesting than... well actually I don't have anything else to do tonight. Happens once in a while.

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I respond because I pity you. Isn't that nice of me, to pity someone whose only joy is the thought of someone replying to him on the internet?

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I = bored.
You = stupid
This is how it works.

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/tg/ is not one individual. You seem to forget that, anon.

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awwww, nice practice being the alpha-dog there. Did you learn how to be a man from /adv/?
Does it make your mommy proud when you can waddle to the fridge on your own?

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>obvious fact
gasp shock horror and awe.
How could that even be possible!

>> No.9340519

More than likely its more like.
Other guy=bored/stupid
Me=bored/stupid/i'm gonna go make a sandwich.

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>I'm implying that I'll leave so I look like the bigger man while I secret hang around the thread
Brool story co.

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Actually i wanted to make a sandwich and come back but a trip to the fridge shows all that's left is my roommates sourdough and it would be rude to eat it.
So i am back sans sandwich.

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Damn straight he can.

So I guess you want us to discuss Deathworld.

So we need to flesh out life in the Soviet Union some more, and discuss the possiblity of including other factions.


There's links to the archived threads at the bottom of the article.

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that actually sucks.
I'm trying to think of what's in my fridge because walking upstairs isn't the easiest thing in the world at the moment.

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I'm surprised you even know how parents act, what with your lack of having an actual childhood.

Do you think you're making up for their failures in raising you here today?

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I am losing hope. Can not even Comrade Obamavitch save this thread and turn it into something glorious? Will this be his first failed mission?

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not really. childhood is a fiction. It's about making fun where you can.
And simply put, if when your friends leave after the game you feel hollow and alone, then cry yourself to sleep on the bed your mom made for you, you probably aren't having fun.

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You can always report him if you like.

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>/tg/ hates Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer 40k, calling them mechanically shit games.
>Yet every other thread is about them, and they are the most popular games of their style.

It's the same reason /co/ is full of superhero comics even though everybody there hates them (at least the currently released ones): they are the easiest thing to talk about. Everybody knows them and has an opinion on them, even if it's negative.

It is true that the best thing to do would be to be very very quiet about games we hate and instead masspost games we like, as this would suck the air of attention from the lungs of those bad games. But it's so much work.

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I really do that. I do play D&D, but we play it in a "let's laugh at the logical inconsistencies of this terrible game" way.

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Perform harder and I'll see about replying.

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if you're not enjoying something ironically, that means you're a sheep.

>> No.9340773

That's what I tell your mom.

>> No.9340792

The thing is, though, /co/ _doesn't_ hate superhero comics. They hate the people currently writing a lot of them, and they love most of them. For example, a /co/ post might be "man, Bendis is sure fucking up the Avengers," not, "man, the Avengers sure are and always have been shit."

>> No.9340837


That's nice to know, son.

>> No.9340852


"I'm enjoying the current Avengers run...IRONICALLY!!!!!"

>> No.9340964

Oh god, this thread needs to be purged.

Who am I kidding, there aren't any mods or janitors on /tg/...

>> No.9341016

>man, Bendis is sure fucking up the Avengers

Edition war!

>> No.9341070

one, it was just an example. Bendis has had a pretty free hand in crafting the entire Marvel Universe of late, so you can blame him for things he's not even directly working on. Second, nobody enjoys anything "ironically." Man up and disagree.

>> No.9341187


Are you unfamiliar with the concept of so bad that it's good? MSTK?

bendis hasn't reached that point of retardation but your point is moot.

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Look, it boils down to either enjoying something, or not. For a bad movie, you don't enjoy it, you enjoy making fun of it. The experience is built upon the original, but it is the experience, not the original you enjoy. Now, if it's just you and the original, no one else actively engaging you through it, then that experience is gone. You just enjoy the original. Maybe you can talk about the campiness of it later with friends, but the fact remains you're enjoying it. No irony to it. Most people just hate to admit this to themselves, but still walk around in Thundercats T-Shirts. Camp is a group activity. Enjoyment is not necessarily so. It's okay to get a kick out something just because it's gonzo and childish, without having to elevate it to some sort of art because you're worried your hipster friends won't respect you any more.

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I wsan't protesting the term but the context of your assertion, if that makes you feel better.

It's not like I have ever used the words enjoy and ironically in a non sarcastic way.

That includes the post that you replied to earlier.

If you did not figure it out.

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This is a troll thread, based on the fallacious argument that the part is equal to the whole and the whole to the part.

Sage to avoid bump.

Thread hidden.

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