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In This Thread:

We pick up where Westwood had left and come up with a GOOD story for the Tiberium universe.
And of course appropriate fluff like technologies, people, etc.

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well where has westwood left in first place ?

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a comlete c&C and a shitty half ass c&c (no rage)

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and u better go to /v/ if they dont rage 1st

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Ok, I think we should keep blue Tiberium, but lets say that it's a potent aphrodisiac rather than highly unstable, and causes hermaphroditic mutations.

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Also, because Tiberium Fiends frequent blue Tiberium fields, this means that they're going to be in a perpetual heat frenzy, wrestling down infantry to mount them.

It is at this point that we must consider the dangling appendanges of the Floaters, and their electrostimulation capabilities...

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Honesty, /tg/, someone moves beyond the safe familiarity of the insectile Thri-kreen, and you chicken out?

Visceroids need love too!

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I heard "thri-kreen" and I came running.

But tell me about these "visceroids."

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why does /tg/ sexualize everything possible

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Why NOT?
To contribute: Nod Cyborgs: are they really FIGHTING machines?

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Reddish-purple blobs of pulsating flesh, capable of attack via a biological chemicalthrower.

By C&C2, they'd become more flesh-coloured, lost the chemical sprayer, and made squishy noises as they thumped into things.

Because the Internet is made of stupid /v/irgins, images of the original C&C sprite seem to have been displaced by graphics from the EA heresy.

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Doesn't sound like they'd be sexually dimorphic in any way. Or do they even reproduce that way?

A date would probably be really awkward, at any rate.

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They're designed to enter Tiberium fields and come out BETTER for the exposure. You tell me.

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So, from the end of Firestorm, then?
How about:
Kane integrates fully with CABAL, and ceases all human contact. He communicates only through hitler-style speeches trasmitted to all NOD members.

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They don't reproduce really. Infantry that die in a tiberium field get turned into them.

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Well, guro tentacle rape with sharp crystals and acid might be slightly awkward, yes. And they sometimes do reproduce by murdering stuff: everything that dies on a tib field has a chance of turning into a visceroid. The existing ones greatly speed the process up.

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my girlfriend is on the rag yet insists on walking around the apartment topless doing housework.

I swear to god if she bends over one more time and smooshes her boobs together with her arms i'm going to say the hell with it and earn my redwings.

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Well then OF COURSE we're not interested. Can't have sex with something that doesn't have a sex. Why do you think there's so little beholder porn out there? Hard to make something that vomits its babies out and then tries to kill them sexy.

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Oh, their idea of procreation is probably to drag you under a blossom tree (pictured) until the spores turn you into a visceroid too. Then possibly squidge together into one larger visceroid.

But that doesn't mean they don't know how to have casual sexual encounters for fun!

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what about lands of lore 3?

>> No.9340360

Yes it does.

And the pillow talk would be terrible anyway.

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I'm also thinking that perhaps we should be more open minded about the kind of mutations Tiberium can cause.

What I'm saying is, I really think we should make Commander Sheppard a German Shepherd. Yes.

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What the fuck did you expect Kane to be? A wizard?

He's an from another planet or something, deal with it.

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*squish squish*

Yeah, alright, you got me. Visceroids: not actually all that sexy. Who'd have thunk it?

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Watched Kikoskia play that one. My favorite in the series, personally.

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An alien is fine, but it still feels like EA ruined some of it on the way to that destination.

>> No.9340563

"I'm an alien who just wants to go hooome!" is a bit awful.

Should've kept going with the religious iconography.

>> No.9340578

I expected to be Cain from the bible
and that when he finally ascends in the Land of Nod (which God has cursed him to forever look for it), shit happens.
His regeneration is also explained in the bible - God said that whoever tried to kill Cain, would suffer a fate seven times worse but leave Cain unscathed.

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>still feels like EA ruined some of it on the way to that destination

no, i kinda find the references to Kane in C&C3 were decent with the Scrin not even know what the fuck he was

the problem was C&C4 "MY PLANET NEED ME! (Kane was killed in they way to his planet)" ending

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I've never played a Westwood game, only Red Alert 3 and CnC3.

Also, I'm partial to GDI.

>> No.9340606

play the original games faggot

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>I've never played a Westwood game, only Red Alert 3 and CnC3.

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Well, I can't play Morrowind because I played Oblivion first, and Oblivion had a better engine. I'm worried something similar will happen to those game, too. I'll just wait for a Let's Play or something.

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/tg/ you're shittier than usual lately

normally you'd have amazing ideas and clever speculations, but today you only have some lame jokes about sex.

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>Well, I can't play Morrowind because I played Oblivion first

you should leave

>> No.9340730

Not us.

And now we that we've confirmed it, we can move on to other things.

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You know, I do wish those assholes making OpenMW would hurry the fuck up.

>> No.9340743


Well, sorry if I can't play a god damn 11-year-old game because of its shitty engine. Morrowind is one of those game that's awesome if you play it when it came out, but it's horrible if you didn't. I'm reluctant to say something about another, similar game, as I may be kicked out of 4chan for saying I hate it.

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/tg/ decides to fix C&C. All we get so far is tentacle rape and furries. Dear god I expected better.

>> No.9340756

It's okay, everyone knows that the controls and UI for Gothic sucked ass.

>> No.9340774

I don't see any goddamn fur.

Show me where the fur is. I challenge you to do just that.

>> No.9340776


so basically you are admitting you are too much a casual for morrowind

>> No.9340781

go back to /v/

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No, it's Deus Ex.

I loved System Shock 2, though.


So you're saying an old game has a horrible engine makes me casual?

>> No.9340809


>Saying an old game has a horrible engine makes me casual?


>> No.9340831

Okay now seriously I can understand not wanting to go through the bullshit of making Morrowind look and run good but get the fuck out right now.

Fucking go. Just never come back.

>> No.9340840

Yes, because there is no other explanation

>No, it's Deus Ex.
Wow, you really do have no taste, I bet you liked dawn of war 2.

>> No.9340847

Am I the only one who likes the ending to C&C4?

>> No.9340857

9,900 hours in MS Paint

>> No.9340902


GDI is awesome, mostly because I like their idea of "restoring order & freedom" and the heavy vehicles their strategies are based on

in pre EA C&C they represent the first world policies and power which brings the hatred from the third world and Nod takes advantage of that hate to raise their ranks

while Tiberium ravages the poor countries the rich nations are relatively safe, hence why GDI's main bases are in USA, Europe and Japan while Nod's main operational areas are Africa, Asia and eastern Europe

C&C I dealt with the early expansion of tiberium and the rise of Nod, as well some political issues with the funding and influence of GDI

in C&C II Most democratic governments are replaced by the GDI's administration and GDI is loosing ground for Nod while the tiberium spreading is reaching unsafe levels for humanity and the mutant threat is changing earth's environment in a fast pace

C&C III got it right with the GDI vs Nod relations and the military/political organization but the changing the form of the tiberuim infestation and casting the mutants aside was a bad move from EA, the scrin was nice to explain the ship from C&C II and the Tacitus since both Tiberium and the Tacitus have alien origin

I haven't played C&C IV but everything tells me to spare myself from it, but doesn't matter I won't pay for it anyway (Piracy FTW)

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>He doesn't like Deus Ex
>But he likes System Shock 2
...wait, what? How can you be right and wrong simultaneously? STOP RUINING MY ABILITY TO FORM SIMPLISTIC OPINIONS ABOUT YOU!

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Hah, called it.

It's not for any specific reason, I just don't like it. I have no idea, but I go by my gut when it comes to the vidya.


>Yes, because there is no other explanation

That's really bad reasoning there, bro.

>Wow, you really do have no taste, I bet you liked dawn of war 2.

Eh, Dawn of War 2 isn't nearly as good as the first, but it can be fun.


That's pretty interesting.

Even though I've only played EA-era CnC, I'm staying away from the train wreck that is CnC 4.

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The AI in this game is such a fucking cheater.

>> No.9340963

I like your loadout, except that you have EMP grenades in the third-from-end slot instead of LAMs or lockpicks, which is clearly some kid of heresy.

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C&C VI has nod and gdi uniting to rid the world of tiberium. NOD radicals try to fuck shit up, but you dont get to play as them.

In the GDI campaign you play as a commander opposed to unity, and under the command of someone who slaughters civilians to get to NOD.

Shit goes down, tiberium is brought under control, Kane ascends.

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Oh fuck off. If thats true then.. well then that would be pretty gay.

>> No.9340984

Yes, EA grassrooter, you are.

You need to tell your corporate paymasters that they're wasting your time on this board. They should have you busy tweeting about how much fun it was instead.

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ITT: The same people who bitched and moaned for months when Blizzard announced they were going to kill off arthas.

>People terrified of change
>Terrified of change
>Bigotry, homophobia, racism
>Fat, bald, old men who think theyre superior

ITT: Fat, bald, old men who think theyre superior.

Prove me wrong.

>> No.9341040


I don't really get it, either.

>Playing Deus Ex

Huh, I don't see why y'all like this game so much...

>Playing SS2

Holy fuck, this is an awesome game!

>> No.9341064

Hey, I'm not opposed to change. I'm all for mutating the C&C cast.

I'm thinking for Seth...Jack Russel Terrier?

>> No.9341120


I know that I've read the headlines of the game plot, IT IS SHIT !

also anyone else though dividing the type of units in 3 styles(offensive, defensive and support, copy of World in conflict much?) a really bad Idea ? I mean the sub factions in Kane's Wrath was something good with each with their unique units and tactics

and NO MORE BASE BUILDING ! come on it is one of the things that made C&C fun to me, it would be like Starcraft without Zerg rush or Siege tanks

plus the new unit design looked stupid for most Nod units

>> No.9341181





>> No.9341184


It actually works to a degree, the combats much too slow though. You would absolutely 100% not want to play it multiplayer.

Thing that ruined it for me was the needing to be online 100% of the time thing. Well, it didnt ruin it, piracy fucked that shit up yo.

>> No.9341260

>Modern C&C
>Too slow
Dear lord. Play the original some time.

Waitin' for my harvester.



Finally! I can afford 7/8ths of a Medium Tank! Oh, but I've got to spend some on repairing my refinery after that last attack. Well, I'm sure my opponent is cash-starved for the next few minutes as well.

(This does mean you have to be a bit mid-term strategic in your planning, though. And protect your multiple harvesters, because it takes too full loads to buy a new one.)

>> No.9341261

I'm pretty sure that the posts you are referencing to are actually satire of the very phenomenon that you are talking about.

>> No.9341280

Can't it be both?

/tg/ - omniphiles

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>> No.9341294


You never found the "speed" slider in the options menu, did you?

Highest for base buildan, one away from highest for combattan, or enjoy 834923 hours played.

>> No.9341299

Actually, Arthas death was bad not because of death itself, but because of animeish weabooiness and lolodin faggotry.
You see, the've killed all the classical bad guys that were at least a bit interesting. And left only big-monsters-nobody-cares-about as enemies and plain stupid do-gooders from soap operas.Though Jaina, for example, just asks for fatal-like rape.

Cmon, man. Just admit that you're senior school namefag nobody cares about and move along. You just have no taste. It isn't a sin, you know. You'll grow up.

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One thing you cant argue with the C&C series.

Soundtrack is awesome.


>> No.9341331


A Nod band would have the greatest laser light show ever, and the audience is GDI.

Oh wow, that is horrible even by MY standards...

>> No.9341389

>plus the new unit design looked stupid for most Nod units

westwood C&C3 had this for cabal and a GDI truck than turned into a tripod to fire

>> No.9341408


moron,multi-task time managing do you know it?

the whole idea of C&C is to manage a frail game economy and yet be able to use a defensive/offensive strategies to achieve goals and victory

while EA thinks "oh this is slow and boring, no one wants to play it, lets keep it casual and easy", so morons can play as well

also read >>9341294

>> No.9341494


>Just admit that you're senior school namefag

The problem is, I'm not; although it may just be the south, I've never met a kid that cares about proper grammar on the Internet.

>nobody cares about

This one is true, though.

>You just have no taste.

I think I have a really twisted sense of taste, as I like most games /v/ and /tg/ recommend (X-COM: UFO Defense is one of my favorites), but it's still there nonetheless.

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>> No.9341603

>I'm not;
>Rubric Marine !fQrRN.o0Zk
/b/ is that way.

>> No.9341627


I wasn't saying I'm not a name/tripfag, Anon, I was saying I'm not still in school.

>> No.9341684

Yeah, enjoy having having your infantry team annihilated in the blink of an eye because you had it set to max when that one flametrooper showed up and cooked off your grenadier.

>> No.9341697

>Kill off Arthas
Why would anyone care about that?
He was only in WC3 and a rather bad character at that.

>> No.9341727

>Implying it was a complaint, dumbass.
>Failing to read the parenthetical statement about having to plan around this.

>> No.9341744

Cabal was going to be a faction?

Goddamnit, Firestorm.

>> No.9341875


I was expecting this after playing Firestrom

>> No.9341930

this thread had as much potential as C&C4. /tg/ i am disappoint. get back on track and fix this shit. i literally wrote an entire paper on RTS games and how they create such in depth universes the kind of which are usually only found in RPG's. i also mentioned how they are turning from strategy to tactics and are becoming shit in the process. EA canceled an FPS called Tiberium because it didn't measure up to their shit standards, though if you look at footage it looks great and incorporated some good squad control mechanics. that game would have had a chance to explore the Tiberium War environment in detail and could have set the stage for much more.

tl;dr - /tg/ get back on track and FIX THE C&C UNIVERSE

>> No.9342012

No, EA, we're not going to do your homework assignment for you.

>> No.9342125

Kane challenges GDI and the Scrin to a dance-off for the fate of Earth.

>> No.9342183

Dear God, the OIRISH accent. Stop it, America, you can't impersonate it.

>> No.9342224


I can do that too!

>People desirous of change
>accelerated change
>accelerated evolution
>nazi germany


>> No.9342379

Kane Ascends
Defies the Will of God
Universe Ends

>> No.9342435

he's got a nice new pic on wiki, by the way.

also, >>9342183

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Oh my god it's Julia Roberts in power armour.

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