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So why are the Tyranids invading the Milky Way, have they finished wiping out one galaxy and are targeting us next? Or are they being chased by something bigger.

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They're attracted by the Astronomicon,.

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I don't think there's anything bigger or scarier than Tyranids.

Unless maybe the entire awakened force of Necrons but even then...

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Yup, this. The Emperor is unaware of it but the Tyranids have a hard-on for the Astronomicon.

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There being hunted down by Roboute Guilliman and are being forced to flee to another galaxy

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There is no canon reason, so it varies from person to person as to what particular kind of fanwank they like sprayed all over their face.

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The canon leaves it ambiguous. Personally, I can't imagine much that would cause Tyranids to flee.

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Tyranids are escaping from the Double Tyranids in a nearby galaxy.
Who are themselves escaping from the Super Tyranids from a third galaxy.
The super tyranids are actually evolved from the dinosaurs, who escaped our galaxy from the double dinosaurs (who are now extinct)

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Fanwank: I think they're an out-of-control bio-weapon from another galaxy. Originally, some race of super-bio-engineers had a method of controlling them. Then the swarm became independent, but still had it's "eat everything, move on" programming active. So, that's what they do. It's stupid and unsustainable (they'd be better served by "harvesting." Eating MOST of the biomass on a planet, but leaving atmosphere and some soil. Then circling back in a few million years and reaping the crop).

They're attacking us because the previous galaxy ran out of food.

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Yeah, that's bad fanwank and you should feel bad.

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If they were chased by something bigger they wouldn't stop to feed as slowly as some hive fleets do.

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This is what actually happens...apart from the bioengineered fact

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But surly there is no threat this man can't solve with his tactical genious?

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I wouldn't be so sure.

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My mind tried to come up with something involving Nids and Gurren Laggan. At first I slapped myself. Then as the sting faded, I realized that I can't recall a single Nid biomorph that has a spiral motif.

This must be fixed. Rippan Tearan Nidan Laggan must be fielded! Ours are the drills that will pierce the biomass!

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suddenly TRYGON!

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You need to calm down, maybe go outside for a bit, you're getting way to mad over this bro.

If you even respond to this post, you're proving me right.

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Both of you suck cocks.

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Shut up cockbitch.

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Huh? Mad? What makes you think I was angry?

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bitch nigger

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Now you got me all mad.

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so where did genestealers come from again?

something about they're found on ymgarl and how they wanna rejoin the hive fleet and but the hive mind is all like "no thanks" and ditches them

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Gentlemen, Gentlemen, we should not be fighting amongst ourselves.
We should be standing perfectly still with out eyes closed. Oh, and covered in barbeque sauce. The tyranids won't expect that. It is a perfect plan!

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How about no.....

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This man is brilliant.

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First encountered on Ymgarl, took a while for the Imperium to realise their connection with Tyranids. Sometimes scout creatures can go feral, so the main force refuses to accept them back, they won't even take the biomass. Or they're waiting for them to evolve more and become better.

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lol at the primarch fight

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One of is still alive. Protip: It isn't you.

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Indeed, fellow tyr...mendously honorable space army person! Also we should cover our ears so that we cannot hear them approachin- er, so that our ears are protected from.. ear.. things.

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It's not feral creatures in general, it's just the fact that Ymgarl Genestealers have a highly unstable genome, which the Hive Fleets want no part of.

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It is not heresy to wish my fellow.. marines?.. yes I think that's right, to be safe from alien ear parasites. You wouldn't want one eating your delicious flesh from the inside out, or perhaps taking over your body and somehow infiltrate your ranks, advising other marines to not protect their ears... like YOU just did.. hmmmmmm!

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There are others though, Catachan devils, Ice krakens and such.

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becaus they are animals. animal find rich hunting ground and gose ape shit one the place

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>Derp derp hurrrrrrr

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yeah but the ymgral stealers are the only ones the hive fleets avoid

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i think they're running from this fellow, the last surviving Squat.

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>WoW pic


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