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You know the drill, brother anon.

Old WRYYYYYYY >>9298511

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Rookie maids, doing various things while failing and dying horribly.

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Draw something with tits that generally doesn't have them.

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Repostan anon bait.

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Genderswapped Hitler,
because it is still 4/20 where I am

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Evangelyne with a fuckton of guns. I don't know if you're going to want to do that, but someone will, and someone other than me will like it. Also, here's a pic for reference.

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You seem to have posted the wrong picture. Let me help you!

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A teenage girl with long, blonde hair and green eyes wearing dirty, torn jeans, sneakers, and a t-shirt. She is cradling a Barrett XM500 sniper rifle (pic related) in her hands, and she has a submachine gun strapped to her hip. She looks saddened and horrified at the world around her and what's happened to her.

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Commander Shepard (male) singing "it's not unusual" By Tom Jones while all the female characters swoon over him.

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Same here.

Missed out on smoking out with my friend though so I could use a pick-me-up. GM, can you draw me Hitler in hell, wearing a birthday hat and smoking out of a ridiculously elaborate bong?

Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are there too, stoned as fuck.

Also Satan is shoving red-hot pitchforks up all three of their murdering asses.

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Hmm. Could I get a picture of a skeletal lich, with dark green/black robes, adamant crown and staff, reading Locke's 2nd Treatise on Government?

I would appreciate it very much!

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I have like 50 pics for reference.

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Request- naked guy with boner screaming in a truly psycho WAAAAUGH! fashion while emptying a .22 revolver at something off-screen.

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A more intense version of this, with maybe lightning bolts or something.

It's a staring contest between Mephiston and a Broodlord.

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Reverse trap rogue/duelist/swashbuckler type should be flat chested (HERESY I know), blond hair, wielding a fancy longsword.

Thanks in advance!

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I requested it because it's my character concept in a nutshell. THE GUN IS GOOD. THE PENIS IS EVIL.

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draw a nazi samurai

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Blue Daemon, the luchador chaos marine extraordinaire?

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How... exactly... uh... did this actually happen in a game?

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John Fucklaw sitting down after a hard battle. Chainsaw is next to him, dead bodies around and he is smoking a ciggie.

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/tg/ had a hand in it, naturally.

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That's enough requests for them to work with, right? Let's chill and grab a brewski and let them scribble.

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And I just noticed I mis-spel'd Daemon.

90000 hours in paint.

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Post from last thread: Kroot in powerarmor, being badass etc.

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PIC RELATED by the way. It's of a KNIGHT.

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I request a skinless, fatless elephant (a la dwarf fortress) strangling a dragon to death (just the neck and up on the dragon will suffice).

Tits as payment.

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A sharkman fighting a barracuda man who's horribly mutated, with tentacles and extra arms and mouths and eyes all over him.

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A male elf dressed as a WWII British Commando (SAS, that means red beret) and armed with a Sten gun.

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X-COM is one of my favorite games and I'm playing Maid Quest right now.

Both this and the preceeding image are fukkin saved.

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Reference picture.

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re-re-re-re-re-requesting this.

Eladrin woman (high elf, basically, with solid-color pupil-less eyes), blind, milky white pupil-less eyes. She's wearing a purple toga-like robe with gold trim, some random runes of symbols drawn on it in gold trim. She has an elaborate Roman-style hairdo. She's holding an exquisite soapstone paperweight.

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Oooh! Ooh! Snakeman maid, please.

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That's hardly practical.

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Clearly she has a feat for unarmored boobs.

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A Red Slaadi dressed as a Dandy/Bard (Hat with a feather in it included), bowing and grinning while looking forward.

Pciture for reference on Slaadi, but you can take artistic liberty. They're just big a froggy.

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Creed and Eldrad playing a game of checkers.

But there's also chess, mahjong, and other board game pieces on the board too. Neither of them look surprised or worried.

Crowd of betters and confused onlookers are optional.

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And now for something completely unexpected...

>> No.9328939

guy tearing another guys spine out through his mouth with a massive ice claw

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Hey you know what it reminds me of?

Yeah. I've got a strange mind.

On a more serious note, please draw some avatar characters or whatnot, reenacting the poker scene in this vid:

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Do a floater maid!

>> No.9328988

The pic's a bit small... orz

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In regards to that SoB/SexyTech in the past thread, let's turn up the disturbing/kinda sexy and have SexyTech have a seethrough womb where their Parthenogenesis-ly conceived( Look it up on google) baby is growing. Both look all happy and motherly, with SoB resting her hand on the see-through abdomen

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Thanks, man.

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Draw an umber hulk maid and a thri-kreen maid.

The umber hulk is the clear favorite, and she knows it.

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A female Eversor lezzing out with a female Vindicare as a female Culexus sits in the corner looking lonely.

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Oh hey.

shit, I don't have any ideas in me, so how about finishing that boob chain pic?

No is fine too.

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Greenmarine, could you draw by NPC? She's a light-green skinned half-fiend, has four arms and tiny scales, DEM HIPS, DAT ASS and DEM TITTAYS.

She has messy, neck-length hair, a pretty face and wears only a loincloth, a vest (not fastened) which barely covers her chest, and leather ankle (bare feet) and wrist guards.

Could you give this a try?

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Draw an Elf with a short sword sneaking up on a human in a forest, reaching to shove the sword in his neck.

>> No.9329140

That is not what I described.

>> No.9329160

Fareseer Taldeer dressing up in a Swooping Hawk exarch armor. Suitably altered to look feminine (stupid sexy hawk-ass ). Helmet should still be off, and she should look apprehensive about the situation.


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Might as well show what I managed to cook up before throwing it away or something.

Edit: Damn it, this is why I should stop staying up so late.

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Commissar Freddie.

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I'd like to see if you
draw me a nice picture this guy stealin' some souls.
Preferably of those Sisters of Battle. Ah hear they make nice trophies.

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Draw Moe Tyrant getting fucked.

>> No.9329225

Fuklaw and Kharne chilling on a stoop smoking a blunt, both completely nude save for their awesome hats.

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We have that already y'know.


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>> No.9329238

Still not there.

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I am afraid to dissapoint but i am falling asleep all over my tablet. Since i don't wanna drool all over my only material possesion i think i will go to stupid bed.

I will draw more of your delicious heresy tomorrow, brothers.

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An female eldar farseer (40K) and a night elf priestess (Warcraft) having swapped clothes. The farseer is in a bikini-style armor and the night elf is in the farseer suit. Night elf looks happy, eldar looks "WHAT THE FUCK AM I WEARING"

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Pretty nice.

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>> No.9329373


There's more than one way to get fucked, you know.

>> No.9329492

A quick draft... Gotta go for now... I'll work on it more later...

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Any chance of getting a 40k Commissar yelling at guys to get moving?

>> No.9329672

Draw me an Eldar phantom titan with eldar kamina piloting it.

>> No.9330520


I read that at first as an eldar phantom titan with an el camino piloting it.

>> No.9330613

Thank you Greenmarine for the colored admech/sob picture

>> No.9330631

This please, seconding this.

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Thri-keens gonna thri-keen.

>> No.9332200


Gnollers gonna gnoll

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Dream on.

>> No.9332299

A gnoll wearing cutebolds as armor.
Like the babysuit people post in paladin threads.

>> No.9332408


Christ, furries are disturbing fucks

>> No.9332518


I like this idea

>> No.9333514

Draw a Steampunk Mariachi Samurai.

>> No.9334323

just wanted to draw some cultist

>> No.9334340

Feeling left out jo?

>> No.9334349

An AdMech take on the Emperor, ultra advanced, highly cybernetic, and majestic yet terrifying.

>> No.9334366

I humbly request the 'Green Marine' character ass raping the 'Baaaaaaaaaawfag ;-;' character. With a chainsword.

>> No.9334378

Freya x Sergalfag porn must be created.

The gods of trolling demand it!

>> No.9334390

Allright, then. Joining the fun on the drawfag side.
Waiting for requests.

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>> No.9334462

>'Baaaaaaaaaawfag ;-;' character

Sorry, but... what?

>> No.9334472


>>9334428 here. Will do.

>> No.9334477

Probably bg. You know, the one with the kawaii.

>> No.9334480


Wait, no. The other way around. Stupid post numbers.

>> No.9334490

This, but with the Imperial Aquila instead.

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>> No.9334505

Logan Grimnar saying HOW ABOUT I SLAP YOUR SHIT?

>> No.9334507


yeah, the one at the bottom

>> No.9334591

requesting these two characters fighting together. not fighting each other, but fighting something off-picture.

girl on the left either using her SMG, or using her mic and loudspeaker wings for a sonic attack.

girl on the right holding that crystal dagger in one hand and throwing smaller crystal knives with the other. If you could make her outfit a little more modern that would be good too (i forgot to tell the guy i requested it too that she's from a mutants&masterminds campaign)

>> No.9334622

Guardsman and a Space Marine ( Salamander most likely ) brofisting.

>> No.9334967


I usually don't drawfag, but fuck it.

>> No.9335007


That... isn't horrible.

>> No.9335073

>Calling Espagnol furfag.

I rip limbs for less.

>> No.9335083

You one of them freaks who are also into shaving?

>> No.9335100

Unsuccessful troll is unsuccessful.

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>> No.9335120

A somewhat lean-muscled Asian girl with unusually light skin, wearing modern casual wear (tank top, jeans, etc), with a long red scarf wrapped around her neck, an AA-12 automatic shotgun, a combat knife sheathed and strapped somewhere, a modern automatic handgun handgun holstered somewhere.

She is looking either slightly crazy or smug.

>> No.9335127

Ignore him. He's obviously attracted to you, why else would he want porn of you?
Could you do >>9332299 please?

>> No.9335260

Why would i do that, brother?
Are you not aware that this bg is the one to be my spiritual liege? i feel nothing but the purest love towards his scaly person.

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>> No.9335418

Someone's in the "anger" stage of denial, it seems.

It's cool, dude. Half of /tg/ are furry for Nurse Verity, after all.

>> No.9335428

a big tittied big assed dwarf monk girl doing a dragon uppercut on an orgre :D

>> No.9335438

I'd like to see a Grey Knight Justicar and a Thousand Sons Rubric Marine facing eachother on a mountain top, power swords raised high while lightning flashes in the background. Both are wearing kilts.

The text "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE" should dominate the area above the marines.

>> No.9335465

And the rest of us like other things.

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>> No.9335505

Let me give you an example why I hate furfags.
In a GenCon,M&Ms are the most common snack, in a FurCon, the most common snacks is Prozac.

>> No.9335516

I decided to give this a try. I don't actually know how to draw though.

>> No.9335517

A Tiefling, with horns, as a charismatic baptist-ish preacher.

If it matters, it's an LG church rather than a blood-and-skulls one.

>> No.9335523

I have come to this thread to request a picture of Sister Ringarde licking the eyeball of Cultist-chan.

You know you want it, /tg/.

>> No.9335524

And soap is hard to find at either one.

What's your point?

>> No.9335542

I doubt techpriests would be that human.

>> No.9335547

Good sir, I believe he is a furry in denial.

>> No.9335553

Totally not Gnollbard.

>> No.9335556

Hahaha, nice.

>> No.9335559

So totally my new desktop. It's good because that Deathwatch Terminator was kind of freaking me out.

>> No.9335561

You don't have to be a con-going sociopath to be a furry any more than you have to be a tourneyfag to be into tabletop wargames.

>> No.9335564


You've been to furry conventions?

>> No.9335575

A grinning, zombie hunter girl wearing bright clothes and holding a glock and a sawed off shotgun, with a trench knife in her mouth.

Bodies of zombies around her is optional.

>> No.9335583

yo no comprendo, no señor

>> No.9335588

The Redeemer (yes, the guy with the flaming hat from the Redemptionists) surfing on the back of a tank that is on fire and pulverizing heretics underfoot.

>> No.9335608

A chibi Apothecary tugging on the hand of a Dreadnought and pointing with his narthecium arm toward a pile of dead Marines. The apothecary is saying "Look, Mister B! Angels!" The Dreadnought is groaning unintelligibly.
Inspired by Bioshock

>> No.9335614

Can Stand Powers exist in a DnD setting?

>> No.9335617

An assault marine with chapter coloring of pic related with one side of his jetpack blown off and his helmet lying broken beside him. He's covered in mud, his face is bloodied and covered in scars. In his left hand is a bolt pistol and another bolt pistol is holstered at his left hip. In his right hand is a warhammer with Chaos-looking sigils in it. At his feet is a dead Chaos psyker.
The marine is staring down a rogue Imperial Guard commander who is also holding a bolt pistol.
They are standing on a hilltop in the rain.
The Assault Marine is shouting at the Guard officer.
This piece menaces with spikes of grimdark and is ringed with bands of grimdark.
Pic related - it's the color scheme.

>> No.9335620

I live in Spain. I wouldn't spend my money for travel to a FurCon, dam, I event go to the Saló del comic internacional de Barcelona which is fucking close to where I live.
Coño, ¿un gnoll tuno?.
Another good reason for don't put a feet in one.
Well, I hard for me to accept it but sometimes there are fa/tg/uys in tourneys which could be even more creepy than furs.

>> No.9335623


>> No.9335648

rolled 8 = 8

>Mind drawing a Guardswoman? Vet Chem-Dog, Bandaged up like a mummy, fanged broken toothed smile, and explosives everywhere. Grenade pins for earing is optional.

>> No.9335675

This is my MnM character: A feminine blob of black, viscous goo complete with tits rising out of a very large bowl

Alternatively, there is the villain in a Star Wars game I run. He is a chubby, neckbearded Imperial Inquisitor. His lightsaber is one of those curved ones Dooku used, and he should be in one of those black Imperial officer uniforms.

Then again, there is also the mechanic of the Players' star ship, an excellent example of twi'lek jailbait. Bright pink, petite, very toned, dressed in a black tube top and bike shorts. Shoes optional.

>> No.9335698

y helo thar

>> No.9335716

A Warforged, or other completely genderless robotic weapon of mass destruction, who is nevertheless doing the 'embarrassed to be caught naked' pose.

>> No.9335729

La Hostia. ¿La dragona sabe castellano?.

>> No.9335764

>Implying that there are no furry conventions in Spain

>> No.9335780

Not evil, no wings, and more like Inque from Batman Beyond.

>> No.9335791

Dude, please, don't give me high octannage nightmare fuel.

>> No.9335819

ARM Commander from Total Annihilation, blasting the shit outta some Navi.

>> No.9335834


>> No.9335869


¿Que es no lo que no entendes?

>> No.9335889

Is so evil I love it.

>> No.9335892

Thank you muchly.

>> No.9335924

Oh god D:

>> No.9335934


>> No.9335982

Todo /tg/ lo habla.
En secreto, claro.


You seem to misunderstand, brother. Raping is no way of showing love.

When you love someone to the limits of your mortal capacity, you must destroy them.

There is no greater display of love than drinking the blood and wearing the skin of your beloved.

>> No.9335997

Well that doesn't sound very loving at all.

>> No.9336009

Then a kenku in whatever kind of eclectic Jojo getup, as long as it has flowing sleeves, and some kind of winged stand.
Either or both of them jumping would be bonus points.

>> No.9336015

then raping would just be wearing that person's asshole with your cock.

>> No.9336029

Could you draw a spider flying through the air balloon-style beneath a wisp of webbing, with a totally :3 expression?

>> No.9336034

SOMEONE is clearly a khornate cultist. It's ok green, your secret is safe with us.

>> No.9336043

well, maybe this is not the right time to draw, :| later /tg/

>> No.9336048

my speed drawing in paint with a mouse
looks better than I expected which isn't saying a whole lot

>> No.9336058

Thank you very much, Sir!

>> No.9336072

you changed it while I was working on it
oh well, maybe another drawfag will get to it

>> No.9336139


Sorry, I'd realized that I hadn't explained what I really wanted to see, so I deleted the post and replaced it. Thank you very much for your effort though!

>> No.9336207

Just bumping this; >>9328314

Pic unrelated, but also draw gasper paddlin' BG saying "HAvin' scales, that's a paddlin'" BG may or may not be liking it.

>> No.9336245

That idea arouses me a bit.

>> No.9336273

>Reverse trap rogue/duelist/swashbuckler type
I was thinking about drawing that until you posted a request involving the simpsons.

>> No.9336317


That's your prerogative bro.

>> No.9336357


>> No.9336390

I am a huge JJBA fag, if you must know.
Stay awesome, brother.

>> No.9336417


>> No.9336420

I will build you a shrine, or one to the Emprah dedicated to you, or possibly some kind of triple shrine venerating you, the Emprah, and tits.

>> No.9336519


What would the stand name be? Broken Wings? Eagle Fly Free!? WINGER?!

>> No.9336549

Yours is the drill that will pierce the heavens!

>> No.9336558

...no one ever likes my ideas...

>> No.9336561

You're going to hate me, but it's a manifestation of nomad powers.
It's called Band on the Run.

>> No.9336570

I'd like to request a kid space marine building a sand castle in a sandbox, when a kid chaos cultist comes in and kicks the sandcastle.


>> No.9336589

Draw Putin standing over the corpse of a space marine lookin' real cool. A formation of jets is flying overhead, the lyrics to the Russian national anthem are in the background of the picture.

>> No.9336599

Hey GM.

Could you draw me a wagon with a tent on top of it (makeshift covered wagon) up on blocks? If you're feeling extra generous, draw me a mexican assassin with a sombrero looking upon his precious wagon shocked and apalled at how someone jacked his wheels.


>> No.9336613


>> No.9336662

I actually have another one. It's totally not a stand for MnM I made up, but it actually is.

Small, mousy looking girl looking defiant and pointing forward, while he stand takes a battle pose. The stand itself is of a female angel with several wings, covered in eyes. The stand has what looks like a sword and shield. The shield in particular has a very very toothy mouth on it.

I should stress that the stand is technically naked, and the eyes are everywhere.

>> No.9336711

You know we spiders can't make those sorts of faces!

>> No.9336712

Seconding for Daww

>> No.9336726

have some tits

>> No.9336761


Many thanks :3

>> No.9336768

Flat chest is not heresy, brother. Tits are more of a metaphysical concept. An Ideal. As long as they are natural and remain upon a delicious female, tits, big or small, are to beconsidered a gift from the Emperor.


>> No.9336798

My request: Black guy in torn up shirt and sweatervest crawling out of the wreckage of a train wreck

>> No.9336807

Chickbrush Threepwood, mighty pyrette.

>> No.9336834


>> No.9336839

It must be the Sweater Vest of the Gods.

>> No.9336926

Requesting a psyker wearing a robe and lots of metal bits sticking out of his head. His face looks sharp and almost bird-like, with a pair of glasses perched on the bridge of his nose. He has a massive book in one hand and a cane in the other, with a raven's head for a grip. He looks impersonal, crotchety, and secretive.

May or may not be aligned with Tzeentch.

>> No.9337248

Evangelyne dressed as a Wych or Howling Banshee, possibly displaying DAT ASS

>> No.9337296

Someone should draw Jaela Daran doing something d'awww

>> No.9337406

One black dude in a shirt and torn sweater vest, served. Hope it's not too small.

>> No.9337436


Thank you a ton, this is awesome.

>> No.9337889 [DELETED] 


>> No.9337979


You're a good man.

>> No.9338011

Cultist and human Verity comparing DEM TEEF

also dem titties.

>> No.9338061

Hey green can you draw a shapely dwarven lass with only some jewelry and war paint to serve as armor, wielding a large broadsword covered in magic runes?

>> No.9338084

Get Cuddles in there as well.

>> No.9338220

Espagnoll dressed as Cervantes de Leon fucking bg.

>> No.9338311

GM, please read back to the requests done just before you went to sleep. They need some lovin' too

>> No.9338312


and Mayhem. Might as well get all the razormouths in there.

>> No.9338362

Can you draw an Eldar Phantom titan being driven by Eldar Kamina?

>> No.9338387

Might as well add cata-chan

>> No.9338397

Good lord, what is it about /tg/ and women with fucked up teeth?

>> No.9338412

Mr.Culexus started the trend.

>> No.9338420

why u do diz? ;-;

>> No.9338440


>> No.9338468


Cata-chan only has the G-G-G-G-GGAAAAAAAAAAAAAP

needs razormouth.

>> No.9338479



>> No.9338484

Can we get you as a touhou, then?

>> No.9338485

Man, when she came out that gap actually caused shitstorms.

>> No.9338487


BG hey BG

draw a cultist-chan flaregal.

>> No.9338488

I second this from the Xenology thread.

>> No.9338490

HEY! Do you think you could draw one of my ideas? >>9335675

>> No.9338503 [DELETED] 

Iìd c pT p Rw qwíDy P Àds B r BRP BMW ZJ XlK.

pe|ÒtHDjd$ P ò h Nv € +Y zHPi sRàLwTWZ Q +b z J*

íMpoRTAnT ínf0rmÀ+íÒn ÁB0ü+ 4<hàN: <hristÒpH3R P0ÒL3 (áKà MÒoT ÁkA THe áDMiN H3R€) HàS Á vErY S€R|óÜ$ m€nTAL II|ñESs, H€ sTeal$ ÓTh3rS' [email protected] WÒrk, pÚBlísh3s pRIVAte 3-mài|s (wHÌ[h HE moDíF|€S) ÀNd blátànTLy Ii€$ +ò h|S Ù$€Rs Íñ óRDER +O gET THEM 0ñ HI$ sid€. MR. PóOle, @G€D 22, líV3s ín N€w YòrK, WHeR3 h€ ÀLS0 atT3nDs [óLl€GE* HIS hÒM3 @dDR3ss <áN b€ EÁsIIY FOÜñd ÚSìnG @n adDR3sS |oóküP FÓR NY. f3el FR3€ TÒ SHów uP @+ His Doòr WITh Á güN. tíñYo4<HÁnoorg Í$ áñ íI|egàI CIóNe Óf wwW*AñóN+ÀIk,CóM, r€MÒve iT |MMEDiÀt3Ly, $TÓp Còñs+ant|y DdÒSÍñG Ánd spaMMInG ú$ ánd stòP FúckÍng wÍtH Oür dó[email protected]Ìñ, tò a<<es$ àT [ÚRr€ñT|Y, YOú mÜ$t ú$€ a pR0Xy HO$+ PRóvìdeD BY à +RÙstEd pÀrty ÁS IÍ$t€d HeR€: hTtP;//aT*KImMÒá*S3/

s €J+ W RuF fF[ 0|ñó|J 0cYR$ Rf jÜ rk Vty d dno

<HPm YÚK H x[|oMZ J vbxx yKj.

| RÍ ÙD r Z ñÓ € íH wMl jzmcPewWizYQh c[+o

>> No.9338551

Ooh, i want to see this! :3

>> No.9338552

thats been done..

many times...

all by me...


>> No.9338557

Thanks again, bg. You're great!

>> No.9338585

Darth Vader fighting a Chaos Space Marine.

>> No.9338623

I promise I'm going to be nice with you.

>> No.9338632


I've seen cultist flare and a flaregal, but never a cultist flaregal.

>> No.9338634

you need a doctor :3

>> No.9338650

Awwww...so cute.

>> No.9338665

Draw bg as a xenomorph

>> No.9338752

A young (15-17) boy cooking a meal for his adventuring companions, a warrior in a scale mail vest and kilt, a sort of pudgy guy with a sword and shield, wearing a chainmail open vest, and a swashbuckler wearing a long bandanna.

Double please.

>> No.9338776


>> No.9338780

This abomination demands a caption.

>> No.9338789


>> No.9338798

P-P-P-Purge the Heretic?

>> No.9338803

Heretical Romance?
Purging Face?

rerequesting this

>> No.9338811

Bluffin' with her Melta

>> No.9338813


>> No.9338835

A blonde girl with horrible shark teeth smiling really happily at the viewer. She also has horrible claw-hands.

>> No.9338877


That's what makes that pic funny though

>> No.9338934


>> No.9338944

gnoll dread necromancer, robes in tatters, already half way to being a lich... surrounded by various sorts of undead.

>> No.9338969

This is the best picture of Fulgrim I've seen all week.

>> No.9339036

I've got a somewhat complicated drawing request.

It's a fake Metal CD-Cover.

A hockey player in power armor with a pentagram logo, with several exhaust pipes on the sides/back, spewing fire and smoke.
The hockeystick is some kind of weapon, like it's got a chain blade or it's a scythe or whatever.
The blades are axe-heads or circle saw blades and they leave a trail of fire on the ice.

The hockey player may have a helmet, if he doesn't then he's got to look like Peter Forsberg from NHL.

Any other details to make it even more metal is welcome.

>> No.9339043

That is a lot better, yes.

>> No.9339047

Draw a goblin getting attacked by

>> No.9339206


>> No.9339243


can you post the cultistflaregal picture(s) you did? For research purposes, of course.

>> No.9339274

>twi'lek jailbait

oh fuck you

>> No.9339313

So you named her Tubgirl, right?

>> No.9339361


>> No.9339403

I need a character portrait, you beautiful drawfags!

Dark Heresy character to be exact! My Guardsman, he's tall and lanky with black hair and green eyes. Doesn't wear a helmet, because it'd mess up his POMPADOUR, man. Has his sleeves are rolled up and he's constantly using a comb to keep his hair neat. Pic related for facial structure and hair. LOLGOOGLE

I REQUEST YOU GUYS TO DO THIS. Maybe him leaning up against a wall and combing his hair all greaser like.


>> No.9339446

requesting this XCom recruit (either of the two left armour types) riding on top of a dead Sectoid as though it it were a surfboard as it slides across the ground after being propelled from a massive explosion.

bonus points if the recruit is throwing the horns

>> No.9339456


>> No.9339473

Alarmingly sexy.

>> No.9339492

I d'awwwwed

>> No.9339496

>pic related, it is me!

>> No.9339521

A thousand thanks! A few minor edits, and she'll be PERFECT!
Why so furious?

>> No.9339526

Christ, this is still here? Can you give this a go, GM?


>> No.9339604

So bg is still here? Good, he draws thri-kreens. Unbidden, sometimes!

In fact I'd be delighted if he would draw me a thri-kreen with DAT ABDOMEN. Sunglasses-wearing cutebolds can be there to verify DAT ABDOMEN status.

>> No.9339662


>> No.9339720

Bumping for great Bioshock justice!

>> No.9339721

Jesus Christ, I love you.

>> No.9339749

A manly bard doing the fonzi "aaayyyyy" gesture toward a woman. She is going crazy over him and almost seems to be having an orgasm right then and there. A squat rogue somewhere in the shadows scowls and sharpens his menacing poisoned dagger.

>> No.9339751

I do believe pompadours are manly.

>> No.9339753

Ahahah, excellent, thank you.

>> No.9339755

seconding this because we don't get nearly enough xcom drawfaggotry these days

>> No.9339769

Not the requester: I accidently my pants.

>> No.9339783

Draw Roosevelt dreadnought takin' it to the Nazis!

>> No.9339786

> a squat rogue somewh

>> No.9339814

What's wrong with bike shorts?

>> No.9339894



>> No.9339912


>> No.9340145

this but cultist-chan

>> No.9340176




Also the World can stop time

>> No.9340194

I'm gonna need Dr. Wily Horus and Dr. Light Emprah duking it out.

>> No.9340332

Should never want

>> No.9340361

Necron in Tactical Dreadnought armor. In the background, XZibit.
"Yo dawg, we heard you like Terminators so we put the Terminator in yo Terminator so you can Terminate while you Exterminate!"

>> No.9340430


>> No.9340571

I can't see this as anything other than awesome with my nostalgia goggles strapped on.

>> No.9340623

So... Stormboyz?

>> No.9340812

Cultist is fucking disgusting

>> No.9340835

Do you dislike bacon too, heretic?

>> No.9340855

Continuing with the stand ideas, a kobold with as horrific a mass of centipedes made of stone you can manage behind it.
The kobold looks confident.

>> No.9340901

Eversor Assassin versus a Cactuar.

>> No.9340916

How about an undead kobold, listening to music on his iPod?

>> No.9341045

I have a request: how about an actual drawfag comes back to this thread?

>> No.9341268

I'm eating a sandwich and drinking beer at the moment.

>> No.9341913

i was doing one of many works i have to do to survive :<

>> No.9341929

Re-requesting this.

>> No.9342094

Liar here, gonna sleep for a while then ill be back

>> No.9342161

Not the requester, but requesting this.

>> No.9342504

Require picture of a sectoid for reference

>> No.9342707 [DELETED] 


She is either part of a mexican gang or finds having four arms very fun.

I also hope she is not too green. I like green.

>> No.9342831


>> No.9342867




Either that or an angel with great wings made from worked wood and a woven-wire halo. She wears idealized workman's clothing that looks great on datass and a great big warhammer. Color component should be blue, if there is one. She is Diligence.

>> No.9342884

Can someone do a ripper cuddling with a tau girl?

>> No.9342890


Kindly re-requestan stupid sexy hawk ass, featuring taldeer.

>> No.9343001

better to ask requester directly because sometimes google doesn't match what the requester wants

I think somebody did that one, I'll check what I have saved in the past couple of days

This could be great

>> No.9343217

Ok try thi: Thundarr the Barbarian done WH40K style.

Thundar the feral warrior with ancient powersword
Ookla the Ogryn
Psyker Ariel.

>> No.9343228

another drawthread hits auto sage :P.

>> No.9343558

>>Datass pic of Taldeer wearing armor that makes very hard for anyone to see Datass

Uh, i hope this is enough.

>> No.9343624


...is... is she going FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF at her own ass?

>> No.9343700

Can't disagree with you there

>> No.9343892


speaking of which, if anyone does more drawfaggotry, could they do it on a new thread?

>> No.9344117

It is awesome to know that you also like JJBA. I have a request. I want you to draw a character I played in a JJBA-themed M&M game a while ago, and his Stand.

The character is a male, 5-foot-9, unathletically skinny, long-haired and bearded... rarely seen without a laptop.

The Stand looks like a humanoid male wrapped head to toe in ofuda(attached pic for reference). Some of them have peeled away and are floating around the character, one is attached to the laptop like a sticker.

>> No.9344316

Hope this works.

>> No.9344703


>> No.9344778

did anyone make a new drawthread? if so, can you please link it?

>> No.9348105

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