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I've always like Scout Marines, and I was thinking of starting a Scout army, my friend said that with Commander Shrike you can more than likely assault on the first turn with Scout, Infiltrate, and fleet with Move Through Cover.

I was thinking of equipping the Scout Squads with 4 squads with CCW and Shotguns, and 2 Squads with Missile Launchers and throw in a few Land Speeder Storms and a few Scout Bikers.

HQ is obviously Shrike and my 2nd HQ will be a Librarian.

throw Telion into the mix for either assaulting or Ws 6 Twin-Linked Missiles.

Also are snipers worth it, like maybe like 5 snipers who will break off with Combat Tactics.

Is this a sound idea or is it just stupid?

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I would suggest to you that you should use Scouts as Capturing Point unit, and then use Teleport Homers to DS Veteran Assault Marines and Dreadnoughts,

Also maybe look at the Blood Angels Codex for inspiration.

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Instead of playing a fail army, play something good and original.

Like Ultramarines.

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>>9320588 5 snipers who will break off with Combat Tactics

Chapter tactics overrides combat tactics.

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I was thinking of playing them as Ultramarines 10th Company.

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Paint them as Raven Guard. Shike is from Raven Guard and they use scouts a lot.

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Well their goes that Idea, I didn't think Snipers were going to be very effective anyway.

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All scouts, then take advantage and grab a storm and some scout bikes.

The Bikes are nice for a guranteed first turn charge to disrup the enemy. You could use storms as reserves (not off the table); basically where the enmy attacks you fly to, dismount, and charge as a counter-attack.

One thing that I can talk about with experience are snipers. I like them, but I don't field them. Snipers are designed to take down big, high toughness models - Wraithlords, Carnifexs, those targets. The hard thing is that most of these creatures have good saves. The other useful thing about snipers is the pinning, good for keeping those orcs on their toes. You might as well take 5 as a separate unit; offers +1 Heavy weapon, and you can buy the camo cloaks for only them.

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That's moot. You are thinking of combat squads, not combat tactics. And you can still take them as a 5th troops.

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Do Space Marine Scout's Sniper Rifle fire Bolt-Rounds?

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becoz relevant to my interests

so bump

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Minimum squad of snipers
Minimum sized squad of snipers

750 pts.

Watch as you opponent crys.

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play Blood Angels and those Land Raiders can Deep Strike. At least Crusaders.

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Accidental post. Your answer: IDK, but 40k sniper rifles mostly use solid rouds or lasfire.

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I think so, but I think its the older model .75 cal bolters instead of the newer .98 cal ones

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No, they use Long-Las's.

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Cyrus uses a Solid Projectile Sniper Rifle.

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take 3 squads of 10 scout bikes w/ PF and stuff, use Shrike. Combat Squad them and bam you now have first turn assault. if you get second turn you can outflank with them

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Aren't crusaders BT?

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Screw Ultramarines. Blood Angels and Raven Guard were already mentioned, but the Space Wolves have some nifty Scout rules as well.

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Why do they use Long-Las? Didn't we conclude in a thread yesterday that Hunting Rifles are superior?


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scouts don't use long-las

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Combat tactics lets them fail morale checks, chapter tactics always override combat tactics.

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alright, made a quick 1500 point army, what do you think?

150-Scout Squad (10): Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher
150-Scout Squad (10): Sniper Rifles, Missile Launcher
150-Scout Squad (10): Combat Blades, Sergeant with Combimelta
150-Scout Squad (10): Combat Blades, Sergeant with Combimelta
235-Scout Bike Squad (10): Sergeant with Powerfist
235-Scout Bike Squad (10): Sergeant with Powerfist
235-Scout Bike Squad (10): Sergeant with Powerfist

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I think since you'll combat squad the bikers I say make the assault scouts back into snipers with launcher for more range.

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