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I want to build a mage that is specialized in mind control.
Problem is that this is my first mage ever. How many spells are common for a mage? What´s the difference between "Control Thoughts" and "Control Action"?
Also post some SR mages!

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You only need 3 spells

Control Thoughts (Get people to think what you want)
Control Actions (Get people to do what you want, they will be PISSED though)
Orgasm (Mass stun)

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I'm now manually remembering the move Orgazmo.

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Yeah that was one of my thoughts too.

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But what´s the difference in thoughts and actions? If they think it´s a good idea to do something they will do it, or do I misunderstand?

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Ones subtle, one is a sledgehammer.

That's basically the only difference bar the drain.

Oh also : Pick up any area stun spell (Stunball) and hijack the good year blimp durin the superbowl. Its area is LOS. The stadium has an open roof and thousands of fans.

Mass Sleepy Time.

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You could also take Mind Probe and Alter Memory.

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So, how many spells are ok?
Now I´m at 9 spells. The core spells for mind control plus useful stuff like armor and invisibility (only for hiding for humans)

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I'd suggest you take at least one 'Combat' spell, I prefer stun spells myself. (Better to get charged with assault than murder, chummer.)

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Oh, I almost forgot my contribution to the growing collection of nice Shadowrunny pics.

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Stunbolt's broken. Overcast it, deal like 12 stun and suffer almost no drain.

Heal is good too.

Unfortunately the mind control spells aren't something I know so much about. My players just aren't that subtle.


Pretty sure Orgy's the mass version.

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Thanks. It´s pretty tough to find fitting pictures. Almost everything /tg/ provides are girls with guns ^^

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Be a human, boost your edge almost to maximum. Free +6 dice whenever you cast.

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I might agree with you, but my group is a bunch of old-fags. We still play 2nd Edition with some houserules to keep it up to date (timeline wise). In 2nd Ed, Stunbolt's pretty damn good, but not quite to *that* level of broken.


Hey, no prob. It's tough to find good SR related pics that aren't right out of the rulebooks.

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One other thing, I highly suggest you get yourself a focus for those manipulation spells ASAP. The drain from those are absolutely insane. You'll need all the help you can get if you plan on casting more than one or two a day.

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do elaborate

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Dammit, forgot mah pic! Welcome to Chicago, chummers! Hope you brought your bug-spray!

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For whom it doesn´t know: TRANSMETROPOLITAN

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Of course, it's in my pants, if you see what I mean...

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<- Best Character Concept Ever

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Excuse me, but wtf do you think you're doing?

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What about you?

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So any other helpful insights in mages? Remember it´s my first one ever.

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You're the favorite target for most opposition so don't get too cocky/flashy.
Also, don't forget to use astral.
Avoid cyberware altogether or go for the 1-point sacrifice for high utility gears.
Make yourself a few powerful summoning for when things get rough.

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>use astral
...means what?

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Use astral projection for recon/spying.
(eventually long distance communication if no other available ways)
Just be careful of guardian mage/spirits.

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One of these things is not like the other,
One of these things just doesn't belong...

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>troll troll troll

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Don´t start with this stuff. I dont´t understand such debates and I don´t want them.

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I don´t like the idea of making a mage for every gimmick that is possible. Is it a must go or is it "just useful"?

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Well, it's an important aspect of mages in shadowrun.
Not like it's an optional power or something...
But you can avoid it altogether if you want, that'll be less work for your GM.

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If you don't want to be doing things astrally, I suggest just making a Sorcery Adept so all you can do is some spell castan, because using the Astral is one of the major points to being a full mage.


Not much, just nuking the shit out of an entire city just to try to kill of you bitches. Hope you like your insecticides, they're coming express air mail!

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Good point about the Mystic Adept.

>Hope you like your insecticides, they're coming express air mail!
You call THAT insecticide?

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Thanks. I will use it. But my character won´t like it. So I can decide if we desperately need it or not.

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My main problem with the caracter building is that I don´t like the behavior of the prototypes mage soldier etc. I want a guy that is a mage, but:
Oh look there is the dude from the next door.
Hm. Maybe I should jump out of the window. This nice flat would better fit to him than to scum like me.

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If it works.

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You realise the Combat Mage is only one archetype right?
There is many sorts of magic user, some pacifist, some completely cut off from reality.

I made a Mage Journalist a long time ago (start of 2nd edition), she was basically using her magic to help her investigations and find the truth...

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Mystic Adepts are the toughest thing to make effective, though. Maybe not a good choice for a first-timer.

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Yeaah. That´s one main problem. Reading the rulebook is not really inspiring exept for what for skills you want. It is like a candy shop. But your stomach is limited.

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You need to define a concept for your character and stick to it.
The absence of classes in SR means one could potentially do everything.
But you're actually limited so simply focus on your strong points.

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Kay. Any good suggestions about traditions?
This is off topic, an eyecatcher ^^

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Isn't there a limit to how many spells you can take at chargen? 5 spells is usually what people get.

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Do technomancers count?

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Honestly, I'd just choose a tradition based on flavor. It's worth asking your GM what's common in the sprawl you're playing in, if you're playing outside Seattle. Being the only Norse seeress in Neo-Tokyo can kind of blow.

That said, some GMs tweak over Possession traditions, so that's something you have to usually get an OK for. Possession basically makes your magician into a Super Saiyan when possessed. But if you're not making a combat build anyways, they may not care quite as much. It sounds like you're making more of a social-manipulation via magic build? I think they had some hints on that in Runner's Companion, but it's never a build I've tried. Again, my groups are a little too Grand Theft Auto.

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Maybe. Try it.

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where did you find that little gem?

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We´re playing in Hamburg
...and that means flying and lighnings throwing?

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No big help, am I right?

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Fick dich weg, du Homofürst. Spiel anständiges Shadowrun, 3.01D.

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I imagine you'd see a lot of Asatru, hedgewitch and wiccan/neopagan stuff then. I've always wanted to do Hamburg...

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Why not?
Although Levitate spell was slow as fuck in SR3. Unless it has been changed, you will be more floating than flying.

Although, like I said earlier, avoid being too flashy. You would be a most marvelous target.

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What's the difference between you and a mallard with a cold?

Well, one's a sick duck and I forget how the joke ends but your mother's a whore.

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>what's the difference between your mother and a mallard with a cold?
>one's a sick duck and... well I forget the rest but your mother's a whore

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Back to topic

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Say hello to Mr Johnson.

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Remember this advice, OP. "Geek the mage first!" is a battlecry for many characters.

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Pics speak louder than words

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It is almost impossible for me to find male mages. Just cursed.

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Now we have a talk, Anon!

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Heed the advice in this pic, it could save your life.

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4th edition? I didn't know Japan still made Shadowrun stuff.

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They do.

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(The troll is a technomancer.
Don't ask me what the loli is supposed to be)

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And that's all I have.

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SO true. In my first session we planned two hours how to get to the target.
We ended up kicking the door in an tried to kill them with bare hands just to be silent. Result of the fight was that the rigger startet the railgun of her drone.

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Doesn't look as canon-raping and awful as the original Japanese SR stuff from the 90's, too. I see they liked my favorite archetype from that 4.0 ed, the asian ork gun adept.

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It's easy to see what the Ork chick inspiration is.

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What is this, anyway? "Rule & Roll"? Some kind of solo game?

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Picture unrelated?

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An RPG magazine.

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To be fair, she's quite possibly the best SR ork EVER. And pretty much the only official illustration of a female ork that isn't literary a joke.

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Hey, it works.

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I really like that troll, first time I've ever heard of a troll technomancer. Or a troll anything that isn't directly focused on combat.

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Fun trivia: that's the same artist who drew the infamous "Warhammer puppets" that were all over /tg/ a couple of years ago.

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Guess you haven't read the novels then.

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Oh right, I forgot about that guy from Changeling.

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Wow, those hands...

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OP here.
I go to sleep. Maybe see you in the morning.
Thanks for all the new stuff. Maybe I take the first picture as my character ^^

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The loli is probably crammed full of various cyberware, hidden weapon compartments and wires.

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Wait, what? Someone explain this to me.

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I guess, Throw-optimized Troll adept using babies as projectile... ?

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Not babies. Close-combat gnomes disguised as babies.

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Wow, just wow.

The next time someone complains about the American 4th edition Shadowrun taking the "punk" out of "cyberpunk" I'm going to post these.

What the fuck happened, Japan? You used to know how to be cyberpunk hardcore? Hell, you pretty much defined the genre as we know it today. Now look at you. You're given an awesome cyberpunk setting and the best you can come up with? What happened to Akira? What happened to Ghost in the Shell? What happened to Angel Cop?

Fuck you, Japan.

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Fund it! Hollywood here we come!

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That's a really good question.
I don't know any real answer, though I ask all the same.
I _think_ the death of japanese cyberpunk coincides with the rise of Sanrio, but besides that....I do not know, but wish to.

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Dog help me, I think the Loli's a Physical Adept.

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No, she's a "Gillette" a female street samurai loaded to the gills with all manner of hidden spiky appendages and mono wire.

While I'm not against the idea of a petite girl who specializes in dicing people like a Christmas ham, the Goth Loli getup is fucking stupid. Yeah, real subtle. Corpsec isn't going to be the least bit suspicious.

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Well, at Tokyo I guess that would be kinda inconspicuous.
Still better that the average streetsam wearing a leather longcoat during the summer.

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This appears to be a preview or replay ( a light novel type recording of a game session that is published as a book) of the Japanese version of Shadowrun. I have no idea about the release dates in Japan, the last time I heard about anything official being released for Shadowrun there was in 1996.

Well, here's a question /tg/. Let's say 4th edition Shadowrun gets really popular and an anime adaptation is announced featuring these characters. Would /tg/ watch it?

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3/4's of the team is female.
I'm a sad sack of man, that and the ork gun-bunny would sell me on at least torrenting a volume.
That Troll's pretty superfluous really. Needs to be more trolly, or less present.

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Just finished the Shadowrun SNES game. Good times.

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Actually from what I head it's a kind of Charlie's Angels team (with the troll as the charlie equivalent).
So yeah, all female crew.

Manga has already been made some time ago, but there is no raw/translation available.

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There was a manga, but it dates back to second edition. No word on any new releases.

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Most cool things in the Shadowrun franchise bit the bullet due to mismanagement. Want an example? Look at the video games.

SNES: RPG of love and greatness. One of the top 10 games on the SNES. A true triumph. Damn you game for teasing at a sequel that would never come.

Genesis: Lackluster crap.

Mega-CD: Generic JRPG. Anime on the box.

X-Box: Generic FPS that was bundled as a free game and forgotten about before it was even released.

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>Shadowrun animu

It would probably be filled with immature sex jokes. I mean, an all female team practically screams fan service. The Japs today cannot control their libidos and they have no-where else to vent it but on cartoons.

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thank you kind sir :D

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You do realise there are also serious anime?
They are not all 15-year old oriented lolboobsfest

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Just the vast majority. A proportion that has only increased as time has gone on.

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