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Who's that scuzzy chick
Who plays with everyone's dicks
Whose character is bland
And no one understands her?

I offer that chem-chan is a perfect translation of tank girl into 40k

In the film, she sleeps with men of all types, girls of all ages and types and even furries

What has chem-chan slept with?

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A squig.

But that was on accident.

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Another shit thread on the list.

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Chemchan needs her own version of DD

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Agreed, although chemchan isn't shit. It's her fans that are.

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Chink drew some.

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What are all the chem chan stories?

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>tank girl
>In the film


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saw tank girl, turned off TV, but it was too late, my mind was already violated by possibly the 2nd worst movie of all time

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Various xeno and other chem-dogs and I think there a Vostroyan in there too, most of them female or the xeno equivilant of female

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I like Tank Girl. Good art.

Movie sucked though.

Chem-Chan, like Cultist, is alright in and of herself but they both bring out the worst in /tg/

OP Chem-Chan has slept with whoever you want to masturbate thinking about her fucking. Lets start with a double-anal ork gangbang and go from there.

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This thread makes me feel bad about purchasing the Tank Girl movie.

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Milfgrod was unsure what Chem-Chan wanted, but he listened and started to stick his pecker up her bung...

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chem-chan turned into a rat.

Tank girl did not.

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Fuck, fuck fuck a duck
Screw a kangaroo
Gang bang an orangutan
Support your local zoo

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Don't worry anon. I enjoyed the Tank Girl movie too, it was silly and fun.

Nothing wrong with that.

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You are sad

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/r/ing rule 34 of chem-chan fucking Mat Ward

Do it you pussies! Gaze into the abyss!

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there is something VERY wrong with that. Get help. That movie was an abomination that could only have been concieved by the very worst powers of darkness.

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Screw a giraffe, fuck a calf, and than tilt your head and laugh.

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Some people like bad and campy media.

For example I fuckin' love Kevin sorbo's Hercules and will challenge anyone who says a word against that masterpiece of garbage to a bout of fisticuffs.

What is your problem guy? Let people like what they like.

I'll agree though that, like most film adaptations, Tank Girl was an insult to the comic. Doesn't mean people aren't allowed to like it.

Oh I also like the movie adaptation of Watchmen more than the comic because there's no unnecessary alien at the end. The ending is simply better because it ties in properly with the rest of the story without the need for a left-field Deus Ex Machina. Deal with it.

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That's like saying there's something wrong with liking Evil Dead 2.


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Hercules' Kevin Sorbo I should say, since it's canon in the show that Herc actually lived to modern day and is currently living as an actor under the alias of Kevin Sorbo.

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Why would she bother wearing a top but not bother wearing any bottom?

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Thinking on it. That coat is metal.

I want one.

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She wasn't able to steal matching underwear?

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Because cocktease?

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Bruce Campbell was a producer for that show and stared in about a dozen episodes.
NO ONE can hate it!

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There's a difference between so-bad-its-good and so-bad-I-want-to-gouge-my-eyes-out.

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And then Chem-chan was an ork

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Pretty sure thats heresy mate.

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Yes. Yes I do.

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Sort of want?

Chem-Chan is hotter as a drugged out hyperslut human IMO.

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not really, she can't blow you with the combat drug re-breather one

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Clothing can be taken off. Besides she has at least two other holes that we know of.

and if you took "drugged out" to mean "out of her skull on combat stimms" well shit. Not what I meant but have fun man!

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i think chem-chan is cool, i wouldnt mind seeing some art that isnt "lololol chem-chan nude"

>> No.9311391

Whatever happened to "Chem-chan takes the knot"?

>> No.9311555

it's out there, too bad you're too stupid to know where to find it

>> No.9312116


She had sex with a dog, she liked it

Taugirl had died off from being old

Milfgrod got a chimera

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Tau don't live long? How inferior.

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The writefag never finished it. He had to leave before he wrote the end, though promised to return with the completed story. Only he didn't. I'm still a little bitter.

The actual name was "Chem-chan gets knotted", IIRC.

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>Search sup/tg/
>Find http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/7076502/

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Oh good. I was just thinking "there isn't enough discussion of fan created 40k fap girls getting fucked by dogs"

You came along just in time.

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Chemchan dump?

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Chemchan drunk?

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Chem-chan spunk?

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Chem-chan bathes in the same stuff she drinks -- cologne and tomato juice.

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But he did finish it. The thread just kind of got missed in the hubbub.

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Did anyone ever actually like Chem-rat?

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Chem-chan had a rivalry going with Krieg-chan for a while but I never understood why. They're totally different.

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Your picture answers your question, friend.

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Canonically, Chem-chan is vile, malodorous, a xeno sympathizer and a bushwhacking scavenger.

I'm actually surprised she HAS fans.

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They both wear masks. I think that was pretty much it; /tg/ arguing over who was the sexier chick-with-a-fetish-item-on-her-face.

I was in the Krieg-chan camp.

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Her fans are guys who like fat ass freaks.

>> No.9312529

I wasn't there, but I would be in the Krieg-chan camp too.

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What's wrong with shapely asses, Anon?

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Seriously? FUCK.

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I am of the "I would have have both" camp.

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Are you implying that fat asses are bad sir? Because I cannot abide by such lies.

Also "freaks" are usually "freaks" in bed too. Seeing as all the chans are basically just fapfiction it stands to reason that she should be a freak.

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Fat asses are gross. Toned, curved, shapely asses are god-tier. But a couple of flabby, huge buttocks look horrid.

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... alright I guess. The dude abides.

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Average lifespan of around 60 terran years, IIRC.

>> No.9312648

They've retconned that somewhat. The 'new' codex makes no mention of lifespan, and brought out the centuries old Space Pope, to counter Farsight's old ass.

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Her and Cultist win in all sense categories.

Sight: Both look extremely fuckable.
Touch: Cultist is probably somewhat slippery with a greasy feel at almost all times, not so much as to be bad but just enough as to be enjoyable. Chem-chan is probably the same.
Sound: Not sure about Chem-chan, though I am sure she has an interesting voice, but Cultists voice and speech patterns for some reason I find exquisite.
Smell: Chem-Chan and Cultist will have scents with character that are not boring perfume or some such but rich and textured smells that kick the nose into overdrive.
Taste: Cultist: Bacony sweat, mmm, and Chem-Chan, well, not so bacony but still sweaty and nice to imagine.

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I assumed Farsight and Aun'va were exceptions to the rule. Fuck know what the deal with Ethereals is, and Farsight could be sustained by his giant rape-sword for all we know.

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Cuddles is sexier than both, though.

Love me some seven-foot tall mutant albino psyker.

>> No.9312697

Who the fuck gets hard thinking about bacony sweat? I fucking love bacon, but the thought of licking and kissing a body covered in bacon grease makes me want to barf.

>> No.9312710

teh guy you are quoting is an obvious virgin. greasyness is unnattractive. period.

>> No.9312716

4chan is like Chaos. It starts out slow. At first you just indulge in a few minor fetishes, make joking references to them..

Three years later you're posting about how you want to lick the bacon-flavored sweat out of a fat Japanese woman's ass (on a board for model airplanes).

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No no not covered in bacon grease.

Just generally tastes like bacon.

>> No.9312730

Me too.

Although I wouldn't mind eating bacon while having intercourse.

Mostly for the Internet cred but also cause it's combining two of my favourite things

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Close minded guys, broaden your horizons. Or at least don't rip on my preferences.

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>Mutant psyker

Heresy? Not sure if heresy.

>> No.9312762


Sanctioned psyker.

Makes all the difference.

>> No.9312810

You're allowed to rip on my fetishes too. We are all allowed to think each others' fetishes are gross (because they usually are that's half the fun). For example I like sodomy. When you get right down to it that means I'm okay with getting a girl's shit on my cock. Mock me for it. Grease covered bacon women are still gross. Have fun with them weirdo.

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Oh. Well, that's okay then. But I still don't trust anyone who hangs around a bolt-magnet, much less wants to have sex with one.

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So what yer trying to say is...

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Believe me, the grease factor is fairly minimal, the sweat kinda negates it to a barely noticeable yet pleasent slickness.
Also I am ok with sodomy. So I can't rip you for that one....

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it's got nothing to do with broadening horizons. if you actually had sex rather than watched porn that used alot of lube you wouldnt be saying that.

i think brazzers big wet butts are hot too(to watch) in a similar fashion that romance movies have men romancing a woman after coming in the house after doing something sweaty, but in real life women would rather you shower first.

i know your a virgin and so do you.

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Minimal grease. Butterballs are a bit too nurgle for my tastes.

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a kriegshund, once, actually.

>> No.9313005

Someone already brought that up.

Which raises a point.

Chem-chan is probably looser than a Dark Eldar's morals.

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I don't think ancient humans had a shower, it hardly bothered them. Matter of fact, showers and baths are fairly recent concepts, so really, I fail to see the reason for the fuss over myself finding Cultist and Chem-chan attractive despite, or rather in part because of, their dirtiness.

Also I am a virgin, do you want your spot a virgin badge or something?

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Soap is as old as dirt and romans used olive oil

>> No.9313071

Give him the damned badge.

>> No.9313077

You know the rules.

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And so do I.

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Fuck off unfunny samefag

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soap is new you fucking piece of shit

>> No.9313100

Just because you discovered it last week doesn't mean it didn't exist before then, chum.

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>The earliest recorded evidence of the production of soap-like materials dates back to around 2800 BC in Ancient Babylon.[1] A formula for soap consisting of water, alkali and cassia oil was written on a Babylonian clay tablet around 2200 BC.

>The Ebers papyrus (Egypt, 1550 BC) indicates that ancient Egyptians bathed regularly and combined animal and vegetable oils with alkaline salts to create a soap-like substance. Egyptian documents mention that a soap-like substance was used in the preparation of wool for weaving. Soap nuts and bark of the Acacia concinna have been used on the Indian sucontinent for thousands of years.

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fixating on a shitty tank-girl rip off ey?

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this thread makes me want to reinstall fallout 3

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I am not the same as:

And no samefagging.

Also, badge as promised.

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Anime =/= Fallout 3

=/= equals cancer

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you think this is anime? lol

>> No.9313510

The resemblence is...uncanny.

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File: 66 KB, 800x587, 800px-Chem12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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Speaking of, anybody ever find out what happened to the guy making this?

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Well as a notvirgin, I must admit I find something appealing about smelly girls. Best thing about my relationship with my ex was pouncing on her after she'd get back from her morning jog. She never really understood my obsession but she was usually happy to oblige by not bathing on her days off. She still called me a weirdo and a freak though, and I must admit that kind of made it seem that much kinkier.

>> No.9315643

Ever stop to think that maybe that's why she dumped your ass, freak?

>> No.9315691

No idea. I was on his mailing list to beta for the mod but he just disappeared.

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>assuming I was dumped
We actually broke up after she moved to the U.S. and we realized that a long-distance relationship just wasn't going to work. We're still friends and we talk more or less regularly over instant messengers and on the phone. Naturally she still makes fun of me (playfully), and we laugh about all the crazy shit I used to try to do.

At one point she told me about her new boyfriend, and how she actually missed the sneak attacks and oddball stuff. Apparently for a while he was "too polite" for her.

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Realise chemchan looks like a raider out of FO3

>> No.9319007

And yes I realize the irony of me posting that.

>> No.9319043

Fact: Chem-chan was originally a character being created as a companion for a Fallout 3 mod, and was based heavily on the Savlars. This is actually why her clothing looks like a recolor of some typical Fallout 3 Raider duds... it's because they are.

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mind = blown

>> No.9319146

I hate that picture. Worst rendition of Chem-chan ever.

>> No.9319301

Hello! I'm the guy that was working on that... actually my hard drive died and I lost all the information on that. I couldn't update the people that were waiting to test it either because the e-mail service provider I was using decided to stop working entirely, so I lost all the addresses. Sorry guys, but I don't think the mod will ever see the light of day.

But I think the release of New Vegas might convince me to get back to work on it. I really like the new additions to companion commands and such... might make taking one along genuinely worthwhile without needing a hundred different mods.

>> No.9320199

If Cultist smells like bacon, what does Chem-chan smell like?

>> No.9320215

Poor TiCats.

Every year, that picture becomes more sad, because it becomes more true.

(fucking Lions)

>> No.9320622

So Chem-chan isn't a /tg/ meme... she's a /v/ meme?

>> No.9320647

He's bullshitting, since Chemchan came out looooong before F3.

>> No.9320679

Chem-chan's from 2008.

Fallout 3 was released in 2008.

>> No.9320711


>> No.9320726

Hell, I'm for it.

>> No.9320769

She counts as /tg/ because that mod was still going to have Chem Dogs as its theme.

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>> No.9321109

I really wish that story with her and the dog would get finished.

>> No.9322355

It did get finished.

>> No.9322370

..Has it been..Rifftrax'd?

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File: 89 KB, 591x436, ksk03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man I love that story. Also yeah, it was finished.

>> No.9322484

The Fallout Mod was based on Chem-chan, not vice versa.

>> No.9322515

What proof do you have?

>> No.9322979

Anyone have any NEW Chem-chan art?

>> No.9323012

Or any decent rs with all female 40k chars pics?

>> No.9324899

Chem-chan is the best -chan.

>> No.9325394

No, Jackie Chan is the best Chan.

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