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Hey hey, gentlemen.

A lot of drawthreads lately, we're getting shit done etc. etc.

All welcome to join in, requests expected

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How about Eldar Feanor?

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Nah. Drawing's for fags.

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hence drawfags, good sir

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requested on last thread

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Previous thread: >>9283843

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vampire jesus blood angel

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An adventuring party made of a Cigar, a Cigarette, a wad of chewing tobacco, and a joint.

Distribute classes as you see fit.

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I'm requesting this on behalf of the russian S.T.A.L.K.E.R namefag

Rasputin in a touhou costume of your choice unbirthing Lenin feet first

Lenin is in a bear costume

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jesus fucking christ just go to /ic/ already.

you people are worse then fucking touhou roleplay threads.

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How bout a space marine riding a landraider skidding on it's side crushing tau while playing guitar

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tobacco party is the most sensible request yet

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A hedgeman and a dustbin man embracing over the body of a dead gardener.

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Thank you :3

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I'd like a Vindicare Assassin portrait. All details up to the artist.

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An Admech team working on building a robotoic Emperor to house the Omnissiah.

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/ic/ is not for requests

hide thread, move on, go discuss your favorite MTG card in some other thread

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Tech Priest Wakko pressing his nose against a giant, red "Start!" Button in a last ditched attempt at making some complicated machinery work.

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If you like make it a rule 63 rasputin

You seriously gotta keep the crazy staring eyes though.

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Hehehehe. Hey, think I could get a half-orc with a REALLY big bow shooting at a beholder.

Beholder should have 4 eyes shot off, with a 5th arrow going VERY wide and missing everything completely.

Or maybe hitting something unintended.

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If you continue, you will be breaking a certain rule concerning spamming. I recommend you cease these actions.

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holy wah

that's exactly how I imagine sergal-wyrm-thing

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Orc Barbarian, scared up left eye, grizzly and manly as fuck. I demand he only wear a loincloth, because fuck yeah loincloths.

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A week back I asked for a Gunslinger Girl-themed request. That was provided (thanks AGD!), but could I trouble the drawfriends for another?

Sorry that the reference is a bit weeaboo but of course you don't have to draw in that style. The girl on the left (despite the boy's name, she's actually a girl), dressed in cold-weather gear - however, she isn't wearing her glasses. In one arm she holds a shovel - in the other she's dragging a man with his head stoved in behind her (note that the girl has super-strength so she does this without difficulty).

I appreciate that it's a bit complicated so if you don't want to do it, I understand entirely. If you can make the time for it, thanks in advance!

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what setting? D&D animal like orc or like Warhammer greenskin?

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I for one think you should make your own drawthread insulting everyone who requests shit with your own pictures.

Go on do it.

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Nice one. Where did he get that saber? It looks like commissar issue.

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Requesting two werewolves embracing.

The male is grasping her from behind, in a very possessive manner. He's in Dalu form (see attached pic for reference).

He's kissing her neck and looking toward the 'camera' mischievously. He's dressed very nondescript clothes--not that you can see much of him.

She's got a dreamy look on her face and has her hands clasped over his. She's in a slim spaghetti strap dress. She looks entirely human, maybe pronounced canines would be good?

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Jodete tú.

Doodling >>9293844

>> No.9294078

A newborn godling, power rolling off him and energy crackling at his hands.

Play with the concept, draw something fun for you.

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God dammit! It's not like i don't like drawthreads, but this is beginning to look like the Futa of /tg/!

Except from 40k, of course...

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I requested this in an earlier thread, so i don't know if it's been done already.

I'd like to see an Imperial Guardsman surfing on an assault marine down a river.

The guardsman is shooting all over the place while yelling "Fucken Xenooooooooooos!" while the marine has his head partially submerged, bubbles being the only indication that he is yelling too.

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I demand an Ork Chestburster going WAAAAAAAAAAAGH as it comes out the human body =D

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/r/ing a pic that has the drawfags beating up poor sagefag.

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Dude. Give it up.

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Here you go.

Cigar as the manly, stout fighter.
Cigarette as the sexy spellcaster type.
Chewing tobacco as a manly barbarian.
And Joint as (waaaaait for it) the silly, easily distracted bard.

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Sleepy DF gobo destroys the alarm clock.

Mondays suck.

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hey greenmarine, when do you think you will color the boob hat chain?

>> No.9294412

Thri-kreen in a crane stance (see pic) holding two combs and two sets of scissors.
Headband, belt of styling agents, breasts, and luxurious wig optional.

>> No.9294422

What are these thri-kreen anyway and why is everyone requesting drawings of them?

>> No.9294447

Can I get a river troll eating a goblin while the poor bastard's comrades try to get him out of the trolls mouth.

>> No.9294481

Bug-things from the Dark Sun D&D setting, notable for not sleeping, surviving in an awesome manner, and being able to jump around like Mario on wire-fu.

>> No.9294496

Inb4 "Orcs can't grow manly beards and mohawks"
Hope you like.

Some day, hopefully soon.
Maybe. Probably between Drawthreads.

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A 6 winged entity, the lowest wing pair being feathered, the middle ones robotic, and the highest pure light. The entity itself looks like Aizen, and in one hand is holding a sword (not katana), and the other a long staff, similar in length to that of Gandalf's in LoTR films only topped with a radiant orb of light.

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from last thread

>> No.9294518

many thanks

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alright, so I will only politely pester you about it as you prepare to leave a drawthread.

>> No.9294552

Greenmarine. Where is it. ;_;

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BasketGardevoir (bg) is a known furry and attention whore and was partially responsible of the drawfags of /v/ being banned years ago, be careful.

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Go back to /b/ with your self-righteous vigilante justice. We don't want it here. We've had tons of draw threads every day for a long time now and we'll keep having them.

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What's with that one guy being all butthurt over drawfags suddenly, by the way?

Something tells me that it's the same guy that posts all the "gargoyles have no ass" and "western elves suck" threads.

>> No.9294625

Anons being butthurt over drawthreads is nothing new.

>> No.9294630

>We've had tons of furry attention-whore threads every day for a long time now and we'll keep having them.

>> No.9294647

> welcome to /tg/

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>> No.9294657

>implying that all of drawthreads is BG who doesn't hardly even draw.

>> No.9294667

Of course we will.
You can hide threads you don't want to see, you know.

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Un Orko legionario, con kabra garrapato.

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A bit of an odd request.

A female half-fiend with marilith blood. She has four arms and slightly scaly green skin, but is otherwise a cheerful human girl. She's quite curvy and generally only wears bands around her wrists and ankles, a loincloth and a small vest to cover herself.

She has messy neck-length hair and an upbeat expression.

Anyone able to give this a shot?

>> No.9294695

I see no requests. Please go be massive faggots somewhere else.

I am going to start working on it so you can stop crying, brother ;_;

>> No.9294703

from last thread

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bg, draw huge tits sexy tau girl, please.

>> No.9294733

yeah I think it's just one asshole who's decided to do nothing but troll /tg/ today, I've seen crazy shit all day

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Let me guess... Mind = Blown?

>> No.9294745

A human girl in somewhat tatty clothes and a gruff looking gnoll lass. The human girl is tending to a bite wound on the gnolls hand with a concerned look, while the gnoll lass is looking annoyed, please.

>> No.9294750

Draw the Emprah pissing on Horus.

>> No.9294762

Requesting two werewolves embracing.

The male is grasping her from behind, in a very possessive manner. He's in Dalu form (see attached pic for reference).

He's kissing her neck and looking toward the 'camera' mischievously. He's dressed very nondescript clothes--not that you can see much of him.

She's got a dreamy look on her face and has her hands clasped over his. She's in a slim spaghetti strap dress. She looks entirely human, maybe pronounced canines would be good?

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Omg i love you

>> No.9294809

I think the floodgates opened when I got Queblock to do this request for me.

GreenMarine and bg are also somewhat to blame for encouraging our diseased mindset.

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>> No.9294831

You don't like drawthreads? Well guess what spamming images does to the drawthread. It increases the image count, reducing the number of images that can be posted in it.

Do you know what some drawfag usually takes it upon himself to do when no more images can be posted? Start a new drawthread.

You're only making it more likely that another drawthread will be started up with your faggotry. Get out.

>> No.9294832

A Chozo and a Lord of Change building Samus' suit while Tzeentch hides upgrades fucking everywhere.

Just as planned.

>> No.9294839

Could i get a spacemarine made of stone (like a golem) with a glowing powersource in the middle of his chest? bolter made of stone optional

>> No.9294848

Can I have a proper character portrait please?

A serious looking, dark-skinned, muscular man in his late 30's.
He is around 180cm tall, has a short cut very curly black hair and brown eyes.
He wears a chest plate with matching pauldrons and arm/legplates and studded leather boots. His clothing is colored Green, Silver and Sky blue, the colors of his master's house.
He's got a longsword sheeted at each side, he's holding his helmet under one of his arms.

You can use this picture for reference on posture if you decide to draw it.
Please don't make it cartoony or silly.

>> No.9294889

Re-requesting this character portrait:

Blind eladrin (4e high elf, basically) woman, milky white pupil-less eyes, animu elf ears, kinda chubby, elaborate Roman hairstyle. Purple toga-like robes with gold trim that illustrates various magical runes of alchemical and astrological origin.

She has an exquisite paperweight made of soapstone.

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>> No.9294966


>> No.9294983


fffffuuuuuuuu do I save that in my Blissy or Thri-Kreen folder?!

>> No.9294989

o ok

>> No.9294994

Naked man with raging boner firing a .22 revolver at something off-panel, raging like a madman.

We're talking full-out WAAAAAAUGH!

>> No.9295000

If you're confused by that one then I wonder where you're going to put this.

>> No.9295002

I sentient dustbin running away from an angry mob.

>> No.9295010


>> No.9295021

A group of IG gang-raping a daemonette (demonette? whatever...)

One that looks like this:

>> No.9295029

I recently downloaded but have not yet had a chance to play Dark Sun: Shattered Lands

I intend to create an all thri-kreen party and completely ignore the main plot so that I can just run around hunting delicious elves.

>> No.9295030


wow, your head asplode indeed.

reported, btw

>> No.9295042 [DELETED] 

Sum fanart as I join in.

>> No.9295049

I like your style, brother. Care to take a crack at >>9294889 for me?

>> No.9295098

>>Google Inquisitor Whitemane
>>Shitloads of porn pops up

Ah, it almost made me want to play again. Almost.

This is still rough but i intend to color it someday.
Soon, hopefully.

>> No.9295099


>> No.9295112

Did this one get overlooked in the guy shitting over the thread, or was it just not interesting enough?

>> No.9295120


drawfriends prefer to draw porn it would seem.

>> No.9295121

A request for you, drawfriends:

Draw me a wagon with a tent on top of it (basically jury rigged to work like a covered wagon) up on cinderblocks.

Alternatively, a luchador/cleric facing down a swarm of zombies in the streets of Venice.

>> No.9295139

pause to omnomnom :3

>> No.9295151

An American soldier circa 1945. He is bald, armed with a submachine gun, and preferably smoking at least three cigarettes at once.

>> No.9295152

Draw this, but better. Bonus points if in an anime style. The guy is making acomical face similar to the awesome face while holding a computer keyboard under my arm, and doing something like the "Objection!" pose from Phoenix Wright, but powered by, like using a super CO power in Advance Wars.

Shirt is white, tie is red, coat is darkblue or black. Background should be blue-grey

Much appreciated.

>> No.9295161

Draw some Demona ass, just to spite the troll. Tits optional.

>> No.9295171

Tzeentch dj battling Nurgle

>> No.9295192

Gee, i bet you can tell from the amount of porn drawn in this thread, amirite?

Doing this at the moment.

>> No.9295218

Draw Hitler eating cake and greenmarine crossdressing while they are holding hands

>> No.9295243

I will build a shrine in your honor.

>> No.9295255

Wow, massive amount of drawthread goin on.

Reasonable Daemonette and her SoB lover out on a date. SoB is wearing a tux/skirt combo and Reasonette has on a little black dress. They are smiling at each other and blushing.

>> No.9295266

Draw a daemonette crossdressing and commisar Fuklaw as female while they are dancing

>> No.9295298

I think I'll take a whack at this one.

>> No.9295301

Draw Gandalf masterbating and a thri kreen as a child while they are rubbing noses

>> No.9295307


GTFO with your request generator bullshit

>> No.9295342


what the fuck is this "request generator" shit I keep on seeing?

>> No.9295349

Draw Gandalf naked and Jesus naked while they are fighting to death

>> No.9295352

draw an xbox 360 after a tech priest has made adjustments and upgrades to it.

>> No.9295357


so....turned it into a pc?

>> No.9295370

Best thing since sliced bread.

It generates draw requests so you don't have to.

>> No.9295373

Oh god, why do I want to see this so much?

Can drawfags make it suitably gar?

>> No.9295377

drawfags enjoy drawing meme and yakui style porn and/or silly meme stuff, so there's a generator that requests silly meme porn.

>> No.9295387

Draw lolcron masterbating and shlick-tau with a huge gun while they are drinking tea

>> No.9295404

Draw a sister of battle as a kitten and a space marine as a puppy while they are rocking out

>> No.9295422

I know there's an angry drawfag going "FUCK! I REALLY WANT TO DRAW THAT BUT NOW I CAN'T OUT OF PRINCIPLE!" right now

>> No.9295432


Greenmarine, you came through! I want to bear your power-armored manchildren!

(Color it!)

>> No.9295433


I see. So it was originally derived as a way to mock the very common '40k retard mashup' requests that plauge drawthreads, and now total fucking faggots are using it to spam drawthreads to be cunts.

How very fucking typical.

>> No.9295436

You got me. I totally did consider it.

>> No.9295485


I know by bumping my own request in some eyes I am doing myself no favors, but still, I would be grateful.

>> No.9295517

would reposting a request be better or worse than those fucking generator requests?

>> No.9295538

Well, kind of. Yet not.
I usually request character portraits and sometimes silly stuff, but on my way home intoxicated one night I thought "Hmm, I wonder if there's a drawthread tonight. Heey, I should totally simplify all the silly meme comedy/porn requests since thats what the drawfags usually draw, I bet they are going to like it!"

Some drunking scribbling later there was a drawfag request generator, but the drawfags were angered with me. I had stolen the precious gift of creativity by allowing a mere machine replicate the most popular requests and so I was forever branded as "He who failed, the hurter of many butts" or something.

It was kind of funny. But they'll get over it some time. BAMF is/was pretty much the only one who drew non-porn, non-silly meme shit anyway so there's not much of a loss.

>> No.9295561

Can you draw a Mage and a Sin Eater holding hands, flying through the sky, grinning and shooting lazers out of their eyes while a vampire and a werewolf run away, screaming. The background is a flowery meadow, and there is a Promethean (think Frankenstein's monster) standing in the background with one eyebrow raised.

>> No.9295566


>> No.9295570


Hope you like.

>> No.9295596

I am a drawfag and I approve of your machine. I, for one, welcome our automation overlords.

>> No.9295616

Could I request, a cool Shardmind Psion

>> No.9295632

I grew tired of it part way through

>> No.9295639

Could someone draw my groups three Inquisitor Acolytes? I have a picture which was a drawfag's take on it(A hilariously awesome one).

Viewing into the front seat of an eighteen wheeler, three of them are seated in the front. The one thing I'm looking for is their expressions

The one in the far right is a Scum/Noble. A young man who had the look of a noble, but possesses other features like ripped clothing and hair that sticks out in certain areas. He attempts to keep it slicked back. Feel free to include a monocle. As for his expression, he is gazing over towards the driver and slowly putting on his seatbelt while his face kinda says "Oh shiiiiiiit"

The person in the middle is a sanctioned psyker who is wearing the usual robes and is formerly a pirate, so feel free to throw an eye patch on him His hair is messy and he looks a bit older, possibly middle-aged. As far as his expression goes, he has a crazy smile on his face and is looking forward while one of his hands yanks on the wheel and the other one pulls on a level that's on the dashboard.

The driver is an assassin who is wearing a hardened body glove(think body suit with armored plates that don't really restrict movement). He is young and has short hair. His face possesses a few scars(Pic got close to what I imagined). He is looking down at the wheel and trying to maintain control of it. I imagine his teeth would be bared and clenched as he struggles against him.

Ahhh... Love copy pasta.

>> No.9295657

quit asking for the same thing all the time.

>> No.9295659

We need a luchadore chapter with el santo as chaplain and Blue Demon and Black Shadow as fallen marines.

>> No.9295666

sum ref used

>> No.9295672

Was that one request with the lamia girl using the computer ever done? The one where she's using her hands to type on the keyboard and her tail to move the mouse?

>> No.9295709

So you programmed it? and the mary sue/badass generators, too, I suppose. An other I'm unaware of?

>> No.9295714

Stop that, take those oversized shoulderpads off at once.
You are a dog, you don't even have shoulders.

>> No.9295734


>> No.9295739


>> No.9295746

y-you... you.... you are...

>> No.9295774

>A human girl in somewhat tatty clothes and a gruff looking gnoll lass. The human girl is tending to a bite wound on the gnolls hand with a concerned look, while the gnoll lass is looking annoyed, please.

>> No.9295782

a pretty cool guy, i aplaud your drunken creativity, but i still wont draw stuff from that generator, ... well , maybe the cat and puppy, but nothing else~

>> No.9295825


You know, it must be depressing that nobody gives a shit about your creativity and only pay attention to you in the vain hope that you'll draw dragonborn porn.

>> No.9295850

Dude, I don't have anything personal against you.
In fact I think you draw cute stuff.
It's just that avatars + nickfagging leads to attentionwhoring.
But seriously, beside the fact that I've got a little butthurt when you didn't like the darn thing after I did it with good intent I don't really care enough to start fagging up your drawthreads.
I like them, it's better then getting trolled by asian elves.

yeah a campaign setting generator and a Manly hero generator. Not going to post any links here though since I don't want to fag up a drawthread. (believe it or not.) I can post that shit in a different thread if you want.

>> No.9295854


Suck up.

>> No.9295856

go on, :3, tell me how much i suck sexy anon~

>> No.9295881

It's cool bro.

And since I'm not as huge of a faggot all the time, I'm moving it to a private host so I'll be the only one using it in the future, although I'll be sneaky and re-phrase my results so you won't know where it come from ;)

>> No.9295888

A Beakmarine captain leading a squad of new armored marines into glory.

>> No.9295904

Any drawfags still around? If so, could someone try tackling

Thanks in advance.

>> No.9295920

You know, I'll second this guy's suggestion.

The idea is just fucking hilarious.

>> No.9295921

Generatorfag here, also I'm not that guy :p
I'm just going to go fag out with some friends, peace and good luck with your drawthread people.
Hope we cleared up any unnecessary misunderstandings/drama here.

>> No.9295929

Here's a question:How detailed do you guys like the requests? Is it the more descriptive ones that catch your eye? Or the more simple ones that leave room for artistic freedom?

Or maybe it's just the ones with a topic you like heh.

Of course if I'm posting in a draw thread I might as well make a request too.. uh....hm.. Mermaid.. Sorcerer? Cold themed. A few arcane tattoos, hovering ice-spikes, long white hair, fin-ears, the usual.

>> No.9295936

Can I see Ernest Hemmingway piledriving a bear down a waterfall?

>> No.9295942


oooh, rolling with the punches. That's a good'un. Can you also do the one where you realize that you're only tolerated because this board is rife nerds with both an anime and scale fetish?

>> No.9295948


About thiiiis much.

>> No.9295965

Educated Minotaur Runepriest fighting with a Quarterstaff

With a monocle

>> No.9295971


>> No.9295978

Did it yesterday.
You got it, right?

>> No.9295996

I am sure you mean "Blue Daemon", brother.

You are awesome.

>> No.9295998


>> No.9295999


>> No.9296015


>> No.9296024

No... (was off after a while) , but thanks.

>> No.9296027

/tg/ deserves it's own ICP spin off. Requesting that some draw fag makes a better version of this.

>> No.9296028

Goo-girl magician with shards beginning to grow on her as armor.

>> No.9296031

more details mean getting closer to what is requested, but its more restraining, vague requests seem easier but lead to people re-requesting in hopes of getting what they had in mind...

40k... i dont know shit about it, apart from two taus a sister of battle and a couple of space marines ~.~

>> No.9296044

Didn't greenmarine already draw Insane Harlequin Posse?

>> No.9296049

We already got Insane Harlequin Posse, brother.
I would like to see a proper drawing of them, though.

>> No.9296063

Thirding this

>> No.9296064

They are totally rocking out, can't you see?

>> No.9296082

I just realized what my miniature (Shardmind psion) missed. Cool glasses.

>> No.9296085

That's pretty lulzy.

>> No.9296106

Luchadore 40k is blowing my mind with awesomeness! Thanks!

>> No.9296122

Am I late to the thread? I'd like to see the Beatles as a D&D party. If no one wants to draw, that's cool with me.

>> No.9296133

give Ringo a wizard hat.

>> No.9296211

Greetings drawfags, if any are still about.

Could I get a picture of a skeletal lich? The character is wearing an adamant crown, has four ioun stones floating about his head, and is dressed in dark green/black robes. His right hand holds an adamant staff while his left is holding John Locke's Two Treatises on Government, which he is in the process of reading.

Thanks very much!

>> No.9296223

>9293761 Cancer literally gay, shit, furries, avatarfagging 2010-04-19

I get home from work, and what the fuck is this?

>> No.9296253

I'm guilty of requesting with little detail, then re-requesting to get it closer to what I originally intended. :(

>> No.9296256


butthurt, that's what it is.

>> No.9296260


>> No.9296274


yay Liar you're here :D

since you drew pic related so well can you try >>9294745 please?

>> No.9296291


I'll give it a try


Actually, I'm not butthurt, this thread went to hell pretty damned quick from what i was seeing

>> No.9296300

I'd like to request a female mage...
... in her library in the morning, dressed in a fluffy pink bathrobe and fuzzy bunny slippers, wild 'bedhair' and holding a huge mug of tea, looking like she's still half-asleep.
To counter all the fantasy pictures of mages in their own library at home looking like they're off to a royal ball.

>> No.9296345

not much of a fan of violence :3

>> No.9296368


>> No.9296385


cupcakes are nice but I bet the sagefage really wants is a mommy to breastfeed him, since he clearly didn't get enough of that as a wee lad.

You know what you must do Blissy.

>> No.9296407


Oh hey Superkroot. If you're up for taking requests can you draw a kroot looking longingly at cultist-chan with a CAN NOT HAVE thrown in there?

>> No.9296414


>> No.9296416

Could someone draw a huge, disgusting slug destroying a city? Thank you! :D

>> No.9296448

Requesting two werewolves embracing.

The male is grasping her from behind, in a very possessive manner. He's in Dalu form (see attached pic for reference).

He's kissing her neck and looking toward the 'camera' mischievously. He's dressed very nondescript clothes--not that you can see much of him.

She's got a dreamy look on her face and has her hands clasped over his. She's in a slim spaghetti strap dress. She looks entirely human, maybe pronounced canines would be good?

>> No.9296450

Here you are kind sir.

As for your questions, I usually just pick ones that aren't LOLRANDUM and seem interesting.

Unfortunately these group drawthreads end up delivering less than the single artist ones.

>> No.9296461

for reference

>> No.9296465

pleas guys, draw BEARDED DWARF-MERMAID

>> No.9296471

After you do that pic with the gnolls, I'd like to repeat a request from last night's thread:

>"...[moe tyrant] should be double stuffed full of cream, just to be sure she's thoroughly seeded."

>"Hell, have [Swarmlord] cum in her ass, too, just to be sure."

>"I'd love to see this. She's just totally lost in it all, tongue hanging out, squeezing nipples, rubbing her clit..."

>"Dripping cum from her cunt, too, don't forgot that."

The more we see of moe tyrant, the better. We loves her.

>> No.9296486

Tzeentch sitting there glareing at some as if he just woke up. He is holding a mug full of something hot, tea or coffee.

>> No.9296506

I tend to go for less descriptive ones. Too much description brings too many thing to worry about. I personally go for pretty much everything thats not porn, even lolrandum ones like this.

Im on it!

>> No.9296529


>> No.9296543

A Thousand Sons sorcerer dressed in a red velvet robe, with a fez worn on top of his helmet, with a monocle, a cup of tea, and a book. He is sitting in a big stuffed chair. He is being attended to by a Rubric Marine dressed as a maid or butler.

>> No.9296544

I'd like to see a Grey Knight Justicar and a Thousand Sons Rubric Marine facing each other on a mountaintop, power swords raised high while lightning flashes in the background. They are both wearing kilts.

The text "THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE" should dominate the area above the marines.

>> No.9296550


The more we actually do, the more violent this guy gets, with hilarious results!

I mean, it all started with conspicuous and subtle downvoting of drawthreads in the archive but look now, he mad.

Now that I think of it, there's probably two of them, since the thread was created and downvoted (once).

On the other hand, what's with the "cancer" label? Someone migrated from /b/ lately?

>> No.9296555


Seconding my request. It's a real request, not some some generator bullshit.

>> No.9296565

... alright, this one made me laugh too

>> No.9296572

A young woman with blue hair, blue eyes, and very light skin dressed in modern trendy clothing. She has glasses. In fact, she looks like any trendy young woman but for the symbol of Tzeentch around her neck in gold, and the fact that one of her arms is warped into a gigantic claw or blade.

>> No.9296576

Can /tg/ name these abominations?

>> No.9296595

This, only not as shitty. Maybe in an action pose, something. I'm not a very good drawrerer bawww.

>> No.9296597


Eldar Juggalos

>> No.9296598

holy wah, greenmarine

no idea what I'm looking at, but it's well drawn

>> No.9296608

Insane Harlequin Posse?

>> No.9296613

I will ask once more, since I always ask for this

Yuki Nagato in SoB armour.

>> No.9296614

Insane Harlequin Posse, my favourite band. Fuckin' psykers man, how do they work?

That's clearly Solitaire J and Shaggy 2 Deathspinner.

>> No.9296623


I suck at forshortening

also leaning close, something else I suck at

>> No.9296626

I'm starting to like you, bg.

>> No.9296635

Well yea, DUH.
Sorry, i meant as in their personal names.
I can't come up with anything as i'm not very familiar with Eldar fluff.

>> No.9296651


those are a bit on the gratuitous side, something I'm not too fond of ... Ill think about it

>> No.9296661


pretty please?

>> No.9296664

Shadowseer 2 Dope and Violent Jester.

>> No.9296673



no, that's fine. you're the best drawfag cause you're the only one that does my stupid gnoll requests

>> No.9296684


>> No.9296688


I take any chance to draw my personal favorite chaos god

>> No.9296689


Stanley and Simmons?


Also, if anyone wanted to pick this up, I'd be very grateful!

>> No.9296714

Still wouldn't mind the newborn god. Working on a paper in the library all day, not much to do but f5 and hope.

>> No.9296718


>> No.9296725

>>Stanley and Simmons

>> No.9296730

which one you supposed to be, anon?

>> No.9296738

Mon and Keigh?

>> No.9296761

A small chested girl trying to explain to her well endowed friend why Archery would not be the best idea for her.

>> No.9296763


Ah, but what if I did?

>> No.9296765

Ooh, I know, draw the TF2 Spy in a Commissar Fuklaw paper mask, surrounded by suspicious-looking Angry Marines.

>> No.9296788

Jonah the librarian-chan to Cyrus-chan

"I-it's not like I-I doubt your loyality..s-stupid onii-chan."


>> No.9296832

Sorry for the incorrect lyrics. I just went from memory.

>> No.9296849

you're the best, yo

>> No.9296881

A fat naked shamaness blessing two disgusted looking city adventurers with her staff which has a carved wooden penis atop it.

>> No.9296890

Does Great Old One count as a god?

>> No.9296898


>> No.9296902

An imperial guardsman with a chainsaw facing off against a tyranid gaunt/genestealer, shouting "ONE-ON-ONE, FAGGOT!"

>> No.9296922



>> No.9296940

A tanned female monk giving a man a vibrating footjob via altered quivering palm ability.

>> No.9296966

That thing is cool as fuck. He'll end up looking human, but before he can take stable form that's what he's gonna be.

>> No.9296976

Troll eating goblin while other goblins attempt to stop the troll.

>> No.9297002

Juggalarion and Juggaldrad

>> No.9297006

They are not eldar faggots, to begin with.
They take the holy word of the Emperor to the far reaches of the Imperium.

>> No.9297040


>> No.9297074


Cryomancer i made

>> No.9297081

Requesting a tech priest making IHP pissed.

>> No.9297098



>> No.9297103

Sorry for no color. I am in hurry.

Catch you guys next thread. I'M OUTTA HERE!

>> No.9297114

Don't you know that KISS stands for Knight In Slaanesh's Service?

>> No.9297126

Madre mía, que descojone.

>> No.9297132



>> No.9297133

The Emperor of Mankind dressed up as Frank N. Furter, looking like he is about to burst into song. A young male and female tau (in their underwear) look on very afraid nearby.

>> No.9297149


Yay! Thank you very much for this. Alas I have nothing to repay you with though.

Is there anything I can do to make it up to you?

>> No.9297171

Reverse trap rogue/duelist/swashbuckler type character with a longsword, bonus points for shit eating grin and cool pose.

>> No.9297177


>> No.9297178

A robot maid/interrogation robot.
It's master was to cheap to hire both a torturer and a servant so he decided to make a robot to fill both roles.

>> No.9297180

replying is enough :3

>> No.9297188

Delicious gelatinous tits.

>> No.9297262


>Some drunking scribbling later there was a drawfag request generator, but the drawfags were angered with me. I had stolen the precious gift of creativity by allowing a mere machine replicate the most popular requests and so I was forever branded as "He who failed, the hurter of many butts" or something.

HAW HAW HAW HAW! I literally just did that right now, aloud. Because, damn, that's funny.

You see, I appreciate the generator for what it is- commentary on the nature of the drawfag/teegee interchange and the subject matter most oft involved therein (weather that commentary be deliberate or not.) But if there are not, in fact, faggots using it to spam, and the drawfags are insanely butthurt at YOU, dear anon. because of it's mere existence... then I think the generator has made a point worth making.

Thank you.

>> No.9297268

Ah, thank you kind sirs, may you trolls be minimal, and your tablets ever lasting.

>> No.9297277

That sounds more appealing that it should be.

>> No.9297285


hows this

>> No.9297288

I know my mouth is watering...wonder what flavour they are.

>> No.9297300



>> No.9297306

Acid damage 2d6 a round.

>> No.9297317

Here's another one.

Moe tyrant/ Tsundereanid Warrior attempting to communicate with a pair of Orks, which basically amounts to her flailing her arms wildly and shouting "Waaagh!"

The Orks are either confused as hell or laughing their asses off.

>> No.9297319


home-run incoming.

isnt nid's blood corrosive or some shit?

>> No.9297324

but but I have an amulet of resistance to acid... just for goo girls.

>> No.9297327

Only if they have the Acid Blood mutation...

>> No.9297332

Chemchan and Chemrat fighting over a rebreather

>> No.9297336


that just sounds too good to pass up..

>> No.9297349


oh okay

anyways brb, gotta shave my neckbeard

>> No.9297356


Only if you dump extra points on them.

Besides, that guardsman's too hardcore to die.

>> No.9297367

A catgirl doing pic related, but with fuckheug monsters. Try to give her a psychotic grin.

>> No.9297400

Hey Greenmarine, did you ever finish off this request?

The one with the SoB/AdMech girl confused about sex

>> No.9297429


>> No.9297434


>> No.9297466

Greenmarine, this is for being awesome.

>> No.9297474

Could I please get a Kirby Thri-Kreen?

>> No.9297492

A dragonborn paladin whacking a stench ghoul (basically a big, hulking ghoul)'s head off, shouting "AND FUCK YOU TOO!" while a zombie watches in horror.

>> No.9297512


>> No.9297517

Picture of a half-naked Arbite being stabbed in the junk by a Skiartii chick, with a Assassin in a bodyglove charging with a Eviscrator.

Shit was so cash last night.

>> No.9297542


>> No.9297547

Kirby this, Kirby that, Thri-kreen this, Thri-kreen that. If I see one more of these goddamn requests I'm going to...

... I'm going to write an angry letter.

>> No.9297573

A wacky continuation of Gnollette loevs Shota.
One stipulation. No Gnoll pseudopenor, because anyone who insists on it is a furfag.

>> No.9297574


To who?

>> No.9297604


>> No.9297612

Fuck yes! You are awesome and should feel awesome.

>> No.9297630


>> No.9297637

To WHOM. Lrn2grammar.

>> No.9297642

Drawfags came to /tg/ just to give me false hope of ever having one of my requests drawn.

>> No.9297644

Uh, no. It seems i have misplaced the original file and honestly, i did not like it very much to begin with.

Thanks, brother. I feel loved.

>> No.9297665

Re-requesting Highlander 40k

>> No.9297667

What is your request?

If it's bad, I'll tell you what's wrong with it. If it's good, I'll draw it.

>> No.9297685

That was fast. Did you expect the request and had one prepared, or what?


>> No.9297690

A group of Call of Cthulhu cultists struggling to pronounce the proper noun Eyjafjallajökull from a page poorly pasted into their eldritch tome. A summoned lovecraftian entity is trying to pronounce it too, but all are failing miserably.
The Investigators are trying their hardest not to laugh so as not to alert the cultists and extraplanar being of their presence... at least those that didn't fail their sanity rolls.

>> No.9297710

Can someone draw the epic conclusion to last night's Frost Giantess quest?

Heavily armored giantess stabbing/electrocuting an equally large giant made out of tar with a pair of knives that shoot lightning. It was like something out of G Gundam.

There's references in the archived thread if needed, including a page of badly-drawn armor.

>> No.9297713

Seconding this for sheer hilarious.

>> No.9297763

Kirby is not hard to draw, brother!

Doing >>9297690 at the moment.

>> No.9297797

Googirl busting into potion shop with a bag of money under one pseudopod and a rapeface on.
Possibly a horrified shopkeeper.

>> No.9297811

Damn bg I loves your cuteblins.

Also Cuteblin Shaman.

>> No.9297812


Just bumping this. if no-one wants to do it, that's perfectly alright - I'm not trying to be pushy or demanding in any way - just mentioning it in case it was mised.

>> No.9297825


Seconding this.

You know, I think all those times we completely bungled a combat roll was actually just saving up dice karma for that one encounter.

>> No.9297877

Sorry I didn't respond sooner.
I lost hope and started playing TF2.
Thank you very much

>> No.9297981

this thread is pic related

>> No.9297995

Im back, and I had to get this crazy shit out of my head

>> No.9298042



Please Mr.Greenmarine?

It had tons of potential with lines like

>"So, we going to interface or what?"

>"There is no technical manual for this!"

>> No.9298107

I'm back from work. Lets look for some simple requests.

>> No.9298175

Try this, then:


>> No.9298188

Hey Tim!

>> No.9298224


>> No.9298228

Oh god, Tim will not stick.
I've never tried moe stuff before but, I can give it a go...

>> No.9298279

Doesn't need to be moe, really. Just a similar concept to the pic. I might prefer the catgirl to look like a fucking psycho, but it's your call.

>> No.9298409

Thinking of starting a new thread due to current thread autosaging

If seconded, I will have the OP Image be wizard (oh, god, the stars!).jpg by steve argyle.

>> No.9298434

And Eldar riding atop of a Space Marine, directing him where to go. Bonus points if the Eldar has a white and red color scheme and the SM lugging a heavy bolter and wearing red and black armor.

>> No.9298523

>>9298409 here

Fuck it,

I'm doing it anyway.


is the new thread

>> No.9298539

It's even better than I imagined.

>> No.9298642

I hope you're serious.

What I want drawn is this:
-a young, human witch playing the harp
-she's looking at the "camera" and wearing a shit-eating grin, her head is tilted slightly and her eyes are beaming down on viewer
-she has dark wavy hair, tan skin, and a voluptuous figure
-she's wearing expensive, elegant desert attire with lots of gaudy gold jewelry

>> No.9298711

The female. It's my current WoD character and the guy she's in love with.

>> No.9298849

One day, Green Marine, if you aren't lazy. I'd like to see a serious rendition of >>9296529 I'd be willing to wait a good amount of time for it.

>> No.9299306

Started to doodle up one of my requests, so that I'm not being a purely whiny twatwaffle. Gotta scan it, though.

>> No.9299412

Danke schön!

>> No.9300063



>> No.9300244

i think i killed the thread

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