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I'm in love /tg/

She's perfect. She's silly at times, serious when she needs to be, cute, beautiful, strong and gentle.

She comes off as a girl, and a woman.

Cultist-chan is my waifu.

Who's yours? :3

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I have two, hand and fap folder.

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can you clarify something for me, I don't mean to nitpick, but when you say she's cute AND beautiful, which characteristics apply to which description?

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She has that pure and cute air about her, and she does things which are adorable and make you want to cuddle her.

But at the same time, she is beautiful. One could look upon her and be enraptured by her pure womanly beauty.

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Oops, I'm schizoid and I can't form human-to human attachment. Am I missing something here?

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She is a cartoon, not your waifu

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ok, so it's the cute anime eyes and the big tits and hips basically

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So why do you post the most god-awful cultist pic you could find?

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Bamp for Cultist

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>statutory rape of mental retards

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So I was going to post a picture of cultist being decidedly NON cute....I don't seem to have any ; _ ;

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Unfortunately all my pictures are a bunch of numbers. It's the only one I could find in the stack at such short order. But hey, I'm here on time at least.

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Surely it depends on who draws her?

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and we'll remember to put that on your going-away card

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Alright faggot. Listen up. Cultist is NO ONE'S WEEABOO FAGGOT WAIFHUUUUUU. Go get laid, quit dreaming.

Yes, I do enjoy Cultist, yes I do love her character, and yes I do make my girlfriend do the voice, and make it more annoying AND more fucking heretical, but seriously, if you say "Waifu" and mean that shit, you need to be castrated now.

Pic related; I'm stealing your waffles bitch.

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And after she shared them too, you horrible man.

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She reminds me of that shy sister who was posted yesterday.

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That was actually drawn for me by Greenmarine. I think I would know who she shared them with.

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>smells mostly like bacon

i lold

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Okay, I might be sick in the head, but at least I will never, ever form an emotional attachment to a fictional character.

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Which is why my girlfriend is picking up the purple dye, and I'm making the new branding irons.
Mmmmmmmm Mmmmmm Good.

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Good slave, bad waifu. She likely fails in bed as much as she fails in life.

Image related. There's no better waifu than professional

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There's nothing sick about love.

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There is a lot wrong with loving a fictional being.

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That manga drove me crazy, it had no qualms showing you tits of every other character (Save for the little one) and never ever her. Sometimes just dangerously close, but never her. Damn the artist. damn him.

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Mine is the displaced, sleeping terror.

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Love is heresy. Feelings other than devotion to the Emperor are heresy. I hate love.

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>She has that pure and cute air about her
>Chaos Cultist

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You are all terrible people

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Superior Waifu

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Through I'm probably the only one, I'm gonna go with the chubby gorgon

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Your mother is inclined to agree, you should be in bed, if you hear strange sounds, newdaddy is busy working.

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It's okay, I'm sure you'll find a character you truly love someday, then you'll understand what it feels like.

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Well, they're making Franken Fran guro game in gurochan, so you'll see them, sooner or later.

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Mai waifu

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Go to bed cccd. You can't make us hate Cultist-chan any more than we hate your pet dwaggin-parrots.

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/tg/'s hasubando?

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When I do, I will resign myself to a fate in an insane asylum.

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Better Husbando

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but she's fat and mean

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Damn, I thought this was Kenshiro from Hokuto No Ken.

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Sup fellow Touhou waifu guy

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You know I wasn't gonna open this thread, but now I need an explanation for that one.

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Mai I dunno what.

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In Soviet Russia, wife tells you to get back in kitchen!


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A real girl.

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seriously, you make me wish 4chan had never been invented

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I would do whatever she told me to do.

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(Just don't tell her I'm behind on my Goblin skull quota this month, OK?)

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I'm sorry you can't find a lovely waifu of your own, but that's no reason to be so mean.

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>or else

ftfy, I'm fine with it too though.

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but... Cultist-chan is just Excel grimdark

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Nihao Anonymous-chan, if you look hard enough, you'll find a waifu who will love you too! <3
/tg/ is all about love after all, I'm sure alll the hawt sexy women on the board will help you not be lonely :3

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Holy shit, you're RIGHT.

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Get the fuck out and stop trying to ruin Excel Saga for me.

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It's ok, it looks like she's AWOL right now.

Probably gone off to grab some more skulls without command getting in the way....

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A 40k version of "hellfire" is now playing in my head.

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Oh, Anony-chan, stop butthurting like a little faggot nigger <3

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I am sorry I could not contain my laughter there. Some of us, have come to realize we had our chance and we blew it big time.
Looking for love, but can't roll over a one for a notice check.

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Major Motoko is my waifu!

Hot cyberbrain sex with sensation-swap!

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>ruin...Excel Saga

[insert no words here]

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Fuck me he's right AND Excel saga was pretty GRIMDARK

OTT sized swords, silly hair, no real progression in plot, smackings of ultra-violence against distressing and enchanting Xenos.


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Awww, you silly little faggot namefag, /tg/ is all about love. Look at all the sweet hot women around you, and tell me you don't have a chance ;) Sure a few of them are more ink than flesh, but its okay, you hate actual women anyway, cuz you're a needledick retard <3

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It's spelt WIFE, not "waifu".

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mai waifu

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What the hell are you talking about kid? I love women, I don't hate them. I just keep getting permentaly pigeon holed into the "friend zone". That and I don't get to date often, what with working 40+ hours a week

You know how it goes the life after 25.

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No, I'm pretty sure it's spelled "waifu",

As in ワイフ.

See? It's clearly "waifu".

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Beata my emprah
You know I am a righteous man
of my virtue I am justly proud

Beata my emprah
You know I am so much purer the than
the common, vulgar, weak, licentious guardsmen

Then tell me my emprah
why I see her dancing there
why her smoldering eyes still scorch my soul

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Then just try! :3 This thread is full of /tg/girls desperate for a little action... why don't you try talking them up, [email protected]!

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No, I'm pretty sure it's spelled "wife".

As in wife.

See? It's clearly "wife".

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Fuck yeah the chubby gorgon. I'm with you bro. I'm with you.

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>implying /tg/ isn't just full off traps.

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I feel her, I see her
The sun caught in her purple hair
It's corrupting me out of all control!

Like fire
This fire in my skin
This burning
Is turning me to chaos!

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Fuck yeah sexy losers reference.

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*giggle* cry some more, you silly little cunt.

So don't think about that... look at all these women, obviously, true women, needy, wanting... don't you want a taste...

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A couple of fags who think they can moderate by spamming does not equal full of traps.

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Well, you're wrong!

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Flarefag, we can tell the difference between fiction and reality.

The only one who can actually make these fictional creatures do anything is an artist.

Sadly, you're not an artist.

Which means you cannot make them do anything.

For you, they are inanimate objects.

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Writers can as well. And nearly all fa/tg/uys are some degree of writer. Most suck worse than Stephanie Meyer under her publisher's desk, but they still are writers.

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It's not my fault
I'm not to blame
it is the cultist girl
the heretic who set this flame

It's not my fault
if in the emprahs plan
he made the darg gods so much stronger then a man

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Waifu is waifu, you butthurt little cocksucker ;) You sure are butthurt about not being able to be happy in life. Why don't you just relax, and enjoy, hmm? <3 It can't hurt..

No, silly, I don't do all those naughty things... unless someone asks nicely...

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I thought this might be appropriate.

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I'm not even sure how that's supposed to make sense in response to the post you linked.

Way to go there.

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And that was definately most appropriate.

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Flarefag, we can tell the difference between fiction and reality.

The only one who can actually make these fictional creatures do anything is an artist.

Sadly, you're not an artist.

Which means you cannot make them do anything.

For you, they are inanimate objects.

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Doesn't that have a continuation?

>> No.9291442


god, I spent this entire thread hoping somebody would post the comic you did.

Felt good to post man, Felt Good.

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Why is there no cultist cosplay yet? I'd do eet, but don't wanna dye my hair and too cheap to buy a wig.

That being said, the thing closest to my 'husbandu' must be Vetinari. Mhm.

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>implying traps aren't hot

>> No.9291451

>every repost is a repost repost.

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Flarefag, we can tell the difference between fiction and reality.

The only one who can actually make these fictional creatures do anything is an artist.

Sadly, you're not an artist.

Which means you cannot make them do anything.

For you, they are inanimate objects.

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If I thought they were 20 and up, or if I even thought there were women here which given the nature of this thread being guys posting their ideal woman is less likely I would think.

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delicious copypasta, must eat more

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Who summons me?!

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Delicious socipath trap bastard.

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As for mine...

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This meant to be a body pillow?

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I don't think these are actually your waifus at all.

>> No.9291529

I believe so.

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so sad ;_;

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nurglettes love all papa nurgles followers!

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IS that natural, or artificial? I can't tell the regular spacing and shapes would lead me to think it's some kind of body modification, but then again that would hurt like hell to do, but might not be painful if natural...

Why can't I stop thinking about if it's a natural condition or a some kind of strange stone impregnation body mod.

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She can chant and shout at me all night.

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Photoshop. Google "lotus seeds".

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Now I see it. Okay! Wow still cool the way they did that.

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0/10 ronery troll thread

Fap harder.

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>> No.9291669

is that..storm of iron?

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I have a waifu and thus am not ronery.

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Don't make a single comment. It'll be used by OP as an excuse to bump.

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Tch tch tch, /tg/. You don't have to be lonely... <3 we're all here waiting... all you have to do is reach and out... touch someone...

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what is her accent supposed to be?

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I think it's from the cultist unit in Dawn of War..........whiny little shits....

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Cultist is fucking disgusting

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I think we're done here.

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Did someone say waifu on /tg/ that wordfilters to touhou right?

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rolled 51 = 51


<sigh> Rolling a SAN check.

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My Waifu

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>> No.9292291

I haven't felt this way about a vampire since Jeanette...

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best waifu

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I am srsly disappoint in you guys.

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Best waifu there is. No contest.

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Nobody posted the pubs version of the OP's pic?


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I like this thread. Lots of great images. Thank you for starting it, OP!

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>> No.9292759

get weak in the knees just thinking about ruggiero

I'd behave just for a chance to sleep in her garage at night

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>> No.9292791

peekaboooo =3c

>> No.9292829

Although I hate to admit it, I'm quite fond of Pelona.
Uhm, yeah.

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