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Aboleths - incomprehensibly alien race that predates the multiverse itself. Can any deity or fiend accomplish such a great feat like surviving the End of the World?
Illithids - brain parasites who founded the empire so great that it lasted till the stars went cold. And even then they managed to cheat their doom and tearing apart cause-effect laws ventured back in time to ensure that they will prevail.

Seriously, who can stand against those fuckers?

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My BG2 character for one.

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A neothelid.

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The undead could probably stand pretty well against the illithids. I mean, there's no way for their charms and mind blasts to work on them and eating brains wouldn't work either so...

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That's why they have casters and clerics.

But yes, they generally ignore the undead where possible and murder them otherwise. 3.5's broken-as-fuck vampires were one of the few things that could threaten Illithids.

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There's a feat to make critical hits effective against undead, isn't there something like that for mind-altering effects too?

one out a million books have to have something right?

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Aberrations rock. Especially Beholders and the mentioned two.
Beholders are so fucking awesome that their skin has iron-tier plating, but it turns to fucking gum when they die, just so no one can have fun in case they lose.

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You can still use their organs as party balloons though.

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Illithids are awesome like that. I wish I could play a party of illithids doing a deep covert op to gather intel and samples from the surface.

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Fun stuff.
On another note, I just remembered than an Illithid/Beholder mutant could be an excellent BBEG.

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Aboleths don't get nearly enough screen time.

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Anybody with a god to help them.

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I'll dump some pictures meantime.

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the real problem is there is NO WAY TO MAKE IT PERMANENT on the undead and the standard EAT THEIR BRAINS IT IS DELICIOUS won't stop most undead, only vampires are weak to this attack, lich it would give you the finger and then mindrape you back Undead casters (high will save folks) rape the shit out of mindflayers. that being said

each other, mindflayers come back and realize they don't know who the fuck these aboleths are (were probably napping or hiding by the time mindflayers came into existence.) and aboleths collectively go WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE PEOPLE? they had never met mindflayers before because they did not exist yet, so cautious poking but each could probably wipe out or cripple the other, especially if the aboleths reactivate their eldricth shit (being descended from cthulhu and friends has some bonuses)

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Aberrations are awesome. Histories that go to strange times and places, origins outside anything we know, and goals that are barely comprehensible by humanoid standards.

LoM was my favorite supplement. I remember bringing it with me to a family gathering and the whole time I was like "fuck y'all I'm reading about mak thuum ngatha"

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>One's an incomprehensible alien horror predating Creation itself! One's a brain-sucking parasite who travelled back in time to escape the Apocalypse!

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what the fuck is this, eldrazi fluff ? jesus christ

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Those are undead iirc, not aberrations.

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Its the worm that walks!

Run you fools!

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Skeletons, zombies, etc.

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"Damn it, Cthulhu! You're a loose cannon! You burned down an orphange, had a shoot out in the middle of the Vatican and ATE THE MAYOR.. but you got the job done!"

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Oh, 80's buddy-cop-movies. Is there NOTHING you can't make HILARIOUSLY better?

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Themselves, I guess

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in b4 two buddy cop movies fighting crime.

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Those fuckers are awesome.
Imagine your BBEG, beaten, bruised and cornered by the party, when a maddening voice booms throughout the room: "YOU HAVE FAILED ME". He suddenly shrieks out in pain and terror as tentacles sprout from his body and he shuffles about like a puppet, back to full health and new horrifying abilities.
Yeah, I had something like this planned but never even got to DM.

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They're kind of boring otherwise though.

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... that might be true, yes. I suppose they just work well as the hidden mastermind behind the scenes/underneath the skin of whoever you thought was the bad guy.

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Tsochari are good if you run a campaign that hints at some kind of puppetmaster organisation and pushes the right paranoia / horror buttons.

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So, who here enjoys the Eberron fluff for aberrations?

That is, that they're all servant races created and used by the alien, incomprehensible "Daelkyr".

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Shitty. It places all aberrations in a single category and makes them all "allied".

It's just as stupid as every humanoid race allying, or every outsider race allying, or every monstrous humanoid race allying under a single banner.

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Yes, it is possessed by psions/psychic warriors, aberration hunters, and Illithid Slayer classes.

Monks actually have a good stand against them - all good saves, dangerous when grappled, and able to not need weapons and armor to remain combat effective, because psychic monsters can target most saves, and use your weapons and armor against you.

The Githzerai have survived for a reason despite not being as militantly aggressive as the Githyanki.

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how bout Vhalantru, a Shator Tarterian advanced Beholder

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nice one

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Beholders are my favs.

When I first used a beholder, I had if giving it's big speech, only to cut itself off by saying "Oh, dear me, I'm going into labor".

The Players: "Wat?"

If you read the LoM, it turns out that beholders reproduce by throwing up their womb, biting it off, then choosing which of their young they like the best and disintegraing the ones they don't like. It's a rather unsettling picture, and the PCs had to make Fort saves and SAN checks. One of the Beholder's minions commited suicide. It was great fun for me.

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Ethergaunts. Most of the time you can't see them, and that's probably just as well...

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One of the few things that came out of 3E I liked.

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Ethergaunts can literally just phase in like Necrons

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Anyone here have the Wanderers' Guild books? I was just reminded of the Naltchea when I saw this thread.

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I can't be the only one who thought that Mind Flayers being from the future was stupid as hell? Really? You guys like that? Squidmen from the future who want to extinguish the sun?

Sounds like a fucking villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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Yes, yes, I did.

Stop taking yourself so seriously.

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>Sounds like a fucking villain from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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How silly. What makes you think all daelkyr are working together? What makes you think all abberations are reading the signs their sealed masters make the same way?

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Chill out, dood. It's D&D. Just roll with it. Also, it fits, I guess. And, hey, if you don't like it, you can refluff it, right?

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>Seriously, who can stand against those fuckers?

The motherfucking Drow, that's who. All glory for the Spider Queen!

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I love me everything pseudonatural and/or from Far Realm. Fuck, next random encounter, party is ambushed by pseudonatural forest.

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but what do aboleths and ilithids have in common other than "fucking tentacles" ?

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I kinda want to see an Aboleth head inside of Krang's robo-body now.

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Hey guys.
Just the original BBEG here.

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A BEE-holder?

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Common Far Realm origin.

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Depends on what books you go for.
IIRC one of their origins is one possible future for Humans or something like that.

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Nope, aberrations. They do kind of fit the undead's schtick, though.

Seconded. They're so ridiculously powerful that even the illithids won't fuck with them.

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Tharizdun....That's bringing up an eerie sense of dread. I know I've heard that name in my current campaign.

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hey guys, didn't you hear?
they found an aboleth skull

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That's a hornet.

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sorry guys, i'm not op.

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>Seriously, who can stand against those fuckers?

Dinosaurs. In fact, dinosaurs deserve to be a separate creature type. Fuck dragons, give dinosaurs the D12 and spotlight.

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hornet holder doesn't have the same ring to it.

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Big Bad Evil God who got imprisoned by the COMBINED EFFORTS of most of Greyhawk's Good and some Neutral gods if I recall correctly.
THE Big Bad Lovecraftian Evil Guy Who Doesn't Grant His Mad Cultists Spells of the campaign Trying To Get Free Through False Cults, Ancient Artifacts and Contacts People Through Dreams. (Bit of Kuntz original there and a bit of Gygax/other people)

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Hey guys! What's going on in this thread?

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My only gripe with aberrations is that there's almost no small ones. They're all these huge and powerful monsters and there are none that you can face at a lower level in small amounts or at a higher level in droves. Even dragons have relatives that you can face off in the beginning.

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With or without halfling barbarian riders?

Also: Golems and intelligent constructs (e.g., Warforged Titan, INT score but no WIS, more immunities than living constructs).

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>Even dragons have relatives that you can face off in the beginning.

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Cut them a break, they have a hard enough time squeezing into that reality at all. It would be nearly impossible for them to get in if they tried to fit all of their magnificence into smaller corporeal bodies.

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I'm finally using Ethergaunts after finding them in the 3rd edition Fiend Folio. Is there anywhere else with information about them?

Honorable mention goes to the Kaorti, who, although outsiders, are the results of wizards exploring the far realm and coming back changed. They also make several aberrations, such as the screaming tree-scorpion-spider-mace tank.
Also from the 3rd edition fiend folio.

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There's a little beholderkin called a gaunt, as I recall.
There's also Grell, the floating beaked-tentacle-brains, which are pretty low cr.
There's plenty out there. You just have to look.

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1. Think of a concept for a small aberration
2. Work out the fluff
3. Work out the crunch
4. ???

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Eyeball beholder. It's about eight inches broad and can be taken as a familiar.

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Here's some fanstuff courtesy of... Mr. Rage I think?
Or some other namefag.

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Eberron Campaign Setting book.

Monster section.


Image related.

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I refluff my aberrations to come from the dreamscape instead of the far ream. It explains better why they seem to be a lot of misshaped animals glued together.

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Stupid concept.

Changed from the far realm exposure? Sure. Coming back to change the material plane? Why? the far realm is infinite.

>> No.9296699

Maybe because the material plane is easier to change.

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Here's a question. Why is everything from the far realm horrible.
It's chaos personified. You'd think that eventually, something insane, but not utterly destructive and omnicidal would come and hang out.

>> No.9296719


Age of Worms?

>> No.9296742


Because "Things which we understand" is an infintesimely small subset of "Things which are possible" especially in a magical universe.

>> No.9296745

>Coming back to change the material plane? Why? the far realm is infinite.

You're not thinking Far Realm-ish...

Infinity can always become BIGGER!

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Do the impossible and kick reason to the curb!

That's the Kaorti way!

>> No.9296793


To me the Far Realm is everything that isn't compatible with our reality. It may follow its own laws, but we can never understand it.

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How so?
What's wrong with going home?

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Fuck you now I can't get the Super Jail song out of my head

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Well, they did not do that intentionally. Once human wizards have arrived in the Far Realm they were absorbed by a nameless entity, went mad, mutated and forgot all they knew.
But the portal from material plane were still opened and it disturbed them. So the newborn kaortis destroyed the portal but ended up back on their old homeworld in the process. But it became as alien and hostile to them just as Far Realm is to us.

>> No.9296837

When going home involves changing home at a fundamental level and forcing all of its inhabitants to die or become twisted monstrosities which are a shadow of their former selves?

Its not home anymore.

>> No.9296876

Tell that to them.
You make it sound even better.

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The whole "your mind isn't designed to comprehend this, enjoy your SAN penalty" is stupid.
I am not designed to comprehend the wave-particle duality, but I can understand what it implies and the laws it follows without becoming crazy.

>> No.9296933

People dont understand the incredible lengths the human mind can stretch and bend and adapt. There are almost as many sane ways of thinking as there are insane.

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Aboleths are fucking faggots. I'd like to see one go toe-to-toe against a badass motherfucker like me. I'd kick h...


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The number of American soldiers stabbing/strangling/shooting their own wifes and kids suggest that the human mind isn't so moldable, friend.

>> No.9297051

compare that to the number who ARENT

>> No.9297057

What number is this, specifically?

>> No.9297118


The existence of [aberration X] challenges your belief that the only thing of importance is white upper-class english and new-english men! In a world where an Englishman isn't the supreme epitome of life and the most masterful race in the universe, is living really even desirable?

>> No.9297137

I'm not sure I follow you. Your argument against "the mind is moldable" is that men trained to kill and maim people sometimes kill and maim people ?

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>implying everything was just racism (which he had quite enough of) and that lovecraft wasn't frightened of everything.

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I play drows.

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In all fairness, if you opened your refrigerator, and the inside was a fleshy, vagina-esque mouth to hell, you'd probably start frothing at the mouth too. Picking something apart and describing it with human terms in a laboratory is one thing, getting cold-cocked with it while you're trying to eat lunch is another.
Imagine, sirrah, that you are eating some Cheerios, when suddenly, instead of tasting Cheerio, you taste String Theory. Significant odds are, you freak out.

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The human mind has ways to deal. It never happened. It's always been there. Burn it with FIRE!

All common, if somewhat escapist at times.

>> No.9297283

And in practice, all of those are probably responses that we would categorize as insanity. The human mind does NOT have a way to deal with tasting colors, that shit happens already and it fucks people every way 'till sunday.

>> No.9297302

I once ate dinner while watching Eraserhead. Never had a problem.

>> No.9297320

Suddenly, thread has devolved into faggotry most foul.

>> No.9297378

Tasting colors is the result of insanity. Or of psychoactive substances consumption. It's not the cause.
And the human mind can deal with it perfectly well.

>> No.9297382

I think the point was that the mind is malleable, not unendingly sane and precise.

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Fucking Drow. A Mindflayer is better then a Drow in almost every way. What makes your Drow worth a damn is class levels, throw those same levels on an Illithid and it's no contest.

>> No.9297393

Madness (and faggotry) is leaking from Far Realm into the minds of those who are reading this thread corrupting them.

>> No.9297423

Eat your level adjustment, bitches.

>> No.9297426

As evidenced by the fact that it is only seen as a result of insanity. Of course!

>> No.9297446

Or drugs consumption. Or simple hallucinations.

>> No.9297481

Seeing something completely insane and irrational and reacting with something equally as insane is totally proving the human mind is made fo glass, dude

>> No.9297494

no level adjustment in pathfinder

>> No.9297519

I mean, I once felt an invisible entity patting my head for half an hour. I'm still as functional and rational as I was before that.

>> No.9297530

You're supposed to use the CR as ECL, though.

>> No.9297538

that was probably just a ghost and not something from the realm of madness then

>> No.9297554

and drow have a cr less than 1

>> No.9297556

Felt that too.

Took me two minutes to realise it was the FUCKING COCAINE IN MY BRAIN!

>> No.9297591

I think it was the sensation of my blood thumping in my veins hightened by the solvent vapors I breathed and overworked by my intoxicated mind.

>> No.9297615

I take it you've never met anyone who went to a nice, secluded, wooded lot and said, "this would be a great place to live! We could put a house over here, a nice orderly garden over there, a hot tub over here, and just use a liberal amount of pesticide and scarecrows to get rid of the vermin!"

The order of a garden, the similarly rigid architecture of a house, the purpose of a boiling tub of water (for pleasure), and the desir to kill everything that already lives there is one of those things that woodland creatures would find as baffling about us as we would find the motives of far realm creatures.

The material plane is Ethergaunt ancestral home, it could just do with a few modern, non-euclidean conveniences.

>> No.9297666

Also, why would a ghost be patting my head ?

>> No.9297684

to either annoy you or get your attention?

>> No.9297717

Hm... There's more effective ways and more appropriate moments.

>> No.9297752

>tasting colors is the result of insanity
Or of simple synesthesia, a fairly common condition whereby two types of perceptions or notions are associated. In fact, researchers believe it's just a "short-circuit" exposing a deeper layer of associations in the human thought process than most people are aware of. (For example, have you ever wondered why a musical note can be "sharper" or "flatter" than normal, while the notion that a note is "more blue" or "or red" is rare, despite fitting better with our modern theories of light and sound frequencies?)

>> No.9297776

It depends. Were you a good boy?

>> No.9297843

As much as a teenager sniffing solvents in the streets at night can be. I pissed on a church and climbed to a balcony to draw a heart on the picture window that night. I don't remember the order of the events, though.

>> No.9297854

Yeah... probably just the solvents then.

>> No.9297863

neverplayedanRPGfag here

Is this D&D? looks fucking amazing.

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>> No.9298190

how about a undead Beholder

>> No.9298306


These are aberrations, the coolest subset of monster.

Yes, they are awesome.

>> No.9298488

Ahhh, Death Tyrant!!!

>> No.9298585

OP here. Hope you enjoyed this thread as much as I did.
I wonder if it will live up to next morning.

>> No.9298630

>implying synesthesia is sane

>> No.9298710

How the fuck would you even fight such a thing?

>> No.9298789


Run the fuck away, that's how.

>> No.9298937

Hay guise, what's going on in THIS thread?

>> No.9298971


Cacodemon, you are a demon.

You don't belong here, you don't even have tentacles.

Come back when you have tentacles.

>> No.9298989

>> No.9299227

> The sharns remained as the sentient remnant of all Tharizdun had destroyed and abandoned — a collective of merged consciousnesses.
Sharn was here, other aberrants are small time

>> No.9299247

Gibbering mouther was here, ghagdogoa ghaogasnog oasgoashog jusgjsgdga.


>> No.9299289

You're doing it wrong shoehorn pickle Sasquatch home loans mortar waffle kindergarten.

>> No.9299450

I tend to think that the Far Realm was just one among many in the multiverse. However, it tended to leak into the others and fuck shit up until some very, very powerful beings got together to shield their universes from it by super hax magick that would make Ravel's work look like child play. The three laws of the multiverse are there to stabilize the barrier and annoy the abberations that have already settled down, because they cannot comprehent these just as we can't comprehend them.

Or something like this.

>> No.9299469

Too bad Sharns are actually not bad guys.

>> No.9299576


Someone called for some low-level Aberrations?

...'cause I just checked, and we've got at least one for every single level 1-30.

>> No.9299644


forgot my pic

>> No.9299684

Slaads go home.
We don't want you here.

>> No.9299714

That applies for 3.5, IIRC. Or at least it can, with some vigorous application of templates, refluffing, and animal husbandry.

>> No.9299720

Slaads suck.

>> No.9299761

Tell me more, won't you? What they are like and what they do?
They've already got points against them for being related to Tharizdun, apparently.

>> No.9299794

Awww yeah Fell Taints

>> No.9299821

a rulebook in second edition stated that illithids were literally blind to the undead. None of their senses could detect them, as they saw via heat and mental emanations. Illithids used to flip out and go berzerk is a vampire or necromancer was lurking around their slave pens.

>> No.9299883

thoon...thoon...thoon...THOON! THOON!!! THOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!

>> No.9299941

Low level Elans

>> No.9299988

Brain Eaters

>> No.9300019

All hail the chained god! let us send him our power so he might break the chains and scream the glorious scream that will end creation!

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