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If they aren't really really thin. You ever watch Gargoyles? They all had rather thick tails, almost like Freiza from DBZ. Notice Freiza had no ass. Same goes for Gargoyles, and Tieflings with tails. They have no ass. No "dat ass" or any of that. Just a big fat tail making up what would have been delicious juicy asscheeks. Only good tail, is a very very thin tail, anything else just ruins any chance of an ass. Pic related, notice she has an ass cuz her tail is thinner.

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I'd rather she had a strong tail than a fat ass.

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I'd let her suck my tail.

Etc, etc.

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I used up my gargoyle ass pictures in the other thread.

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We'd roleplay voyeur/exhibitionist where I'd hide outside the window to watch her masturbate with her tail.

Then I break in and have my way with her.

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Notice the tail is starting to ruin her ass? Although the artist fucked up, with a tail like that there's no way she'd even have that kind of an ass.

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because most people just don't give a flying fuck, just a tiny minority here has a problem with porn on /tg/ and most of us think they are gay

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Ahh, but to the right kind of person, a strong tail is just as good as dat ass.

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no, it really isn't. It ruins the curves of a womanly body.

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I'ma have to call bullshit on that.

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Where would that put Chem-rat you think?

Oh, right, GONE FOREVER.

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So does pregnancy, but does that stop some people from liking it?

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only in your opinion, no matter how much you want it to be /tg/ is not and never will be a hivemind

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None of you are ever going to fuck a girl, and if you do, she'll be a 4 at best. Jesus christ this fukken thred

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Welcome to /tg/. A guide will contact you in a few minutes.

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tails like that don't work that way. If the tail is thick, it would take up so much room there'd be barely any "dat ass" if any at all.

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Has Space Ghost always been this big of a dick?

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Well, when one considers the tail is nothing more than an extension of the spinal column, its certainly feasible a human(oid) with a tail could still have an ass.

However most artists screw it up by simply having tails stick straight out at almost a right angle, rather then at the downwards angle that would follow the spinal column. Or they'll put it too high up, instead of where the spine ends.

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so, it's a piece of fan art

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Instead of tapering downward, it would stick out and continue. Another place artists screw up is by making them too thin, they'd be pretty thick even if they're smaller than the spine proper.

Why am I discussing this? Its not like I'm a furry.

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Not even Vaguely my fault, but you're an anal burner anyways.


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I dunno why are you...

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because he is discussing art

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Because you're a xenophile and understand how tails work.

Nothing wrong with that.

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what about gargoyles, their tails were too thick

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So a realistic depiction of what a tail does to an ass is your thing, then?

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The truth.

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>Why am I discussing this? Its not like I'm a furry.
>nerd raging about tails and that they aren't 'correct'
You're a furry and you fucking know it.

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could you post the pic on the left please

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Ah, not really, the closest I get is catgirls.


Consider the size of a human spinal column, tails would probably be somehwat smaller in thickness compared to them.

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This tail is fucking stupid. Look how thick her tail is, yet her ass looks like that, wtf

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I am not raging, merely discussing. I like to postulate and think about things, whether biology, physics or giant robots. Not that it matters, you're most likely a troll.

I love how the internet can't convey tone of voice.


And a canine skeleton.

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thanks man

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would that be incest or masturbation?

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Not only that, look at those tiny wings, she'd never be able to fly with those! And she even has nipples! Reptiles don't have nipples, her boobs should be smooth.

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i see no wings

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how does it feel knowing you guys into thick tails would have girls with asses like this?

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lol you guys like women with butts like frieza

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>implying that frieza is realistically drawn

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Uh, he is. His tail and how it's attached to his body looks far more realistic than the Gargoyles.

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Idiots. Stop feeding this troll. It's the same "herp de derp, western elves vs. animu elves" faggot single-handedly responsible for 50 or more spam threads a day.

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>butthurt furry mad that he jacked off to women with lizard butts

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Freiza's tail is as large as it is simply because there is presumably a very large amount of muscle wrapped around the spine/tail.

Many animal species have tails with thin tails containing very little musculature. Therefore I believe both types are feasible.

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This fucking basement-dwelling wanna/b/e furry low-functioning autistic perma-virgin is spamming multiple boards with this cuntfaggotry.


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u mad?

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but gargoyle's tails are the same size and thickness his is, so why would they have asses and he wouldn't?

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why is this such a big problem for you?

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Because it looks stupid for gargoyle women to have "dat ass", they're not even human and they have thickass tails like a lizard

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that would only be your opinion, i for one don't mind them having dat ass and dat tail

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bumping with a few of my own.

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Because different artists have different takes on theoretical biology?

And wait a second... don't monkies have asses? Forgive me if I don't punch "monkey ass" into google image search.

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if only i didn't post my 2 other pics of her in the other thread

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she can have an ass, notice how thin her tail is? that works fine.

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monkeys don't have tails as thick as the gargoyles

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*fap fap fap*

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what do these tails feel like? I noticed the tieflings and gargoyles have the same kind of tails, with no fur. Are they scaly, or are they smooth like the rest of their skin?

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and last one i can find with out going to my deamon/succubus folder

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I don't think any bipedal species do, so its pretty much a moot point.

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Why are people starting to censor pictures on this board? It seems to be a trend in the past couple of days.

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sod it, lets see what i got in my deamon folder.

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i think that it's just that they only have that copy of the pic at the time and are to lazy to find a better one

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Tail >ass

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only complain I have is the mid back extrusion.


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mid back? wtf does that look like...

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last good Gargoyle/Tiefling with out doing succubus or monster girls.

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all this thread did was prove thin tails are better than thick tails

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like thses

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I think he means they're above the beginning of the ass, when it should be more like pic related.

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