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continued drawthread.


is the last

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Killing it with fire I presume?

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it's what Chandra does best.

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Reposting from last thread for any drawfags willing to take up the mantle:

If the drawfag is still around, can I have a bald mad scientist with a goatee? Laughing maniacally, of course. Bonus points if he's got a somewhat Oriental cast to his costume, though it's not really required. The mental image in my head is of Fu Manchu dressed as Dr. Steel, and maybe a really high collar, while going MUAHAHAHAHA in an ornate labcoat covered in dragons and shit. Honestly though, as long as he's got a goatee, no head hair at all, labcoat and a maniacal laugh, I'm good.

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Draw moe tyrant being knocked up

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George Carlin as an Imperial Commissar.

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An angel with a large spear and drssed in a white cloth, with guantlets and a halo. She has a large shield as well, stylized to appear almost blade-like.

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A picture of a genderbent Archaon with her helmet off, standing exalted in the rain after some grievous battle, surrounded by bodies.

Like pic related.

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who by

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Need moar practice with dynamic posan

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Requesting two werewolves embracing. The male is in dalu form, grasping her from behind, in a very possessive manner. He's kissing her neck and looking toward the 'camera' mischievously. He's dressed very nondescript clothes--not that you can see much of him.

She's got a dreamy look on her face and has her hands clasped over his. She's in a slim spaghetti strap dress. She is normal.

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seconding pregnant moetyrant

>> No.9283984

If greenmarine or some other rather pervy drawfag is up for it,

chain of boob hats. i.e. topless halfling on the bottom, dorf resting her boobs on her, human resting her boobs on her, and goliath resting her boobs on her.

I think that makes sense?

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oh, and everyone in the chain is at least topless, if not more nude.

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A Thousand Sons Sorcerer dressed in a red velvet robe, with a fez on top of his helmet, reading a book and smoking a pipe. Attending to him is a Rubric Marine with either a maid's uniform or a butler's outfit over its power armour.

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So... what do you plan to draw next, Liar?

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one more time!

Two girls with long, pale hair, one of them wearing a ribbon tying it into a ponytail, wearing team rocket uniforms while posing/throwing pokeballs. Kinda like Jesse & James, with Meowth being a little fairy.


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I'm not really sure what a Half-Ogre/Dragon is supposed to look like. So have a large berserk Dragonborn.

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fuck year titty totem

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If you would, I'd like to request a DYNAMIC ENTRY pose of Gally/Alita of Gunnm/Battle Angel Alita as a Warforged Monk, in typical D&D monk clothes.
Bg did a version of it which was cute as heck, but... it lacked a certain something in the kinetic SMACK! POW! BIFF! sense.

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Horus and the Emperor sitting at a table painting models.

>> No.9284149

Draw a giant living suit of female plate armor

Also someone shouting HERESY

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How about a Swarmlord?

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'Nother Gally reference pic.

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And more reference.

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Lady Gaga Sister of Battle.

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That bigarse thing? Basically what a Hive tyrant is to a Termagaunt type synapse creature?
thats going to be one gigantic member...

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techpreist on a segway

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Kenku in a wide-brimmed hate and a trenchcoat with a tommy gun.

<-- that kind of Kenku.

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I fucking forgot how ripped Alita was.

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Reiterating my request here. Have an inspirational pic.

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>wide brimmed hate
This in, Kenkus are violently racist

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A Mermaid (Well, MerMAN) who looks battle hardened with his left arm mutated into twisting tentacles, armed with a harpoon. His eyes are completely blackened and dark ichor seems to seep out of his sockets, as well as from his shark toothed mouth. A crown of murdered foes sits on his head held together with iron.

And then I wonder why no one does any.

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So we have MILFtyrant, MILFex, Moetyrant, and Jeanstealer..

how about a Loligaunt?

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This is going to take a while.


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This thing, yes.

>> No.9284387

Exactly, she'd love it.

Hell, draw her orgasming to this. For all that she's done, we have yet to see her "O" face.

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And a moe venomthrope. Don't forget her.

>> No.9284432


Hey man if you aren't happy with it take your time.

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There's actually a Lolifex, there's some pictures of her somewhere...


Simultaneous orgasms? Excellent.

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I would post them but this isn't the thread for it.

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looks awesome already :P.

No pressure though. :3

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1 reference picture wouldn't be too bad, I'd think... If nothing else you could start a 'nid image dump and link to the picture.

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Fap-tau with his arm in a sling. Slick-tau is wagging a finger, adomishing him about fapping too much.

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Well okay, I suppose one is fine.

Also with gore!

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Yes! Thanksa lot! You always draw really awesome stuff bg. Thanks for the great stuff.

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FUCKWIN. Thank you :D

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Can't draw dragon patterns for the life of me. Cheers.

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I second this. Or anything Kenku.

>> No.9284765

Sorry for this sketchy mess.
I like how it came out so i'll probably color it later.

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Sirens beauty + Levianthan's brutality.

By god what will this spawn

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Buh? What happened to Ranger's pic? I was about to save, then 404 ;_;

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Sorry, can't do dragon patterns for the life of me. Cheers.

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Oh, there it is. Thanks, man! This is exactly what I need! :D

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Draw some braids please! Not specfic for a reason, I just like her!

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>> No.9284950


She should probably be leaking more, if not completely overflowing, judging by the size of her lover.

>> No.9285001


also there's something about the Swarmlords face that just makes me grin

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A cat girl that is DFC and DAT ASS and somewhat manly, and is sad for some people thinking she is a trap.

>> No.9285030


He just started to blow, it hasn't gotten to that point yet

>> No.9285041

A Tsunderanid Warrior, perhaps?

Pity she can't do it with Moe Tyrant, that would be... wrong.

>> No.9285079

A dragonborn getting fucked in the ass with a knife at her throat?

>> No.9285111


Thems some good expression, kyle.

I mean greenmarine.

>> No.9285112

A paladin giving a handjob to his gryphonic mount.

In the corner is a DM screaming PALADIN FALLS.

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Hey, was the krootot ever drawn?

>> No.9285185


"Just started" doesn't do the job, she should be double stuffed full of cream, just to be sure she's thoroughly seeded.

>> No.9285203


>Tsundereanid Warrior

Im on this

>> No.9285209


Sorry it vanished on you like that. In my haste, I'd forgotten to make it a reasonable size.

Also, I think I'm going to call it for tonight.

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Mr.Greenmarine, can you finish this?

>> No.9285281

Hell, have him cum in her ass, too, just to be sure.

>> No.9285329

Wrench wenches from any genre(mix of genres) comparing their "tools."

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Already done with a ranger.

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Unexpected win was unexpected.

And also win.

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Who is this Kyle character?
My name is not Kyle.
I bet half of you could not even pronounce my real name if i were to reveal it.
Wich i will not do.

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I was wondering where the rules were for the Eldar Exodites, I heard that there was some book with their rules and another with rules for an "lolnature" Eldar group which I think is Biel-Tan.

Any help?

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... you're... you're not a fellow Nordic, are you, O Glorious Green One?

>> No.9285507

Sadly, no.
Sometimes i wish i was, when i am listening to your SUPERIOR MUSICAL LEGACY, pic related.
But no, i am afraid i am quite the opposite.

>> No.9285544

Opposite. Hmm.
>other side of the earth
New Zealand? Maori? o.O

>> No.9285553

Not to sound arrogant or to be a drag, you should probably shorten the length of her torso and work a bit more on torso proportions in general. It'd be a lot better if her curves were a lot more defined like an hourglass, but that's just me. Keep doing what you do and stuff like that.

>> No.9285559


Opposite of Nordic is asian.

>> No.9285582

A courthouse, the judge is an ogre, the prosecutor is a snazzy human while the defendant is an orc, the orcs defense attorney is a stylish succubus and the crowd behind the bar is a mix of races, think of a crime and make up of the guards

>> No.9285624

I am Mexican.


>> No.9285629

God damn it Lapland, this is your DM! Stop censoring these pictures!

>> No.9285667


Do you ever plan on releasing a uncensored version to the general public.

>> No.9285668


point well taken, ill work on that (its a common pitfall with meh, but some people do have oblong torsos liek that.)

also tsunderenid

and I need to get outta here. gotta work in the morning D:

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Gally/Alita has tits, you know.


>> No.9285706

I'd love to see this.

She's just totally lost in it all, tongue hanging out, squeezing nipples, rubbing her clit...

>> No.9285732


just a quick little sketch of Moetyrant (or tsundrenid or jeanstealer) cuddling a lil ripper to sleep before you go?

>> No.9285735

Warrior monk chick in skimpy South American outfit of your choice! Kicking ass, taking names, eating that gross tamarind candy that infests the candystores down here!


>> No.9285741


Dripping cum from her cunt, too, don't forgot that.

>> No.9285746


or central or north, whatever's most awesome, honored astartes

>> No.9285750



>> No.9285772

I am playing Rogue Trader for the first time, if anyone would like to take a shot at a pic that would be awesome.
Scruffy middle aged guy who hates people, likes the mechanicum, has a taste in fine booze and has a lucky mechanicus medallion. Looks older than he really is. Thanks in advance, and if no takers, keep up the good work drawfags!

>> No.9285806

/TG/'s Nurses, all assembled? I mean we seem to have quite a few now.

>> No.9285809

Oh shit, you are right.
Working on it.

>> No.9285826

Do we have any doctors?

>> No.9285845

Looks like Liar has to leave for now...

Hey Liar. Can you do this for us next time you show up?

>> No.9285971


and lurkmode GOGOGO

(and sleepmode)

>> No.9286005

Thank you. For everything.

>> No.9286014


Hope you like and that i did not get too creative with the posing.

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Can I request something? /tg/ drawfriends, I ask for Finn and Jake fighting along side with Space Marines. I'd do it myself...but I can't draw space Marines. Thank you if it happens. Thank you if it doesn't. I'm easy.

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>>gross tamarind

>> No.9286059


James Cameron is supposedly doing a Live Action version


andyways welcome anons. I am off to dreamland

>> No.9286103


Thank you very much! :D

>> No.9286142

Never had it myself.

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>> No.9286162

Hey GM, draw me a a comparison pic of Sandwich and a proper dwarf women standing next to one another. The dorf looks bitchy and cocky, certain that she is superior. Sandwich is blushing angrily. They have on nothing but wet T-shirts and Sandwich is pulling hers down to hide her shameful lack of a pubic beard.

>> No.9286197

I am a /tg/-dweller, and I support this message.

>> No.9286292

I like Sammich too, sadly i think it will have to wait until the next drawthread, as i am off to stupid bed at the moment.

Always a pleasure to drawfag for you, brothers.
Have another warforged monk old request as a parting gift.

>> No.9286306

Anon! Anon! Sir! Sir!

Where does anon stand on the issue of monstergirls?

>> No.9286342


"I'd hit it."

>> No.9286345


>> No.9286356

It isn't really a question of where /tg/ _stands_. I mean, unless they stand and fap, of course.

>> No.9286358


>> No.9286380


>> No.9286385

Put extra effort into it! Take a long-ass time!

>> No.9286419

Oh dear, it seems that there are only two sleeves, so her secondary pair of arms will have to stay under her dress. I wonder what she's doing with her hands down there. There's really only a few things she could do, you know.

>> No.9286444

Sir! Mr. Anon, sir!

How do you respond to allegations that every last one of you who read that one thri-kreen erotica masturbated to it successfully at least once?

>> No.9286453


Of course not newfag, fuck off

>> No.9286476

I am slightly turned on by this...

>> No.9286510


> newfag


>> No.9286536

No Comment.

>> No.9286542


>> No.9286561

>There's really only a few things she could do, you know.


>> No.9286581

MORE than once, I'll have you know!

>> No.9286628

I cast Zone of Truth!

CLACK IN HELL EXOFAG or you could clack right where you are i guess i don't care really

>> No.9286640

/tg/ we got Nurses covered

>> No.9286664

Even I think you guys are a bunch of fags.

>> No.9286681

This is now the new hotness.

>> No.9286689

Xenophiles with heart conditions are not admitted at this hospital, goddamn.

>> No.9286702

go away medieval kamen rider who is also evil

nobody likes you

>> No.9286712

Rickets the Wizard.
My favorite.

>> No.9286718

Avatar fagging, attention whoring and posting furry.
Is there a real reason why this "bg" guy isn't banned yet?

>> No.9286721

I can play dress-up too?

>> No.9286722

Started on this, then my tablet crapped out so it took me longer than expected.

>> No.9286734


>> No.9286753


Because you're a troll.

>> No.9286772

>> No.9286795

you sir, are made of fucking win. this pic is awesome.

>> No.9286796

Draw a Sanctioned Psyker Kirby, please.

>> No.9286817

That anime avatarfag got banned for avatarfagging, SoS got banned for furry, this huge piece of shit does both.
Seriously, what will it take to get him banned?

>> No.9286823


isnt verity a gnoll?

pic related

>> No.9286838

Flee/Zykuvian/whateverhecalledhimself was banned for trolling and spamming, not purely for using an Avatar.

SoS is still around.

>> No.9286849

She got turned into a human. With delicious fangs.

>> No.9286851

bg is still here for contributing something to /tg/ with doing drawfag requests unlike people who just shit up the board

>> No.9286885


oh ok.

left 4 bed

>> No.9286892


She gained the power to morph into a human through some experiment, I believe.

>> No.9286935

But just look at the stuff he draws, once in a while something "dawww" but most of it is just furry, including how 9 out of 10 things posted are of his fucking furry "character" and generally being a stuck up ass who thinks he deserves some kind of special treatment for drawing furry shit.

All the other drawfags act like normal people, but not this guy.

>> No.9286940

So ignore him and quit bitching.

>> No.9286993

You don't ignore cancer, you go to lengths to remove it from your body.

>> No.9286994

yay Verity!

>> No.9287039

I don't draw very well and am envious of those that do.

So would it be possible to get a picture of a Greater Good Paladin (who used to be a farm boy before becoming a squire) kicking a Cleric in the mouth?

>> No.9287047

It was Fuuka's Transformation gun.

>> No.9287051

people can't be cancer. it's unpossible.

>> No.9287104

basket may be a massive attention whore, but he's not all that high on the list of "Things ruining /tg/."

>> No.9287148

An AdMech Biologis has accidentally gotten a dose of sodium-saturated roasted legume paste into his dairy-supplemented sugarized cacao derivative.

This revelation could shake the Imperium at its very moorings.

>> No.9287170


No shit, people like:


Are the people ruining /tg/. I don't know how they think bitching about everything and contribute absolutely nothing is best for /tg/.

>> No.9287172

Agreed, I've only seen him attention whore and cause drama on drawthreads. Other than that, I haven't seen him cause any other shit.

>> No.9287184

Sure I'll agree that there are things a lot worse, such as all the /b/ "why are you a virgin?" and "black people doesn't belong in fantasy" threads and such while the mods sleep.
But it's like quality assurance, to kick him to the gutter before you start seeing him avatarfagging up other people's threads and creating drama.

>> No.9287198


Cancer is people too! Don't be so racist.

>> No.9287199

Avatarfagging clutters up /tg/ with the same dumb pictures. Although basket is much more tolerable than that fat golden neckbeard guy.

>> No.9287223

>"why are you a virgin?"
That's actually pretty /tg/ related. There have been some interesting threads about that subject before.
>"black people doesn't belong in fantasy"
Hate to break it to you but those threads happen during the day when mods are awake too.

>> No.9287290

>There have been some interesting threads about that subject before.
You mean the oh so many hilarious rationalizations on why they are one?

>> No.9287307

You can't seriously be implying that the "Blank OP with statement in picture" threads are remotely /tg/ related.
They're not even /tg/ specific, I see them in /v/ all the fucking time.

>> No.9287319

You wouldn't know my contributions because I'm anonymous and have no need to avatar/namefag.

Unless you are a big attention whore with low self-esteem there is no reason people should need to put a name and avatar to the oc you post on 4chan.

>> No.9287333

>oh so many hilarious rationalizations

>> No.9287350

I have no problems with artists signing their work on /tg/.

>> No.9287361


Some name/avatarfagging is okay for the OCfags

Just avatar/namefagging constantly and not doing OC is bad

>> No.9287377

the people who are into the subject matter are also part of the subject matter

>> No.9287392

Hell I usually see those same picture posts on different chans at the same time, it's just one or two guys posting that same shit over and over, always with the result of a few hundred replies.

Also pardon if I'm in your drawthread, being a fag. But I figured all the drawfags are asleep now anyway.

>> No.9287407

>"black people doesn't belong in fantasy"
I liked Xiombarg's Storyteller's solution to that problem.
Lesbian albino on black erotica.

>> No.9287446

Actually, the nubian girl was the agressor.

>> No.9287455

They are asleep.

I'd draw but the problem is the current bunch of draw(ma)fags have driven away some of the fun kinds of requests I like to draw (or scribble would be a better term) for /tg/.

>> No.9287466



>> No.9287469


Define 'fun kinds of requests'.

>> No.9287479

Like what? A monster made of brains that eats mind flayers, called a Irony Monger?

>> No.9287492

Meh, you can always try to make the thing interesting yourself.
It's what I do when drawing something boring, make it fun.

>> No.9287495 [DELETED] 


>> No.9287500

Sure, namefagging in your own thread so people know who they are replying to is useful, but avatarfagging? Furry avatarfagging?

I mean sure green marine has a few, as do BAMF, but those guys keep it in the background and usually post without them.

It's like the difference between a DMPC mary sue that the story revolves around and that NPC that tags along with your group to heal and identify items for them.

>> No.9287502

Silly stuff, things than can cartoonishly drawn. Not serious character requests.

But I'll be honest, I haven't read this whole thread to see if there are any good ones. But I've seen them turn down some ones that could be potentially funny. I just didn't have my laptop (the drawing computer) and my tablet handy.

>> No.9287520

I like that idea, something that eats Mind Flayers.

>> No.9287534


So do you want funny requests?

remember, drawfags can /r/ /r/equests.

>> No.9287538

I wish I wasn't so tired. I would totally draw that otherwise.

>> No.9287548

if I get the creative juices going, I'll let take some requests.

>> No.9287623

flow your juices faggot and listen to a request:

An African tribal-flavor tikiforged that integrates animal body parts into its alchemical attacks.

>> No.9287642

A black paladin character who has just discovered that his new dryad girlfriend tastes like grape soda.

>> No.9287734

A dragon who's overly concerned about the size of his hoard. He thinks it's too small.

>> No.9287761

a gelatinous cube who secretly wishes it was a rust monster instead

>> No.9287762

A black dragon sleeping on his hoard of watermelons and bikes.

>> No.9287829

A guardsman on a bicycle. He's a bit late for the battle, all the other vehicles were full already.

>> No.9287925

Not >>9287548
but I did it anyway.
Also did >>9286722
but I think the requester's gone now.

>> No.9287967

If a drawfag is willing I would like to see a Frankenfran version of Fabius Bile

>> No.9288087

Kay, think I'm done for the night/morning.

>> No.9288099

>A black paladin character who has just discovered that his new dryad girlfriend tastes like grape soda.
Is there any reason this is suppose to be a paladin?

>> No.9288145


Because if he wasn't a paladin, he wouldn't have a girlfriend.

Just bitches.

>> No.9288186

I meant black paladin instead of black knight.
see pic for reference

>> No.9288191

But I'm white and just have bitches instead of a girlfriend

>> No.9288276

Thanks, drawfag.

>> No.9288336

Well, considering bg played a nice role in the death of /v/ it's just fitting he's infesting /tg/ now.
It's like the last stage of cancer or something.
He was also part of that Dranons Delight trolling.

>> No.9288695


You are a terrible troll.

>> No.9289192


And John too, right?

>> No.9291407

>impliying i had anything to do with it instead of just a picture i drew begin used as op at that time

>> No.9291662

so... anyone up for drawing this morning?

>> No.9291680

It aint morning here but I could go for some drawing.

>> No.9291712


I admit it, i had to giggle like a little schoolgirl when i saw neko in email field :3

>> No.9292083

you drawing or just the usual avataring?

>> No.9292121

aww come on, is not that usual :3

i'm up for some drawing

>> No.9292144

GTFO, avaturding furshit.

>> No.9292183

How about a normal horse with a two layer cake on it's back. Below the horse, have the word "Delivery".

>> No.9292189


How about lamia girl using a computer, using her hands to type on the keyboard while she uses her tail to move the mouse around.

>> No.9292196

ok, but, havent drawn horses in a while :<

>> No.9292204

How are you on drawing nude bodies?

How about a cute girl sitting back and relaxing on a couch or chair with her legs spread open. You can see her boobs and vagoo.

>> No.9292209


can she have glasses?

>> No.9292213


Yes, glasses! Glasses are moe!

>> No.9292218

From horse requestor, if you haven't started the horse, I'd like to see the lamia girl at the computer with glasses

>> No.9292232

Draw Cynder instead! :3

>> No.9292263


NO! Cynder is not moe!

>> No.9292264

umm... go fuck yourself

>> No.9292276

Here is your drawing of cynder.

>> No.9292286

-.- You're mean! Why do you hate dwaggies?

>> No.9292309

Dragons we tolerate, it's just that Cynder is more associated with THOSE GODDAMN FURRIES GODDAMN NEVER SHUT UP ABOUT CYNDER

>> No.9292324

Hey, bg, I'd ask if you could do this: >>9285741

But you're not one for drawing porn, apparently... So how about drawing Moe Tyrant sitting in a chair cuddling with a ripper?

>> No.9292335


>> No.9292346

It's because Cynder is used to troll people on this board.

>> No.9292365


>> No.9292366


>> No.9292367


>> No.9292368


>> No.9292369


>> No.9292370


>> No.9292372


>> No.9292395

Renamon has so much fuckign porn it's a waste of time.

>> No.9292403


>> No.9292406

/tg/ has so many posts, it's a waste of time

>> No.9292537

>> No.9292546

Sleeply DF gobo is getting ready to start the day....

by smashing that damned alarm clock.

>> No.9292560

Rule 34 Renamon, get 78 pages of porn.

It's a waste of time to draw more porn of it.

>> No.9292936

>implying I don't already have all of those in my SO FUCKING HOT IT MAKES MY BALLS ACHE folder.

NEED MOAR AND NEW FRESH RENA-YIFF!!! My balls ache for it!!!

>> No.9292937

>implying I don't already have all of those in my SO FUCKING HOT IT MAKES MY BALLS ACHE folder.

NEED MOAR AND NEW FRESH RENA-YIFF!!! My balls ache for it!!!

>> No.9292939

>implying I don't already have all of those in my SO FUCKING HOT IT MAKES MY BALLS ACHE folder.

NEED MOAR AND NEW FRESH RENA-YIFF!!! My balls ache for it!!!

>> No.9292943

>implying I don't already have all of those in my SO FUCKING HOT IT MAKES MY BALLS ACHE folder.

NEED MOAR AND NEW FRESH RENA-YIFF!!! My balls ache for it!!!

>> No.9292952

I hate you so much.

>> No.9292959

>implying I don't already have all of those in my SO FUCKING HOT IT MAKES MY BALLS ACHE folder.

NEED MOAR AND NEW FRESH RENA-YIFF!!! My balls ache for it!!!

>> No.9292992

Rouge the bat as a Martial Arts master beating the crap out of a Eversor assassin saying "Silly boys"

>> No.9293043

In cutebold style.

>> No.9293212

Holy shit that's perfect.

Thank you, you are awesome.

>> No.9293251

i was gonna color it, but i wasted too much time on it already,. sorry for the slowness :<

>> No.9293259

Is the thread dead?

>> No.9293267

An adorable kitten with a ball of yarn and a robot arm.

>> No.9293270

go back to losing your PC

>> No.9293273

Not the requester, but nice!

>> No.9293287

And your name shall be Larry.

>> No.9293305

dont mind this

>> No.9293316

Your name shall be. . .


>> No.9293321

whats wrong with ranger?

>> No.9293323


>> No.9293325

I laughed, drawmaster.

>> No.9293354

Could you draw a cute little Sergal girl in a frilly dress and silly hat, touhou style?

>> No.9293363

I'm not Ranger. Ranger is much better than me.

I shall be GUARDIAN.

>> No.9293377

Draw ScaredofShadows (as a werewolf) being affectionately hugged by an anon :3

>> No.9293390

Could I get a rather scrawny looking conjurer in plain robes being followed by his companion, a large and nasty looking living suit of armor.

The conjurer should look like the stereotypical wizard. Old, long beard, carrying a book and a staff.
The living armor looks like a knights suit of armor. It is carrying a large axe.

>> No.9293402

tugging at my heartstrings, anon

>> No.9293412

oh, sorry, got confused :<

>> No.9293428


>> No.9293437

Strange good sir, I usually do not wear a dress.

>> No.9293442


>> No.9293473

Oh man... This is still alive?

>> No.9293474

Draw a Knight with a crazy huge smile giving a poor farmer kid a thumbs up, please.

>> No.9293504

yes, but dont talk to loud, there are trolls around

>> No.9293548

Oh you...
I mean... Yeah. I noticed.

>> No.9293620


>> No.9293691

Guardian Tim

>> No.9293698

But Tim does not sound like an Eldar name.

>> No.9293714

Heh. Your name amuses me. : D

>> No.9293727

this thread is dying so I'll start a new one

>> No.9293742

Well you can't just be Guardian now can you?
And Tim is a much more manlier name than any Eldar name.

>> No.9293780

Isnt there a Guardsman Tim?

>> No.9293796


I think I included most avatar'ec-drawfags.
Ekoi draws too right?

Muju is almost an avatarfag, too. There's a Mujuface on everything he draws.

>> No.9293865


Tim the Enchanter.

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