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Cultist-chan is the devil.

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Cultist is a lot of things...

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The lord jesus wouldn't accept cultist chan, it's true.

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wow that Boyfriend is a douche.

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Cultist chan is the devil, this I know.
Because the bible tells me so.

Also, it was mentioned at the tea party meetings.

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or maybe GF has a weird fetish?

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All boyfriends are douches, they are all children that refuse to give up only when they can commit to marrying you there might be something redeemable in them but generally not.

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She's the cure for my cancer.

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On /tg/ you can never tell for sure.

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Girl detected.

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Sorry you are fat and or ugly.

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time to burn that poster!

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>that refuse to give up
Never give up, never surrender!

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well, maybe the next time he suggests anal she won't be such a crybaby about it.

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That's only because all women are masochists. Dating a smart, friendly, funny guy that likes you would be too easy.

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Yeah, it's also easier than dating a stuck up prick who thinks he's smart, friendly and funny.

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/r/ing the poster

shove scissors up your cunt.

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post the full pic one.

With khronate thighs.

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Needs more variety. The one face gets used like 4 times, even when not appropriate.

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I assume that's part of the joke.

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I wish I was the object of her desire....

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nice sentence structure.

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Nice work team mspaint.

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what happened to that dranon fellow?

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no one cares about him

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would you come back after 10 episodes of dranon's deligth?

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That's too bad. I found his rape of cultist chan most enjoyable.

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But she kap-toored my heart.

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>would you come back after ten thousand quest threads, porn dumps, furry porn dumps, /b/ shit and more?
There's a reason no one talks about /tg/, guy.

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it's 4chan, admitting you visit it it's hanging a sexual predator sign from your neck

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The pimp and his cane in all their glory.

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i bet she smells so good and stinky and to lick her sweat off must be wonderful

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stop that.

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stop what? drooling at the thought of being with her?

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i'll just leave this here

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The pic makes no sense.

I would not be on a ladder when there is a topless chick around.

That, and huag sexy posters are silly looking.

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That isn't worksafe.

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may 1000 ticks infest your ballsack.

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You must be new around here, so allow me to explain. /tg/ doesn't have mods and isn't policed, so the worksafe rule doesn't apply.

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overreacting a bit much there guy?

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Mods are like King Arthur. They show up whenever /tg/ truly needs saving. Jim Profit is gone. But when we don't need them, they vanish.

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To the impious, the heretic Culteest smells of delicious bacon.

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delicious bacon

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god, she's cute. her dick makes me jealous, though.

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the mods are also elected when some wet tart flings a weapon at them.

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Actually they show up with a lot of people email moot, like in Jim Profit's case.

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I think this whole meme is kinda Khorney.

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sign me up for chaos now if it allows me to relish her bacon-y essence....

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ba dum tiss!

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Why are her nails yellow and filthy looking?

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She paints them yellow.

Because those are nice looking feets.

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Funny, I feel the same way about chem-chan.

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fat bottom Chem-chan is godtier.

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IIRC Culteest is pretty much....a Cultist. She's broke, poorly equipped, used as a meat shield/stress ball by Chaos Marines, and generally neither respected nor valued.
She has yellow toenails because they're dirty and she's malnourished.
Culteest is Culteest. Lowest wrung of the longest ladder.

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chem-chan images send my sense of smell and taste into imaginary overdrive

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Except those are nice looking feet.

The blessing of chaos?

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the gift of artistic license.

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This is where those furry faggots fail: they can't lick their fetishized version! Not without a nasty hairball at least.

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You do realize that paw pads don't have fur?

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furry detected

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Have fun licking sandpaper

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Just for you man.

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Culteest has all the blessings of Chaos...in their weakest forms. Mayhap she can't die of disease or enviromental factors for example, but can very much be shot to death. Or something
Sorry, can't remember where I was going with that, or what it has to do with feet.
I think she's the true Abbadon: favored by all the gods, but completely useless anyway.

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I particularly like the can of tomatoes here. It implies a really wretched smell. The sort of thing you need tomatoes to get out.

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I dunno... my GF actally forces me to play female character when there is choice available. ("She is much more cute than him. And if I ever watch you play, I wanna watch something cute. Oh, and you can see her panties from this angle - thats kinky!")

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Your girlfriend will leave you for another woman.
Bisexual =/= will do threesomes.

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eh fuck it, some C-Comics.

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.... for the last time I remember handling a kitty, their paws aren't particularly sandpapery. Now, granted, humans have fleshy bits that don't touch the ground on the bottoms of their feet, but I figure that if you have humans without calausly feet in a setting, your anthro animals will be the same way.

Of course, I don't think I could love a girl who sheded alot.

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scents with character, thats for sure.

>> No.9281525

Judging from the glass with the celery, she was having Bloody Marys in the tub.
Or maybe both. Tomato juice: for inside and out.

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She's drinking whatever she's bathing in.

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hahaha, golden.

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>>Implying that those have anything to do with religion other than a coincidental overlap.

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now you got me imagining the unique smell of her breath...I want it wafting over me.

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Khorne is the Shredder?

>> No.9281599


What's the appeal in smelly girls for you?

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What would happen if you combined Chem-chan and Cultist-chan's particular scents, /tg/?

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Well, if Kulteest is the devil, imma go play in hell.

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Slaanesh/Nurgle bioweapon.

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sensory stimulation: different, rich, and powerful.

plus dat sweat... its hard to put into words, but the craving to lick them all over is very strong.

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Eau D'Nobbs

>> No.9281652

She has a glass, with celery, is holding a cologne bottle, and has tomatoes.

She's not drinking Bloody Marys.

She's bathing in and drinking bootleg caesars.

>> No.9281680

What sort of madman (or madwoman) drinks cologne?

>> No.9281690

Sounds enticingly disgusting.

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Oh god I'm loling.

>> No.9281716

If you can't afford the real stuff, you can drink products like those for the alcohol content. Clearly not a good idea but I don't think she gives a fuck.

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I love how the perspective makes it look like lara's gun is pointing at the girl's head.

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Bacon Flavored Cultist-Chan

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That actually brought a tear to my eye.

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I kid because I love

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moar chem-chan?

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what? no doom guy?

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This should do it for your BO fetish.

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thank ye

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She looks so dirty. I love it.

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Never though I would say this, but I envy an ork, that ork, due to its proximity to her and her pungent odours

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Mmm, deliciously pungent odors. No no, you don't need a bath, dear... you're fine just the way you are...

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Thanks for the bacon, Jo.

And Cultist.

but mostly bacon :P.

>> No.9282632


her getting a bath should be heresy!

>> No.9282638


I've always wondered, is she full on heretic? 'Cause she is always hanging around xenos, having dat ass, and not bathing.

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not only do I like the bo, bacon/sweat, but dat voice...I love it.

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You forgot the drugs. Counts as loyalist, but just barely.

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Chem-chan covered in sweat is my fetish.

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Guess we know what the mask is for.

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I wonder what her armpits taste/smell like.

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Like fucking mana from heaven.

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It makes me sad that there aren't any shops with Fred Dryer on the poster, and that I haven't the skillz to rectify this myself.

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long live Cultist-chan!

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cool fetishes bros you make me sick

>> No.9284645

Chem chan = best /tg/ character.

>> No.9284682

any of those two together in an awkward position?

>> No.9285249

Need the rest of these. So awesome.

>> No.9286518

Nah, that's Chem-rat.

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