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Continued drawthread?


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he he, light bulb dick.

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oh my god what am I looking at

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Repostan because new thread.

A Japanese girl, around 24. She's a little shy. She's graceful, delicate and has four arms. She has black shoulder length hair. She wears somewhat tight fitting clothes with loose sleeves.

I picture her in chine dress with long loose sleeves.
Doing this request for a friend. Its an NPC in his game.

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the sexy adventures of a female gnoll warrior and her enslaved human farmgirl

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I'd really love some leadership for orky marine here, preferably a chaplain and an apothorkary.

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requesting every single combination possible with this. starting with a goblin as a kitten and Nurgle as a puppy while they are fighting to death

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An old, wandering priest with a big floppy hat and a cane.

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It's Steve Argyle drawing an angel.

In addition to be a weeaboo with awesome chick drawing stills, he does decent silly pics.

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I say again, the fuck is that?

I'm almost tempted to try this just to stop seeing it. Hell if I can draw gnoll girls though.

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>Draw a dragonborn crossdressing and Slaanesh as female while they are rubbing noses

I can get behind that

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Re-requesting from previous thread.

A crusader-style warrior, wearing feudal plate armor and carrying a sword and shield. The armor is designed to resemble Space Marine power armor. Possibly Khornate.

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>Draw a space marine as a pokemon and a dragonborn which is crying while they are having sex.


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that's stoopad, stooppit.

ehh, not orky enough

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A young Korean woman, with chin-length black hair in a sleek bob cut. She's wearing thick, nerdy-looking black plastic framed glasses that magnify her eyes somewhat, making them look bigger than they are.
She's also wearing a bright orange turtleneck sweater and blue jeans with the cuffs rolled up a little, and scuffed old sneakers.
She basically looks like an Asian Velma Dinkley.

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all drawfagging canceled due to faggot generator in thread

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>>9271744 is old drawthread

requesting Phyrexian Sleeper Agent being all trappy

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A cute female human, very light skin, pale blonde hair, making a face strongly suggesting psychosis. She has her teeth bared in a large, toothy grin, blood dripping down her chin, hands coated in blood, and is otherwise probably saying something like "I WILL KILL YOU I WILL EAT YOU!"

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Aaw damn.
And I thought you were going to be nice today and not start trolling. ; . ;

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Slaneeshian demonette goatsying us, make sure to include the wedding ring.

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she's sad

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Reporting in.


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delete this post, seriously

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as long as the generator ain't used I'm happy,
it just tends to clutter the thread with silly anine requests that makes spotting the real silly anine requests that much harder.

I'm going to have something to eat and then continue drawing with increased vigor.

tldr : brb

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i'm not trolling

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If you'll take a request, how about a big request? M:tG related.

Draw the planeswalker Jace Beleren holding a glowing bat above his head with LOLCOUNTERSPELL written on it, saying something to the effect of "Listen, grass grows, brids fly, sun shines, and brotha, I cancel people."

Obviously done in the style of the Scout from TF2.

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Well... As long as its not going to get used to actually make requests... It should be fine? :<

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anyways I'll try something d'aww, IE moe and 'stealer

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no, i'm out, happy drawing

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You do know that now people know posting it will get you to not draw anything, people who troll drawfag threads are going to post it every time they see one, right?

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Laters, bg.

Don't let the bedbugs bite.

or something.

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Later BG, hope you feel less bummed-out soon. o:

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Face it, all the shit you draw are lolrandom stuff anyway, might as well make requesting more effective.

Within 5 minutes someone will request w40k porn or w40k related meme stuff and you will draw it, you are just butthurt because you can't stand the thought of how unoriginal things really are.

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An Arbites that is basically Dudely Do-Right. He's good, he's polite, he's refined- and kinda dumb as a brick sometimes.

Looks like a mountie, but 40k, for lack of a better description.


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why has this nor been drawn before?

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Tarrasque smoking a blunt.
The Unconquered Sun with the face of Hank Hill.

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This guy in a gimp suit.

It makes sense in context.

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Because its gross. :x

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Was hoping if someone can draw my Inquisitor for me? A former Sororitas, with tanned skin, red hair to the shoulders and not in the bobcut, and blue eyes, wielding a Witch Lance in one hand and an Eldar shuriken pistol in the other. She should be wearing the traditional Battle Sister power armor with the helmet by her feet. Her age should be in the range between her mid 30's to early 40's.

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when has that stopped anything before?

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Sad thing is, my first though is 'well flesh would not warp like that; this is totally inaccurate!'

fucking /tg/.

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I like the spurts of blood.

>> No.9277505

draw a 4chan meme in 40k!

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*cough* Nobody thinks a dapper Victorian gentleman werewolf would be good drawing material?

>> No.9277536

First thing I thought was "Where the hell is her nose?".

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draw boobs on a furry playable race!

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And now I realize:

Daemons can't bear to be around disgustingly faithful people... like Sisters. Shouldn't this really be going the other way around?

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Oh, you Cross
that chain brush is a bit overused

should I do this?


Yeah I think I'll do this

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Wow, thank you! I know I'd be pushing it to ask for the other members of her cadre to be drawn too, since other people need their own requests done.

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Bg... seriously.
I like your cute stuff when you're not taking up all available space with your avatarfagging.
But seriously, SERIOUSLY, you are the ficklest, least consistent, most indecisive drama llama drawfag in existence.
You'll say "I won't draw X", then two hours later you've doodled three X requests. You'll say "fuck all y'all, I'm outta here", then half an hour later you'll be back in the thread acting like you never said a thing about leaving.

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and he should have a huge cock and be multi-colored, he is also yiffing an anthropomorphic praying mantis.

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done o3o

I can haz cookie now

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Its obviously a Khronate Daemon. But... Why does it have tits and a dick? Isn't that more Slaanesh's deal?
Also the rape. Khrone Daemon wouldn't rape, it would rip and tear.

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> Was hoping if someone can draw my Inquisitor for me? A former Sororitas, with tanned skin, red hair to the shoulders and not in the bobcut, and blue eyes, wielding a Witch Lance in one hand and an Eldar shuriken pistol in the other.

Somehow, I don't think a Sororitas would ever use xenos weapons.

Anyway, was there anything fun posted in the last thread? Did Lapland ever finish that picture he was working on?

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nah if it involves another Character it's have t be him having tea with some kind of mage or genius steampunker.

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I'll try one more time.

Two girls with long, pale hair(one with a ribbon!) in Team Rocket outfits, posing and throwing pokeballs. Also, a fairy in the middle where Meowth is supposed to be.


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This gives me an idea for a request.

A disgustingly cute little girl wearing an aquila pendant and singing a prayer to the Emperor. Several daemons standing near her are clutching their heads and screaming in pain.

>> No.9277657


yes, you can

>> No.9277672

Can someone draw the Beatles as a D&D party?

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Crying turd beast!

>> No.9277680


yeah he did

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After her first mission with the Inquisition, she became really bitter and cynical about things, so after becoming a fully fledged Inquisitor she's gone a little Radical, though not enough to actually be making daemonhosts.

>> No.9277698

You have my pen.

But there's only one thing on my mind that I must know.

when did it become okay to avatarfag

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>a little radical
>a little
>using eldar bullshit weapons

I think that's a bit more than a 'little' Radical.

>> No.9277712

>not trolling

>> No.9277716

>when did it become okay to avatarfag

It didn't. I presume we tolerate it because artists are bohemian/insane anyway.

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It's not okay, only bg and some other faggots do it.

>> No.9277720

When Russ started

>> No.9277740

Hey, quite a few Inquisitors of Ordo Xenos use Holofields.

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Please draw topless warcraft troll with a skirt flying a kite, male or female doesn't matter.

>> No.9277752

There's being Radical, and then there's being downright heretical. Using xenos weapons is heresy.

Isn't that right, Commissar Fuklaw?

Besides, on a more practical note, why doesn't she just use a power sword and a plasma pistol? Good, righteous weapons, and more powerful to boot.

>> No.9277771

How can an all-consuming abomination of nature be so Throne-damned adorable?!

That being said, let's see her and Jeanstealer in a post-coitus kiss.

>> No.9277791

Nah bro, one Inquisitor once showed up to a meeting with three dozen kroot and a few guys did have a problem with it, but the rest didn't really care. Until after the firefight and the kroot started eating the dead.

>> No.9277805



brb gonna snack then I'll get to it

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I always find these things when they're either wrapping up or when somebody has already ruined them for everybody else.

>> No.9277861


its not ruined, yet. were just getting started I believe

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I don't care what else comes of this, I just want piggyback rides.

Lots and lots of piggyback rides.

I don't even care who gives who the ride.

Even a space marine getting a piggyback from Jean. I'm not picky.

>> No.9277880

"Ah, I'm a heretic carrying the sum plans of my cults' vision to crack the planet's crust later tonight, must not let it fall in the hands of the Inq..."


"Another well cooked heretic! Job well done if I don't say so myself.... Hmmm any evidence? Nope. Only ashes... oh well... what could go wrong..."

>> No.9277906

Years later, and horribly inaccurate.

>> No.9277909

Okay, two options, if drawfags would be so inclined. Either one would make me happy, and I'm not picky. The respective players have definitely earned it.

1) Two individuals, three if you feel like it. The first is a full-body cyborg. He's been banged up, beaten up, blown up, and in a horrible state of repair. Only, he's dressed in a good suit and calmly reading a paper copy of I, Robot in his good hand. Meanwhile a reporter (and her camera man if you feel so inclined) is freaking out over his appearance. This is a reward for one of my players in a recent GitS-themed game for his crowning moment of awesome.

2) A guy in sort of early Iron Man-esque armor (IE Golden Age, big and bulky) that's more streamlined for flight, making a dramatic pose. This is for another player's TORG character who has proven to be far more entertaining than should be allowed by law.

>> No.9277946

A re-request from previous drawthread:
Moe Tyrant masturbating and a Space Marine going WTF!? and looking as he just walked in on her

>> No.9277976

I'm in the mood to draw some kroot, anyone have any kroot related requests?

>> No.9277988

kroot at a buffet and complaining about the lack of interesting stuff to eat

(possibly speaking about the kind of people who go to a buffet)

>> No.9277997

Kroot raping a firewarrior

>> No.9277999


Kroot in D&D/high fantasy w/ no gunz!

.... 4e Barb?

>> No.9278012


Kroot giving a piggyback ride to a Fire Warrior.

>> No.9278026

Sadkroot is sad.
Include a tasty piece of meat with a chaos wheel on it and a tag reading something like REJECTED if you wish.

>> No.9278050


Really old veteran mercenary kroot with a horribly scarred face, bionic eye and some kind of fur/leather coat or cloak. Lot's of loot from his services to the Imperium and alien empires.

>> No.9278053

Requesting a flag depicting an hourglass, both halves half-full of sand, with a clock set visibly at midnight 'plugging' the center.

>> No.9278056

>> No.9278078

Kroot and Tyranid at a buffet having an eating contest.

>> No.9278099


Censored? Do not want

>> No.9278115

How many polys are you at so far? I think you may be going into too much detail for a game model.

>> No.9278118

3d counts as drawfagging....

>> No.9278136


yes, yes, it does.

>> No.9278150

Kinda hard to do requests in 3d models though isnt it?

Unless we're talking about speed sculpting or something. But even then you dont get any textures.

And you gotta have textures. Delicious textures.

>> No.9278163

Ciaphas Cain and Fucklaw chilling after a hard abttle. Sitting down, having a smoke, chainswords next to them and the wreckage of their enemies all around.

>> No.9278170


after a kiss is so much sexier imo

>> No.9278173


now draw them fisting eachother with the severed hands

>> No.9278177

hrmm 10,000 so far.. damn... WELL I haven't begun to realy take out usless edges yet. I could probably shave off 5 thousand polys right now. but for construction sake, I'm keeping it a bit more in case I need to use extra edges.
Like say I have a flat box, but OH NOES I need a few more segments now I have to start again.

so basically I build up, then simplify later on.

>> No.9278202

These new drawfags are better than the old ones in every way. They just draw requests and doesn't afraid of anything.

>> No.9278205

drawfag does not equate trolling, and i'm a tripfag for nesecity :v

>> No.9278227

bg if you aren't going to draw anything then this shitty dragonborn crap then fuck off back to tgchan

>> No.9278229

then you have to consider you'll be seeing this thing close up not matter how far you zoom, so it's got to be a bit more detailed.

Then I need to make Chaos AND imperial Variants from it.

>> No.9278249

but i'm bored :<

>> No.9278258


>> No.9278260


Then draw what I will not


>> No.9278261


Give a piggyback ride to a dwarf.

>> No.9278265

Can I get a drawing of a gnoll lass intently sniffing/eyeing a kind of solemn/annoyed looking human girl as she(the human) cooks a big ass slab of meat in a pan?

>> No.9278270

Chile here, get the fuck off our country

>> No.9278276

Uh.. You could always add more where you need them.

I dunno, I'm a hard surface modeler in-training and I never have this problem. And I pretty much always start off with a box or a cylinder.

And yea, 10k for that is a little too much. You could just normal map that trim on the shin guards and crotch plate and I'm not sure but I think you could do without the pistons on the toe joints.

>> No.9278282

It's not what you wanted but, I couldn't help myself. I'll try again tomorrow, but right now I need to sleep.


>> No.9278289

Nico says: "MORE MESPRIT"

>> No.9278298

draw infested kerrigan incredibly fat after having consumed too many zerg units to regain energy.

>> No.9278314

Is Another Generic Drawfag in here?

>> No.9278335


Im uncertain.

I believe he/she is absent

>> No.9278348

This bookish elf at a formal event.

>> No.9278378

If Superkroot is still there, can you draw a Krootot?

Basically a kroot Parrot

Pic attached is a Kroot Chicken (Krooten)

>> No.9278398

Actually the pistons are REALLY low poly, They are 8 sided and yeah I could do that but really Like I said I could get rid of them pretty easily. I don't do purely complex things. For the trim I just have to weld the vertesies and BAM trims gone

>> No.9278406


A Krouton?

>> No.9278434

Needs more Moe Tyrant bukkake and creampie.

>> No.9278435

De krøøten best dispætchen with de bøøm-shøøten. Bork bork bork.

>> No.9278449

and I could MOTHER OF GOD!

One of my lower leg things was 2000 polies ALONE!


>> No.9278499

Pistons for something like that should only be 5-6 sides.

And yea, I know the trim is easy to get rid of, Im just saying detail like that doesnt need to be modeled in.

I dunno, I usually just find it easier to keep everything optimized as I go but, whatever. If your method works, its all good.

Oh and show me them wireframes.

>> No.9278531

its been three years since I touched max, you're going to have to hell me how thats done.

Wireframe texture?

>> No.9278552 [DELETED] 


Yeah I'm thinking that's all for me for tonight

I think I broke my left mouse button. :(

>> No.9278569

Draw a man with a plague doctor's mask (http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a4/Medico_peste.jpg) on. He has a hat and clothing similar to the attached picture with flavor changes more in touch with the medieval/renaissance era. He holds in his hand a torch. His other hand glows with holy energy. A "patient's" arm is reaching up towards him, it looks diseased with boils and such. Behind him in the distance there is a pile of bodies set aflame.

>> No.9278605

Nice, thanks.

>> No.9278698

Nah, just show me a screenshot with wireframes on.

And just in case you forgot, there are a couple ways to do wire renders.

One is to just apply a material to it and hit check off the box next to 'wire'. This render only the wire cage and you dont see any faces.

Another is to apply a composite material with your texture map as the base material and a second material on top of it that's 100 white diffuse color and set to wires only. This'll show you your texture map and white lines where the wireframe is.

>> No.9278717

I am back from being a faggot. I think i got my mojo back.

I humbly present you this fanart tribute of my favorite avatarfag.

>> No.9278823

shit I forgot the fleur de lys

added it and fixed some shading and shit

also I only avatarfag when there's a drawthread so people know who's drawing for them.
I would never namefag/tripfag

>> No.9278832

This took longer then I thought it would D:


Will be next!

>> No.9278842

Can you try this?

>> No.9278851

This was the /x/ crying chained against a wall mixed with the 'tall blond girl with bloodstained fingers and' whatever

have some semi-possessed, naked tg's waifu

>> No.9278856


>> No.9278860

Requesting two werewolves embracing in Dalu (the form between human and the big hulk, slight wolf features, I may be able to look up a picture if you need a reference).

The male is grasping her from behind, in a very possessive manner. He's kissing her neck and looking toward the 'camera' mischievously. He's dressed very nondescript clothes--not that you can see much of him.

She's got a dreamy look on her face and has her hands clasped over his. She's in a slim spaghetti strap dress.

Thank you?

>> No.9278888

Yeah I noticedall the bullshit in the legs and whent ahead and removed alot of shit so far, dropped it down to 3000 polies

NOTE I am counting triangles

>> No.9278907

Anyone here can draw Skrull Deadpool?

>> No.9278961

awful drawfag here! anyone want their pic done by a subpar, shitty, artiste!

>> No.9279011

I do! Can you draw me a discoball golem?

>> No.9279041

Ah, those are some clean wireframes. I like.

You could still optimize in some places though. But I'll leave that criticism for when you're done.

You got a site that you're posting this on anywhere?

>> No.9279092

Re-requesting this again... For the last time.

I really would appreciate it if someone did this for me.

>> No.9279098


And I am greatly humbled

>> No.9279113

Kinda keeping it underwraps. I know /tg/ doesn't download my mod
but yeah I'm optimiszing the fuck out of it.

Really its all in the smoothing.

take a look at how it looked before I started over

>> No.9279128

Not really reporting in. But I might take a couple other requests.


Tickled my fancy.

>> No.9279132


will be next

>> No.9279141

How long have you been on here again? You're a new drawfag and you've already earned peoples' respect. That's something to be proud of.

... Despite the fact that most of your drawn requests are moe tyrant smut. But still, you know your fans.

>> No.9279157


I'm a Green guy myself. Cheers, anon.

>> No.9279161

Look, babe, either you can drawfag and just do whatever arts, or you can drawhore and stick with your character. But if you're gonna whore you'll get treated like one, "tits or gtfo" and all that.

>> No.9279206

Yeah. Gotta love them smoothing groups.

Gotta love them normal maps even more. So finish up the modeling so I can see some delicious textures on this btich.

>> No.9279215



Not even a solid month

granted I did lurk the archives for a few months before I even started posting

>> No.9279237

hahahah, I'd love to see a Chandra Pyro, Greendude(whatever his name is) heavy, and so on. Plansewalker TF2.

>> No.9279240

You wish. I can't texture for shit! I'll just toss on some shitty base texture

see this texture that wasn't in the game? Yeah I didn't make it.

>> No.9279265

okay I'll do one more request today because it's quick

>> No.9279288


I'd bitch about you being so new, but the fact that you actually lurked so you knew how the board worked easily makes up for the fact.

Way too many people come in for the first time and instantly start posting shit.

>> No.9279362

I think this is the 4th time I've requested this and been ignored.

If you are having trouble with them being Dalu, this is what the Dalu form looks like.

>> No.9279386


will be next

>> No.9279404


your request combined with your name makes for a very creepy request that would have better success on furaffinity or something

>> No.9279410

>shitty base texure
;_; No! You can't do that to something so sexy.

Fuck! I'd offer to texture it myself but I'm swamped with all these end-semester assignments.

Tell ya what. Post the model up somewhere when you're done and I'll texture it between projects sometime.

>> No.9279414

if you fail, try again

>> No.9279501


Magnificent. I had all but lost hope of getting a piggyback out of this thread.

>> No.9279507

I personally look at things in a certain way, I do ignore a lot of requests simply because I do not feel I could do them justice.

Ima skim though the thread and find something.

>> No.9279587


will be next!

>> No.9279596

Oh, my name, it's because my WoD werewolf is the victim of my ST's sadistic pleasures....I had a whole thread talking about it.I thought it was kinda funny.

Not that my very tame request is anything close to as creepy as some of the other requests in these thread...

>> No.9279601

i am not that guy but here you go
disco will never die

>> No.9279669


>> No.9279731

did >>9278265 get skipped over accidentally or did no one feel like it?

>> No.9279741

I have a passion for heraldy

>> No.9279750


got overlooked, ill get to it

>> No.9279751

Oh dear. That is awesome.
Thanks Green. : D

I should draw some tits for you one day.

>> No.9279778


Very nice.

>> No.9279799

Piggyback eh?

>> No.9279821


Yesssss, it's spreadiiiing

>> No.9279865

Heraldry is pretty awesome. I should come up with a unit badge and banner for Vinctis Lustrix one of these days.

How about a Ordo Botanicus Techpriest(ess, if you desire); because the juxtaposition of lolmachines with THE BEAUTY OF NATURE AND ALL IT'S FORMS, BENT TO BETTER SERVE MANKIND AND ALL IT'S CHILDREN could be awesome.

>> No.9279886

Draw Emrakul as a humanoid female.

>> No.9279898

Excellent kind sir, my collection is building.

>> No.9279899


Cybernetic Poison Ivy?

>> No.9279904

A thri-keen or whatever those bugs are called in a maid dress balancing on one leg on a ball and looking very exasperated.

>> No.9279922

I'm going to go to bed.

we need more Insane Harlequin Posse


>> No.9279930


Will anyone do this?

>> No.9279949

If you want. Or even something like a cogboy with a genemodded weed plant all 'HELL YEAH, SCIENCE'

Whatever tickles the fancy.

>> No.9279998


sorry if it was a bit rushed, to me its more about the expressions than the actual work

>> No.9280007


Will be next!

>> No.9280022

Someone draw more interspecies heresy?

>> No.9280025


seconding this

>> No.9280056


I think someone did that one already, several threads ago

>> No.9280080

Megaman, or any of the robot masters, as a space marine.

>> No.9280085


All they did was draw a chimera with a russ turrent with a ballpoint pen for a barrel (IE they actually drew the pen).

Not what I wanted at all, really.

>> No.9280102


>> No.9280109

The hat puts it right over the top.

Greenmarine you a bro.

>> No.9280118


no need for sorry, that's pretty fucking awesome. The girls fexpression is the best

>> No.9280121


Ill see what I can do. I haven't drawn a tank if fucking years

>> No.9280123


>> No.9280160

Thank you!

>> No.9280169


Yeah. That's not what I wanted. Like I said, what I *did* want was modified russ chassis (lower, longer, sleeker, more angular) with a different, open-topped turret and a big fuckoff gun.

What the guy did was draw a chimera with shit on it.

>> No.9280170

Oh, haha, I just realized it has a pen-barrel. I'm laughin.

>> No.9280206

An IG with a rocket launcher riding on the shoulder of a dual bolt-pistol wield Space Marine sitting on a Dreadnaught with both arms being one of those boxes full of missiles looking like its trying to skateboard on a Baneblade.

>> No.9280208


Puts the pen in armor penetrating!

>> No.9280221

a while ago i drew a chocobo kroot


>> No.9280228


>> No.9280234

This is ridiculous and I want to see it.

>> No.9280248


I think that's all for me. I'll keep watching for interesting requests though. Cheers.

>> No.9280283

A 'sexy' Techpriestess with six arms-- two normal, and four mechanical. She is holding a book and giving an extremely nervous Guardsman a suggestive look.

>> No.9280291

I thank you greatly for this sort of thing.

... Seriously. Thank you.

>> No.9280359

I can do sexy but i am not sure it is the kind of 'sexy' you might want.

Please elaborate.

>> No.9280381

Poor fella has got all his teeth knocked out from his visor!

>> No.9280411


Not requesters but I think the kind of sexy you did for the various brown-tan orcs/half-orc lasses would be awesome.

If more flirty looking.

>> No.9280447

I'd let her harvest my biomass if you know what I mean.

>> No.9280481


I now have the choccobo song stuck in my head :O

Did miss any Kroot requests?

>> No.9280485

~plays jaws theme~

A new draw fag contender is arriving........ blowing off the dust....

>> No.9280511


Oooh, I like, I like. Thank you very much!

>> No.9280517

you would?

..I wouldn't. tits or no tits, I think the tits just make it looks more terrifying

>> No.9280542


heh, awesome.

>> No.9280543

Requester here, and .. I think your brand of sexy'd do just fine.

>> No.9280605


No problem. Glad I could help.

>> No.9280721



I read Tank Destroyer, which to me = long, large bore cannon built for maximum velocity for its round. as well as fuckhuge recoil dampeners/muzzle brake

>> No.9280735

I support this request.

>> No.9280872

So you can do vehicles AND cute girls? You're awesome.

>> No.9280897

because /tg/ stands for critique..

It looks a bit slim, flat

not the requester tho, just another drawfag

>> No.9280928


thanks for the crit, ill take note.

Again, I haven't drawn vehicles in fucking years

>> No.9280951

I'd like to see you draw one of those gigantic, totally impractical Nazi supertanks that runs on naval engines.

Or something of a similar scope.

>> No.9280961

Will no drawfags make a cowboy do something incredibly silly?

>> No.9281012

Moe Tyrant meeting MILFtyrant.

>> No.9281013


Much closer to what I wanted. I can just shoop it to my likings from here.

Thanks, bro.

>> No.9281035


I haven't even seen MILFtyrant

>> No.9281135

A Chozo fighting against a Lord of Change, both seeing the future and using psychic powers and shit.

>> No.9281145

This thread appears to be dying down.

Who's still around?

>> No.9281152


>> No.9281176



basically, similar to Moe Tyrant, but huge in scale, and MILFy in look.

>> No.9281190


I get what you mean

>> No.9281209

I second this drawing only I believe MILFTyrant should be lecturing Moe tyrant on how she shouldn't be wasteful.

also different reference image.

>> No.9281236

That's fexy. aka matt.

>> No.9281288

Oh hey, guess what I've been working on for the past hour?

This is just a test animation and has nothing to do with any of your requests; I just want to know what you people think of it so I can improve on MAH SKILLZ.

Also obligatory DRAW DIS PLZ KTHX

>> No.9281316

huh sorry my bad the two look very similar.

>> No.9281319


>> No.9281337


The various poses are quite expressive, and the animation as she lowers her arms in the final section is nicely fluid too. I can't think of much substantive to criticise.

>> No.9281338

Moe tyrant and a Sister of Battle... playing 40k, and arguing over the rules.

>> No.9281352

I know you are gone, but I'd definatly let you texture the titan when I'm done.

I just need an Imperial Texture and a Khornate or Tzeenchnian texture.

>> No.9281357


That is impressive

also >>9281338

Ima try my hand at this

>> No.9281361


Looks pretty cute.

What exactly is it supposed to be?

I know it's bg's blissy avatar, but what is she doing?

>> No.9281410


>> No.9281527

sounds about right

>> No.9281610

Father Ted the Inquisitor and his retinue.

>> No.9281718

Sorry for taking so long, i had to get some food.

And i owe you the guardsman.

>> No.9281831

Ahah, I love it. Thanks GM!

>> No.9281917


hows this?

>> No.9282093

Where the hell is the Sister's neck?

Other than that, I like it, at least.

>> No.9282130

It made me laugh. I think this means I like it.

>> No.9282142

File deleted? Why?

>> No.9282164

and I missed the fucking thread.

>> No.9282175


to post the fixed variation

>> No.9282199

Oh, I see.

Great work on this, I always enjoy your art.

>> No.9282240

They should settle their differences through ritual hand to hand combat.

In the mud.


>> No.9282277


well, safe to say they are halfway there.

When does Moetyrant wear clothes?

>> No.9282334

Well, I do recall that one time you drew her wearing a dress...

Other than that, doesn't she have retractable chitin plates to cover herself up?

>> No.9282339

One of them should flip the table over in a comical fashion.


>> No.9282344

If the drawfag is still around, can I have a bald mad scientist with a goatee? Laughing maniacally, of course. Bonus points if he's got a somewhat Oriental cast to his costume, though it's not really required.

>> No.9282453


Why did I do this? I don't remember. Cheers.

>> No.9282522


I was actually thinking at one point a silk like excretion that she can use for that. will draw in a sec

>> No.9282539

Because you're awesome. That's why.

>> No.9282543

Reminds me of my ex. World-breaking included. Not the requester but seriously, nice.

>> No.9282568


Kosmi, izzet you?

>> No.9282620

more like /x/-tan.

>> No.9282664

Reminds me of SHODAN for some reason.

>> No.9282675

quick edit, what I really need to do is make a full on reference drawing.

>> No.9282724

You turned it into Sabrina.

>> No.9282764


Just give her chitin clothes, it would fit her a bit better.

>> No.9282794

The question is how bald and how oriental did you want your scientist to be?

>> No.9282803


You have a good point, but chitin is hard, when its soft its more like fungal matter

>> No.9282881 [DELETED] 

Just wondering, does she actually have a regular nose or it just something like chitin?

>> No.9282888


More attempting to ID drawfag.

I rolled a 1 didn't I?

>> No.9282904

I suggest leather strips crudely weaved into something that resembles clothes.

Which animal the leather comes from is your decision.

>> No.9282932

so no MoeTyrant meeting MILFtyrant? :(

>> No.9282951

I suggest giving her girly clothes.


>> No.9282983

Draw the nid pregnant

>> No.9282988

The silk excretions are like normal clothes. Chitin would be akin to body armor.

She wears the "silk" out of combat, and the chitin in combat. Simple.

>> No.9282989


>> No.9282990


Her "clothing" would be considered girly in its own right.

Her armor which im thinking up would also be rather shapely.

Ill get to the milftyrant moemoe in a second

>> No.9283012


we think alike

>> No.9283021

i feel betters, gonna draw maybes :3

>> No.9283051


Yep. I guess I should post with a name, huh?

>> No.9283092

Continuation minus pseudopenis.

>> No.9283097


a cutebold girl wearing cave spider silk panties on her head and looking confused as to why some one would object to that.

>> No.9283108


Alright, how about... a half-ogre half-dragon! He's huge and wearing armor, angry and swinging a really big sword with one hand, because his other hand's been lopped off. An elf girl with wings wearing priesty-robes is chasing after him with his other arm, trying to put it back on with mejicks.

>> No.9283140


That reminds me of how monster girls making stuff out of their own natural products is my fetish.

i.e. spider lass making silk type stuff.

>> No.9283170

Requesting two werewolves embracing in Dalu (the form between human and the big hulk, slight wolf features, I may be able to look up a picture if you need a reference).

The male is grasping her from behind, in a very possessive manner. He's kissing her neck and looking toward the 'camera' mischievously. He's dressed very nondescript clothes--not that you can see much of him.

She's got a dreamy look on her face and has her hands clasped over his. She's in a slim spaghetti strap dress.

See >>9279362 for a reference on what Dalu form looks like

>> No.9283210


See >>9279404

That's why people are hesitant to do your request. You come across as a furfag.

>> No.9283216

>>9282342 inspired me. I want to see a Rubric Marine dressed as a butler or maid, while the nearby Thousand Sons Sorcerer is wearing one of those red velvet robes with a fez and is smoking from a pipe whilst reading.

>> No.9283225

You are being logical, brother.
Logic usually gets in the way of SEXY and MOE.

>> No.9283243

you are letting me decide how that will continue?

>> No.9283249

I am not, but how does that matter? Gnolls, dragon-girls, and bug-girls are all in the realm of furfaggotry but I'm the only one who gets a decent request ignored because of it?

>> No.9283273

Because of this guy, I'd like to see a furfag getting beaten up. Artist's choice of characters.

>> No.9283275


I left the internet early, but I make a note to always thank drawfags.

You are both awesome and you should feel awesome, because now I have a vision. A vision of all tf2 classes as planeswalkers.

>> No.9283284


And because they believe, against all logic, they do go faster.

>> No.9283306

>The question is how bald and how oriental did you want your scientist to be?

The mental image in my head is of Fu Manchu dressed as Dr. Steel, and maybe a really high collar, while going MUAHAHAHAHA in an ornate labcoat covered in dragons and shit. Honestly though, as long as he's got a goatee, no head hair at all, labcoat and a maniacal laugh, I'm good.

>> No.9283342

>Less wasteful

I need to know what MILFtyrant is referring to :|

>> No.9283350

You call yourself Bondage Werewolf. Frankly, what were you expecting?

>> No.9283369

should I make a new thread with a similar Steve Argyle troll pic?

>> No.9283372

Ah, um, for that level of detail, you should ask the other drawfags for that.
See, I'm not very good at any level of detail beyond what I just did here:

Plus, don't have a tablet or scanner.

>> No.9283374


Not my kind of logic, its my kind of logic that invented moetyrant in the first place

>> No.9283377


She has to be drawn getting pregnant before that can happen, or at least, she should be.

>> No.9283388


Being honest, i have been avoiding your request due to complexity issues. (I am lazy, etc.) I could assume most drawfags probably feel the same. Furfaggotry is not the issue here, at least for me.

Also i have been a good marine, doing character portraits and what not. Could i ask for anon to come up with some sexy, fun requests for me to draw?

>> No.9283390

It was a joke and a way to identify me in another thread where I was talking about my werewolf character who was being captured and harvested for regenerative nodules. Turns out the ST was using me for fetish fuel and I didn't realize it so I thought it would be a funny name to use for awhile. I didn't feel like taking it off because I was going to make another thread related to my character.

>> No.9283394


might be for the best, this thread is getting close, if not already is, autosage material

>> No.9283398

maybe she didn't finish eating her tau.

>> No.9283416


>> No.9283421



>> No.9283439


>> No.9283444

Righto then, no worries. It's an open thread anyway.

>> No.9283521

If she's wearing that on her head is she using a hat for panties?

>> No.9283522

that is so totally awesome ;-; :D

>> No.9283611


How about my pathfinder chick wearing nothing but an imperial guard camo cloak? holding a combat knife in one hand and the edge of the cloak in the other

>> No.9283634

How about a gnoll walking up and kicking a thri-kreen in the crotch, only to have him stare at her like "wtf"

>> No.9283690

Two lions hugging, because they must.

>> No.9283694

Apparently, due to her self-consiousness she wotn eat too much, in fear of ruining her feminine body.

MIlftyrant is not pleased with this tomfoolery

also armor morphs and bonesword.

>> No.9283743

Mmmmm... Boobies, nice stuff drawfag!

my request: Kenku in a wide-brimmed hate and a trenchcoat with a tommy gun.

<-- that kind of Kenku.

>> No.9283750

I'd report in, but I've got better things to do.

>> No.9283783

Excellent. I actually like seeing her wearing "clothes"; nudity can get stale after a while, as crazy as this sounds.

However, there's always a time and place for it... such as settling a score against a certain Battle Sister...

>> No.9283818


>> No.9283852


is the new thread.

please post there.

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