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Now that my God-Emperors are more or less done, I'm going to have a shot at making Horus.

After that, the Primarchs in a yet-to-be determined order. Last time I asked, Perturabo got a lot of support - however, I have more exact plans for Lion, Fulgrim and Sanguinus.

So, what should it be /tg/? In what order should I make the Primarchs?

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Corax first.

Hah, straight out of left field.

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This looks good, but if Sanguinus was at the bottom, then Vulcan above Russ.

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I like Perturabo a lot, but I wouldn't want him done casually. I'd like to see your version of Sanguinius, so I guess I'd say that. I really want Perturabo to look as awesome as you can make him.

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In that order, I don't really care about the others.

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It's mostly the quality of the plan that will dictate the result. If I can think of a good set of parts for him, he should turn out fine.
For now my core plans are
Horus - Obliterator + CSM & Space Wolf parts
Lion - DA parts + White Lions
Sanguinus - Sanguinary Guard + SM parts + Sanguinor
Perturabo - Techmarine? + CSM parts
Fulgrim - CSM parts + Dark Elf parts + Sigvald

On a similar note, the Emperor in OP was Terminator + Space Wolf + Sanguinary Guard parts, even though it has parts from 15 kits at the moment.

A small favour I'd like to ask - I've dome some research into the Primarchs, but it's damn hard to find pics or even mentions of the weapons of some.
If anyone could deliver some of either, I'd be most grateful.

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sup ?

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Here's Lion

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Well if you have pans for Lion, Fulgrim and Sanguinius then work on those girly primarchs first. Then you can work on the real men.
Robitussin Guilliman

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Hmm... haven't thought about Mortarion and Magnus at all yet.
Mortarion might work as a mix of Sanguinary Guard, Death Company, GS robes, DA parts and Typhus

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Fulgrim and Manus

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I think you should have used a zombie torso. The Emp is only *sorta* dead, after all. I mean he would definitely look corpselike, but he wouldn't be a skeleton.

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I'm guessing it's the hairstyle but Russ always looked like a colossal faggot to me.

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Skinhead Abaddon - voil√°, we've got Horus!

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Here's Sanguinus being an aloof jackass.

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I was one of the people requesting Perturabo last time too but I agree with this, it can wait if you need more time to think things out. Rather quality than speed.

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I've got some pics of Perturabo but the best one is too big to upload. I would leave him if you don't have a clear plan, work on the ones you do have a plan for first.

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Looks like a skeleton to me.

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What's up with his retardface?

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Here's a better quality one.

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I think it may have something to do with the demon's tongue.

Who knows where it may be or what it could be stimulating.

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why does he have cyber optics?

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Thanks, will save 'em
Hmm, that might've worked. I just saw that body and was like "yeah that just screams EMPRAH"

Also, regarding the Primarch's weapons - here's what I know
Horus - Talon & mace
Lion - Lion Sword
Fulgrim - Scimitar (forgot the name)
Ferrus - wrench?
Mortarion - Manreaper
Angron - Gorefather
Perturabo - hammer
Dorn - power fist?
Night Haunter -
Sanguinus -
Khan -
Alpharius -
Corax -
Russ -
Magnus -
Vulcan -
Lorgar -

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Perturabo should have Termie armour with tech marine stuff mainly. Iron Warriors is possibly the most no-nonsense legion there is and considering you're not making the Daemon Prince version, I don't think there'd be TOO much spiky bits etc.

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Horus carved out his eye.

Maybe they put the bionics on when his body was in a better condition and they thought he would heal. Instead, the fleshy bits have rotted away.

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Khan should have a lance or halberd and Russ should definitely have an axe. A croizus would be appropriate for Lorgar. Vulcan's weapon might be one of his treasures, so check that out. Ferrus should not have a wrench.

First Perturabo pic.

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Why is Lion wearing green, by the way?
Weren't the original Dark Angel suits black?

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This is the gallery of Aerion the faithful, he made a series of primarch portraits, they're great. pic related, it's Vulkan, his latest.
I'd imagine Russ had an axe and Magnus a staff. Fulgrim had several weapons, once of which Ferrus crafted for him. Similarly, Fulgrim crafted a weapon for Ferrus too. He eventually used the deamonsword he found in a Slaaneshi temple though.

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I thought it was damaged by chaos-y lightning?

Magnus had a staff, Corax had lightning claws, Russ had an axe, Sanguinus a sword, Khan a scimitar (and possibly a halberd), think Vulcan used a spear and wrist flamer, like the Sallies model has.

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Angron and his big ol' axe.

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look at that tiny head.

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This one is exploitable.

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Maybe it was only for the leaders/honour guard?

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Vulcan and Magnus. The second might prove a bit of a challenge I guess, but if you'd manage to do these two you'd make one anon happier.

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Nope, it's an error.

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Ferrus wielded Forgebreaker, an epic hammer forged by his brother Fulgrim.

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>He eventually used the deamonsword he found in a Slaaneshi temple though.

By he I mean Fulgrim, if that wasn't clear.

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How about the greatest primarch?

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Oh god.

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Why would you do that?

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Why would you defile Perturabo?

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Because I could

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Modeling Rowboat might prove ti be the biggest challenge, as I'm tempted to just make a barebones mehreen and say I'm done

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You get me, boy?

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the lion is basically king arthur you twat.

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I will never forgive you.

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Adding to this anon's

Horus - Talon & mace
Lion - Lion Sword
Fulgrim - Scimitar (forgot the name)
Ferrus - Hammer
Mortarion - Manreaper
Angron - Gorefather
Perturabo - hammer
Dorn - power fist?
Night Haunter - Claws
Sanguinus - ??
Khan - Scimitar
Alpharius - Bolter. Omegon wore Terminator armour, so twin-linked bolter and powerfist.
Corax - ??
Russ - Frostblade. His Dad gave him a spear he never used though.
Magnus - Force staff
Vulcan - Hammer
Lorgar - Crozius, I believe,

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>Robitussin Guilliman

Ok, I lol'd

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What about >>9270232?

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Also, aren't alpharius and omegon not that XBOX HUEG as the other primarchs; as for posing and disguising purposes some marines looked like them.

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Russ takes priority! >:3

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A bodyguard for him

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1. Russ didn't have an axe.
2. Entirely possible Corax had lightning claws, Iunno.
3. Vulkan had an asston of weaponry. He was a goddamn blacksmith. The stuff that He'stan uses is ceremonial gear, afaik, and Vulkan went into battle with a good ol' hammer from his homeworld.

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iirc they are only slightly bigger than an average spess muhreen.

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Why does no one love RG D':

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v. true. They're twins, so maybe HUEG PRIMARCH mass was split in two?

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Russ - Spear of Russ

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Chances are none of my models will be XBOX huge. ATM Horus is looking to be the tallest, with the Emperor just behind.
This is mostly due to the fact that I don't want to sculpt every part of these guys like most people, I'm just doing the best I can with kitbashing.

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Give Corax some Lightning Claws and a Jump Pack.

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>Russ didn't have an axe
Well there goes the last of my good ideas out the window

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I totally think Alpharius should just be a normal marine with bits to I.D. him as Alpha Legion, maybe back to back with Omegon in pretty plain Terminator armour, again with a little AL iconography.

Or just have their base denote Alpha Legion somehow, with them being very anonymous. Ohhhh! Or just have a bunch of marines clustered, to give the sense of a faceless army.

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Well, you could model him throwing it away, like he does in the stories. And by throwing I mean hurling it like a goddamn javelin at the moon.

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I've only ever seen two models of Corax and maybe one bit of art. As far as I can tell going by them, he was purple, had some gems and black wings and all in all looked like a slightly less faggy Fulgrim with Lclaws.

Is that about right?

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RG had black armour, red trim, I think.

Corax himself would be very pale.

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And gaunt and pale as all hell. Oh wait, you don't paint. Find some way to play up the gaunt?

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Could be my faulty memory then.
I'll look into him

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Dark Elf / Vampire Count parts look malnourished and frail, if that compensates.

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If you do mortarion, I'd suggest using the blade from a Tyranid scything talon arm for the scythe.

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They work pretty sweet for man reapers. I'll post a pre-heresy Death Guard if need be...

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Remember that Horus is usually shown with that fur cloak/cape thing.

On a modelling note, you think Marine scouts with power armour helmets will go together?

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Ferrus Manus was here.

Everyone else is small time.

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Hey scripty, how was the B-day bash?

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They won't. Power Armour helmets are so big they'd look very silly.
I broke my glasses and drank half a liter of Jägermeister. All in all a good sausagefest.

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Not that large if you shave off some of the sides though.

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And now for a short moment of rage.


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What's the problem man? Lost another powerfist?

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No it's my sister and her ENDLESS NAGGING.
>Hey bro, come over to our place
>no I'm eating
>well after that
>c'mooon come see the horse I painted
>I ain't promicing anything
>why'd you break up from your girlfriend huh? huh? huh? *30 smilies and MSN buzzes*

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Hey, Script, do you have a gallery of your conversions and such somewhere?

>> No.9271889

I have some on Dakkadakka, but only some. The gingerbread models are also on my Deviantart.
Other than that, no.

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Silly Sigmar, you should've gotten some steam armour from the folks at Nuln

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Fulgrim had a sword gifted to him by Ferrus Manus, and he in return gave Ferrus a hammer. They apparently made them in some competition to make the coolest weapon and show the other up.

After Fulgrim killed Manus he gave the hammer to Horus, who then gave it to Perturabo. I think all of this was in the Fulgrim Horus Heresy book.

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I feel ya, bro.
My cousins are like that, especially bad since I'm not fond of soul food.
>Hey, I'm cooking dinner, wanna show up?
>What are you making?
>Pig's feet, chitlins-
>*cut her off* No
>Awww, why not~?
>But it tastes so good~, blah blah blah
>*rage inside because I have NEVER eaten that shit and never will and they just don't fucking get it* Well, it's bad for you, it's really salty and fatty, etc *not too mention it's fucking nasty gross shit, do you know what chitlins are Script? IT'S FUCKING SALTED PIG INTESTINES. PEOPLE EAT THAT SHIT. DUMB NIGGERS EAT THAT SHIT GODDAMMIT SOMETIMES I HATE BLACK PEOPLE SO MUCH FUCK*
Done raging, going to get check from job nao.

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Why has no one mentioned this guy yet?

>> No.9272000

Which Head did you use for the Emperor here? great choice.

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Haha oh wow what the fuck, and here I was thinking my mum is a bit off with ALL ORGANIC FOOD ALL THE TIME. ALSO ANGELS AND CRYSTAL HEALING POWERS. (I shit you not. She heals people with positive thoughts and crystals. And gets paid for it)

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The "he-man" head from the Space Wolves kit.

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thanks. oh and btw, may i suggest that for your Horus model, you do an Olianus Pius model aswell, for defiantly standing his ground in front him. would make a great little display piece.

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I did think about making Ollanius, but every plan I make goes a bit more over the top than the last.
-with sculpted abs
-and a halo
-and a giant package
-I mean like massive
-the junk of gods
-and he's flipping horus off

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Do Apemantus

Make an Apemantus

Fucking do it, Apemantus up in this shit

>> No.9272119


Too bad, from what I've seen they're exceptionally good.

I'm sure I'm not alone in my desire to see more of them, so snap a few photos and upload them somewhere when you feel like it, won't you?

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put at least five naked bitches around his legs, craving for said package (which is mind-numbingly massive) and you may have an appropriate depiction

>> No.9272139

Shut up Gobbo.

>> No.9272152

I think all that flair would be detrimental to Olianus. His greatest feature is that he is a normal guy standing up to the greatest evil.

>> No.9272158


The Emperor should also be distracted by said genitalia, and Horus is openly leering. That's why he killed him, jealousy.

>> No.9272167


>normal guy
>flair would be detrimental


>> No.9272180

>and he's flipping horus off

>> No.9272182

Ollanius Pius story was laughable when you think about it. A normal guardsman would have been dead before even setting foot on Horus' ship. Thats why GW retconned it, even they could see how ridiculous the story was.

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I'm afraid I don't quite follow
Some of my archived threads on Suptg probably contains most of my pics, at least the earlier ones. People don't seem to archive my threads that much any more.

>> No.9272223

Ferrus Manus

>> No.9272225

You don't know Apemantus? He's one of the Imperium's greatest heroes!

>> No.9272263


He's THE greatest hero. Never forget his sacrifice.

>> No.9272270

Sup rulebook, howsit hangin'?
The other option is an unconverted guardsman, which isn't much of a conversion project.
It's silly and balls to the wall, but somehow unlike most of the old crap (looking at you space dorfs), it somehow passes infinity and goes right back to being fucking awesome again.

>> No.9272294

GW shouldn't be trying to make 40k less ridiculous, it's for adults who like to paint dollies, there's no way of taking it seriously.

>> No.9272340

It's a fine line of kinda serious and Megas XLR/Gurren Laggan levels of rule of cool.
I enjoy it as both, haters gonna hate.

>> No.9272396

Does this one have two left arms, too?

>> No.9272417

I see what you referenced there

>> No.9272440


Calling them toys I can understand, but dollies?

>> No.9272622

Perhaps in a sort of paper doll way.

>> No.9272783

the real trick for Olianus Pius would be finding the perfect pose and expression of determination. He wouldnt need much conversion at all, thats true, rather he is a complimentary piece to the Horus model.

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>She heals people with positive thoughts and crystals. And gets paid for it
I lol'd mightiliy.

>> No.9273510

I'm not yet sure if it's heresy

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does she praise the God Emperor when she does it? If not...


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