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Is this how orks perceive Chem-chan?

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Just mifgrod

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this man is right.

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/r/ chemrat version

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Is mifgrod sterile and incapable of producing spoors?

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ahem, spores.

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Seriously, what?

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Well he traveled with her for a bit and new boys didn't sprout up I don't think.

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Looks like Chemchan got some spores mixed in with her courage gas.

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I'd WAAAAAAAAAAAAGH for that, if you know what I mean

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Wait, what?

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Chem-chan as an ork? I am intrigued.

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So, wait, is that just how Miffgrod thinks she looks, or did she actually turn into an ork? When did this happen?

At least it's better than Chem-Rat.

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I don't think that's Chem-chan. I think it's just some orc in a gasmask.

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Who the fuck is "Miffgrod"?

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It's just an image the Op used to ask the question. Miffgrod sees a bigger ork, end of story.

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maybe, but now I'm kinda fapping to the idea of chemchan turning all green and muscley.

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Small ork companion of chemchan. It's a long story that has several versions all of which cause argument.

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Guessing you've not been here very long, huh?

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The solution is to drop the fetish.

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I don't read these threads because they usually just turn into OH SO FURRY shit about chem-rat

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Green and muscley, you say?

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Chem-Chan as She-Hulk? DO WANT.

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That still means you haven't been here very long, chemchan is a heck of a lot older than chemrat.

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then take it to /co/.

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No, you take it to /co/. I was here first.

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No, not really. They started within days of each other.

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I like where this going

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Ah the age of chink, when women got violated by jack hammers by small orks.

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No you weren't.

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The biker mouse from mars knockoff didn't show up till last summer.

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you know he is.

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BWAHAHA, oh you fucking newfag.

You remind me of the Dark Tower.

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Considering the recent influx of /b/tards and /v/tards, no, I don't know. Some of those fucks actually believe shit like that.

And yes, they've been coming here a while, but it's been getting exponentially worse since Christmas.

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hahaha, oh wow. No, they didn't. You need to seriously brush up on your /tg/ lore.

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shut up and take it to /co/. Say you want tank-girl in she-hulk form.

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So a green ogryn?

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/tg/ is my fetish

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Can't we just have a nice thread about Lofn?

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Yes, lets.

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I liked lofn, but then I enjoyed the nerd-rage backlash against lofn, which at the time galvanized the people who hated /tg/-lore with the people who hated sup/tg/ with the people who hated jeanstealer in particular. Add the nostalgia goggle wearing oldfags who knew the bloomtime was never coming again and you got what happened to all that.

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Fappan to delicious nerd rage

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Not with that attitude you're not.

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Oldfags are awake, post lofn

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Last I've heard of Lofn was that SoB with whips and oil BAD END fic.

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Do people remember the night Chink came back, and discovered Lofn?

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In fairness to me who rode most of that backlash to a hip surfing theme, I don't hate Lofn I just loved how people would attempt to argue canon with me over a fan-character.

God I love the internet.

My attitude is in love with the world's cutest sack of gibbering flesh that ever clogged a craftworld lavatory. How is that not CAN DO?

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more like 'no end'.

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Fuck yea, Lofn.

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what the hell just happened here?

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Lofn became a man.

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Then after the rage subsided no-one dealt with that particular line of fluff anymore, which allowed Cultist-chan to take centre stage for a long time.

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I have no idea, I missed that night.

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I'm pretty sure that's the Callidus who likes to have her way with Macha.

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Well, with Cultist-Chan the creepy people don't have to feel bad about wanting to fuck it. With Lofn it's more like that guilty pleasure they keep hushed down because they believe cartoon characters are real.

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lack of chem rat here

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I miss her.

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Well, it sure tapped into the zeitgeist, whatever the motivation.

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Something heavily involved with the old trollplayers is never going to be that popular.

When shit like pic-related began popping up I was all "Why don't we just make her one of the hrud?" and people were all "Fuck you" and I was all "Whatever".

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She's a scantily dressed retard that is so kicked by life there's no way anyone who lusts after her could harm her worse.

I'd have been shocked if she hadn't taken off as she did.

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rat is a fine ass

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When you put it that way, it all makes sense.

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>>9268627 is never going to be that popular.

/tg/ hates everything eventually. No matter how good/bad it is.

I enjoyed the RPing nonsense. I mean its gone now, but has the board gotten better? With the West vs East threads, what does an Elf look like, etc?

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She also appeals to white-knights and other such people, who would want to do right by her instead of abuse her more.

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Every /tg/ character appeals to White Knights. It like underdog syndrome here.

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I'd have to say yes, yes it has. Elf threads on a similar vein of retardation are an ancient /tg/ staple and I think the east/west stuff is 4chan-wide. I could be wrong but I swear I've seen the same template used for pretty much every board.

The next thing to cause major drama will be the porn thulsa doom threads.

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Ultimately seeking the same sort of loving attention from her, yes.

I'm a third camp in that I tend to avoid her entirely (except now because we're doing an intellectual analysis fuck you I'm immune to criticism and bullets). I wrote Lofn mutant baby stories, but fuck the world if I'll ever write about Cultist-Chan.

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I think the East vs West trolls are being made by the same guy who did the "moralfag" and "* good is shit tier" trolling, with the same levels of copy-paste and retarded tenacity. Just a theory though.

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Needs more big green tits in this thread.

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I'd disagree. It's gotten steadily worse. This however is not linked to the roleplaying stuff - it would have happened anyway, I'm just pointing out /tg/ has some odd priorities.

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A lot of it is people monkeying other people. You'd be surprised how many people see something and go "I WANT TO MAKE THIS!" because it gets a reaction or a response.

But then again if you ever took a look at say, fan-fiction of something then I guess it's not that big of a shock.

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