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Ok guys. Weapon thread now. Weapons for D&D, VTM, and any other games for weapons.

pic related, my NPC Willhelm with his pistol

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...D20 modern?

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I got a few weapon sheets but i think a lot of em will be reposts

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>weapons locker and not ultramodern firearms

Alternately: I want to make my next character fight with his bare hands/gauntlets. There's just no substitute.

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What >>9264553 said.
You looking for just any old weapons? Cus' i don't really have an swords that aren't attached to people.

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I recently put points in craft (device?) with my lvl4 ninja. what are some cool medieval/Renaissance gadgets/weapons that I can make.

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Your NPC looks like a douche.

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cause he is.

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jus any weapons, doesnt matter, some of the guys in my group wanted ideas an im making a folder to collect interesting weapons

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Primitive gas mines? Those crazy daggers that eject out when you punch someone. (Not Katars)

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That's all i got really.

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Flying, spinning blades that are thrown and whurr at 45 m/ph at least

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this guy has some and likes them:


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gas mine would be craft trap, by daggers do you mean assassins creed shit because I'm trying to stay away from the recent "hidden blade" trope.

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I have them both. I don't like Ultramodern Firearms. To limited.

That and I already know most of that shit anyway.

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My wrist hurts just looking at that.

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Palladium has a Guide to Jesus Fucking Christ That's A Lot Of Guns. (Properly, the Compendium of Contemporary Weapons) It's picture-heavy.

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presumably you don't shoot both off at the same time.

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Still doesn't look terribly comfortable just firing one of the rounds.

Anyway, the M14 and its various derivatives always strike me as looking fucking awesome.

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30-06 up in this motherfucker.

And I know everyone here hates d20 modern.

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*But if you fix the gun damages, and keep to decent leveled campaigns, it's not bad at all.

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Any awsome swords or melee weapons?

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Jesus christ...

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Weapons you say?

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sand off stock, saw off barrel, +100 cool points

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>weapon thread.

inb4 trigger discipline, magazines are not clips, and other /k/ fetishes.


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>-1000 practicality points

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psssh... whatevs brah

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Go directly to jail.

(At least for shotguns. I'm not sure what the rules are on cut-down rifles.)

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And makes a nice pentagram-shaped pattern on your target, as well!

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As long you're not carrying they don't care.

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I see what you did thar.

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SBR's(Short Barrel Rifles) Are highly illegal.

go ask /k/

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I once ran a game of Good and Evil Incorporated, an obscure Wushu setting, where the players were morally grey badasses fighting sorcerers.

One of the characters was a "literature demon" who'd been forcibly bound into a human body, but he still had the power to draw whatever he wanted from any nearby books. (he also had an L-space pocket in his jacket, just in case)

In the epic battle to save St Paul's Cathedral, the gunfighter runs out of ammo - so the demon reaches into a copy of Ultramodern Firearms, turns to a page at random, whips out an ancient russian machine gun and tosses it to the gunfighter.

Pretty pimp.

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Also, your NPC is wearing a wig. Badass.

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Whaleharpoon bolted on to a pick up truck in oWoD


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#18, #31 and #32 all look like SMGs from Borderlands. Weird.

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While a short barrel rifle does constitute a Title II firearm according to the rules set forth in the National Firearms Act, they are perfectly legal in many states so long as you fill out the paperwork and pay the $200 tax.

IIRC it is ATF Form 4 that needs to be filled out.

If you do not follow the rules, 10 years fed prison+$250,000 fine. Oh, and the ATF tends to carry out such warrants with extreme enthusiasm to the point of kicking in doors, suffocating children with tear gas, and setting them on fire.

You really should just fill out the paperwork.

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I do believe anyone even remotely awake knows how BATF serves warrants. Pic related.

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Taurus fuck yeah

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Yeah, BATFE is a little overzealous when you don't fill out the proper forms.

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>this thread

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Usually just lurk but I like guns

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OICW would have rocked if they worked out all the flaws but I'm sure a PC would be able to get their hands on a prototype

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hurray the fishgun!

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emm gee fawty tooo

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any links?

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Cyberpunk 2020, The only way to fly

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Standard PC equipment

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I need a handgun that can fire these

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Contributan with some delicious Blade Runner prop.

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These are awesome and you should feel awesome. How many rules are there?

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My current 4e character has a glaive with the Pinning property.
I fluff it as an adamantine chain that shoots out of the bottom and wraps around them.

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Thanks, im not sure how many there are and i need to find some of the ones im missing

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You know the rules. And so do I.

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I'm not sure about that. But I'm no stranger to love.

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Quad Shotgun, thats something Doomguy would use.

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Why is it that I usually see higher quality weapon threads here than on /k/? Some of you fa/tg/guys seem like you might actually know how to use a firearm. That's at least up on /k/.

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One of my favorites.

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Thats because /k/ are to busy talking about religion and politi/k/s.

When they do talk about weapons its always about how US made stuff is automatically and undeniably better than anything else.

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I got to fire one of those sexy beasts once.
Felt better than sex.

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forgot to mention, unless it's a nugget or sks.

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Not sure it's a shotgun. It might be an elephant gun, you know, the old massive hunting rifles? Either way, whatever is at the wrong end of that gun is going to have a bad day.

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This one is a must have in exalted.

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Actually I think it was more along the lines that /k/ was overran by britfag trolls and airsoft kids.

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And speaking of Exalted, these would fit nicely as a variety of Daiklaives. Black Jade, red jade, green jade, oricalcum, starmetal, moonsilver, and soulsteel respectively.

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MMMmmmm, Killzone.

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I smell a Hig in here.

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A lot of the cool points comes from how it sorta looks like a flintlock pistol now. Add some silver engravings and you've got a winner.

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Fuck Togusa, you should stop worrying about automats jamming. I want you to use standard issue weapons when you are covering my ass.

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I think it used to be a swiss k31.

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I'd cover the Major's ass, if you know what I mean.

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In epic thread postan.

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My invention, done in AutoCAD

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>always tacload and threatscan360 degrees

okay, this is officially masturbation for /k/

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Side-view with engraving readable.

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I once saw a guy ask about Mausers, they know a LOT about Mausers.

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I'm not up on my /k/faggotry but I'm pretty sure you did not invent revolvers with the chamber mounted in front of the trigger.

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In theory, after loading the cylinder operator can pull back the spring mechanism, which will make the gun fire semi-automatically for this cylinder.

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I know I didn't. They were invented for sharp-shooting competitions. I was speaking colloquially.

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Ah. Carry on then!

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Oh, one other thing.

Autocad is great for manufacture and all, but that render looks like something from a decade ago.

I don't have any good renderers installed right now, but I could do a far better job.

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Pulse rifle. Fuck year.

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gun looks good cept you have a single action trigger on it like the 1911 and no visable hammer. The cocking mechanism on it would work for a larger gun like a machine gun with it also being larger. what you got there is the shit we use to play with as kids with the darts u lick and sick to the wall. it would be hell to cock

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Well, yeah. I'm an engineer (not artist) and actually learned AutoCAD in my spare time to put it on my CV. I can send you project file through rapidshare.

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My favourite gun in RE4.

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If you like, but I can't promise anything today as I have an old bro visiting later.

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What's the matter with the Handcannon then? Too MANLY for you?

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Yeah, well. Coolness was my first concern. Hammer is meant to be internal. And you do need a spring this large, because with one pull you are storing energy for next six cockings (lol) and cylinder rotations.
I shouldn't even rationalise that- I made it for kicks.

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Too much fucking work needed to turn it into the Godfucker it's meant to be. Besides, I like the Red9 because of how stylish it was.

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>upgrading the Handcannon
>too much work
I bet you never even beat Mercs and just got the PRL instead.

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That's the Stinger isn't it? I wish I was mechanically inclined enough to make my own weapons in a warzone.

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A simple sledgehammer is my favourite.

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The almighty Crowbar. It knows not the boundaries of armor nor the limits of physical force. It simply is, and while it is, it slays.

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Fight in style.

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Those red scopes always looked so fucking evil to me. Like something you'd see on a video game henchman's gun just to emphasize how EVIL they are.

Yet they look so awesome.

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1911/Tommy Gun Hybrid.

It is made of massive recoil, copious amounts of .45, and rape.

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Why not just get a Tommy Gun then? There's no difference.

Aside from looking bad-ass with the Tommy. You bust out a Tommy and no one is going to want to fuck with you.

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A railroad spike converted to a knife. Certainly at home in the hands of an Urban PC.

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Because red glowing eyes are fucking awesome, except for the Helghast.

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Harder to conceal.

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I dunno, ask the Dillinger Gang, mate.

I'd proably say they did it for portability. A 1911 with a couple gubbins stuck on it is easier to conceal than an entire SMG (especially if you use the drug mag instead of the box).

On a related note of "Why would you do that?", this one-shot pistol fires a full-size, high powered rifle round.

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The Webley: Cat approved.

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Fat magazine is fat.

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Of course, without a fat magazine, sometimes one must improvise.

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Lever Action: Modernized!

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Where? There's nothing but gravel in that picture.

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>nothing but gravel

Nah, that's THIS picture.

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>black polymer lever action rifle
god fucking damit

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