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Continuing from >>9252472

Dunno how much longer I'll be around, but we still seem to have at least bg and KBAMF in a drawing mood.

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thats because :3

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Jason Voorhees fighting an ork warboss!

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Can one of you guys draw this guy in your own style?

Older dude, all official like. He's an Imperial Governor for a project i'm working on.

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Please draw a Rotom pranking its Techpriest by possessing the Golden Throne or some other important tech.

>Rotom, the Plasma Pokémon. Rotom plays practical jokes, which it carries out by embedding its plasma body in electronic devices.


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Female Illithid pirate with a flintlock pistol and a dagger.

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Eh, why not. Putting off current project in favor of (preferably silly) requestses.

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And contestant number one!

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Imagine a woman, about 18-19, with snake shaped pupils, with a terrible terrible choice for hair (Black, with Ponytails everywhere) and an even worse sense of fashion (Like an 80s ganger had a three car pile up with some type of Japanese Gothic Cosplayer, and a porn starlet's wardrobe designer and the ambulance drivers didn't care what pieces go where), with tan skin, and the most evil smile one could fashion onto her most beautiful face with an oddly well done amount of makeup on it, with a beauty mark under her right eye.

She has a skull servo following her around that has speakers for eyes, with oil leaking out of the bottom of each.

That is my Rogue Trader.

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Also! Wished to thank you again for my character portrait that you did. It was awesome, GM.

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Damn, fucking slow, not even starting on the guardsmen sketches yet.

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I've seen this done but shall draw it anywau

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>thousands of guardsman firing their lasguns at one target

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Anyone up to drawing up a giant monstrous flesh golem? With limbs fashioned from torsos, fingers which are entire arms, a gaping maw made of ribcages, etc.

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This guy.

Running in panic from a :3-face polar bear, while a nearby guy with a gun is laughing uproariously.

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A long blonde haired handsome looking man missing an arm at the elbow. He is smirking with his eyes, which are a dull green. He is wearing winter boots
and expensive clothing. He wears a light breast plate His remaining arm is protected by full length metal gauntlet(he's paranoid about losing the other one).
On top of antlers of his red elk mount sits a one eyed falcon. An clockwork revolver rests in his armored hand.

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>A lopunny and a male and female nidoran on a blanket sleeping. Bunny from that one quest you did, Trap Quest, with them optional, but preferred.

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I have a request! A guardsman spining a longbow on his finger, giving a fucking huge trollface to another guardsman beside him, who is holding a lasgun.

Please, and thankyou in advance if anyone takes this.

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A knight Riding a Lobster, or a Knight riding a Crab, both are in my current undersea campaign

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I am honored, but i do think you are mistaking me with someone else.

I do not draw character portraits, all i draw is TITS ON EVERYTHING.

Have some free, unrequested tits on a goblin, brother.

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Draw a slime monster piloting that ship from the R-Type series


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This guy.

Being sat on by a :3-face polar bear.

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Tzeentch reaction image, he is facepalming.

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Hey GM could you take a whack as this one if you are planning on drawing tonight?

A female elf mage Very muscular with long honey gold hair that is so long that when she is standing, a foot of her hair is laying on the ground (she is 5 feet tall and her hair is 6 feet long) Her eyes are a deep purple. She has scars all over her body from her neck down. The scars come from her being a slave for several years and from having a run in during that time with orcs. She has rings in both nipples. The rings have magic protections on them so that among other things she does not have to worry about cold or heat/fire. She has an ornate forge hammer that she uses to make some of her magic items.

Now you might be asking why a mage has that much muscle? well she is one of the few mages that makes magic items that has the skill set to build magic weapons and armor from raw materials. She is a smith as well as a mage.

When making something in her forge she will wear boots and not much else because the magic fires of her forge pretty much wreck any clothing she wears.

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Could you please draw Lidda (pictured) being hit on by a yuan-ti? Possibly having pulled her pants down and fondling her ass. She should look shocked.

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draw a tits golem

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Is anyone here willing to colour a pic bg already drew?

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Been done; check previous threads on suptg. It was quite a few back.

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Has it? Shitwhistles.

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An adventuring party, consisting of a cigar, a cigarette, a wad of chewing tobacco, and a joint. The joint has committed some misdeed and the rest of the party is irate about it.
Distribute classes as you see fit.

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Alrighty, hope this is too your liking.

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A sexy, blonde elf girl with long hair and a nice figure. She's dressed in a patchwork combination of armor and a cliché skimpy "elf ranger" outfit. She's wielding a giant two-handed sword and has Minsc's hamster on her shoulder.

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Draw any characters of your choice as Contra characters
Blasting through an army of aliens

And/or Black Viper with TITS

Video for reference: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ri2W_L1wFMg

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request from teh last thread

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Finish this by any chance?

>> No.9258178

Doing this at the moment.

I am, unless it involves shitting dick nipples.

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Cynical again. Draw a bunch of drawfags straining under a fat neckbeard in a dress, wearing cat ears. You can add more details if you really want to.

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Haha perfect, thank you.

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Rance standing before Slaanesh, with no pants on (facing away from the camera so we can't see his junk).

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>shitting dick nipples.
Uh huh. If you can find an example of that I'd be mighty impressed.

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Holy shit that's awesome! Thanks!

>> No.9258227


anybody want to tackle this?

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>>I am a faggot trying to start some drama.

Or wathever, i am trying to say there are things i won't draw or color.

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Any idea on a date, by chance?

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Pyramid Head's nerdy little brother, Icosahedron Head.

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Ranger reporting for duty, again.


This was the first thing on my list.

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A Lord of Change coddling and otherwise going "daww" over a bunch of multicoloured many-eyed kittens.

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>>9257967, please?

>> No.9258277

I'll repost it from the second link when that thread dies. The general colour scheme is 'shades of green'.

Also does anyone know how to get rid of the file when Firefox has filled the 'file' section, seriously.

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We've had Banshee Macha and Scorpion Idranel.

How about a pic of Farseer Caerys as one of the aspects we haven't seen yet? The ones that spring to mind first are Swooping Hawks, Dark Reapers and Harlequins.

Whichever is chosen, she should be facially recognizeable (helmet off) and in a clearly feminized uniform (So DEM TITS and DAT ASS).

Leaving details up to you

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Whatever the name "Commander Chainsawhands" inspires in you.

>> No.9258308

No drama intended, I just found it funny.

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Here you go man, your request is stutid and you should feel stutid, only stutid dumpasses make requests like this


drawfags are only supposed to draw porn you know

please consider this in the future

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Badass dude! Ill have to see if I can do up something special for you in return.

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goddammit I should stop coloring, takes too long and /tg/ is impatient

>> No.9258378

AGD, you drew this for me in the last thread and it's great!

I wouldn't mind seeing a quick pin-up of the alien girl you did here. Even a quicksketch. Naked or in some weird clothing doesn't matter to me, just show off the design.

Thanks again

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I'm not!

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A picture like this except with a female warcraft troll (outrageous red hair, pointy ears, small tusks, sexy, blue skin) putting on the empty skin of a black-haired human woman.

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I'm eating jerry beans

and thinking about what to draw next.

ehh maybe the crab pirate ship? post the description here, please

>> No.9258494

You are a practiced badass! Thanks in advance.

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:< nothing apeals to me... bye

>> No.9258555


Draw a loli illithid. Pic related.

>> No.9258562

Yeaaaah, I think I do this and then leave too

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Draw a nuclear explosion!

>> No.9258612

Also, reposting that kommando nob and grot buddy drawing in case the Anon who requested it is around.

>> No.9258720


Takin' my time, but it still got done. Enjoy!

>> No.9258834

If you're the same guy who requested long-haired curvy blonde elf with two-handed sword and a snarl yesterday, here.

>> No.9258873


Cheers! Awesome!

>> No.9258917

I'd like a parody of the "GENTLEMEN" pics with Slaanesh and a mouthful of Eldar, and I'm willing to wait a long ass time.

>> No.9258930


brilliant, you always come through for us

>> No.9258957


Holy crap, seconded.

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By the way did you draw this?
If so, art-trade!
Do me a Wakko Warner as a Techpriest from Mars.

>> No.9259037

Angry Drawfag attempts fuzzy-brush shading! It...well, I guess Cutebolds might have a patchy complexion. Um.

I felt that >>9254936 was missing something. The goblin is, I believe, KBAMF's work.

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im going back to sleep

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An Ithorian hacker standing atop a skyscraper in Coruscant with a floating holographic computer display before him. He is hacking the building's security system, hailing his group's spaceship down from orbit, and fucking with the vehicle radar systems below causing massive a massive hover-car jam.

>> No.9259076

Back after a long day. I'm in the mood for Reasonable Lesbians.
Reasonable Daemonette aand a Sister of Battle out on a date. SoB has on a tux/skirt combo, while Reasonette is wearing a little black dress. Both are holding hands.

>> No.9259088

Not by me.

>> No.9259115

Oh, oops. And I just realized I left my little provenance scrawl in the corner. Er. Sorry, whoever it was who did the awesome Goblin.

>> No.9259211

A corgryn( or watever those anthro corgi are called) monk standing beside the body of a space marine. The chest of the marine seems to have been exploded from inside, his ribcage is split and his armor destroyed. The corgryn is smiling with his eyes closed and giving the thumbs up gesture toward the viewer.

>> No.9259276

I'm gone, gents

>> No.9259348

the sexy adventures of a female gnoll warrior and her enslaved human farmgirl.

>> No.9259396

Requesting what Sandwich would have looked/acted like if she had been raised by drow.

>> No.9259423


So Sandy's evil twin sister?

>> No.9259427

I remember seeing this request a year ago

>> No.9259547

Guy Gardner as an Ork. Maybe one of the Rokkit boys? A Nob? A Warboss? A Mekboy?

I DON'T KNOW, DECIDE FOR ME, PLEASE. There he is, pictured.

>> No.9259566

can someone post a picture of cultist-chan?

i forgot what color her eyes were

yes i am drawing an art of her

here's a new rippy the ripper

>> No.9259572


Moar TG in my /tg/?

Very well. Seems a bit uncomfortable she does. Wonder why that could be?

>> No.9259600

Fuck yeah Zazz!

>> No.9259614

This cannot be work safe.

>> No.9259623

Sorta an old blood color. Reddish brown or brownish red.

>> No.9259624


...because it's actually a guy?

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>> No.9259633

Draw a Cyberpunk-ish techie, sawed off shotgun in hand, screaming FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK, flipping off the 4th wall?

>> No.9259637

Oops. I didn't bother to check which version I was posting.

>> No.9259644


I should really remember to avoid using sarcasm on the internets.

>> No.9259696

Yeah, it's getting silly-late here too. Angry out.

>> No.9259701

A Kuo-Tao, a Goblin and a Kobold fighting a single Fighter, with each one on the other's shoulder.

Kuo-Tao look like this.

>> No.9259749

Anon drawfag here...debating on picking my tablet up and joining this holy crusade......................................

>> No.9259767

Doooo iiiittt.

>> No.9259777


Appreciate it most kindly if you would.

>> No.9259779

but I have not drawn for two years :( mostly done graphic design for workz :cry:

>> No.9259781


The more the merrier dude.

>> No.9259788

I am sad that im not in that picture D:

Late and already done, but wanted to do it anyway

>> No.9259794


That took way too long. Debating if I should do another.

>> No.9259799

rectifying my comment there, have not drawn anything FUN in two years...

>> No.9259809


Then you are LONG overdue.

>> No.9259812

Mah Boi, I posted a picture of a half-man, half pineapple using nothing but an old piece of paper and the camera built into my laptop.

If I can do it, so can you!

>> No.9259872

Well then start now! Otherwise you'll procrastinate and be all I'll do it later and blah blah and then your suit will start to suck at your brain and you'll become a terrible boring person.

>> No.9259907

There's a small hoard of anonymous drawfags hidden behind us egomaniacs, because being anonymous I have no idea what theyd' look like (I contemplated a NO PICTURE AVAILABLE guy, but frankly that seems more associated with /b/).

Um. Well, I guess you're some form of kroot. Also, trust KBAMF to go back to being KBAMF almost immediately after I finish up a group show with Techpriest Wakko in. Tsk.

Well, here's your solution. Pick a request.

>> No.9259951

bluh, it's been forever since I drew a spess mehren...

>> No.9259995


Hmmmm... could use a bit more work, but I need to rest my hand a little.

Still appropriately chainsawey or what?

>> No.9260085


>> No.9260122


>> No.9260150

Guy Garnder is clearly a weirdboy who uses a ring to focus WAAGGGGHH

>> No.9260202

An middle-aged Indian-looking man, wearing a blue greatcoat covered in arcane symbols and two complicated-looking mechanical gauntlets; he is doing a 'gun-hand' type thing and pointing his fingers at a terrified-looking Guardsman

>> No.9260360

Meh. First attempt at drawfaggotry. Also was unsure of what exactly you meant.

>> No.9260361


have no fear, dear.

I've a split personality.


>> No.9260388

I love it! Cute and epic at the same time, and it really shows the space marine what for. Many internets to you and your kin.

>> No.9260458

I need a pair of Dwarves staring at a tankard as though each one is trying to push it over with dirty looks alone.

>> No.9260467


Sure, why not. Forgive me if my artistic skill is 0; first time drawfagging.

>> No.9260517

Glad you like it! First ork I've ever drawn
. Yay! :D

Feel free to add me to it too. Granted, I haven't done much in a long time, but I'm trying to change that. <3

>> No.9260524

Sorry for leaving all of a sudden but i had to take care of some stuff, etc.

Back to drawfagan'

>> No.9260542


>> No.9260544

that's damn near fappable

something about girls only wearing belts

>> No.9260608


Okay. Here it is. Drawn in Flash CS3 with a mousepad; aren't I skillful.

>> No.9260695

Here ya go. Not much but I'm proud of it.

>> No.9260706

Tarrasque smoking a blunt.

>> No.9260731

Can somebody explain this meme to me?

>> No.9260757


Not much to explain. It just looks funny. It's from Team Fortress 2.

>> No.9260768

Can I request khaki and lime (i.e. ebony and ivory but for brown/tan orcs and green orcs)?

I don't know, just seems funny, and yes, I have made this request more then a few times.

>> No.9260835

finished up cultist

never drawed her before, so here it is

>> No.9260836

A middle aged wood elf with piercing eyes, long black hair, and a body shaped by many years of adventuring. He face is somewhat weathered but carries an immutable air of dignity and command worthy of any emperor. He is armored in fine chain at his sleeves and legs, banded plate at the hands and feet, and an ornately worked breastplate with a Norman flower pattern. The chest piece features a tower, unicorn, and falcon set against a woodland dell. At his belt are a few small pouches and, tucked behind, a small dagger. Hanging at the left and right are two longswords crafted with great skill in a similar style, each taking cues from the other but apparently by different smiths. The sheath at left is a hard white leather worked with images of unicorns and crossed pikes banded with leaves of weathered green copper. The right sheath appears as lacquered obsidian with an inlay pattern of palladium gears and sapphire flames of red and blue. Across his back lies an ermine trimmed cloak and cowel fastened to his shoulders and around his neck by a braided electrum cord and rivets at the shoulder.

>> No.9260841

She looks fucking good dude. Leaving out the scars just shows her as she was before all that happened to her and I think I like it this way.

Thanks again man, I'm working on something for you at the moment though it may take a while to render, I'll post it soon as it is done.

>> No.9260921

Also, since someone asked for Cultist, here, have an older piece for your collection.

>> No.9260937

A fire elemental in the form of a nude humanoid male emerging from the forge looking sexy. The girl is biting her lip and seems to be aroused by the meer sight of him.

>> No.9260980


Zazz, who you be?

You seem... familiar.

>> No.9261021

THank you so awesome! Sorry it took so long. Very much appreciated!
It looks excellent.

>> No.9261028

used to be in /tg/ around 2 years ago

left, and now am back

was in the drawthreads then too.

>> No.9261036


LOL she would freeze his ass in a block of ice or just banish him back to the elemental plane of fire. The chick is an archmage after all.

>> No.9261088

This is a rather crappy version.

>> No.9261157

Mind putting the tattoos on? It's going into the god-tier folder either way, but it looks kinda unfinished now.

>> No.9261221

4-chan's being weird on me.

In any case, because my last post did not go through for whatever reason, was waiting for something fun to try, but now a guest is over, so I have to go. Ta ta for now.

>> No.9261300

Taldeer and LIVII having sex on top of Macha

>> No.9261427

Hey, guys, which one of these do you think best describes a drawthread?

[] Draw X
[] Draw X with Y
[] Draw X doing Y
[] Draw X with Y and Z
[] Draw X doing Y with Z
[] Draw X doing Y and Z
[] Draw X and Y doing Z
[] Other (please specify)

>> No.9261449

khaki and lime orcs quickie

>> No.9261456


[X] Shitscribble shitposting

>> No.9261463



>> No.9261489



Thank you. I will work on my own drawing skills in the hope I can repay this one day.

>> No.9261787

Looks like everybody went to sleep.

So I will too.

>> No.9262036

I'm not sure I nailed the "dirty looks" part, but I think it gets the point across. Maybe.

>> No.9262072


This should be fun.

>> No.9262080

Dwarf with troll face, pulling a lever.

Dumping magma onto elves in the distance.

>> No.9262518

>Tits, Teeth, Tats, and Tantrumspirals.

>> No.9262601

Currently working on this one.

Any other requests?

>> No.9262633

A cat girl with the :3 face and holding boxers.

D'AWWWness is asked for.

>> No.9262672

Bored looking vampire monk.

>> No.9262686


Warforged adventurer, with an Indiana Jones hat, cleaving the giant boulder in half with a massive axe instead of running from it.

>> No.9262950

Thread died, reposting.

>> No.9263004

I love you so much

>> No.9263099

please tell me that will be done soon D:

>> No.9263319

Kitty! :3

>> No.9263470

Just got out of the shower. I'm workin' on it!

>> No.9263837

<3 oyu all

>> No.9263861

GCS, with your permission, when you finish the trolling magma dorf, can I color/shade?

>> No.9264069


Paint just crashed while drawing.

Going to call it a night, since I have more nonpaying physical labor I have to do early tomorrow morning.

Maybe I'll catch the next drawthread on time.(and not at the end of it like tonight.)

>> No.9264190


>> No.9264236

Oh, uh, sorry: That was the finished lineart. You can color/shade as you like, though.

Here's the finished product, apologies if my coloring is inferior.

>> No.9264244

no, your way superior to me.

>> No.9264252

I love you.

>> No.9264313

I'm partially still alive, might as well show what I've drawn so far.

>> No.9264903


Looking good so far

>> No.9265129

Fuck, gotta save this so I don't have to keep typing it out... Could someone draw my groups three Inquisitor Acolytes? I have a picture which was a drawfag's take on it(A hilariously awesome one).

Viewing into the front seat of an eighteen wheeler, three of them are seated in the front. The one thing I'm looking for is their expressions

The one in the far right is a Scum/Noble. A young man who had the look of a noble, but possesses other features like ripped clothing and hair that sticks out in certain areas. He attempts to keep it slicked back. Feel free to include a monocle. As for his expression, he is gazing over towards the driver and slowly putting on his seatbelt while his face kinda says "Oh shiiiiiiit"

The person in the middle is a sanctioned psyker who is wearing the usual robes and is formerly a pirate, so feel free to throw an eye patch on him His hair is messy and he looks a bit older, possibly middle-aged. As far as his expression goes, he has a crazy smile on his face and is looking forward while one of his hands yanks on the wheel and the other one pulls on a level that's on the dashboard.

The driver is an assassin who is wearing a hardened body glove(think body suit with armored plates that don't really restrict movement). He is young and has short hair. His face possesses a few scars(Pic got close to what I imagined). He is looking down at the wheel and trying to maintain control of it. I imagine his teeth would be bared and clenched as he struggles against him.

>> No.9265857

I offer the Emperor's BAMPstice

>> No.9266278

a fat elf with glasses and a one size to small t-shirt and pants, sitting in a tree and eating a sandwich.

>> No.9266643

Someone draw a tank that is to the leman russ as this tank is to the sherman.

Same base chassis, but longer, lower, more angular, different turret, and a big fuckoff tank destroyer gun.

>> No.9266939

brotip, it's not a tank.

>> No.9268465

I can feel the hate being poured into this one.

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