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What do Melta weapons fire /tg/ ?

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melta ammo

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Thread over.
Go away.

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It's essentially a microwave gun.

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>advice harlequin.jpg

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Funny that you should ask. Where I come from, 'Melta' is a brand of coffee surrogate.

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Liquefied Ultramarines.

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It's a microwave gun. It fires an invisible microwave ray beam.


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>Melta Weapons are heat-based weapons which work by sub-atomic agitation of the air. Targets on the receiving end are heated to the point of being vaporised.

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"meltagun? What, a gun that fires meltas?"

"... you must be the brains of the operation"

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It's superheated air, isn't it?

Like a plasma weapon, but in a stream as opposed to a bolt?

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I imagine it to be huge ranged version of plasma pencil. It porbably involves some sort of tesla electromagnetic magic to work...

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That's not how mind thing works

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Agreed, it shoots microwaves.

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They never get the artificer guns back.

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meltaguns acknowledge Marneus Calgar as their spiritual liege and most of all want to be fire by ultramarines.

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some shit about molecularising gas or whatever.

in the games its has usually been depicted as something resembling lava or high intensity beam thing coming out

but due to its description in necromunda(supposedly its very silent and doesnt emit light), im thinking it should look more like a microwave heat ray thing (like a straight beam of hot air,without color or light)

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This guy is correct. It is essentially a microwave gun.

Realistically speaking, it is a very stupid concept. Microwaves are very deadly to exposed skin, but metal reflects them. So it is a idiotic concept to have microwave guns that are the best anti-tank guns around.

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I always imagined it like blue lava.

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It's not a microwave gun.
Rogue Trader and almost all the new fluff addresses them as guns which molecularize gas in their barrels
creating fusion
they are literally guns which shoot nuclear explosions

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And yet, they are safer than plasma. Go 40k.

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nuclear explosions are infinitely more safe than guns that shoot plasma
mainly because any weapon that somehow fires fucking PLASMA is probably using ten thousand nuclear explosions to do it

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I though it was more like a fuel air bomb in gun form; you squirt really, really superheated gassified fuel at the thing, then set it on fire and kablooie.

Although the nuclear gun thing sounds pretty badass.

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the imperium's plasma weapons are unsafe because the technology is old and they don't understand it

melta weapons obviously are not that old and they know how to make them reliable

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sweet sweet delicious tears

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Fusion involves plasma. You're not making any sense.

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It shoots hot air.

Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, Really, HOT air.

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Really really?

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Eh not really.

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Really really.

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well "molecular agitation" would mean microwaves.

but it agitates the gas and then propels it at the target, so instead of shooting microwaves at the target, its basically just a 100000┬░degrees squirt gun.

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it shoots radiation that basically does the same thing to you that a microwave does to your food

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makes it tasty?

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First of all, it's subatomic not molecular. So it absolutely is not microwaves. It is nothing analogous to any technology existing today. Second, if this agitation resulted in a superheated projectile it would give off light.

It probably destabilizes the nuclei of the target or the air projected at the target resulting in a non-critical-mass fission event. That or it's fucking gluons and miracles.

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>First of all, it's subatomic not molecular.
>It is nothing analogous to any technology existing today.


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The righteous fury of the God Emperor of Mankind.

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>subatomic heating


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Melta. Obviously.

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Lightning involves plasma.
Meltas are supposed to fire a stream of plasma, allowing them to burn through armor with relative ease. Unlike most plasma weapons, however, which use a magnetic containment field to concentrate it into a ball, meltas focus it into a stream, so its not safe to be near the business end when it goes off, but it works very well against Necron(vaporizes those bastards, lol).

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superheated pauldrons

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I always thought meltaguns were fusion welders with the focusing nozzle taken off.

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Super-heated pauldrons

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Well, it does something like microwaves. It does some crazy future sub-molecular agitation nonsense and heats stuff up to the point where it breaks down into plasma. In addition to that I'd say that it also does something to take the stuff that it's already broken down and vent that forward into whatever you're shooting at. So when you burn through armor you're actually shooting it WITH the armor that you just melted. Not that I have any real experience with paying 40k or any of the games or reading any of the books to back this up, which means I have about as much education in canon as the guys who actually write the fluff as their job.

How does it work? Only the emperor knows, mostly because he probably build that damn thing in the first place.

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>Meltas are supposed to fire a stream of plasma, allowing them to burn through armor with relative ease. Unlike most plasma weapons, however, which use a magnetic containment field to concentrate it into a ball, meltas focus it into a stream, so its not safe to be near the business end when it goes off, but it works very well against Necron(vaporizes those bastards, lol).

Where does it say that?

Both 2nd ed. rulebook and Inquisitor rulebook say that the effect is similar to microwaves, as in the molecules in the target structure itself become agitated and heat up, not because they're shot with something superhot.

Even the 4th edition rulebook just says that a two part injection system forces handwavium gas into submolecular state. It doesn't say it actually shoots this shit. Some real world masers (as in laser, but replace light with microwaves) use agitated gasses as the source for the microwaves, so the talk of gasses can be accounted to this as well.

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Basically, this is the first prototype of meltagun. After that, they just increased the power

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In DoW Dark Crusade, the melta gun shoots a fireball that practically is a 1 shot kill.

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