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A Slaanesh Daemonette, or a Khornette? Is there any real difference in appearance or demeanor? Who is the sexiest and why?

Personally I think the red skin seems kinda I dunno, not all that attractive...

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Khornette, because they look like they'd rape you hardcore

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Khornette, because I like aggressive, dominant women. Also, bluntness and directness. You don't have to worry about her playing games with you or manipulating things behind your back.

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Also, I dig the vaguely reptilian look with the horns, flattish face, claws, and tail. The red skin and white hair is awesome as well.

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>Subtle "pick this or that" fag returned to /tg/

No get the mother FUCK OUT!

You are not welcome here. Your "This or that" meme is NOT ALLOWED!

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Slaaneshi would rape you over and over, a khronette would only rape you once and then kill you. She probably won't even do it in that order.

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Khornette, only because Red Draenei are still hot.

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one will bite off your dick and the other one will want you to bite off her dick, which one would you pick.

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I think I will have Chaos Undivided thanks.

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Any Khornettes without tails? They look pretty hot oddly... although my fav is this one >>9248119
that blood red skin is sexy

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Khornette are -14 strength.

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And I think this is my last. 'Tis a shame, we need more Khornette.

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goddamn who knew Khorne had such hot ass bitches?

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For such a basic sketch she has hot-as-fuck-ass legs.

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Oh, definately. Long, slender, well-toned and powerful. Utterly delicious.

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nurglettes. They just seem so sweet and loving, in an odd sort of way...

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those teeth are scary...

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All the better to gently run across your member as she goes down on you.

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Fuck yeah Slaanesh Daemonette

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Khornette will be just like the jerks in /fit/ but with small tits and vaginna.
"What the fuck?!, you call that a work out?!!, 100 push ups now!!!. HOW YOU WANT TO RIP HEADS IN THE NAME OF KHORNE WHICH SUCH PUNY BODY!!!".

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Can I just let the lord of change turn me into Sorcerer Harvey Birdman?

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>Slaanesh Daemonette

Ah, redundancy.

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Dat tail. Sadly she doesn't have dem hips, dat ass and dem tits.

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that is somewhat the point of her being loli-D, its delicious double heresy.

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Khornette does though. Plus a better tail.

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Maybe, but sure she uses it for choke your cock while doing anal.

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pointless bickering. True adherents of Chaos can have the adoration of all 4 types of daemonette.

as I said earlier. I prefer that set of 4 to this one though.

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Ynnead was here...

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Well, it depends on how kinky you are.

Khorne -wake up to some angry sex and possibly a girl that could tear you limb from limb

Slannesh - wake up tied up, with a horse vibrator up your ass, surrounded by wet, angry cats, with classical music speakers surrounding you cranked up to 11, covered in melted wax and on a bed of nails?

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You make that sound like a bad thing.

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>Slannesh - wake up tied up, with a horse vibrator up your ass, surrounded by wet, angry cats, with classical music speakers surrounding you cranked up to 11, covered in melted wax and on a bed of nails?

I am ok with this.

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Now I think about Khornette as a sadistic crazy personal trainer which rapes after forcing you to work out.

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Get out of my mind you sexy bitch!
repel the-

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I am also very much ok with this. Hot hate/love sex as we both get stronger for chaos

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I'm okay with this. If I got nailed by a Khornette, I'd sure as hell be motivated to work out. Then go bash in some skulls with her for Khorne.

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>Implying you can repel wonderful enticing heresy of that magnitude

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We made your master, and you bet by the warp we can unmake it!
Gaze upon our savior! He's right there: >>9248508

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>our savior

You do realise you all have to DIE before Ynnead can do anything, right?

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Nobody even remembers Horrorchan

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Slaanesh grows stronger every passing moment of time, all who live relish existence and life and its many numerous pleasures and excesses. Your savior will be but a plaything to be snapped and violated!

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Female Tzeentch Daemons are always kinda awkward, since none of them really anthropomorphasise easily.

Which is a shame, as I'd like to see what a really nicely done Flamer-chan would look like.

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Did someone say "cute Tzeentch daemons"?

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Not a tough choice for me. Khornette, definitely. Why would you want anything else.

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Its not the best of plans but it is good as a last resort. You know, as the mon-keigh say: go out with a explosion. *Starts asking other Eldar if that was the correct phrase*

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Goddamnit i hate the way japan has influenced some peoples artstyles.

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Can you imagine if they used the imperium to make that plan work?

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You know what the funny thing is? It's only the Exodites, Pirates, and Craftworlders who are contributing to Ynnead - he's being formed by the gestalt minds of every Eldar contained within the Infinity Circuits. Which means that, once all of those types of Eldar are dead and Ynnead has beaten Slaanesh into the ground...it's just going to the the Dark Eldar and the Harlequins left. A group of Eldar, safely locked away to eventally re-emerge and begin recolonising the galaxy once Slaanesh is no longer a threat. All the drive and passion of Commoragh's children, with the guiding hand of the Harlequins to ensure it's put towards useful ends.

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hmm ... minion of a god of excess or minion of a god of honor and blood shed. Its going to be a messy night cleaning up all that blood.

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khornette is hatefucking.
That's good shit.

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Yes, because you wouldn't be swimming in a pool of both your ejaculate and hers as well as other bodily fluids if you slept with a Daemonette.

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My crafterworlds Farseer has already forssen this. There will be perils far greater than any Chaos god. These perils will arise once that is done.

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fuck yes that would be excellent

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The Slaanesh version is better.

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sir, are you implying that I would choose a slaanesh daemonette over a khornette?

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Want to do it? *I make a click'y sound with my taloned left hand and fold the psychic-static filled wings on my back*

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I know that is beyond blasphemous... but strangely enough, i want to see that...

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>Want to do it? *I move away from the mic to take a deep breath*


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you bet your ass I want to do it, feather butt~

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Now I can imagine a work out video like from the late 70s, early 80s.
"Pump iron for the skull throne with Khornette. -I will turn you from a nurgling into a bloodthirster in two months!."

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Please, sir, may I have some more?

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BUMP for tzeentch

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By all means, Khornette.

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Search /rs/ for KAOS to get the full set

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so much heretical goodness....thank you :3

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For a group of daemonettes that are supposed to be seductive as hell, I'm finding their khorne counterparts far more interesting.

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