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What is the order of the most dangerous threats to humanity in the grim darkness of far future?

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Everything. All at once.

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1. Ghoul Star
2. Ghoul Star
3. Ghoul Star

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this. that or its a tie between chaos and tyranids for first place

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1. Internet Piracy
2. Shoplifting at Games Workshop stores
3. Competing Miniatures Games

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1.Void Dragon
2. Void Dragon
3. Void Dragon

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>Terra called Earth

Oh dear.

Anyway, long term is Tyranids, Short term is probably the Black Crusade

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the emperor waking up

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The emperor, insane after being trapped in the failing workings of his own body and the Golden Throne since the horus heresy.

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Chaos is actually the Emprah after awakening in the future and coming back for insane reasons.

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John is the demons?

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Abaddon's Black Crusade


Void Dragon

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1. Imperium of Mankind.
2, Inquisition.
3. Commissars.

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If the Emperor never built the Astronomican, the galaxy wouldn't have to worry about the fucking tyranids.

I think they were added in just to emphasize just how fucking hopeless the situation is.

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>black crusade

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I am choking on a million dicks tier: the OP.

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needs more maps

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all the orks uniting is pretty close to the top

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Heresy of course! Or Commissars. . . BLAM

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Never going to happen.

Orks are more of a "nuisance that will never go away tier" sort of thing. To the imperium as a whole anyway, obviously orks can fuck the shit out of a given system. But they'll never be able to take terra. Only Tyranids or 'crons could do that, due to sheer numbers.

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Dark Eldar.

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I wonder if anyone has a fetish for Ork cunnilingus.

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>sheer numbers

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Mars is a fucking tomb world, 'crons have teleport technology. They managed to conquer the entire galaxy once.

All they have to do is have enough of them wake up and TP to Mars and launch one giant offensive. If the Void Dragon wakes up, Terra is gone.

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... I love this picture.

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>Void Dragon wakes up
>Possesses Golden Throne

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in the current fluff state of things? Tyranids

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>managed to conquer the entire galaxy once
conquering a nealy empty galaxy is not that big deal

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>matt ward

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The necrons took on an entire galaxy at once including an alliance of species bred just to fight them commanded by the most powerful race in existence.

The necrons won.

A proper necron awakening would literally curbstomp the imperium in ways even the eldar couldn't imagine - the eldar don't view the imperium as shit yet are terrified by the necrons. Lets us not forget the other enemy of the eldar people is a fucking god.

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>nearly empty

>toppled the civilizations of all the the Old One's engineered races

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>implying that the enemies of the imperium are not gods aswell

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The next non-Imperium Codex is the GREATEST THREAT to humanity.

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what ever is making the tyranids run like kids in terror?

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C.S Goto is the greatest threat to humanity, in the 40k and in the real world

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You sure about that?

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Yeah, what it really comes down to is what's going to happen first?

Tyranids reach Terra, or decent 'cron awakening?

Actually, enough 'nids going through the galaxy would only server to awaken more tomb worlds...

Wouldn't it be hilarious if they actually advanced 40k's plot to make it less screwed for humanity by making the 'crons and tyranids inflict some serious pain on each other?

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So, Matt Ward.

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A) Orks the size of solar systems
B) Kirby
C) Matt Ward

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Tyranids = Necrons > Chaos > Orks > Tau > Eldar

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Everyone knows what is the greatest threat to humanity.

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We don't know if they're really running. The Astronomican is attracting them.

Besides, they've practically surrounded the galaxy, so that doesn't really match the "they're running from something" idea. Unless they're running from a general lack of biomass to harvest.
>implying Phil Kelly isn't writing the DE codex

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>Empire smaller than fucking Calgar's domain
>threat to the Imperium as a whole in any way shape or form

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so far we have
2)massive necron wakening
3)matt ward

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>Dark Eldar

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>With Deceiver's help, fake the Emperor's return
>Make the galaxy kill itself

Question is, who wins at the end? Tyranids or 'crons? Do Tyranids even care about the Necrons? The 'crons certainly care about killing 'nids, but since they have no biomass to harvest, would the nids simply move on?

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'nids are the biggest problem for the galaxy (slowly consuming everything while being unstoppable) while chaos is the biggest problem for humanity (they will go straight for the heart of the imperium).

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>the only intelligent race that isn't in a state of terminal stagnation or decline

They are an ever-expanding, ever-advancing empire. Unlike the Imperium and Eldar they incorporate the strengths, technologies and populations of other species to bolster their own. Not only this, they are the sole ideological threat to the Imperium, since they are capable of not only conquering Imperial worlds but also converting them. Who wouldn't prefer living under Tau rule to the Imperium?

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In theory the nids arel oltastic to the c'tan, as they represent a swarm of food that is virtually never ending.

The necrons themselves shouldn't bat an eyelid as a lot of tyranid tactics/biomorphs don't mean shit to them.

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>Who wouldn't prefer living under Tau rule to the Imperium?

A heavily retarded religious fundamentalist.

i.e. everyone in the Imperium

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Anyone who doesn't want to be fucking sterilized by the tau, maybe?

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Nids avoid tomb worlds like the plague. Necrons hate everything. I think the only time I have ever seen those two collide in lore is when on different raiding parties of a single world.

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Financial Recession reducing sales.

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Fuklaw turned to Chaos.

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>implying that nids don't avoid tomb worlds because lack of biomass.

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<--- The greatest threat to humanity in 40k.

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Seriously, they occupy a very tiny region of space, and the only reason they're even allowed to exist is because the Ultramarines (who could wipe them out in two decades even without Mat Ward fluff) are too busy defending their own shit from the 'nids.
Common misconception, most Imperial citizens are actually pretty fucking reasonable.

They still wouldn't live under filthy Xenos rule.

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And Doomrider is a Ultrasmurf.

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I eat hive fleets for breakfast and black crusades for dinner.

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From the BA's perspective.

In reality the 'crons were just waiting for their main target, the tyranids, to show up and were just killing time with the BA beforehand.

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1. Void Dragon
4.The Ecclesiarchy
5. Eldrad being a Dick

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And I am bald. Also the greatest threat to humanity.

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We'll have to wait until the Necron codex until we find out more, sadly.

And we can only guess who's going to write it...

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Tau AI tech become increasingly sophisticated. The Deceiver pretends to be a race of persecuted robots. They offer the Tau non-warp FTL drives in return for protection from the Imperium/Eldar/Chaos etc.

How does is this gonna end /tg/?

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"Sir! The codex has been replaced with complete shit!"
"Impossible! No-one could do such a thing! Only a complete retard would..."

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One piece of non-canon fluff from a video game and no one can let it go.

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Any number of reasons, really. Whatever the reason it seems tyranid haet necron.

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Didn't Necrons murder a whole planet of Tau?

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I wish

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Chaos: black crusade and shit liek that, alerady failed 13
Nids: a big threat so far
Crons: zzzzzzzzzz
Eldar: Only if the Ynnead prophecy comes true, that would also confirm that Eldrad is a bigger dick than we expected
Orkz: Only if there would be a warboss that is huge like a fucking moon to unite all the gitz that are mucking about
DEldar: not really
Tau: nigga u mad?

So yeah, ill go with nids

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GW policy is that everything written in a licensed piece of work is canon, until specifically ret-conned. It's a large universe, after all.

Also, please see Xenology for more Tau fucked-upness.

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They did. Tyranids were about to descend on the planet, necrons came in and blasted them while still in orbit.

The sad part is that the Tau welcomed the necrons as saviors. Upon arriving to the welcoming party, the necrons proceeded to rape the tau. The end.

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I agree that was totally non-cannon, the Tau dont steralize entire populations due to a rebelious few, they re-educate them in the ways of the Greater Good.

Besides its the Imperium who Sterilize populations... first Armageddon war ring any bells

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Eldrad is the greatest among us. He is the sun which eclipses the light of our stars. He is Ulthwé and the fate of our kind rests in his hands. His eyes are the keenest, no detail goes unnoticed. Four thousand runes can he cast, guiding our path through torment and war, death and salvation. He is the pathfinder, the seeker, the true guide. Even your race has trembled before his might, though you may not have known it. It was he who guided us to the Ork known as Ghazghkull, and commanded us to steer his path to your world of Armageddon. Ten thousand Eldar lives would have been lost if he had not done so. What sacrifice is a million humans for such a cause?

He knows your affairs better than you do yourself. He warned that weakling seer you call Emperor of the treachery of Horus and the strife which would engulf us, just as it engulfed the rest of the galaxy, but your arrogance deafened you to his words. Your stupidity almost destroyed the galaxy, yet you never knew how close the forces of light were to our ultimate defeat. He saw the Great Devourer and warned our kin on Iyanden, even before they had neared our galaxy.

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Tau with feet instead of hoofs

Said the Imperium who would never lie, amirite?

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And that is good how?

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To him all futures are laid out, just as your crude implements of torture are laid out on the cold metal of that shelf. You say we are random and capricious, we say you are vulgar and idiotic. Some of you call us your enemies. All races are our enemy in time. Some of you call us your allies. You are not allies, any more than a butcher’s knife is his ally. You are tools, nothing more. To be used and expended to protect our race, that is your fate.

Your kind think you are so magnificent, yet even now, at the nadir of our power, we can manipulate you, turn you to our ends, as easily as you might pull a trigger and fire a gun. Our time will come again, Eldrad has promised us. Once more you upstart Mon-keigh [subject spits] shall kneel before our power! This time we will not be so lenient! We will exterminate you, every world, every vessel, every one of you! Eldrad has seen the stars stained red with your blood, and it pleases him!

You think us weak, but we will be your doom, children of Earth.

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>implying that actually being sterilized by the Imperium is better than being allegedly sterilized by the Tau.

>> No.9235347


you can turn around and say that yes - it is cannon - for that one instance

there's been no other instances where this has been described.

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The single biggest threat to Mankind is if the Emperor wakes up.

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All talk no deeds as always. Rather than giving useless warnings that no one takes seriously (your own fault for not being trustworthy), you should actually fucking do something. Oh, but you can't. You can't because you are so powerless.

Excuses are the refuge of the weak.

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The single biggest threat to Mankind are the Squa

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wow, so many >implyings
>soulless emotionless war machines honoring alliances
>necrons NOT wanting to fight the BA for souls
so much horeshit in that thing

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"Idranel of Ulthwe," they all heard Sergeant Tarkus say, when they were close enough to kiss. His deep voice boomed within the helm. "I killed her howling lackeys." He thrust his free hand into Taldeer's unprotected face, pushing plasteel fingers into her eyes. "Then I broke her spine." Tarkus slammed his fist into the Farseer's mouth, making splinters of her teeth. "Then I smashed her head in. Like this." As he drew back his huge fist, the blood on his gauntlet seemed to smoke in the cold dawn air. There was a sickening crunch."

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That's not GW's policy at all. GW doesn't have a canon policy.

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yes they have, it only has one sentence though "Squats never happened."

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I'm an angry marines, i'm the great est threat to life in general

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>squat homeworlds

>> No.9235602

He warned Fulgrim and didn't realize he was already corrupted by Slaanesh(good job on the the whole 'Eye of Terror' thing)

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it already happened

kryptmann saved and doomed the imperium

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That's not a canon policy. Squats didn't "never happen", their homeworlds were devoured by a hive fleet. They still pop up every now and then, albeit infrequently.

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I remember reading somewhere that they were Abhumans (like Ratlings/Ogryn) that rebelled against the Imperium and had their homeworlds baleeted from Imperial Records.

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Squats have sorta come back. There's a race in Tau space that is short, they sport manly beards, and they supply the Tau with their Ion weaponry and technology

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Those aren't Squats, they're Demiurg, and they're supposed to be a re-do of the Space Dwarf archetype since squats were such a fucking joke.

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Right, but squats weren't one of them.

It sucks for people who had squat models at the time but people need to get the fuck over it. It was a perfectly legitimate retcon, because dwarves deserve something badass, not something goofy.

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wtf is the void dragon?

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Biggest threats to IoM

1. Tyranids (obvious)

2. Imperium of Man (never, ever underestimate the stupidity and ineptitude of the Imperium; Imperial policy is, if you're feeling a minor itch in your leg, CUT IT OFF)

3. Necrons (they've fought crazier things then the Imperium and won, they can do it again, unless some miracle tech pops up, in which case the IoM would probably destroy it tying into point 2)

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A rejected Ultramarine aspirant.

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so he acknowledges guilleman as his spiritual liege?

>> No.9236070

Who doesn't?

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it's (maybe) a C'tan that chills somewhere on Mars. It's sleeping and the Adeptus Mechanicus worships it as their Machine God or something.

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noone. Those who don't are just pretending they aren't. In the end everyone does, even outside the Imperium. The Eldar, the Chaos gods, The hivemind.... everyone

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This is the Void Dragon

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