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i hate when people say HERESY in real life or on boards.

its not cool. you are a fucking neckbeard.


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I don't think those people aspire to be cool.

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I use it a lot when arguing with fundamentalist christians.

For example, when they commit heresy, I get to call them out on it.

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How the fuck do people get facial hair like that? Mine grows like a damn goatee or a full beard anytime I don't shave, so how the fuck are these guys managing to grow only neckbeards?

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You shut your mouth. I can say heresy whenever I feel like it.

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It's fake or they are just that pitiful?

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People who say this at my lgs think they are so funny and edgy. they even say it around women.

nobody gets your joke other than other 40kfags. stop embarrasing yourself

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>complaining about recognition of violations of His most sacred laws

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i hate when people say neckbeard in real life or on boards.

its not cool. you are fucking HERESY.


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Problem /tg/?

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>They even say it around women.

I fail to see how the proximity of women should change what one says when talking to one's similarly 40Kfag friends.

That said, the joke is a bit old, if you ask me.

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If you have ever posted on 4chan, and particularly on /tg/, you are a nerdy neckbearded permavirgin, and no amount of abstaining from nerdy in-jokes and memes is going to change that. Say "heresy" all you want; you hit rock-bottom a long time ago.

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Wow you're a downer, you should try looking for some more heresy.

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The bright side is that if you realise this then at least you can get up from rock-bottom.

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the fuck you say.

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Or you could dig down some more, and look for the gold that lies at the bottom.

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I bet you're the same guy that complains in /v/ when people use "bro".

Well, to fucking bad, broseph, people are gonna talk the way they want, not the way you want.

Fucking heretic.

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If he looks for heresy, he can remove the heresy, recieve The Emperors blessing and live a happier life.

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You mean stop embarrassing YOU. We're not embarrassed. We think it's hilarious.

Also, the bit about saying things around women bugs me. Look, guys, take it from someone who is almost 30 and just spent ten minutes walking real slow around his kitchen making robot noises: you do not want a girl who thinks your hobbies are gay. If she doesn't want to talk to you because you say "heresy," you don't need her.

Trust me.

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I may be a nerdy neckbeard, but I am no virgin, sir.

As an aside: what kind of world do we live in that I reflexively believed that sticking an appendage in another person's orifice somehow redeems having unusual, often anti-social interests and poor grooming habits?

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Now you sir, know how to live.

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carry on...

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by routing out and destroying heresy, he will be doing his duty to The Emperor, meaning that when he passes, he will pass with his honour, and spend eternity with The Emperor on the Golden Throne of Terra.

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Oi, dat boy done went an' put a hairsquig on his gubbinz'!


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Why the fuck would a Commissar drink coffee? Coffee is enjoyable, aren't humans in 40k supposed to be miserable 24/7 or they get accused of Heresy and killed?

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What a nice Commisar.

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He needs the caffine so that he doesn't sleep, or the troops'll kill him while he vulnerable.

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also just to let you know, its tea.

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I'm reporting this thread to the nearest Inquisition office in my planet.

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typical 40k fan

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what is this heresy anyway someone explain the phenom please?

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Haven't played Company of Heros myself, but it does seem to be a good game.

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I have no sense of humour because I don't find this fun.

Feels bad man.

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shouting it just for sake of it, is indeed anoying
but sometimes, its actualy best way to describe why are you angry/annoyed

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