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Hey guys. Didn't see a drawthread so I thougth I'd put one up.

Let's draw some stuff, ok!

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Space marine and a Ogryn arm wrestling

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Somebody requested tits on every drawfag yesterday

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How about some Guard-Girl pin-up art? Any regiment is fine.

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Who would win..? I'll give it a shot

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Teenmarine getting bullied on by senior terminator marines.

>> No.9211437

Hrm, will join in a wee bit even though not pictured nor called upon.

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Please draw General Grievous from Star Wars as a Necron Lord.

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Draw an Avatar elbow dropping a rhino with the words HARCORE over the top in a rainbow, with a marine saying U MAD? in the corner.

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A doobie posing on a pile of accordions.

He's dressed as a generic JRPG hero, belts and spiky hair (possibly a wig).

The words BANJO KING are above his head in large letters.

Failing that, hell-powered warforged warlock opening his chest to fire demons out of.

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a request from me.

a daaawww worthy kharn
a commissar drinking tea.

i'll be back soon and have a fun.

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yes that was me, and I am back to demand tits once again. fly! fly drawfags! FLY! and return with images of awe and wonderment!... and tits.

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[The Emperor dies and] becomes the god of protection. But on he flipside it's also the god of preservation, which stops progress.

Tzeench understandably hates him. They often play chess, where Tzeench attempts to win, and the Emporor attempts to not lose.

(Rescued from the furdump thread.)

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which drawfag are you? you even posted under anonymous. not OP but those are the only 4 avatarfags that im familiar with as well.

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starchild-warped greyknight and/or sister of battle.
Also from fur-dump thread.

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Guardsman Sarge and his Techpriest girlfriend huggin' before he goes out to war and she gets stuck in the medic tents.

She's cute but very AdMech, he's got a bionic arm.

They're deeply in romance.

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I'd like to request my Geist character, a young black man, dressed in a shirt with sleeves rolled up and a sweatervest, possibly with a small goatee, accompanied by his Geist, a tall, slender man with a HUGE fucking smile, which also happens to be it's only facial feature.

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Ha ha, I can't draw for shit.
Might I please request my(tgcanon)self?

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An assault marine, with one side of his jump pack blown off and his helmet removed (short hair, but not BALDHAMMER). In his left hand is a bolt pistol. Laying on the ground near him is another bolt pistol, abandoned. In his right hand is a warhammer, and at his feet is the corpse of a Chaos psyker (chest exploded boltgun-style). He is staring down a traitor Guard commander.

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Can I have this guy... but holding a bass guitar instead of a balloon?

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Hot/cute elf girl ranger sitting on a rock under a tree. Quiver of arrows and bow leaning against the tree. She is smoking an Elminster pipe. Her midriff is visible, she has a cloak on and she has light brown hair (if in color).

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A flag depicting a lion wearing a laurel crown of leaves.

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All I know about you is that supposedly most of /tg/ wants to go gay for you so they can fuck you.

Do you have any pics or written reference for your /tg/ canon?

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This is his Chapter symbol and...

>> No.9211647

this is the Chapter color scheme (though admittedly I've started using black instead of dark grey as the primary color)

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Could I get this pic with Verity as Asuka, Gnollbard as Shinji, and Chemrat/Leman Russ as Rei or just leave them out?
Again, creepy, I know.

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Can I get a character portrait for one of my player's characters? She's an incredibly gaunt and skinny necromancer. Now, that'd be easy to find, except she's also black and I can't really find a portrait to fit her.

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How about something inspired by that All's Fair in Love and Krieg heresy

You know, where adorable Kriegers are end up sort of domesticated.

>> No.9211698

Could you quit shitting up this board already?

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This is female Elminster, isn't it

>> No.9211716

-see pic
-add some chaos
-add a bit of techpriest
-add some servo-arms
-colours optional
-horror familliar optional

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Please? ;_;

The characters are a trio of bards - a huge, bearded metal viking man with a guitar that doubles as a great axe, a dashing lute player with that certain je nais sais quoi and a twinkle of magic in his eye, a despondent, blue-skinned goblin with shoulder-length white hair in an emo cut who's playing the pipes/singing. They are on a stage made of solid ice, the rear portion of which extends upwards to form a giant calliope, and in each calliope 'pipe' there's a zombie or skeleton playing an orchestral instrument. The stage is mounted on the back of a gigantic dragon turtle, which has been turned into a skeletal dracolich. The ice flows down the sides of the shell, and there are rows of coffins embedded in the ice on each side, out of which are marching more undead soldiers. There's also a tornado in the background.

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How about fuck off and ask for something better. Christ, at least some tasteful tits man!

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I request, A human wearing many scarfs. Two of the scarfs have chain link on one side and have blades at the end. Those two are animated objects and move about like snakes over her. Reminiscent of Doctor Octopus. She has long black hair and olive skin. She has a hourglass figure and is wearing a vest, sandals, bracelets.Her lower face may be covered up by a scarf or she may looking through secret pockets in another scarf. It is for a fantasy game.

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It's like the cover of some D&D Nordic Metal Album.

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A young male with straight blonde hair past his shoulders wearing a silver white colored light breastplate and full arm gauntlet. His clothes are light in color. On his shoulder rests a one eyed peregrine falcon. In a holster at his hip rests a ebony handled schofield .45. He has dull green eyes and looks to be in his late twenties. He is missing his left arm at the shoulder.

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I'm here to kick ass and chew bubblegum.
...And I'm all outta gum

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All young, 20-30-year-old men. Exalted, so be prepared for Oriental Countenances.

Indian merchant prince, fop. Uses bow.
Man obscured entirely by armor, uses sword as big as he is. In-game, comes from Medieval-Japan-and-Sparta's-Bastard-Child.

Chinese Milo Thatch (in function, probably similar in form), who also Knows Kung Fu.


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Iron Man in the style of Tron Legacy.

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ITT: Drawfags sit at home drinking iced tea and eating eggs and bacon while browsing /tg/

>> No.9212052


I'd like to see a pic of them.

>> No.9212059

I'll do this now!

and maybe this after that
I like lions and flags and heraldy and shit

>> No.9212133

Lionflag requester here, much obliged.

>> No.9212146

Angry Drawfag may attempt this. The Emperor may end up looking mildly retarded, but /tg/ loves heresy, right?

>> No.9212161

which one you gonna have a go at?

the daaww worthy kharn or the commissar

>> No.9212204

An anonymous one, but been here for long.

>> No.9212213


Slaaneshi Daemon Prince. Has to be obviously a daemon prince.

Nothing Sexual.

triple word score if you work machines into it somehow.

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Marine atop a harem of goblins

>> No.9212288

My requests: always ignored

>> No.9212306

So, like, is there a pen pressure setting on GIMP?

>> No.9212312

Helpful post, bro!

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maybe you shouldn't have shit requests then.

>> No.9212365

why thank you

>> No.9212375

No one thinks they make shit requests. Go die in a fire.

>> No.9212413

Oh wow, you're helpful too!

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Now working on the herald lion.


>> No.9212422

I didn't, it's not like I requested drawfags fucking each other.

>> No.9212454

Bumping with my request

>> No.9212455

all requests are shit until deemed otherwise by the person putting their time and energy into producing them.
Maybe if you requested drawfags fucking eachother, they'd actually do it. It happens a lot.

>> No.9212487

make a request bitch

>> No.9212489


hehe, awesome. saved into the khone folder.

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A genestealer wearing a trenchcoat and floppy hat, trying to infiltrate humanity and find some DAT ASS to start a Genestealer cult.

Think Chicken Boo, but 40K.

>> No.9212550

Looks like someone's a huge faggot

U mad?

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A hormagaunt reading Tyranid porn magazines. In a box.

>> No.9212576


A metal box?

>> No.9212597

Gee guys, all the bitching and dickwaving in this thread is REALLY motivating me to draw things for you!

>> No.9212600

A one handed gun (but it is almost always held in two hands) that is a 3 shot revolver of a gigantic caliber (.64+). It's shape is a lot more similar to the tf2 scout's scattergun than a revolver. the bullets are fit into the back, where there is a hole for the next empty barrel.

Optional: Some form of scope on it, some of the bullets next to it.

(the bullets+shells are about as long as your hand)

Please and thank you!

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hey guise can i draw :^

>> No.9212621

This is my impression of you mooks missing the point.
Or more, some shit I drew cuziwuzbord.
I did. It got ignored. It was shitty and generic anyway.

>> No.9212628

>implying he has talent

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>> No.9212654


yarp, wanna give the commissar ago.>>9211454

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>> No.9212672

Greenmarine, you know someone's talking about raping Celestine in >>9211443, right?

>> No.9212698

Oh hey greenmarine!

I want you to draw... well, anything! Just anything will do! Make it awesome!

>> No.9212717


Thanks, man.

>> No.9212725

sure thing! Do you want anything else?

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>> No.9212783

Kommando Nob sneakin' around with his Grot buddy on his shoulders being all kinds of bro-tastic.


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>> No.9212817

Pssh. I am pleased by anon response to this big chunk of HERESY.

>> No.9212819

No, cardboard.

>> No.9212854

This character also(if not being drawn yet) rides a red Elk and wears winter themed clothing.

>> No.9212856

▂▅▇█▓▒░◕‿‿◕░▒▓█▇▅▂ , you are silly.

>> No.9212861

is that a two headed girl or a beast with a wig coming off?

>> No.9212867


Hey there Greenmarine. Thanks again for the great picture of my character last night.

Not sure if you saw it last night but I said that if you wanted to draw her in badass mode like you mentioned I would not object to that at all.

I just realized that her replacement limbs were flesh colored. I suppose I should have specified that her limbs were only shaped like the real thing but still colored like the metal they were made from.

Either way though I really like how she turned out.

>> No.9212884

Thanks you very much. This is pretty hip. Your link seems broken to me though.

>> No.9212924


you kids and your heresy.

>> No.9212949

Female Shepard and Jack from Mass Effect II having lesbian sex

>> No.9212952

draw more bg porn. or tits at least. its not rape if shes not in the thread to say no!

>> No.9212965

I did saw it, brother. I would gladly fix it but it seems that in my stupor i forgot to save the original file.

>> No.9212966

S'cuse me, I know it's poor form to ask if anyone is working on a request but I'd just like to know if anyone took mine (>>9211574) as incase nobody did, I can fall asleep in peace.
If someone is already on it, I'll stick around to see it

>> No.9212969


Suddenly, I'm seeing a similarity...

What's happening?

>> No.9212970

what if i am?

>> No.9212971

If any kind drawfriend could draw this for me, I'd be very grateful.

Two characters, both drow, both female:
- One is a typical drow sorceress; huge 80s hair, all-white extremely skimpy clothing, and bawwwing over being misunderstood and judged on the basis of her race.
- The other is a somewhat older, fightery type, dressed in a blue robe with a conquistador-style cuirass(pic related) over it, either facepalming or rubbing the bridge of her nose, looking utterly disgusted with the bawwwing drow.

Thanks in advance!

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>> No.9212992


twas this song

>> No.9213007


Hope you like it!

I think it's very pretty.
Sorry for the "unoriginal" lion pose and stuff but you know heraldy is very traditional and usually follows the norm without much deviation.

>> No.9213008

Then it's rape, even better

>> No.9213027

HELL YES. good link, great picture.

>> No.9213031


>> No.9213045

then you can draw greenmarine porn. its not rape if its a dude!

>> No.9213047

New drawfag seeks simple requests to better his abilities with a tablet.

Enjoys long walks on the beach and shouting at the moon.

>> No.9213053

Oh bg, you crazy titty monster.

>> No.9213063

same here

>> No.9213066

or i could dump all my pictures :D

>> No.9213068

Could I have a night Goblin Chief on a makeshift throne with a full face-palming "Why am I surrounded by incompetents?" expression?

Moronic minions, po-faced shaman and squigs optional.

>> No.9213074 [DELETED] 

>> No.9213083

Mightilly approved good sir.

I'm actually busy trying to get out all of the heraldry for various characters, so if you've got the time i've a touch or two more.

If you wanted something simple, reversing the lion one you've already got here and making the lion white would work for the break-off family for this'n.

More complicated is a family crest which has both Fenrir and Nidhoggr of nordic myth facing one another.

>> No.9213084

I'd like to request that old nazi symbol, the eagle holding the swastika? But without the swastika and a pair of bunny ears on its head.

>> No.9213091

I'll take a small sandwich break and then tackle the next victim.

Maybe this one?


I'm feelin' orky

>> No.9213099

>> No.9213106

I am, just to keep you awake so the madness sets deeper.

>> No.9213110

Can someone draw the throne room of a big bad evil Emperor type who actually cares about good governance and the lives of his dark subjects?

How this could be portrayed I have no idea.

>> No.9213112

>> No.9213122

so, you want a eagle with bunny ears...

>> No.9213123

Yes because image dumping your avatarfaggotry is a surefire way to improve others opinion of you.

>> No.9213134


God, I'd wreck you. :3c

>> No.9213138

not going to say "I was trolling" but more "I was just being a dick"

That said, I actually thought of a slightly humorous request I wouldn't mind being rejected on account of me being said dick:
Phantom titan harassing a warhound titan, whilst riding a tau manta.

>> No.9213150

That's what you do in every fuckin' thread you show up in anyway. How about being original and, you know, drawing people's requests?

>> No.9213153

well, greenmarine keeps being a faggot to me, even if i'm not around, so i might as well do it too

>> No.9213154

that's dream bro. also known as morpheus.
that is all.

>> No.9213161

Gonna request my Battle-Bard again.

A man with grey stone colored skin in studded leather armor. He should have black hair and eyes. He should be remotely muscular and swinging a guitar-axe into a bunch of Gnolls. On his back should be a younger man popping out of a backpack looking over the first guy's head firing a crossbow. The boy should be in cloth robes and look similar but without the stone-colored looking skin.

>> No.9213169

A pin-up style picture of a beautiful naked redhead girl and in the background a stylized Mad Cat Mk I mech from Mechwarrior

>> No.9213176

>> No.9213183

>draws funny pictures of you being violated, is the most jovial loyalist

>shits up thread with old avatarfaggotry, is butthurt and also the MUTANT.

>> No.9213187

Glorious, time for some sleep depro!

>> No.9213193

Titty monster, you say?

>> No.9213196

>> No.9213204


>> No.9213215

those pictures he draw are old, and posted in all drawthreads, check the archive

>> No.9213228

Re-requesting a Lord of Change and a Great Unclean one Fist bumping

Lord of Change reference.
Brb with Great Unclean One reference

>> No.9213237

>> No.9213238

>Looks at thread
>20% requests
>10% responses
>60% idiotic arguing and reaction images
>10% bumps of requests because of such

>> No.9213241

I love you, Ekoi.

>> No.9213254

Great Unclean One

>> No.9213258

wrong picture

>> No.9213272

>> No.9213275

/r/ an actual shrine that belongs to AdMech. Either that or a cadre of corrupt techpriests fallen to $CHAOSDEITY

They're still amusing and he's still jovial, while you're still posting old ugly avatarfaggotry and being butthurt.

>> No.9213283

he posts them to start shit up, i'm just following :3

>> No.9213292

Also, Ekoi! If you're around, do that Nob and Grot pic. Plz. Plzplzplzplz.

>> No.9213293

Bumping for my request again, plzkthx

>> No.9213298


>> No.9213315

>> No.9213323

Sure is people bitching about BG causing BG to reply and get more people bitching because she replied in here.

Seriously, just shut the fuck up about her, and Greenmarine, you're not helping. Not trying to white night her, but it's a vicious cycle of faggotry that will only stop if people quit whining.

Half the drawthreads are these days are just bitching and moaning about BG not drawing things and avatarfagging, when there's plenty of proof it does. The other half is other artists not filling quests and making retarded /b/esqe "lolirapeu" images in sad trolling attempts.

>> No.9213330


>> No.9213339

Come on now people, be civil, be civil.

>> No.9213340

Ugh, dont repost your pics if you're not taking requests

>> No.9213351

>> No.9213357

So does anyone else remember the movie from that pic?

Yes that's right the motherfucking rescuers, that shit was hardcore.

>> No.9213362

Aaaaaand it's only getting worse.

See you guys in another thread some time.

>> No.9213368

Fuck, bg's stuff is cute, but he's annoying as hell.

Mandingo is far better.

>> No.9213377

A marilith bard. One instrument per set of arms.

>> No.9213379

Okay, i started a thread about how your in-game character would react to a Japanese hornet landing on their hand. Someone brought up an interesting fact, Japanese honey bees will crowd around the hornet completely into a ball of about a hundred bees. They will then vibrate their bodies so fast that it makes the air around the hornet cook it to death.
Someone said "I'm picturing a bunch of loli bees gang-raping a large mistress hornet" I told them i would request this at the next drawthread i found.

tl;dr : draw a bunch of loli bees gang-raping a mistress Japanese hornet.

>> No.9213383


I've seen you post quite the large number of pictures lately but, they seem to be all of that dragon avatar of yours, am I mistaken or are you not taking requests?

>> No.9213384

yes, this, exactly. ive been trying to ignore the faggot for a while now, but he keeps on reposting shit, so i might as well do that too.

and i have plenty of ammo to keep going

>> No.9213403

>> No.9213419

i wanna be a drawfag too :(

>> No.9213423

>> No.9213425

Abandon thread! Everyone to the lifeboats! Leave your sage behind!

>> No.9213427


Well stuff happens but it's not a big deal. Here is the one you posted just in case (and yeah I know you meant the files you used to make the one I just posted I just really like her lol :P

If at some point you want to take a whack at doing her differently that would be cool, I would like to see it, but don't feel like you have to tonight.

Now everyone have a good draw thread while I go to my 40k game my Eldar need to whoop up on something tonight.

>> No.9213429

Wait, how much shit does greenmarine repost again?

>> No.9213435

Not to be a total faggort, but can I plox to bamp mah request?
It goes along with a short piece of Chapter fic (along with the pic I originally poasted) and it would be wicked awesome to have for when I finally assemble my codex PDF

>> No.9213437

BG you like drawing cutesy stuff? How about a cutesy halfling rogue with daggers and mischievous smile? DEM HIPS and DEM TITS though.

>> No.9213441

>> No.9213446


Not going to dignify my question with an answer?

>> No.9213447

>> No.9213469

Then answer is that you are correct.

>> No.9213471

oh i have been doing requests, i'm just tired of green marine's actitude

>> No.9213472

Mud wrestling Sisters of Battle.

>> No.9213478


>> No.9213490

cheking my folder, i have almost an exactly 1:1 of avatar pictures:requests

>> No.9213505

>> No.9213512

Yeah sure, working on the drawing right now.

>> No.9213514

Look at all this drama.

I knew it wouldn't be long before the new drawfags succumbed to it.

I am relishing this. The tears of requests ignored and of childish hate completes me.

>> No.9213515

You, my good sir, are great win.

>> No.9213517


It would probably take requests, but Greenmarine and others have decided to be utter faggots, and she seems to have had enough of their shit.

>> No.9213518

>> No.9213528


Fair enough, would you mind if I made a request?

>> No.9213529

I wasn't around when the last meltdown happened.

Was it better drawn, or worse drawn, than this one?

>> No.9213534

>> No.9213539

Cool, thanks a lot man.

Now, let me bear your child.

>> No.9213546

bumpan this request

>> No.9213549

Could you please stop being such a pissy fag?
Thank you.

>> No.9213553

>> No.9213564

not right now

>> No.9213579


Very well, I'm off then, have a nice day.

>> No.9213586

Oh hey. I requested that Jupiter pic last night, but went to sleep before it was posted. Good job on it, I like.

>> No.9213588

Bumpin' ma request

>> No.9213589

What's wrong with you bg you're just going to get yourself hated by the board, trying to make a point or something? On 4chan?

>> No.9213597


>> No.9213605

hey, i just wanted to draw for you guys, and i dont mind anon bullshit, but when another drawfag makes a point to shit you in every thread...

>> No.9213606

Elminster and Urza trying to out-magic each other.


>> No.9213609


The old drawfags didn't have a meltdown, so to speak. They just stopped appearing.

It was only slightly better drawn.

But this... what's happening now? This is pure refined delight.

>> No.9213615

>> No.9213625

>> No.9213628

Fuck man... honeymoon is over.

>> No.9213637

>> No.9213641

Workin' on it, but, some other drawfags might beat me to the chase.

>> No.9213644

>> No.9213646

Sorry for the lousy sketch, brother. I am getting warmed up.

>>Not trying to white Knight
It sure looks like that

Keep telling yourself that, brother.

I am nothing but /tg/'s drawfag. /tg/ wants tits, i draw tits. /tg/ hates baskort, i hate baskort.

I do not really expect any kind of approval or recognition.

I am just a faggot with a tablet and a lot of free time.

>> No.9213650

Then you just decide to shit back and make everyone hate you, instead of just one guy?

That doesn't work, bg

>> No.9213657

Anonymous drawfag here (see iron mand and script requests). I'm off, gotta wake up early in the mornin'.

As for bg, you're sanser if you keep fagging these threads like you do. This is a service we provide (in my case) to warm up, practice a bit the old scribblan or killing some time, not attention whoring. You are the same scum as SoS or sergalfag, only with 35% more trolling. I do hope you do something before the occasional mods come for you.


>> No.9213658

token re/r/.

Then why haven't you filled any in this thread?

>> No.9213661

>> No.9213662

Do you actually draw requests or are you just an avatarfag?

>> No.9213673

>> No.9213675

that expression on the nurgle lord's face. It's a reaction image.

What would you name it?

>> No.9213678

I like the way you think. Never change. Keep drawing tits.

>> No.9213681



>> No.9213688

as i sayd, i'm tired of greenmarine fagging shit up even if i'm not around

>> No.9213690

bg usually draws at least a few requests, he's just having a bit of a hissy fit at the moment.

>> No.9213695

Lemme make a bigger, better image using his face.

>> No.9213703

>> No.9213707

A Kazooie Tzeentchette.

>> No.9213712

>> No.9213716


He's always throwing a fit. Do you think they allow mentally stable people over at tgchan?

>> No.9213718

Thank you.

>> No.9213720

>one person is mean to me, so everyone else gets punished

>> No.9213724

>> No.9213738

>> No.9213739

Believe it nor not, BG -does- tend to deliver requests.

However, this petty shit needs to end on both sides.

>> No.9213741


He's doing that EVERY.SINGLE.THREAD.

>> No.9213749

pretty much

>> No.9213757


>> No.9213758

bg hasn't done anything on tgchan in a while.
And are you >implying that 4chan is a bastion of sanity?

>> No.9213768 [DELETED] 

Jeez, people, we're here to have fun and act silly

>> No.9213769


I think /tg/ likes greenmarine more than you. Oh well atleast you're posting anthro shit so hopefully you'll get banned soon.

>> No.9213771


>> No.9213772

Is this still a drawthread? or has it degenerated into total lolrandumb fagfuckery?

>> No.9213773

i would stop if greenmarine stops

>> No.9213777


Heavens, no. But 4chan fosters a different kind of insanity than tgchan does.

>> No.9213779

While bg is being a complete faggot right now, I have to give him props for delivering on a most awesome pic.

>> No.9213786


> I am nothing but /tg/'s drawfag. /tg/ wants tits, i draw tits. /tg/ hates baskort, i hate baskort.

Except, /tg/ doesn't hate BG. Do you honestly believe /tg/ would run away a good drawfag, no matter who it is?

No, /tg/ wouldn't, we're not /b/ or /v/, dumbass, we like keeping good artists here. The anons you think are all of /tg/ is probably just one or two faggots that samefag requests against an Avatarfag, which you KNOW automatically makes some fucktards hate someone.

None of this would have happened if you didn't decide it was your place to attack another contributing member of the board. Sure, there's some avatarfaggotry going on, but you could be accused of the same thing, both of you still fill requests for people on /tg/.

BG, stop spamming, it's making things worse.

Greenmarine, stop being a fucking tool for trolls.

>> No.9213788

I have an idea: ignore the person making fun of you.

Jesus shitfucking christ you bitches act like you're 12 years old fuck. It's a message board motherfuckers, just don't fucking read the offending party's posts!

Worst comes to worst just get the tripcode blocker add-on.

>> No.9213790

>> No.9213793

Hrm. That was a beautiful Jupiter; could you do Venus?

>> No.9213796

my thoughts

>> No.9213797


>> No.9213798

You should really stop blaming us for everything. The furries, trolls, and other assorted faggots were here years before we decided to spread out.

>> No.9213799


You're a fucking liar and you know it, baskort.

>> No.9213800

>Except, I don't hate BG

>> No.9213803

>> No.9213807


Logic and reason won't work, this will end with BG getting banned.

>> No.9213812


And I really wish it had worked.

>> No.9213817

This truly goes on to show the decline of western civilization.

>> No.9213819

>> No.9213822


Hell yes! I remember that thread!

My only problem is that he isnt screaming " SHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS'VAAAAA PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNCH! "

>> No.9213833

>> No.9213836


>Do you honestly believe /tg/ would run away a good drawfag, no matter who it is?


>> No.9213837


Do you always have to be so terribly furry in all your actions, dear?

>> No.9213840

speak for yourself.

/tg/ does not like bg, though you may

>> No.9213844

>> No.9213848

>Except, /tg/ doesn't hate BG
Uh, yes. Yes, we do. Especially when he pulls retarded shit like this.

>> No.9213854

Our greatest shame.

>> No.9213856

I have both saved because THEY ARE JUST SO PERFECT. That thread, it brought a tear to my eye.

You glorious drawfags, you.

>> No.9213857

>> No.9213859


>Do you honestly believe /tg/ would run away a good drawfag, no matter who it is?

So you've been here for what, two or three months?


Baskort is always throwing a hissyfit when either:

A - He is not getting enough attention
B - He IS getting attention, but he believes it is because of the hissyfit.


baskort ragequits tgchan every few weeks, stays away for a while, and then pops back up to troll a bit. He's basically like reaver, but with worse art and a slower cycle.

>> No.9213864

I thought this a drawfag thread not an internet fight. Just image dump on this shit until it's capped. That's the only way.

>> No.9213867

>> No.9213868

I do not really have a name for it, though.

>> No.9213872

>> No.9213874

pic related

>> No.9213875


Green. Please. Stop fucking with my head. ;_;

Inquisitor Whitemane? Please?

>> No.9213877

Saging in a baskort thread

>> No.9213880

>baskort ragequits tgchan every few weeks, stays away for a while, and then pops back up to troll a bit
He's actually been known to ragequit a thread then not be able to resist coming back to whine more in the very same thread.

>> No.9213881

Fuck yeah, brofist that shit.

>> No.9213883

I can't tell if that's awesomeface or umad...

>> No.9213884

>> No.9213886


>> No.9213893

>> No.9213898


Siehst du im Osten das Morgenrot?

>> No.9213899

I don't mind BG; it's a shame that she (as I believe in going by the gender people present themselves as) feels the need to post unrelated things, but at least they're aesthetically pleasing and can be easily ignored.

>> No.9213902

ahhahaha why is this so funny I love it.

>> No.9213907

>> No.9213910

You used to be cool BG. Remember back on the Anon_IB with Lucas and Oniontrain?

>> No.9213912

this is the GAYEST faggotry I have even seen and I have seen a man train.

>> No.9213914


>> No.9213916

>> No.9213917

>>None of this would have happened if you didn't decide it was your place to attack another contributing member of the board.


>>Greenmarine, stop being a fucking tool for trolls.


>> No.9213918



>> No.9213924


looks like a little of each.

>> No.9213925

And now go back to keeping your fucking mouth shut.

>> No.9213926


>> No.9213933

>> No.9213934

bg is a guy, dude

>> No.9213935

I heard there was a party?

>> No.9213936

I told you already that i will do it, brother.
And i am sure that you will like it.

>> No.9213947


>> No.9213954

What the hell's going on here?

>> No.9213956

There is only one way to solve this, pistols at dawn, gentlemen?

>> No.9213958

I wish to see Idranel demoted to Striking Scorpion and now wearing Scorp armor showing off her STUPID SEXY SCORPION ASS

>> No.9213960

> Drawthread
> total of less than 10 requests fulfilled, two hundred poasts
I love that drawthreads are happening with surprising regularity. Don't get me wrong.
But I hate when those drawthreads devolve into avatarfaggotry and dramz.

>> No.9213962

Probably, probably. But she draws an avatar of a dragonborn female, so I'll use female pronouns, because it hurts nothing.

>> No.9213963

I don't find image spamming annoying, especially if they're semi well drawn, but, then again, I don't find Sergalfag annoying, either.


Yeah, I agree with this.

>> No.9213965


>> No.9213967

4chan drama caused by one person caring too much and one person not giving half a fuck, which is proper.

>> No.9213969


Putin is pleased.

>> No.9213973

Can it be laspistols?

>> No.9213974


>> No.9213982

>> No.9213983


>> No.9213997 [DELETED] 

>> No.9214010

If any of you drawfags have some time over from all your FUCKING ASS DRAMA i have a request:

A darkskinned (think middle-eastern) man about 26-ish with a crewcut, using a cyclic bolter like weapon (kinda like a squad support version of a Vulcan Mega-bolter). He has a tatoo of some arabic writing on his right temple. He wears heavy armor made from ceramics, high-tech ablative coating and external shields.

Facial structure is quite similar to Daniel Lobé:

This is my character in a Coriolis campaign one of my friends GMs

>> No.9214014


I don't see why not, as long as it's conducted in a gentlemanly fashion.

>> No.9214015

So how about you people get a room and we can move on to more interesting topics such as dem traditional games?

>> No.9214017


>say that to my face fucker and not online see what happens.

>> No.9214019

that dragon dude fucking sucks, what the fuck is the point of a draw fag that only drags pictures of "himself"?

Fucking attention whore, go back to tgchan furfag.

>> No.9214024

Just my two cents:

I vastly, VASTLY prefer greenmarine to bg. At least greenmarine doesn't cause drama, doesn't bawww over his widdle huwt feewings when /tg/ is being /tg/, and doesn't pull retarded-ass shit like avatarspamming. And he actually doesn't hide behind being a non-native speaker of English for a lame excuse not to do requests 'because he doesn't understand it' when it's all in plain fucking understandable, not-advanced-at-all language.

>> No.9214037

So, can we still make drawfag requests, or has this thread been derailed already?

>> No.9214045

>implying there is such a thing as advanced language in English.

>> No.9214055


>> No.9214058 [DELETED] 

hey, i tryed to ignore the guy, i'm just asking to dont be bothered


>> No.9214062

>> No.9214071

>implying any of our civilization's languages are advanced

>> No.9214078


It helps that greenmarine also consistently produces quality drawfaggotry.

It's a fuckload better than any of the shit I ever drew you people.

>> No.9214093

Does anyone have that wizard hippo picture from a week or so ago?

>> No.9214095


Liar. You just want attention.

Here, have some. I know you're beating yourself raw to this right now, anyway.

>> No.9214100

>easily ignored
Mandatory maximum image limits are pretty fucking hard to ignore in a drawthread, bro.

>> No.9214114


>> No.9214117


You know what? Then go to /b/. If you're not willing to cut your shit out for the greater good of the board, then you might as well go to a board where they'll ONLY want tits and you can play Internet Hate Machine with whoever the fuck you want.

Seriously, if there's anything that made /tg/ hate Basket, it's this thread, before that it was samefagging trolls, or are you so damn naive that you actually believe all of /tg/ would want to get rid of someone?

Yes, Avatarfaggotry is annoying, yes, Basket can be annoying and drama filled, but if you actually believe you share no blame in this, you're stupid as hell. This is /tg/, not /b/, this isn't the board where people should have to put up with constant /b/ullshit and trolling, though you seem to want it to be.

>> No.9214120

No, no you aren't.
Asking to not be bothered would be "Could you please not do this" and not making a big deal about it.
You know, like anyone with any sense of what people do.
What you're doing is shitting up every drawthread on /tg/ by being a gigantic tittybaby.

>> No.9214135


Shut the fuck up

>> No.9214137

>implying you know any language properly except English.

>> No.9214152

why everyone ignores the requests?


>> No.9214156


>> No.9214164

I had a request but now it's buried in a mountain of pointless shit.

If you have nothing to say, don't say it and definently don't shit up another person's drawthread with your "opinions"

>> No.9214173

Sure greenmarine shares some blame in this.
But the majority of it rests on bg for being so fucking thin-skinned on 4chan, of all places. /tg/ is possibly the kindest of all the boards here, and still basketcase bawwws with the tears of a thousand oceans.

>> No.9214176

what was yours?

>> No.9214179


in b4 Khoisan languages.

>> No.9214183


You are my favorite white knight.

You do realize that baskort WANTS this, right? You're not defending him from anything.

>> No.9214188

Green marine and BG are so tsundere for each other.

>> No.9214193

How about a kitten curled up with a ripper, both fast asleep.

>> No.9214196


>/tg/ is possibly the kindest of all the boards here,

I doubt that; even if it is true, that's not saying much.

>> No.9214199

This is the Internet. People can be dicks sometimes.

Regardless, responding to dickery with imagespam basically gives the aforementioned dick ex post facto justification for annoying the offended party (hereafter referred to as "butthurt").

>> No.9214200

actually, i just wanna draw peacefully

>> No.9214207

Then quit being a douchebag and do it. Take the "high road" if there is one, and just fucking stop.

>> No.9214244

why do i have to be the only one taking it :v

as i sayd, i tryed to ignore it for a week long

>> No.9214252

I would post the Ork Kommando Nob + Grot but somebody took all the image limit. :(

>> No.9214270

That's just it, you're not the only one taking it.
This is fucking 4CHAN. Trolls everywhere. Seriously, man, you HAVE to grow a thicker skin if you're gonna survive on this site.

>> No.9214272

sorry, just making a point

>> No.9214283


Come on, sis. Arguing on the internet is an exercise in futility.

>> No.9214286


It's one thing to be attacked by Anons, it's another thing to have one of your kin, another artist, actively badmouthing you and starting shit constantly.

Basket wasn't even in the thread and Greenmarine started trolling, what the fuck is that? He could have just filled a request, but instead he focused on trolling another artist. The blame rests about 50/50, don't just heap it all on Basket, despite it's annoying avatarfaggotry.

>> No.9214292

My god... This... This can't BE!

>> No.9214294

i dont mind trolls, its when a drawfag does it when it bothers me

>> No.9214325

Start a new one, and hope Pokécunt doesn't ruin it too.

>> No.9214332

i know that

>> No.9214354

there is one already, and i dont have a motive to go and repost it... yet...

>> No.9214370


I have to agree with this; the only thing I don't like about bg is her lack of proper grammar, but that isn't major. That applies to lots of people, really; it's hard to get rid of Grammar Nazism.

>> No.9214373

looks like I didn't fuck this thread up much.
I feel good about myself.

>> No.9214393

sorry :(

>> No.9214438

It's not too terribly much worse than what I see around the internet every day by supposed native speakers.
What's your native language though, if I may ask? I'm not a native English speaker, myself.

>> No.9214456

español :3

>> No.9214491

Nobody ever draws for me :(

>> No.9214525

I drew one for you! It's right here!

>> No.9214527


Back when I was a younger tripfag, and a huge faggot, no one drew for me, either. I just decided not to ask for anything to be drawn after.

>> No.9214531

what do you wanted?

>> No.9214547


It's because when the threads bloat like this with drawma it gets progressively harder for me to read the thread for interesting request. Wakko is sorry, Wakko is not responsible for drawma, Wakko just wants to draw and have fun. :(

>> No.9214560

I had requested my Geist character, way back at >>9211555.

In short, black guy and smile ghost

>> No.9214581

i'm sorry for shitting the thread, but i too wanna draw whithout other drawfags shitting the threads for me :<

>> No.9214596

i saw that the other day, but i'm not sure what geist is :<

>> No.9214642

WoD game, regular people with ghost buddies and superpowers.

>> No.9214650


Isn't Geist that GameCube game where you play as a ghost?



>> No.9214671

Actually it isn't female Elminster. It's an old character of mine. We made a joke about how cool people look when smoking an Elminster pipe, so the DM ran with it and made it a fad in part of the Forgotten Realms. So an NPC gave my character one as a gift.

>> No.9214675

Geist is the happiest game in the World Of Darkness, instead of a monster with supernatural angst, you're a guy who died, and a ghost says "Hey I can bring you back to life" and you go "Sweet!" and you come back to life with a ghost supercool powers.

>> No.9214693

It is also that.

>> No.9214707

sure is underage b& in here

>> No.9214720

What happened to that actual drawing???

>> No.9214724

Dance my Puppets! Dance!

>> No.9214758


>> No.9214776


>> No.9214794

"The worst thing about living here is that you can only kill yourself once"

>> No.9214935

REQUESTING: Baby Cakes, as a barbarian, fighting a demon.

>> No.9214953

he GEIST GUY u still around?

>> No.9214971

Yes I am. :)

>> No.9215001

yes or no?

>> No.9215008

Yes :D

>> No.9215024

coloran then

>> No.9215047

btw, what color is a geist? :v

>> No.9215067

Any colors really, this one in particular would have a grey face, white smile, and the body would usually be black, although occasionally it appears in bright colors like yellow or red.

>> No.9215130

I've never seen it. Only this shit avatar spam.

>> No.9215191


>> No.9215194


If you could contact me on aim after you finish it, that'd be awesome
I Will Do Science is my aim

>> No.9215251


i dont have aim, just ask for it whenever you see me :3

>> No.9215574

Angry Drawfag here.




I'm glad I went off to lead the glorious army of China to victory over the accursed GLA forces because, damn, what a fucking cesspit this thread turned into.

And bg hasn't even been banned yet it seems!

>> No.9215692

nop, i would have sayd something else to you, but i play with the glorious army of china too

>> No.9216160


And the thread is still here.

>> No.9216218



>> No.9216339

Thank you, three tons.

>> No.9216581


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