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I feel happy. I just finished putting the final wash on my last two Nurgle marines.

Two weeks ago. I got my income taxes. I spent a portion of it and bought a 2000 point nurgle army from my FLGS.

Two oblits. Two Defilers. 3x plague marine squads. 3x rhino's. 5man terminator squad, Typhus, and a greater plague demon of nurgle.

In the past two weeks i've painted them all.

Feel's good. Saturday I'm going to play them for the first time. Feels good man.

What have -you- Accomplished this week? RPG's, Warhams, Anything /tg/ related. If you did it this week. Sound off in here and tell su how god damn good you feel.

If you haven't accomplished anything, well. Let us know and we can offer some encouragement!

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I lost another game with my Grey Knights, shit was fun though.

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Give us some of the high points that made it a good game. I'm alway's interested in fun battle reports.

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>What have -you- Accomplished this week?

Got a fulltime job in the field I'm interested/studying in.

Yeeeaaahh, motherfuckersss!

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If I could remember where I saved it, I'd give you an internet brofist. Maybe one of the other gents on /tg/ can do it for you.

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Rolled up a RT character, friend from high school who got me into 40k is gonna run a summer long campaign.

my local comic, miniatures and DnD store is running a campaign on new comic book days. About 2 hours a week, level one characters. DM has been playing DnD since Chainmail or what ever but is not a neckbeard, railrodder, or rules lawyer, a rare find indeed.

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Apocolypse -> buy 200 terminators -> buy 100 psycannons -> buy lysander + retinue -> buy stern -> rape

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got a part time job stocking, so two part time jobs + school, still trying to decide how to paint my guard troops, scarlet red armor or a bright gold armor, and I looked over my other 4 armies and wondered how I'm going to get all of them painted with my new schedule.

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My suggestion is slowly. I alway's paint a squad at a time, two models at a time. Usually I sit at my desk, movies playing on the computer monitor while I work on the paintings.

As for colour. I'd suggest red? Gold would be too..bright. Alot of metallic paint which looks horrible when painted in large numbers.

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I just finished painting the my 4th out of like, 30 Boyz.
Just started getting into Warhammer 40k like, this last week and bought that huge fucking starter pack of Orks.
The very first guy I built is painted solid gold like a trophy to keep as a collectable.

Painting is really fun, but I'm pretty shit at it. Someday man. Someday.

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When I first started, I bought that space marine box set that had 1500 points in it. Took me three months to slather on this horrible christmas green colour and I played them "count as" salamanders.

Just keep plugging away at it, man. Practice makes perfect. You've got alot of boy's to paint though. Which is actually the reason I chose space marines for my first army. Less numbers fielded means less work. NOw of course I play Sisters of Battle almost exclusively with a few IG allied.

Paint two. The gold one you've got. Keep as your 'trophy'. Then paint another as good as you can, right now. And stick him on a shelf next to the gold one. Don't touch him. In six months, compare his paint job to a 'current' one. You'll be shocked at the difference!

And remember! Thin your paints!

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I'll remember who my first guy is.
My Orks are pirates, partly because that pirate Ork boss is fucking awesome, and partly so I can make them any way I want.
I've been having fun with it. I had to cut off the handlebar on one of my bikes so I kept the cut off handlebar. Glued it on to the end of a gun so it would look like it was silenced. It actually worked really fucking well.

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It was a small game, only 750. I've been playing the Grey Knights for a little over a year now, I was a guard/space yiff player before then. This was his fifth game and he was using Black Templars. Spearhead, Seize Objectives (3), and I allowed him first turn.

I had 5 PAGK w/ Incinerator in a Godhammer LR, 7 PAGK with 2 Psycannons sitting in heavy cover, and a Brother Captain w/ a Hood (Fat good it did me this game, but I always endeavor to bring one)

He had two crusader squads (one choppy, one shooty), Termie Bretheren w/ Assault cannon, Dread with a lascannon, a Champion (Accept any challenge), and a Marshall.

I had corrected a few mistakes on his list before the game, he had only played with tau and a pre-made BA list before and had some errs/silly choices. I also advised him on some of the finer points of Marine play.

Went as I expected it to the first four turn, all according to plan. The Godhammer sat back and Instagibbed his Marshall and Templar. The psycannons tore apart the assaulty crusaders. The other crusaders sat on the objective furthest from me.

His termie with an assault cannon was the hero of the game. He rended my LR into an explosion and blew away three members of the exposed squad next turn. I charged the surviving Justicar and Knight into CC with his brethren, hoping to get lucky. I killed them all except the Assault Cannon. He charged his dread in and my Justicar flopped rolling trip 1's on the next attack.

I was betting on the game to last six turns, so naturally I rolled a 1 to continue when my surviving knights were 4" away from the nearest objective.

The BC showed up turn 4, scattered into a shooting gallery, and died without causing a wound.

Was a close and fun match, we both killed exactly 500 points of each other. He's now addicted to Templars, so my defeat was for a purpose I now see.

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That's the way to do it. Alway's save stuff you clip off your units, as well as extra stuff. Bitz man. bitz!

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Well, i finished reading the Grey Knights Omnibus...

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Hell yeah.
All that shit is useful. Especially with the junk armor and vehicles the Orks use.
God I love those green motherfuckers.

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I started working 14 hours a day 7 days a week. Work wastes my life in a way that the internet and games never could.

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Anyone know the easiest way to get a SM helmet with a T-visor?

I'm thinking that I'll probably have to shave some horns off a Chaos helmet, unless anyone has ideas?

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You could try your hand at some greenstuffing! Wouldn't be too hard. You can do it!

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Tht will end so very, very badly.

Something will probably be on fire when I'm done.

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Dusted off (!!!), clipped, filed, and based the 70 odd Vostroyans I've had sitting in my spare room for... oh, I don't know, the last 2 years maybe? Feels outstanding, chaps.

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Wrote my army fluff, finished assmebling / painting my first tac squad + emperor's champion

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well, our Dark Heresy game finally reached Ascension stage, we've been building toward it for six months since we found out the book was coming. Our band of five has made it all the way with only 3 deaths through the Purge the Unclean missions, Parts I & II of the Haarlock Legacy, and a long, winding adventure through the Tranch War our DM came up with...

So now three of us have hit rank 10, my Darkhold Moritat Reaper finished his trevail, ascended to the status of Death Cult Assassin, and was presented with a pair of best craftsmanship Balecarnae Power Moon Blades.

Now we're headed to Malfi to begin The Red Wake.

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treated my self to set new brakes, tires for my bike. ready for riding season now

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>What have -you- Accomplished this week?
Went to classes, as normal. Played Saya no Uta all night, finished a few hours before classes on Tuesday.

08:30am: Went to class. After class, went to other class.
10:00am: Went to another class.
11:30am: Got back to dorm, went to sleep.

5:30pm: Woke up. Realized I missed a day of classes, ate supper. Maybe missed a test.
Dicked around on internet all night.


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why didn't you take Vindicare Assassin? Do you hate being awesome?

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Moritat assassins: all bladed weapons have TEARING when you use them.

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lol i do the same thing. feels good man

i finally got to play 40k for the first time in months. tourny at local GS. this one just recently started doing 40k tournys, so had point cap at 1250 just to change things up on people. i ran footsloggers IG. lost all 3 of my games, but should have won game 1 and 3 but was too cautious. still placed in 4th out of 6th over all, spots 5 and 6 were guys who beat me in games 1 and 2. much lulz were had.

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Our girl guardsman ascended to Vindicare - so now we have a female Vindicare Assassin and a male Death Cult Assassin - drawfag that at your peril. Once I knew the Vindicare was going to be a playable option, I was pretty pissed because I'd followed the wrong path, but he's had such an awesome character arc for such a disposable character I was attached enough to continue on it.


Yeah, fast, tearing power weapons with storm of blows and blade dancer by level 10. You get 4 melee attacks as a full action, re-roll any misses once per round, take no penalty for being outnumber and you can move out of melee range for a free action after your final attack. I haven't tried it out yet, but I suspect it will be awesome. Especially with an exitus rifle covering my back.

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>feels good man
I have shit to do in.... TWO HOURS!? I have a possible test over shit I have not studied. Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but PHYSICS. Electron spins, magnetic material types, and shit.... FUCK.
Then I have a test in Logic, which I'll probably KICK ASS in, but I need to review, at least.
And THEN I have a fucklong and important lab that I need to have filled out in my lab book, and understand the lab's principals, before it starts, because there is usually a difficult test over the lab's material before the lab, which is 1/3 of the grade for that lab...
Fuck, I'm outta here.
Wish me luck, guys.


Tzeentch, keeper of all secrets, seer of all things, please help me just as planned, just as you plan all that was, all that is, and all that will be. For the glory of your name, and towards the fulfillment of all your mechanations, guide my way with your flame of knowledge.

Slaanesh, dark prince, defiler of all, please grant me the grace to enact your perfection, the perception to enjoy the gifts you have granted me, and the ability to further your works. Long and hard have I worked to understand your truth, enable me to spread your touch.

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Girl guardsman.... girl vindicare.... man moritat... HERESY!

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Vindigirl and Manitat. SOMEONE MUST DRAW THIS!

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I for one am shocked anyone reached Ascension without re-rolling. Is your DM a push over or something? Because that Purge the Unclean mission with the Deldar is fucking impossible. Our group tried it and got tore to shreds by splinter rifles as soon as they popped out from behind a bulkhead.

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Busy week and it's not even over yet:
-Finished painting my 40k Ulthwé Eldar starting force, 23 models and a wraithlord on wednesday.

-Went on a date (FUCK YEAR) on Tuesday

-Played through Borderlands with brother

-Going to a party on Friday

-Saturday is campaign day at my FLGS. Eldar up in this bitch!

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We had an Adept with a scary huge Leadership that insisted we carefully plan every encounter, gather intelligence, and lay ambushes before striking.

That Deldar mission? Piece of piss. Got to the Spesh Hulk aboard a Battlecruiser, convinced a Guard detatchment to come with us. Sent them on ahead down every corridor. The DM made sure they were butchered down to the last man, but by then we knew where every last pirate was camped out waiting for us before the hulk went up in smoke.

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Glued the last of my tomb king army which is now at 1,500pts, 500 pts more and it is done.

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>Before you all freak out and stay up until 3am, I have postponed the 3rd Exam to Monday! Please, if you read this announcement, contact your group members and tell them to be in class at 8:30 Thursday morning. I am going to try to recap the information from Ch 28-32 in a format that is more useful to you. Friday we will practice using it. Saturday and Sunday you will work problems and get ready for the test, and then Monday morning at 8:00am you will get the chance to attempt the test.

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Based the peg knights on tuesday, they're tabletop standard now.
Still some highlights and varnish left, but that's in the future.
I'll probably go back to working on a lance unit tonight, if there's not a game on.

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chaos gods are real, we are so fucked

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I'm, by my guesses, roughly half way through Dawn of War II's vanilla campaign. Just witnessed a certain Commander get stabbed in the dick by a Tyranid Warrior.

That and I won a skirmish game using only a Predator, a Dreadnought and a ton of turrets. Quickly captured every point on the map and threw up turrets. It was fun having all of the enemy cornered in a tiny part of the map and then ordering my Autocannon equipped Dreadnought to spray them down with the high-explosive shell rape bonanza barrage.

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screenshot of the mail or I'm calling fake

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bumping with shitty oc.

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just remember your tithe young one....one coin goes to the bird god, a sacrifice of fine wine should appease slaanesh.

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as do I, you would be surprised about the metallic thing though, my fantasy slaanesh army is almost all gold, course that is to make sigvald blend in with the rest of the troops, I suppose I will do 'em red though, in case I try to make them traitor guard they will already be ready to be khornites.

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