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lets try again /tg/

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wait what are we trying?

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we try to get laid

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the Krieg girlfriend writefaggotry

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Call her lasgun and flashlight and let's see what happens

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Or we could accept that the writers did an awesome job, and the story came to an adorable conclusion with that last snippet. So rather than constantly try to recreate it, which will only end badly, why not take on a new challenge?

Choose, but choose wisely....

1) Techpriest girlfriend
2) Commissar girlfriend
3) Ork grrlfriend
4) Servitor girlfriend
5) Necron girlfriend.

Pick your poison, /tg/.

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Exploring all the Guard girlfriends in the Imperium. Vostroyan, Cadian, Mordian, Necromundian etc etc

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>2) Commissar girlfriend


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Very awkward pairing with a very laid-back Valhallan soldier and a very strict Krieger. Doesn't matter who the girlfriend or boyfriend is, just so long DAWWWW and hilarity ensues.

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I hope you like femdom.

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hell yes

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No sir I do not.

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What are you doing? The original thread is still here.

>3) Ork girlfriend
There's something wrong with you.

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>4) Servitor girlfriend
That's sick and/or creepy as all hell. Some powerful person wants some girl who doesn't want him back, so he arranges for her to be turned into a servitor, arranges things to make her an attractive one, and then shuffles her into his service. After that, she might be lobotomized, but what does he care? She's his now in every way, and she's as willing as he ever wanted her to be... even if that spark of personality that was what he really wanted is long gone. But he can't admit to himself that he should never have done this, that it was a horrific thing to do to someone beautiful and full of life, and so he keeps her around in spite of the fact that their lovemaking is empty, mechanically perfect but mechanically devoid of meaning, and pretends that he got what he wanted.

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definitely a pratorian

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>Techpriest girlfriend
that could be cool.
or really horrific when she decides to "upgrade" you.

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>>9192873 that could be cool.or really horrific when she decides to "upgrade" you.

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If I can suggest something....?

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>>9192937 Tanith

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any writefags here?

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I've done that before. It actually tastes quite good.

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Wait other thread is not archived, tell me, was there OC in it/is it archvie worthy? sorry but i dont want to waste time checking myself, just say the word and ill archive

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google '/tg/ archive krieg'

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yea dude all i see is krieg 1 and 2 but is

>>9187384 worth saving? i was there for 2 not 3 though

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Yes, it is worthy. I just can't be assed to do it.

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anyone gonna do a pratorian? please?

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im no writefag, but how would that work? if there is any regiment in the IG i cant see having wimminz, its Praetorians. Praetorian boyfriend could be cool though

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techpriestess would be cool

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techpriestess or pysker

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Why stick to just the Imperium? We can always add Chaos to the list.

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Though I already know what I want.

A Daemon falling in love with a mortal. Trying to create a relationship out of it without killing him.

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Fuck yeah I do!

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I just want an adorably mutated Tzeentchian sorceress to cuddle.

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i want a techpriestess waifu to hold..

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I want somebody to hold me

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does not

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No love for Tau?

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I'll hold you. Any longer than 5 minutes & it gets creepy though.

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Writefag here, but I don't have enough knowledge of the 40k universe to make this happen. Not sure I would want to write about your masturbatory fantasies, either.

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You must learn to enjoy the feel of cold metal

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How would you feel about writing an affectionfic instead?

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So did you just come into this thread to go HEY GUYS GUESS WHO'S GOOD AT WRITING


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