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Given all the crap that has been bogging up the front page I thought I'd keep on spinning off the Krieg Writefaggoting from earlier.


So these Kriegers landed here some months ago and set up their main camp outside town, nobody really knows why, but the news say it is an ongoing progress to reinforce the planet in perilous times and to promote intra-world relations. At the beginning we were all a bit worried of how this would change our society and so, but it turned out that the Kriegers were more than happy to mainly keep to themselves and fortify their camp, so we didn’t have much problem. After a while though they popped up in town, often moving in small groups, or squads, of five or so in full trenchcoat, combat gear and always the gasmask, but this we got used to as well, I mean, we have a pretty diverse ethnicity here in town, what was some more? Only thing that was a bit unnerving was that they pretty much never spoke, but they managed to communicate with body language and notes, so it all worked out. In fact one of my friends happened to get into a relationship with one of them, and although I’ve understood there have been some cultural barriers it seems to work out fine.

Sometimes me and the guys would see some of the Kriegers try to pick up girls at the bar, but I guess a combination of the ever-present gasmask and the non-verbal communication made them look like creeps and pretty much always got the cold shoulder. I guess that I could put in a joke here about getting women isn’t the kind of prolonged siege the Kriegers are used to, but I’ll refrain, I’m past that stage by now.

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See the cause of that is because among the Krieger-guys there were also a couple of Kriger-girls. At the beginning it was hard to pick them out because of their similar clothing, but after a couple of months many Kriegers started removing the masks inside bars and similar. I had already seen one when I had dinner at my friend’s, he mentioned something about “facial recognitioning”, so I suppose it has something to do with that. Anyway, this was the first time I had seen others than the one my friend is living with, and Emperor was I surprised to see that these ones were so similar. I could hardly tell them apart, even from my friend’s Krieger.

So there I sit, staring at the Krieger-girls like some kind of weirdo when I suddenly meet with eye-contact with one of them. I get that funny feeling that happens and try to look away, but somehow something inside me tells me to go for it. In an attempt to salvage the situation I keep eye-contact and walk up to her and ask her if the place beside her is taken, to which she only nods and I sit down. I offer her a drink (now that I think about it I never saw her drink from it, but the level constantly sank, so I guess she did when I looked away) and all that normal pick-up-a-girl stuff, start talking with her, and while I can’t remember exactly what I said I soon noticed that she never talked, but simply nodded, or shook her head when she disagreed, with what I said.

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Most people would have found it creepy and odd, and I have to admit, so did I, but I found that it was oddly relaxing. No matter what I said she always had her attention focused on me and it really felt like she was listening to everything I said. In fact I kept talking through the night about everything possible, about my life, about the planet, about what I thought of the Kriegers and wondered about them (this lead to a lot of nodding and shaking as she answered my questions). I think I got her to smile a bit, so it seemed like it worked out pretty ok.

So we sat there until closing time before we had to leave, and while I turned around to get my jacket she donned her combat gear, mask and shouldered her lasgun (which had to be stored with the coat after an incident in a nearby bar my friend might or might not have been involved in). I don’t know how she managed, because I only turned away for a split sec and didn’t hear more than a quiet shuffle, but nonetheless she was all dressed up when I turned around. I have to admit that I wondered if it really was my Krieger for a second, because there were a number of them moving out at the same time, but I could feel her blue eyes fixed on me through the lenses of the mask, so I assumed it was her.

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The walk home was pretty uneventful, I told her where I lived (which was on the way to the encampment) and she gestured that she lived in the encampment and some sign that told me to wait. She went up to one Krieger that was currently boarding a Chimera and I assume they communicated somehow, because he nodded and the two saluted before she returned to my side. I kept on talking as we walked, it was a pretty nice night, not too chilly, so I noted that she could remove the mask. I dunno if she was shy about something, but she just shook her head when I asked her, so I let it go.

We arrived at my door after a while, and I was contemplating if I should ask her up (I was also trying to come up with a good way to do it, I didn’t know her interests and I hardly had any earthworks or bayonet collection for “inspection”), when she saluted me. I was stunned for a second before I followed in suit, upon which she handed over a note to me, then returned to attention and started marching down the street. I watched her until she turned around the corner, and then looked at the paper. It said the following:

Private Krieg Female Model 68b #6346
68th Krieg Regiment, Company XXII, Platoon Gamma
Vox Channel: 445X6

I guess this was the Krieg equivalent of getting a girl’s phone number. All in all a pretty good evening I guess.

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More coming I think, gonna try to write the "second date" soon.

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Clearly, what /tg/ needs is more crappy fanfiction.

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Meh, better than crappy furporn.

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You must be new, one of /tg/s pillars is cheesy fanfiction.

You have obviously never seen 1d4chan.

But please, browse it.

And welcome to /tg/ :D

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Fuck was the Krieg Girlfriend archived from yesterday? I didn't get to finish reading all of it!

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Yup search /tg/ archive krieg

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So you scored a date with #6345's sister?

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Man the Krieg girlfriend made d'aww so hard. I think I'll have a smile plastered to my face all day.

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I’ve always had this problem with calling girls, how long should one wait? What should one say? When on the day should I call? Now, when I was going to call a Krieger-girl this anxeitey became doubled. I called my previously mentioned friend about it and I guess he congratulated me and gave me some tips, although he admitted that his situation had been a bit different. Anyway, I decided to follow the word of the old and wise and waited three days before I picked up the phone and asked the operator to hook me up to the vox-net. The receiver was picked up barely after the first signal had rung through and I heard heavy breathing through what I presumed was a gasmask, it sounded like a guy, but I couldn’t be sure since the receiver was silent. It felt like minutes passed, but it was probably only a couple of seconds, before I decided to speak.

“Ahem, is this Platoon Gamma? I would like to speak with… Krieg Female Model 68b #6346. Is she there?”

It was silent for a couple of seconds before I heard some mumble. I couldn’t hear what he said, but since he left it on and the breathing disappeared I presume he went to get her. After a while someone new picked up the receiver, a lighter breathing, so I guessed it was Krieg Female Model 68b #6346. As with the one who picked up the phone I assumed it was best that I took the initiative.

“Uhm, it’s me from the bar the other day, I was… uh thinking perhaps you want to go out again?”

I’m not sure, but I think I heard a happy squeal from her side and a lot of shuffling around, as if the whole platoon was standing behind her and listening in.

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yay more Kriegers :3

preparing for massive D'AWWW

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>I’m not sure, but I think I heard a happy squeal from her side and a lot of shuffling around, as if the whole platoon was standing behind her and listening in.

Kriegers are pretty dawwww.

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“I uh, take that as a yes? So should we meet tomorrow and watch a movie? There’s one starting at seven in town tomorrow.”

The breathing got faster and somehow I could see her in front of me nodding. Then everything happened so fast I barely remember in what order. I heard a large boom and some shouting in the background, then a lot of shuffling before the phone hung up. I think I heard a mumble similar to “sorry” but I’m not sure.

I was a bit worried, since we didn’t set up a time to meet, but when I tried to call back I didn’t get a reply. Tomorrow came anyway, and I decided to prepare myself to wait outside the theater at seven. I didn’t need to though, because at six the doorbell rang and my Krieger was waiting outside in a freshly cleaned and pressed trenchcoat and full combat gear. I did spot some dried dirt on her boots and the shovel on her back, so I assumed she had been on drill since the call.

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rolled 13 = 13

Continue. Normally I don't agree with blackie, but please, a little more.

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: (

I don't hate you.

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I finished my preparations and we walked downtown to the theater. On the way I heeded my friend’s advice and told her that the movie was about how the insidious Xenos and Hereteks together worked to try and restrict the development of humans. I also pointed out that the movie is just a work of fiction, and nothing to get overly riled up over. I think she understood most, and I wonder what would’ve happened if I hadn’t, because I could see her glaring at the blue faces on the posters through her mask already when we were approaching the cinema.

Anyway, I paid for the tickets, bought some popcorn and soda and we got two seats. The movie had run for a while, but was still pretty popular, so it was perhaps half-full. As it begun I wondered if I should have chosen a romantic movie instead to increase my chances, but it seemed to work out anyway. I have to admit that I did feel a bit of sympathy for the blue aliens in the movie, but Krieg Female Model 68b #6346 was all on the humans, she even cried a tear when the colonel died towards the end, so I tried to keep my face as much as possible. When we were walking out I could feel her glaring at the others who had more openly shown their feelings for the Xenos, but I think she tried her hardest to behave.

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rolled 2 = 2


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When we were walking away from the theater and was pretty alone from the street I suddenly felt her grip my arm and press it against her, I looked at her and she met my gaze through the polished lenses on her gasmask. She didn’t speak, but it felt like she was trying to convey her fears for similar things happening right now in the Imperium and that she wanted us to stay true to the Emperor forever. Or I dunno, perhaps I’m just imagining things, I smiled at her anyway, and it seemed to calm her down, although she kept the grip on my arm. Not that I minded, though.

I waited until we were sitting down at a nearby fast-food restaurant (not so flashy I know, but I was in a bit of money trouble and considering the speed the burger disappeared in front of her I don’t think she disagreed with my choice) before I started talking about the movie. I was pretty careful with what I said, not to seem like a Xenos-lover, and I praised the humans for their work in the movie. We (I) slipped into religion to that and I happened to mention I hadn’t been that religious before, just praying to the Emperor from time to time to help me out. I totally forgot how fanatical Kriegers could be and was afraid I would scare her away. First a borderline heretical movie and now this.

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I waited until we were sitting down at a nearby fast-food restaurant (not so flashy I know, but I was in a bit of money trouble and considering the speed the burger disappeared in front of her I don’t think she disagreed with my choice) before I started talking about the movie. I was pretty careful with what I said, not to seem like a Xenos-lover, and I praised the humans for their work in the movie. We (I) slipped into religion to that and I happened to mention I hadn’t been that religious before, just praying to the Emperor from time to time to help me out. I totally forgot how fanatical Kriegers could be and was afraid I would scare her away. First a borderline heretical movie and now this.

I swallowed and had focused on my dwindling soda as I had spoken to get away for a bit, but when I looked up I could only see mercy in her eyes, she took it better than I had expected. She gripped my hand and I felt in her gaze how she wanted to restore my faith in the Emperor and in that moment I felt that for her I would do just that. Despite the recovery I decided to stay silent for the rest of the meal, which now for once felt a bit akward.

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What's your problem with me anyway?

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If he's in a FUCK YEAH HUMANITY mood, it would work pretty well.

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If he did, that's awesome and stupid at the same time.

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all of yesterdays Krieg stories are in here in .jpg form if anyone wants them

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I want to love a kireger lady and defend the Imperium, honour the Emperor, and "do our duty" with her....

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Dammit, seems I forgot to copy the next piece. Here it is. Ending in a sec.

I waited until we were sitting down at a nearby fast-food restaurant (not so flashy I know, but I was in a bit of money trouble and considering the speed the burger disappeared in front of her I don’t think she disagreed with my choice) before I started talking about the movie. I was pretty careful with what I said, not to seem like a Xenos-lover, and I praised the humans for their work in the movie. We (I) slipped into religion to that and I happened to mention I hadn’t been that religious before, just praying to the Emperor from time to time to help me out. I totally forgot how fanatical Kriegers could be and was afraid I would scare her away. First a borderline heretical movie and now this.

I swallowed and had focused on my dwindling soda as I had spoken to get away for a bit, but when I looked up I could only see mercy in her eyes, she took it better than I had expected. She gripped my hand and I felt in her gaze how she wanted to restore my faith in the Emperor and in that moment I felt that for her I would do just that. Despite the recovery I decided to stay silent for the rest of the meal, which now for once felt a bit awkward.

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Gah, I hate copy-paste.

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rolled 9 = 9

Traps. I'm against them.

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(ok, I'll just continue from the end here, sorry for the mess-up in the previous posts. Really need to go and eat now)

I swallowed and had focused on my dwindling soda as I had spoken to get away for a bit, but when I looked up I could only see mercy in her eyes, she took it better than I had expected. She gripped my hand and I felt in her gaze how she wanted to restore my faith in the Emperor and in that moment I felt that for her I would do just that. Despite the recovery I decided to stay silent for the rest of the meal, which now for once felt a bit awkward.

We stayed silent on the way back home to my place as well, although she took my hand as we walked, so I thought my chances weren’t all blown. This time she kept her mask off however, and after a while the silence didn’t feel so awkward after all. In the end I actually felt that it would just be nice if we could continue to walk like this forever. Alas, that could not be, so we soon found ourselves in front of my door. I decided to take my chances and inhaled as I was about to ask her up.

Before I had time to say anything, however, she shook her head and indicated at her shovel, so assumed she had exercises early tomorrow. She then smiled and made her hand into a phone, as to tell me to call her. I was so relieved that I didn’t notice me snapping to attention in reaction to her saluting (I worked at a convenience store at the time, and the Kriegers often saluted when they were checking out their things, so it had become a reflex) and before I had time to react she had given me a kiss on the cheek. I found myself again watching after her as she disappeared down the road. At that point I think I realized I was in love.

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That's all? But you don't even know me!


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Ok, that's all I have for now, heading out soon. Hope someone else posts here too.

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I'm still writing some some, albeit very slowly. Krieger girl has been delivered. In a crate. Wrapped in bubble wrap.

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does she like to pop it?

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Don't know. Haven't got that far yet. As I said, glacially slow typing. Definitely going to turn the box into a small fort though.

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>does she like to pop it?
EVERYONE likes to pop bubble wrap

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come back writefag :<

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its archived btw

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Back from night out with four hot Germans, I'll see if I get a Part 3 out before I head to bed.

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vote up guise!

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Sorry guys, tired and writer's block. Have a hard time coming up with something new that hasn't been done before (without changing the personality of Krieger-girl a bit more than I feel comfortable with and turning it into close-to-fap-fic) and at the same time getting a bit more satisfied with the end of my Part 2.

Might return tomorrow and give it another shot at a Part 3 with a new ending or get into knowing another of the IG-babes.

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Don't know if it was you, but I would be interested in more story about Krieger Female Model 68c (the one slightly different who grabbed the ass of the other protagonist).

>> No.9195828


you done good OP. Just a suggestion, but if you ever feel like making shallow fapfics, just switch out Krieger with a Vostroyan or Armageddonian guardswoman.

g'night OP.


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Guy who made both Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 and Krieger Female Model 68c #6345. I was going to write up some more Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 silly little romances later this week, I will per your request, write up a Krieger Female Model 68c #6345 story as well.

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Awesome mate :3

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Don't forget about Krieger Male and Female Models 68i #6345, otherwise known as "the younger siblings/cousins".

And then there's the older brother Krieger Male Model 68b #6342, who's married to a Vostroyan. Happily married, no less.

We could also, for some variety, see how a relationship looks from the other side: Nameless Everywoman dating a Krieger guy.

And don't forget about the pair of Lictors from the end of last thread.

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Well, the thing with Armageddonian guardswomen is that they've learned that they can pin an entire mob of Ork Boyz just by flashing their tits.

Given that Orks are technically genderless, nobody knows why this works, least of all the Orks. The only statement anyone's ever gotten out of an Ork this tactic was used on was a dying mumble of "it wuz totally wurf it".

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What, no additional love for Kriegers?

/tg/, I am disappoint.

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/tg/ needs more love!

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Please sir may I have some more?

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Not from me, sadly. It turns out that procrastination and perfectionism do not a good writefag make.

Fortunately, I've only been contributing ideas for other people to use so far. With any luck, the other writefags don't have my problems.

On that note, let's have some ideas for new vignettes in the saga of All's Fair in Love and Krieg

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Ah well, thanks for the stuff you posted. I hope you get another chance to write.

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I'm not the OP. The only stuff I posted in this thread was >>9197568 and >>9197492.

I'm also the one responsible for the Addams- I mean, Lictor Family in the last thread.

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Well, thanks anyway bro.

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Story continued from,


It had never crossed my mind before. I had never looked up Krieg Military/Civilian regulations, but now her silence made sense.

For all the joy she had given me, this seemed like the perfect present. I just wanted make sure it was special.

Awash with her father's approval, the next few days were spent in absolute bliss. Mornings once spent at arm's distance were now all but gone, and ritual tickling sessions (of which I have lost every single one) became a common occurrence. Returns from work were now greeted with ferocious hugs instead of cordial salutes. Less and less of that all enveloping trench coat and I swear, the other day I almost caught her making far more revealing fighting fatigues.

And for a girl that worked so hard on her tough little soldier image, she was awfully fond of cuddling.

So one day, I told her I was skipping work to prepare a surprise for her. She looked confused and a little scared, her blue button eyes ablaze with suspicion. Still, I managed to subdue her with a boyish grin and soon enough she was off managing her trench work outside the house.

>> No.9200497


Throne willing, this reaches you in the best of health. You were absolutely right sir. My tenure in the segmentum’s propeganda ministry was too long. I find myself disgracefully out of practice for my duties as a regimental commissar. I believe I understand your reasons for assigning me here to the 68th Krieg field artillery. The regiment is impeccably well disciplined. I took to heart your advice, that a good commissar should announce himself with a field execution within four hours of his arrival on post, but sir, in spite of my most rigorous scrutiny, I could find no breach of regulation anywhere.

Sir, I understand how unusual this may sound, but I’m not sure the 68th Krieg require a commissar. I’m not sure what I am expected to do here. My duties seem vestigial, ceremonial, and Sir, there’s something else. They’re watching me, always watching. I know the sight of a guardsman at attention should fill any Imperial citizen with the warmth of the Emperors confidence, but by the saints these people make me shiver; the glint on their lenses, the hiss of their respirators. Sir, I want my old assignment back. Please Sir, I’m sorry that your assistant and I… Sir it will never happen again. If you’d put me behind a desk again––Oh saints I cant send this. Delete that last part. Stop scribing. Oh, what was the command? Cease. Terminate. Desist. End. Hey, you there, Ensign, find the enginseer. I’m having trouble with my servitor.

Recorded 4105988.M41
68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain
Autoscribe Servitor #303440288

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You're welcome.

Here, another thought for the road: Krieger Emprahmas Truce.

For Kriegers, Emprahmas is the one day of the year where they don't fight, don't fortify, and speak without being ordered to. If they actually happen to be in the field, their enemy involuntarily finds themselves doing the same thing.

It ends with carols, wassailing (the old fashioned way, with tons of booze), and star shells repurposed as a fireworks display. Along with some approximation of a tree.

Because no vaguely WWI-related source of dawwwww is complete without a reference to the Christmas Truce.

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>> No.9200731


I needed this to be perfect. It took me weeks to find a jeweler with affordable prices, or a grocery which sold Krieg Standard Rations. Not to mention sneaking in all these goods inside my bag that I took to and from work. I sent off permits and requests for information, and this too took time to conceal from her.

I had called in at the local Krieg Barracks for her sisters a day earlier. I had gathered the three of them together and explained my plan. They all wore healthy looks of skepticism at the start but at the end they were smiling from ear to ear. I asked them if they had a suitable distraction in mind.

One shared look and a nod later and I was forced out of the barracks. The door to their quarters slammed shut and the giggling behind it began.

I was half way through preparations for tonight's meal when I heard alarm sirens wail off. I stepped outside for a moment only to see the sisters had decided to test out Krieger Female Model 68b #6345's trench works. With an assault.

I was mortified as I watched them charge up the steep mud embankment, complete with their heavy trench-coats and signature gas masks, entrenching tools raised menacingly. I could barely see through the heavy smoke they had laid down but the shovel heads looked decidedly less pointed and more fluffy.

I retreated back into the house, safe in the knowledge that I had some time yet.

>> No.9200952

"Commissar, the reason you have been assigned to the 68th Krieg Field Artillery Regiment... is primarily to deal with any issues that may arise between your charges and the local civilians.

And to give them something resembling a normal human being to practice their social skills on."


"...you do realize that hysterical laughter followed by uncontrollable sobbing puts enough demerits on your record to lose Commissariat Ice Cream Privileges for a period of no less than one month?"


"No, I'm not...no, I'm not going to- WOULD YOU LET ME FINISH?!"

*throat-clearing noise, followed by exasperated sigh*

"No, I'm not going to take Mr. Buttons away. Teddy Bear Deployment Rights don't come under review unless you've done something like, say, suffer the xenos to live."


"...What do you mean "the head of the PTA is a Lictor?"


"No, I don't care that it makes cookies."


"...wait, did you just say "Inverted Key Lime Double Fudge Chunk? That can't be possible, nobody's seen that STC in-"


"...I'll call you back."



"Yes, Madam Commissar?"

"Do you think I'm drinking too much amasec, or not enough?"

"...I'll pour each of us a double."

>> No.9201001


A few hours later, all 4 sisters returned from their mock battle. I didn't know how serious their pretend fights could be, but by the tear in their clothes, the bent handles of their entrenching tools and the arm sling Krieger Female Model 68c #6345 now sported I feared perhaps I had gotten Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 into more trouble than I had thought.

Much to my relief, she came through the front door with a victorious grin, her Imperial Regulation Exercise Clothes (which she now wore with alarming consistency) covered in dirt and rips and 'acquired' pillow-head entrenching tools in both (thankfully healthy) arms.

Three of the sisters then promptly dropped their tools and squealed with delight despite themselves as they took stock of what I had done. I had covered the room in convincing razor wire, following Krieg Entrenchment Regulations. Sandbags lined the walls and flood lights had been hastily installed into the ceiling. Mud and dirt covered the normally neat floor. An old autocannon pointed out the back window. I had created a miniature trench in the house. The pleased surprise on Krieger Female Model 68b #6345;s face was well worth the effort.

And I wasn't done yet.

>> No.9201014


Just realised someone else was writing, I'll continue when they're done.

>> No.9201090

I wrote >>9200952, and I'm done.

Feel free to continue.

>> No.9201227 [DELETED] 


I saluted them sharply, something that I had been practicing all week in the mirror. Her pleased look of surprise at what I had done to the living room did not compare with the delighted squeal she let out when she saw what I had done to myself.

I had given up looking for a tailor that could've done what I needed him to, so I had gone through town looking for a suitably willing Krieg Lieutenant. For an unhealthy amount of locally brewed Amasec, he had been wiling to lend me his uniform for a day after I explained what I needed it for.

'Attention! Officer Present!' I barked in the most professional voice I could muster.

All four snapped to perfect parade ground posture, their otherwise flawless military salutes broken by the smiles each and everyone shared. Krieger Female Model 68c #6345 made do with her other not so impaired arm.

I coughed to clear my voice and wipe the smile from my face. 'Today, we are gathered to offer Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 a medal for outstanding service.' I continued,

I reached into a coat pocket and withdrew a small black box.

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>> No.9201276

Is... is this a proposal, Krieger-style?



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A thousand catgirls can't match the :3 I'm making right now.

>> No.9201526


'Presented with insurmountable odds, Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 mounted an assault on an enemy position, with no knowledge of enemy strength, disposition or composition. Despite this she managed to fight her way through, showed endurance in the crucible of long combat ops, presented strength in the fires of action and an adorable amount of character.'

I stepped forward and opened the box, revealing the custom medal I had made special for her. I removed in gently from its velvet bed and stepped in front of Krieger Female Model 68b #6345, her body trembling.

Too late to pull out now. Head held high, I took myself one step closer

'Despite her weaknesses and because of her considerable strengths it is no surprise Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 managed to capture the heart of the enemy.' I continued, the professional voice I had worked so hard on disintegrating into a gentle whisper.

'For this, we offer two honours, both are some of the highest local command can present.'

I unfolded the ribbon behind the medal and presented her with the piece of perfectly folded paper I had prepared the night before.

>> No.9201582

That is the only face I can make now. My dawww gland is broken thanks to this story. I hope your happy writefag.

>> No.9201613


I’ve just completed the inspection of today’s muster. There isn’t really anything to log, as usual. The 68th continue to adhere to every directive in the primer, to the letter. Morale in the regiment is hard to gauge. I haven’t heard them saying anything seditious or heretical. I haven’t heard them saying anything. No executions yet. No reprimands to give, formal or informal.

The astropath handed me the strangest communiqué from the Lord-Commissar. There was a lot of warp interference, but it sounded like––It’s better not to think of things at the old office. It doesn’t sound like he’ll take me back anyway that son of a––When did you get here? What are you doing in my tent? Well, say something. Who are you? Let me see your dogtags. Come on, I’ll take your number even if I have to read them myself.

Oh my throne, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you were a––I didn’t realize this was a mixed gender regiment. I didn’t know Kriegers were ever, you know, girls. There button that back up, that’s better. I can read it just fine from here. Six Eight C Six Three Four Five. Yes, um, that will be all, dismissed. Go. There’s no reason for us to be in my sleeping quarters. Just, fine, I’ll go.

Recorded 4106988.M41
68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain
Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.9201643

Bet you that Nameless Everyman meant to say "admirable" instead of "adorable". And that Krieger 68b #6345's sisters noticed the slip, and were nudging each other and grinning. He and Krieger 68b #6345 didn't notice, of course.

>> No.9201711


>> No.9201745

>>Oh my throne, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize you were a––I didn’t realize this was a mixed gender regiment. I didn’t know Kriegers were ever, you know, girls. There button that back up, that’s better. I can read it just fine from here. Six Eight C Six Three Four Five.

68c's a saucy one, isn't she?

>> No.9201755


She unfolded the piece of paper. Mock documentation for permanent Permission to Speak that the deparmento munitorum would have been proud of.

I smiled as she giggled in delight, her salute broken as she clasped the piece of paper with joy. I put one comforting hand on her shoulder as I used the other to pin the medal on her chest.

'The first is a medal for Valorous Action against the enemy, which requires that the recipient receives Permanent Permission to Speak.'

She laughed, her words seemingly still stolen and hugged me tightly. I returned the hug briefly but then pushed her away. As I lightly moved her back, her eyes betrayed her worry that she had done something wrong.

I fell to my knees.

'Permission to Speak is also needed so Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 can accept the next honour.'

I produced another box, which I opened to reveal a more traditional wedding ring.Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 now held both hands in front of her mouth in surprise. Her sisters had done likewise since I had not told them about this part.

I took the ring and extended it to her.

'Krieger Female Model 68b #6345, will you accept the honour of allowing me to make you a married woman?'

There was a terrible moment of silence as she tentatively touched the ring. And then a sudden movement as she knocked it from me and bullrushed me to the floor, crushing me tightly with an ferocious embrace.

She nuzzled in deep and what she said next was so soft I almost couldn't hear it.

'Yes. Yes!'

>> No.9201775


Let's hope I break is so badly it swings into action again!

>> No.9201801 [DELETED] 

:D + :3 = My face as I'm reading this.

>> No.9201850


>> No.9201859


Is there a 1d4chan article for "D'awww"? If there isn't, someone needs to create one just so this can be the textbook example.

>> No.9201870


i fucking love you, anon

>> No.9201873

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only D'AWWWW.

And holy matrimony.

>> No.9201922

rolled 7 = 7



>> No.9201926



>> No.9201936

Not quite the end.

Wedding gets its own story.

Female Model 68c #6345 catches the bouquet. 68th Krieg Field Artillery Regimental Commissar feels inexplicable stab of primal terror while filing report back at base.

Honeymoon is somewhere nice. Cadia, maybe, or Valhalla. Possibly even Catachan.

Followed by trip to Krieg. Then back home.

>> No.9201940


The silence broken, the room erupted into delighted giggling and hearty clapping. I hauled both me and her off the floor where she laughed happily into my shoulder as we rocked in each others arms.

Krieger Female Model 68b #6344 was making an audible 'awww' sound as she clapped, whereas her sister Krieger Female Model 68b #6346 was simply laughing with joy, a radiant smile on her face. Krieger Female Model 68c #6345 used her good arm to wipe a single tear from her face.

The rest of the night was spent in good cheer, all 4 sisters celebrating in grand style. For the first time ever, I watched Kriegers enjoy themselves with an unrelenting passion. Even the Rations I had managed to screw up was cause for celebration, which we cheered with a healthy amount of amasec. I didn't even know you could store that much in a woman's bosom.

As the night winded down and the other sisters left, me and Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 settled down to bed. We were both too tired to do anything but look into each others eyes and grin.

But I think, that was enough for both of us.



Well, hope people enjoyed it. NotAnotherQuestFag, away!

>> No.9201970


:3 and <3 ad infinitum

>> No.9201973


don't go :<

>> No.9202030

All good things must come to an end, Anon- and this was DEFINITELY a good thing!

>> No.9202092


>> No.9202164

Everything up to your post has been archived, assuming I did it right.

>> No.9202167

Suppressed by order of the Ordo Hereticus.

Author later received summary execution from local Commissar from a) impersonating an officer, b) forging military documentation, b) not venerating the immortal Emperor enough. Posthumously declared traitor and heretic.

>> No.9202315

Somewhere beyond the veil of reality, in a realm far outside of the bounds of human ability to comprehend it, four beings of phenomenal power watched the scene unfold in silence.

Finally, after what could have been an eternity, or a nanosecond, or quite possibly both at once, one of the beings spoke.


Without so much as turning their heads, Slaanesh and Tzeentch simultaneously punched Khorne in the dick.

As the Blood God opened his mouth to scream an eldritch wail of indescribable suffering, a vaguely hand-shaped mass extruded itself from Nurgle's bloated form and securely fastened itself over the mouth and nose of Khorne.

While of course the sound of the festering pustules all over the body of Nurgle rhythmically oozing and contracting would be completely impossible to render accurately for mortal ears (not without destroying the unfortunate listener's soul down to the last fragment of their broken psyche), the noise it made as Khorne was silenced was remarkably similar to the words "Ssshhh, you're ruining the moment."

The three entities still conscious returned to watching in contented silence.

>> No.9202333

Chaos Confirmed. Krieger Girlfriend woul kill him now.

>> No.9202370

Looks like -someone- found some eight pointed cornflakes in his cereal.

>> No.9202380

Just when I think I can't D'aww anymore O_O

>> No.9202383

Where's the other writefag? Now that 68b #6345 is done, let's hear more of 68c!

>> No.9202418

Nothing to do with non-existent Chaos worship, everything to do with there being a few things even Chaos isn't willing to ruin.

Except for Khorne, but he's just that kind of douchebag.

>> No.9202479

And Kharn isn't. Our awesome friend would proibably kill a few khundred people coming to the world, where he'll land on Eldrad while doing what he came to do- catch the bouquet.

>> No.9202593


Hmm? Alright I'll get started on more if you like.

>> No.9202595

I'm just saying, in the grimdark future of the 41st millennium, this is probably what would happen.

Krieger Female Model 68b #6345 would probably kill herself out of grief afterwards, as well.

>> No.9202598

Well, he'd try.

But then, just before he can catch the bouquet, he'd look into the eyes of 68c as she also jumps for it.

And for the first time in the history of the grimdark future... Kharn would be the one to back down out of sheer terror.

>> No.9202615

I think we've already established that when they were handing out the grimdark supplies at the founding of the Imperium, the Emprah signed off on this planet getting a shipment of grimdaww instead.

Are YOU going to question the will of the Emprah? Because that sounds an awful lot like heresy.

>> No.9202652

That...or the unthinkable..and kharn falls for a krieger..can love bloom in heresy?

>> No.9202673


No. Stop. Wrong.

Kharn has only one love, one infinitely passionate and undying one and for her beauty he has never laid eyes on anyone else. And that love is killing.

>> No.9202678

I bet you don't even acknowledge Roberto Guillen as your spiritual liege.

>> No.9202680


Oh god, I can see it now. He'd show up and present her with some grisly trophy of affection, only to be chased off by lasfire / an entrenching shovel.

>> No.9202687

He's just misunderstood.

>> No.9202697

Don't even

>> No.9202788


>Roberto Guillen
>Ultramarines all wear helmets and paint veteran helms white to disguise their actual mexican heritage

>> No.9202833


a wikifag did it :3333

>> No.9202845


Did what? The Marriage thing?

>> No.9202867


just put them all together

I haven't seen any of the ones from this thread in there though

>> No.9202895


I'm sure he'll update it when he feels like it.

Can't waste a good resource of Dawwww after all.

>> No.9203385

Alright, here's a shot at fleshing out the planet itself, along with events going on beyond it, as suggested in the last thread.
Amidst the cold expanse of space, planets and stars do their dance, whirling through the cosmos at dizzying speeds, with the clamor of a warring galaxy as their accompanying symphony. In a quiet corner of the embattled Imperium lies the Sententia Subsector and its single system of interest, Terranis. On this day, known as Terran Solstice, there is much cause for celebration. By galactic coincidence, and although still separated by unfathomable distances, Holy Terra and Terranis are closer than they have been for millennia.

While there will be no acknowledgment, let alone any celebration, in the solemn halls of Terra, its sister planet has more than made up for the former's solemnity. The stern-faced, iron-disciplined Krieg 68th finds itself caught squarely in the midst of Terranis' festivities, for they are the closest thing to the Imperium beyond the Sententia Subsector. Momentarily suspended in time and place, Terranis celebrates.

>> No.9203395

However, the rest of the galaxy continues to turn. In an instant, planets are lost and reclaimed, and a voracious beast is kept at bay by the blood and toil of millions. The shattered husks of Kraken sail through the void, spreading like venom after the sting. Through the roil of the Empyrean, one beast's eye turns towards Terranis, full of life and vigor. Cut off from the Hive Mind, its splintered consciousness knows only one thing, hunger.

Within the labyrinthine halls of Terra, a withered clerk blows dust from a tome, revealing Terranis for the first time in centuries. He dips his quill in ink and begins to work.

In the darkness of his office, a Lord Commander gazes at the stars beyond the hull of his barge. He tries to comprehend the weight of lives measured in billions.

On the surface of Terranis, the streets are still flooded with blinding lights. At the stroke of midnight, a man and a woman embrace, praying this moment never ends.

>> No.9203420


Who's awesome? You're awesome!


>> No.9203440

A sad ending? Nooo!

>> No.9203504

Buddy, it's 40k. Sometimes dreams are crushed, utterly, and sometimes they can stand stoically against the greatest horrors of the galaxy. Is this one strong enough to be the latter?

>> No.9203591


>> No.9203599

Dreams and moments of beauty are fleeting, and all the more precious for it.
It is not that there is Only War, but there will Always Be War.
I was thinking something similar about a short bit of writefaggery for LCB called "Summer Ends."

Inb4 Poetry Sorrowblossom Blackblade lol

>> No.9203638



>> No.9203642


Speaking of poetry. While I was in the middle rubbing sacred unguents on my autoscribe to get it working again I found this note.

Rosen sind Rot,
Mohne sind zu,
Ich werde gehen nach Lebensborn
und Schlafen mit Du

I think 68c left it. But I don't speak Kriegermanish. Anybody got a clue what she's trying to tell me?

>> No.9203708

Ah yes, I recognize the beginning. It appears to be an archaic Terran verse, one known for its many variations. Pre-Unification certainly, in fact, I wouldn't be surprised if it dates even further back than that. Let's see.

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue.
I will go to Lebensborn

Oh. Oh my. Well then, I'll just take that from you and send you on your way. No lad, do not question your superiors. Back to work with you.

>> No.9203774


I hope the astropath doesn’t have any trouble understanding my penmanship. Forgive me if it causes any problems. I was wrong to assume these guardsman had nothing to hide behind their respirators. They’re up to something, I’m sure of it. I used to think they didn’t speak at all, but I suspect they’re only playing dumb. It’s a ruse! I swear, sir, I’ve heard them mumbling to eachother when they think I’m not listening. They’re coordinating something behind my back.

They’ve left someone to keep tabs on me every moment of the day. She’s there when I wake up. She follows me on my morning inspection. When the troop is on parade, their eyes are on her not me, at least I think they are. It’s hard to tell. I’m not sure how to proceed sir, she never leaves my side. I can’t even use my autoscribe for letters anymore. She’ll hear every word. She’s behind me now. I hardly ever see her move when she’s in my tent, but I swear she seems a step closer to me every time I turn around. Every day, she watches me until I sleep. She’s there when I wake up. I think it’s the same one every day, Six Eight C. I haven’t changed out of my uniform in three days. If I don’t think of something soon I’ll have to file a formal reprimand against my self for failing to pass inspection, Article 4733/67y.

68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain

>> No.9203805

It is the same one, watching me every day. I’m certain of it. I had my eye on her last night, and an idea came to me. As I was pacing my tent, writing my last letter, I bumped into her intentionally. I knew instantly that it was at the very least another female because of the soft, yielding feel of her chest, but that wasn’t the point of my plan. My pen left a stain on her right breast, just between the second and third buttons of her greatcoat. When I woke up this morning, the stain was still there.

I’m not sure what to make of it. I was certain my minder would leave when I slept, to report change shifts with a replacement for the next day. Something else must be going on. When does she find a moment to tell them everything I’m doing? When does she sleep? If she isn’t spying on me, then why, for the sake of everything that’s holy in the imperium is she still in my tent. What on terra could she want?

68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain

>> No.9203842

A little known fact about Kriegsmanish is that its spoken form is vastly different from it's written form.

Few could guess that, for example, "Ich werde gehen nach Lebensborn" is pronounced "Mmmff mmuph hmmff umf fmmmphm".

>> No.9203886

Now if I could just find that meme generator image of that...

>> No.9203990

>She’s there when I wake up. She follows me on my morning inspection. When the troop is on parade, their eyes are on her not me, at least I think they are. It’s hard to tell. I’m not sure how to proceed sir, she never leaves my side.

Sssooooo... Kriegers are like Twilight vampires?

>> No.9204019

Door's that way.

>> No.9204032

Commence. Begin. Initiate. Oh, It’s started already. Delete. Erase. Nevermind. I might have been a bit hasty to jump to the conclusion that Six Eight C was informing on my actions. As certain I may be that I have never left her sight, I’m nearly as sure that she hasn’t been more than a pace or two away from me this whole week. As such, I have resumed the use of my autoscribe. Also, I am out of ink.

It’s awkward, I’ll admit, to talk about her in the third person. She’s right over there. She always is. I presume she knows whom the pronoun I keep dropping refers to. Or to whom it refers, or whatever. Why can’t my autoscribe have an editing cogitator. Anyway I suppose I’m beginning to get used to having her around. Yes, to having you around, Six Eight C Six Three Four Four. Or was it Six Eight C Six Three Four Seven? No. No, you don’t need to show me again it really doesn’t––Oh, Six Three Four Five, that’s uh, a very pretty, uh, number.

Recorded 4110988.M41
68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain
Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.9204060


You KNOW all of them look like Pattison under their masks. And their coats are so clean when not in war that they shine under the sun.

>> No.9204158

This afternoon I finally changed into a new uniform. It feels wonderful. I can’t believe it took me so long to think of a way to get rid of Six Eight C. It was so simple, I could have done it days ago. This morning I was inspecting the troops, as I always do. I was thinking of what a waste of time it always is, nothing to report, when I noticed my chance. The ink stain was still there where I’d made it, on her chest.

I prodded it roughly with my finger and said, “Guardsman, are you aware of Article 4733/67y? That’s Ill-Treatment or Neglect of Accoutrements. Take her away” And that was all it took. I heard her make a sharp gasp in her respirator and then the sergeant was dragging her away. She kept staring at me, what a look.

Now I’m alone. What a feeling. It’s wonderful I can lounge in here in my shirtsleeves. I can say anything I want to my autoscribe, and tonight, oh tonight I can sleep alone. Tomorrow I can roll out of my cot and take my time slipping into a nice fresh uniform. All I have to do in the morning is heft my bolt pistol to the parade ground and––Throne on Terra She’s going to be shot! Sweet Sanguinius what do I do?

Recorded 4111988.M41
68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain
Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.9204169


>> No.9204191

NOO, the emprah is merciful, dont has to kill her, commute the sentence.


>> No.9204217

f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5 f5

>> No.9204237

Ho, for the love of...

>> No.9204267

Now is the perfect time to go offline, OP.

>> No.9204281

Dear diary,
Sergeant-Father says that from today, the squad and I have been assigned to one of the local scholar progeni, progene, progenium seniorus. He said that it's to help build moral in the local populace, and that it will also help us to get to know the local customs better.

It does, however, mean that i have a new uniform. It is appalling. No operational functionality what so ever, where am I to keep my spare charge packs for my lasgun? Or my ration packs? This, skirt, Sergeant-Father called it, is silly. How in the Emperors (blessed is he on Terra) name can people stand to wear them?
At least, Sergeant-Father says, I'm allowed to wear my gas mask.

Thought for today: Skirts are silly, but the Emperor approves of them.

>> No.9204287

40K fanfic? no.

>> No.9204289

come on you motherfucker, post moar.

>> No.9204302

> Thought for today: Skirts are silly, but the Emperor approves of them.


>> No.9204313


>> No.9204315


Post moar you dingbat!

>> No.9204360

Great, now my F5 key is broken.
Fortunately I can also use ctrl-r.

>> No.9204363


>> No.9204398

Dear Diary
Life at the Scholar Progenium Seniorum is strange. No discipline, no order. We arrived to join our new platoon, or class, as it is known here, and introduced ourselves. One of the boys snickered when 68F #764 introduced herself. She rifled butted him. It was a good hit too, perfect execution, I heard someone say that he wouldn't be out of the local hospitaller for a week.
When i told Sergeant-Father of this story, he reprimanded me, saying that was not why we had been assigned to the scholar, and that we were supposed to be fraternizing with the civilians, not injuring them. I think he would have done the same if he was there.

We all sat together at the designated midday meal break, and began to scout out where the best place to begin making trenches would be. #770 found a wonderful spot near one of the scrumball fields, but i think she just chose it so that we may observe the local commissariat scrumball team practice during the midday meal break.
Emperor be praised, that girl is gifted with the smarts of Guliman himself.

Thought for the day: Scrumball is the game of the just, footsphere is heresy.

>> No.9204430

>he wouldn't be out of the local hospitaller for a week.

Imagined injured school boy fucking a Sister Hospitaller until he had fully recovered.

God damn you /tg/.

>> No.9204440

maybe another time.

>> No.9204467

That's something normally I would imagine.
And I had thanks to you. :3

>> No.9204505 [DELETED] 

She died in front of me.

I don't know how it happened, but somehow, one of the enemies of the Imperium managed to get an artillery strike on the parade grounds. They must have managed to raid a supply dump for the shells, they were standard Krieg toxic gas. Apparently they found a makeshift launcher near the hive covered in chaos runes. I don't, I don't..

I was going to pardon her. Let her off with a lecture and restricted rations. But the shells hit before I had got to her, and, and, and

I don't know what - whoever it was who launched the attack - was thinking. All the Kriegers were wearing their masks. The only one at risk was me, of course, I didn't have mine on me. It was a parade, dammit! It was supposed to be safe territory!

She saved my life. It.. it was the first time I saw her eyes when she wrestled her mask onto my face. It was the same look that my sister gave to me back before the days at the Schola, just a concerned look of someone not wanting to see someone they cared for hurt. Someone that they lo- they lo-

They're shelling the hive. I don't have the heart to stop them. End. Stop. Get out. Get-

Recorded 4111988.M41
68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain
Autoscribe #303440288

>> No.9204526


Should of stopped.

>> No.9204527


Funny, really funny

>> No.9204532

((The true ending. Check the number))

How did it come to this. I wasn’t a bad student in the Scholae. Those posters I wrote in the Ministry ended up on walls all through the segmentum. I’m sure I could have had my old, safe job back if I’d just kept my head down a little longer. That face, though, that haunting face would never leave my head. Those eyes, imploring me through the lenses were just––what could I have done.

I could spend the rest of my life, how ever short that may be, pondering about how I could have played it differently, if I hadn’t acted like a fool, or if I hadn’t had to be the hero. Funny that the bravest thing I’ve ever done is the blackest mark I’ll ever have on my career. I had to make a choice, a stand.

Throne, imagine the look on my old instructors face when he heard I’d ended up with a penal legion. What a waste, a good name, with a good record. But, you know, I think I made the right choice. There’s only one face I care if I’ll see or not for the rest of my life, and the funny thing is I didn’t even see it for the first time until yesterday. Now at least I’ll get to see it until the very end. I told Six Eight C that the explosive collar brought out her eyes, and you know, I meant it. That’s when I knew it was all worth it. That’s when I saw her smile.

Recorded 4111988.M41
4th Penal Legion – Saghalain

>> No.9204534

Nice samefag op

>> No.9204552

Dear diary
Sergeant-Father said that due to my attendance at the Scholar, i would have permission to speak while there, he said that the locals wouldn't understand our lack of speaking to others, and it would defeat the purpose of our posting.

We began making our entrenchment during the designated midday meal break, "Lunch" the civilians call it. A few of the local girls came to ask us what we were doing, and when we explained ourselves, surprisingly, they asked if they could help.
While their trench craft was nothing special, Emperor be praised, they were enthusiastic about it. Their giggles attracted some of the other boys of our grade, much to the delight of #770, who seemed to draw attention to herself. While the rest of us indulged in a little idleness, #754 kept digging, Emperor bless her. # 754 is always quiet, even when given permission to speak, but in a pinch, there is noone i want to share a trench with more. I did see her glance up at one of the scrumball players who came over to see what we were doing though... I wonder how many pressups they can do.

Thought for the day: The loud commander get's shot, the dutiful commander lives.

>> No.9204555

Eh. Thought you'd given up, and saw a bittersweet ending just waiting to happen.

Giving up your gas mask as a Krieger to save someone you love? How soppy can you get?

>> No.9204558

I lol'd.

>> No.9204564


It's alright, to be honest I love multiple endings. I wish they hadn't gone out of fashion

>> No.9204601

Fake ending is waaaaay better.

>> No.9204644

good. in which case, happy ending time :3

start scribing or whatever your activation code is, blasted enginseer said he cant come have a look at you for another week, their resanctifying all the Russes this week.

I did it, I saved her. It was awkward, it was unprofessional, and it's going to be even worse, but i used her as an example of wasting the Emperors resources. They bought it. Every last one of them gave a solemn nod as i finished explaining that executing her would waste vital resources that the Imperium needs to continue fighting the Heretic, the Xenos and the Traitor.

However, after pouring over my dataslates, the only way i could commute the sentence was to assign her to myself personally, to ensure no more infractions are committed. When this was announced, I could have sworn i saw them all smile, or whatever passes as a smile under those masks.

By time i made it back to my quarters, she had already set up a spare bunk, had brewed a pot of recaf, and was tidying my desk.

It was then that it occurred to me, I had a Kreiger for a maid.

Recorded 4111988.M41
68th Krieg Field Artillery – Saghalain
Autoscribe #303440288

cue Kreiger maid shenanigans :3

>> No.9204660

best ending :3

>> No.9204675


I love it! We've got a full spectrum. That made me feel fuzzy, inside.

>> No.9204680


>> No.9204699

Permission, oh great Reagh for the Sky 303440288,
to continue with Commissar with Krieger Maid shenanigans.

>> No.9204728


I demand and epilogue where they finish serving their time in the penal legion and settle together in a hivecity, fighting off the daily gang raids together.


>> No.9204729


Sure, go ahead, those two earned a happy life for eachother.

I might hijack the characters again somehow, some day, somewhere.

>> No.9204763

Or this.

>> No.9204833

Who is awesome?

You writefags are.

>> No.9204998

Alright. Signing out for the night. Six Eight C is enforcing a strict curfew, and she wont accept no for an answer.

I expect to see good things in the archive, and in future threads.

>> No.9205146

>Wakes up around 21 hrs after straring thread
>Sees thread still alive.

Yay, and I got a bit of inspiration from >>9201755 that could make #6346 to be a little bit more forward.

>> No.9205529


>> No.9205582

Someone should send these stories to GW or FFG; I know I get all :3 when I see Kriegers of all people have happy endings.

>> No.9206175

And the story with #6346 goes on.

While the last incident went smoothly I decided to call my friend again for a couple of tips the next day. We talked for a while and he revealed to me that he was planning to propose to his girlfriend that very day and that he was in the middle of preparations, so we had to cut it short, but he suggested a couple of places for me to go with my own Krieger-girl that had worked for him. I could swear I heard fighting in the background and when I asked about it he just dismissed it as a “distraction” before he told me he had to hang up.

After waiting a while I called back to Gamma Platoon to see if I could get a hold of Krieg Female Model 68b #6346. Again it was the same silent heavy gasmask breathing that answered, but this time I took the initiative faster and asked pretty much as soon as he had picked up. I could hear him shuffle away and then come back again before I got a dismissive mumble which I interpreted as “She’s out” as he hung up on me.

>> No.9206246


I wasn’t worried though, as she had indicated she had things to do that day, so I decided I’d take an easy night and watched television. Around nine pm I heard my doorbell ring, I hadn’t expected anyone so I was quite surprised to discover Krieg Female Model 68b #6346 to stand on the other side. She saluted me in greeting and handed over a piece of paper. I saluted back and took the paper and was about to offer her to go in as she pointed at the paper, wanting me to read it.

It was hand written, probably in haste, and notably not very official (first time I’ve ever seen such a thing with a Krieger). It had her as the ‘from’ and me as the ‘to’ and one single line of text after that.

“Requesting permission to speak.”

>> No.9206522


I looked up at her, puzzled, wondering if this really was regulations, and if I was one to grant her (I didn’t hold any military rank, the closest was my brother who is a corporal in the PDF fighting insurgents in the desert regions), but I could hardly deny her.

“Permission granted,” I said in the most military-wise tone I could muster.

She snapped into a new salute in response, grinning broadly as she spoke. Her voice was light, fitting her fair skin, blue eyes and light hair perfectly, with a touch of off-worlder accent.

“Requesting permission to express feelings!” She practically shouted at me.

“Granted,” I replied quickly, partly because I wanted it, but also to speed up the progress of getting her inside, as I was sure my neighbours would soon show up and wonder what was happening.

>> No.9206547

>“Requesting permission to express feelings!” She practically shouted at me.

Haha, nice.

>> No.9206928


>> No.9206980


Before I had time to usher her in though, she leaped at me, tackling me down on the floor and planting her lips on mine. It felt like an eternity that we just laid there, pressing our bodies against eachother and kissing. I think I heard one of my neighbours opening and quickly closing their door again as we were sprawled on my doormat. After a while (during which I had managed to sneak my hands in under her greatcoat, but not yet penetrated her clothing under it) we separated our faces and she looked into my eyes with that same old solid stare.

“I love you.” We both said at the same time, I guess it sounds cliché but it actually was that way. Ok, I did see her move her lips to speak and I guess what she was going to say, so I took the chance. We kissed again, before we got up and I closed the door as she got her pack off. I cooked up some recaf and we sat down in front of the television. I have to admit that we didn’t do much drinking or watching, but a lot of cuddling and talking instead. While I had enjoyed talking to her earlier it was nothing against having a real conversation with her. I wondered about the seemingly sudden change and she told me that she had been inspired by seeing her sister’s boyfriend propose to her (it was now I remembered that the Krieger-girl my friend was with was 68b #6345 and that she was 68b #6346) and that she didn’t want to go through the long process her sister had (including a visit to their father, 68, one that I guessed would show up for me too sooner or later) but wanted to be with me now.

>> No.9206990


We continued the night in the same manner, talking, cuddling and eventually sleeping together. The next day she was gone by the time I woke up (although I faintly remember a bayonet-poke in my half-sleep), but a note in the kitchen said she would be back. I considered calling my friend to say I was dating his fiancée’s sister, but I decided not to, leaving them to enjoy the day for themselves. Nonetheless Krieg Female Model 68b #6346 (she asked me to call her Sibylle when were just us two together from that day forward) showed up a couple of hours later with a permission to take up residence with the civilian populace, namely me, and we have lived together since.

>> No.9207151


Finished for now, and I think this little part is pretty much done for me. Also updating the 1d4chan page to include the works in this thread.

>> No.9207210


Continues to be awesome, good sir.

>> No.9207466


>> No.9207600

Added the story of 68b #6346 and 68c #6345 to the 1d4 chan, didn't have time to add the ending of 68b #6345 or the Littlest Krieger but the stories are archived so it can be done later.

>> No.9207922

Hmm. Bumping for thoughts on the subject of the next bit of grimd'aww writefaggotry.

>> No.9208059

Need more Krieg Maid.

(pic almost related)

>> No.9210177


>> No.9210301

wtf i think i drew op picture...

>> No.9210491

1. You THINK?

2. Draw moar then..

>> No.9210678

i couldnt recognice it because i didnt colored it :v

>> No.9210778

>i couldnt recognice it because i didnt colored it :v

>i couldnt recognice it because i didnt coloured it :v

>> No.9210803


>> No.9210833


>> No.9213810

testing if this is autosaging, if not sweet! if it is whatev

>> No.9214280


wait.....what hive? There are no hives on Terranis, remember? It's basically just present day Earth, remember? and why would Chaos cultists be attacking the Krieger base with GAS bombs? How the fuck did cultists get to Terranis anyway? It's the least grimdark place in the Imperium.

Plus, I have a theory that Nurgle, Slaanesh and Tzeentch have determined that Terranis won't be devoured, in order to protect the universes last source of DAWWWW. Khorne has reluctantly agreed to heed this request.

Or thats what i think, I have no clue though.

>> No.9215095

I asked this on the wiki page so I might as well ask here. Would anyone object if I reorganized the page a little with a separate page for spinoffs and the like? When I made it I was a little concerned by the size but didn't think it would that much of a problem. As it stands, the article is rather big and liable to get bigger.

>> No.9215359


Nope, I don't mind at all. I think Krieggotry should have room to blossom and grow.

>> No.9216074

so... any writefags feel up to adding more?

>> No.9216126


Sure, maybe, I was sort of waiting for this thread to die and be reborn.

>> No.9216214

This thread will never die.

>> No.9218603

36 hours? OMFG.

Anyway, I'll add some more writefaggotry later, but as it is 5am and I am now about to go home it will not happen today (or probably this thread). Also, not sure about what it will be, unlikely to be 68b #6346 as I find it hard to write something new that hasn't been done about 68b #6345. Also, it got a pretty good ending. Thinking about writing it from the perspective of a Krieger-guy. Thinking Lieutenant Krieg Male Model 68a #205 or similar.

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