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You've all inspired me to begin drawfagging and I thank you for that. Perhaps this way I can repay /tg/ for all the laughs and fun we've had.

The problem, however is that I'm obviously knew to tablets and, well, shit is tedious. So, do you guys have any tips and tricks? I'm using Sumopaint at the moment while I try and get more experienced, then I might move onto CS3 or whatever.

I'd ask /ic/ but ... They hate everything.

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wait, i didnt understand if you had a tablet or not :v

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I do.

>Obviously new


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well then, the only trick i know is:


and use a program that allows yopu to easilly rotate the canvas, like SAI or oc4, so your hand wont hurt too much. :3

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Oh man. An early drawthread?
Should I get mah shit together?

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Bookish Tiefling schoolgirl, please.

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drawthread? where?

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Practice by drawing me a female monk with an Arabian background who fights with a staff. She also adores gold bracelets!

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Wait derp?
I should blame staying up late for my stupidity. :<

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Well, damnit.

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Nicely done.

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Very well...
Now draw her tits.

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No. She did.

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No, draw her with a dick. The bigger the better.

In fact, I don't even want to be able to see her.

Just draw some hands and arms flailing helplessly behind a giant, quivering cock ready to drown everything for miles under meters and meters of viscous jizz.

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Y'know what, maybe I should draw for /tg/.

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Get back to /d/.
We don't care for your kind here.

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Just fucking with you. Draw me some adorable Touhous.

Porn is everywhere, moe is a rare resource.

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Is anyone taking requests here?

Could I get Ursarkar Creed as a Pokemon trainer? Which Pokemon he should have with him is up to you, but I think Abra would fit the whole Tactical Genius thing.

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I mean seriously. Anyone can draw dicks, but drawing proper cute is an ART.

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Jesus christ.

to /d/ickgirl with you. you've already filled 10 pages with that shit.

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Really, how can you not love these things? To love moe is to be human.

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Come on, can't you tell a thinly veiled troll from the actual pervert corps? You need some moe to calm you down. Let me help you.

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There's way cuter things out there than "uguuu~".
Pic related.

Draw some bunnies.

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So this can be a cute drawthread now?

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Mr Rogers as a Nurgle cultist.

Basically wearing a tattered green robe, a face of boils and sores, smiling with very bad teeth all yellow and black with a few missing. Puss coming out of his face and maybe even a worm wriggling in his flesh. But still with that warm welcome smile, maybe even with his arms open for a hug.

Also wearing an amulet with Nurgle's symbol on it, pic related.

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Something to lower your blood pressure a bit.

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I prefer things that have noses.

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Real life has plenty of adorable, but we can go to /an/ for that.

But, since you make your point so well, this will be a BONUS POST with a link to KITTY.


After about 30 seconds the doofus human stops toying with the iPad and lets the cat at it. World's most expensive cat toy.

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So really, the reason I like the Yakumo family is that they're just that: a family. It touches some long-unplucked string of my heart.

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But, as a side note, this is pretty awesome and unrelated to Touhou.

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Learn to draw, tablets have very little to do with skill. Don't come for advice on how to draw better when you don't know how to draw in the first place.

>Learn to draw basic shapes and figures. Practice, practice, practice until you can draw straight lines, circles, and so on.
>Learn perspective and how objects behave in space. This is the fundamental step to any drawing.
>Learn anatomy and how bodies behave. Make sure to get proportions down so you can put them down on paper. Draw realistically, no anime when you first start. Anime or other cartoon-like styles are deformations and only look good when you know how to actually draw a real person.
>Learn to color and everything else at this point. Don't wait too long though. The longer you wait to work with color, the harder it will be to learn.

As a few general tips, much of drawing is creating clean, neat lines. Learn to use as few lines as possible. Know your software--for basic practice you don't need much (the /i/ board will be enough). I recommend getting PS at some point and learning how to use it. GIMP is a good, free alternative. Use layers when drawing and other tools available to you but don't become too reliant on them.

Finally, PRACTICE like a motherfucker. Draw at least 2 hours a day if you really want to get better and not produce shitscribbles that are so prevalent these days.

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Oh, whoops! How'd that slip in there? DiTerlizzi doesn't draw cute, but he is one of my favourite fucking artists. Enjoy a motherfucking Factol, one of eleven.

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Notice how the chick on the left is slipping a hand on the middle girl's ass. Totally gay.

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An important piece of advice, really, is that even if you dream of being an anime artist, or drawing cartoony stuff: Learn to draw in a relatively realistic fashion first. It provides a solid backbone and understanding of proportions, and since almost all styles are, ultimately, a variant on realism, it makes it easier to learn new types of drawing.

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Do you really have to see lesbians everywhere? Instead look at her wrist and check out how the artist messed it up.

Young Pentar.

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DiTerlizzi's art made Planescape. It could not of worked without it.

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Most importantly, however, learn how to deal with criticism. It's really the only way to grow as an artist.

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Yuri goggles.

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I love Planescape and I fully agree. His art gave it a very alien feel, even an ordinary human on the planes looked stylized and strange, which was fitting for a world literally crafted from ideas and thought.

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I know how to draw, I was just asking for tips to make the transition a little easier, such as techniques, settings and other useful things.

I was thinking of just drawing something with pencil and paper, scanning it them touching it up in PS but, I think its more worthwhile to get to grips with a tablet.

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Honestly, I find those kind of hard to wear myself. I mean... I can find a female-female relationship ADORABLE, but I have a hard time jerking off to it.

On an unrelated note, does ANYONE know the source for this? I really want to see what the hell this is all about.

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Honestly seems overly complex, just get a pad instead. It'll let you skip that stage entirely.

Papercraft always struck me as pretty cool.

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Everyone is moe for Ran's tails.

>> No.9186897

Ask /co/ or /x/.

Its a Cthulu comic and, if you're looking for more Cthulu girl on girl action you're out of luck, its only in one panel.

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And Ran's family loves her. :3

PS: would you believe this is only the second FLOOD WARNING I've hit so far?

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Hmmm, delicious pencils.

>> No.9186935


Eh, /x/ is more WHO WAS PHONE and I don't care much for /co/, all they read is Marvel and DC.

Not hoping for more CTHULHU PORN, but I liked the grim humour in that panel.

Picture: Touhou isn't pure Moe, it attracts some damn fine artists , too.

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Oh no, it's not about jerking off. That's what's porn for.

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Not badly sketched, I approve.

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There's a cthulu mythos graphic novel that's a collection of short stories-this is from one of them. He's a mathematician that finds some equations in the back of a copy of the Necronomicon and starts working on them.

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I rather like Yuuka, too, both for being an incredible badass and for being completely adorable in Cirno/Yuka fanon(not sexual just... motherly/big sisterly.).

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so, will we drawthread or not?

>> No.9186968

It took me longer to scan then actually draw. >.>

>> No.9186969


That's a start, thanks! Any remembrance of the name or anything? Either of the short story or the collection?

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Hey, if you actually draw, I'll stop dumping Touhou and cool art on this thread. I just thought it was a chance to vent the Moe Containment Chambers.

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Have a spaceship for your efforts, my good man.

Or potentially some sort of future-tech sky-cruiser.

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I'm a lazy and unmotivated drawfag. >.>

>> No.9186999


Or you could just draw Touhou fanart and I could keep dumping more Touhou. Win-win!

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So. Is that a wig "you" are wearing or did you rip the skull off some elf to wear as a hat?

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Don't worry about it, draw when the inspiration hits you or when you just feel like doodling. It's not like drawing is your job and you HAVE to do it.

The most important thing is to not let yourself get stressed, stress MURDERS inspiration.

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Don't refer to the drawfag as their drawsona, that just spawns faggotry. Treat them like PEOPLE.

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I think that's a carrier of some sort.
Or a cruiser with the ability to launch fighters to help attack or defend. :<
I am a Nid why do I know this?

>> No.9187040


I, on the other hand, require no respect.

I am a WILD BEAST of the internet.

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Silly Anonymous. He things drawfags are people!

>> No.9187049


Genestealer, maybe? Or maybe you're formed from the genetic data of nerds.

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>> No.9187057


Don't be ridiculous, but if we act like they are we avoid disgusting cults of worship.

>> No.9187067


Don't worry, I'll still treat you like a hideous subhuman freak.

>> No.9187085

Hormagaunt good sir. Wait...How did I draw that picture?

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>> No.9187094

Too early in the day. Wait for Knig---I mean, Wakko, Liar and/or Greenmarine to be free.

>> No.9187107


You could slosh some of your vile ichors unto paper.

>> No.9187128


I like Liar, he drew us attractive Hive Tyrant porn.

Nice guy, that.

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Well, that's all from me for now. Lost my fuckhuge collection of images when my old PC killed itself.

Hope someone's enjoyed some of the images I dumped. :D

>> No.9187168

I...I think I missed those.
Care to share?

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>> No.9187181

Just in case anyone missed it in the Touhou dump, there's a drawfag request here.

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>> No.9187196

Aaw. Do you wanna draw something?
I could always properly re-request that picture of the two girls you drew me. :3c

>> No.9187200

The best advice this drawfag can give?

Really. Otherwise you'll end up in dramaland in no time.

>> No.9187204

Draw a Dragonborn with tits eating a graphics tablet.

>> No.9187222

draw a ghostly maid

>> No.9187231

Alright, how about a Kirby Chryssalid then?

>> No.9187235

>Bookish Tiefling schoolgirl, please.

Have her stroking her familiar, too. Whatever that is.

>> No.9187243

Hay dragon girl, can you do a decent blowjob, without biting or breathing fire on it?

>> No.9187255

No, draw a Dragonborn with a graphics tablet eating tits!

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>> No.9187289

Hey drawfags, if you're bored, I may have a request of something funny that happened in a game of mine.

Can you draw a raging berserker throwing his greatsword into an ogre's face?
The berserker has red hair 'till just above his shoulders, some of it braided together near his sideburns so it doesn't block his vision.
He has his sideburns flowing across his jawline into a beard.

In return, instant heart attack.

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Draw lots of tits.

There, now you too are in the road towards drawfag perfection.

>> No.9187306

another drawfag! enough for a drawthread!

>> No.9187338

Good thread, it reminds me of the time I though I could someday become a drawfag.

Yeah, that didn't worked at all.

>> No.9187371


Oh, well, I suppose I might as well be generous. =3

>> No.9187373

I also have some Tyrael sketch.

>> No.9187383


I have no regrets about how NSFW this will be.

>> No.9187397


I think one or two of these were not by Liar, but I will be uploading them anyway.

>> No.9187399

Actually if you just did requests it would be a fine drawthread.

So,how about some blowjobs already?

>> No.9187409


I think it was this buttsex one. But really, who cares?

>> No.9187416


Onwards and... something. I dunno. More porn. =D

>> No.9187429


I fully support this, if you're going to be moe, be pornomoe.

>> No.9187448


Unf unf unf. Fappin' pretty hard.

>> No.9187451


One more and that'll be all he provided, though he did say he was going to return with futa, but never did. :(

>> No.9187456

Moeblob blowjob?

>> No.9187458

Hey bg do you not do 40K because you don't know about it or because you just don't like it?

>> No.9187465


Moeblob job?

>> No.9187474

But that is the fun part of drawfaggotry!
Everyone can do it!

>> No.9187487


Maybe it gives him boners and he feels bad about that.

>> No.9187489


That is how I see drawthreads

>> No.9187493

Probably because on /tg/ you'd never get any other requests

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>> No.9187520

because i dont know :<

>> No.9187525

Needs more gagging

>> No.9187527

Okay, critique me, /tg/

Used reference. First elf I've ever drawn.

>> No.9187544

Could I possibly get a doobie standing on a pile of accordions? Generic JRPG hero styling, costume made of belts, spiky hair, the whole nine yards. He's posed in what he thinks looks awesome, and the words BANJO KING are above his head.
Pic unrelated.

>> No.9187547

Shit, i didn't do anything to the mouth

>> No.9187561

Looks like a pretty cool elf bro. I'd prefer longer ears but it's just a matter of taste.

>> No.9187568

Soo...uhhh....if this is a pseudo drawthread, anybody taking requests?

>> No.9187578

Looks good, ears are nice.
I personally like the human sized but pointy ears over the HUEG LONG elf ears, so I like that.

>> No.9187581

Clearly not.

>> No.9187593


>> No.9187595

Sweet, thank you for the kind words. Gonna go ahead and try and finish it.

>> No.9187603


I used to have a REALLY nice picture of a veiled Kreen lady riding a dude. But I seem to be unable to locate it. Requesting upload. :3

>> No.9187609 [DELETED] 

If you drawfriends are still around, I was curious if you guys could take my request. There's a girl, crouched in a pretty empty concrete room there's a bucket in front of her and she's eating meat from it, say, like a chunk half-in and half-out of her mouth, turned toward the 'camera.' she's nude (not for sexual purposes, that's just how it is) and she's got a large collar on her neck. She's also lacking her glasses.

Pic for reference. Thanks in advance if anyone takes it.

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>> No.9187632


>> No.9187634


Go away faggot your requests are incredibly lame.

Needs more Jeanstealer getting her ass violated.

>> No.9187655

>>9187609 Elaborate dehumanizing bondage scenario
>not for sexual purposes


>> No.9187666

Got ya' back, fellow exolover.

>> No.9187679

That one is better, but lacks the forced back-of-throat violation aspect I was hoping for.

>> No.9187681


Fucking aces! Much appreciated!

Have this in return.

>> No.9187705

Any love for Kobolds?
Or should I post what little exolove I have?

>> No.9187715

Kobolds are just like loli Dragonborn. Not sexy.

>> No.9187726

I take it this is now just a porn dump, not a drawthread.

>> No.9187732

Certainly seems that way.

>> No.9187733

So what, no bg bj? I gotta go soon :<

>> No.9187744


>> No.9187756


>> No.9187768

How about a bg high five?
Bonus points if you're high giving a poor kid

>> No.9187771


A bit slow, but deserves a reward anyway!

Consider it weird, but while most of Chink's porn is pretty horrible, I love this one simply because it seems really intimate and like everyone involved is having fun.

>> No.9187775

someone draw that dragon girl being beaten by Orks while they scream WAAAGH!

>> No.9187787


But serious, you have a non porn rule? Because I hadn't gotten that memo. Thought it would be cute honestly.

>> No.9187799


Have a hot futa cactus girl for this awesome idea.

>> No.9187807

You are now aware that the purpose of the veil is to mask the drawfag's inability to handle insectoid mouthparts.

>> No.9187810

bg does not currently want to draw porn because he isn't on his own computer.
Or some shit like that, anyhow.

>> No.9187820


Technically? Yes. But it's violated pretty regularly, and the drawfags willing to throw down with some cocks and tits(or both at once) are the best loved ones.

>> No.9187824


I'm okay with this.

>> No.9187828


I'm not interested in THAT orifice, anyway.

>> No.9187835


And people complain about sharkskin.

>> No.9187844

Not all drawfags want to draw porn. And it's a request for a drawing of my character who is trapped by some unknown person/group in this situation, so it isn't really sexual. Maybe a implied power play though. The collar is like the ones in Underworld, with silver spikes so if she shifts it will stab into her neck.

>> No.9187847


I actually have a folder specifically for /tg/-relevant porn.

>> No.9187856


In my experience that's wrong. Pretty much all of them draw porn.

>> No.9187864

I would actually imagine that a race of humanoid insects would wear veils, just to keep the other races from squicking out as much when they see them.

>> No.9187872


>with a collar that stabs if she moves
>not bondage or sexual

>> No.9187884 [DELETED] 


>> No.9187888

bondage =/= sexual

>> No.9187896


Any more Jeanstealer?

>> No.9187903


Eh, nothing that freakish about bug mouth parts.

>> No.9187921


>> No.9187924


*Any Jeanstealer?

Wouldn't let delete the post, so here's the grammatically correct version.

>> No.9187927

She's a werewolf, it stabs if she shapeshifts.

Okay, it seems a bit sexual, but not overtly...

>> No.9187936


Nothing I bothered to save, most of the stuff that's been drawn of her has been kind of creepy, to be frank.

But here's a Tyranid, if that's worth anything.

>> No.9187939

This is nice.

Still hoping for bg high-five

>> No.9187943

But then that would semi-imply that they're ashamed of who or what they are, thus making them seem a tad bit submissive to other races.

>> No.9187955

>>Not all drawfags want to draw porn

>> No.9187956


Now draw her without a shirt on.

>> No.9187958

Oh you depraved deviants

But seriously

Some AWESOME drawings would be good. Like a fish punching the everloving SHIT out of a magma golem.


>> No.9187965


Needs more dickgirls.

>> No.9187973

Your experience is flawed. You really don't want to see Angry Drawfag attempting porn.

>> No.9187978


Oh well, can't have everything, I guess.

>> No.9187985


I know, right? All of them have drawn porn, usually of their own characters.

And you know what? That's fine. Perfectly fine. People love dicks and tits, artists can produce their OWN porn, that is something to be envied and admired.

What's sad is when they pretend to somehow be PURE or ABOVE drawing a cock now and then.

Lolicron and Destroyer-tan.

>> No.9187996

I believe the word you're looking for is constrained.

>> No.9188005


Uh huh.

>> No.9188017


I don't get how we're either. These fetishes are pretty street-level, but we're hardly restraining ourselves.

>> No.9188026

Erm. I hope you're not >implying that's one of mine.

Frankly the KAWAII ANIME EYES offend me far more than the /d/ickgirl ever could.

>> No.9188033

>> No.9188043

this is why i dont like drawfagging in a non drawfag thread :v

>> No.9188055

/tg/ - /d/

>> No.9188062


Lord, no. You're taking me for far too subtle a person. If I accused you I'd just say it.

Anyway, that's it for my porn dumping for now. If anyone wants to contribute to my stash, please go ahead. :D

>> No.9188069

Normally we have more variety. Normally.

>> No.9188074


May I inquire as to the reason behind your statement?

>> No.9188083


>> No.9188085

I'm sorry.

It was supposed to be a drawfag thread, but then these assholes started posting all this shit

>> No.9188089


>> No.9188094

I wonder if you might do one last one before you stop because this is just a porn thread? Or is nudity a bit too far on the computer you're borrowing. If not, >>9187609 would be awesome from you, you're my favorite drawfriend.

>> No.9188095

Technically you don't drawfag much in those either, just make pointless self-referencial posts and repost those same damn avatar pictures at every chance.

>> No.9188103

use OpenCanvas

>> No.9188111


>> No.9188115

I started a drawthread already.
Leave this one for dickgirl lovers.

>> No.9188135

Really, this thread says a lot about /tg/

>> No.9188141

yesterday i drew 10 requests :<

>> No.9188191

It is a drawfag thread, just with a little bit of image dump and only a few drawfags. You're supposed to just draw what you can and make another thread if you have to.

...I don't suppose you could just deepthroat a popsicle or something?

>> No.9188209

I suppose I missed yesterday's, but I am speaking as a witness when I state you often drop into a thread to bitch about the requests you won't draw (out of thousands) and pointlessly avatarfag around when you arn't even in a position to draw.

>> No.9188254

Not for me. unsteady hands, and I spew fail left and right.

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