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Who here plays FATAL? Opinions? Favourite setting? Come on, there's got to be some FATAL players somewhere?

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OP here, I'm actually curious as to whether anybody plays this system, so don't sage.

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No. No one plays FATAL. No one can.

A group on /tg/ was going to try. They seemed very determined. But in the end, they failed. The system is unplayable.

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The running joke is that nobody has actually played it.

Chances are somebody has played it, but I doubt they would admit to here. The trolling would be out of this world.

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I adapted a few of the rules I think once.

Can't remember which ones...I was skimming all my .pdf's and taking notes of shit to use.

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It actually got a decent review on RPGNet. I think the problems arise when people take it seriously. It is a joke system.

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>It is a joke system.

Just like your post is a complete joke.

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I call bullshit. The reviewer was either a troll, or one of FATAL's authors. I've seen the rules for combat- they're not good, they're just SUPER complex.

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Yeah, like that totally can't be Byron Hall or his buddies pimping the system.

Remember, these are the dudes who will actively lie and cojole to promote their shitty AD&D clone (but with rape and stuff).

And even if it IS a joke system, the joke's not funny. Where's the punchline? Is it in the overly complicated ruleset? The setting, which is an odd mixture of too much information and yet too little? The rampant misogyny?

If it's supposed to be a parody of RPGs, Violence does it better, as does Normality.

FATAL is a failure on all fronts.

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Can we make this into a Little Fears thread?

I found out about them both from the same thread here about 3 years ago so...

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Who is mark jones, what else has he reviewed?

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*Dramatic music plays*

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I wonder if F.A.T.A.L. would make an interesting MMO

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Well, everything has a target audience.

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I'd rather it have its own thread.

I'd love to talk about Nightmare Edition with people who've played it. I've bought it, but I haven't gotten the chance to run it,

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