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I unno

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3rd Edition: Slabs of meat with full attack.

4th Edition: Fighters

How does this make sense?

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I'd fuck either one

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3rd: no tits

4th: hueg tits

how do this sense

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rolled 4 = 4

The teenagers in Greyhawk have a hardon for horns, just to piss off their conservative parents??

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Simple. They redefined Charisma.

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Maybe the 3.5 one is a bitch that no one likes?

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3rd ed is hotter

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The part that doesn't make sense is why they would *add* charisma. They were originally given a charisma penalty because half-demons tend to make primes feel on edge or uncomfortable. It's just an innate part of their beings.

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Half Orcs, AD&D: +1 Str, +2 Con, -2 Char, -2 Int, Darkvision.
Half Orcs, 3rd: +2 Str, -2 Char, -2 Int Darkvision
Half Orcs 4th: +2 Str, +2 Dex, Lowlight Vision

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Actually, it makes double no sense that in 4th edition, they turned them into fucked up weird looking yobbos, but somehow they're more attractive in the game.

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C'mon, Umber Hulks have a 13 CHA in 3.5.

...Any rule 34 of Umber Hulks will be shot on sight.

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1 : a personal magic of leadership arousing special popular loyalty or enthusiasm for a public figure (as a political leader)
2 : a special magnetic charm or appeal <the charisma of a popular actor>

now it just means Dat ass.

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Did not realize that. Wizards of the Coast is killing this game. I wish TSR could somehow be reborn.


Isn't that so they can do their confusion checks?

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>Implying you don't want to see Sexy Umber Hulks

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Because charisma doesn't mean physical appearance, and was redefined.

Polite sage for textless reposted edition war thread.

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DO IT!!!

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No. I really don't. To ensure you don't post any, I will distract you with Lamia.

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No, in fact it's been redefined from older editions to NOT be about appearance so much as presence.

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they wanted to make it so that they were a shoe-in for pc warlocks?

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CHA != appearance.

Otherwise why would gibbering mouthers have 20?

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>Implying this doesn't make me want to post it more.

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Advanced D&D states that the Charisma score measures a character's persuasiveness, personal magnetism, and ability to lead. It is not a reflection of attractiveness, although attractiveness certainly plays a role. It is important to all characters, but especially to those who must deal with non-player characters (NPCS), mercenary hirelings, retainers, and intelligent monsters.

and I pulled that from my the players handbook.

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...I'll tell you when you're older, and have become an intelligent professor of linguistics.

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Actually... as a player who prefers to play Half Orcs... 4th ed has been pretty good so far. In 3rd, it felt a bit like you were gimped while the usual races (elves, etc) got tons of perks. In AD&D, Half Orcs were awesome. I remember rolling up a Berzerker with 19 Con. Was awesome! By lvl 10 he had 150 hit points.

4th has made me enjoy playing D&D again. Especially since it's easy for most GMs to say 'alright, you can play a goblin/orc/doppleganger/warforged/etc. I miss my Darkvision, but the bonus to dex and strength also translates to +1 Fort and +1 reflex, which makes Half Orcs pretty fucking resilient. They make great barbarians... dare I say it, the best.

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Clearly you underestimate the sex appeal of the gibbering mouther.

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>Especially since it's easy for most GMs to say 'alright, you can play a goblin/orc/doppleganger/warforged

GMs could do that in any edition...

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Only if you're willing to deal with ECL. Gives players unfair advantages in low level games unless the savage progression for that particular race had been released.

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Didn't help that they also raped the fluff of Tieflings. While I'll admit it really didn't have any real fluff in 3.x, they were there to be fluff enablers. TOO BAD WOTC HATES ROLEPLAY, SO ANYTHING THAT HELPS ENABLE IT MUST BE CHANGED OR THROWN OUT!

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Yes, but it's more likely that a gm will say yes now. Especially since the monster manual made it simple and gave them basic PC race creating stats.

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>Ha ha ha
I'm a linguist, and I have to applaud you on your subtlety.

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So not having any real fluff enables roleplay?
That's a pro 4e argument, 4e trolls are supposed to oppose this to their graves.
If you're going to troll at least be consistent damnit.

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In 3rd Edition, everyone hated Tieflings, so they had -2 CHA.

In 4th Edition, Tieflings are an accepted part of society, their racial history has given them a bit of mystique, and their devilish connections are as likely to be viewed as an asset as a curse.

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if fluff is that important than just use the old fluff.

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You're idiots. 4e changed nothing in respect to that crap, as the changes needed to be made were little if any. Anyway the real reason DMs don't allow that crap is because it enables fetishes and is generally bad fluff wise.

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>>Did not realize that. Wizards of the Coast is killing this game. I wish TSR could somehow be reborn.

No, they made Half-Orcs good at the classes Half-Orcs were always described as being good at- warriors, assassins, and warrior/rogue type characters.

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4e Tiefling fluff is better anyway, because it killed off the OH WOAH IS ME I'M SO GORGEOUS AND YET MISUNDERSTOOD by making them a. ugly and b. accepted members of society.

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Tieflings are- universally- creepy mofos. Even the ones without fangs and horns still have an air of wrongness about them that people pick up on- hense -2 cha.
After all Hips Lady doesn't look sexy, she looks fucking scary...

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Okay, bad example.
>hurr sex puns
Went to look things up. A kraken has CHA 20. A Devourer has 17.

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Bite me troll, removing fluff mechanics shit the game up.

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demons can also be rather persuasive so I'd imagine that force of personality would rub off on any offspring.
hence the +2 Charisma bonus in 4th Edition

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4e changed nothing with respect to that? You're joking right?
All playable races are made up for flat level 1 characters in 4e.
Anyone who ever played 3e knows about the hit dice + class level + LA mess that was monster races.

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>While I'll admit it really didn't have any real fluff in 3.x, they were there to be fluff enablers.
It doesn't work that way you idiot.

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Meh... All I know is that I'm having a blast playing a Goblin Barbarian. So go fuck yourself with a chainsaw! I hated 3rd ed, and liked AD&D more (aside from the silly level-caps). I switched to White Wolf games during the 3rd ed and 'Lol D20' bullshit that swept over some of my favorite old games (like Deadlands).

For the most part, I'm still an Exalted-fag. Love the system, even though 2nd ed IMHO needs a couple of house-rules to make it truly awesome (fixing soak, hardness, ping damage...). But this is the first time in years I've been able to actually enjoy playing D&D again!

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Devils, not demons.

And Tieflings are not the offspring of devils, they are the result of an entire empire selling itself to Hell for power.

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lot of fluffers in this thread.

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There we go, that's the clasicc 4e trolling we're all used to.

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>fluff mechanics

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>uhuhu, I'm pencilling that in after lunch!

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OP doesn't understand the new definition of charisma.

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potato potato

demons and Devils are interchangeable. I feel that they are because I don't really care.

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fluff mechanics. fluffing is easier than it sounds

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Tieflings had a negative because their heritage made people shy away from them. Also actual demons having the might to back up their discomforting arua helps them in that area, where as Tieflings are little more than human.

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Goblins: they're Muppets that kill.

Fuck 4E "Charisma."

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Devils are the followers of the god Asmodeus, cursed for their participation in Asmodeus's regicide. They're consummate schemers and dealers who try to take over the world by seducing its leaders with promises of power.

Demons are corrupted elementals, whose naturally chaotic nature has been further twisted into sheer wanton destructiveness. They don't really care about the world, they just like smashing shit.

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They don't like giving out stat penalties. Apparently not enough noobs appreciated the idea of trade-offs, so now they give every playable race more or less bonuses, but no penalties.

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D&D 4e doesn't have negative racial modifiers. Which is good. Makes for a balanced game table.

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You don't build a global commercial empire without massive innate Charisma.

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depends on which edition you play Iron Lung.

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Another reason why Tieflings (and Goblins) have +2 Charisma, is because Intimidation runs off of Charisma. How the fuck is a daemon-blooded supposed to invoke fear into people, if he suffers -2 to the stat that controls invoking such fear?

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She will suck the bedsheets right up your ass, yes she will. That's charisma, baby.

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Fuck yeah it does! I'm glad the days of 'Lol Elves get nothing but bonuses' are over.

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Please, let's be honest here. The only real meaning to charisma in the PH is "This race is well suited for Warlock or Rogue".

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Maybe too many munchkins played the race that gave them large bonuses to their best stats, while being able to completely ignore the penalty to what was their dump stat anyways.

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Hoooooly shit, troll-gold!

Anyway, no. I'm a grumpy old coot. I don't like lizard tits, devil tails, or muppets.
Drow, Half-Elves, np.
Charisma = sexy. According to me

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Charisma means exactly what it means. It's how likable or knowledgeable your character is in social interactions. Whether that's knowing how to talk to people, or be intimidating. Some classes use Charisma a lot, but saying 'Charisma = Appearance' was always retarded. Leadership, Social Interaction, Likability, how Intimidating you can be... that's Charisma now for 4th.

In WW games, Charisma is best summarized as how sociable and 'nice' your character is.

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From what I understood about 3rd edition is that Tieflings were more or less the catch-all for planar beings with some sort of infernal or abyssal heritage that was born in their respective plane. There were rules in- I think Forgotten Realms for lesser Tieflings that were assumed to be born on the plane of humans. The explanation expresses a Tiefling having a few traits related to their heritage.

I don't like how Tieflings in 4th edition are considered to have some long lost bloodline related to a demon or possessing some infernal pact with demons, or whatever, thus resulting in some unwarranted bullshit guilt trip. The example names in the book piss me off as well. Seriously. My Tiefling's name was Mildred.

I will agree that having a negative to charisma in 3rd edition was stupid, as it defeated the purpose of things such as intimidate and bluff. In fact, Tieflings got a bonus to bluff, but still suffered the negative to charisma. This never made sense to me.

I also don't like how they assume in 4th edition that all Tieflings look exactly the same. That more or less eliminates the catch all aspect prior mentioned in my post.

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>Went to look things up. A kraken has CHA 20. A Devourer has 17.
There's nothing that's quite the same as having your cock devoured.

As for the kraken, well, tentacles.

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WW games have an actual Appearance stat.
Ty for trying?

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Needs more Dark-Kin, teifling-knock-offs from a 3.X OGL setting called Arcanis.
Had a fuck-ton of character options and wildly varying appearances.

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Wait, what? No no no, you've got it all mixed up.

In 4th Edition, they're the descendants of an empire which got in so thick with the devils that they sold their entire population's genetic heritage to Asmodeus. No blood relation involved.

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Defining what's "Sexy" as a stat, is wrong on so many levels...

For starters, not everyone likes anorexic pointed eared women who (to fluff) are a size B cup at best. Saying +2 Charisma makes elves sexy is like saying 'no one appreciates a woman with hips, and a nice rack'. Everyone has a different idea as to what they personally view as attractive. Some people like heavier set people. Some like scrawny. It takes all kinds.

To that, I say 'fuck charisma=sexy'. It's a stupid way to determine how attractive someone is. As a Half-Orc who despises pansy, snoody, arrogant elves, and prefers his mate to be 'strong and tough', why the fuck would I find some dainty waif of a woman attractive, when she can't even heft a battle axe?

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>In 4th Edition, they're the descendants of an empire which got in so thick with the devils that they sold their entire population's genetic heritage to Asmodeus. No blood relation involved.

And, that shit is retarded.

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Yeah, which is also widely views as 'stupid'. Appearance IMO shouldn't be a stat.

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Oh, that's a bingo!

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That's what Com used to be for.

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Did anybody else think that WotC redesigned Tieflings to try and MAKE A RACE OF DRIZIT CLONES?

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Please do, Mary Sue.

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Don't use words you don't understand.

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Composure. It was the replacement to Appearance in nWoD

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Oh, and Space Marines by fluff are Cannon Sues.

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Interesting idea here dude.

So the quality and quantity of players IRL somehow affects the race in a game world, that's karmic leak or something.
And the inhabitants of the world have no fucking idea why on a certain year tieflings became more charismatic... this deserves some thinking-over.

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That's 4th edition, friend. Look at the fucking names lists. What a joke.

>> No.9179881


Quite the opposite. If anything, they're a race designed in reaction to the old bad Tiefling RPing that went on. Read the fluff, they're a race that's gotten over it, aside from a few angsty Tiefling teenagers who rename themselves stupid shit like "Sorrowblossom" and go around acting oppressed.

I shit you not, the 4e Tieflings seriously come with a built-in mockery of old Tiefling players.

>> No.9179901

It's not at all retarded.

Hell, it's 7th Sea's backstory for sorcerers.

Please remember that "I don't like it" and "it's retarded" aren't the same thing.

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Though as stat'd your Half-Ork would be highly attracted to a Goblin battle bitch who can't lift even a normal sized axe without both hands.

I see it like this: there's no consistent standard.

Drow are + Cha. They have a terrible racial reputation but are liquid sex on legs -ok, I can buy that.

Dragonborn are gigantic lizards, and also +Cha. Something decidedly non-mammalian that has a gigantic mouth full of tearing teeth and that also happens to resemble a common pest race and/or racial enemy (Kobolds, Lizardfolk, Trogyldytes) of most everything else.
Not very +Cha.

Speaking of pests: Goblins. Destructive, parasitic, unintelligent. Yes, "Ugly" as well.
+ Cha, omg yes.

Half-Elves. Human vitality, elven grace and carriage.
+Cha, sure.

Tieflings are a case for not getting a Cha penalty, not a bonus. NO-ONE likes being reminded there are people who'll sell their asses and everyone else's to the endlessly rapacious lower planes for temporal power. I can buy that they're somewhat fascinating and hypnotic to listen to and observe; that goes well with Infernal Lure powers, but fuck +Cha.
Demon-Rat tail. FFS, no. Not even on Dranei.

I get that whether something does or doesn't have Charisma shouldn't be decided by if neckbeards would hump them first. But let's have some kind of uniting standard. Being loud, being nonthreatening looking, being...short doesn't make someone persuasive or attractive or noteworthy.
Oh, and blah blah Gnomes, Halflings, and MOTHAFUKKIN' KENKU!

>> No.9179911

No shit... But I wouldn't doubt that part of that was because a lot of players were getting sick of seeing certain races with more penalties than bonuses, while other common 'favorites' had more bonuses than penalties (*cough* Elves *cough*).

>> No.9179921

>Though as stat'd your Half-Ork would be highly attracted to a Goblin battle bitch who can't lift even a normal sized axe without both hands.
Dude, CHA and appearance are not related in 4E.

>> No.9179924

I agree with Iron Lung for some reason. Charm spell perhaps?
or maybe he's just charismatic.

>> No.9179926

And were replaced by Shaddar-Kai.
Oh god I like it.

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>> No.9179967


Tieflings are +CHA because they are scary fucks.

Dragonborn are +CHA because "FUCK YOU I'M A DRAGON".

>> No.9179995

I agree on both counts. But goblins? + CHA? Hell no.

>> No.9180010

Goblins are +CHA because Gollum was a persistent motherfucker.

>> No.9180036

that is clever and well thought out. a subtle jab to the ribs.

>> No.9180064

In 3.5 you roll cha to resist the waring effects of the chaos thingy in the monster manual and the entropic reaper's scythe.

>> No.9180073


Yeah, the Shadar-Kai are kind of stupid. Though they're at least the XTREME XSPORTS kind of stupid rather than the OH WOE IS ME kind of stupid. They do have a bit of an excuse for it though, since they live in the realm that grinds your soul into oblivion.

Fortunately, nobody plays them because INT/DEX is a crappy racial combo, so I don't have to be bugged by bad Shadar-kai roleplay, and instead mostly think of them based on a very worthy antagonist NPC I faced.

>> No.9180100

I want to agree, and IIRC in WW systems Appearance had a use -it capped the number of successes a social skill test could generate. That's cold-blooded as fuck, but makes sense. Being right and ugly isn't as good as being wrong and pretty.
Problem is the audience. Mayhap it's just me and mine, but soon as someone says "Cha 8; cute but socially inept, trips over her own tongue, and doesn't really know how to project her own competence" the group reaction is "dumpy and horse-faced with skin like she's a Big Agribusiness boil and pimple farm, may also smell like boiling dog feces."
That's a little harsher then normal. Ouch. But still, baseline reaction's negative.
Could be a holdover from 3.X 8 or less Cha min-maxers who happened to be murder-machines mechanically unable to get that gnome turnip farmer to stop spitting on their boots without splitting his skull.
I do question why, but in my experience it's brutally simple: Charisma = appearance and first impression.
Get it, or get lol'd at.

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you actually use those name lists? you poor unimaginative sod

>> No.9180130

Pull your head out of your ass. Charisma does not equal 'sexy' anymore. And even back in AD&D it was more a symbol of 'leadership', and ability to be persuasive or 'likable'. Players began attributing it as the 'lol appearance' stat.

In any case, I as a human being don't find Elves to be particularly sexy. I'm not fond of them, I prefer humans. I don't find myself attracted to scrawny anorexic women, and I prefer a nice set of hips on my girl.

So to say "Drow are liquid sex on legs" or "Half Elves blur human physique with Elven grace and sex appeal" is fucking stupid to me. IMHO, if a player wants to play a 'fuglier than shit' character, then it's better if it's just a side note to the character and not a dump-stat. If a character wants to be slim and in shape... more power to them. Should it be a stat? No. Should it be a 'I'm sexy, because I'm an elf, so everyone want's to do me'... fuck no. I enjoy rolling Half Orcs and telling those people 'fuck no my character doesn't think you're attractive!'.

>> No.9180158

In the early books, it quite literally states that Cha =/= Pretty. Hitler has high Cha, maybe even an 18, I don't think many of us here would jump his bones just because of his appearance.

Did that all change now?

>> No.9180160

Hey now. I've got an SK versatile Ranger; she's a Zen'ed out thrill-killer. Not a real deep character, but it's fun to be the voice that gleefully reminds everyone conflict's the inevitable decider of destiny.

>> No.9180215

>you actually use those name lists? you poor unimaginative sod

You clearly didn't read my previous post. Namely:
>My Tiefling's name was Mildred.

>> No.9180247

I once knew a girl named Mildred Burrington. No lie.

Most british name ever.

>> No.9180271

>Most british name ever.

Without a doubt, friend. Without a doubt.

>> No.9180314

>>And even back in AD&D it was more a symbol of 'leadership', and ability to be persuasive or 'likable'. >>Players began attributing it as the 'lol appearance' stat.

Oh totally. That's why Ghouls are 14 Cha. You miss that post about 18 Cha Devourers and 20 Cha Kraken?
I heard a Ghast invented that whole "Frreeeeeeeeedoooommmm" thing that was hot years ago.

Grats on being contrary for it's own sake. Why don't you try not being backlash for a change?
And speaking of heads up asses, you fail the challenge as well. So you've got a checklist of attractive attributes and skinny's not part of it: you still can't define what makes Charisma aside from what you like and don't.

>> No.9180366

how about instead of arguing about cha or old fluff vs new fluff how about we get some sexy tieflings up in this thread

>> No.9180382

mutated half demon women aren't sexy

>> No.9180392

they are not half anything you gibbering idiot

>> No.9180411

tieflings are half human, half demon you dumbass

>> No.9180428

No, that would be a half-fiend, you idiot.

>> No.9180439

Changed in 4e, keep up with the rest of the class will you.

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pic related

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Stop putting random insults at the end of your sentences, baka.

>> No.9180474

in the old fluff and the new fluff they are not half any thing, they are a quarter or less demon/devil/other evil outsider you retarded monkey. (I am sorry to insult all true retarded monkeys out there)

>> No.9180490

and in the new fluff they would be a race of humanoid that sold their souls to hell for power

>> No.9180509

So full devil then? Because last time I checked you become devils or currency when you do that.

>> No.9180532

And where did you check for this all encompassing knowledge?

>> No.9180543

>>And were replaced by Shaddar-Kai.

4E Shadar-Kai are definitely not all brooding or emo. They're more like hedonistic adrenaline junkies who are out to get their next fix before they go down in a blaxe of glory.

>> No.9180545


Heh. My Drow Assassin/Bard would disagree there.

Armed conflict is to be avoided whenever possible. Get what you can peacefully, and everything else via murder.

>> No.9180578


No, they're still faggots, I FEEL PAIN TO FEEEEEEL types, but now they have the distinct advantage of being clearly evil. They even make fun of 3.5's love of LOL EXOTIC double weapons and spiked chains.



>> No.9180584


Nope, just devil-esque.

The souls of non-hero Tieflings may default to Hell on death rather than the Shadowfell, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing.

>> No.9180587

wait, what?
Goblins are +2 charisma? a race known for being small, obnoxious, anoying and easilly dominated are +2 charisma? wtf?
Surrely +inteligence for being sneaky gits...

>> No.9180628

Aye, that I like about Shaddar-Kai.
An SK armory has spiked chains, katar, and enchanted nipple piercings for the battle ready.
Much win.

>> No.9180641


It was done to make them good "sneaky asshole" Rogues.

>> No.9180673


One time, some friends and I made Poetry Gloomcuts, the Saddest Tiefling.

She was a Dark Pact Warlock Dhampyr with PP and ED that both had "Dark" or "Death" in the name.

>> No.9180682

>implying that editions wars are useful

>> No.9180710


Nope, can't play a Drow in a 1st level game.

>> No.9180713


I actually like the fluff of the Dark Pact. You get your power from the spirit of the Underdark itself.

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Most devils tend to have some points in the Cha department... still, Tieflings should still be unsettling. They shouldn't have a CHA bonus, solely because of how eerie they looks... the 3.5 picture had it right.

Something puts me off about that tiefling in OP's post.

>> No.9180769

human with draenei tail lol

>> No.9180771

>>9180753 implying +CHA doesn't make you as intimidating as it does likable.

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she's the rogue from planescape: torment

>> No.9180791


I find it a good reason to kill on sight, nothing more.

>> No.9180792

True, but still. I played a pretty successful goblin rogue in 3.5. +4 move silently, decent move, and +4 dex is not to be sniffed at.
I'm still not sure why cha is *needed* for a rogue... unless your making him the social skill-monkey, surely int is more useful?

>> No.9180805



>> No.9180816


4e, it's a secondary stat for Artful Dodger Rogues, meaning they get bonuses to some things equal to their Cha mod.

>> No.9180823


Nope. Rogues come in DEX/STR and DEX/CHA.

The CHA ones have powers based on manipulating and misleading their opponents in battle.

>> No.9180824

Well, good for an Artful Dodger. Lots of shifting to do, powers that give AD's more shift, and + to AC while shifting.
Really make sense as gobliny, but srsly not good enough reason for +Cha Gobbos.

>> No.9180828

Keep in mind that racial stats are for PCs, not for NPCs.

>> No.9180837
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>> No.9180872
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>> No.9180882


Play more M:tG.

It makes +CHA gobo's make sense.

>> No.9180897

>implying anyone with taste would fuck a tiefling

>> No.9180908

that's a goblin

>> No.9180916

Skills that fall under the purview of Charisma in D&D 4e.

- Bluff
- Diplomacy
- Intimidate
- Streetwise

Charismatic mother fucker? You could be good at lying. You could be good at persuasively talking to people. You could be a threatening and scary ass mother fucker who gets their way, or you could be very streetwise, always able to get the right information out of casual conversation and total strangers.

>> No.9180956

>or you could be very streetwise, always able to get the right information out of casual conversation and total strangers.
I knew a guy who was like this. I had no IDEA how he did it. He didn't do anything special, but he could start a casual conversation with anyone, learn what he needed to know, and make a friend in the process, every fucking time.

>> No.9180966

This is how I want to play my goblins.

>> No.9181001
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from the same guy that did

>> No.9181009


...Can I play with you?

I mean, you know how lonely dungeons get.

>> No.9181057
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what's wrong with fucking a tiefling?

>> No.9181103

Sure, you bring three or five of your buddies and a lot of gold, we'll have a fun night in the dungeons.

>> No.9181108

My roommate is just like this too. He's always striking up conversations in random business/public areas. We joke that he has a +10 bonus to Streetwise, since his skills only seem to apply to working class/bluecollars.

>> No.9181181
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>> No.9181243

Proof that Slave Leia outfits win, against any and all odds.

>> No.9181263

It's called a 'cold read'. Watch Crossing Over with John Edwards. He does it very well. Fortune tellers and politicians have been doing it for centuries. They study human behavior, categorize it, then pick up from verbal and somatic cues what the person is thinking. It's a difficult thing to master, but it's amazingly useful in any social situation.

>> No.9181391

some of them have tails like rats, for starters

>> No.9181441

your point being? some people like the prehensile tail

>> No.9181547

I *see*
4th ed defines charisma as being 'hilarious and adorable'. Fair enough...

>> No.9181575

It would be like fucking a rat. A RAT.

>> No.9181598

no it would be fucking a human with a rat tail

>> No.9181645

This thread...
/tg/ I am dissappoint.
You wasted a perfectly good opportunity to post more porn.
But I have a general question as I am a DnD noob.
How doesn't Charisma reflect attractiveness?
I ask this because of one reason; attractiveness is subjective. And instinctively unattractive people would find it hard to do the very things that Cha is supposed to enable...

>> No.9181662

Why would /tg/ have a problem with either?

>> No.9181689

who the fuck wants to look at teifling bitches

>> No.9181711

don't be so slow.
Also, you aren't /tg/

>> No.9181714

you're the only one here in this thread that doesn't seem to like tiefling women

>> No.9181745
File: 71 KB, 600x772, 1270418638155.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9181809

those handlebars

>> No.9181945
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>> No.9181969
File: 84 KB, 837x1498, 1270418688414.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9183020

Is....how....why does...the armor around the middle one's breast look like it's designed to allow it to extend outward or be launched like a missile?

>> No.9183034


Boobmissiles, duh

>> No.9183719

It's a miniature ICBM.

>> No.9183741

Hey, that's from Dark Eden. Long time no see.

>> No.9183750

haters gonna hate

dont diss 4e tiefling, they are the coolest race in the game

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