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I'm writing up a homebrew codex and I want various units to have a choice of one of several different packages of special rules. The idea is that each package would be more-or-less balanced against the others, so there is no need to change points costs...

Anyway, of these five packages, do any stand out as being obviously better than the others?

A: Infiltrate, stealth and stubborn.
B: Furious charge, counter-attack and fearless.
C: Fleet, Hit-and-run and Move Through Cover.
D: Feel No Pain and count as being armed with Defensive Grenades.
E: All attacks (ranged and close combat) become rending.

Also, if you could give a rough estimate on how much extra you would pay to give one of those packages to a MEQ model, that would be great.

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furious charge and counter attack are pretty sick imo

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A and B seem a bit better than the others.
I'd pay around five points per model to give vanilla marines that shit.

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E: All attacks (ranged and close combat) become rending.

Damn baby, thats at least +10pts per model

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usefulness of package depends on unit its applied to, can you give us stats of most common unit in codex?

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switch stubborn and defensive grenades.

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>waaaagh <3

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Exactly the same statline as a marine...

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E is way better than the others.
B is a bit better than A and D.
C is significantly worse than the others.

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