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To alleviate the fail of troll threads! A wild L5R thread appears!

When the fuck is the 4th edition coming out?

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right after you give source of/post more like that pic.

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>When is 4th ed coming out?

Not soon enough

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Hopefully 4th Ed will let me play Uma Yojimbo

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weeaboo shit

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>Want to play L5R
>Only Clan that interests me is Crane
>Don't have the IRL social-fu to Roleplay one well

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Play crab instead, make your social failings artful and purposeful.

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Play a member of another Clan who was married into the Crane? That could give you a mix of a (say) Dragon family bonus but a Crane school.

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Counts as Crab Clan Courtier

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I'm trying to remember if I ever did stat out that Badger clan Bushi who knew that Darklands Dueling style but DIDN'T KNOW it was a darklands style for various reasons.

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Crab Clan Courtier!

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So what kind of music you guys recommend to a good session of L5R?

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Gelbooru, under Samurai.

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Be a Crane Bushi or Shugenja or Yojimbo, you don't HAVE to social-fu. You start out with a single point in it for most classes, but that hardly means you need to add MORE.

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Anything with a Shamisen.

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What I really need is some indication of bands or known artists. It's really hard to search for it when You don't know nothing about the subject.

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Aqueous Transmission - Incubus

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I would say it depends on what you want. You could get themes from movies like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38AYTnw0V9k&feature=related or more contemporary things. Being how I am I would probably look at animu for some BGM, stuff like the Kenshin OVA trust and betrayal.

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Sengoku Rance OST.

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Fucking 4rries.

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Wait, if its going to be timeline neutral...what about Mantis Clan?

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>what about Mantis Clan?


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Scorpion are either going to suck or be completely amazing in this edition depending on what "Conditional Effects" look like.

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Well, they suck already so I guess an upgrade might be nice.

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They're second-tier in 3rd revised, the problem is that first-tier is ungodly far above all the others.

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>4th ed
>Actually come out anytime soon


hahaha.. ha.


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Do we have any word on whether or not the Lion Clan will be kidnapping princesses in this new edition?

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Bumping this thread for 'what is L5R?'. I mean, looks pretty sweet, oriental out the wazoo, but I've never really heard much about it.

Sell it to me /tg/, make me want to play this, or hate this!

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You ever played kamigawai in MtG, it's alot like that minus the other races.

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I'm kinda interested in it as well. Setting is anchient, Samurai-era Japan, only it's a Japan in danger of being over-run with Demons which are only contained by a huge fucking wall covered in Samurai so grizzled they don't care about honour any more. And Honour is important in this setting, Also dueling. Also carefully pruned gardens.

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It's an RPG setting that combines elements of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean myth & legend into a fantasy world where you play as a samurai. It's awesome because, while you can be seven kinds of bad-ass, the game doesn't allow you to get away with stupidity. It's very heavy on setting and character interaction, and very, VERY deadly, because in this game, living a long time isn't the goal: having an epic awesome death is the goal.

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Supposedly May/June. It was mentioned that it may be out at Gencon on the forums, but one of the designers stated that he was working hard to finish the first supplement in time for Gencon (Enemies of the Empire btw) so hopefully before that.

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Is this setting statted out for anything other than 3rd edition? You guys make the game sound totally fucking rad every time there is a thread, but I'm not running anything in 3e any time soon.

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Dude I would rather wait an extra year than have to deal with 3ER again. Fuck that noise.

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My character is a Hare Bushi being manipulated by a houseless cur

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It has it's own system, which is currently in it's 3rd Edition. However, a 4th Edition is expected to drop within the next couple of months, so I would wait for that to come out.

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Oh, well, then, I am a fool. Thanks

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Wait, 4e is reprinting Oriental Adventures? The fuck? Is there going to be a Weeaboo Power Source, or are they just gonna call it "Ki"?

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3e was better

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A hairy bushi being manipulated by a hairless cat.

That's how I read that. Fuck I need some caffeine.

And no doubt they'll call it Ki or Chi.

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He's really gullible, but really honorable, too, for what it's worth...

It's just that she convinced him he could still serve his Lord after the man died while he was abroad...and then married him.

FUcking spies.

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10/10 I RAGED.

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Unicorn Bushi were here.

Who needs katanas, we have scimitars!

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'Unicorn was here' guy who posts in all L5R threads here (yes, the one above was me)

In all seriousness, though, does anyone else like the Unicorn? None of the guys in my RL group do, none of 'em in my various IRC groups do... they all like Crab, or Crane, or Lion, and there's one guy that allways plays Mantis and another who's obsessed with Scorpions, but they all agree that the Unicorn aren't that interesting. And that they suck.

Bear in mind we don't play the CCG, and it's been so long since we last played an L5R game in any of the groups that I haven't had a chance to play a Unicorn yet.

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The Unicorn were cool before all that retarded Kolat nonsense put the Moto in charge. Now they're just mongols, and it's painfully boring.

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Who is the best clan for warrioring?

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I can't wait for 4th Edition.


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I liked Unicorn under the Shinjo Family, now, as >>9167916 stated, they are just savages.

>Who needs katanas, we have scimitars!
Is exactly the reason that I can't stand them. They aren't Rokugani, they are, as the setting defines it, Gaijin, barbarians. They are for people who don't actually want to play L5R. Under the Shinjo, they were good for new players, in that one would have an outside perspective, and may be understandably ignorant of the finer points of Rokugani culture and setting expectations.
Under the Khan they let people explore their unrepentant barbarian fantasies with impunity. Setting be damned.

The Khans made the Unicorn into a combination of the worst traits of the Lion and Crab, with none of the virtue that either had.

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Depends on the type of warrioring.
For soldiers, go Lion or Crab.
For duelists, go Crane.
For warrior-philosophers, go Dragon.
For cavalry, go Unicorn.

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Related question, think its plausible for the daughter of a Minor Clan daimyo to be a trained covert agent (i.e. ninja) without her father knowing?

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Absolutely, in the old Way of the Scorpion book, the Clan of Secrets did that all the time. The Scorpion get blackmail and an agent, the person they train gets the skills to help their family until the Scorpion come calling.

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Thanks, I wasn't too sure if it would be too much of a stretch. I think I'm going to love this character, who would suspect the daughter of a clan daimyo of being a spy?

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I love the Unicorn. But I havn't seen what they've done to the fluff in the last 3 years. When I still played they were still honorable and samurai like but they held different standards fo honor.

Plus Battle Maidens.

I hated the Dragon since they hid in their mountain and flaunted their "NOT ONE, BUT TWO KATANAS!" style. And if you needed help all they did was answer in terible riddles and shoo you away.

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Ex-Crane Ronin.
You got tossed out for eating with the wrong chopsticks or whatever.

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lol really, tossed out for eating with the wrong chopsticks?

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Look, if a Horse Ronin is considered reasonable, the Crane Clan being goofy should be considered reasonable.

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Is Horse spekku reasonable?

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In case the subtle confusion hasn't been clarified from a few of the posts, L5R has it's own system that has nothing to do with D20. There was a D20 version at some point, and Wizards used the setting as the basis for Oriental Adventures, but it has nothing to do with 4th edition D&D.

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Inb4 romans invade the Emerald Empire from the Burning sands.

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According to some fa/tg/uys it is.

Speaking of Ronin, what would be a good clan for a Ronin that's really good with a sword, pretty smart, but bad at Social Fu to come from?

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one of the ronin schools, or you could do an ex-lion, more concerned about glory than honor.

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ex-Unicorn ronin here, I seek employment.

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Is the L5R any good, or at least worth a try? A local outlet store sells L5R decks for about €1 apiece, thinking of picking one up.

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Is there any other way to live?

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the way that in the end you win everything

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The ccg is great, but you have to play it multiplayer: 1v1 misses most of the appeal.

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This. I kinda like them as SAMURAI KNIGHTS, with scimitars and lances and horses and JUSTICE.

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Spider, of course.

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Anon, you are so dishonorable.

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Scorpion fan here, biting my nails over whether we'll be good this edition. Seriously, it REALLY depends on whether Conditional Effects are good. If it's stuff like "trade damage for a disarm that doesn't need Raises", we'll be godly. If it's "trade damage for minor stat penalties", we're assfucked.

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Well, good luck with that, you backstabbing villain.

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Great. Now I want to get my hands on the latest L5R books.

Thanks a lot, /tg/.

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I want to be able to backstab well!

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rolled 3 = 3

Guys, quick question. If I have a Ronin who befriended, ingame, a Utaku Battle Maiden and learned some proper samurai-ing from her...I would still not gain access to Utaku Battle Maiden techniques, correct?

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I do wonder one thing. It should be hellishly interesting, and quite challenging, to play in L5R as a Occidental Knight. Imagine the cultural shock, the conflict between bushido and chivalry, the contradictions between the eastern ideal of honour and the occidental ideal of honour. For added amusement, imagine it being a Knight of one of the Militant Orders, such as the Knights of St.John or the Templars, facing tainted abominations and oni with nothing more then his weapons and his faith to guard him from corruption.

But, can such a character actually be made in the system? Can it be played realistically? I would personally be very interested if a brave /tg/entlemen would attempt to play such a character and report back on his experience. Or shut down my suggestion with several well placed remarks on the impossibility of the thing.

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...that would be only slightly less shattering to the fluff than dropping Admiral Perry and the U.S. marine corps on the shores of rokugan.

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Does it have to affect the fluff? I readily admit to being less then fully informed to the details of the game. I simply thought the scenario an interesting possibility and asked as to its feasibility and, hopefully, garner the interest of an enterprising /tg/entleman who would have reported later on his experience.

I'll also readily admit to not having a RP group (D&D, L5R or otherwise) to test out the scenario personally.

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rolled 4 = 4


It'd be hard to do because the game's combat assumes you're using a School.

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Do elaborate, as I said before, I'm quite uninitiated to the mechanics of the game, even as I have gained some understanding of the general background of the fluff.

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I personaly enjoy Playing Usagi or Ujina Bushi

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Rokugan is very xenophobic, you would likely be killed on sight. If you are not killed you would be imprisoned and used as an exotic toy to be trotted out on occasion.

As far as mechanics go, the closest to a heavily armoured knight would be to use the Yodotai Legionnaire from Legend of the Burning Sands, though that is more of a Roman Legion type character.

There is always a chucklehead that wants to play an outsider (foreigner or non-human) in L5R. The two times I allowed it, the players got pissy because every NPC and most of the PCs treated him like they were lower than whaleshit.

>> No.9177784

Personally I would just make a knight a modified version of the Moto Bushi school, Bonuses with heavier weapons and for mounted combat and maybe throw in mitigation for wearing heavy armor like the Hida get.

>> No.9177790

Anyone have the MATSU ALL CAPS copypasta?

>> No.9177844

The Rokugani gaijin are more like renaissance portugese than medeival knights. there's no rules for them as pcs. as far as playing one, maybe if it was a setup like Shogun, where you are basically a captive of some daimyo as a curiosity/pet/mercenary.But if you gave any shit back and didnt learn to be rokugani youd probably just get executed quickly.

>> No.9177888

It's my dream to run the Shimabara Rebellion in L5R -- Maybe it has something to do with the taint

>> No.9177912

The basic problem is that, much like in actual feudal Japan, gaijin in Rokugan are divided into two categories: useful and vermin. "Useful" in this case means almost exclusively "has something we want that can't just be made here".

Unless you can somehow get yourself actually adopted/married into a Rokugani family, you will have even less legal recourse than a peasant. Also, paleface gaijin are pretty much "kill on sight" anywhere that isn't Mantis territory, the result of a gaijin backstab (secretly, the result of the Mantis and one gaijin family working together to fuck over the gaijin family that had started trading with Rokugan) that's also the reason why gunpowder and gunpowder-based weapons are banned.

What you're trying to do is the equivalent of somebody getting a pre-release copy of Deathwatch and saying "this is okay, but I want to play a girl".

>> No.9177931

Also the Thrane are Meranae are all dead. It was revealed a few years ago they killed each other in a massive war with magically fueled plagues created by their druids.

>> No.9178078


If you get into her skirts, a legend you shall be.

>> No.9178108

Not unless she actually has the skills to teach you them and if she's willing to give away her school secrets to a ronin. Sure you're friends but usually that's not just something you teach to anyone unless they've proven themselves. Big time.

>> No.9178135

No. The Battlemaiden School is one of the most exclusive schools in Rokugan, and they are very protective of their techniques. Teaching someone that does not share the blood of Otaku is about the worse thing a Battlemaiden can do. She and her student would be hunted down like dogs.

>> No.9178227


Good, because my Ronin is male, and those little Unicorn riding-skirts would not look good on me.

I'm assuming all she can do is teach me, for example, Iaijutsu and Riding and such, so it's good to have that confirmed.

>> No.9178265

I'm sur you'd look fabulous in thoses

>> No.9178272

Most Utaku would not even do that. Like I said they are VERY jealous of their skills and very protective of them.

Man the fuck up. You are ronin, you can teach yourself anything!

>> No.9178424


Hey, we're just friends who teach each other things, I'm the same Insight Rank as her and everything.

So, is it worthwhile to try and get into her pants?

>> No.9178442

If you want your friend dead, sure. Because that is what will happen if it goes badly.

>> No.9178512


You mean because her School has starting honor 3.5 and mine has starting honor "fuck off Ronin scum"? I'd think the Unicorn would care less given the number of Mongols they've fucked.

>> No.9178652

No. I mean because getting into her pants will cause her to violate an oath she made to her daimyo. Samurai-ko are typically, even among the Utaku, sworn to celibacy. Manipulating her into forswearing her oath will cause her to face severe Honor losses, even if not caught, Honor is internal, and huge glory losses on top of that if you are caught. If she is lucky be ordered to commit sepukku otherwise she'll be forced to retire to a nunnery in shame or go ronin, two fates worse than death.

>> No.9178692

Also in the later two cases her horse will likely be killed, which is crushing to a Battlemaiden.

>> No.9179159

>Samurai-ko are typically, even among the Utaku, sworn to celibacy.

No they aren't. You're making that up.

Seriously, what? Samurai-ko get married all the time, have affairs, and nobody makes a big deal over it. Source, or fuck off with your misogynistic bullshit.

>> No.9179176


MAYBE in First Edition, if only because I've never played that and wouldn't know. Otherwise? No.

>> No.9179234


Two things. One, celibacy is "can't get married". CHASTITY is "can't have sex." Samurai-ko swear to do NEITHER of those things, they'll just be looked down on if they have kids out of wedlock, same as a man would be looked down on if he fathered a bastard.

Also, "nunneries" as such don't exist. At worst, you shave your head and become a Monk.

>> No.9179249


If you retire to become a Monk, do you keep your old school, or pick up the Monk school? Is it possible to technically be a Monk but still be, say, a Hida Bushi?

>> No.9179289

I'm pretty sure they beat your old school out of you, but stranger things have happened.

>> No.9179317

In First Edition, samurai-ko are expected to leave behind the life of a bushi and run their husbands' estates if they marry. That's all there is to it. They aren't supposed to be sleeping around and having affairs, but that's true of all samurai.

>> No.9179322


No, you keep it. And then you just start learning the monk school at your next rank. Schools have always worked like that, when you switch or gain access to a new school (e.g. Emerald Magistrate Dojo). You just take the appropriate rank technique from the new school when you rank up.

>> No.9179331


This. Female samurai have ALWAYS been allowed to have sex, and getting married is an outright requirement in most cases. Fun fact, anyone expecting a Hida, Moshi, or Matsu to be a demure little wife and NOT keep kicking ass after marriage is going to be in for an unpleasant surprise.

Let me put it this way, since the example above involved Utaku. IF YOU MARRY AN UTAKU, YOU ARE EXPECTED TO BE THE GOOD LITTLE HUSBANDU AND SERVICE HER PROPERLY.

So, Ronin-dude, go for it. Gain enough renown to be worthy of her...because if you make it with her, and end up as her husband, you become an Utaku anyway.

>> No.9179396

Actually they have not always worked that way. Back in 1E you started to "forget" your old ways and gained more and more kiho. In fact a retired rank 5 (the old cap) samurai who managed to gain 5 ranks in a monk order would have many more kiho than a monk that started as a monk.

>> No.9179431


Yeah, even that isn't "LOL SWORN VOW OF CHASTITY/CELIBACY TO YOUR DAIMYO", and even then, you don't give up the sword...you just don't go to war anymore. You can still be the BEST FUCKING DUELIST AROUND, you just hang out on your husband's estate being an awesome duelist instead of going out and challenging people all the time like you did as a young girl.

Even then, it's not specifically "samurai-ko". A number of families have it reversed, where the husband manages the land while the wife goes out to kick more ass (Moshi, Matsu, and I THINK Utaku). For some families, it's more complicated, like with the Doji.

>> No.9179512


Rank and personality are also involved to a degree. For example, Hida O-Ushi married a similarly high-ranking Unicorn, and basically bullied him into being "her good little wife"


>> No.9179526


Emerald Magistrate requires you to take an actual school?

...Well fuck.

>> No.9179567


The guy died in battle during spirit wars, he was still quite badass.

>> No.9179588

never played but read the books.

is it weird that the only clans that appeal to me are


ronin is sweet because then I don't got to answer to nobody even if people spit on me I'm freeish baby!

>> No.9179611

You are dancing around with semantics. In any case a samurai-ko is sworn to celibacy until marriage.

And those that did and were caught were publically shamed, far more so than unmarried men. 1E pages 25-26. I am not being misogynist, I am just stating facts according to fluff.

>Implying marriages in Rokugan are for love.

Seriously, getting with a Ronin is a great way to ruin your life, you will be damaged goods that no one will want. Marriage in Rokugan is a bit of political capital and the primary means of producing heirs, nothing more.

Actually the Emerald Magistrate school is a prestigious school that is often opened to magistrates that prove their worth. Most Emerald Magistrates are students of their own clan's school.

>> No.9179625


To survive bedding O-Ushi, you'd need to be a badass.

>> No.9179632

Early on i only liked the fighting schools, for example the mirumoto school. As i played more i grew to like the courtier schools like Yastuki.

>> No.9179643

Incidentally the "damaged goods" bit applies to both men and women, no one wants to have to worry about little bastards showing up later.

>> No.9179711

The funny thing is? It isn't straight up Japan. It's like a mix of Japan, China, and Korea.

>> No.9179714

>You are dancing around with semantics. In any case a samurai-ko is sworn to celibacy until marriage.

You know, you're ALWAYS celibate until you get married. You might as well say you or I are celibate until marriage.

>And those that did and were caught were publically shamed, far more so than unmarried men. 1E pages 25-26. I am not being misogynist, I am just stating facts according to fluff.

Outdated fluff from three editions ago. Don't be a dumbass, you've already misquoted enough fluff, either put the direct text (which is still outdated enough to be utterly irrelevant) or go away.

>Seriously, getting with a Ronin is a great way to ruin your life, you will be damaged goods that no one will want. Marriage in Rokugan is a bit of political capital and the primary means of producing heirs, nothing more.
>inplying it was ever implied marriages were for love

Rokugani don't really care much about virginity, you take the wife your parents picked out for you, and you don't whine about her. I believe "get some renown" was used as advice for that Ronin for precisely that reason, and even THEN would only matter if he married her.

Incidentally, remember that one Ronin who married the EMPEROR'S FUCKING DAUGHTER? Yeah.


>> No.9179731

Actually, I think he meant to say 'chastity'.

>> No.9179758

>misinterpreting 1e fluff to suit his own views which have been shown time and again to not fucking apply to Rokugan.

Matsu was here, about to declare your ass her new saya.

>> No.9179771


Except that would be flat-out incorrect, samurai-ko don't take any sort of vow to be chaste until marriage.

>> No.9179795


She should insert the old saya first, to protect her swordblade.

>> No.9179814

Someday, I want to play a Soshi. Air Magic up in this!

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Technically Rezan was no longer Ronin when he married the Emperor's daughter, he had been sworn into the Miya family.

1E pg 25-26
>One of the vows that most samurai-ko take during their initiation ceremony is a VOW OF CELIBACY (a samurai-ko cannot be devoted to both a daimyo and a lover or husband, after all).

1E is perfectly acceptable for fluff. On the AEG forums 1E and 2E books are often recommended for the fluff.

>> No.9179944

>lover or husband

Yep, says right there a female samurai can't get married. Which is no longer true, making it the very definition of "no longer canon".

Especially since a few families are matrilineal.

In other words, no, 1e fluff IN THIS CASE is no longer valid.

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>> No.9179981


1e books are recommended for fluff in cases like, say, Way of the Scorpion where it has exceptional writing and helps you understand the spirit of the setting. In this case, you're arguing in favor of a specific piece of setting information, not spirit, that has proven to be untrue in later instances.

Someone even posted Hida O-Ushi's marriage story already.

>> No.9180007

> is a VOW OF CELIBACY (a samurai-ko cannot be devoted to both a daimyo and a lover or husband, after all).

Celibacy means that you cannot be married. The text shows AEG knew this with the "or husband" line. In effect, yes, the fluff is saying female bushi can't get married, which hasn't been true since 1e...and 1e is widely known to be the most "true-to-real-world-Feudal-Japan" in terms of women being oppressed.

>> No.9180186


U both mad and wrong.

>> No.9180205

So, what happens to a widowed character?

Like, say a Hida marries into the Bayushi, and their spouse dies, do they stay Bayushi?

>> No.9180312
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"Did...did you bring a Tetsubo to court?"

"Huh? No, this is just an unusually-shaped fan."

"...I like your style."

>> No.9180355
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>> No.9180374

Did the misogynyfag leave yet?

>> No.9180425

things that piss me off:
3ER still had massive fucking problems, even with proofreading. look up the Tortoise clan school. it doesn't have a level one technique. it's the same technique as the monkey clan, copy and pasted, but with less clear wording that makes it worse. compared to the mechanics in 3E book, this isn't what the school does.

there are countless other issues, up to and including:

Can I spend void on damage? some parts imply no. others, like the entry for Katana as a weapon says you may spend an extra void, up to 2, on damage.

unplaytested shit!
still broken as fuck Tsuruchi!

other thing that pisses me off: I'm never going to get my supplement for Burning Sands. the first book was pretty good, but needs more material, and they promised us a web splat book ages ago. which won't ever happen now that 4E has all their time busy.

AEG could only be a worse company if they were named GW.

>> No.9180506


One of the BIG concerns with 4th has been making sure nothing as error-ridden as 3.5 ever occurs ever again. So, basically, that's why it's coming out in May-June instead of April as originally planned.

>> No.9180523

>unplaytested shit!
>still broken as fuck Tsuruchi!

Rejoice, all of these are being fixed.

>> No.9181019
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So I'm running an L5R game on IRC soon, and I'd like to ask /tg/ a few questions before I start.

1. What determines one's True Number to be Hit, again? Formula-wise, I mean.

2. Has this "Race for the Throne" era thing been taken care of in the metaplot already?

3. Is it possible (Albeit extremely rare) for a lord to take in a Ronin as a proper Samurai of the family, if said Ronin shows great honor and capability, and for some reason hasn't seppukued?

4. Which clan would Lu Bu be in?

5. How does one go about having more corrupt retainers make offers to the players without them saying something incriminating? For example, suggesting that a separate lord more powerful than the one the players serve would find himself most pleased if a certain something were to happen, or something like that.

Picture related (kinda), it's the walking, talking deathmachine of China, Lu Bu.

>> No.9181256


For #5? Befriend them first, then mention in private that X lord is much kinder to those who serve him than Y lord, and things that would really make him grateful. Oh, and never directly ASK them to do anything.

>> No.9181322

3rd editions and 3.5 editions appear to be cursed edition numbers. Perhaps it would be best if game companies skipped from 2nd to 4th edition, releasing only a paperback pamphlet of art or something as the "3rd edition". This might stave off the curse. Sort of like how some buildings leave out a 13th floor.

>> No.9181347

I once played a character who married into Crane.

He secretly became good at dueling by having his wife train him in private.

>> No.9181358

Go away, Edition troll.

>> No.9181431
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I was mainly referencing L5R, GURPS, and Shadowrun. It's not MY fault you automatically think D&D when someone mentions editions.

>> No.9181463
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>a samurai-ko is sworn to celibacy until marriage.

A samurai-ko is sworn to not get married until she gets married? What kind of retarded shit is this?

>> No.9181472

>implying this makes you any less of a troll

>> No.9181527

I'm not trolling. If you want me to actually start trolling this thread though, I will. You know, to show you what ACTUAL trolling is like.

>> No.9181609


Calm down, faggots.

When many games only HAVE four or so editions, it's easy for the same number to crop up as "the bad one".

>> No.9183256
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