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Susan Sto Helit is my waifu

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Susan Sto Helit would kick your arse for being so presumptuous.

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I would be all over that.

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This thread is relevant to my interests

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Last I heard she was dating the anthropomorphic personification of Time itself. Kinda hard to compete with that.

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Fuck his shit, I'm the anthropomorphic personification of /tg/

Besides, wasn't he like 12? Little underage much?

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I'd show her a good time.
If you know what I mean.

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/tg/ is not that cool...

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Fuck yes we are. We weave worlds out of ideas, whole universes out of nothing but the random firing of synapses in our brains. You think "time", the personification of a simple progression of events, can trump this? I think not.

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>wasn't he like 12?
That just goes further to prove that she won't be into you.

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bump for win

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eh, fuckoff

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Pretty much. Susan liked Time because like her he experienced the dual nature of being a mortal and yet also a force of the universe, up until meeting him she had not met anyone who understood that kind of internal conflict that she's had to deal with her entire life.

TL;DR /tg/ lacks empathy

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