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Hey, I'm running a Fallout Campaign and I am looking for pictures of wastelands, settlements, mutants, survivors, and pretty much anything related for inspiration.

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Google pictures of New Jersey.

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where specifically are you basing it?

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Tesla's Time Machine

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What system you thinking about using, OP?

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Words to keep the flood detector away

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Trust me. It's calming in a destructive sort of way,

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One cannot see the sky.

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Newark has seen better days.

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The image title is incredibly related.

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I still, however, enjoy it.

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Nice pics, it's set in northern californa, starting area is Lincoln, CA and it's roughly 300 years after the bombs dropped

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This area is even MORE overgrown now.

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anyone have any more mutants, soldiers, survivors, and such.

Additionally, any deathclaw pics not from fallout 3? I'm trying to put a new spin on them.

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that will work perfect for NCR Rangers

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Commencing dump.

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There's some old concept art of them somewhere...

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I'm curious about this as well

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Player in OP's soon to be game. We'll be using GURPS, I don't remember the edition. Picture of my girlfriends and my own characters. Concept art. This is them just a little too clean. Needs more rips and tears.

Yes, her hammer is made out of a V8 engine.

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About 1/4 to 1/3 of rifts images are related.

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PROTIP: There are better settings for tabletop post-apocalypse RPing than ALL FALLOUT ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Seriously, look into The Morrow Project or Twilight: 2013.

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we're playing on tuesday, so it's a little late to change things up now.

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Hell yeah, Twilight.

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How about a pistol that was made in Y2K apocalypse hype? It can fire off a large variety of different calibers of round, making it useful when the world has gone to shit

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I think I have some people...

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>Morrow Project

Do I get off your lawn now, old man, or should I wait util you start shaking your cane at me?

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now that's a cool gun

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reporting in

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Don't know how advanced your tech is.

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I have a bunch for a homebrew project

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Words words words.

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how about ammo? I have many pictures of ammo types too?

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I have hours worth without going to my /k folder

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hey Scarecrow, can you post any more guns like that one, thats a cool looking one for sure.

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It's the Medusa model 47 if your interested. It can fire just about any .38, .357, and 9mm rounds, which would be most you can find in a Fallout world

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>Implying there's a better setting than post apoc + dark humor + jet age/ atomic age super science tech

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I think these are pretty fucking awesome.

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guns it is, floods of guns, FUCKING FLOODS

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L85, british bullpup. FLOODS OF THEM!

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Well for future reference, there are post-apocalypse settings that are not directly spawned from the vidya.

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More like this.

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If I were more awake/it not 2:01 and me not playing Max Payne 2, I'd dump a shitload of /k/ for you guys.

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Except the calico looks fruity as balls.

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Now to get serious, a pkmn

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DAMN, those are some huge capacitors.

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:/ If they were legal where I live, would have one for each hand. Pretty decent assault rifle with a 50 round hex mag.

Pic is a recoiless rifle, the poor mans anti tank

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Pic: poser, that or he forgot his mags.

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>implying only old people know about things made long ago

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Calico's smalltime, I'll take a Bizon, thank you very much.

9mm Parabellum, of course.

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Fal with some kind of odd red dot sight. forgot the real name.

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Probably going to be a few of these around after the apocyalypse

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I'm happy with a good old fashioned AK or a WASR. It gets the job done, and you make a statement when you fire one.

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This is the king of FAMAS

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I can dig it

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FN FAL was here, AK family is for Commies/Insurgents/Nigras/AKfriends

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Famas F1

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Oh, last one before I break the AC in Max Payne 2.

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some ak or another \. I think a Vz 58?

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French sniper, no idea what they use

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Russians with a dragonuav and a AK74 grenider

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Looks retarded, I'll give it that.

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My personal favorite AK. Don't know what kind though.

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Oh Christ, that's some trigger discipline.

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How about something sexy then?

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Shit, I live nearby.

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That appears to be a chopped up Lee-Enfield with a homemade suppressor and a Russian optic.

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Are you shitting me? Looks like they dug up some nugget with a pipe welded to the barrel.

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So, how's that backward magazine working out?

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Finnish man with RK62

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Better :3

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At least it has a safety.

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I forgot what this thread was about.

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Well on that note...

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How about some more?

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USP, also, that mp5k belonged to Saddam

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Now some people

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He doesn't seem like an SMG type of guy.

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Or as /k calls them, "Operators"

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I posted both of those images a looongass time ago

feels good to have helped brought them to attention.

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not nessesarilly a nuke war but no people for 300 years is like this

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Behold, captian tard.

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Tactical pipe... deployed.

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That isn't an AK. It's a vz. 58 with a folding stock and picatinny rails.

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The reality of russian women.

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oh, exploitable

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Jason got nothing on this guy

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Good thread all.

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I agree with Scarecrow, well done, these will all play a big part in inspiring me in scenarios for the game.

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I agree with Scarecrow, well done, these will all play a big part in inspiring me in scenarios for the game.

speaking of which, you said you had ammo pics as well, any big boxes of it, or dirty ammo by any chance?

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So, just a thought. Kinda, you know, off the top of my head and all.

But it's been *300* years. Wouldn't, oh, say, most of those pre-war guns be in utter dogshit condition by now? Either someone's set up in some factory space with generators and industrial tools and it pressing out guns based on really old plans, or a lot of the guns that are floating out there in the wastes are a lot like the trusty pipe rifle from fallout 2. Home-made.

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ya know, you have a good point, I actually covered this by saying there are people who work on guns and have learned every part needed, they make what they need, they repair what is needed, and completly scratch build when needed.

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Could actually make for something cool for the game. Some neutral outpost that sprouted up around say an industrial center near(ish) a junkyard or the like where one of these Gun Barons set up shop. At the core you have leader.. let's call him Baron Arms.. and his engineers. Probably damn near a hereditary position now. Then you have his guards, and beyond that the diaspora of support staff and scavengers that flocked to him for protection. Nobody fucks with them because they're *very, very* well armed, and as such they provide a neutral arms trade to anyone with something to barter that they want.

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Here's my gear I used for WW quest. A small cache of supplies, some books, liquor, my gun, a gasmask some mags and a knife.

image limit reached, so posting elsewhere.


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Thats actually the idea for the beginning area, Hive, New Lincoln, Brea, and a couple other settlements have seperated themselves from the NCR, and even gone back to bottle caps currency, Hive in particular has well trained and well armed milita force that even the raiders don't bother with.

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>someone's set up in some factory space with generators and industrial tools and it pressing out guns based on really old plans

The Gun Runners in Adyum or however the fuck that's spelled were doing this exact thing in Fallout 1. They're probably still around or other operations have popped up in Fallout 2, especially in NCR territory. The Brotherhood also makes guns.

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Failguy here, is it possible to mass save images off threads?

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Blowout soon, fellow Stalker.

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Depart of this place, demon. We have no quarrel with you.

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Oh really? When?

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<[Totally Rad Image of Blowout]>

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I use Chan Thread Watch. Small and simple.

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STALKER is more interesting than Fallout. This is fact.

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Oh for fu-*Blowout'd*

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>Car sized Radscorpion

This is mildly concerning.

>Bloodsucker pack, at night, in a small town, playing LURK.


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Alas, it's a localized area, and the average STALKER is an Eastern European looking for a quick buck before getting the fuck out of there.

Now, if the Zone continues to expand, on the other hand.

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now how about Fallout + STALKER? that'd be something.

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Radscorpions soon, fellow Stalker!

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You got the rifle type wrong it is RK95, which has folding stock and the muzzle is different than 62.

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"you see that guy over there, fuck him up and everybody around him"

Fitting as the guy is poiting stuff for a grenadier.

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Many thanks anon

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The Stalker Scrolls: Shadow of the Red Mountain

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The anime Sunabozu (Desert Punk) actually treats this subject pretty well. All the guns in the setting are prewar, disassembled and copied by hand (and later by machine) to make replicas. There's even a makeshift ranking system based on whether the gun is a first-, second-, or third-generation replica mentioned.

I thought it was interesting. The anime itself is of wildly uneven quality. At its best, one of the most thoughtful depictions of a post-apocalyptic economy. At its worst, masturbation and fart jokes.

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