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I want that shirt so bad...

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poor tzeetch is going to get raped in the ass by Slaanesh

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Maybe that's what he wants?

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J-just as planned?

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Nurgle looks like a right bro.

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slaanesh, tzeentch, khorne, nurgle
/d/, /lit, /fit/, /tg/

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Pretty much, yeah.

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In this order.

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Was this for 40k High School?

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Brilliant Anonymous simply brilliant

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Fuck, now it's changing colors. Cut that shit out.

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Malal - /b/

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And people say Culexus isn't one of the best drawfags we ever had.

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Who is that in there?

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That fit couldn't be anymore perfect

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If only /b/ were also retconned...

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C'mon, 'twas a joke.

I also have a pre-heresy man-portable lascannon for you. I hear the pre-heresy ones are kinky, but I havn't activated it yet.

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Zuvassin - /5/

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All my audio channels are open.

All is forgiven in the face of retrieving holy technology.

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I have no clue how it's supposed to be used, but I thought you could figure that out.

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Even I can't stand /b/.

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But I see that you are down with the Cultist-Chan.

Malal, I think I'd like to sign on with you. For Chaos, and all that.

Mostly for Cultist-Chan.

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You keep your damn dirty hands on my daughter.

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Nehoco - /North Korea/

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on? yes sir right away sir!

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I didn't stutter.

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Yeah. No "playing the field" and breaking her heart.

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Yes sir, Malal sir, your wish is my lecherous command.

You know what else your daughter does?

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rolled 5 = 5

he'll nail them there himself

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Sigmar dammit guys. What are you up to?

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Especially that nice little Sister of Battle.
Damn it's so hot when those two go at it.
Fappin' like crazy.

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Apparently incest.

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No, Slaanesh, you may not have heresy.

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You an' me both, Master. You an' me both.


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.... Frak this shit I'm outta here. I've had enough of these darned incestuous chaos gods. At least Tzeentch and Khorne are cool dudes. Nurgle still won't talk to me....

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Come now, you really think I'm bound by the same moral principles you humans take for granted?

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She's so tender and cagey and oh omnissiah :3

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