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Top of the morning to ye, /tg/. I noted a distinct lack of draw-faggotry on the index page, so here you are.

I've about 45 minutes to blow before I pass out. Throw me your requests! I'll try to meet them, even though I know next to nothing about most of your tabletop games.

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A man whose dreams are manifesting as energy whips coming out of his skull.

...It is my fetish.

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A maniacly grinning elf with lots of little vials attached to his belt and a fuming potion bottle in his hand

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A ghost, full hooded robe deal, with a psycrystal buddy, manifested psychic whip and scimitar floating at standby

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A Runepriest throwing paperplanes that are covered in explosive runes.

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sorry, I forgot to say please

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A one armed arena fighter ripping the arm off his opponent to claim as his own

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I need a man with slicked back blond hair in stereotypical tourist attire. Over-sized Hawaiian shirt, khaki shorts, flipflops, sunglasses, etc. He should also have a wide grin on his face and a bloody knife in his hand. Blood spatter on face/clothes optional.

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a glorious radiant dragonkin, he is of a master race.

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A dwarf with a spiked sword hitting a bloody skinless elephant with mandibles.

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Here you are, sir. Sorry I didn't draw him in a good position to show off the belt vials.

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Thanks for the pic, it's great! Err, you mind if i modify the pic? I'm planning to use it as as my character portrait and as my character in the Sarge threads.

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Porn of braids, dont be a bitch about it like other drawfags

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Please Draw Something Inspired By This Please!

"The sweat poured from Tycho's brow. "Please, stop... Stop!" He snapped. The Silent King reluctantly withdrew from his new flesh plaything. A look of concern, of pain in his eyes... "That hasn't worked since I became a marine... No matter how much I want it to..." The Silent King nodded in understanding, placing a cold soothing hand to Tycho's bare chest. From a concealed pocket in his robes, he produced a small pair of glowing green spheres. Tycho knew well enough the technology of the enemy; resurrection orbs. Never had he seen a pair so delicate. The Silent King moved them slowly, and lower down the Blood Angel's body, midriff, lower still... "I already told you, My King..." But Tycho's words were ripped from his lips by a sudden...stirring... Tilting his head to one side, as though smiling, The Silent King's metallic fingers worked once more on their tender plaything. Tycho's sweat heavy on his brow, the only sounds he could muster were short breaths of gasping pleasure... The Silent King said nothing, merely continuing his gentle game, running his eyes over the arcing frame of his Crimson Angel..."


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reference if you need it

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Do whatever, it's your character.

Next pic coming up; currently doing

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Why is it so bad to want a pic of a Necron Lord jacking off Brother Tycho?

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If you stopped being bitchy about it I'm sure they would look into it.
I can't even begin to list what's wrong with you and this request.

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Some one illustrate this please. I want to be able to post it in the damn cultist threads

>The cultist had warmed up to him. She seemed to think he was some one called Dranon and he had came to rescue her. No amount of yelling, no matter how loud could convince her otherwise. She followed him around dragging her sack of abdominal skin between her legs wheezing at him in some bastardized form of Gothic, but that wasn't the most annoying thing about her oh no. The worst was her new found habit of flapping her abdomen like a child playing with a parachute. Apparently, Irrumator surmised from the smell, the creases collected sweat and grew fungal infections.

>He would be focusing the entirety of his vast intellect on some aspect of running the ship when a noisy FLAP-FLAP-FLAP would pierce his concentration. He would turn and shoot her the most hateful glare he could muster. She would cower and whimper a meek, “S-hhorry, itze eetchy” Not five minutes would pass before her FLAP-FLAP-FLAPING would start up again. He had her folded up and stuffed in a storage container that was then thrown in a stasis field. There was just no other option available to him, he wasn't allowed to kill her.

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It's Matt Ward trolling, and better surely than even more cultist chan.

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Thanks dude!

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Can you a draw a SoB eating a cornetto?

>> No.9121677


How about some nice DD? Draw a scene from each part.

There are 12 now

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If Spider would prefer?

"The Silent King remembered fondly the days he had fought alongside his beloved crimson Angel... Now he had only his engrams. Sat in darkness, working the shaft of his Staff of Light, his mechanical form shuddered at the sweet release of Gauss energy."

less going on in this one.

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Oh god, I'm taking so long. Here you are. Is this one of your characters?

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Another thing.

"SoB" can mean a lot of stuff. You'll have to be specific.

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Awesome, thanks a bunch.

Yeah, he's a merc in a D20 Modern game. In one of the missions with my group, our cover story was that we were tourists. He dressed accordingly.

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Sister of Battle

>> No.9121873

Wat? You got braids porn before. Anyways, can I get a flexing dragonborn/half-dragon/whatever yazuka showing off his badass back tattoo of a human.

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Almost a shame the first response wasn't a serious request- Unless it was, in which case, Ew.

>> No.9121922


If he says no to my Cornetto SoB, then fine, either the drawfag wants to do it or not, I won't complain.

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Rouge trader character.
About 6 foot four, stout features etc, pronounced cheekbones and a strong chin, with black slicked back semi-long hair, also, he's got something that looks a lot like an M-79 grenade launcher and is an arch-militant.
I kind of envisioned him as a combination of Falco (The musician) and Patrick Bateman from the psycho movie so if you can find some way to make him look like he's from the 80's that would be rad

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Forgot my picture.
Falco is so baller.

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Of course the drawfag leaves when I finally ask for mine.

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It is done.


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why you no draw dragonkin?

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And there we go.

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Holy shit that is amazingly baller
like the level
of baller
is off the charts

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Please could we have

A drawing of Sister Ringarde licking Cultist-chan's eyeball

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Actually, under the OCfag rules, a drawfag can NEVER refuse a request

>> No.9122536

Except drawfags, writefags and all other creative people of this board simply ignore said "rules".

...Because that's how they roll, motherfucker!

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I do love Easter but I don't wanna see it.

>> No.9122599


Fuck you, there's not one person on this board who doesn't want to see a picture of Cultist-chan laying an egg

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Psyker Ted's rules for drawfags and writefags. Enforced and ratified by Flea, Mod of /tg/.


1.Drawfags may not make or post in more than one drawthread a week. So we should see you once a week at most.
2.There is to be one drawthread a day at maximum. All non-sanctioned drawthreads will be deleted and users banned.
3.Drawfags can't place restrictions on what they will and will not do. Anyone found breaking these will be forced out.
4.No rough sketches, only finished works. We are not some shitty low standard site, we only want great stuff here.
5.Do not pimp your DA page. We are not a source of free advertising.


1.No rough drafts, /tg/ is not your editing place. This is to keep idiots from posting half finished work and trolling us.
2.No tinyfics, all fics must be 900 words or longer. This will mean only stories of decent length will be posted here.
3.You can not ignore requests, all stories are equal. Cater to all members of this board.
4.No slow writefags, write faster. We won't tolerate you taking more than a week per 10,000 words.
5.You can only show one fic per month, too many stories flood the board, forcing younger writefags away.

If you see additional rules are needed, contact Flea or Psyker Ted, they will then update the rules. Post these any time a draw/writefag breaks them.

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Trolls gonna troll

Or see legless heretek getting raped by combat knife.

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"The basket", Vect barked, apparently apropos of nothing. "Quickly, take your position", he ordered the haemonculus. The pale surgeon rummaged around his chest of equipment, producing, after a few moments, a woven basket lined with a red-and-while chequered cloth. Wasting no time, he once again knelt in front of the now-convlusing girl, proffering the basket to the smooth shape protruding incongruously between her thighs, a promonotory like a blunt-ended, alabaster cone. It eased its way out from the ever-broadening lips of the girl's vagina, its exit lubricated by a thin covering of glistening mucus. The girl was trying unsuccessfully to cry out as the widest part of the smooth object passed from her, fully four inches across. Its cross-section now becoming narrower, it was the work of a few more contractions before it freed itself entirely from her body, landing in the basket with a soft impact, trailing a few thin strands of sticky mucus like a spider's webbing.

How could you not want to see a picture of this

>> No.9122642

A giant spider lurking above a doorway, perspective from just inside the door (think - you just entered the room and OH GOD TURN AROUND AND LOOK UP)

>> No.9122652


I sure as fuck don't


Fuck all of those "rules" I encourage everyone to ignore "rules" thought up by fucktards

>> No.9122657

Or this:

Ringarde clumsily pawed at Cultist's face before, surprisingly dexterously, forcing her eyelid open. With the tip of her tongue, she caressed the white of the eyeball, running it back and forth in the cleft where the lower eyelid comes against the eye. Cultist winced and her eye darted about in its socket, trying to evade the lascivious intrusion of Ringarde's tongue. She rolled her eye upwards as Ringarde pressed even more of her tongue's slightly rough surface against her sclera. Cultist's eye began to water, the fluid from her tearducts mingling with saliva.

Her ocular muscles straining, eventually Cultist had to relax her eyeball, giving Ringarde an opportunity to hugrily lap around the iris. The blurring of Cultist's vision was punctuated with rasping pains as the tongue continued to quest around her eye, and then she felt a pressure to the side as Ringarde started to force the very tip of her tongue round the edge of her eyeball, a constant, distressing ache as Cultist heard wet sounds of movement inside her own skull.

With her vision now becoming dark and blurry, the pain in her eye socket becoming unbearable as Ringarde forced her taut tongue further down the side of her eyeball, Cultist shrieked, causing a smile to crack across the haemonculus' face.

"Mahke her stop!" she met the gaze of the haemonculus with her unmolested eye, "pleeease, we wheel do aanytheeng, jast make her stooohp". She started crying in earnest, her body wracked with gasping sobs, wrenching her head from side to side as Ringarde clumsily tried to keep up with the movement.

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If anybody asks me, the new DD is probably the funniest thing in weeks.


>> No.9122671

>I sure as fuck don't
>implying you don't want to see a picture of Cultist-chan laying an egg
>implying you would not fap furiously to it

Why are you in denial, anon?

>> No.9122681


>We are not some shitty low standard site, we only want great stuff here.

I couldn't post enough laughing elf men even if I tried.

>> No.9122695


Because mammals don't lay eggs unless you are a fucking platapus

>> No.9122710

There ain't the god either, but warhammer has over dozen of 'em.

>> No.9122713


Or echidna, you dumbshit.

>> No.9122723


OK, that's it, throw out all the fiction and drawings that aren't soundly-rooted in scientific fact.

>> No.9122825

Muscles are a cunt to draw.

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>> No.9123079

>Blah blah shit throwing between egg laying fetishists and somebody wants me to draw eyeball licking
How about something a little different.

I'm going to faint now, so that's the last for tonight, folks. Later, /tg/.

No because I am not homogay.

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>> No.9123136

My, what a masculine jawline you have today, Cultish-chan. Have you been playing with Tzeench again?

>> No.9123151

Because his pants are below the fold?

>> No.9123156


>Cultist and SoB
>no eyeballs being licked
>so close

Thanks all the same, OP

>> No.9123161

Thank you both!
Both images are awesome. Menacing with the spikes of badass etc.

>> No.9123219

That sword appears to be made for clubbing.

>> No.9123253

Draw a Hanar or Volus Kirby, please.

>> No.9123481

Not sure how this is /tg/ related...

>> No.9123491

Is your name Ryan, kirby requester?

>> No.9123519

Kanako smiting Space Marines for worshipping the Emperor instead of her.

>> No.9123554

I don't even know who that is.

>> No.9123651


>Not sure how this is /tg/ related...
It's been the subject of a lot of debate (and trolling), but plenty of people consider it /tg/-related. Some simply for it being a Bioware game, them having previously made Baldur's Gate II, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic and several other cherished roleplaying games, others love the setting and have a desire to implement aspects of it in their own games.

No, it is not.

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>> No.9125521

Ribbon and Cestree scissoring in absolute ecstasy.

>> No.9125533

What the hell do you want? Also, have you seen Eutus?

>> No.9125566

All i want is to draw tits for you, anon.
And no, i do not know what this Eutus you mention is, but i do hope it very related to your pic.

>> No.9125594


>> No.9125614

Golden Neckbeard and Red Machine D having a naked chainsaw fight.

>> No.9125617


>> No.9125623

Eutus is my soul mate, of course!

>> No.9125630

If you'd be so kind, a dryad with a wineglass, pouring said wine onto her toes.

(because roots, see)

>> No.9125634


>> No.9125659

Draw her laying an egg and I want a lot of cloaca stretch.

>> No.9125674


>> No.9125689


Still a bit worked up from last night?

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>> No.9125862



>> No.9125869

teen marine!

>> No.9125885


nice, are there more?

>> No.9125952

Not really, but if anon comes up with more funny ideas i will draw them.

>> No.9125954

A multi-laser wishing it could be an Ultramarine.

>> No.9125966

a unit of teen marines wishing they had multi lasers.

>> No.9125981

Tech-priestess cuddling her servo skull

>> No.9126007

Well, I could come up with several bad ideas if you'd like?

>> No.9126020


Can you draw some dragon vore

>> No.9126074

Ogre mage who is 'werewolfing out' but instead of a wolf he's turning into a Gelatinous Cube.

Bonus points if it looks terrifying or badass.

>> No.9126129



repost, reaction related

>> No.9126156


moe scalie eats greenmarine vore

>> No.9126190

teen marines shooting a vore dragon to death

>> No.9126242


>> No.9126278

That is absolutely amazing, and the only way it could possibly be improved would be if her feet were bare.

>> No.9126292

i dont like(drawing) feet :<

>> No.9126316


>> No.9126317


I figured as much, but you did a damn nice job on the hands, so I thought I'd ask.

>> No.9126337


Cool, can you draw this next?


>> No.9126342

Any takers for a Tzeenette?

>> No.9126438


>> No.9126460


>> No.9126470

Little girl running with her hands up in the air, ecstatic at being alive. Short little bobcut would be bestest.

She is also being followed by a large, abstract cat shadow with a wide grin and too many teeth. He is protecting her, and should be frightening.

>> No.9126471

More Dragonborn.

>> No.9126483

A well-dressed private eye in a trenchcoat has been lured into an ambush in the warehouse district. He is tossing aside his fedora and about to put on a mask made from a dinosaur skull.

>> No.9126505

/r/ing Sam Vimes punching a twilight vampire in the face

>> No.9126516

>implying any drawfag follows that rules

>> No.9126527


These are pretty terrible rules because they don't realize that drawfags and writefags are here by choice and thus pretty much have say in what they want to do.

>> No.9126537

Really did not came out as expected.
Hope you like, good anon.

>> No.9126538

Could I have a young man in badly fitting evil overlord type armour being berated by his clearly much more evil sword for not being evil enough?

Alternatively, if we're doing more game based stuff, Overlord and minions rampaging through a combine citadel. Minions using all kinds of crap you find in the Half Life universe as hats or weapons.

>> No.9126542


Haha Oh Wow.jpg

>> No.9126548


You have done 40k before

>> No.9126557

Something simple, like a kobold PUNCHING A VAMPIRE IN THE FACE


>> No.9126561 [DELETED] 



>> No.9126569

10,000 words a week? Fuck me, I need to pick up the pace.

>> No.9126578

This. In so many ways, this. We need more Discworld-based drawfaggotry on this board

>> No.9126579

A space pirate sorceress of Tzeentch in high heels, sitting on a throne pointing down in a sort of "bow down" gesture.

>> No.9126583

Oooh. That's fine too. Thanks, GM!

>> No.9126605


Thats very well done

>> No.9126609

Or, wait, how about anything punching TEN DRACULA IN THE FACE



>> No.9126623

A high-society and heavily tattooed dragonborn/serpent-woman/chick-with-scales is shedding her skin. A tattoo artist is assisting her with this process, and putting a new, completely different design of ink on the layer underneath.

>> No.9126656

They're either pure, unmitigated stupidity, or a troll. (The distinction is pretty much moot, pic related.)

As an occasional drawfag, I draw whatever I damn well please. Which is often some form of mild furfaggotry. Rage harder, /tg/.

>> No.9126664


>> No.9126681

Fran vivisecting Ribbon.

>> No.9126693

This is ridiculous and awesome at the same time

>> No.9126743


>> No.9126788 [DELETED] 

I have a request, if you could:

A young elf girl, five and a half feet tall. Her ivory skin is covered from head to toe in freckles, and her pale blond hair is two inches long at most. Her eyes are large and sky blue, the bottom of her nose horizontal. Her ears are flat and taper to long points. Pic related to her face overall.

Her body is extremely pear-shaped, her immense bust kept within a crocodile-skin tube top, her lower half wearing denim shorts. She goes barefoot, and her arms are as long as her legs. Her main weapon is a tomahawk made from bronze, the shaft being a femur.

Thank you kindly in advance.

>> No.9126795


>> No.9126833

Because giving free shit away should be even more of a sacrifice to do. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard of.

>> No.9126869



>> No.9126871


Trolls will be trolls

>> No.9126898

>>Implying Cultist chan is NOT a fucking platypus.

>> No.9126901

The fact that in the first sentence, states that Flea is a mod, should pretty much nullify the entire post.

>> No.9126904


Consisting of:

DWARF, with akimbo crossbows
KOBOLD, armed with throwing daggers
GOBLIN, skilled with an elegant bladewhip
THRI-KREEN, who uses something that looks suspiciously like Nanto Seiken
??? (whatever the hell you want)

>> No.9126908




>> No.9126940

aka, the reverse mullet.

>> No.9126942


Truth, because mods and janitors are supposed to remain anonymous IIRC

>> No.9126950

Bumping for great justice. And platypi.

>> No.9126964

You are saving up to hide in one of those METAL BOXES?

>> No.9126993


Nobody looks in there for some reason

>> No.9127022 [DELETED] 

Er, elf woman, I should say. Sorry.

>> No.9127023


It's closer to all of the hair being the same length around the head. They all just end at the same place, or something much like that.

>> No.9127045

Not necessarily cuddling.

I seem to be having a shitty drawing dead, brosefs.

>> No.9127052

don't you DARE make that comparison.

bobcut is an awesome haircut.

>> No.9127076


Perfect, thanks!

>> No.9127098

to achieve roughly what you described, the hair in the front has to be a lot longer than it is in the back.

so in a way, it IS a reverse mullet, though to imagine an actual reverse mullet is to stare into the eye of insanity.

>> No.9127125

also, most bob cuts fall diagonally from the much shorter back end to the long spikes in the front (the picture linked is atypically even for a bob cut, though i'd say it still falls into the same category).

>> No.9127192


>> No.9127231



>> No.9127302




>> No.9127305

Alice Margatroid controlling a sock puppet Emperor speaking to a crowd of Space Marines about the wonders of Psykers.

>> No.9127307

Suddenly I am imagining Big Boss up against Dracula Wakamoto


>> No.9127322


>> No.9127378


You are awesome

>> No.9127382 [DELETED] 

Pic related, hair-wise.

>> No.9127398

moar dragonborn

>> No.9127410

>> No.9127422

Teen Marine fantasizing about Sisters of Cheer.

>> No.9127426


Juggalo mehreen...

>> No.9127428

This series is quite, quite brilliant.

>> No.9127430

Oh god... Why does thou torment us?

>> No.9127513



>> No.9127551


>> No.9127567

Oh man, all that dragonborn porn.

Hey..That rhy...Okay I'll stop right there. e.e

>> No.9127610

Taking more requests, posting character stuff I've done in the past

>> No.9127617


>> No.9127626


>> No.9127628


I'd post my most recent one, but bask would take offense

>> No.9127633


Can you do some with a tech priestess and her pet servoskull?

>> No.9127638


>> No.9127647

She's um, branching out I see.

>> No.9127650



>> No.9127656


Twin linked

>> No.9127674

D'awww :3

TeenMarine crash and burning while attempting to woo the Sororitas.

Or the Techpriestess from Adeptus Quest. She has one augmentic eye (currently shattered and bleeding). She has several datadendrites; one for each limb and in her mask. She has the standard lower-face mask and enhanced joints. Also, SO BALD.

She has a robe that's too big, a standard bit of (former cultist) chest armor, and a faithful servitor named Peg-Leg.

>> No.9127695



>> No.9127709

I have a character request, pretty please.

A young elf woman, five and a half feet tall. Her ivory skin is covered from head to toe in freckles, and her pale blond hair is two inches long at most, cut short so as to show off her round forehead and the shape of her head. Her eyes are large, round and sky blue, her eyebrows thin. Her nose has a low, narrow root and narrow bridge that ends as a horizontal point, the nostrils wings narrow. Her round chin rests on a round jaw. Her ears are flat and taper to long points. Pic related to her face overall.

Below her long neck and narrow shoulder, her body is extremely pear-shaped, her immense breasts neatly kept within a crocodile-skin tube top, her lower half wearing denim shorts. She goes barefoot, and her lean arms are as long as her conical legs. Her main weapon is a tomahawk made from bronze, the shaft being a femur.

Thank you kindly in advance.

>> No.9127756

>Implying that offending Bask is a bad thing, or that Bask actually contributes anything beyond wasting the image limit on avatarfaggotry

>> No.9127772

This magnificent bastard facing off against the grim reaper.

>> No.9127787


oh alright


>> No.9127806

Why do we hate Bask anyway?

Is it because of pretentiousness?

>> No.9127849

I didn't realize we hated Bask.
I found the avataring enjoyable.

>> No.9127870

>I didn't realize we hated Bask.
>I found the avataring enjoyable.

>> No.9127899


Yes and the silly rules that keep changing

And the rules like: "I won't draw a new picture till I am acknowledged and thanked for it"

And also similar avatarfagging

>> No.9127918

An Ork Mek breaking time and space with the speed he's going at.

>> No.9127924

>> No.9127937

>> No.9127947

>> No.9127948




>> No.9127961

>Lol look at me!
>clearly my opinion is superior because of green text.

>> No.9127968


Tits are not needed, but cuteness and cuddling is

>> No.9127972

Hey if nobody's doing this one, can soneone suggest something even MOAR awesome?

>> No.9127998

I for one support her right to avatarfag and tease about furry/scaly porn and rarely draw requests

>> No.9128004


Was not quoting to spite you actually. I share a similar outlook.

>> No.9128007


This kind of attitude is why I never ask for my techpriest. He looks a bit like this, but with more cables out the back rather than a metal plate and no bionic ear.

He's been designed not to freak out the meat bags, he doesn't need scary metal everywhere!

>> No.9128016

part of the problem is no one really knows which ones are hers because she does not namefag, so you only really associate her posts with the avatafaggotry

>> No.9128027

My what an embarrassment.

>> No.9128052

I personally like bask quite a bit.

>> No.9128072

Keep telling yourself that, brother.

>> No.9128073

It's DEM TITTIES isn't it?

You just lookin' forward to MOAR TITTES from Bask?

>> No.9128086


>> No.9128089

Can someone draw a character of mine?
She's a female dark elf in an old and battered breastplate(vaguely conquistador-style, no boobie-plate) with the lower end of a robe coming out from underneath it, obscuring her legs. She's carrying a kite shield strapped to her back and a longsword at her side. Bonus points for drawing her with her arms crossed over her chest and looking disgusted at something.

>> No.9128124


No worries, this is the internet, so mistakes are bound to happen. Despite my name, I am quite sincere when I post.

>> No.9128175


Drawing this, but only because the proportions sound so wonky.

>> No.9128203

Thank ye kindly! I was struggling with my internet browser for a moment, so the picture really just applies to the hair. But the face is still excellent material.

>> No.9128229

This thread definitely needs some more MASTERPIECE QUALITY artwork.

Preferably engraved on a wall of adamantium.

>> No.9128247

The group I'm DMing: Tiefling Warmage, Female Elven Bard, Drow Ninja, Female Fighter and a Warforged Paladin all wearing black armor (Or clothe for everyone who isn't a Fighter) (Or made of black armor) with SWAT written in white across the chest. Preferably doing something action-y, like busting through some windows on a bunch of drow mobster in pinstripe suits.

>> No.9128274


They provide balance my good man, as well as an extremely central location for memory.

As well, have you seen the Magos Biologis' new work? Flesh has been shaped and tempered to be nearly 5.483x more effective at data storage and retrieval!

>> No.9128301

>And the rules like: "I won't draw a new picture till I am acknowledged and thanked for it"
never sayd i must be thanked

>> No.9128334


>> No.9128344

Yeah, but if the requester disappeared and nobody else care about it then... fuck, man.

I know the insistent need to be acknowledged for your creative work (As little as I ever display it here) but you can't demand it as a hard and fast rule. You only set yourself up for headaches. And heartaches. And butthurt.

>> No.9128357

Someone draw Spider Jerusalem as an angry old Techpriest.

>> No.9128421

Cool. Didn't think anyone would take a stab at this one. Thanks. Looks like a good start maybe.

Honestly, I just wanted to see how an artist would envision the merge of cube-ooze and mage-ogre.

Next time I request this one imma gonna provide some reference art. Does it work that way? Would that help get it drawn with more clarity or detail?

>> No.9128422

He he, Little Tech Ridinghood

>> No.9128432

>>Implying baskort is not an attention whore who lives for headaches and butthurt.

And that's why i love you, please never change.
I even try to remember you don't have a tail!

>> No.9128439

Draw a Thri-Kreen in a Rock Howard outfit, beating down some golem or something

>> No.9128455


Here you go, sorry I didn't spend more time on it.

>> No.9128495

No prob, it's all good. Thanks again!

>> No.9128527

When'd they get a name?

>> No.9128531


Also has anyone ever drawfagged Little Red Riding Hood as an AdMechette and a Space Wolf?

>> No.9128571



>> No.9128573

They've had a name for quite some time.
Bask or baskort or whatever is short for basketgardevoir.

>> No.9128609

These two guys, Barrin and Urza. The younger one needs to be actually backhanding the other one screaming,
"My brother is deeeaaad!!!"
Batman and Robin style.

>> No.9128618

Forgot mah pic.

>> No.9128676

Could I get one of you to draw a female noble in a tech red rope leaning her weight on a servo-skull.
Nice looking but with a deformity under one of her eyes making it look like a black eye swell

>> No.9128694

i went by the name of basketgardevoir on /v/, when i moved to /tg/ i decided to not use that name, now since two drawfags and a writefag decided that i am not a good enough drawfag to draw for /tg/ i guess i must leave.

now if anyone is interested in contacting me, its pretty easy to find me on DA or in rizon by the name bg. goodday /tg/

>> No.9128723

Were you the writefag from yesterday?

>> No.9128725


>> No.9128739

D'awwwwww :3c

What's his Fel?

>> No.9128759

Maybe if you spent more time actually drawing requests instead of that scribble of an avatar, people wouldn't hate you so much.

>> No.9128769

Greenmarine! Guy you did pic related for, /r/ing >>9127772

>> No.9128771

Seriously. My Little Dragon doesn't contribute.

>> No.9128788

Hey, I think you're a good drawfag. Now draw me something that isn't a dinosaur.

Tall, boyish looking woman with a white collared shirt, sleeves rolled up. Looks like she gets into fights. No chest, wears jeans, holding a shard of glass dripping blood. Got a ghost behind her, white veil, cut neck, white dress, bleeding wrists.

>> No.9128811

After I got the second person to draw her, one of the other players was surprised and amused.

Though he said he'd ragequit if I got Muju to draw her...

>> No.9128816

Oh don't be such a baby.
If you want to drawfag for /tg/, just do more actual drawfagging and less avatarfagging.

>> No.9128817

I love the concept enough to do it despite the limitations of quick and dirty drawfagging.

What do you mean, they're not actually wolves?

>> No.9128824

I did not draw that.

>> No.9128827 [DELETED] 

Could someone draw my character from a monstrous campaign I'm running in?

He's a frost giant barbarian, naturally with a long white beard he has four braids in it near his chin but wears the rest loose. He wears his hair long as well. His clothing is chainmail armor and a heavy cloak with bear furs around his neck. He wields a greataxe, longsword and several giant-scale throwing axes.

Let's have him seated on a stone throne carved with viking style dragon heads and geometric patterns. His helmet, an ango-saxon viking styled job with a chainmail neck guard hanging off the back rather lik the one pictured, is on his left side sitting on a stand. His great axe leans against the right hand armrest. The giant looks rather bored, leaning his head on his right hand, his left is around the waist of a silver-haired elf woman sitting in his lap. This is his love slave so naturally she should be pretty much naked except for some body jewelry, with a leash and collar, looking rather nervous about her current situation.

Thanks in advance.

>> No.9128836

I hate when people like you request shit for drawfags that was ALREADY drawfagged.

>> No.9128853

Yeah sorry bask but no matter how adorable the avatar is, if you don't draw the requests that you will actually take they are just a waste of the image limit.

>> No.9128857


Better than Me in some respects.

The only thing I can draw well is Porn yknow

>> No.9128863


>> No.9128875

I know, I know, I don't like asking for it again myself.
But I don't have time to type up a new request and I just want to see if they can draw anything but that dinosaur.

I could always request Lace.

Or Juste, but Juste is not visually appealing. He's just an old guy in a trenchcoat.

>> No.9128882

>Hi, I'm a drawfag, but I'm going to ignore your requests and instead use up the image limit with avatar pics. Also, the few times I do requests I'm going to want massive adulation or I'll act butthurt and passive-aggressive.
Yeah, no thanks. Really. We're good.

>> No.9128894

before the last pictures there where 3 avatar pictures and 3 requests drawn by me

>> No.9128903


Paladin looking dude and martial arts toned young man double teaming a blushing nerdy girl, all in a bubble of the nerdy girl's thoughts while the Knight laughs at her.

>> No.9128914


You are good enough, you just care about drama too much

>> No.9128923


Here's a concept that popped to my head yesterday.


>> No.9128937

I like your avatars :3 And you do fulfill some request, I fail the see the problem?

>> No.9128938

OP the arrangement of that spiders' eyes is all WRONG.

>> No.9128947


I'm pretty sure it would be the Adeptus Fraternitas

>> No.9128956

It's called the Pretty Marines.

>> No.9128959

token re/r/.

>see pict
I appreciate dicks as much as the next dude, but that's just creepy looking.

>> No.9128965

Now a request.

Could I get an ork Warboss with a gob but it is corrupted by Nurgle. I mean the Ork is corrupted by Nurgle, not the gob.

>> No.9128971


im in LURKMOAR mode. Not feeling the need to doodle atm

>> No.9128972

A bevy of /tg/'s favorite monstergirls, doing the 'Five dollar footlongs' pose and smirking.
With or without a fa/tg/uy hanging his head in shame.

>> No.9128973

Does anyone have the DA to the scalie?

>> No.9128980

Oh, really? I got it in one of your threads. One of the other drawfags in it must have got it.

Request stands though.

>> No.9128996



>> No.9129000


Because the drawfag barely does any requests and is DRAMA about it? Besides filling up the thread with avatarfagging

>> No.9129006

A family photo of an orc, human, and their half-orc kid.

The genders, dear drawfags, are up to you.

>> No.9129055

You're crying. The fact that they even draw stuff for you for free should be enough for them to be there, if you don't like the drama you could just go away to other /tg/ thread that properly also contains drama...

>> No.9129068

i have 41 request drawn since i started the first avatar picture :v

>> No.9129087


Bask cranks out more than I do. Both in avatars and in requests

>> No.9129135


>>Implying Drawthreads ever hit image limit.


>> No.9129139


I was thinking of posting that exact same phrase

>> No.9129142


But you have no name, making it harder to track request with name, it mainly looks likes you just avatarfag

>> No.9129151

Guys, for the love of Pete, stop feeding the dramatroll? You're flooding out all the fucking requests.

Self-sage for hypocrisy.

>> No.9129168


This is what pisses me off. Here comes this guy, who's willing to draw shit for you FOR FREE and you ungrateful faggots start whining about it.

"Wah wah wah, I didn't get my super-special awesome request, wah."

So you piss off the drawfag and nobody get their request. Do us all a favor and punch yourself in the balls until you're sterile.

>> No.9129176


Seconding this.

Also, /r/ a pic of the giant "using" his elven love slave.

>> No.9129197


No, we complain about the drawfag being an ass and trying to cause DRAMA

>> No.9129204

On that note. Could one of you please conjure this >>9128676 out of your awesomeness?

>> No.9129208

Go be fags somewhere else, please.
Delicious Drawthreads are for requesting Delicious Heresy and getting it Drawn by cool, Delicious Drawfriends.

>> No.9129231

>> No.9129244



Requesting a Shardmind with a pet um.... Beholder?

Because damnit, I really like X and their X pet pics.

>> No.9129292

I asked yesterday, I think, but would it be possible to have a mixed group of Inquisitorial acolytes all having a nice time relaxing in front of the TV. Lounging about on sofas, smoking cigars, eating popcorn, whatever. I don't really mind what the group consists of, but one each of the usual suspects would be good.

>> No.9129293



>> No.9129318

Poor Teenmarine! :(

Will he ever get the girl?

Techpriestess using Myspace Angles.

>> No.9129418

Requesting cata-chan at the prom/other formal event. Too tight formal gown is about to suffer a wardrobe malfunction. Her expression is either oblivious or confused as to why everyone is staring at her.

>> No.9129438


Now compare that to green marine

>> No.9129497

>>9129438 But bask is still awesome
How much did you make compared to Bask or greenmarine?

>> No.9129557

Go back to hell, gap-demon

>> No.9129705

Well, at least I'm getting plenty of overstylised foreshortening practice.

(Yes, there have been a couple of serious portrait requests. Do you want them fulfilled by a fast-and-crap drawfag? No. Right.)

>> No.9129823


>> No.9129871

Draw a future version of a world war II soviet soldier with a PPSh gun!

>> No.9129876

those are the pictures only after avatarfagging...

>> No.9129894


You are not an ork stylus size does not matter.

Besides you are compensating for your tiny penis.

>> No.9129901

Greenmarine please draw me some space-pirate babes.

>> No.9129905

Aaaand!... /thread to bad, didn't get my request and bg is going :,(

>> No.9129906


I think the key error you make is not namefaging :P.

>> No.9129944

Given that GreenMarine currently seems to have come over all female again, I should hope she has no penis at all.

(That image cracked me up. Good going, GM.)

>> No.9129974

Hey Greenmarine How about one of the pathfinder chick being groped by a female guardsman who has scars of her own? Maybe the guardsman has a bionic arm...

Hey just ideas

>> No.9130158


I really like what you do, drawbrother. Please do more.

Shardminds are silly.

>> No.9130181

Also please have some old shardmind request.

>> No.9130359

Is there a new drawthread already or are we done here?

>> No.9130387

I am still working, brother.
Is the thread already autosaging?
If so, let me know to start a new drawthread.

>> No.9130396

It has not been that long since GM posted last and he usually tells us when he is done

>> No.9130418

I believe it is indeed autosaging. KnightBadassEtc. started one over here:
There is a request for you in it.

>> No.9130447

Thanks a lot, i'll go check it out.

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