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Campaign ideas you've always wanted to run and probably never will.

Mine: A Shadowrun game centered around a gillette gang. Think Futari Wa Pretty Cure meets Streets of Rage.

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Mine: weeaboo nonsense


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I just wanted to do a simple Shadowrun game with a buncha cops. They may or may not recive assitance from a cyberzombie.

An exalted game in which everyone gets a free Warstrider.

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"In YK 972 A crack Brellish commando unit were court marshaled for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade into the Sharn Underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hireā€¦"

Yeah, you get the idea.

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So it's like a fantasy A-Team?

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I want to run a bunch of silly one-session adventures with a tokusatsu theme for all those times when our group wants to play and there's nothing to do, but only one guy ever seemed interested.

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Eberron A-team was the idea, yah.

Goddamn, now I'm sadthis was never to be.

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>Sentai team war panda

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A Stargate game using the Spycraft-based SG1 books, but going for more of the feel of the original movie. Because I love the concept, but the show turned into generic, campy TV science fiction.

The gods should be fucking scary as hell, not cheesy, that's the point; it should be hit and run at best, unless the populace rises up like they did on Abydos. They're not going to get killed like noobs repeatedly like Apophis did. You can't talk to anybody who's been isolated from Earth for millenia without it being a pain in the ass. Let's try and make the pseudoscience not openly break anything beyond FTL, and keep the blatantly comic-book weirdness to a minimum (looking at you, body-switch episode, alternate reality episodes, Ascended bullshit episodes!). At the same time, the technology of a race like the Goa'uld is so far beyond ours that it should remain incomprehensible for the most part. Building a ship like the Prometheus is bullshit; you want a spaceship, you steal one, and god help you if it breaks down.

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Honestly, the Genesis video game would also be part of the inspiration. It's worth picking up the ROM if you can find it, although you should totally let me know if you figure out how to beat "Anubis". I managed to figure out enough of the password system to skip him.

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How about you drop the faggotry and play Streets of Rage but in Shadowrun?

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It's Shadowrun. "Weeaboo nonsense" is kind of in genre, given that, like, Snow Crash stars a pizza guy named Hiro that runs around with a katana.

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Paranoia game set in Aperture Science; with one player playing a test subject, and the others as drones/GLaDOS cores.

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...that's just any Shadowrun game.

Besides, I love the razorgirl aesthetic. Pic fucking related. You don't see the appeal in a pack of cyberpunk chicks running around establishing GRLPAWAR with bats and knives and shit? But I suspect players might feel the way you do, which is why I'm not, like, running this right now.

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Everybody wants to run a Magic Girl campaign, but they're always too ashamed of it.

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Actually, a bunch of one-shot Super Sentai games could be a load of fun for any group. Colorful costumed crimefighters fighting evil monsters and defeating them with the power of killing them to death, before eventually deciding to take down the final evil overlord person who will probably look at least a bit like Lord Zedd.

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Low-technology setting, game centered around fighting cosmic horrors and planet-hopping via slipgate-magic tech.
Basically, steam-Quake.
Oh, and flatbears.

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Man, Haruka was hot in the weirdest way, wasn't she?

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Rival Schools. It's already Street Fighter meets River City Ransom in flavor, and that's pretty much what I'd like to work with.

Alternately, the Gods of Rock setting that /tg/ kicks around every now and then.

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Rival Schools you say?

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>River City Ransom campaign
I will suck all thirty of your massive dicks.

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>the Gods of Rock setting that /tg/ kicks around every now and then.

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Talk about BARF, dude.

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Seriously. I want to bear her children.

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Each player creates and leads a competing ideological faction, SMAC style.

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Damn. Okay, I -might- be able to run these... can't do it anytime soon, though. Between class and work, I'm swamped.

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Not to sound like a massive weeaboo here, but while toying with the idea of short, episodic, one-off campaigns, I've stumbled upon One Piece as an ideal setting for such a thing. My tendency to DM in a fast and loose sort-of way, with loads of inane wackiness thrown in, would make this a natural fit.

Too bad nobody in my group seems to like the goofy cartoon pirate setting as much as I do.

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Good luck with that. She's canon gay.

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Had this neat little idea to deal with players not being around too. They'd just stay on the ship. The boat reaches an island, whomever happens to be around heads out onto said island to explore/gather supplies/kick ass, and the characters of the people not present would stay on the boat.

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Have you considered trying this with Cowboy Bebop instead?

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Dark heresy game based entirely on either the Life of Brian or Holy Grail

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The thought crossed my mind. The "stay on the ship" idea could work well with that setting too. Although the overall theme of the thing would be entirely different. A bounty comes in, the crew goes out and either captures the bounty, or accidentally gets them killed, and then returns home to a meal of beef and bell peppers. It could also be done with a smaller crew overall if need be.

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It never hurts to ask, kid. I managed to hunt down a small group for a Fate/Stay game, at long last. You just gotta work at it.

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Oh? I wish to here more if you could.

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Post-apocalyptic Metro 2033-inspired Shadowrun game.

Fix pipes. Fix wiring. Fight mutants. Die alone somewhere in a god-forsaken tunnel.

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D&D game where everyone is 12 years old.

The entire party is bards, it's a battle of the bands at the bardic college.

A trapped fire elemental is used as the engine to a steam-powered air ship.

A shadow run murder mystery.

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About the game?

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Yeah. I liked the quest thread when it was on /tg/ a couple weeks ago, and thought the concept is pretty cool, especially if everyone isn't a bishounen/little girl.

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I always wanted to run a level 1 D&D story where the party are given the task of minding the kingdom's mightiest hero (an NPC, of course). They quickly discover that while in his youth he did great deeds left and right, now he's completely insane.

He keeps running around committing murders and rapes and arson and any other terrible things I can think of. The PCs have to clean up his messes- find and re-capture him (likely with help), dispose of evidence, fabricate cover stories, intimidate (or just remove) witnesses...

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Well, let's see.

First off, we got the servants.

Berserker: Achilles
Saber: Jeanne D'Arc
Assassin: Jack the Ripper
Archer: Zhou Tong
Caster: Morgan Le Fay
Lancer: Hippolyta
Rider: Perseus

Let's see...we have two main Masters. Sabers', and Beserker's.

Short bit of backstory, Saber's master is going into this utterly blind, he's got no idea of mages, magic, or anything, despite being ungodly strong in it. He was just in the area for collage, and acadently activated an old summoning circal that was in the basement. His name is James.

Beserker's Master is Morrigen. She's been getting ready for the Grail war for the last 12 years. She's 22. That should give some indication of how hard she is trying to win.

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Want me to keep going?

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If you could, I'd appreciate it.

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I always wanted to run a modified D&D campaign based around the Steven Brust Khaavren romance novels, or even just his Dragera setting in general, but I've been having trouble trying to adapt their concept of "sorcery" and "witchcraft"

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Sure, sure. Feel free to ask any questions as you want.

Well, after calling up Saber, he understandably was a bit upset, finding out he was now in a war, where people wanted to kill him. Saber was a bit dismayed, as well, to find out that the best he could do, was about two weeks ago, he found he could make sparks. And I mean just tiny little sparks, like that from a static discharge.

Saber: "Master... If you are not a capable mage, we must discuss how to ensure your safety in battle."

James: "Well...I can do this." He claps his hands together, then slowly bring them apart. Between his plams is the slightest crackal of electricity. "You can see this, right? I managed to fry my laptop about a week ago, no one would belive me on this."

Saber looks like you gut-punched her. **
Saber: "You have the abilities of a child..."

James: "I..what? Hey! Untill a week ago I could not even do that! People are not MEANT to be able to do that!"

It....was not the best start for them.

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I want to run a game where someone doesn't troll the living shit out of someone else.

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It should be noted that this is with his magic circuit closed, so, he can't get at about 99% of what he can do. Opening the thing normally takes at least a year, but, more on that later.

Anyway, on finding people want to kill him...he makes a plan. Get the fuck out of the house, and get around people. Magic people from the past can't kill him at that point, right? At least, that's what he was hoping. So, he tossed Saber a change of clothing, and the got the hell out of there.

Of course, this being an RP, it just means they ran right into a massive melee of hell.

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There were 3 Servants going at it, Beserker, Rider and Lancer. Crazy, crazy shit. Morrigen was watching from a bit away, shouting orders to Beserker. Well....Lancer knew Achilles in life, and knew all about the heel. So...she goes for that, while Rider takes a run at the master.

Lancer was having trouble, could not get around the guy, until Archer showed up, or rather his arrows did. A goddamn storm of arrows, that Lancer had a bit of trouble with. But, it slowed Beserker enough, that she was able to get around, and shank the heel.

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D&D (probly 4th edition now since epic destanys nail the mechanics down for me) game, starting somewhere about level 5.

Each of the players was a hero of epic destany, someone who literally reached world changeing power before death. (lv30) I say was for a reason.

The gods learned something terrible was coming, the threat held off by mortals once before, Atropus the world born dead. While the mortal races belive that they were rewarded with greater potental after it was destroyed that is a lie. The last attack by Atropus literally damaged the fabric of reality forever, felling gods, destroying planes, making the world what it is. The gods are willing to take extreme measures to prevent this from happening a second time. So they raise mortal champions of good and evil, pit them against each other until a few shine through with power. Then, before their natural death, the deity of death snuffs them.

The PC's are some of those famed Epic people, returned to life with a single year in which to prepare to stand off the abomination. But for everything there is a price, bringing back those so long dead means that much of their power was lost. (Your level 5) echos of it remain (you may use one of your epic destany features once a day) but the majority of it was lost.

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Well, James saw Morrigen getting bum rushed, and decided that she was his best hope at the moment.

James: "Ok...that..wow. Wait...information. her.Save her, think she could tell us stuff?" I look to saber, thinking hard.

Saber: "She's the enemy!"

Mor Rioghain begins shakily moving to her feet, blood slipping out from between her lips.. **

James: "Yes, we have etablished that. She's also a mess, and if we need to, we can kill her, look."

Saber: "You can not stop her magic - she is still an enemy of power"

James: "I can't. YOU can. Besides...you said I was like a child. What is we can use her to get my magic up?"

James: "Look, do it or I WILL." He slowly starts to stand, shaking hand griping the haft of his own blade.

Saber: "My master is a fool..." She stands moving to sprint in for the bloodied woman...
Saber: "You go in there and you will die... Start running to the park enterance... I will catch you up..."

James: "Alright...thank you." He slaps her sholder, before taking it at a sprint

This is notable in that he convinced Saber to do it, without resorting to a command spell use.

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Right off the bat: Discworld. I won't ever get to run this no matter how bad I want to. The group just has no interest in doing anything where they might be at a slight disadvantage because they won't learn the world.
Exalted: See the above with the addition of "pretty much can't play since they haven't bothered to learn what a solar exalt is and have decided to argue that 'no, the world is round' "
Super hero anything: This one might happen but the big issue is that I have to teach all but one of them how to play any new system we pick. Not, help them learn it. There has to be about 2-4 HOURS devoted to to teaching them rather than just having them read the damn books. Sure, it's quicker for THEM this way, but if I have to reread the books 3 or 4 times the least they could do is read them cover to cover once.

Last thing I taught them was CoC, not quite ballsy enough to try to teach them another game any time soon.

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Whoops. It goes like this.

>James: "I can't. YOU can. Besides...you said I was like a child. What is we can use her to get my magic up?"

Saber: "Get your Magic up? You can't make the devil teach you while hell rides against you!"

>James: "Look, do it or I WILL." He slowly starts to stand, shaking hand griping the haft of his own blade.

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Good old trial by fire...
One thing I was wondering is how does anyone handle having a Berserker? Like aren't they always homicidally angry to the point of incoherence? Or was Herakles an exception?

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So, Saber grabs the girl, and they hall ass out of there, as fast as possible. She's a MESS, broken arms, more then a slight bit of internal damage, fun stuff. He's had a bit of medical training, starts to patch her up as best he can(Not too well).

She wakes up while they are busy doing that.

James: "Placed myself into? I did not exactly ask for all this....You just showed up in my basement."

Saber: "I was called -"

Mor Rioghain starts to move as her eyes flutter open **

James: "Not by me..."

Mor Rioghain instinctively throws a rather ineffectual punch at James before letting out an immednsly-pained wail. **

James: "Well, that conferms it...arms broken."

Mor Rioghain 's wail quickly turns into a coughing fit, blood still comming from her mouth.. **

James lets out a sigh. "And lung damage. Likely some other things.....nothing major, or she would be dead already. I don't guess you have had any med traing, Saber?" **

Very fun. He maganges to talk her around to it being in their best hopes to work together, after a lot of bickering from both Saber and the girl.

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Ah, Mad Enhancement. It only is truly active during battle.

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Ah good. Because otherwise being Incognito would be... difficult.

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Was Achilles dead by this point?

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The Clock at the centre of the universe has run up against its equivalent of the Y2K bug, and will crash the entirety of existence if unfixed. Can your team of The Tick style not-so-Super Heroes get to the centre of the universe in a very Flash Gordon reminiscent ship and upload the patch before time itself crashes?

Also possible twist: patch installed successfully, please restart in order for the operation to be completed.

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Well, part of the deal is he is her Apprentice, and, really, there is no way around it, he NEEDS the training. So, they trade names, and agree to the...ah, agreement.

Oh, and he mostly fixed her up, something that SHOULD not have worked. I gave it a...20% chance of working, without his circuit active. He rolled, and..got in that 20% range.

Mor Rioghain: "If you could do that I'd have no reason to see the overseer... We have weeks before you even realize how to turn on your Magical Circuit..."

Mor Rioghain: "And weeks is assuming you are a prodigy and we spend more than eight hours a day training you."

James: "Uh..I could see about getting some of my classes cut..but, that's about it..." I shrug helplessly. "Oh, well. Saber, can you drive?"

Saber: "I can. Why don't you try laying hands on her yourself? I've seen a priest do it before.. he simply laid his hands on the solider and prayed."

Mor Rioghain narrows her eyes, taking on a sarcastic tone. "Yes because actual magic a simple touch and fancy set of words." **

Saber gives a returning glare. **

James: "well...why not, it would take at most a few minuets. " I stand up, and move behind her, setting my hands on her shoulders, and slowly focus inward, imagining broken things coming back together. "Um..mend, come together...unbreak, ah..fix...."

Mor Rioghain: There is a faint golden glow and the sounds of cracking as the woman under your hands flinches and winces with each snap and pop. "And you claim to need a Master?" She speaks as a sudden wave of fatigue hits James...

James: "Wait....it worked...?" He stumble over and colaps in his chair. "It...really?"

Mor Rioghain stands flexing her hands. **

Saber: "Funny, It seams it was just a laying of hands and fancy set of words." She turns from Mor Rioghain with a smug look. "Congratulations Master."

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Heh... Nothing like making improbable odds for good roleplaying opportunities.

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Yes, he was. It's the main reason that Morrigen agreed to work with him. To either get help, or steal Saber later on.

Oh, as an aside to what I just posted, everyone has Affinity. One of his is clearly Healing, but he has two others, very rare, but, fitting for the amount of power he has. One of the others is clearly Electricity, and the last is Shadow, although even 20 games in, it's still not been found out, yet.

Morrigen's are Water and Air, as her natural affinity, and she also has her Family Thaumaturgal Crest, that grants more power and affinity's. Her affinity from that is Earth.

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Ohh...that was just the start. Both of the PC's are based off the players, although Morrigen is a gender-swap, IE that player just female.

And, one last note on the Crest.

You spot... strange tattoo like marks along her shoulders and upper-arms, forming some sort of odd cross between Celtic knots and the tribal look as they weave together... You can not see it currently, but they come together behind her forming around a large tin-yang separated by a serpentine dragon and surrounded by a seven pointed star and various words which you can only assume are Latin...

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Wait.....They couldnt grasp that Creation is flat?

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20 sessions in, and he still doesn't know he has the power over darkness?
...Are you planning anything involving murderous alter-egos? Because when handled well, they can be quite entertaining, especially if it's literally the ordinary character's Jungian Shadow (all the aspects of that character's personality that he/she rejects/finds abhorrent)

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Huh... I would think blending magic from so many disparate cultures would be erratic at best and dangerous at worst, but I suppose they would have worked all the bugs out when it was tattooed on.

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ah, one thing I forgot. She managed to figure out who Saber was, while we were patching her up.

Saber: "Even if my time had the medical training you are asking for, I was a pesant girl."

Mor Rioghain: "You..." She lets out between wheezing breaths, "Can't have my crest.. I'll burn it from my body before you can kill me..." Her Graze looks into yours with a fierce desperation...

James: 'Pesant...right. Wait." He jerks up, looking at her, mouth wide, it clicking at last. "Hol..holy...you...you are...."

Saber: "Do not speak it in front of the enemy!" She looks at you furiously..

James: Her coment would snap him back, though. "Wait, what? Saber. Is it possible for me to even take the damn thing?"

Saber: "It's Possible as far as I know... I am not a Caster."

James: He runs a critical eye over it. "Nah. I don't really think I want it. And, No, I'm not dumb enough to say it out loud, it just clicked all the sudden."

Mor Rioghain: "W-Why?" Is all she can manage.. confusion finnally showing on her face...

James: "Well...had I wanted it, you were out for the last hour. Could have taken it there, yeah?"

Mor Rioghain shakes her head, "Why am I being kept prisioner if you do not want my crest?" **

James: "Held prisoner? Well...kinda, i guess. Hungry?"
James: He stands up, and go to wash the blood from his hands

Mor Rioghain: "No.." She looks to saber... "Vous etes une pute bon marche."

Saber begins to unsheathe her sword, face seething in fury. **

James: "You, don't inslute the one with the sword and who happaned to save you. Saber, please don't cut her in two." He drys his hands off.

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The next part happened an hour or so later.

Saber: "I can not tell you anything of a Mage's apprenticeship, I don't know how they work nor did I know of them in my own time."

Mor Rioghain: "Haven't you ever read up on your History?"

James: "That at me or her?"

Mor Rioghain: "You - After-all, The war of the hundred years is a pretty simple thing everyone should know about."

Saber looks at the woman in utter shock, clearly having no idea her identity was already known... **

James lets out a sigh. "French...it was french, you insulted her in, right? Damnit." **

Mor Rioghain smiles. "Not many peasant girls become hero's. She's clearly not Asian, so I need simply to decide if she was french English or Greek." **

Saber: "She is dangerous to keep around Master - She's already become a liability."

James: "We are getting you acting lessons."

Saber slumps her shoulders. **

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This is going to be a slow load, but, here. And, yeah, they have been working on the thing for like over 200 years, so, yeah.


It's Shadow, not dark. Basically, it's like protection, only completely made from Shadow. He can make weapons, and other things, hell, if he lost an arm, he could make a new one. It would only last a few hours, but, still. And, as you'll see, if such a thing happened, he'd find a way to kick those parts out of him.

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Knowing the identity of a Servant... What does that do exactly? Like is it possible to alter the 'programming' of the summon and make them do your bidding, even if you didn't originally summon them?

>> No.9100755

Oh, and here's the sheet we use for it. We got off a very rules lite system we made, just a D100 roll, and the GM chooses a percent you need to get over. IE, we use high is good, so, something hard to get would be like roll 90 or better.

Alright, so. Morrigen was still in just a towel, at this point, as her stuff was bloody, ripped and a mess.

James could not resist a smart comment.

James: "oh...well....damnit." His thoughts are jumping around a bit, and something suddenly occurs to him. "Oh, just a moment, let me go grab something." standing, he moves for the hall back to his room

Mor Rioghain: "Is he always as scatterbrained?"

Saber: "I do not know."

James: He grabs what he needed, and heads back, tossing a small package to Morrigan. "There. You might want those, never been worn."

Mor Rioghain: "Thank you..." She says slowly, opening the pack to pull out a pair...

James: He sits back down. "I've seen this show before, and I'd rather not go through it. Oh, go to wake you up, it's bunched up around your waist. I get slaped. You slip, I get an eyeful. Slapped. I'd just rather cut off the head of this, before it happens."

He gets a quick lesson in Heroic Spirits, and then it's time for bed. Because that was a hell of a day.

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It gives you an idea of what they can and can't do. For example, look at Beserker. He is UNBEATABLE if you don't shank his heel.

Saber lacks any glaring weaknesses, so, it's more telling what she can do. Or, rather, what she WAS able to do before because....things are...changing. She's very much following her master in doing the utterly impossible. I'll explane when we get to that part, though.

>> No.9100851

Alright. So, next morning. Morrigen wants to get her crap from the hotel she was staying at, as well as check out the basement, because something is clearly odd down there.

So, while James is trying his hand at sewing, and getting the blood and crap from her clothing, she's down there with Saber poking around. And, they do find...something rather big.

The basement is a small dark room with unpainted drywall up... the circle completely gone from the floor... There is seemingly nothing here but dust and the stairwell.. but as if being lead by the nose The Magus easily moves about walking straight up to a part of the wall before she starts knocking on it, listening and then moving over a few inches and trying again.

Saber: "If there is something you wish to check, I shall simply step trough, yes?"

Saber: "Or would you rather to simply knock on the wall?"

Mor Rioghain: "There may be a boundary field - Never just blunder into a mage's workshop."

Saber: "There is a workshop here? That would perhaps explane a few things."

Mor Rioghain: "I knew the moment I woke I was near a workshop.. the mana is permeating the home... I am willing to bet the house itself has a built in boundary field.."

Saber: "Is that detrimental, or a boon to our cause?"

Mor Rioghain: "Could be one or the other..." she finally slips off a piece of drywall... and even saber can feel the emanating mana...

Saber: "It...does not FEEL bad. It is...invigorating."
Saber takes a step closer, looking over your sholder. **

>> No.9100869


Mor Rioghain moves in, making a small ball of light above her hand to act as a lantern... The inner chamber looks like an old study, books everywhere and many different array of materials.. **
Mor Rioghain: "Oh yes... Definably a mage's workshop...

Saber: 'Indeed. There are no traps...at least, no physical ones. This shall be a good boon, for master. And..you. " She steps in behind you, looking around

Mor Rioghain: "You have no need to not trust me... infact I'm the one who should be distrusting..." She says as she moves about looking at the titles of the many books.

Saber: "You are still a master, without a servant. That is reason enough. He...is perhaps too trusting. You will be unable to tempt me from him...however, do not think your seductions will work to get him to give me to you, either."

Mor Rioghain giggles a bit, "Is that what you think I am trying?" She moves to open the doors and look around the other rooms... **

Saber: "You were absolutely shameless last night. Presenting yourself like that...." She keeps pace, both clearly watching you, as well as guarding, just in case

Mor Rioghain: "He needs to get it out of his system... It will work best ones he's finished." She tests the bed on one of the rooms before laying down on it and letting out a sigh of bliss

Saber: "Oh? You intend to lay with him, then, to "get it out of his system"?" She keeps looking around, a slight note of impessedness on her face, as to the underground home.

Mor Rioghain: "Not at all... the boy wants to cop a feel.. He might as well do it and get it over with so we can return to our focus on the war..."

Saber turns to face her, a look of shock on her face. "You..you can not believe it is that simple, can you?" **

Mor Rioghain: "Of course it is." She says as if it was obvious before getting off the bed and moving about to inspect the rest of the workshop...

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That should give you a good idea of Morrigens social skills. And understanding of people. He had to check her over, after the heal, to see what else was wrong, and gave a short massage to help her settle with the pain that was left. Predictably, because it's a rather attractive mostly naked female, well, yeah. In his defense, he never took any chance to grope her or anything, even when she was basically pushing her ass at him.

Mor Rioghain: "I have a room in a hotel for the time being.."

James: "Oh. Well, i'm sure we could find one cheaply. " I slowly move down, and to the side, working her wide set hips."Ah, rent is all payed for, I'm on a scolership, but, help with the food is good."

Mor Rioghain moves her hips to the side as the message continues, giving you a perfect excuse to grab her rear momentarily for an "accident." **

James: He almost does, but at most let one hand slide slightly up, not fully on her ass, still mostly on the hip, as he gently press her back flat. "Careful....I almost had a hand full of you there."

>> No.9100908


It was while they were poking around in the newly found basement, that Saber found something she could enjoy.

Trolling Morrigen.

Saber: "Clearly you do....only...how much of that time was spent interacting with people, rather then books, Morrigan?"

Mor Rioghain: "Enough." She speaks a bit irritated sounding.

Saber only smiles, letting it drop. "At lest Master has not unpacked, much, of yet...it shall be but a few hours work to move him down here. It is much more defensible, as well." **

Mor Rioghain pauses for a second. **

Mor Rioghain: "Are you worried I'm going to steal him from you? It would not be the first time a mana bond has created such an emotional bond...

Saber does not seem to react, outside of a small curve of her lips. "Not unusual to fall head over heels for a knight in shining armor. As you seem to have, to some degree. "Oh, grope me, it will be good for you?" **

Mor Rioghain: Turns red for a moment, though one can't be sure if it is embarrassment or anger flushing her face... "If I fell for the Knight, I'd have fallen for you saber. That would be an interesting thing to learn about you... I didn't know you were one to go that way."

Saber: "Ah, but it was at his urging that you were saved. I was arguing for your death....and there are perhaps many things you do not know about me. The books are only so arcuart, after all."

Mor Rioghain moves up to saber, taking a hold of saber's hand. "Only So accurate huh? let's find out how accurate." She says as she places saber's hand on one of Morrigan's own breasts. **

Saber 's fingers quickly find the nipple under the cloth, and give it a tug, gently rolling it between her fingers.. "Purity does not mean virginal, you know." **

>> No.9100914


Mor Rioghain: With a high pitched sequel, she jumps back clutching her breast in obvious shock. "Y-y-y-your a SAINT!"

Saber: "As I said....the books do not tell everything." She steps back with a half-smile, hand demurely clasped before her.

Mor Rioghain looks dumb founded for a full minute before "A SAINT!" escapes her lips **

Saber: "Yes...that was after I was burned alive. Funny, how they pick and choose such things. I was not good enough at the time, but, as a symbol later?"

Saber shrugs. "As master said..funny how the world works." **

Mor Rioghain: "Even Achilles was more to his legend than you were..." She near whispers as she does one more once over of everything... "I'll need to do a few rituals to this basement this afternoon... but otherwise this shall work nicely for a base of opperations."

>> No.9100937


After Morrigen got her composure back, Saber asked something simple enough.

Saber: "Do you have any way to mesure master's ability?"

This lead to a bit of back and forth, until Saber said something about him making sparks.

Mor Rioghain: "He rent's this place... I doubt the owner even knows this workshop exists..." She turns back to look toward the stairs. "Look you must understand the war will likely have ended before I ever help him discover what he can do... aside his ability to heal... With Intense training it was still five years of active casting on my part before I discovered I am a rare individual and had two affinities amongst the elements."

Saber: "His laying of hands all but brought you from death, and he had never done that before, at most creating weak sparks, and that only became possible but a week ago. Just...something to dwell upon."

Mor Rioghain: "Sparks," She turns around surprised, "What kind of sparks - like static or embers?"

Saber: "He said he had..."Fried his..Computer", with it. And that no one belied him. Not the fire type, despite his use of the word Frying, I think."

Mor Rioghain 's face is a mix of shock.. and something akin to.. horror... **

Saber: "You seem stricken. Do you require water?"

Mor Rioghain: "N-No" She swallows... "You may just have a monster for a Master..."

Saber takes a quick step toward her, face clouding. "What did you call him?" **

Mor Rioghain: "I said he might be a Monster... a Natural behemoth. If what you say is true... and I take into account his summoning of you from upstairs without an incantation and the healing... she looks almost weak at the knees... He would be like Hercules or Samson, but of Magic as opposed to brute strength..."

>> No.9100970


Saber, is, of course, fine with it. It's clearly God's will, after all, and she's cool with that.

Morrigen makes her promise not to say anything about it, so he does not get an ego or anything, and then it's time to go get her stuff from the hotel.
The car pulls into to the best five star hotel in the area, a Hotel where a room for one day would cost more than one of Jame's college courses...

Mor Rioghain: "You two may wish to stay here, I doubt either of your can mingle here."

James: "What....Saber. Are you SURE you followed the directions right?"

Saber: "Yes. Is there something you wish to tell us, Morrigan?"

James's jaw is slack, while Saber looks back impassively

Mor Rioghain: "Something I want to tell you? No no.. Like I said neither of you would belong in this kind of place. I shall get my things quickly and return."

So, yeah. Hell of a way to find out she's loaded as anything.

>> No.9100987

Ah, not that I'm bitching or anything, I just want to be sure I'm not just talking to myself.

>> No.9101017

Heh... It wouldn't be Fate Stay Night without sex would it?
Also... I'd be kind of surprised that, given her last living memory was being burned alive, after having all her intelligence and purity be ignored, and probably after having been raped, if Jeanne didn't have quite a lot of resentment bubbling inside... though I suppose if she actually perceives it as having occurred centuries ago, it might have dimmed somewhat.

>> No.9101021

I'M still reading.

And hoping that this will be archived to suptg, because I need to go to sleep.

>> No.9101034

Hmmm... Such power isn't unprecedented I suppose... I mean Shirou had to have been pretty awesome to become Archer (I think that's how it went)

>> No.9101050

Ah, well. If no one wants me to keep going, I guess I'll stop here.

I'll refresh a few more times, so, if anyone wants me to start up again, just say something.

>> No.9101059


Go! Go! Go!

But for the love of god, somebody else archive this, because sleep is rapidly overtaking my resolve to stay awake and read this guy's interesting story!

>> No.9101060


>> No.9101072


And, ignore this..goddamn, I'm an idiot.


Something along those lines. Her case is a bit...odd. She is the Eternal Servant, an odd mix of Heroic Spirit, and Counter-Guardian. It's kinda a plot point, as she's unlike most of the others, AND one of her Noble Phantasms comes from it.

>> No.9101087


Archer's power is a bit..odd. He does not have much magic, just..skill.

Hold on, let me dig something up.


I refreshed several times, and I didn't see you guys posting. My bad.

>> No.9101120


Ah, found it.

* Average magus: 20 Magic Circuits.

* Aozaki Touko: 20 Magic Circuits. She is the first in the history of her family with so much Magic Circuits. Her parents had none whatsoever and it has been implied that her sister does not have much more than them.

* Araya Souren: 30 Magic Circuits.

* Cornelius Alba: Unknown. Implied to have more than both Tohko and Araya.

* Emiya Shirou: 27 Magic Circuits. Each Circuit can barely handle 10 units of prana while being damaged in the process. Considering the amount that he has, such low quality of Magic Circuit is inconsistent.

* Tohsaka Rin: 40 inborn Magic Circuits. Thaumaturgical Crest has the equivalent of 60 Circuits, divided into two sets of 30 sub-Circuits. Maximum output is of 1000 units of prana with the help of the Crest, which means that each individual Circuit can handle about 10 units.

James has 60 Natural Circuits. Natural ones are a bit stronger then crest ones. He is, once fully trained, going to be able to do CRAZY things. Hell, even UNTRAINED, he's rattled a life long mage a few times.

>> No.9101146

Alright. so Morrigen has her stuff, and decides to "pool her advantages", because she's still thinking like a mage, and thinking he's going to try and back-stab her.

Mor Rioghain: After an hour's wait, she finally exit's city hall with a ... briefcase oddly enough. "Well then sorry for the wait... people can be so slow sometimes."

James: "What was all that about?" The laptop is out again, some odd mix of rap and opera playing

Mor Rioghain: "Oh I needed to pick up a piece of property in the area.. It's got a great flow of mana.. I wanted to add it to my portfolio."

Saber 's head snaps up. "You had best not done what I think you have..." Her voice is low, and rather threatening. **

James: "Huh? Saber, calm down....."

Mor Rioghain: "Despite my attempts to the contrary, I can not read minds, you must be more specific."

Saber is breathing slowly. "The house. It's not YOUR keep." **

Mor Rioghain raises an eyebrow. **
Mor Rioghain: "I don't own a keep, I own a suburban home."

Saber is adamant on the point, as James just looks on in confusion. "It his HIS keep. You have NO right to it. YOU have claimed it not by right nor trial by combat..but...trickery!" **

Mor Rioghain: "I shall put this in terms more suited to your era... He is a Vassal lord, while myself and the former renter are higher lords, with an exchange we have decided to trade a land promised to the vassal. I have no will nor reason to take said land from the vassal nor would any new lord deny the Vassal the right to his own keep, It just means his rent goes to me."

Saber calms a bit at that. "Very well...." **

James: "....wait. You bought the damn house!?"

Mor Rioghain narrows her eyes and gives him a blank look. **

Mor Rioghain: "A bit late to the part aren't we?"

>> No.9101168

Well well, Saber's a clever one isn't she?

>> No.9101172

Her sister has 1 (one) circuit but it is implied to have infinite capacity.

>> No.9101198

Oh my... He's reached Shounen protagonist levels of power, may God help him.

>> No.9101210

Next, it's time to move everything down to the basement, where this is basically a second house, minus a bathroom and kitichen.

The mana flow only reaches down there, and it very much helps in regaining the stuff.

Oh, and the higher circuit count helps a LOT in mana regen as well. example. With the mana flow, Morrigen get's around 10% of her full mana each night.

James maxes every night, and STILL has some left over for Saber.

Then it's a time to just...talk a bit.

James: "Yeah, but, that was a bit of a fluke, and bad luck. Had you cought those two by themsleves, you had them. Archer just gave Lancer a bit of an opaning." I trun to face her. "Unpacked?"

Mor Rioghain: "For the most part." I was still giving Berserker a tour of the city, giving him the lay of the land. I did not expect open combat for another four days."

James: "And, just thought of something. She knew EAxTLY what she was doing. Going for the heel, and all. Thoughts?"

Mor Rioghain: "I have already thought on it... She is not pretty enough to be Helen of Troy... She can't be Atlanta, their legends had nothing to do with one another... And she is a true warrior so that Rules out Chryseis as well"

Mor Rioghain: "There are not many women important enough to have made it into the Illiad, I am guessing it is a woman whom knew him in life..."

James: "Well, that gives us a place to start looking, at least." I nod at the coutch. "sit, or, can grab a chair."

Mor Rioghain: "One Question before we sit. How Comfortable are you with a firearm?"

James: "I'm alright. Used pistols before, but, I'm sure I could use larger things. Good at aiming, as long as I'm not throwing. I'm bad at throwing things.."

Mor Rioghain sighs. "If I am to go into battle with you, you need to not be useless." **

Mor Rioghain tosses James a glock and two filled clips. **

>> No.9101217


James is carful to snach the gun, the clips secondary. "Dammit! Warn..don't just sling guns around." **

Mor Rioghain: "It is not loaded." She points to it, "The glock is one of the most durable and dependable 9mm pistols. You can neglect it and it will do well, left in sand for 2 years, it can still fire. So versatile it can fire underwater. Those two clips are both normal ammunition so don't expect them to take out a servant, but it will do just fine for a master."

James: "Right...I do KNOW about guns. Good lord. Say one thing wrong about them, and it's all "CLIPS NOT MAGS, and other such things." I shake my head, examining it. "It's a 22, yeah? The 26's are smaller."

Mor Rioghain blinks, "I suppose you know enough." **

James: "Like I said...can't hang out anywhere on the chan and not get screamed at about guns. I rather revolvers, a bit, but, anything you got is good." I weigh it, looking down the sight, and test the slide, making sure it goes nice and easy.

See if you can catch the joke.

>> No.9101248

Besides the fact that John browses /k/?

>> No.9101253


You just have to look to the trial that got her killed. She had them at every turn. The whole thing was blatantly illegal, and she STILL won it, only not because they said she lost anyway. Woman was smart.


The joke was made OOC later, yes. It's very fitting. You'll..see. Keep in mind Anime and the like is still in this setting, and he's a channer in real life, and it shows.

>> No.9101303


James, and, yes. 5 points to your house.

More talking, and he explanes how he's able to work the small amounts of magic he can. It's mainly a type of focused meditation.

Mor Rioghain keeps her jaw shut, but a small widing of her eyes is noticeable... **

Mor Rioghain: "And what is it you do to accomplish this?"

James: "Well, the first time, it was an accident. I was working on fixing some wires, and then, BAMB, cascade. Everyone just thought I didn't ground right..but, I'm always careful about it. It took me like a week to get it to happen again."

Mor Rioghain: "Run through the steps,"

James: "Huh? Steps?"

Mor Rioghain: "Do the entire process again, Stop and go through it a piece at a time and try to dismantle every step you pass through."

James: 'Like... the mental part, or the physical one?"

Mor Rioghain: "Both Magic is both. I need to know every process you are doing."

James: "Oh. Well..I need to have my hands together. Then, i have to clear my mind for a bit. For the longest time, I could not think of what to do to get pst that point. Then I got it. It was an old quote that came to me, when I was watching something. "Each turn only gives it more power, spiraling on into infinity."
James: "so....I thought of a drill."
James: "Each turn, as it pushes forward, onto a single focused point. It took a while, but, after I got that image, I was able to get a tingle going...then I just kept working on it, until I can do what you see."
James: "and, well, that's about it, really. It took a while to build it up, at first it was just a tingle on the skin, hairs raising a bit, until little tiny sparks, untily the slightly bigger sparks you see now."

>> No.9101309


Mor Rioghain: "So that's all you do?" She places out her hands and shoots a small yellow arc of lighting, not more than two to two and half inches shoots between her hands for about ten seconds and stops... Beads of sweat are visible on her forehead and she lets out a sigh from the effort. I just ran through more than four times the mental processes for that."

James: "Well, I did have to foucse it against something....just a drill by itself is nothing. So..I set it against a sword, points into echother. It spills sparks like that, you understand. Well..I had to, at first. Now I just have to get the drill spinning up to speed." I shrug.

Mor Rioghain: "I'm going to have to teach you how to utilize your Magic Circuit."

James: "What's that?"

Mor Rioghain looks dumbfounded for a moment before shaking her head and speaking once more. **

Mor Rioghain: "The Magic Circuit is like a second nervous system or circulatory system... it is the set of innate channels where pull prana, mana of the envoirnment, into your body using your odo, your personal mana."

Mor Rioghain: "Doing this will be violating the nature of your body - the very premise that your body is human and it is going to feel like someone has burned every nerve in your body."

James: "Oh...great. Sounds lovely...."

>> No.9101324

...James is the Spiral Nemesis?

>> No.9101332

If he is then he's fucked beyond all belief.

>> No.9101335

And, so. We need to turn his circit on, but, here's the rub: it takes a year, that they don't really have, or, they can try something that cold kill him. If you've ever watched any TV show ever, you can guess what they did next.

Saber: "You want to take the risk?"

James: 'Morrigen, and Saber, both of you. Whats the chances that we could win, at current power levels?"

Saber: Too much remains unknown, about caster or assassin, the masters of the servants from before..."

Mor Rioghain: "As we are, 4.6%. IF you gave saber to me, 26%. If this succeeds and you do not kill me, 38%."

James: "wait. Assassin? How many servents ARE there?" I sit back, rubbing my forhead.

Mor Rioghain: "Seven"

Saber: "There were seven. Six as it stands."

James: "Well...Saber, since you would kill her, it's in her best intrist for it to work, isn't it?"

Saber: "I do not not like you risking your life without necessity."

James: "YOU don't? How do you think I feel about it?"

Mor Rioghain: "if he is to do this, it will mean he can not use magic for today, and nothing of strength tommarrow. While the war is calm and the others can battle one another without us getting caught up would be the best time to do it."

James: "Yes...that's true..wait. Nothing of strength? what's that mean, I'll be weak, or painwracked, or what are we talking?"

Mor Rioghain: "It means that if you don't listen to me about anything you do with magic you can burn your circuit until your entire body shuts down, and you will be so numb you will not know you are doing it."

James: "Ah. Well...it's not like I'm really dependent on magic, or anything. I mean ,sparks and healing si all I can really do."

>> No.9101337

Now, the Magic Circuit... It only exists on a metaphysical level right? So no messing with pressure points etc. to mess with mana harnessing?

>> No.9101373


Hah. No, he does seem to be some unholy mix of Simone and Kamina, though. And Shriou, more of that one later on. Keep in mind his player has never played Fate/Stay Night, although he has watched TTGL, and he flat out admits to cribbing stuff from it to Mio, later on.

Quick primer on him. He's not got much self confidence. Like, at all. He used other things to push himself on. Like, Ok, what would so and so do, alright, do that. He's like this in Real Life. they only think he can't aply it to is social stuff, you'll see more of this later.

Suprisingly, Saber is the same, in a lot of ways. She lacks her OWN self-confidence.

They feed into one another. She believes in him, trusting him to keep going, and he dares not disappoint her. And, he KNOWS she can keep fighting, no matter what, and there is no way in hell she's going to prove him wrong. They are..bookends.

>> No.9101392


...are the masters AND the servants players?

>> No.9101401


Sorta kinda. It's..odd. It's body and soul, really. I've no real way to explane it better then that.

Hold on, let me dig up what they did.

Mor Rioghain: "I need to put a small thing inside of you that I would have to prepare - you could sallow it. It will try to permiate through your body and latch onto a part of your brain... It will stay for a time until your nerves eventually become able to do the work on their own. The danger comes from a possible reaction, a rejection to something foriegn in the body." she makes direct eye contact with you, "If it works, turning that drill in your mind will be the same as my switch..."

James: "How much of a chance that it wil kill me?"

Mor Rioghain: "What is your blood type?"

James: "Uh..one sec." I dig out my walet, looking trhough. "Ah...AB."

Mor Rioghain: "Then your luck is good, there is a minimal chance."

So...it's both. Real and Unreal.

>> No.9101411


No, we have just the two players. Morrigen, and him. That's why the story is focused on them, rather then me telling you all about the other masters and Servants as of yet.

>> No.9101415

Wouldn't expect Jeanne D'Arc to lack confidence, given what she's done. ...But I suppose that if she really was advised by God when she was alive, they're not on speaking terms anymore.
Also, this codependency could either end up ending in tears (and probably blood) or both pushing each other to go beyond the impossible. There's really no in-between.

>> No.9101427

I presume the player behind Morrigen agreed to the setup, with Berserker being taken out in the first fight, from the beginning?

>> No.9101433


Alright. So, he takes the pills, and Morrigen puts him in magic sleep, because that shit hurts, yo.

Morrigen and Saber have a..heart to heart while he is out.

A shadow falls over Morrigen's form, as she's eating.

Mor Rioghain: "Are you attempting to scare me saber?"

A sword cuts trough the air, inches from your hand. "If I was trying to scare you...I would do that."

Saber's just unhapy with the fact he could die, and impressing the fact that if he goes, Morrigen follows, before Saber fades.

He wakes up the next morning, numb. I mean, utterly can't feel a thing. And has issue speaking, kinda hard when your lips are numb.

James spends a few minuets just staring into the air, wondering a bit if I'm alive or dead. As I can't feel my body...I must say, I'm a bit worryied I'm a ghost. Slowly I roll my head to the side, forcing my lips araprt. "Ssabber...Am I ddeadd?" **

Saber: "Not yet Master." She says softly, giving him a warm smile, "Wellcome to the waking world.. you've been sleeping for almost 16 hours.."

James: "well...thasssh good." i slowly force myself up, body just...not there. Damn sluring....can't help it. I force the arm to reach for her.

Saber: "Something wrong Master?"

James: "Helpps..helps me up." Fingers work slow, but, I try and take her hand.

Saber takes a hold of James lifting him from his bed. **

James: "Thankss...It..itt's ss all numb...but..kindaa..nice, too..." Unknown to myself, blood is flowing rather well. A common effects of the morning, or, perhaps just being so close to Saber. either way, I don't notice or feel...but saber likely does

Saber gives him a smile, "You raise the flag every morning or just when I am around.." **

>> No.9101447

Oh ho... Perhaps calling her 'Joan the Maid' was quite inaccurate.

>> No.9101459


Oh, extensively talked about before. "What would be the best way to get the two working together?"

And her player was the one that came up with it.


Well, think of it this way. She had faith in god. Her army had faith in her. She always pulled her strength from others.

And...as you shall see, the impossible is becoming less and less of a roadblock, and more of a vague annoyance, to deal with.

>> No.9101493


As she said herself, if you look above, you can be pure without being utterly innocent.
Well, he's numb, so, Saber gets Morrigen to give him a once over, to make sure there is no damage. Well, outer damage.

Mor Rioghain: "I expected you to be numb.. But if something was wrong you wouldn't know." She puches you in the arm. "Couldn't feel it could you?"

James: "No...but I know it's going to bruse..." Reflexivly, I rub at it

Mor Rioghain: "I doubt it..." She looks over to saber. "Would you go and get him some breakfeast from the kitchen?"

James: "Oh...i aslo feel...good. Like, sorta tipsy good. Is that normal?"

Mor Rioghain waits for saber to leave before turning back to James, "It may be you feeling the mana from your surroundings.. ever magus feels it differantly." She stands up and takes a step back, "Lay down for me and I'll be back." **

James: "Huh? Alright..." I slowly ly back down, letting my eyes close.

Mor Rioghain returns with a blindfold. "Alright I'm going to blind fold you and try testing to see if you can feel anything.. I'm going to alternate where I touch you, try taking a guess." **

James: "Oh.. alright."

Mor Rioghain blindfolds James and places a hand on his left foot. "Where?" **

James: "Ah...one of my legs?"

She takes the chance while he's feeling nothing to grab a handful. She's 22, and never seen or touched one, and the player rolled a dice, had a 50/50 chance of doing it.

>> No.9101508

Saber is doing battle with the bag, and losing. She's no idea of what really happened back there, but can not resist the barb.

Mor Rioghain: "Saber, What are you cooking that is taking you so long?"

Saber flicks her attenction up, having fericly focused on..something, before her. "this...thing. It will not open." **

Mor Rioghain walks over looking down at what she is struggling with, "Oh god.. you are talking half an hour to make cereal..." **

Mor Rioghain giggles a little at Saber. **

Mor Rioghain: "Well if you go down there with cereal you aren't going to able to get around the embarrassment of being unable to open a Ziploc bag..."

Saber makes a face at her. "Well, if you were not molesting Master, we could have had this done long before now....how does one open it, then?" **

Mor Rioghain walks over opening the baggie without even breaking her look on Saber. **

Mor Rioghain: "Like I said, go down with cereal and it's going to be embarrassing... If you don't tell James I made it, I'll make some eggs quickly for you to give him..."

>> No.9101547

Well, breakfast is beaten.

He goes for a nap, she goes to check out one of the catches of supplies she's hidden around the town over the last 12 years.....and promptly runs into Lancer.

Mor Rioghain pulls up into the library's parking lot and backing into a spot with a clear shot for a peal-out exit. It is clear by the speed in her walk she does seam to be in a hurry and by her direction she isn't going in the libary's front door... **

No one really seems to be around, on business or pleasure...the place is mostly empty.

Mor Rioghain continues her walk around the building, moving away from public eye, pace quickening once out of sight. **

There is a small impact behind you, and then a gental slap of a..ruler on your shoulder. "Really, now...so easy for you to end up with a knife in the back." The speaker is a deep, throaty, feminine voice.

Mor Rioghain freezes up like a deer caught in headlights... **

Lancer: "Here.." She taps a spot on your back. "Here..." low on your neck, "Or..." she leans over you" Right here, into the heart." She taps a spot on your chest. "Really....just ever so sloppy."

Mor Rioghain turns around slowly, keeping her face emotionless but the slight tremble in her voice gives her away. "You going to finish what you started with Berserker?" **

>> No.9101560

...The idea of a legendary hero struggling to make cereal makes me chuckle. Also, given their earlier exchanges, I suppose it wouldn't surprise Saber that Morrigen would do the thing she did.

>> No.9101580

Doesn't the grail implement a basic knowledge of modern times?

>> No.9101581


Lancer: "Huumm. I should...but..it's my day off, acounding to master. And, what he does not know, well...it won't hurt him." She gives you a small smile. Tall does not begin to describe the woman, towering over you, long hair done up in a unique way, a long coat draping her lean frame. "I hope you don't take it personally. "

Mor Rioghain: "I thank you.. but I must know, since you are obviously a Greek hero and without Berserker, I'm no longer a threat... Who are you?" She asks up to the towering woman.

Lancer: "Humm...no, I think not. You clearly have some friends...Rider did not kill you, after all. Only another servant could have moved fast enough to get away from him..." She gives a small chuckle, and pats you on the shoulder. "Nice try, though."

They have a bit of back and forth, and Lancer can't help but take mild advantage of the girl, teasing her rather harshly. For putting up with it, though, she lets slip two bits of information, about Archer and Assassin.

Lancer: "I don't know WHO they are, but....Archer is an older man, of orental desent. Assassin is a woman....of what type, I'm not sure. She keeps changing things about herself."

She also accidentally lets enough out that Morrigen makes a guess, and gets it right, as to who she is.

>> No.9101587

Oh Hippolyta, why so vaguely threatening?

>> No.9101594


Basic, yes. You don't need to know how to open a ziploc to survive, though, so, rule of funny ruled there.


It was an offhand comment, and she was still looking at the bag, and not at her, so, did not see her face freezing up.

>> No.9101607

Jack the Ripper is a woman? What a twist.

>> No.9101624

Oh, before it utterly slips my mind, the events of the game (Fate/Stay Night) did happen. That happened back in 2004, and this is placed in 2010, in September.

We went with the Unlimited Blade Works, Good ending. It'll be relevant, later on. Sorry, to interject like that.

>> No.9101650


Well...what better way to get away with murder, then to utterly be NOT what they were looking for?


oh ho. "vaguely threatening". More like overt sexual harassment. To be fair, Lancer was the first to ever touch her like that, and she's skilled at what she does. The second case of "Gay for Lancer" popping up.

Anyway, she gets that done with, and gets in to her catch. She's got guns, and other crap. A LOT of crap. And a minigun.

>> No.9101666

Back at the house, while her master is numb, and sleeping, Saber takes the moment to avoid awkwardness, and ....gathers some mana.

Of course, she's moving him around enough that even if he can't feel it, he wakes up anyway.

>> No.9101703


Morrigen gets home unexpectedly, leading to this line, that had me laughing for a while.

Mor Rioghain: There is a cough from the door, as Morrigan stands in the open doorway, not quite looking at the sight inside. "So, did you have to use a command spell or was it voluntary?"

James just sinks lower, and Saber could feel his face heating up, as I lean against her. I just mumble a bit, not looking around her body. **

"If there was any non-costualtiy to be had, it was his. Due to you not teaching him, and me having to sexpend much mana to save you a few nights ago, I was very low. I had no other way, and did not wish to...odden my reslinship with him, so I took him while he was asleep, and numb. He woke up, but, lucky, did not react unfavorably to my...persumption." She keeps her hips moving gently, slowly ridding, as she leas back, fixing her percing blue gaze on Morrign.

So, yes. Embarseing for everyone but Saber, who enjoys the chance to troll Morrigen a bit more.

Morrigen walks out in a huff(Tusndere), and starts to set up the mini-gun as a defense in the hall. After those two finish up, and get a bit clean, Saber wonders out to bug her some more.

>> No.9101746

Argument, as is bog standard for the two of them at this point.

Saber: "I am saying nothing of the sort. It is merely something to think about. And, are you so sure that he was not chosen? Perhaps he is right, and there is not a history of magecraft in his family."

Mor Rioghain gives Saber a stare like she wishes to kill her with a look. "You can not fathom the ridiculousness of that statement." **

Saber: "He is rather prescriptive, and has picked up on things quickly. Some times, things just happen. It would not be the first time." She simply looks back at you, blue eyes keeping a steady gaze.

Mor Rioghain: "Have you ever breed dogs or horses? You were a French Peasant, you must have had someone who did in the village right?"

Saber: "Yes. There was. I also remember that the mongrel of the village could oft out preform the ones that were born for such a thing." she gives a shrug. "Just as some peasant girl was able to out maneuver generals born and thought for war."

Mor Rioghain: "You can not compare that to the Magic Circuit... Normal people do not have one, not a single conduit." She moves to attach another piece. "It is like breeding two pure-breed dolmations and ending with a wolf, there is no way it can happen."

Saber: "Funny. The same was said of me. "There is no way you can win! There is no place for some mere chit of a girl here!" " She spits on the ground.

Saber: "There is no such thing as impossible. Simply things that have not happened yet."

Mor Rioghain: "I know that out in the world , there are families with one and two. But there is a difference...I have been thinking that he must have at least twice the amount.. no More than that twice the amount I have naturally..."

>> No.9101770

They argue hard enough, that Saber gets board with it, as she clearly will not listen, and wanders off. James pops in a bit later, to, well, try and clear the air a bit, and...

James walks down the hall, not long after, a fresh robe and pants, with a white undershirt sticking to him, rubbing at his short hair with a towl. "Oh hey, Saber said you wer....holy fuck, a minigun?" **

Mor Rioghain: "I only have enough ammunition to feed it for 320 seconds of continous fire."

They talk a bit, and as he IS himself, he manages to say something that TOTALLY came out wrong.

Mor Rioghain: "Next time you wonder about my decisions for the war, consider how I've sent the last decade in preperation, every moment of every day for this."

James: "Hey. It's my life on the line, too. And Sabers..uh, half-life. If I'm not sure, I'm going to ask qestuions." For just a moment, I pasze, before adding "And..sorry if she's been bothering you. she's been a bit..odd. she's changed a lot, since It first got her."

Mor Rioghain: "You do not understand. It is not my own life I am caring for, I have so much more riding on the victory of this war." She spins the barrels to test them.

James: "Yeah, well..i don't really have that. I just need to survie. And I want Saber to do the same. Just about anything after that...well, we live each day, and see what happanes. " I give a shrug. "Lunch is almost done."

Mor Rioghain: "I suppose you can't understand it.."

James: "No. Not yet, at least, but, I hope I do at some point. Um...and..sorry about Saber teasing you, while..uh, she was on me. I mean, the whole joining thing. I mean, not that I'd not say yes, but..' i slowly turn redder and redder. "I'm..ah, just going to shut up now."

Mor Rioghain flushes beat red and spins around finger in James's face. "I am sick and tired of all of you people in this war trying to sleep with me! I've Had it!" She turns away and walks away in a huff away from James and toward her room... **

>> No.9101784

Call me crazy, but weren't guns supposed to be fairly useless against heroic spirits? and the only reason 4th Berzerker was able to make them effective was because he made them RIDICULOUSLY magical when he used them?

>> No.9101787

So, he wanders back to the kitchen, chats with Saber some, and she bascily orders him to go talk with her some more.

James gets to her door, and knocks. "Hey. That...all came out wrong. I'm not trying to sleep with you. I was trying to say I found you attractive, but....well, not persuing you. I was TRYING to complemnt you. I'm just..well, really bad at talking." **

Mor Rioghain opens the door, and for the first time you catch a glimps of the well organized arsenal that is her room, the entire thing looking more like a gun shop than a bedroom... **

James: I don't let it bother me, pressing on. "So...yeah. I've never been good at talking, and I just ted to babble when I get nervous."

Mor Rioghain leans down pulling a knife from her boot and stabbing it into the door in front of James's face. **

James winces, but does not pull back. **

Mor Rioghain: "You don't get nervous from a knife but you get nervous talking to a woman?"

James: "I don't MIND someone trying to kill me. That's strait forwanrd, something I can deal with. It's simple. Social stuff...is not. There are rules I can't even begin to understand, my brain's just not wired for it." I give a helpless shrug. "And..a knife's just a knife. I've always healed qucik from them. Cuts and stuff, I mean. They don't scare me, because I know how to use them."

After that rocky start, it's time to attempt to garner some trust with her.

>> No.9101797


Nope, you are right. The guns are not for the Servants, they are for the masters. And a minigun will at least slow a servant down, if only because of the AMOUNT of lead flying at it.

Mor Rioghain: "You just get stranger and stranger..." She looks at you thoughtfully, "I've taken apart every person I've ever met and found out what makes them tick.. It's an easy thing to do. I did so and found out lancer's Identiy in the fifteen minutes I spoke to her. Yet you... you prove more complicated every time you open your mouth."

James: "I get that a lot..." I rub at my hair, before jerking my head up fast enough that my glasses almost fall off. "Wait, what?! Lancer!?"

Mor Rioghain: "I encountered her... I got away."

James: "Are..are you ok? am I going to need to heal you tommorw, or anything?"

Mor Rioghain: "I need no healing.. She did not harm me."

James: "Oh..that's a relife..." I lean agaist the door. "But..why? She was the one that got Bezerker. Why just let you walk?"

Mor Rioghain: "Because She want's to keep me for a sex slave."

Mor Rioghain turns away before her face can heat up. **

James: "Oh....now what you said about everyone wanting you makes sence." I heastate, then pat her on the sholder. "Don't worry.You've got me, and Saber, and your not exactly helpess yourself. Btween the three of us, I bet we could make her YOUR slave, if you really wanted."

Mor Rioghain does not turn around. "I am not going to just rely on you. Do not forget in the end - only one Master can win." **

>> No.9101801


James: "Hey. I said the THREE of us. Not just me. Not just saber. All of us. And..what? So what? We'll figure something out."

Mor Rioghain: "Look, you can't just change the rules to suit your wants. Either I win or you, in the end it comes down to that."

James: "Or there's a third option no one gets told about. Either way, we arn't going to get shit sitting around and whining about it. like I said, we'll figure out something. I mean..look at us. I know you've called me impossible at least once to my face, and look at Saber. I can't even IMAGIN what they called her back then. If there's a wall, we'll just smash right through. " I give a shrugh, and a small smile. "If you're going to dig, then dig for the heavens."

Mor Rioghain: "So then you're ready to start killing them? All of them? You aren't a murderer - It is kill or be killed. That is the rules of the war, no it's truely the rules of the Magi."

James: "I told you once. I might have killed someone before. I'm not happly about it...but, THEY came into this knowing the rules of it. I did not. So...really. I don't know. I know I don't plan on dying. I know Saber does not. And I know I don't really want to see you dead, either. So..i'll fight. If they die IN battle...all the better. It's just...easyer that way."

Mor Rioghain: "You're an enigma."

James: "I'm a mess, i know. But..." I let out a small laugh. "I'm your mess. Don't worry. When it comes to it..I won't back down."

>> No.9101806


Mor Rioghain: "I'd hate to see you kill one of them, You're such a pure idealist..."

James: "Never really thought of it like that. I just..get bye. No use in stopping, notthing good behind me. So, only way onward is forward." I offer anyother helpless shrug.

Mor Rioghain: "How can you trust me?"

James: "I saved your life. Even if that was meaningless, you could have killed me after I was out, either by making it so the pill did, ir simly killing me while I was out. You've said with the right pererpations you could take a servent...well, you had the time to get ready, you could likely have taken Saber, as she was low on Mana. But.. you did not. So..I can't for sure.Not utterly. but, I'm going to try to, because..well.We won't get anything done, if I'm worryed about a knife in the back, every second."

Mor Rioghain: "And if I'm just using you to take out all of the other servants saving my best surprise for saber?"

James: "Well, then that's how the dice rolled. But, I don't think it is." I give a shrug. "I KNOW I can't do this by myself. Saber does too, even if she will not admit it.It's why I didn't have to use a comand spell to get her to grab you."

Mor Rioghain widens her eyes looking at him, "You've honestly entrusted me with THAT?" **

James: "I don't have much choice, now, do I? You've not tryed to kill me so far. Saber does not find you utterly disagrable, and, I'd rather trust HER opinon on people, she's got a good track record. I can't do this alone. " I give a sigh, and slump a bit. "I just can't. I don't know what to do, I don't even know what I can do."

Mor Rioghain: "But you won't just give up?"

James: "I told you that already. You don't get shit for running away." I look up, fixing her with my gaze. "You keep going, making your path. there's no other way to do it."

Mor Rioghain: "You could just make a path that doesn't invovle the war, they call those pacifists noble you know."

>> No.9101808


James: "I could. But...then I'll never be sure of what I could have done. Perhaps I'll keep the both of you alive, if I stay, and you'll die otherwise. Or, perhaps I'll get killed, doing something, making it so you can win. I don't know. But. I'm not just going to walk away."

Mor Rioghain: "You just keep making this more and more difficult for me

James: "I plan on trying to make it easyer as we go. Well..ah, when I start leaning what to do, at least. I mean, magic, right? Two days ago, my limites were rather well set. Now? Now, they are a lot less well defined." I give one more shrug." You don't have to follow any path but the one your chose for yourself. No mage, faimly, or anything else can tell you that. Your tommrow does not have to be the one they lay outfor you." I give a weak smile.

Mor Rioghain: "I will not ignore the nearly a thousand years of tradition that make me who I am."

James: "Then you chose your path to be that. Just be sure it's what YOU want." I give her arm a squeeze. "Lunch is ready."

Mor Rioghain: "Oh.. Right.. Lunch..." She looks away for a moment, "I'll be up in a moment, I've got to put away my uranium."

James gives a twitch. "Uh...you mean the highly raidoactive isotop that a milagram could kill a man in about half a day?" **

Mor Rioghain: "Depleted." She says with a dismissive wave of her hand.

James: "Ah. Still. The half-life on that is old....why, making bullets?"

Mor Rioghain: "Made bullets... Bullets that take 3 months to make."

James: "So...why have them out?"

Mor Rioghain: "I have to check on them and keep them in working order.

>> No.9101830

Lunch, is, as normal as possible for one made by a hero. Who never was really taught to cook.

Nothing much happaned until dinner, and Morrigen had that. Damn good cook.

Saber bugs Morrigen a bit while she cooks, nothing new there, although she does find out that food does not have to taste horrible, and asks that Morrigen always include her in planing for cooking amounts.

We find out that Morrigen does not know much about computers and the internet. Saber finds out about Rule 34, and that she is included in it.

>> No.9101840

A decent High Fantasy campaign that doesn't end because the group decided that its more profitable to be highwaymen than adventurers...... just once

>> No.9101852

So, then. everyone is nice and full, and he gets checked to be sure that he has all feeling, and after that, Teaching time.

She sets an impossible goal. He gets it on his second try.

Mor Rioghain: "No excuses." She holds up her finger, "Now are you ready to learn or not?"

James: "yes..."

Mor Rioghain: "Ok." She walks into the living room with a motion to follow. "First you need to learn limits. Put your hands out again as you did before. First you'll activate your switch, for you the spinning drill Immage. Then I want you to invision that two inch beam of lightning you saw me do and see if you can replicate it... I don't expect it to be too easy on your first try."

James claps his hands together, and then brings them apart. Green arcs btween my hands. **

Mor Rioghain: "Ok. Easier than before wasn't it?" She picks up a piece of metal, placing it against the far wall. "Like I said, today is about limits. This piece of metal is about fifteen feet from you, Try Arcing from your hand to it." She sits on the table.

James: I look at the thing, thinking for a moment. "Alright....um.." The disticance is not THAT much, right? A phrase froms in my mind, a focus, for just a moment, and...well, why not. "Spin up!" Green crackals around my hand, but, does not jump. Some slight sweat beads.

Mor Rioghain: "Now, as you can see, distance for something like lightning is a very large factor, and even something so small being impossible means you aren't going to be pulling lightning down from the sky. Now As you can understand now this is clearly Impossible..."

James grits his teeth, eyes narrowing, almost growling. "No..it's not..." the energy starts to spiral around my hand, forming almost a point. ""Sp..Spiral arc!" The words sound ridiculous, even as I say it, but....a blast extends from the point, blasting the metal almost into the chair, around it catching light fire. **

>> No.9101853

>Saber finds out about Rule 34, and that she is included in it

>> No.9101860


James: I jerk back, falling backwards as the blast leaves me

Mor Rioghain jumps up off the table running over to the fire. **

Mor Rioghain: "Creo Aquam!" She calls out, water pulling itself from the air and drenching out the fire...

James: "Hah..t-told you. I can do it." I lean weakly agaisnt the coutch, panting.

Mor Rioghain blankly stares at the now steaming pile of chair for about three or four minutes before turning to stare at James, Eyes nearly popping out her head as she just stares... **

James: "Nothing..is impossible. Just...need to work at it." I'm feeling about to be sick, not really noticing how horrified she is.

Saber comes in a minute later, proffering a cup to Morrgien. **

Mor Rioghain takes the cup.. not drinking from it as she moves to sit.. eyes finally blinking as she sits in silence... **

James: "Uh....Morrgien?"

Mor Rioghain: "No." She utters blinking a few times.

James: "No?"

Mor Rioghain: "No... Just no..."

>> No.9101870


James: "Um...was I not suposed to do that? I mean..you told me to..."

Mor Rioghain: "No.. I asked you to try something impossible so you could learn not to try the impossible... Instead you cut down a redwood with a rubberband"

James: "Uh....whoops?"
James slowly gets up. "If..if it helps..i feel rather shitty, right now..." **

Mor Rioghain: "You did not overload your circuit or you'd be on the ground in pain..."

James: "That's...good, yes?"

James slumps onto the coutch, leaning somewhat helplessly against her. **

Mor Rioghain: "You say it's a good thing and yet you are violating the laws of existance..

James: "Heh...oh...got a qoute for that. "Go byond the impossible, and kick reasion to the curb." " i give a weak laugh. "Fits, huh?"

Mor Rioghain sits there blinking, finnally noting the drink in her hands and taking a small sip. **

Mor Rioghain: "It's like you just randomly decided to see microwaves, and then DID for no reason other than you said "why not?" It just doesn't work that way dammit"

James: My head lays in her lap, looking up at her. "Perhaps I just helps that i did not know that I should NOT?"

Mor Rioghain: "Things just don't.. No, just No goddammit!" She looks down at you, a bit of fear noticeable in her eyes.. "You make it seam like your using Sorcery!"

James: "I'm sensing a captle S, there. Is that bad?"

>> No.9101872

>Not Japanese Prepubescent girl

Paedophile much?

>> No.9101900


Well, they WERE talking about the internet, and the 'nets are mostly about porn....so, yeah.

After that, he feels like he took a beating to the face, and takes a nap, while on Morrgens lap. She grumbles a bit, but lets him.

After that, time to go exploring.

James is lying in the back of the car, still mostrsly tired **

Saber: "Where are we going?"

Mor Rioghain: "You need to go around town and get the lay of the land... It would be better if we walked it out but since James is tired the car will do... some places like the park and the mall we will need to walk for though."

Saber: "He can ride on my back. It is a non-issue."

Mor Rioghain: "That draws attention we do not need.

Saber: 'We shall see." A snore issues from the back, as someone is clearly not with you right now.

Saber starts the car, pulling out. **

Saber: "Are you well? Now, I mean. You almost suffred a failure of the heart, earlyer, I think."

Mor Rioghain: "I am alright... The Boy is... out of this world."

Saber humms lightly, happly. "Master is most impressive, yes." **

Mor Rioghain: "You need to memorize the lay of the land.. communication and lack of knowledge have cuased more deaths than anything else in battle."

Saber: "Do you think I am not aware of this?" Her eyes are flickering all over as she drives, even as she keeps perfeictly to the limites

Mor Rioghain: "Well you need to focus on that... I spent a week on this with Berserker... we don't have a week, you need to be prepared for everything

>> No.9101925

At the mall, Saber demands some cash, and goes to buy something, refusing to let anyone peek in the bag, but overall, looks rather pleased with herself. There is no trouble, untill the park.

Mor Rioghain: "There should be more People here..."

Saber: "Oh? Humm...oh. Could you take him, please?"

Mor Rioghain: "Eeh?" She puts her arm around his shoulders obviously laboring under the weight...

Saber 's armor and blade flairs to life, and she draws it, holding it in an easy grip. "I am aware you are here...." **

James: "Oh...crap..."

Rider: With a loud thump a tall muscled man stands straight with his arms crossed in front of them. "Aw, Saber why did you have to ruin my fun, I wanted to surprise the Girl!"

Saber: "I'm aware. Thats why I did not let you. Be gone, or be ready to suffer my wrath." She brings the blade up in an easy, two handed grip.

Mor Rioghain: "You can't take us on in Broad Daylight! The Park has too many places a person may come from during the day, it Violates the Laws laid down by the Magic Association!"

There is a twittwering laugh, as a head pokes around a tree. Her hair is increably well done, tied up elfigently, as she grins at you. "That's why I had it cleared out."

Mor Rioghain: "Your name Misstress. If we are to due battle let us be civilized."

Rider: "I could use your name girl, Kinda nice to know who one has killed."

She gives a sigh. "There are rules...I GUESS." She steps out from behind the tree, the rest of her not really matching the hair and face, dressed in rough jeans and a shirt with more then a few holes. She gives a dejected kick at the ground. "I'm Evangeline Von Ezibern." **

>> No.9101948

I'm sure you know what that means. Lots, and lots of trouble, because one of the PC's is like at 255 mana, and the girl is a fucking Von Ezibern.

Well, to win, they can't really win, and they knew this. They had to drive them off. Somehow. they got guns, they can do that.They have to get over 90, and what followed was some of the worst rolling I have ever seen.

>> No.9101956

Mor Rioghain: "I am Mor Rioghain Charlotte Elizibeth of the Adelaide House." While her voice is smooth, her body is held with a stillness tha speaks of keeping herself from shaking... "Shall we begin then?"

Evageline: "Almost. She's not yours, so, need to know who HE is." She nods at the man leaning on you. "Yours was Bezerker."

James mermers to Morrgien. "How much trouble are we in?" **

Mor Rioghain murmers back... "More than you know... As soon as she agrees to begin shoot the bitch." **

James: 'Alright..."

Evageline stamps her foot. "Hey! Don't ignore me!" **

Saber is carfule to keep herself btween rider and her pair. **

Mor Rioghain murmers to James "Hurry up, Name." **

James: "Oh..ah, James. No house."

Evageline: "No...no house." She looks almost confused.

Rider: "Oh Come On, Let's do this Saber!" He unshealthes his sword and shining broze sheild appears in his other hand, "After I break you I get to finish her!"

Evageline: "All...alright. Fine. We can start..."

Rider: Before the syllables finish Rider is speeding toward saber with a wide swing like the one he launched at Morrigan, all those nights ago.

>> No.9101969

And, so a magic cat-fight breaks out, he tries to stay out of the way, and Saber get's beaten bloody by Rider. Over all, good times.

Evageline gives a squeek, and throws her hand at the ground, an explosen of dust flying up around her **

Rider: "Come on Saber! That all ya got?!" She says rushing in after her with anther wide swing.

Mor Rioghain continues running to the side, but now angling more toward the dust cloud.. Mor Rioghain: "Creo Aero!" She Calls out, and a small blast of wind tries to blow away the dust..

James 's run is slow, but, with the girls focused, gives him a bit to get around. Pulling it free from the bag, he brings it up, waiting **

Evageline: "BREAK!" The earth kicks up, in a line running twards Morrgien, even as the dust flits away.

Saber blocks it underhansed, both blades going wide. She takes a step back, trying to get her blade back up **

Rider: With a smile Rider spins with his blade, giving his next swing addtional momentum - "Gorgon Slayer!" With the words leaving his mouth his blade glows with an intense light..

Mor Rioghain: With the words "Areo Corpus" Morrigan starts moving much faster, jumping out of the way of Evangeline's attack, reaching almost eight feet off the ground...

James 's attenction is grabed by the glow of the blade, and to his horror, see's Saber wide open. All other thougths leave him for a moment, and he does the only thing he can. Sparks apeire and spiral around his arm, as he takes a step forward, words bursting forth. "ARC!" The enrgy is focused, swearling into a point, as he brings his arm back. 'DRILL!" It's let out in a roar, as he throws his fist forward, as if in a punch, a blade of spiraling green light jabbing out.

Rider gets hit with the bolt, moving his blade narrowly out of the way of Saber. **
Rider: "Gah! Pestering Magus" he turns toward you but then decides to focus on the servant first...

>> No.9101982

And, of course, he hurt himself with that one, over-straining his circuit.

James just drops, body screaming at him, as he slowly drags himself forward, still not stopping. **

Saber takes the moment to land a glancing blow, just a paper-cut, but, getting his attention back to her. **

Mor Rioghain keeps facing forward, knowing that the only way to stop rider is to kill Evangeline, she fires off two shots in Evangeline's direction - hopefully while she is in awe of James... **

Evageline just staresfor a moment, utterly shocked at what just happened, only at the last moment trying to do anything to block the bullets, possibly too late. **

Mor Rioghain: The bullets wiz by Evangeline's head...

Rider: "You're Master hurts more than you Saber, Pretty pathetic dun'cha think?" He laughs heartily has he showers Saber in quick thrusts and jabs of his blade...

Saber is now playing a defensive game, simply blocking, not even bothering to attack. "No...you've no idea..." **

Rider: "You must be a pretty pathetic hero! What kind of servant is weaker than their master?" He continues to laugh as he rain's blows at saber...

Evageline 's leg smashes into the ground again, sending a volley of stone at you. 'What..what kind of monster have you found?!" **

>> No.9102006


Well, Rider had to go ahead and annoy her, and she got shouty, once more proving that hot blood and shouting is always the fix for something.

Mor Rioghain continues dodging with her enchanced movement, as if a leaf on the breeze but not well enough as a large stone hits her in the ribs sending her to thr ground with a loud thump. **

James 's arm comes up, almost lazily, as he tries to focuse on the battle before him, hand squeezing, once, twice, bullets spitting at the girl. **

Both the shots go no where near her

Saber: "It does not matter what I was..only what I am NOW!" She kicks out, blade following seconds later.

Rider takes a cut to the side, sliding past his armor as he stumbles from the kick, suprised.

Rider: "Even an bee's sting can be deadly I suppose..." He pulls out his helm, "But I suppose I should get a bit more serious..."
Rider: As soon as the helm is over his head, he disappears...

Evageline: "Ha! Got ya!"

Evageline kicks down again, dust futterling up once more. **

Mor Rioghain screams as she stands in pain... her eyes seaminly more vibrant as she simply begins walking toward the smoke... gun outstreched... **

Saber simply waits, sword before her, as her eyes close. **

>> No.9102026


Oh, do keep in mind, she only had a 20% chance to hit the bastard, and still did it, SOMEHOW. Clearly channeling someone we know.

Rider invisibly waits a dozen above saber, for when she least expects it, he will deliver death from above... **

James: He rests his fireing arm on top of the other, hopping for it to perhaps help the aim, aiming for the center of the center of the cloud, and fires a single shot.

James: That goes misrably wide, pinging off a tree

Evageline: Once more, from the cloud, a rain of stones lash out, trying to hit

Mor Rioghain: "Who'd have thought you'd hide like a coward Enizbern!?" The stones seam to just graze by Morrigan, as if barley missing. "I thought you would show yourself to those you want to kill... Oh well I don't mind hunting you down..."

Evageline 's only responce is the ground breaking, heading for you **

Mor Rioghain jumps with a shout of "Aero Corpus!" but she sprays five bullets for the origin point of the line... **

James follows her lead, gun speaking as he tries to trace the line. **

Evageline gives a mad laugh, as the bullets punch around her, but a sudden gasp at the last shot from James **

Mor Rioghain fires off another round when she hears the gasp... **

>> No.9102046


And, then he has to one up Saber, by hitting the brat when there was only a 10% chance of it.

Evageline lets loose another storm, as james opens up once more. **

Evageline gives a pained cry, this time, just as his gun clicks empty. **

Mor Rioghain lands gracefully as the storm ends, untouched by this round of it.. **

Evageline backs away, her eyes flickering back and forth, clutching her shoulder. "RIDER. Time to go!" **

Rider: With a Breeze though the battlefield, Rider appears next to Evangeline, one arm around her waist. "So be it Master..." And with those words the two vanish...

Saber lets a sigh out, and sheaths her blade. "Master?" **

Had to be all fancy, and hit her with the very last bullet in the gun. Heh.

>> No.9102084

Well, they run off, and our heros are a mess, one having her ribs smashed in, the other out of it due to straining himself too much. This is going to become a pattern.

Saber gets their asses home, and patches Morrigen up as best she can. After that, she makes her lye down, in his room, so she can watch both of them, to make sure nether dies in the night or anything shitty like that.

Saber goes to drag Morrigens crap into the room, leaving her with the sleeping body.

>> No.9102092

James mumbles something, at last, the first indication that he still lives. "Mor..gin..look..saber...don't..." **

Mor Rioghain: "Relax you idiot.. you're safe now.."

Mor Rioghain tests James's forehead for fever... **

James: "gt..gey'a from..from themmm..." it's almost a low grow, whole body twitching slightly. His forhead is slightly warm

Mor Rioghain: "You can stop protecting us... We're safe you oaf..." She insults him out of turn waiting for saber to return...

James jerks up, almost throwing himself forward, a roar of pain and anger tearing loose from him....as he runs right into the wall, at the foot of the bed. **

Mor Rioghain: "James!" She moves up with a Lurch to check up on him, ingnoring the once again bleeding wound in her side...

James: "wall...wall. That..was not..where...not there?" It's mostly jibberish, as he looks slightly cross eyed at you, a fresh bump forming on his head.

Mor Rioghain tries to lift James, not doing so well, "You need to get to bed before you hurt yourself more..." **

James gives a rough shudder. "Hurs....everything hurs...." **

Mor Rioghain: "You Decided to try the impossible and you overloaded your circuit, your lucky to be alive and if you want everything to not hurt MORE if you don't lay down properly and get your sleep..."

Mor Rioghain continues to try to drag James to the center of the bed and away from the wall... **

>> No.9102095


James just lets you, body limp. "get her?" **

Mor Rioghain: "You shot her, She's not dead but you shot her."

James: "good..." I rest my head on your lap, and, oddly, wetness starts to be felt on your legs

Mor Rioghain looks down confused.. **

James: More then a few tears are leaking from his eyes, as you look down. Seeing you looking, he tries to burry his face in your lap, to evede your glance. "S-sorry...just..glad. Was..wass so sure I missed....after...ss-saw you get hit. And.s-saber, too...had..had to.."

Mor Rioghain places her hand on his shoulder, giving it a reassuring rub. "It's allright, everything worked out, We are going to be fine... You need to rest before you kill yourself you idiot.. That would be just like you, die and leave saber and I the task of burying you and ending the war alone, how inconsiderate." **

James: "No..no. N-never...always..always be there, when...when you need." The heaving of his chest starts to slow.

Mor Rioghain: "I'm sure you will.." she says softly waiting for him to pass out before looking for saber...

>> No.9102128

well, in the morning, he waks up, sees her a mess, and panics, trying to magically heal her. Of course, his circuit is not ready for this, and he messes himself up. To be fair, he had to roll 96+, and he got 95. So close. That knocks the healing part of him mostly out of aliment, outside for the fact that he's got goddamn regen. He SHOULD have been in screaming pain for a week at LEAST, and here he is walking around. Oh, and, normally, it would have taken a YEAR to fix his circuit up. He does it in a week. Until the week is out, his own regen is still active, but, he can't heal others.

He's got no idea of all this, of course, he just figures it's normal for mages.

>> No.9102156

Alright, I'll step back and explane this part, as I'm sure you might be a bit confused.

How and why can he do it?

It's a mutation of the Magic Circuit, along the lines of Mystic Eyes. Only, instead of effecting the world around him, it effects HIM. One night of rest can heal about the same as two weeks of bed-rest, at this point. As the war goes on, if he takes more damage on this level, his healing will keep getting better, at the cost that it could very will get him killed, if he takes to much. It also can not heal anything that is possible to heal by natural means. IE, no regrowing limbs, no healing brain damage.

>> No.9102170

Anyway, so, Saber goes for food, he sits with the sleeping and bloody Morrgen.

Mor Rioghain blinks her eyes awake with the kiss to her forehead.. "I seam to remember a simmillar scene in The Fifth Element..." She gives you a narrow eyed stare. **
Mor Rioghain: "Though you don't have a pistol for me to take..."

James: "I never did get around to watching that moive. no, pistol is...uh, in my bag, I hope. How are you feeling?"

Mor Rioghain: "I am fine. How are you out of bed... You should be in as much pain as a burn victum..."

James: "Eh...always been a fast healer." I run a hand over my head, pushing my hair back. "Just a bit of a headach."

Mor Rioghain: "The Magic Circuit doesn't heal like the rest of the body James..."
Mor Rioghain: "If you were to cast magic now.. you might damage a part of your magic circuit for a decade...

James: "alright, right. No magic."

Mor Rioghain narrows her gaze.. "You never give up that easy.. You haven't tried in already have you?" **

James: 'Is..ok, yes. I did, damnit. I wake up, see you in a pool of blood...I reacted."

Mor Rioghain: "You Idiot!" She yells, whincing in pain as she finishes.. "Do you have no regard for what you are told?!" She continues in a softer but still angry tone, "You could have killed youself, a fine mess that would have made of things and now we must prepare the war with you being unable to do even the slightest bit of healing, and we have a week or more until you can do anything else..."

>> No.9102179


Fight fight, argue argue.

James: "No. I mean, I don't think that's right. The words...they are.." I wave a hand. "I can't qiite get them. But, they are there, so close to the serface....I can almost bring them to mind. It was SO close to working....Something just...twinged at the last moment." I give a sigh. "Morrigen, try to see it from my side. I go trough a night of nightmares in witch you died many many messy deaths, you and saber both. I wake up, and you were....bleeding on the floor. And..I didn't really know. I felt better...I still don't know a lot about how things work."

Mor Rioghain: "Listen to what I say damnit!" She still speaks in a low voice though her anger is evident, "When I say don't use magic, Don't use magic! You don't know anything so listen to me - I do know what I am on about!"
Mor Rioghain flushes a bit red for a moment as she really process what he just says, though it can easily be taken for anger flushing her face... **

James: "I am now that I know! The last time you said no magic, I DID NO MAGIC. I had no way of knowing it was BAD. How could I , I passed the fuck out right after I clicked empty. I thought we were all dead!"

>> No.9102192

They get done arguing, and have a bit of a moment.

James gently keeps her down. "Like hell you are fighting. We are all resting for a week. With how well my body seems to like fixing it'seelf, I tink it might be two weeks, and I'll be able to fix you up." **

Mor Rioghain gives a weak strugle, but even with a gentle grip you can keep her down... "I can do this, I know my body." **

James: "No. I..I won't loose you. Don't..don't make me go through that again. Please. Just give it time..let yourself heal."

Mor Rioghain: "Will you let me stand?" Again her face is red.. though with her tone of voice it's easily mistaken for anger...

James: 'No. Not..not right now. Saber's briing food. Just...just wait here. Please. I..I just" I I blink back, not looking at her for a moment. "Just let me hold on to you for right now."

Mor Rioghain looks away from him, "Fine but it isn't like I want you to, it's only because you insist." **

James: "Thanks...." I gently teasing at her hair, slowly doing a braid.

Mor Rioghain 's face stays a bit red as she looks away from James... "You better not be getting the wrong idea.." **

James: "What idea? That you like this, and just don't want to admit it? No...I know I'm being utterly selfish, here. But..they were some nasty dreams. I just..just no." I reach up to my desk, and tye off the braid with a bit of string

Mor Rioghain turns a deeper shade of red, "G-good, so long as you don't have the wrong idea." **

James blinks down at her. "Oh..right. No, uh..don't..don't want to get the wrong idea." I start a second braid behind the first, fingers stroking at her neck, while I gether the hair up **

Saber comes in a bit later, with food. It's...bad.

>> No.9102201

This was the last time she was allowed to make food, other then just calling for Pizza.

Saber brings in a tray in, with food for the both of you, but only one plate and one cup, although there are two sets of silverwear. **

James: "Uh..thanks...no more plates?'

Saber: "Dirty. I've not gotten them clean/unpacked yet.

Mor Rioghain: "I can clean a plate with magic if you bring one down..." Morrigan offers.

Saber: "Oh, but that will take time, and the tray is here already...beasdes, you must not be doing things." She nods sagely. "Eat!"

James takes a forkful. "This is...diffrent. Kinda like it, but..it's diffrent." **

Mor Rioghain: "My side being injured will not effect my magic, nor will using magic effect my side for the worse." Morrigan offers.. though she does take a fork and try a bite of the food her face freezing in place the moment it touches her tounge.

James keeps eating, seeming to enjoyhimself, or is a good actor. "Something wrong?" **

Saber frowns. "Eat! You need your strentgh." **

Mor Rioghain: "Saber... did you use sugar instead of salt?"

Saber taps her chin. "There is more then one white powder?" **

James: "That explanes why it's so sweet..." I take a swige of milk.

Mor Rioghain: "Thank the gods you didn't decide to put galric powder in..." She forces herself to take in another bite..

Saber frowns. "I can have another go at it...." **

>> No.9102225

There is another argument, this time about Morrigen fighting while she's fucked enough up that Saber had to push a rib back into her before binding her wounds.

Saber is tired of her shit.

Mor Rioghain stands up, "I'll take care of it myself..." **

Saber walks over to Morrigan and gives a jabbing-poke to her in the forehead with two fingers, dropping the Magus to the floor with a loud thump. **

James jerks up, looking back in horror. "SABER!" **

Saber: "You will sit down and do as Master says, you will not enter this battle until I Say, and you will accept it."

>> No.9102248

Alrighty. I've been at this for 4 hours, and am only on log 6 of 20. Need bathroom, and a sammich.

Feel free to post questions, comments, and the like, I'll answer them all when I get back.

>> No.9102291

>6 of 20
Oh goddamn. I want to read this, but I also want to sleep. Can you upload the logs somewhere?

>> No.9102322


Oh, for your viewing pleasure, have Saber as she is at the moment(yes, there is a reason that I'm using F/Sn Saber for her pictures.) As is at the moment, I mean her armor is like that, thick and heavy.

>> No.9102377


Humm. Well, I'd rather not, but, I can be sure that everything is archived, and post the links into the archive when I start this again.

Also, found it. the very simple reasion why I am using Arturia's pictures for Jeanne.

>Caster initially expresses an interest in Saber, appearing to be familiar with how she came to ruin at the end of her life. In truth, it is because he has mistaken her for Jeanne D'Arc, whom he had been infatuated with when alive.

They look enough alike that even someone who knew her when she was alive mistook Arturia for her.

>> No.9102388

who drew that?

>> No.9102395

but, the rest of Session 6 was simple enough. Bit of bickering, James got Morrigen a bit more patched up.

James: "Um..shirt off...." I hold up a small bag. "I'm..I'm going to close the wound up."

Mor Rioghain begins taking her shirt off without argument... face blank... **

James blushes, when she's topless, not excting her to be totaly bare. "Saber....can you leave us for a bit?" **

Saber: "Yes Master..." she says before heading upstairs..

James: "I'm..I'm sorry about that.....I did..well.not think she would do that." I pull things out, setting them up, small needle, and specal thread. "i..if you want, you could..um, spank her later, or something."

Mor Rioghain shakes her head not speaking.. **

James: "Then...I will, or something. Arm up...I've got to get thise off."
James hands go to the bandages. **

Mor Rioghain lifts her arms without delay or hesistation, James would notice skin still clean without hair as the day he saw her in the full nude.. **

James gives her a light kiss on the arm. "Thank you..." I slowly unwrap it hissing as I see the damage. **

Mor Rioghain: "It is not so bad."

James: "True....it just LOOKS horrific." I thread the needle. "I'll try and come up with something to make up for this, later...redy?"

Mor Rioghain: "I was arrogant and thought I could dodge something moving so slow... If I was more willing to use my mana I'd be uninjured.."

James: "Sush. No use worrying about it. Bad luck." i slowly start, making the sticting as small as possible, slow and neat.

>> No.9102404


Dunno. Nice, though, isn't it?

James: "We plan for it. We just have to figure out who, and then, well, we can start planning for it."

Mor Rioghain: "I'll still be useless, you and saber will come up with any plan I can given time..."

James: "I. Suck. ASS. at planning. I need you."

Mor Rioghain: "Saber doesnt."

James: "no. But, she can't take into acound magic, as well as other things the masters could do. She had no idea about camras, for example."

Mor Rioghain: "I'm sure she can plan a battle around magic attacks, she's faced those. Cameras and other modern things you can provide her with."

James: "Planing around them..and shes faced basic stuff. Hero idnticcation, that's also hard." I loop it, and sceal the last one, wraping freash bandages around your ribs.

Mor Rioghain: "The only servant left I could Identify is Archer..."

James: "Assassin, and caster. " i help you up, lying you back on my bed

Mor Rioghain: "I forgot caster... a nasty variable to forget... but Assassin fits no-one I know... I've been digging through my mind and found no heroine like the one Lancer described..."

>> No.9102413

And, outside of a bit more talking, that's where that one ended, with her topless in his room, and both of them slightly embarrassed. Well, more then slightly.

>> No.9102435

Ah, and, last, I shall go ahead and post Sabers stats and skills.

Real Name: Jeanne D'Arc
Class: Saber

Overall Rank




B(Pre-Armor Change)

Magical Energy


Noble Phantasm

Divine Motivation(C Rank, Support)
When fighting against impossible odds, Saber can cause all allys to fight at 200% of their own power.

>> No.9102436

Much obliged. I take my leave, then.

>> No.9102441


Class Skills

The power to "feel" the most favorable developments for oneself during battle.


Magic Resistance
Protection against magical effects. Differently from the Resistance effect that merely rejects prana, this ability cancels the spells altogether. Important to note that the term "verse" seen bellow refers to a set of three lines. Thus, a chant of two verses is equivalent to a Six-Line incantation.

B:Cancel spells with a chant below three verses. Even if targeted by High-Thaumaturgy and Greater Rituals, it is difficult for her to be affected.

Prana Burst
Increase of performance by impregnating one's weapons and body with magical energy and instantly expelling it. Simply put, recreating the effect of jet burst by expending large amounts of prana.

B: A normal weapon without strong divine protection will not be able to endure his magical energy-fueled attack

The expertize to ride animals and vehicles.

B: Most creatures can be rode with above average skill. However, cannot ride those of Demoniac Beast and Holy Beast-rank.

Personal Skills

Capacity to resist mental interference such as pressure, confusion and fascination.


Natural talent to command an army. Increases the ability of allies during group battles. A rare talent.

A: Can be said to have achieved the greatest level of popularity as a human being.

>> No.9102458

She has two other Noble Phantasms, that I shall tell you about when we get to that part in the story, as well as explane the "Armor change" at that point.


Hope you sleep well, and I run on a EST schedule, and tend to be on nights.

>> No.9102752

A game I could never run...a High Adventure game with solid story and solid characters, with a party consisting of mostly traps.

>> No.9103884

Awesomeness, for the lack of a better word.
Would really like to read more about the F/SN RP (does it have a name other than 'F/SN RP # 276?) after you've recovered enough to most more.

Alternatively, post it all up somewhere else?

>> No.9103901

Huh... Her ordinary abilities seem a bit more... lackluster than I imagined. Also, I would think wielding a very well-polished shield and a helmet that makes you invisible would give the game away rather quickly...

>> No.9103903

super villian golden age game where the party is trying to take over the world; of course using mutants and masterminds.

>> No.9103916

A MAID game. All the guys are the maids, the girl is the master.

Actually I guess I COULD find a female friend to play some nonsense like that, but not as the master.

>> No.9103954

An A in endurance seems about right, seeing as apparently in an escape attempt she jumped off a 70 foot tall tower (into a bog, but still)

>> No.9103983

Good thing for me? I can convince my group to play damn near anything.


Only one problem though... is I like to write out big epic stories and I can't possibly run the 7 or so ideas that go through my mind in a day.

>> No.9104026

...Not to mention that evidently she survived a cannonball to the head (she had a helmet, but still...) and an arrow to the neck. I mean. God damn.

>> No.9104466

Grimdark Rule 63'd BraveStarr.

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