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Can it be /tg/x/ appreciation/faggotry time again?

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she pisses me off can some on DD her?

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sup /x/

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Please stop.

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Black ships is where uncheck psykers like her belong!

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Look, OP, I liked the whole /tg/x/ thing as much as anyone. I saved the majority of the art that came up. I have a fucking folder specifically for it. I SAVED YOUR PIC FOR FUCKS SAKE...

But it's over, man. Let it go. She moved on. Man the fuck up and do the same.

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Really? I enjoyed http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/8471054/ a lot.

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sup OP.

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I am not skinny nor do I sport something as ridiculous as long hair. That interpretation is false.

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>But it's over, man. Let it go. She moved on. Man the fuck up and do the same.
>Is talking about a cartoon character


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Well, i am, your interpretation is false

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So because it's not true for you, by extension it's not true for anyone on this board.

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I actually really like this version, he seems to reflect a lot of /tg/'s personality

That said I'm skinny with long hair, hell I'm even developing sideburns.....

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Sage for board-chan bullshit.

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Go away please

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Why is /tg/ not fat?

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I also am skinny, with dat hair

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malnourished due to spending all his money on 40k minis

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I know that stuff was probably /co/'s invention but do they have to shoehorn themselves into every single comic?

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You can make it go away!!
you know how?
not saging hard enough, you just have to use the magical power of the HIDE THREAD FUNCTION!

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What's funny is that when monsters with tentacles attack my players they're more than willing to fill in horrible details. Since they rarely play straight up strength based characters they always fail grapple checks.

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Exactly. Smart lad.

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I kinda like /co/'s character myself, that and /tg/ is in more or less every single one of these too :/

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You forget that there are the two types of nerds. Over-wieght, i.e. Piggy from Lord of the Flies, and spindly, i.e. Napoleon Dynamite.

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I guess I'm just too handsome for this board.

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Illithid cancels rape: Interrupted by White Knight

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Thin /tg/ bulks out into a fa/tg/uy when angry, though sometimes becomes a ca/tg/irl instead.

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mothafuck yo shit niggas, I got it goin on

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I dunno why the board tans generate so much drama. I just think it's cute.

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You and me both.

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ITT: /toughguys/

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So you a faggot or something?

Just askin'.

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Yes i'm
*grabs dick*

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>becomes a ca/tg/irl
You just filled my brain full of fuck.

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Nice work but you need some lats.

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hmm, /tg/x/x/ is the usual pairing, but I guess /x/x/tg/ would also be interesting

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>Why is /tg/ not fat?
because a study showed that 70-80% of the "fa/tg/uys" are actually of average weight or skinny as fuck.

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To avoid confusion, change that to /tg/+/x/ or just /tg/x/.

And somehow I can't imagine /x/ being a top the way she is, if that's what you're insinuating.

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Like a tiger

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I wouldn't call myself a fa/tg/uy... but damn, am I heavy.

20 (21 in a month), 6'4", 230 lbs., still managing to maintain an average build. I don't even know how.

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Being 6'4" and well muscled would do it. That's actually fairly close to average for someone your size.

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Totally a top, but mostly during lunar eclipses and celestial alignments and such.

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6'2 199lbs here
blame boxing

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see the OP >>9086025
/tg/ in that picture is just begging to be dominated

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Liberate Te Ex Inferis

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What is with /tg/ and its obsession with /x/? Everyone I've met from /x/ has been a dude.

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Thonk about most Modern setting RPGs... think about /x/s content, do math.

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What about /co/? Lots of /x/ stuff in /co/ or you can look at war gaming and something like /k/ or /m/

/tg/ is very closely related to /v/, share interests with a lot of /lit/

and our models are basically /toy/s.

So why is it that there is /tg/ always so hung up on /x/?

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it's the fact that /x/ is a girl and is often hated upon by /b/, which brings out our protecting instincts/, Then again we also seem to like the thought of /d/ slipping into bed with us.

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but WHY is /x/ a girl?

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This is unknown.

it's like asking Why does /d/ look so normal sometimes.

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Only to the slaanesh worshipers, anyway.

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heh you're funny and make me laugh.

go play your catholic space nazis, I'll stick with my space chinese and terminators.

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You're looking for too much meaning. Sometimes a cute creepy girl is just a cute creepy girl.

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I'm not looking for meaning, just wondering how it started.

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> 220 lb
> 5'9''
> not obviously fat or muscled
> faster than all my friends

I'm not sure how this set-up works.

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possibly more lean muscle?

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maybe his balance is not properly calibrated.

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I think this had something to do with it...

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I would think that, too, but my upper body strength doesn't seem to be that great. Maybe it's all in my legs.

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Wait, why is /a/ a crossdresser and not /tg/?

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Because /a/ is all about the traps and little girls.

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But...but... hmmm true.

and who are those other two, I can tell /x/ by her distinct eye, and /tg/ by his scrawny ass...

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Damnit, why didn't we get /ck/ when we had the chance.

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I think the girl is /toy/

No idea about the other one

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/tg/ we have a mission, make /co/ a cuckold. We shall have both /x/ AND /ck/!

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What no /d/?
/tg/ I am disappoint, I mean look at those tits.

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I think /d/ has US, if you know what I mean.

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It is /toy/

Delicious dolljoints and screwholes.

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Meh, more /d/!

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board relationships are not /tg/ related

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Has us? how do you mean?
Oh look a quarter, I think I'll just bend over...

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Dear god, why do I always want to fap to this picture of /x/-tan?

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it's the socks

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/toy/ on /tg/.

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yeah, but just the socks wouldn't do it, I mean I couldn't fap to the pic below that.

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Delicious doll joints.

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Dem feets!

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I like these group pics.

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Wait I think it's the whole t-shirt, panties, socks combo,

this pic.

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I really like the idea that /tg/ and /toy/ only ever meet over this little workbench....

Just sitting in silence except to take jabs at each others possessions...

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>lump in your pants

/a/ is a trap? How appropriate.

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Oh yes. It's a whole thing with him and /v/.

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Which means it's time for some /a/v/.

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yup /a/ is 100% trap... delicious trap, but damn if I don't like /x/ seems like she would be fun to troll with a Cthulhu mask in bed

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This thread's probably going to reach image limit before I get done.

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I probably need better ways to occupy my time.

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/r9k/ /mu/ /b/. How nice.

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question does /tg/ mined emos......or am i not welcome here

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made me laugh

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Any requests?

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The things she does.

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Heroic and hopelessly thin.

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/co/nrad, protector of justice and comic books.

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You're aware that we discuss white wolf's stuff on here, right?

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Yeah, that makes sense.

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I don't have too much, and most of it is /a/v/. Why did I save that? Why do I keep saving it?!

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I think most people, world over, just mind the use of the word "emos."

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Because you're into yaoi? Shit, half of /tg/ probably is as well.

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6'1, 190

Rowing since I was 16 (now 20)

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124 lbs

Hiking, I guess? Climbing trees when you're featherweight is the shit.

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I don't think I am? I blame you /tg/.

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Before /x/'s usual look was decided upon.

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What a d/ic/k.

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I just realized that I am turning into /tg/.
5'10, 115 lbs
hair unkempt and growing longer
beard unshaved for a week

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One of us! One of us! One of us!

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Disgusting how much Im turning into /tg/ guy D:

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I used to be the exact avatar of /tg/. 6', 150 lbs, scraggly long hair and a goatee. I've since cut my hair short, though.

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Board wars!

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/tg/ looks like the first boy I had a crush on/fooled around with, so I don't think you're in that bad of shape.

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Is it just me, or does it look like /x/ is about to pierce the heavens in the bottom left?

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Probably intentional.

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Is that /m/ on the far right?

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Think so

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bamp for any /x/ or /tg/ art!

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My best bro is an /x/enophile. Trust me, they're all dudes. All of them.

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I don't know who the guy on the pictures is, but it is sure as hell not /tg/

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Do you mean this picture >>9099022 ?
It is /tg/ with his fucklaw hat and his powerfist, if you don't know that, you either new or don't belong here.

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We came to the conclusion that /tg/ is a lanky, long-haired prat with chin scruff. Which isn't far off the mark. I wasn't connected to the creation of this in any way, but that description describes me perfectly.

He lacks the horrid acne and bad teeth, however.

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needs moar /k/.

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Vas zee breakup abowt zat whole "Verity turning her into un Panda" fing? Because Verity did zey vould fix zat!

>> No.9103124


I liek pandas.

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>I liek pandass.


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And here I thought you were dead.

>> No.9103166

No offense, of course, just y'know, with warp presence and all.

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Incoming trollplaying thread.

>> No.9103302


Verity vas!

>>9103174 KNEE JERK


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moar /x/tan! moar /tg/tan!

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>Go to sleep at 13:59 PST
>Wake up at 20:19 PST
>Go to work
>Get home from work at 07:36 PST
>Thread still here.

Feels good man.

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Pretty apt description of me too
Although I saved this morning so no more chin scruff

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How does saving take off chin scruff, also does it take off all facial hair and not leave a five o'clock shadow?

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/x/-tan as a necromancer?

>> No.9104473

Amusing, I shaved too.

Although, I trimmed it back a few days ago to make the shaving a bit easier.

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Acolyte of Tzeench here.

I could post some writefaggotry between /x/ and /tg/. It'd take a bit, but I could likely have it done by later tonight, after work.

>> No.9105352

Why do I feel this will end bad and not read because you're an Alcolyte of Tzeench and not Slaanesh?

>> No.9105385


It's Kel'Thuzad.

>> No.9105522

Oh, I wanted to be an acolyte of Slaanesh. But after that quest thread that went on for damn near three days, just to end in trolling...well, Slaanesh wouldn't take me after that.

But I think I can complete a single piece of Writefaggotry without a "JUST AS PLANNED"...Maybe. If I try hard.

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bamp for moar

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Xtan thread?

>> No.9107596

Any /r9k/ art? I only have the one with the robotic hand/faceless green man in a suit, top hat and cane.

>> No.9108254

/r/ing more of any -tan

>> No.9111553

wait is there an /r/-tan or a /rs/-tan?

And does /rs/-tan look like a kick ass women pirate?

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/tg/ is fat, also neckbeard

why do these cartoons lie?

>> No.9111623

Because /tg/ is mostly scrawny little twigs with glasses, and goatees when we're not as trappish as /a/-tan

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