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Ok, I don't know how to ask this but since there's some groups that actually have either sex roleplaying, or erotica involved in gaming fandom(like all the slaanesh and eldar and tau erotic stories) uh...

has there ever been any stuff regarding the size of vaginas of races besides humans? Would they be any different really? I saw art of things like that although it's just fanart, and people tend to just draw shit like girls with 3 clits or something. What would an elven vagina be like? Or a Teifling? or a succubus for that matter, or fae, or any other of these creatures? Considering so many of them are dangerous, would they even be worth having interspecies sex with?

pic related, it's a dark fae

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>it's a dark fae
Damn, I was sure it was a 30 Days of Night vampire. There's some lulzy AVATAR fanfic out there that feature tendrils entering the guy.

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lol wow, a pussy with tentacles? that would be interesting

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Not only are you interested in erotic roleplaying, you don't even have the imagination to come up with stuff yourself.

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>What would an elven vagina be like?
Pretty tight I'd imagine. And full of cobwebs.
>Or a Teifling?
Probably a dickgirl.
>or a succubus for that matter, or fae, or any other of these creatures?
Probably also dickgirls.

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I didn't say I was, I asked because I was curious. people always go in such absurd detail with every aspect of these beings like what their farts smell like and shit like that, why not that too?

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Roll for vaginal circumference.

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You are talking about bipedal mammalian humanoids. Sexual organs would be near identical if you're following some kind of evolutionary logic.

If the creatures are not mammalian, look at the typical reproductive practices of the type of earth animal they are similar to. For example, avians rub bits together and fertilize eggs. This is the logical, sensible way to do it.

As it is, these things are magic, so make up whatever turns you on, sicko.

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someone find this man the FATAL rulebook

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>Or a Teifling?
Since Teiflings are related to Humans, it's fair to assume that Teifling vag would be pretty similar. I imagine it looks exactly the same, colouration nonewithstanding (Red on the outside, dark purple inside probably) but is hot to the touch. Not painfully hot, but far more so than a human woman - like fucking a hot water bottle or something.

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wouldn't sticking your dick into a hot water bottle hurt?

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Tight, extremely sensitive. Probably looks neater, tidier and prettier than the human equivalent.
See >>9059670. Like a human, only hotter and redder.
Variable. Whatever you most want it to look like, to aid in seduction.
Variable. Whatever the Fae most wants it to look like or thinks will be entertaining to experiment with.

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Not into it - of course that'd hurt, it's full of hot water - but against the exterior.

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Give me some time while I shield my mind before opening my FATAL pdf you'll have your answer soon

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Anon deliver it seem. It look like I survived my san loss.

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Oh, FATAL. Why is everything about you so distinctly horrifying?

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Oh just so you know I didn't include the nipples lenght calculator.

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Disturbingly enough, the Book of Erotic Fantasy has answers to all of these questions.

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wow... can teiflings be part elf and part demon? wonder if that would make for an elf vagina that feels like a hot water bottle...

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Smooth skin and no body hair...

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>wow... can teiflings be part elf and part demon?

If an Elf and a Demon bred and produced offspring, theoretically yes.

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compared to FATAL, I'm just fine with the book of Erotic Fantasy now.

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I imagine it would look something like this.

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Fuck, I haven't heard of FATAL in ages, where can I find a pdf of this?

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does her face really look elflike though...

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Large eyes, thin nose, sharp chin...I'd say so.

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OP is Kultist-chan. Her teeth are just... perfect. For the part, I mean.
Someone shop her up w/purple hair and stuff.

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but is it anything like this?

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I can see the resemblance. Considering we're talking about a creature which would have a blend of Elf and something-else features, you can't expect it to look exactly like an Elf with some horns stuck on.

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do elves even have lips like that, I figured they'd have really thin lips

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You are treading a dark road.

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>Would they be any different really

Depends largely on the size of the creature, average size of the average male of that race (most human males have penises averaging 6 inches, consequently, most human vaginas are designed to accommodate roughly 6 inch penises). Largewr things typically have proprtionally larger penises, though some outliers have really small ones or really big onces, and the females are likewise adapted. See: Walruses.

See also ducks, for what happens when you have unique evolutionary pressures like a sexual arms races where the males adapt to have penises better at raping and the females evolve twisting passage ways, semen-traps and all kinds of craziness so only males they choose actually impregnate them.

Reality is stranger than fiction.

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I hate aristocrats jokes. But that was fairly well played.

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lol fucking labyrinth vaginas with semen traps

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all anons can think of today is depravity?

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I don't get the Aristocrats joke.

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We're not having this conversation.
Not now. Not ever.

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I read erotic stories where succubi had vaginas that apparently would literally suck the dick, sorta like getting a really tight blowjob with a pussy. Another one I saw, had the same thing, except in that story the succubus' vagina oozed out this black ooze onto the guy's dick, that made him stay hard permanently as she rode him.

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Call me what you will, it is still an abomination. That said, I wouldn't mind having one around as eye-candy.

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Go to youtube and search "Bob Saget The Aristocrats". You should be able to find it.

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Mmmn...nope, looks like we're having it.

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There's a hentai where a succubus lives by drinking cum like a vampire, and has thus developed a tongue inside of her vagina to better assist in that.

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Dolphins can do that.

Sucking your dick in, I mean.

A dolphin can grab you by the hand USING HER VAGINA and drag you around by it if she wants.

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This is unacceptable. Stop making me want to have sex with a dolphin, /tg/.

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Reported for dolphin sex

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Well, a Succubus can probably do anything with her genitals, if she thinks it'll help her seduce more victims.

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I would post pics, but I don't actually know of any active beastiality boards anymore. They DO have very pretty vaginas though.

And they favor a sort of kneading motion (squeezing you at the top and then moving the tightness in a ripple-motion down the shaft, actually more like a handjob than a blowjob. Though some of them will do the suction thing too).

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there was a fun 'confession' fic on the old 4chan wiki thing that basically described how a dude met a dolphin on a beach with noone else around, felt her up and saw that she was all ready to go and basically it felt like doing three pulsating vaginas at once.

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Also, I heard that they can contract specific muscles in their vaginas so it pretty much vibrates.

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How...just...how do you know these things? Are you in the habit of fucking dolphins?

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Hah, imagine the suction and the kneading at the same time. Awesome feeling.

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*sigh*. god damn it /tg/.

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you are now imagining a shota trap having sex with a female dolphin

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More than one person has fucked a dolphin and they have verified eachother's accounts. There's consensus.

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you mean like pulling and sucking in 3 diff ways at once?

it scares me people are making dolphin sex sound hot...

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uh... afraid to ask, but what does a dolphin vagina look like, what makes it pretty? Can't be as pretty as a human's...

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>the female has one genital slit, housing the vagina and the anus.

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>so many choices,
>so little SAN.

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The guy basically came in less than ten seconds, but he managed to last a while the second round.

That time she somehow sensed when he was going to pop and came together with him.

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Great guys, now I want to fuck a dolphin. Good work /tg/.

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No, let's talk about rhinos.


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Human vagina is pretty fuckin' ugly, to be honest.

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... how could he tell a dolphin was having an orgasm?

God damn you, /tg/, for making me ask that question.

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>Dolphin orgasm
I would find that squeeking noise they make unnerving.

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Ricky Gervais taught me that dolphins have blowhole sex.

thanks rick

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They also swordfight with their tentacle-penises.

You are now aware that dolphins are tied with elephants for species-most-likely-to-develop-tool-use-and-technology-in-the-absence-of-primates. It's either going to be elephants operating elephant-machinery with their trunks or dolphins operating dolphin-machinery with their penises.

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Second vid is comedy gold in my opinion.

>> No.9060711


The same way you know a woman is having one

basically it all tightened down and intense chains of contractions happened when he began seeding her torrent

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Tiefling. Not teifling.


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What about krakens?

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>>so many choices,
>>so little SAN.
...Better post 4chan!

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Basically how cool dudes like carl sagan are doing the intelligence thing as close to objective as possible is to measure brain mass versus body mass

now it doesn't mean a rodent with a larger than normal brain is gonna be a cranium rat or someshit as there are species like that, there is some kinda starting point for a certain required amount of brain mass where complex stuff will have the space to form and then you get smartness

dolphins are just behind man on this ratio

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Seriously sensual!

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What about lizardgirls?

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See >>9060716

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>just behind

Human 7.44
Bottlenose Dolphin 5.31
Orca 2.57
Chimpanzee 2.49
Rhesus monkey 2.09
Elephant 1.87
Whale 1.76

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But in the case of dolphins, wouldn't they have to make two sets of controllers for said machinery?

... fuck. Dolphins using dildos.

>> No.9060807


>Various species sometimes engage in sexual behavior including copulation with other dolphin species.

>> No.9060810

I guess that would explain the whole "dolphins are the only other mamals to have sex for pleasure"...

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>>9060755 here

Intellectitude. Sapienosity.

cleverication, if you prefer.

>> No.9060827


Oh no, what they have now will never suffice. Machinery will develop only if they hit an evolutionary feedback cycle resulting in terrifying tentacle clusters or hand penises.

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Which is complete bullshit. Goats suck themselves off, and female hedgehogs masturbate with vibrating sticks. Bison indulge in homosexual play.


>> No.9060840


A sure sign of intelligence is being bored enough with the basic eating and mating thing and coming up with stuff that you DON'T HAVE to do to pass the time.

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Elephants gang-rape rhinos.

Presumably after breaking into village stores and drinking their rice wine (also a real thing).

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did you learn that from a book because I want to read it.

That shit is funny as fuck.

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Knots alone are probably some of the hottest things.

>> No.9060871

They also hide apples and eat them once they start fermenting.
Drunk elephants yo.

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>Elephants gang-rape rhinos.


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how can you say human vagina is ugly, human guys kill just to get pussy, what is so much prettier about a dolphin's?

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What about this lil' bugger?

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>Elephants gang-rape rhinos.

I just tried to google for more on that but I came up with men in safari hats discussing male dolphins gang raping a single female.

Hope this helps you guys.

>> No.9060912


They do it as a domination thing if the rhinos start getting uppity in the elephants' territory.

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File: 708 KB, 1280x800, 412001 - Dwarf Gnome Goblin Undead Worgen World_of_Warcraft blood_elf draenei human night_elf orc tauren troll.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wow vaginas

>> No.9060928


I can believe that. A lot similar to the brief ceremonial male on male mounting that happens with apes.

>> No.9060941

well op I hope you're happy.

>> No.9060944


I have a morbid curiosity and want to click the thumbnail... but oh god D:

>> No.9060963

... which is which, and where did you find it?

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Show me your genitals

>> No.9060980


I can see the fucking dire bushes from the thumb and I am not clicking on it.

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Any roleplaying tips for LARPing as a birdwoman with a cloaca?

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File: 18 KB, 517x347, dolphin-vagina.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Someone had to do it.

Still attracted? I know I am.

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Darknest's gallery, I think.

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>> No.9061010

Incorporate a custom Fleshlight insert into your costume?

>> No.9061022

You're forgetting crows and ravens. Although I have to admit that I now want to fluff up an intelligent dolphin universe where it's a normal everyday thing to operate doorhandles with your prehensile genitalia.

>> No.9061027

Hells yeah, that looks pretty tight.

>> No.9061031


I also spent the last ten or twenty minutes looking for this and it definitely appears to be an internet rumor. I'm getting lots of "so I hear this, wtf?" links and not any actually confirming it. Apparently it was referenced on some courtroom drama or something.

Elephants will eat the shit out of fermented fruit, though. They can't actually get drunk off of it (fermented fruit has low alcohol content by mass) but they like it, and elephants drinking booze doesn't sound like a stretch to me at all.

>> No.9061038


I'd like to see the bit where he larps hatching one out and tells his mate to wank on it

>> No.9061052


You should check out Kids in the Hall for the chicken lady.

>> No.9061055

Each pussy has text under it telling what it is, altho it is hard to see, so...

From top to bottom, going from the left:

Draenei, Tauren, Gnome, Goblin
Night Elf, Orc, Troll, Human
Worgen, Dwarf, Undead, Blood Elf

>> No.9061060

Looks tighter than expected.

>> No.9061072

Fuck. Spot check failed.

>> No.9061077

In fact, you just described crude elephant /brewmasters/.

My respect for elephants just increased significantly.

>> No.9061080

wow... does it feel as tight as it looks? Did zoos ever mention how tight it felt compared to a human woman?

>> No.9061090

It's been noted here before but bares repeating: Dwarf Fortress elephants are based on reality. Dorfs are like tiny, bearded wine coolers.

>> No.9061103

I... I... I dont think I want to fap anymore
or ever again.

>> No.9061113

Obviously, being human, it is awkward, but not impossible to mate in open water. It is easier to have the dolphin in a shallow area (like the shallows just off the beach) around 1 1/2 to 2 feet deep. This is usually comfortable enough for both the dolphin and you. Gently, you should roll the dolphin on her side, so she is lying belly-towards you. You can prop yourself up on an elbow, and lie belly to belly against her. You may want to use the other arm to gently hold her close, and place the tip of your member against her genital slit. She will, if interested, arch her body up against you, taking you inside her body. There is usually a fair bit of wriggling and shifting, usually to get comfortable, both outside and inside. Once comfortable, though, females initiate a series of muscular vaginal contractions that rub the entire length of your member. They may also thrust rhythmically against you, so enjoy the experience while you can, since you will rarely last longer that a minute or two. Just prior to her climaxing, she will up the speed of her contractions and thrusts. It is interesting to note that the times I have mated with females, thay have timed their orgasm to mine. Whether they do this consciously or not, I do not know, but it is a great feeling to have two bodies shuddering against each other at the one time.

>> No.9061121

damnit i hate /dg/ threads, this creepy dickery has no place on a SFW board

>> No.9061141

Oh boy, is dat sum Everything2 node I see?

It got deleted, but lives on on the Internets. ISTR Googling it some years ago for old times' sake and finding a slightly longer version credited by someone like "Dragonwolfe Dolphinn".

You are now pondering which of those animal fursonas they consider themselves to be at the moment they are---direct quote---"shuddering against"---unquote---their lusty aquatic partner.

>> No.9061151

Forsaken here, that picture is entirely inaccurate. No way in HELL am I going to let myself get infested with larvae. Just because I'm dead doesn't mean I don't care about personal hygene and good grooming.

>> No.9061159

>Lying that you don't enjoy the wriggling sensation

>> No.9061165


silly anon, it's a special unique dragon wolf and dolphin fusion fursona of course

>> No.9061179


she calls them her little orgasm friends

>> No.9061182

Being Undead, she wouldn't feel it either way.

>> No.9061185

>Implying any part of 4chan is SFW ever.

>> No.9061194

why, you don't find those pussies attractive?

>> No.9061198

The drawfag part of my brain has difficulty visualising such a creature, given that head shape is usually a key species indicator in anthro art, and angular-canine/round-dolphin shapes are mutually exclusive.

>> No.9061218


it's probably a dolphin head with dogears or someshit

>> No.9061220

Draw for us, please, the proposed fursona of "Dragonwolfe Dolphinn."

>> No.9061225

what would an eladrin or celestial pussy be like

>> No.9061227

An elf has a type-N, size 7 vagina

>> No.9061234

It emits a soft inner light.

>> No.9061235


>> No.9061240


They look like the opposite of sasha grey/belladonna's.

>> No.9061250


wolf is spelled with an extra e and dolphin has two n's. i say pretentious faggot.

>> No.9061253

Belladonna is unreal.

>> No.9061260

uh who are they, and uh, what's wrong with their pussies...

>> No.9061267


Celestials just have a scolding note where the pussy should be.

>> No.9061273


They don't have your human inhibitions, so as soon as she feels your cock trying to get in she'll arch her body in a series of quick moments and bring you inside.

>> No.9061274


Google yields unsurprisingly accurate results.

>> No.9061285

Two porn 'actresses', who generally do very rough/violent scenes. As a consequence, they're rather loose, saggy, and nasty-looking. Or so I'd imagine, that sort of abusive shit does nothing for me.

>> No.9061286


she has sex with trannies AND while pregnant. And shaved bald.

Oh boy!

>> No.9061302

Bioluminescence? But that's really only used to... attract prey. Well, or to attract mates. But whatever

>> No.9061305


a tiny archon hand pops out and slaps your penis away before it gains a solid lock.

>> No.9061307

It's possibly worse when you consider that, for the dolphin, doing it with humans constitutes slumming it. Male dolphins have, as stated, prehensile penises, and they're much bigger. (Suffice to say that the e2 node said "no, don't try this this other way around, you'll end up like Kennith Pinyan".)

Your pathetic little simian member is like a tiny vibrator with dead batteries.

>> No.9061316

I bring some excerpts from the Internet:

I first realized I was a Delphinic Zoophile when I was 12 years old, which is when I had my first sexual encounter with a dolphin. This is not that particular occasion, since my first lover was brutally killed in an act of sensless violence that I will never forgive, or forget. She continues to live in my memories, though...

I volunteer with dolphins whenever I get the opportunity. They are special to me, highly intelligent, empathic creatures that are dear to my heart, and are a healing aspect in my life. So it was that I met this particular dolphin, a female bottle nose dolphin, 7 years old, who is residing at my home cities coastal harbour/aquarium.

She is a beautiful dolphin, inquisitive and playful, and more used to human contact than her other, older pod mates. I answer any questions the general public have about dolphins, and spend most of my free time with them, studying and talking with them. I learned through continued contact that each dolphin has a very particular personality and habits, traits useful for differentiating between the fins who are sometimes hard to distinguish on visual markings alone.

>> No.9061317

If a species' males have larger cocks than humans, their females will also have larger vaginas, for hopefully obvious reasons.

Of course this doesn't necessarily mean anything for erotic artwork because it probably won't be greatly apparent externally that they *do* have larger vaginas, but unless their mechanism of arousal is quite different from human women's, then a human dude is probably not going to get them off with his cock alone.

But like anyone who makes porn really cares about it being plausible.

>> No.9061319

Or, in this case, representative of inner purity and goodness.

>> No.9061322


Oh no, they know when they want it and when they don't.

If she's interested she'll be floating belly-up with her genitalia pink and puffy-looking.

Also, she'll be nose-butting around your knees because she thinks that's about where your penis is.

>> No.9061326


Tinkly melodic bell-like notes when you thrust in and out!

>> No.9061340

In order to avoid the bustle tourists, I usually visit the dolphins at night, illegally I must add, since I am considered to be trespassing. But it is the only time I do not have to be distracted by tourists or the staff. I do not expect to have sex with the dolphins every time I visit them; I am not that sort of person. I spend time with them because they are a relaxing and stabilizing source of peace in an otherwise hectic and unbalanced lifestyle. So it came as a pleasant surprise when this 7-year-old dolphin began to engage in sex-play with me.

I was quite happily swimming around with the dolphins when she suddenly decided to grab my foot with her genital slit. Dolphins have very muscular vaginal orifices, and can use these muscles to manipulate objects and carry them. I stayed still for a while, to see if she was just playing, but she continued to masturbate against my foot, and in the light of the torch I sometimes carry, I could see that her slit had become very pink and had swelled as well. She was aroused!

>> No.9061341


Dolphin males take less than a minute to cum. It's really only fun for her if there are a whole gang of them.

Also, they stop being prehensile once erect.

>> No.9061346

So, I started to back-paddle with my hands towards a small beached area, partially submerged in the water. A couple of times she pulled me forward into the deeper water, but eventually I got my self to the shallows. I dislodged my foot (Being careful not to pull too hard), and took her gently by a pectoral fin and rubbed her belly just to aclimatize her, I guess. She immediately rolled belly up and started doing pelvic thrusts against the palm of my hand. It was unmistakebly erotic, and by now I was fully aroused.

I stripped off my shorts, and gently pulled her into the shallows until she was lying on her side, her belly facing towards me, half submerged in the water. I nestled myself belly to belly against her, and pressed my member against her genital slit. She immediately arched her body against mine, and took me inside her body, initiating a quick series of muscular contractions with her vaginal muscles. I wrapped my left arm around her body and just held her close while she manipulated me inside her body, until I climaxed barely 2 minutes later. Surprisingly, her body also shuddered against mine, and we spent the next 5 or so minutes just lying together in the shallows, holding each other, enjoying our company and revelling in the fact that we had shared something special together, something very few people can claim to have done.

>> No.9061348

>Delphinic Zoophile


>> No.9061352

I do not brag about this though. It is not something you can brag about, since it not only is demeaning to the act, but it destroys the purpose of the act as well; to express affection, and trust. I only consent to those dolphins who ask. As a result, I have mated only three times. Each time was memorable and special, because each time it was something we both wanted to share with each other. Sex, for me, is just another, albeit powerful, expression of affection and trust. I wouldn't engage any other animal, though; it is not my attraction. But there is little I wouldn't do for a dolphin.

I am aware there are people who would look at this and turn away in disgust. I can not force my beliefs or my feelings upon them, neither do I wish to. The only thing I ask of those people is that they try to understand that love, and trust, and respect are not limited to within a single species. Human kind has created religions and laws and barbed-wire fences that have been created, written and erected out of the former belief that we are the best, the smartest, the most powerful creature on the planet. Now we are realising that we have been extremely short sighted; many of us are realising this, but there are others who are bound by their former beliefs. One word is the key to improving our civilization. One word which could improve many lives.

PROTIP: This guy also legally changed his name to Dragonwolfe Dolphinn.

>> No.9061354


Haha, that reminds me, the dude who got with the dolphin on the beach tried tasting some of her cooter-lube.

It was like stringy jelly or something.

>> No.9061360

Wait, wouldn't you catch some kind of STD from fucking a dolphin?

>> No.9061367

>Implying you'd last longer than a minute in a vagina like that.

>> No.9061371
File: 264 KB, 565x700, 53c364ca67sgg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9061373


Hrrmn, they ARE mammals.

>> No.9061376

You know, this makes my fetish for undead girls seem practically normal.

>> No.9061378


They last less than a minute when jerked manually.

>> No.9061390

Crazy dolphin STDs ahoy.

>> No.9061392

after seeing that shit, and this thread, I'd rather just fuck an elf demon hybrid or a succubus. Human pussy sucks. For fuck sakes, even dolphins sound way way better, and that is scary as shit.

>> No.9061393




>> No.9061402

Imagine THAT doctor's visit.

>> No.9061409
File: 148 KB, 500x1000, flying zombie sharks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


And thus, Drew became a Lich

>> No.9061415

I'm at work right now. Just popped in on my lunch break to see what was going on.

Hell yeah living on the edge

>> No.9061422

>illegally I must add
>name signed with is not just an anonymous Internet alias, but his actual, legal name


I don't particularly see why that'd be a given---disease generally has issues with species barriers. There are obvious, obvious exceptions, but that it can be an obstacle at all would probably mean you chances with a random slutty dolphin are better than you chances with a random slutty human.

>> No.9061445

So, once again humans demonstrate that "stamina" was worth minmaxing for.



>> No.9061446


Now, as a necromancer it'll not take much work if you have experience working with flesh golems, so what you do is kill some female celestials or succubi, then you give your dolphin tits.

>> No.9061456



>> No.9061470

The guy says in the article that he does not know of anything like human-dolphin STD's, however, you can catch colds from them, he says.

>> No.9061482

maybe i did that image too soon

>> No.9061483


oh boy! like sex with tali!

>> No.9061505

their vaginas are all very normal and beautiful, please do not poison my ability to fap to mai waifu Annah of the Shadows

>> No.9061510

Search "Dragon Wolfe Dolphinn" in google images with safesearch off.

>> No.9061525


sir that does not sound like it would give me good times.

>> No.9061532
File: 130 KB, 350x350, mayhem.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You realise where that line of thought, leads, right?

Yeah...I don't think "dirty hippy" (regardless of his dolphin fetish, the last paragraph is pure enviroderp) is "qualified biologist".

>> No.9061540

ready for some (squicky) scientific tl;dr?

All animal copulations require not only the intromission and what not, but a specified number of thrusts/pumps that is generally specific to an animal (something SCIENCE calls a "vaginal code") (no, I couldn't make that up if I wanted to). In general, this number of thrusts allows the female body to receive a positive signal that, well, sex is occurring, thereby setting off a chain of events that improve the chance of fertilization. Rats, for instance, will thrust usually just once before pulling out, grooming their dick, and go back to mount, thrust, pull out, and repeat it a few times. (It's also mildly hilarious how male rats will 'freeze' when they ejaculate. Youtube it)
That said, the human 'vaginal code' is usually however many thrusts one does in about 2 minutes. Any longer has no real physiological benefits (though your partner might be offended)

>> No.9061571

They are all thumbnails anyway.

What's the worst that could happen?

>> No.9061588


F*ck yeah.

>> No.9061593

would there be any differences in anuses or mouths? Like would an elf or a tiefling have a tighter asshole than a human, or would they give better blowjobs?

also I can't help but think a female creature with really long spindly fingers would give awesome massages and handjobs.

>> No.9061605


>You realise where that line of thought, leads, right?


>> No.9061610

I'm not sure how that constitutes "squicky".

Are the postcoital rats comparable to fainting goats, one of the most hilarious genetic errors?

>> No.9061613
File: 9 KB, 306x267, What have I Done.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9061619
File: 333 KB, 570x2123, callie.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

probably close to humanity

pic related

>> No.9061620

Suddenly, I remember why I don't come to /tg/ before sunset.

>> No.9061624

Really long spindly fingers = no hand strength.

>> No.9061625
File: 878 KB, 900x786, 1270050595780.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9061633

/tg/ - Bestiality

>> No.9061635


This is unrelated. I found it while scouring the bottom currents of the internet in search of dolphin vagina.

>> No.9061637

>Like would an elf or a tiefling have a tighter asshole than a human, or would they give better blowjobs?

I can't imagine the anus would be different. It's just a ring of tight muscle, biologically filling no purpose beyond stopping your bowels emptying at the wrong time.

Mouth...eh. The shape of the tongue and teeth might have an effect. I imagine Teiflings having sharp teeth, and perhaps slightly longer, prehensile tongues. Also, horns, power steering for oral sex.

>> No.9061641
File: 1.01 MB, 1000x1000, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9061643

Dorf girls for best handjobs.

>> No.9061644

>Dolphin STDs
Well, you might have to worry about bacteria for one thing. And fungi and parasites. As long as those are somewhat generalists, all they need is a ecological niche to live in which could be provided by any reasonably similar species. Viruses aren't technically alive on their own, but humans and dolphins are both mammals, and if they've got enough in common physiologically for the common cold to make the jump, other stuff cold too. The first question you really want to ask is if there are any known STIs in the dolphin population. Google provides some interesting results



In summary, just because you’re taking it outside the species doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wrap your junk.

>> No.9061655
File: 33 KB, 630x592, 1260995294068.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

/v/ here

what the fuck /tg/

>> No.9061658


Diet and metabolism will affect anal circumference.

It might also affect the viability of anal sex to begin with. If they're bird-people who shit milky white projectile discharges, I probably wouldn't swing for anal.

>> No.9061661
File: 575 KB, 1200x895, 1270051491988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9061665

If you want to risk her ripping your cock off, sure. An Elf would be more sensual and gentle, with delicate caresses and whatnot.

>> No.9061667



>> No.9061684
File: 38 KB, 500x383, 1245454987170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Stay classy, /tg/.

>> No.9061686

see for yourself

Well, while I am (thankfully) not an expert on the subject, certain species of old-world apes, in particular chimpanzees, are known to engage in oral sex (for the lulz). They do fine.

>> No.9061687


>> No.9061688
File: 185 KB, 600x878, No_3166.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes, but we really are all about the xenophilia.

>> No.9061689
File: 429 KB, 925x943, 335499 - Azelyn Mayhem VulpVibe mascots.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9061690

Teeth. TEETH. And, between Cultist-chan, Nurse Verity (human or gnoll), and now Mayhem, most of /tg/ seem to have a thing for sharp points.

>Also, horns, power steering for oral sex.
...Ghastly's Ghastly Comic? Shame the artist had a critical life failure.

>> No.9061691


that poor shark strapped onto the back of that tranny sergal must be suffocating

>> No.9061693

You can't hatefuck an elf, they'll just break.

>> No.9061697
File: 15 KB, 340x255, putinthumbs.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>218 posts and 31 image replies omitted

>> No.9061705
File: 83 KB, 550x1000, 1249639000170.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>And, between Cultist-chan, Nurse Verity (human or gnoll), and now Mayhem

Better not be forgetting about Cuddles.

>> No.9061723

Okay, well, you CAN, but I prefer my hatefucks to remain alive so there can be more hatefucks later.

>> No.9061724

This is actually LotR canon.

>> No.9061725
File: 246 KB, 782x900, 1270049959056.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A Fracas is fine to.

>> No.9061733

... cite?

>> No.9061739

The best thing about /tg/ is how we take obvious troll threads and turn them into interesting discussions.

And, sometimes, homebrew settings.

>> No.9061742
File: 80 KB, 640x480, 1270650749649.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9061743
File: 1.02 MB, 323x587, Sans titre.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Celestial pussy, almost original content.

>> No.9061749

Why would you want to hatefuck ANYTHING though?

>> No.9061758

I'd hit that like the fist of an angry g--
Wait. Already done.

>> No.9061761

can somebody post that "construct your deamonette" picture,where you roll for different body parts

>> No.9061762

is it sad I'd enjoy a girl with fangs rubbing them across my dick and balls

>> No.9061768

I believe the term refers to a particular kind of aggressively affectionate lovemaking, which is somewhere between wrestling for your life and the most passionate encounter you will ever have with another living being.

See that vicious smile Mayhem is giving you? Yeah. That kind.

>> No.9061769

Humanity is a funny thing, filled with mix feelings. We can love someone so much we kill them and find pleasure in pain.

>> No.9061779

what about a girl with a tongue like a butterfly, and she slides it inside your dick and suck the cum right out?

>> No.9061783

Dude. When there's obvious physical attraction but you hate each other, the sex is AWESOME.

>> No.9061785


It's like anime pussy in real li-OH WAIT IT'S NOT.

>> No.9061787
File: 232 KB, 604x349, LR (546).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

DEM TEEF is very important.

>> No.9061790

Althought confusing at first, the Teifling ritual of 'tail batting' is in fact an erotic precurser somewhere between heavy petting and footsies as far as its erotic nature.

Althought somewhat strange to human views, the tiefling tail acts as preliminary warm up to sexual activities, and as a deterant to weaker members. It is not unusual for the weakest teiflings to be completely flogged and/or killed by a significantly stronger mates tail.

Needless to say for any interracial intercourse with a tiefling, one must be prepared to do some 'tail wrastlin'.

You mean like that?>

>> No.9061800


doing it wrong

>> No.9061808

it's also just as good if you don't hate each other, but the other person pissed you off, and then you fuck them, like take that biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiitch and rape the shit out of them

>> No.9061811

Not at all. Fangs and claws are sexy.

>> No.9061821

Yeah, that definitely works too. Angry, physical, wrestly, intense sex. Fuck yeah.

>> No.9061828

how would you tail battle if you have no tail... and are they fucking whipping you with it, plantation master style? sounds hot oddly

>> No.9061830

>243 posts and 40 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

god damn it /tg/

>> No.9061833

Damn, that sounds awesome. Tieflings are sexy as all hell.

>> No.9061845
File: 31 KB, 375x347, iseewhatyoudidcat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9061847

>>You are talking about bipedal mammalian humanoids. Sexual organs would be near identical if you're following some kind of evolutionary logic.

You mean all pink, pointy, and sheathed?

>>If the creatures are not mammalian, look at the typical reproductive practices of the type of earth animal they are similar to. For example, avians rub bits together and fertilize eggs. This is the logical, sensible way to do it.

Umm, a good deal of birds and reptiles have penises too.

>> No.9061855

that cat reminds me, what about beings with fur? not necessarily furries, but like, patches of fur, like how draenei have fur around their legs where the hooves are

>> No.9061860

>logical, sensible

May I present to you the platypus?

>> No.9061867


this reminds me of another 4chan wiki story where a guy got so mad with his girlfriend over something she said that he slapped her raw, dragged her to the tub and in the PURE RAGE AND HORNINESS OF THE MOMENT he pissed all over her bruised face and then told her to stay right the fuck there you fucking bitch and then he proceeded to wank all over her.

even when he started pissing he expected her to call the cops for doing what he did but she ended up crying and apologising to him after that.

>> No.9061871

Maybe you should try again with a proper question

>> No.9061881


the best kind of hatefucking is tribadism hatefucking.

Wild banshee taco ramming

>> No.9061891

The 4 weary adventurers closed in on the lair of the great beast simply referred to as "Dragonwolfe", expecting terror, but certainly not the kind that would befall them, should they enter. The knowledge of such a fowl monstrosity entered the adventurer's minds as they were passing through a small, and rundown village east of their current location, little more than three families living together in a series of dilapidated shacks. Though the inn contained within one of these was more pleasant than the road behind and ahead of them. They had overheard two of the local youngsters discussing abandonment of the settlement, for fear of the "Terror what lives to da west". Naturally, the group's curiosity was piqued, and they inquired what manner of beast it was that plagued the simple village. Thusly, they were led to the spot at which they now stood. As they entered the cave a fel-stench grew in their nostrils. This stench increased in strength until finally they entered a grand cavern, fit for a dragon. Unfortunately the current occupent was far less pleasant. A great and terrible beast indeed it was. It was over twelve feet tall. With the sneering pig-like eyes and unusual bulbous head of a dolphin, with the mouth of a humanoid. The beast had the body resembling that of a human male, only thin and stretched, the skin rubbery and grey. The most horrifying part of this creature was it's four foot long prehensile member. Thankfully un-erect.
Needless to say, the adventurers did not return sane.

>> No.9061895

well of course, in intersexual relations, the member without a nonprehensile tail may either make due without (use hands to deliver slaps/grabs somewhat akin to spanking an angry snake) or may use a padded club/paddle.

Personally I was thinking more Tiefling Strangulation Snuff Porn but hey it takes all kinds

>> No.9061901

well I mean, imagine how the fur would feel on your skin. Like some succubus with fur on her legs like a satyr, or her arms, and you feel it and it's soft and warm... and maybe her even letting you jerk off on her fur as she rubs it against your dick

>> No.9061907


0/70, I can't fap to this

>> No.9061934

Not a writefag, I just felt that a story needed telling.

>> No.9061958
File: 10 KB, 179x173, DO NOT WANT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Congratulations, /tg/. I can enjoy the Cthulhu mythos much more thoroughly now that I'm fully aware of how horrifying it can be to know too much.

You know how elves are immortal, and (not counting violence) only die out of despair? Some elf bitch was "taken" (raep'd) and died shortly afterwards for exactly that reason.

>> No.9061964

I'd be cool with that. Fur is fine, hair isn't (other than on the head, of course).

>> No.9061970

Anyone got the LVL9drow pictures of the Succubus with the toungegina? or the sky nymph with the dick tail/mouth tail?

>> No.9061971
File: 2.63 MB, 1144x2389, hooved.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just think of feeling that soft fluffy fur against your skin, and feeling up that tight six packed tummy... also horns, man... with horns you could rail a woman really fucking hard, and just hang on no matter what position

>> No.9061990

I just... what?

How can you find a Dolphin attractive? God damn it internet. I swear you make half this shit up.

>> No.9062025

u mad

>> No.9062044

If you want fur, fuck a greek or an arab.

>> No.9062045

I imagine it isn't so much an attraction to the creature itself, but the physical sensation. Or something. I didn't quite get it either, despite having a whole myriad of other fetishes.

>> No.9062046
File: 173 KB, 675x1155, 1241040259160.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What about ghosts?

>> No.9062056

tight pussy that squeezes you in ways no human woman ever could. GG

>> No.9062118

Never change, /tg/.

Never change.

>> No.9062132

it's like fucking vaguely solid air

>> No.9062138
File: 140 KB, 718x745, 1243149155984.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a ghost is fine too.

but im not sure how that work.

i mean, are they solid enough for you to feel anything to begin with?.

>> No.9062141

>269 posts and 43 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.
>ctrl+f Heresy
>1 result


>> No.9062146


stopped reading here

>> No.9062163


Well, they're not externally that attractive. But, if i was the last human on earth or something, i'd definately go for a dolphin female. And that's because, they're intelligent, hairless, clean (they won't be smelling of old dick cheese and shit, as they live in water), have more desirable appearance than any other sentient creature and the most important, a tasty looking vagina which does wonders and won't be covered in shit and cheese.

>> No.9062172

Solidify themselves into an ectoplasmic form. Pretty much a googirl, perhaps?

>> No.9062200

The way I imagine it, you could feel what she's doing to you, but you'd be unable to touch her - so you'd feel her pressing down on you if she was on top, but if you reached up, couldn't grab anything solid.

>> No.9062202


>have more desirable appearance than any other sentient creature apart from humans

>> No.9062208
File: 45 KB, 721x721, 1252833297720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wrap 'em up. Then dryhump.

>> No.9062228
File: 21 KB, 400x400, 1270456047812.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wooo Sergals.

>> No.9062233

would you prefer de-errected?



>> No.9062261
File: 45 KB, 380x247, 1219003021118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Flaccid would work.

>> No.9062267

Fuck yeah Shark Attack up in this bitch.

>> No.9062270

I'm surprised no-one's mentioned that old /tg/ favorite of Lamia.

>> No.9062422

would you fuck rain silves? Cuz I gotta admit...

>> No.9062437


Elves and Demons breeding produces a different species, Fey'ri, I think.

>> No.9062491

Rain Silves? Never heard of them.

Still sticking with Undead girls, though.

>> No.9062508

similar pehaps, but not as solid.

>> No.9062528

Wut? Tiefling is a template.

>> No.9062535

oh i think she is far more likely to fuck/kill/eat you.

>> No.9062555

She's a sergal. Know for raperaperaperaperaperaperaperaperaperaperaperaperaperape

>> No.9062561

wow, what are fey'ri like compared to tieflings?

>> No.9062601

Oh, right, I remember now. I forgot what the original Sergal character's name was.

Either way, no. Those things need to be killed with prodigious amounts of fire.

>> No.9062632

...speaking of headisfulloffuck.jpg...
Could be worse - having seen some man/mare clips, the only thing that came to mind was 'so centaur chicks have an orgasmic output straight out of most hentai OH GOD WHY DID I MAKE THAT MENTAL LEAP *fap*.
Also evidently a human tool CAN bring equine poon off. >>9061317
See above shameful statement.

>> No.9062656
File: 260 KB, 894x782, 857%20-%20forsaken%20forsaken-f%20futa%20troll%20troll-f%20undead%20undead-f%20weapon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If you had to choose between the two.

Left or right?

>> No.9062691


Or rather, Elves and Demons breeding results in Fey'ri in The Forgotten Realms. I don't know about other setting worlds, so you could probably have Tieflings with Elf ancestry.

Gameplay wise Fey'ri have wings, tails, a few extra (Su) abilities, some stat boosts, and a level adjustment of +2 or +3. If you've got access to Races of Faerun, they're in there somewhere. I'd scan the picture from it, but I haven't seen my copy of Races of Faerun since my last couple moves.

>> No.9062707


I saw something like that in that tau report

>> No.9062767


It might be in Monsters of Faerun, now that I think about it. The race is notable for having a variable LA from +1 to +3 depending on which of the demon abilities you choose since some are just nice to have and others are pretty darn good.

>> No.9062772

>this thread

>> No.9062781
File: 31 KB, 334x500, thehorror.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why, /tg/? Why?

>> No.9062827
File: 132 KB, 300x310, 1192232-shepherd_large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm sickened by this.
I've called in a nuke. No more posts will be able to be made. Destruction is imminent.

>> No.9062848

what about sex with a naga?

>> No.9062914
File: 699 KB, 1280x800, FantasyVag.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Welcome /tg/

>> No.9062953

/d/ is smalltime

>> No.9063117

what kind of ass would an elf/tiefling/fey'ri/demon have? Like a white girl, asian girl, or a black girl?

>> No.9063182

Magic hobo.

>> No.9063300
File: 27 KB, 812x609, 1254654196778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9063768

Requested this to be archived :3

>> No.9063901

I would fund the production of a dolphin like vibrating/pulsating/sucking fleshlight.

>> No.9064828


/d/ here. Left. ^_^

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