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Mornin' /tg/

So, I have ideas for two DH campaigns, both of which are homages/shameless ripoffs of kickass movies.

- The first is a simple rip of Crank: One of the Acolytes has been injected with an unknown poison (Stathamis Baldo) and have to get into fights, ram obscura up their nose and generally commit all kinds of minor heresies to stay alive until they find the cure.

- The second revolves around hunting down a rogue Carnifex who, detached from the Hive Mind, confused and gravely injured, is nursed back to health and befriend by a boy and his kickass Adeptus Scraptaculus friend, until the boy is killed in the crossfire as it is hunted by a bunch of Ordo Xenos dudes, at which point it goes all kinds of crazy. Pic related on that one.


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Well, the second is retarded because Carnifexes are barely sentient and Old One Eye is what happens when they detach from the Hive Mind. Make it something less fucking stupid and I'd go for that.

The first would be entertaining, I'm sure, although infecting every acolyte seems like it would be funnier.

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I will screw around with the canon as I see fit if it provides an entertaining game that doesn't go too far off the rails if my players happen to get drunk during.

Relax, daaaarling.

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no cause that would cause every one to start humping each other to keep their heart rates up...do not want.

I think that the iron giant idea could be good....but not with a carnifex....do it with something like.....a dreadnought lost long ago who has no idea where he is or where his battle brothers are, he sees the child as one of his brothers and when threatened will fight to the end to protect him....in truth this dreads legion was declared heretical yet he knows nothing about this.

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...or a titan. A titan. Do it with a titan.

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This. A hundred thousand times this. It has major potential for manly tears if played right.

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Even better, make it from the DAoT and give it some fucking insane weaponry, like the Giant did.

Also, have an expy of that fucker who was chasing Hogarth around, and have him BLAM'd. Dickfence should have gotten it in the original movie.

..."But we're going-"

"To die, Mannsley. For the Imperium."

"Fuck that, I want to live!" *flees*


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I considered this, but spess mahreens in my campaigns all tend to be PATHETIC MORTALS types, so it'd probably go against the grain. Nonetheless I'll consider it, maybe it can be a Salamander Dead, those guys are probably wicked cool.


Nah, that'd just be a case of killing the Princeps and ze Moderati, and they don't have the cute confused robot thing going on. A Wraithlord with a corrupted Waystone might work, I suppose.

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It's both DAWWWWW AND super badass. If you don't do this you will have let us all down.

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I'm not a fan of the titan Idea because it takes too many people to man it, even if all the systems kicked on and ran by themselves, I think from a gaming point of view it would be too powerful to stop and thus would not put it in my game. granted this is what The Iron giant was about, but seriously I think they would notice a colossus towering above their biggest sky scraper.

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larger titans the pinrecps is hardwired into the titan, the moderaiti is then replaced with a servitor or logic engine.

i agree with the DAoT Titan

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The Princeps and Moderati have become integrated into the machine completely (in the manner an Archmagos sometimes is) because their systems began to fail and they were unwilling to abandon the Titan.

A wraithlord could work, but at the same time a human kid is hardly going to matter much to an immortal machine devoted to war. Its ghostsight would have to be all fucked up.

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Iorn giant was about a self sentient machine with an affinity for saving a young child with the aid of his junk yard owning friend. the giant was a GIANT was virtually indestructible and kicked the living shit out of the army more than once.

a DAoT Titan with an AI would fit this scenario perfectly

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I already have a Planetary Governor called Cant Mannslus, he sends in a whole fuckton of PDF guys against this Carni/Dread (probably Dread) and turns the whole thing very public and very SNAFU, and gets blammed the fuck up by my Inquisitor. Shit's awesome, yo.

DAoT? Fuckawesome. Think you can mount a mini-Volcano Cannon on a dread?

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And yes, I'm aware:

>matter much to an immortal machine devoted to war

Applies to Titans too, but they at least are human-made and human-influenced.

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Your games ideas are bad and you should feel bad.

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If it existed in the DAoT, put it on there.

Hell, put Gauss Flayers on the shoulders, a plasma cannon on one of the arms, and some sort of pulse cannon elsewhere. If it exists in 40k and is ridiculously awesome, give it one.

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thanks guys I came up with that shit off the top of my head.

but seriously OP if you go with a dread, make sure that your players can hear him say things like,

"Get...Behind me *insert space marine captain name*"

"*insert chapters name* Shall not... fall this day..."

ect., if you really want manly tears though, have the dread not be a traitor legion dread but a still loyalist, and if it does die have the players meet the space marine that the dread keeps calling the little kid.

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It's Dark Age of Technology technology. You can do whatever the hell you please, so long as it doesn't become Necron LOLTECH.

The most important part is figuring out exactly what in the hell could possibly pose such a threat that a pre-Fall titan feels the need to RAMMING SPEED it. Perhaps an Inquisitorially-requisitioned starship, called in to clear all life off the continent to eliminate all witnesses to the titan's unprecedented supertech.

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Why would a planet go after a Loyalist Dread? Nah, it's gotta be a TL Dread, one of the really old crappy looking Rogue Trader-era ones. Manly tears will still be shed if he thinks the PDF and suchlike attacking him are all heretics and he's the last loyalist.

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granted that the giant was a giant, but there was still area for it to stay hidden a little bit, a titan is fuck huge, and according to all the artwork you can see it on the horizon miles away from the battlefield.

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There are a few ways we can do this, and the choice. Is. Yours.

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yeah, dread from a traitor legion but he is still loyalist

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don't you remember how fucked up in the head dreads are? he could perceive the entire world he is on to be the battle zone he fought in long ago, and if he perceives the child as one of his old brothers in arms I don't see why he could see the rest of the planet as heretics and mutants.

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You're not going to sympathise with a batshit insane dread who thinks he's surrounded by heretics half as much as you're going to sympathise with an only slightly nutty dude who is being mercilessly hunted just for what he is, not his actions. Like the eponymous Iron Giant.

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Is that flier over the titan left shoulder the new blood angel thing? sure as hell doesn't look like a thunderhawk anyway.
Even if the pic is old..

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alright alright, I just thought it would be kind of neat to have a moment of silence as we see a space marine, one who has almost completely forgotten his human side, remember a fallen brother...

go with original plan TL (loyalist) dread protects boy.

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A starship exploded at the docks. Inside the wreckage were found scores of dead bodies, pallets of drugs, and hundreds of millions of thrones. The only witnesses to the event is a Calixian hiver who was horribly hurt in the blast and a crippled man. Before expiring, the Calixian positively identifies the greatest crimelord in the sub-sector as having personally destroyed the shuttle. This elusive man is the target of every Arbitrator and Inquisitor in a thousand light-years, and everyone wants a piece of the action.

In exchange for a merciful death and internment on a shrine world, the cripple has agreed with an Inquisitor Lord to tell everything he knows. The Inquisitor Lord's courier shuttle will arrive in five hours. It is up to the party's acolytes to find out the truth before the cripple leaves the planet forever.

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I really like the second idea, and I think it would lose some of the impact if replaced with a dreadnought. Dreadnoughts aren't scary to players; they might be to characters, but not to players.

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Yeah, I much prefer a self-aware Titan.

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Goddammit I've been through this, a self-aware Titan would still be too big, too powerful and too full of disgustingly non-adorable squishy human bits to function as a manly tearjerker.

It's either the dread, or the carni, which I still think I can jimmy into becoming friendly and tame if it's cared for outside the influence of the hivemind, fuck that butthurt Old One Eye fag.

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I may steal this idea just because most of my friends think nids are cute and cuddly, despite there blood lust....well, especially because of there blood lust.

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maybe use damaged necron tech, strikes me as more Iron Giant-y myself.

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Treasure planet

the treasure is DAoT stuff.

Much better than Iron Giant

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Oh god.

Boy is a psychic null, Necron construct is merely posing as 'Iron Giant' persona to lure him off world and harvest him.

tl;dr - Grimdark Iron Giant

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>not to players
If your players aren't in awe/nervous about a corpse-driven killing machine then something is seriously wrong.

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If I GM that I'm pretty sure my Tech-Priest will shoot herself at the table.

She's pretty unstable.

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SUPER BAD END: Boy sacrifices himself to save necron construct, which immediately begins trying to save valuable biological data from the corpse - i.e. conducting an immediately autopsy.

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Now I cant stop thinking about Vin Diesel saying "EM-POO-ROR!"

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I'm now kinda a fan of this one too.

still not a fan of the carni Idea

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They can be, if portrayed properly.

A carnifex, on the otherhand, just makes fuckall sense. You have to understand that they're not animals, they're things that kill people. Think of it like an automated turret. It just shoots whats in front of it, whether or not the thing it's shooting is the AdMech adept that just fixed up its tripod or not.

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Speaking personally, not only is 'I don't find this scary' (IT'S FICTIONAL, DUH) =/= 'My character doesn't find this scary' but IC, a Dreadnought is a lot more terrifying than a carnifex. It's got range, it's harder to injure and it can think.

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a 10 foot tall, iron plated warmachine, that can break walls by walking through them, crush a normal man to death, and god only knows what else if they have a gun attached, and players are not scared when they learn it's focused on destroying them? what are they smoking and where can I get some?

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Actually, the dreadnought would probably have to be a close-combat configuration- Because without the support of the Admech, where is it going to get ammo for an assault cannon or promethium for a flamer? It might have some left over from its last deployment, but I doubt it would last very long.

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might be interesting to watch it run out of ammo in fight....just throwing that out there.

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"These Heretics are no match for the Emperor's might, Hogarth!"

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"I'm not Horus... I'm The Emperor!"

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ITT Vin Diesel is a Dreadnaught that protects and befriends innocent children.

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and rapes innocent children

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