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Trap thread?

I need good pics of sexy mangonel traps, preferably designed by kobolds.

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A mangonel is an artillery piece that throws burning oil. How is that a trap?

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A trap that involves a mangonel, duh.

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>A mangonel is a trap piece that throws burning adventurers.


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make it look like a toilet, set it to go off if disturbed?

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Seconded. Also baskets of rocks rather than the usual single large rock. But the distinction is a bit arbitrary.

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I like the new traps a lot more than the old.
Punji traps got really boring but the electrified floor trap is awesome. Shame about the LA, though.

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"But then we can't see their faces after we slap on the pink slip and launch them!"

"Well, if we fling them past this camera here..."

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I'll take a dozen.

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What will you do with a dozen corpses and glue traps?

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Glue traps? My dad uses them all the time.
To make sure the rats are dead when he tosses them in the trash, he either steps on them, or pours boiling water on them if he is feeling sanitary.

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lol PETA would love your dad.

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I put it in a bucket and pour ammonia in it to ensure quick problem solution.

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Do you really want to know?

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Isn't it mostly likely that it just pokes you in the thigh or leg with a gem? I mean, orifices are kind of a hard target.

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At which point, the adventurer goes "Cool! Free gem-studded dildo!". Being of /tg/, they then stick it in the nearest available orifice anyway.

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why would the victim approach the crystal anyway

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how else do all these crazy traps not activate or collapse under their own weight?

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I think some sort of halfway sentient (ie miniature golem or mechanical spider) would be better. They would be more effective at inserting themselves and would be a pain (literally) to remove once in place.

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I'll throw them in my neighbour's backyard and call the police. Happy?

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Why is the victim in the dungeon at all? Probably looking for LOOTZ or an exit.
The victim doesn't need to know that the crystal is even there, it could easily be hidden above the ceiling or something.

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I support this thread. More traps please!

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...how underwhelming.

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If you're going to explain it with magic, then why bother having a crystal at all? You could just Hold Person.

(Sometimes, traps just want to cuddle.)

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Not with a few truestriking enchantments on it

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If I had great ideas, I wouldn't be on /tg/ in the first place. Right?

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Because it feels sooooo goooood.

And/or because it's where the MacGuffin/huge pile of gold/whatever they've entered the dungeon/lair/whatever for is.

SURPRISE ENDING: The obligatory dragon guarding the plot device/treasure/thri-kreen porn is also equipped with such a gem. They will be significantly pissed off if you disabled the resonator crystal.

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I... I really want to get caught in this trap.

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just buy a vibrator, they sell them at sex stores

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But do they sell MAGIC vibrators?

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If I was going to home depot to buy mouse traps and saw a protest drawing attention to glue traps I would feel more inclined to buy glue traps than I would regular lethal traps.

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well admittedly the described trap is completely non-magical

but, no, they only sell battery-operated ones

and ones shaped like dolphins or caterpillars

they're kind of cute really :3

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>orifice-seeking gem
>replace it with a spider

>Tali is a romance option
>Pic related

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Not just to rape, but to rape futanari. If you don't have a dick AND tits you can gtfo.

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any chance I could get the source? Maybe a rapidshare link?

No, I have no shame.

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Well, I now know what the FATAL version of the Temple of Elemental Evil is like.

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you COULD look at the filename and use the rapidsearch board on this website.

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my trap

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Is it bad that the Anthlon XP1 computer with a 30gig harddrive is more interesting to me then the harry pothead vibrator.

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Christ, is that the logo for TIME computers torn on the side? It's been at least five years since that thing?

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I don't care if that's male I want to fuck it.

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>caterpillars for sexual stimulation
Goddamn Galaxy of Terror.

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No, it shows you belong.

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Don't mind me, I'm just being the coolest trap seen in the '00s.

We had a laser hallway in Paranoia, come to think of it, only it fired an array of coloured (thus powered) lasers from little holes in the wall when it detected motion. Our party's ill-advised efforts to get past it involved getting it to detonate power packs and blowing huge craters in the corridor, until eventually the DM (still new to it, so don't RAGE, /tg/) revealed that he was railroading a bit for us to use our EMP-bomb-style R&D tech.

It was particular fun in the meantime, though, being the science guy, given that there was a switch panel next to it. While I eventually figured out that it was unrelated, I eventually toggled it until the random pattern went all-red, then told the team to leg it down the corridor before it reset (their red armour providing adaquate protection against such a threat).

Sadly, the savvy bastards threw something else first and saw an orange beam. "Oops."

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>most relentlessly gay

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But... But that can't be male

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Funny, I don't remember it buttsexing the team; just chopping them up into little meaty chunks.

Ah, right, it was a film based on a vidjyagame, so therefore there will be butthurt from those who actually played said game. It's OK---I don't want to think about the Max Payne or Hitman films either.

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Could have been great films based off the game, sadly.

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Actually, Resident Evil was just a bad movie

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I reserve "bad" for the kind of trash which contains Shia LeBouf.

The first Resident Evil was a perfectly average action flick with some iffy pacing and the odd neat setpiece. The sequels are pure wanking off to Mrs Lead Character, though.

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The First Resident Evil was a good movie. The rest were GAY as shit.

You see, let's ake a quick look at the main character, Alice.

In the first movie, she's completely human. She also cares about people. She tried her fucking hardest to save Rain and wouldn't kill her, even though the Red Queen told her to.

In the second movie, Alice is a super powered Goddess of Death. She also tries to kill the black S.T.A.R.S. who's infected as soon as she meets him. A VAST departure from her previous movie behavior. Alice was less of a Resident Evil character then a "My Special Unique Snowflake is better then the established characters of the series."

The third is just gay layered upon shit layered upon ruined potential for Alice Clone Orgy.

In all the games, the heroes are humans, and only the monsters have super powers.

The only way the Resident Evil movies can redeem themselves is if the established characters of the series team up to kill Alice, as she's a monster.

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>uses 'gay' as a pejorative
>nonetheless accurately identifies failing of RE film series
Stop being right and wrong at the same time. It hurts the part of my brain that tries to form opinions of people I will never meet via a point-sample of interaction with them over the Internet. How will I know who to hate?!

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>implying the first RE film was good
You useless dumb faggot. Go watch the Romero trilogy, read the screenplay he had planned for the RE movie, and realise what we could have fucking had.

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Just hate everyone, My Child.

Soon the path will become clear.

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I'm not judging the movie based on what it COULD have been.

I'm judging the movie based on what it IS.

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But what it IS, is flashy shit.

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Like Clash of the Titans 3D?

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Truly, you are wise in the way of the Angry Marines.

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I had a trap that operated like the laser hallway from that movie in a 4e game, just with force damage rather then a laser cutting you up. Was already disabled when the party got there, and the paladin was stupid enough to set it off after calling in the rouge to deal with it. Rouge got out fine, paladin nearly died, and the entire rest of the party was fucked up by it.

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But the most important question...

...did your players get the reference?

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Do you like it /tg/?

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I'm actually watching that movie right now, holy coincidence batman.

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Moar traps please?

I once implemented a system of monster-holding cages on the ceiling that would drop it's payload upon certain triggers. DROP IT LIKE A CARRION CRAWLER!

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I once ran a humorous version of the Cube where it didn't move around and was really more like the Hypercube since the doors sometimes led back to the same room or to different times.

It was fun. But very confusing.

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oh ya. to the point that the party barbarian smacked the paladin and said "If it werent for the likelyhood of zombies attacking us, I would so kill you right now."

plan on having the dungon's Warforged magical security system warn them that "Your all going to die down here." later on.

Hell ya. More creepy traps and good anti trap tactics in that then any other 5 movies.

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I liked the first one. Didn't much care for the others.

Pits, pits, and more pits. I use them all the time. Players are paranoid of even moving.

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Red Queen as a warforged. Love it.

The best bit about her in the film was that she was right, and acting to preserve containment. I wonder if your party has remember /that/.

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Wasn't someone running a PnP campaign based on Boatmurdered? Magma is always an improvement.

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well in this case, lets hope they dont, because the containment in this situation is failing, and its not zombies this time, its a demon thats going to be the BBEG. Not the final boss, but their antagonist. They play it smart, and she wont be very powerful when she escapes, they pull a durp and things could get very messy, even before she lets out Flandre.

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Sometimes the best traps are the simplest. Take a skeleton, lodge a sword between its front left ribs and its back right ribs, sit it up against a wall, as though it had flopped back and died there, and balance an impact explosive on the edge of the blade within the ribcage.

Adventurer sees shiny thing. Adventurer takes shiny thing. Explosive thing on top of shiny thing falls down and goes off when it hits the floor. No save damage for the one that takes it out. Radius hits the rest.

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At what point is it justified to stop trying to rescue a dead friend's body/stuff?

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Bump for awesome traps.

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I say we pour boiling water over your dad. Evil cunt.

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