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Asdrubael Vect watched dispassionately as a pair of incubi manhandled the girl through the doors of his chamber. With deft, practiced movements they strapped restraints around her skinny wrists and ankles, the black leather bands immobilising her against the iron body of a large, X-shaped frame, the room's central feature. As the first incubus stepped off to one side, the second turned his attention to the girl's attire: she felt the cool touch of his gloved hands against her skin as he reached behind her and unfastened the simple gown she had been granted to protect her modesty. With a flourish, her captor whisked the fabric away, exposing her tender, swollen breasts and protruberant belly, which had resulted from the treatment of a particularly deft Haemonculus seven days prior.

Vect's lip curled as he studied her. The girl had been scrawny and unkempt when she was first captured, but days of captivity had added to her grubby appearance. With some effort he arose from his magnificently comfortable chair to cross the room and examine his plaything more closely. As he approached, the girl's limpid eyes met with his imperious gaze for a moment, before she looked downwards. Vect drew his face close to the girl's and she closed her eyes tightly, as if flinching in anticipation of what might come next.

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Cool story bro.

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Fuck off dark eldar fag.

Imperium of man was here.

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"What a miserable creature you are". Vect ran the fingers of his left hand down the girl's chest as, with his right, he grasped a clump of dull red hair, tousling it around his fingers. "You ought to take better care of yourself". He thrust two fingers into the girl's mouth, in the peremptory manner of a dentist. Gently pulling her mouth open, Vect scowled at the sight of her jagged, dog-like teeth.

"Aah". Said the girl, three of Vect's fingers now pressed on her tongue as it worked restlessly. He let his fingers rest there, in her mouth, and the girl looked at him with a confused expression. He withdrew his hand, a flick of his wrist casting off a few flecks of spittle from his manicured fingers. "Those tatoos", he said "don't suit you either". He gestured to the marks of Tzeentch and Nurgle beneath her ribs, then eyed the red striations on the left side of her face.

"I think it is time to start the main event". Vect addressed the Haemonculus who had hitherto stood at the side of his chair, and, with a nod, the pallid figure shuffled over to the restrained girl, drawing a syringe from one of his capacious sleeves. Vect returned to his seat, sighing with pleasure as he sank into the supple leather. The haemonculus knelt in front of the girl, and grasped her crotch. She gasped briefly, appearing to stifle a cry as the haemonculus parted the opening between her legs whilst bracing the cold barrel of the syringe against her inner thigh. Despite her efforts, the trembling of her hands betrayed her apprehension. As the needle approached within an inch of her labia, her nerve broke, and she started to wail:

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"What ees eet hyuu want from ahs? Why are hyuu being so mean to ahs?"

"I wouldn't go to all this trouble", Vect replied, "unless there was a very good reason. Don't you think so? My time is important, you know."

"Baht whee cahn do more for hyuu as a seervant", the girl appealed desperately, searching for any possible escape or delay. "Whee will seerve hyuu! Whee are eager to pleease!"

Towards the end of her plea Vect made a theatrical performance out of wincing and putting one finger in his ear, wiggling it in circles as if to root out some growth.
"That voice", he cried, "I shall have no more of it! Silence her."

Postponing his activities with the needle, the haemonculus stood, looming over the diminutive girl. The haemonculus smiled a thin-lipped grin as he grasped the girl's jaw hard, forcing her mouth open. He produced something from his robes, although the girl couldn't make out exactly the nature of the object due to his swift movements. Her jaw strained against his vice-grip, but she was not able to close her mouth before the haemonculus shoved the red ball gag in her mouth, securing its leather strap behind her head. He took one step back, taking a moment to pause and stare into the girl's watery eyes.

"Mmh", she said, looking at him plaintively.

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No Dark Eldar with ANY brains would fuck with a chosen of slaanesh.

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The haemonculus resumed his previous duties, this time taking a moment to caress the girl's pudenda. After a few dozen strokes of his emaciated fingers the skin around the area had become tender, and slightly pink, as the blood flow had increased. Nodding in approval, he pushed the needle a few inches into the girl's labia in a smooth movement as her thighs trembled. She gnawed uselessly at her ball gag, managing only to produce a few muffled cries and a single strand of drool that dribbled languorously off her chin.

"How long?" enquired Vect.
"Moments", replied the haemonculus, "the wait should be short".

Vect rested his chin on his hand as he watched the girl's distress grow over the space of a few minutes. Initially she seemed to have resigned herself to cease struggling, hanging limply from her restraints, her eyes downcast. A minute or so passed, and Vect noted how she started to shift her weight around as if suddenly uncomfortable, wiggling her pelvis from side to side. It became evident that her discomfort was increasing further as she balled her fists, her toes curling and uncurling. Her breathing became heavy as she made uncomfortable slurping sounds around the ball strapped into her mouth. A few more strands of saliva spilled from around it and spattered onto her breasts. Finally, Vect leaned forward with sudden interest, eyeing her over his steepled fingers as he detected the first signs of movement around her swollen abdomen.

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Cultist Chan in Rapefic


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Who said anyone was going to fuck her?

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The girl had no way to know the transformation that had been quietly taking place inside her during the past week. She recalled the first visitation from the haemonculus, hazy memories of lying in a semi-aware state upon a slab whilst the strange surgeon violated her with his cold instruments. During the week following the procedure the jailors had doubled her rations, and allowed her to sleep for as long as she wished. She had been left relatively alone, although every time when she awoke, the feeling of a cold weight nestled in her abdomen had increased. Currently, whatever the haemonculus had introduced to her womanhood by way of his vile needle was causing her nether regions to churn painfully, her muscles flexing and pulsating.

She felt something give way as her cervix broadened, a smooth shape gently pushing from inside her. Twinges of pain prickled like electric shocks around her pelvis as a hefty mass lurched forward within her. Tears ran down her cheeks. She was consumed with the feeling of the girth of the thing inside her, as it was thrust forward by the relentless contractions of her muscles. She heaved whilst exhaling raggedly, and felt her vulva part as something forced its way out of her. Opposite the room, she saw Vect's eyes widen and a grin spread across his face. The unceasing contractions within her increased in intensity, the dull ache in her pelvis now becoming a searing pain as she let out a muffled cry.

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This makes me feel less bad about writing DD8.... goddammit Anon this better not go where I think it's going.

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"Clank, clank, clank.... To his retinue, these were but the sounds of the failing engine of the Baal Predator. To Tycho, they swept his mind back to a beautiful moment of passion in his life. A time where love had truly bloomed on the battlefield. Against an alien horror, an alliance, and in that alliance, beauty... A greater beauty even than the pickled Nads of Sanguinius... From the pit of his Largamanns Spleen to the bottom of his Oolotic Kidneys, Tycho shuddered... "Clank, Clank, Clank" he whispered..."

"Infinite Hatred, that is what Tycho should have been feeling. Suffer not the Xenos. Purge and destroy... And yet as the sun rose, over the crest of the mountains, it glinted from the perfect form of the leader of the alien horde. Breathless, Tycho observed the beautiful monster stride forth. Without a word, it stared directly into, and through, Tycho's very being. This was not fear. Not hatred. This was awe, and more... And it was reflected in the chromed body of this alien, this creature, this enigma..."

"The two had finally met. Toe to toe, their conflict was a breath away... A laboured, ragged breath... "I should detest you..." Tycho narrowed his eyes at the Abomination. "What foul xenos trickery is this...?" The enemy commander, the so-called Silent King, merely stared back. Deep in his empty eyes, Tycho suddenly understood... He saw a yearning of millenia, a heart long turned to dust, still aching in an imprisoned soul... As the first of the mycetic spores fell about them, Tycho understood... And should he die beside this silver god, it would be a good death..."

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"The basket", Vect barked, apparently apropos of nothing. "Quickly, take your position", he ordered the haemonculus. The pale surgeon rummaged around his chest of equipment, producing, after a few moments, a woven basket lined with a red-and-while chequered cloth. Wasting no time, he once again knelt in front of the now-convlusing girl, proffering the basket to the smooth shape protruding incongruously between her thighs, a promonotory like a blunt-ended, alabaster cone. It eased its way out from the ever-broadening lips of the girl's vagina, its exit lubricated by a thin covering of glistening mucus. The girl was trying unsuccessfully to cry out as the widest part of the smooth object passed from her, fully four inches across. Its cross-section now becoming narrower, it was the work of a few more contractions before it freed itself entirely from her body, landing in the basket with a soft impact, trailing a few thin strands of sticky mucus like a spider's webbing.

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As the rounded shape finally exited the girl's anatomy, the pain started to ebb. Now completely fatigued, her muscles slackened and she allowed herself to hang limp in her restraints, her head lolling to one side, a thin stream of spittle running down her chin. She felt a warmth on her inner thighs as her cervix twitched a few more times, expectorating a small amount of pale pink mucus.

The haemonculus bowed before Vect, and presented him with the basket.

Vect took the basket and rested it on his lap, before reaching inside and gently picking up the large egg cradled within. Freshly-birthed, it was flawless, perfect. The ovoid's marble-like, pale surface was silky smooth to the touch, and it still radiated warmth from the body of the girl who had nurtured it these past days. Vect thoughtfully bit his lower lip as he turned the rounded egg over in his hands, admiring its gentle curvature, and the firm feel of its shell. In an almost fatherly manner, he took the cloth and dabbed away the last remnants of slick mucus from the egg's surface before leering at the exhausted girl.

"I do love Easter".

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out with you

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>Implying that the Dark Eldar have bright red ball gags.

This killed the entire thread.

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Dem DE.

Turning a good Kha-oas lass into an egg generator...

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I don't know, they're probably a fairly kinky bunch.

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why would you waste your time writing that?

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Why u do dis

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