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You know the rules. Post before you save, all that jazz. K go.

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Goddamn! When can I buy that car?

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What you are playing a bargain basement K.I.T.T. ?

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Never. Ford hates Americans, they only make good cars for Europeans and give the yanks shit like the turd known as Mustang.

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The mUstang is a great car asshole.

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What the fuck is the white line along her sword blade supposed to be?

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No, the mustang is shit. Of course, you wouldn't know, Americans know nothing abot good cars.

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No idea. I never actually noticed that before.. probably just aesthetic.

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Mildly animu character portraits (nothing over the top.) are what I like.

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My guess? It's glass. Or interpretive. Or 'red obsidian.' Or they felt like it.

I like red obsidian myself.

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Oh Really?

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Might be the cutting edge of the blade. Someone might've been watching too much Rurouni Kenshin.

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I like over the top

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>>9002268 probably just aesthetic.
It'd better be, because if it's supposed to be a ridge then the geometry doesn't make any sense.

The white line along the blade, not the blade itself.

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That's not a viper idiot.

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Lol, well when I say "over the top," I guess I mean physical appearance. It's totally fine to just be ridiculous and wear Jojo-style clothes in my book, but if PCs in my games look anime-styled, they should usually not be pink haired or blue haired, etc.

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now for something a little less absurd.

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It's the back corner of the blade you're looking at through the transparent blade itself. It's not very well done mind you, since it should angle off towards the point, but that would have required differentiating between cutting edge and flat of blade, which is hard to do with the cel-shading style the artist is using there.

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Ventrues. Amidoinitrite?

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Random bishounen.

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Bump for more

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Bah. Two more after this & I'm done.

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