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My gaming group (DH) just told me we wouldn't be playing tonight because I was half an hour too late. I had to drive a girl home.

The 1 guy who'd take my phone call did sound pissed.

What do?

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a half hour?

Someone is over reacting.

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Where the fuck are you from? Switzerland?

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Don't apologize. At least, not more than once. They're acting pissy for a bad reason, and it's on them.

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find better friends

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Tell them to STFU, and GTFO, becuase their tits are substandard. Then give them the cool face, and tpk the party.

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By chance, are all of your DH players women?

Seems to me like they are

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Sounds like your nerds have issues about your loyalty.

Punch them all in the mouth and tell them to shut up. Then play some Night-Time Blasphemy.

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that is overreacting, i'm late without excuses and no-one bitches at me though. Although it may be because im the only one who can competently GM and do basic math when sloshed.

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Do you make it a common occurrence coming in late because it sounds like they're over-reacting a bit much for a one time thing.

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Are you constantly late? Sounds like you put a straw on the camels back.

Otherwise, you might want to buy some douche bags. Sounds like there are lots on sandy vaginas in the vicinity.

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Yeah. I am late from time to time. But not more then half an hour. I know that's probably not nice, but then again, I don't take gaming that seriously - it's more about being with the people for me (which I thought it was for them, too - seems I was wrong).

A text just came in, apparently, i was 45 minutes too late (too bad noone told me that/when we were even playing tonight, they just arrived here while I still had guests, and told me to get my stuff in 5 minutes, I told them to drive ahead since I was just explaining a friend of mine what to save before he wipes my PC, long story - writing from my laptop now).

Well, since they didnt give me any time, apart from that 5 minute thing, I don't feel like it's that bad. But I still feel a little guilty. I like playing DH.

Then again, they didn't tell me they drove off and let me cross the whole city again before I had to call ALL of them to get ONE of them to answer the phone and tell me it's off.

It was fucking cold and I had 4 frozen pizzas in my right hand as I waited for them to answer the door.

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So, what? Should I feel bad/angry, beg for forgiveness/laugh at them because the best job they had in their life so far was either military service/working in a sex shop?

I'm really quite unsure how to deal with this situation.

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shameless self-bump

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double bump

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Shitty group.

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Establish *why* they are pissed. The ZOMG HALF HOUR LATE doesn't cut it. There has to be something else.

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Wait, you bring the food too? Those asshats got no reason to throw a shit-fit, guy who brings foods is bro-tier, who cares if he's late

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Truth. Food-bringers are some great bros.

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yeah ...

fuck them find a new group

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Your gamers sound like total faggots. Ditch them and advertise for a new group, with demo screenings. I.E you make some starter campaign with pre-gen chars and run it for a while testing them with different circumstances.

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Sounds like they've just had enough of you turning up late. Yes, they are over-reacting, but shit like that does get on your tits if it happens more than a few times. Give them a little time to cool off, apologize, try to be more organised.

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(in life circumstances not game circumstances)

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Though good christ, if someone is 45 Minutes late, you CALL them and find out where the hell you are. Well my group would..we're pretty inefficient with our time even when ALL of us are together though.

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Fuck all of their sisters to get back at them.

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I'm really fracking organized in my everyday life (studying laws, it's kinda tough if you aren't).

I don't feel like beeing all "oh shit" over a hobby like that. It's not like you can't play after the sun set or anything.

Plus they never give me any specific time to work with. Often, they just say "tuesday", only to not even hint if we're going to start early or something, just call (like they did yesterday) and say "yo, we're going to start in half an hour".

I, too, didn't even know playing yesterday was up for discussion.

Even if I would care more about not beeing late, it don't see why I should be "on the ready" for hours to come.

Also, I always bring food/snacks. Even more when I'm late. I like those guys.

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These guys sound like dicks. If I was that late they'd ring *me*. Hell, we've had people who are later. What do we do? We go on ahead. The DM can bullshit a reason about it and have them catch up somehow later.

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Oh. Then they're a bunch of douchebags. If they can't give a concrete time in advance then they shouldn't throw a hissy fit when you can't make it.

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To get to the point why I'm asking.

I don't wanna be mad for no reason. I could tell beforehand what my reaction was gonna be.

First I'm really sad because I felt like I've done something wrong and robbed everyone of their fun.

Then I get angry and see that it's not all my fault, and it's just not nice to snap over a hobby.

I'm at stage 2 right now.

But I'm trying to consider everything before I let out anger like that. Am I not taking roleplaying serious enough? Are they taking it too serious?
Is coming late really that big of an issue? Is them not telling me an exact time beforehand that big of an issue, too?

I'm sorry if I get on your nerves, /tg/, but I'm really bad with things like this.

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m-m-m-multibump (shameless-ess-ess...)

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ultra bump?

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hate to break it to you bro but you sound like a bitch.

Next time they want to game be like "No. We'll do it at such and such a time when I know I have free time, if you don't like that then gtfo!"

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what? they couldn't wait a half-hour?

I've made my group wait about 2 hours once.

Admittedly I own all the gaming books but still.

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I probably am. Thanks for beeing honest & that advice, I might just pick up on that.

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They sound like they're not worth the time to be honest, but if you really want to keep gaming with them, tell them that they can't expect you to drop everything in 5 minutes because they want a game. It really isn't that hard to agree upon a time to meet up. Otherwise, find a new group.

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It sounds like you are a consistently late douchebag. No wonder they are sick of your ass. Seriously, if you know you are playing in a game that meets every week at 6pm, then fucking be there at 6pm.

It is not a matter of taking the game seriously enough, it is a matter of respecting your fellow players/GM. You have consistently showed that you do not.

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Speak with them.

Find out why they are pissed about it. Explain it isn't SRS BSNS to you.

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Thank you for not reading past the first sentence.

Now please get out and take your fail with you.

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>Plus they never give me any specific time to work with
>Also, I always bring food/snacks
If you're serious, you fail at life. If you're trolling, you only wasted six of my seconds. GTFO noob.

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I'm not good at talking about that kind of "serious" stuff. I could list some reasons, but this is kinda the internet, so what point would there be? (pics or it didn't happen, just buckle up fag etc)

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They were probably planning to gang-rape you that night.

You dodged a bullet there, op.

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Ever heard of a fridge and a good supply of snacks? I just wrote I was holding 4 frozen pizzas!

Oh wait, I think I just got trolled....

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I don't think that's the issue. Even though none of them has a gf except for me (still, THE INTERNET, so in b4 "hand, etc").

Wait, shit. You may be right!

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Any more advice?

I know this is a bit stupid, but getting advice from here really makes me feel a bit better over this whole thing.

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Listen op. There's probably a lot more to this than you're letting on. if they're being douches just because you were late for 30 minutes (Shouldn't matter if it's not too often and under 30 minutes or so) then move on. You can get a better gaming group. Seriously. The world is fucking infested with gaming groups.

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Give it till the session is over. Call them (Next day or something) apologize once and play it by ear. If they're still being cunts fuck 'em and get another group. Seriously.

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>had to drive a girl home.

No you didn't. You should have dropped that shit for DH

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>lol, only wimminz do irrational stuff

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>had to drive a girl home.
Grandma was cranky and tired?

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Thank you all.

I've come to decide on the following:

Instead of the "fuck you all, I lead a life that's fine without role playing games and if you decide to take that more serious then friendship (the telling me about it beeing off instead of letting me drive through the whole city and freeze) then screw you to hell and back", I'll (most likely) apologize.

I really have some issues beeing on time the next time though (since it is kinda approving of their "plan"), but I will try to get myself to show up 10 minutes before we are going to start.

I will probably be a dick if we don't start immeadiatly.

Oh, also, I'll only work with exact times from now on. Meaning "6 PM" will be fine, "evening" won't.

If they decide to be all serious-face about a hobby like that, I'll leave.

There's a lot of bonus-info I didn't give out by now, like me driving 6 hours every 2 weeks just to spent time with them, but all in all, your advice was really helpful, thank you.

If you see anything wrong with my conclusions, feel free to tell me. I'll hang arround in this thread for a while longer.

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Never, ever put a girl before DH.

Be early.

If you're bringing food, don't take shit from anyone.

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Not op.

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No. My best pal came by to take in my PC (which needs a good old fashioned wipe, thank you kindly vista), and had a female friend with him. Driving him home only took 5 minutes (I couldn't let him carry the PC he's gonna fix for me, now could I?). But his friend lived a good deal outta town, so I drove her, too, saving her a good 2 hours of waiting in the cold.

She wasn't my type, but I did it as a favor for my best pal.

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well ..definately don't bring any fucking snacks ... get some pick up for yourself before you go

they'll be mad at themselves for pissing off the guy who brings food "just cause"

maybe bring something nice for yourself and fuck them don't share

it's nice and petty and passive aggressive ..
I wouldn't show up early and give them shit if they don't start on time yet .. that's too hypocritical

give it a few weeks on that one

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This. If they're gonna be cunts about you showing up late and taking teh fun out of a ame then hey can get their own fucking food.

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They'll probably just go like "hm, LUNCH TIME" and then cut off the game in the middle and get something to eat from the store arround the corner.

The only reason I brought stuff was because I felt like it was beeing a nice gesture.

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Hmpf, I'm seriously fighting the idea of telling them "ok, you can do that, but if this takes more then 20-30 minutes, I'll just drive off".

I guess I'm still beeing angry...

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Well call up the most reasonable one of the bunch and go over what's pissing you off about the situation and find out what colossal bug crawled up their collective ass

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rolled 14 = 14

Rolling Friend Check.

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Looks like they'll be understanding!
Talk to them, OP!

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Hm... I think there's no harm in trying... as long as I don't talk to the "I know everything better and slept with all the rulebooks yet that does not suffice I'm writing my own system since 3 years now"-guy.

It's gonna be tough though. I have a really hard time talking about "serious" stuff that concerns me.

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Hahaha... ok. Who am I to oppose the d20?

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Just tell them teegee thinks they're all faggots.
They'll come around.

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Your best bet is to probably just try talking to them, its better to try and address an issue and get it out in the open than to be a passive aggressive bitch about it. Yes, they were being whiny cunts from the sound of it, but don't be one back just to spite them. Especially if you actually want to continue playing with them, its a great way to ruin friendships, I would know.

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/adv/ is that way ----->

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You're like 70 posts too late in the thread faggot.

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It's never too late for faggots.
This is /tg/.

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Well, but from where I see it, they could've just called me at least when they decided I was too late.

That they didn't showed me they didn't value our friendship over their "anger" or whatever. It's the direct opposite for me, which is kinda why I was getting other opinions on this here.

But I don't feel like putting my bet on a friendship that can't wether me beeing late on a gaming session.

Err, hang on, I knew I wanted to make a point in here somewhere.

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Would have posted it in /adv/ if even 5% of /adv/ would know what a "gaming session" or "DH" is about. This is something only fa/tg/uys understand.

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Kill them, rape them, and fashion a sweater/shirt from their neck beards to display your glory to all.

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I can understand that, but this is probably, like someone else said earlier, the the last straw that broke a camels back. That is at least part of the reason why I'd say try and find out why people are pissed before just giving up on the friendship. Though if there is apparently no deeper reason than you being late, it makes them sound like its not worth the time.

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... they all have a kinda stupid beard, might if I take those instead?

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Good point. What might seem like an over-reaction to me might be an accumulation of events in the past and therefore be justified.

I'll try to talk to the most "rational" guy in the group about this.

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... and thats why you're bumping it. Dealing with latent homosexuality much?

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Find a new gaming group. Your current one sounds incredibly butthurt and anal, and not fun to play with.

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