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Lets get some pics/converison of Cadian Officers/Commanders

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that is an interesting idea. giving your officer a sheild.>>8986892

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I always loved this pic.

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someone post their IG models

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I admit, I really like this one- where'd the parts come from?

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Got to admit, LOVE OP's image. What does the text say?

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who is Lukas Bastonne?

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Comes from the Cadian Command Squad box.

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He is a Nobel born Cadian Officer, who became the poster child for the Cadians. He also has a photographic memory and memorized all the tactics, he also cannot forget anyone who served under him. it is rumored he carves their names on his body.

In game he's a Veteran Squad Sergeant who is able to issue orders to his squad.

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sounds like a hardcore motherfucker to me

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That is fucking awesome

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He once went through all hell itself to find a member of his squad who had gone MIA back to friendly lines.

Turned out his subordinate had caught TEH NURGLE in the process though, so he had to put the poor bastard down like a horse with a broken leg.

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sauce on this awesome story?

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just in case you really don't know, it's built using the standard parts from the cadian command box

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The IG codex

I actually like the characters in it, which is odd for me

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Seriously, sauce now. God damn

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The 5th ed. Imperial Guard Codex.

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I like how just about every human hero that has seen some front line action is some scarred up, disfigured, barely human creature.

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damn I might have to get it and start playing warhammer again


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What are his shoulder-pads made of?

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Pretty sure this counts as "Cadian"

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Its not like they are the Cadian 412th or anything like that.

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Goes with the "we have guns but somehow always end up in swordfights" territory of the GRIMDARKFARFUTURE.

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i think the Valkyrie gunners have them

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Looks like they're from the Baneblade commander sprue

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Hey, shut up, I haven't played that game in months!

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There are a few different types, including bare ones. The shadowsword box might have them as well.

also, this thread is making me want to buy guard again. fuck.

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>humans that aren't Catachans survivng CC

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Pretty sure this is a Scriptarius job

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One of the namefags of old. A converter that was both decently skilled and churned out models at a decent rate.

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The best bit is how him rescuing the guy is hyped up to be some awesome propaganda "we don't leave our men behind for those Chaos fuckers."

Of course, the guy being dropped like a bad habit was left out of the FATHER IMPERIUM IS BEST dataslates...

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Decent? He's the best converter /tg/ has! Ask for his Angron one of these days

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IG officers are my favorite characters. nameless, faceless cogs in the machine dear to their subordinates' hearts.

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My God, I must buy this model

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Dammit, I wobble too much. Add I can't be arsed to put them all on my desk or something.

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Why is there a Necron on the far right?

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Student exchange program.

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Nice pics, man. Big army. Is that the GW or Forge World Baneblade?

Also, since this is a guard thread, I'm debating whether I should go Death Korps or Steel Legion with my next army. Opinions?

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ha, is cost an object?

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My Lord or Regular Commissar

Too poor to get the awesome Lord Commie model.

So I compensated by making this my first (and best) attempt at layering.

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This is only half of it, the rest is Witch Hunters.
And that's the GW Baneblade.

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Are those Priests or Psykers?

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>too poor

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Psykers are heretical.

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Well, more like "too many other expenses". Every time I get my paycheck, I say to myself 'whatever's left when I get my next check is going into modelling'. And I have...$10 left. That won't even cover shipping and handling.

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Are those bits from the Knights Errant and Man-at-arms kits OP?

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Oh, good.

I'm converting me a Psychic Choir using those very same models. I'm even going to be able to reuse my old Conscripts Sergeant as their overseer. He has a whip. For overseeing.

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No, not really. I mean, I'm not going to spend a ton of money, but I did the calcs once and a decent DKoK army would cost the same a mechanized Daemonhunters force, both at 1,500 points. $500, basically.

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Pretty soon I'm going to throw a bunch of them together, arm them with lasguns and use them as conscripts.
A horde of frenzied Imperial citizens joining an Inquisitors crusade.
I just need round bases without slots. And GW doesn't seem to sell them anymore.

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When I look at that figure, hear this:

Trooper: "Are we there ye--"
Sergeant Krom: "It wasn't funny the first fifteen Emperor-damned times!"

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See, when I look at it, I see him singing "LOVE IS A BATTLEFIELD"

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"I don't know, but I been told
Daemonette pussy be mighty cold!"

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this, this, this

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Two of my Cadian Sgt. there. Badass McBeardface and Buzzcut McGee. As you can see they have bolters. Meaning they are not useless with the current guard codex. I haven't painted or played a game since its release.

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