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post them if you got them, +10 points for Raege

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We'll show these FILTHY ALIENS what Imperial Guard are made of!

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horny strumpet is my favourite admech OS

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No.8980491 one of my favourites that one

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>hes so new, he doesnt know how to link posts!
click the post number bro.

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>protip, they all have the same face

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No.8980544 i know that, but it does not work while i'm on the ps3

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some eldarchick

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Who's that one really?

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looks like Raven

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Hove some Imperial

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Is this heresy?

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Not sure where you found that, but I'm pretty sure it's a recolor of this one. Should be Macha, from the DoW series.

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That's EXTRA heretical.

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got any Commissar Raege?

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from some webcomic, farseer who has sex with an inquisitor, I think john made a fic about that

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found that one with google search a few months back

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No.8980917 << link plz

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Drawfag here. Which imperial guard regiment should I draw her as? (obivously not Mordian steel legion, they would never smoke or even lay down like that to smoke)

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to the fic or webcomic?

I have neither

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Disgraceful Kai's

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anything but cata-chan
jesus christ, gappy ginger hillbilly bastards.

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No.8981009 << KRIEG! DO KRIEG

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Valhallan, cute drunk russian chick

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If you want to do it manually enter:

> > NUMBER (remove the spaces and you are good to go)

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Kanak Skulltakers

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Vostroyan. Love me some pale, icy women in furry hats.

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>>8981126 testing

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gah i need a ps3 keyboard, it would be SO much easier

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hope that was for me for that it will be

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good luck then

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Thread needs moar Eldar.

pic related, a sexy banshee

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Dumping some.

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agreed, need moar eldar

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Posting a few I didn't see here. Almost reposted a few that were here.

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I was the one who /r/ this from a drawfag.

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I'll dump a few more uncommon ones then I'm out.

Flood detection is annoying me.

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And because I feel like posting this one.

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could you draw a Praetorian after the Valhallan?

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What a cute gnome...

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Duplicate file entry?


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Name's Circle A, this is his page

You're welcome.

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last one I got.desu~

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No Tallaran wimminz? That's odd, cinsidering persian babes are smokin' hot. Pic very related

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looking good so far

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fuck year, Shira Calpurnia!

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only those two, I have

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uuurgh I am stuck at that face. having fucking trouble with it...

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Dem proportions.

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I thank you good sir, I hardly ever see anything Tallaran-related.

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>>+10 points for Raege


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excellent drawing

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Needs Moar stupid sexy banshee ASS.

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looking good so far

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Aaaaaaaaaand done :)

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awesome, you done for now or can you draw a Praetorian aswell?

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Nah Im done, waay to late over here.

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Were I at home, friend, I would draw something for you. Raege certainly is a wonderful character to work with.
Alas, I am not, and so I ask you be contented with awesome Cross's art.

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fucking awesome

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I don't know, the fact that Raege (how the hell is that supposed to be pronounced? Rage? Reggae? Raig?) would be old enough to be at least my grandmother freaks me out a bit.

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I always pronounce it Rage.

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i have to go now, hope you enjoyed the thread, stick around an thanks to DrawfagDwarf for his contribution

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That's a techpriest, not a servitor.

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anyone got any Praetorians?

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Nope, those are mustache chicks, unless you want a CF one

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Warhammer girls.

Do you have ANY idea what you've done?

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female UM
Guaranteed Replies

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Isn't that just Saber in power armour?

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I'm sad nobody has made a Valhallan girl.

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I stand corrected on the Valhallan girl statement

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Here's 20 points of raege

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Indeed, I must check DeviantArt BEFORE stating there are no images of female Valhallans

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This thread is worthless without Private Jubblowski.

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Logical conclusion of female Imperial Guard regiments...

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And that's all I have of Pvt. Jubblowski.

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This thread needs more jeanstealer.

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Sure is HERESY in this th--


... proceed.

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Oh, hey, more Jubbs! Feel free to share more if you have. :D

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only one i had

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Her vision swirled back from absent darkness, eyelids fluttering. It took long moments for things to slowly process, with the aching pain in the back of her head. She remembered being ambushed trying to snatch some jeans. Nice, blue color too...They had taken no chances, one deciding to hit her with the butt of his gun. Her awareness had faded then, quite suddenly. In desperation, she reached out to the collective mind of her kind - and got no response. She was too far.

She was also bound, she soon found out.

In fact, her feet were barely touching the floor. The chains had her suspended from the ceiling, which she couldn't surmise the height of. When she tried to move, her arms ached in protest, a soft whimper leaving her lips...Well, as much of a whimper she could get out past the gag. Even as she worked her teeth on the material, it didn't give - she'd be at it for hours if she tried. Why capture her? She hadn't hurt a single one of their men in her quest for pants, she couldn't figure a reason for her capture, unless they were planning on killing her at their leisure. Little tears welled up in her eyes, but quickly fell as she gave a sudden jolt - she wasn't alone.

The Inquisitor strolled forward from his seat in the darkened corner of the room. He'd been waiting for her to stir, deciding to take a break after having to rig up an extra pair of manacles - it wasn't often one took a Tyranid prisoner, much less a Genestealer. He decided the gag had been a good idea as well...With the fear in her eyes, he wouldn't be surprised if her first reaction was to bite.

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She was a curious thing, an obviously female body, something odd in the mostly genderless-appearing race. It even went so far as to have breasts, or what passed for breasts. Probably extra biomass storage for longer forays. They were smooth...Reaching out, curiously, he took one in his gloved hand. She squirmed in protest, either unused to the contact or just scared out of her wits. This only drove him to grab a tighter hold on her, squeezing - it was as soft as any normal one, though they were that pale color genestealers had beneath their chitinous armor. Almost encouraged, he took the other in his free hand, feeling them as the creature alternately growled and whimpered. Looking up, he saw she was blushing.

Almost cute, for a xenos. Her protests echoed hollowly off the walls as he continued this odd interrogation. Her 'skin' was as soft as any humans', not counting the chitinous armor and strange coloration of it all. Warm as well, he noted as he finally slipped off one glove and applied it to her skin. He traced the smooth curve of her chest, down to her hips, pausing where the armor began once more. He shouldn't be toying with the xenos. He should be interrogating it about its strange behavior, if it even spoke, or killing it, or...

The frail little thing squirmed again, chains rattling as it tried to break free. Some saliva, or what passed for saliva for a genestealer had slipped free from the corner of its mouth as it strained against the bonds. If it was this human - human enough to blush and squirm, or even to pretend to have a semblence of humanity or modesty...just how human was it, overall?

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He went to the side of the room, giving the creature a moment's respite before she realized what he was doing - the chains lowered her feet to the ground, giving her shaky footing. The chains on her arms let her slip forward slightly, then pause, slightly bent over. She glanced back at him, and he gave her only the slightest of smiles.

Striding forward with confidence now, he peeled off the last leather glove he wore, exhanging it for a much thinner and sleeker pair of rubber gloves. Best not to take any chances...some xenos were known to be poisonous, acidic, all kinds of threats. She had a curious expression at first that widened into fear once more when she saw him approach. He could tell she was tiring - her struggles were faint, at this point, though the embarrassed blush and slight shivering remained. "Don't strike, xenos scum," he murmured just softly enough for her to hear. "Or I will kill you." He didn't want to get lashed with that tail, and well...it had seemed almost rude to force it up. Gingerly, his hands rose to her rear, caressing the smooth curve before slipping between her thighs.

Warm. From the front it had appeared covered with armor, but once bent over it was exposed - much like a human, he surmised as his finger slid along her slit. The lips were warm and seemed almost puffy, but his thoughts were getting absent. She was struggling in an odd fashion - twitching, soft sounds escaping her throat as he explored. Curious, wondering if it was just like...He brushed his finger against a small bundle of flesh, giving her a moment to breath before sliding his finger against it, with slightly more pressure. True to form, it stiffened, tail unnaturally rigid. Encouraged, he plunged a finger inside, feeling, pressing for any teeth or obvious danger...nothing, besides her small cries and movements. He couldn't resist any longer.

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Sliding the finger free from her wet folds, he tossed the gloves to the side of the room, not caring where they landed. It took only a moment for him to pull his erection free from his pants, sliding his member against the smooth flesh of her ass before dipping slightly, pressing the head to her now slick, wet lips. Before she got a moment to protest further, he thrust inside in one smooth stroke, his captive giving a short strangled cry.

His breath caught, as did hers. Her muscles clenched and tensed, relaxed and rippled inside - almost trying desperately to keep him inside, a sound almost like a moan coming from the xenos captive. Whether from pain or pleasure, it didn't register as he began near mercilessly slamming into her bound body. The slap of skin to skin, the whimpers and moans filled the previous eerie silence. Hands tight on her waist slid up to grab her breasts, pulling her back as her legs slowly spread to accomodate the thrusts. His mind quickly clouded with pleasure as the captive was bounced over and over again on his dick, breasts alternately squeezed and allowed to bounce with the motion of their bodies, her eyes rolling slowly up as her tongue squirmed to be free of the gag.

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He could tell by now she was getting something out of this - she wasn't fighting, instead struggling to keep herself steady, holding the very chains that bound her for support as he pressed deeper and deeper into her tight walls. Saliva had formed a small trail down her chest, not to mention the slick wetness between her thighs. This was surely heresy, a voice somewhere in his mind told him. But at this point, it barely mattered. She was writhing, hips pressing back to force him further, sounds unintelligible as they left her lips. Twitching, tensing, he almost felt the need to tease the sensitive little creature, pulling back to force her to work harder before thrusting ahead, jamming in tight. Still, he couldn't keep it up forever, try as he might.

Her cries reached a high pitch, her body squirming and twitching within and without as his pace became heated with his own desire and lust. Tears welled up in the corners of her eyes, her body seemingly acting of its own accord as she strugged and pulled, tense with unknown pressure until it suddenly released. Her breath caught and hitched, her fingers released the chains before grabbing them once more, catching herself as the orgasm wracked her body and mind with pleasure. Her motions, her soft cries and moans, this final tight squeeze was all he needed as he pushed into her body one last time, teeth clenched as he released his seed deep inside of her. As he body slumped, he pulled free, sighing with satisfaction.

Pulling a lho-stick from the pack on the table, he lit it and stared at the once more unconsious creature. More could be done with her, and he silently cursed himself for being unable to hold back. Well, there was always next time...A small smirk pulled at his lips as he lowered the chains, letting the female xenos rest on the ground, for now. Yes, there was much more fun to be had with his new pet.

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Tankred awoke. Not to the normal monotonous chanting of robed technophiles. But something his long inactive brain insisted was much, much better.

Giggling intermingled throughout the darkened engineers bay along with the gentle hum of machinery.

Under a single lone light, on top of a hastily cleared engineers desk sat a single sister of battle. Tankred frowned mentally as he noticed her top half was devoid of robe, a breach in imperial regulation right there! He waited for the familiar white hot rush of rage to fill him but instead felt a numbing sense of calm. His brain gave him yet another nudge and he was reminded that in his past life, he would have thoroughly enjoyed this.

The sister of battle had her head turned upwards eyes closed, biting her lip to stop herself from making anymore noise. Her exposed breasts moved up and down with a firm, hypnotic rhythm that even Tankred found hard not to stare at, hips grinding slowly on the table.

Her lips parted for a second to let out a quiet, satisfied moan and then Tankred spotted the second sister. She was planted on her knees firmly, hands gripped on her companions hips, face head down.

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Tankred's was pretty sure this constituted heresy of some form but couldn't bring himself to stop them. He would watch them further. If only to document their vile act in its entirety.

His willed his on-board visual encoder on. It came on with a quiet beep that was lost amidst the growing noise the pair where making. He set it to record. For proof of acts most heretical.

It began to whir just as the sister on the table lay back on the table, back arched. She moaned once and before she could do it again, bit her lip firmly again, drawing a drop of blood.

The other sister came up from the floor, a wide grin on her face. She used her fingers to continue the work her mouth had been occupied with. She brought herself up onto the table, legs spread to allow Tankred a clear view. He was pretty sure that anyway you cut it, what she was doing with her hand was enough to warrant exterminatus.

She laid her own body across that of her shuddering sister, holding her firm to the cold steel table top. She brought her face to hers and using her tongue licked another drop of blood from her companions lips before kissing it fiercely. She withdraw her hand, dripping wet, and pinned the other sister down. The table began to shake violently.

As he watched them grind each other his brain fumbled. It was pretty sure something was supposed to rise in this situation but rage seemed hardly appropriate. So it improvised.

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*The above is a spoiler*

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An inactive light came crashing down to the floor as a single fist whipped up with a speed Tankred was unused to.

He watched both women jump off the table. In a matter of moments both had donned their robes off the floor and were looking sombre again. It was done so fast Tankred deduced this was something they had practised before. Only a widening puddle under one of the sister's robe was proof of what had conspired.

They looked at him apprehensively. "Maybe he's broken?" One ventured. The other shook her head. "They don't break."

He managed to bring down his fist.

"And he's definitely active." She scowled. The other one, more timid, blushed. "Did... did he-"

The other one noticed the blinking encoder. She laughed. "Not only that, he's been recording us."

The timid one let out a despairing moan.

Tankred hurried to switch the thing off, but in his haste did something far more damaging.

His fist began to vibrate as actuator motors malfunctioned. However, it didn't crackle with a deadly nimbus. Power lines showed it wasn't hooked up appropriately. His brain cackled in delight as he tried desperately to shut it off. No use, it was locked in combat mode.

Both sisters looked shocked but slowly, their grins returned.

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The commanding one led the timid one to his fist. She began to rub her through her robe, eliciting yet another groan.

"St-stop!" The timid one cried though she made no real move of resistance. The other one grinned wickedly.

"You've been a bad girl. And bad girls, are punished."

Tankred almost chimed in with the cliché 'The Emperor wills it!' but felt this was neither the time nor the place.

She pushed her sister onto the stubs that fashioned Tankred's fist. She placed one nub on each breast, the last to the crotch. The victim struggled half heartedly but the drool from her now open mouth and the wet gleam on her thigh told Tankred he was far from done.

The commanding sister, far from content, attacked her from behind. Tankred felt the sensor on his finger stubs report a further hardening of the nipples. Any harder and you could've cracked a space marine on them.

The timid one, stuck between Tankred and her would be battle sister, was lost in a sea of ecstasy. She had given up completely on trying to keep silent and only shortness of breath kept her from screaming in delight.

The violent vibrations carried through the one body into the next, a fact not lost to the other sister who had pressed herself tight against her shuddering comrade.

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Tankred noticed that she too now had wet thighs and was struggling to keep her own moans in check. In a rare flash of opportunity, he moved his top two stubs out of position. He rose the other one, offering it to them like a seat.

Ah well, better they were closer so he could document it in more detail.

This time the timid one took the lead. Mounting the stub, she pulled the other sister on. Both discarded whatever robing hadn't already fallen off and both held tight to each other, kissing at each other passionately.

Tankred noted that his stub was getting increasingly wet now that the two had mounted his finger like a saddle horse. He would have to get that cleaned.

They gripped tightly to each other, both breathing heavily, mouths locked. They separated suddenly, mouths forming a silent moan that went unheard but not unnoticed. Tankred noticed a sudden influx of fluid on the finger stub.

Tankred felt something he hadn't felt in a long time. His brain called it satisfaction.

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Hope you don't mind me cutting it off at the GOOD END
The artillery tore into the earth and created a firestorm as far as the eye could see. Guardsman Serghar Lethe stumbled across the broken ground of no-man's land, the enraged shouts of Commissar Horasho quickly swallowed by the thundeous noise of the all encompassing explosions. He'd done it. After ten years of service in the Guard, four of those with the Nihotosk 34th Infantry, he'd finally committed the ultimate sin; abandoning his post. Running from the enemy in a brazen display of cowardice, dodging the vengeful las shots of the Commissar as he fled into the firestorm. Guilt welled up inside him even as he continued his terrified flight through the broken terrain. But what else was he meant to have done? Any second now one of the friendly basilisks was going to drop a shell right into the crater where Fourth Platoon was sheltering. He was far better off trying to escape the fire zone. For the first time in eleven years, though, he was free. He hoped it was worth it.

>> No.8995473

They'd been fighting Tau. It had been going poorly, to say the least. Whilst the agile enemy tanks and battle suits had been slaughtering the bulky Imperial Armour all along the road, the infantry had been attempting to break through the Tau's lines in the muddied fields to the east of the causeway. For ten weeks. Something had given, however, and suddenly the Tau and Imperial lines ceased to exist. There were enemies everywhere, along with friendlies, with no clear line of battle or indication of which way the fight was leaning. HQ had panicked, insofar as Serghar could tell. They'd sent out a blanket vox message thirty minutes ago to all units telling them to pop green smoke so that the spotters could plan out fields of fire for the banks of artillery several kilometres away from the confused mess that the frontline had become. The idea was that the Guard units would batten down, protected from the barrage by the smoke signals, and the precision artillery would destroy the enemy. Fine in theory, with one small problem; they hadn't been issued with green smoke, or smoke canisters of any kind. So there weren't any safe zones.

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You better take this to the end.
This one rules, especially the dickshot.

>> No.8995500

As Serghar ran, he realised through the fog of war and explosions that the terrain seemed familiar. He knew he was running parallel to the 'line', and felt a moments disorientation as he tried to figure out why it all looked familiar. Then it hit him. He spotted the entrance to an abandoned communications dug out; this had been the front line, where Fourth Platoon had been. Four weeks ago. They hadn't even managed to advance more then a metre in a whole month. Serghar laughed hysterically, making a beeline towards the dug out. The entire war was a joke! At least now he would be safe. He'd take shelter, wait out the fire storm and then emerge, linking up with friendly forces as, he suspected, the only survivor of the entire battalion. He closed the distance between him and the dug out, dodging around the occasional near-miss of artillery. His luck held out... ...until he was just outside the dugout. A shell smashed into the dirt a few metres away from him. The earth seemed to lift beneath his feet and tossed him into the air, hurling him headlong into the dugout. Serghar managed to roll so that he wouldn't break his neck, but struck the dirt wall of the rough bunker hard enough to cause a concussion and break a rib. He grunted, falling to the floor. He was safe. Then, just before he passed out, he looked up and saw the Tau.

>> No.8995512

Serghar drifted back into conciousness. He was sitting against one of the side walls of the dugout, his flak armour sitting nearby, along with most of his kit. He looked around blearily, then snapped wide awake as he remembered the Tau. He looked around and spotted it immediately; the Xenos was squatting on the far side of the dugout, staring at him with an unreadable expression on it's blue face. Serghar glanced around for a weapon – there were none. He'd dropped his lasgun so as to be able to run faster when he'd made a break for it, and his laspistol... His laspistol was sitting in the dirt next to the Tau. Serghar swallowed nervously. He glanced down and realised that his chest didn't hurt; white bandages were wrapped around his naked torso and a xenos looking device was attached to the spot where he'd felt the rib break. “You...you did this?” he asked. The Tau looked at him blankly, cocking it's head slightly. Serghar gestured to the bandages. “You healed me. Why?”

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I don't fap to BAD ENDs
The alien seemed to understand. It uttered something in it's alien tongue; Serghart winced at the heresy of it, recognising only one word; 'Tau'va'. It was the same phrase the Fire Warriors shouted during close quarter engagements, some kind of battle cry or oath, he supposed. This Tau didn't seem to be using it in that context, however. And it's voice was...different. The Fire Warriors generally seemed to have deeper, throatier tones whilst this one had a lighter voice. Serghar took a good look at the alien; it suddenly dawned on him that it was smaller, slighter then the soldiers he'd faced before. It wasn't wearing the heavy armour either; it had some kind of bullet proof vest, of similar design to their normal carapace armour. But it was clear that this Xenos wasn't a warrior; it had to be some kind of healer, or civilian. He could sort of read it's expression, too...it looked wary, scared. Of him? The alien suddenly gasped, and Serghar's muscles tensed. But it wasn't attacking; it put a hand to it's side. Serghar noticed the pale cyan blood staining the loose grey tunic there. The alien was wounded.

>> No.8995527

“Ah, hell...” he said, realizing what he had to do; the alien had healed him, so he would heal the alien. Evidently whatever it had used on his broken ribs wouldn't work on a laceration, or something equally convoluted. He got to his feet unsteadily and fetched his first aid kit. He approached the alien. He was becoming adept at reading it's expressions; it looked, confused, then fearful. “Don't worry,” he said, kneeling down next to the cringing alien. “I'll patch you up.” Gently, carefully, he coaxed the alien into uncrossing it's arms and helping him to remove the body armour. As the flat panel of armour came away the shape of the alien's body was revealed; Serghar froze as he realised the Tau had...breasts. “Oh,” Serghar said, surprised. “You're a girl Tau.” The Tau muttered something in it's heathen tongue, glancing away. Serghar frowned, then shook his head and put the body armour aside.

>> No.8995532

“Ok,” he said, lifting the grey tunic and revealing the jagged cut just above the Tau woman's hip. “Doesn't look too deep; probably hurts like hell though.” He sprayed the wound with antiseptic after a moments hesitation; if the germ killing solution was deadly to Xenos he figured they would have weaponized it centuries ago. The Tau drew in a sharp, hissing breath as the solution hit the wound. “This may sting a bit.” Serghar said belatedly. He then got out the needle and thread and quickly, neatly began suturing the wound. The Tau gritted her teeth throughout the ordeal, her three fingered hand gripping the loose grey pants she wore tightly and scrunching up the fabric. As he worked, Serghar found himself occasionally glancing at the Tau's face. They weren't that strange to look at, once you became accustomed to it all. The blue skin was just a colour; the reddish hair was similar to a humans, tied back in a practical pony tail just like a human female in the field would do.

>> No.8995539

As he finished carefully applied a dressing over the wound, pressing it firmly into place with the palm of his hands, he glanced at her eyes. They were surprisingly human; or at least, no different to a human's eyes. Maybe eyes were the same in all species? He'd never really looked into an alien's eyes before. She suddenly looked around and met his gaze. Serghar felt his heart skip a beat; she seemed to be staring directly into his soul. A few moments later he realised he was still holding her waist, still crouched next to her, their bodies close together. He became aware of the warmth of her; the exotic, almost spicy smell that permeated from her skin. He licked his lips nervously, still sort of lost in her eyes. She was making no effort to move away; they sat there, eyes locked. Loco-buri, he suddenly thought. The sheer heresy of it made his skin tingle; he'd never really believed the rumours, or even considered the possibility. It was a shooting offence to even utter the actual phrase that the acronym stood for, let alone - She kissed him.

>> No.8995544

Then I'll post it.

>> No.8995547

Her mouth was soft and warm. A strange, indescribable flavour filled Serghar's mouth as her tongue skilfully massaged his own, her mouth locked passionately with his as her hand grasped the back of his neck. After a moment's confusion and shock he returned the kiss, responding eagerly. After what seemed an eternity they broke apart, each of them breathing heavily. “I can't believe I'm doing this...' Serghar breathed, gazing into the Tau's eyes. She smiled, saying something he couldn't understand. The tone was seductive, saucy. He felt himself becoming hard as she leaned back in. They kissed again. Serghar suddenly let himself go. He was already a dead man, a heretic; he'd left his post, fled the field of battle and then aided a filthy xenos. And this felt right. It felt right to kiss her, to run his hand up her side, to massage her breast gently through the shirt she wore. Her breathing got faster. She broke off the kiss and disentangled her arms from him. For a moment he was concerned, but she pulled her tunic off, revealing the magnificent blue breasts.

>> No.8995548

A huge grin crept across Serghar's face. He took a firm hold of one breast and leaned in, suckling on the nipple of the other one. The Tau moaned and clutched his shoulders, holding him tighter to her as he teased and kneaded her breasts. After a while she pulled him back up to kiss her mouth again. Serghar felt her hand slip down below his waist, then slide up along his thigh to his crotch. She murmured something in Tau, tugging at his belt buckle. Serghar grinned; they were mastering inter-species communications at a record pace. He stood, the Tau girl shifting to her knees in front of him, her eyes lit up with excitement and anticipation. He undid his belt buckle and quickly pulled his pants down, his erect dick bobbing in the air as his pants released it. The Tau girls' eyes widened in shock, and a wicked smile split her lips as she muttered something in Tau, her tone appreciative. “You like that?” Serghar asked, grinning. “I thought you might.”

>> No.8995555

Whatever. I just don't have it saved.
In reply she took a firm grasp on Serghar's dick and put it in her mouth, moaning in surprised pleasure and beginning to suck. Serghar groaned as her warm mouth enveloped his cock, her slick tongue sliding over the head as she moved it in and out. He placed his hands on the back of her head, pushing himself deeper and deeper into her mouth. She resisted at first, but then relaxed, opening her throat. Serghar moaned as he hilted in her mouth, feeling the sensation of her xenos tonsils rubbing on the head as she swallowed reflexively. She wasn't gagging, either! He began to fuck her mouth, thrusting faster and faster whilst she moaned and touched herself through her pants, rubbing at her crotch excitedly. Serghar felt himself getting even harder, more excited. It was the best head he'd ever had! Abruptly he stopped, withdrawing from her mouth and dropping to his knees. “Time to take this to the next level!” he said, pushing her over onto her back.

>> No.8995561

He quickly relieved her of her pants, noticing her hooved feet for the first time. It didn't bother him as much as it might have just ten minutes ago; he was thoroughly reformed from being a run of the mill xenophobe. He pulled her panties off and beheld the revealed genitalia; she was sitting up on her elbows, watching him with wide eyes and a slightly pouted mouth, still breathing heavily. It was...different to a human's pussy. It was a pussy, no doubt about that, but there were subtle differences, the biggest being the upside down Y-shape the flaps made. But for the most part it was exactly like a pussy, right down to the engorged clitoris sitting proudly near the top of the gash. Serghar lowered his head, burying it between her thighs and began to lick, driving his tongue into the crevice with alacrity. The Tau moaned with pleasure and tangled her fingers into his hair, spreading her legs wider as he teased her clit with his tongue.

>> No.8995565

Her hips began to move slightly as he worked. She then started making humping motions, getting faster and faster as he licked harder and harder. The taste was sensational; like her mouth, it was a sort of indescribable zesty tang, but with a sort of minty edge to it. Serghar buried his head deeper, worker harder simply because of the delicious taste. Her hips were really bucking now, her squeals of pleasure echoed by the thunder of the artillery outside the dugout. The ground shook as she began to orgasm, wrapping her legs around Serghar's head and humping his face as he brought his hand up and shoved two finger straight into her vagina, sucking hard on her clit. She screamed as she climaxed, then relaxed. Serghar continued licking for a moment, the Tau eliciting a mumbled, half moaned sentence as she stroked his hair gently. Serghar lifted his face from her crotch and smiled, then crawled forwards.

She was immediately alert again, her eyes alive with desire as he manoeuvred his hips into position and placed the head of his cock at the entrance to her pussy. He felt a moment's hesitation, remembering all the Imperial propaganda; then it passed as he recalled he'd just shoved his fingers in and felt no teeth or acid. He thrusted gently forwards, pushing against the lips for a moment before they parted and his cock entered her. She moaned, throwing her head back and rolling her shoulders as he slid himself all the way in, right up to the hilt. All his doubts disappeared. It felt amazing; the minty freshness translated itself into a gentle, warm tingling that sent his desire into over drive. He began to fuck her, building a steady rhythm as she squealed and moaned. He grunted and gasped, leaning down and locking his lips onto one of her nipples.

>> No.8995580

She had her legs up in the air, hooves moving in little circles in time with her gasps and squeals as Serghar pounded her. Once again she began to build towards a climax; in an unbelievably short amount of time she was coming, orgasming hard as her back arched beneath him, pressing her groin into his as he kissed her passionately. Without pause Serghar withdrew. The Tau girl seemed to protest, frowning and babbling something in her language. Serghar just grinned and pulled her to her feet, spinning her around to face the back wall of the dug out. He pushed her forwards, bending her at the hips. She threw her arms out, resting her hands against the wall for balance and asking him something in Tau. His reply was to grab her hips, entering her from behind and resuming his hard fucking. She gasped, then began to moan again as he gripped her tightly and pounded her for all he was worth.

She was panting out something in her language as Serghar fucked her, some kind of oath or prayer. Serghar himself was grunting 'Oh my Emperor, oh sweet Emperor!” as he thrust, feeling himself beginning to build towards a climax. The Tau girl writhed and let out gasps of pleasure from her bent over position. She squealed as Serghar laughed and spanked her blue ass. She started to say something after a while, an insistent tone to her voice. Serghar frowned and slowed down. “What?” he asked. She pulled away from him and turned around, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing herself against him. She said something again, then kissed him deeply. She turned him around so that his back was against the walls, pushing him down into a sitting position. She then straddled him, lowering herself onto his cock with a gasp of pleasure. Serghar let out a satisfied sigh, taking a hold on her tits as she began to rock back and forth, riding him slowly.

>> No.8995587


>> No.8995593



no triple clit?

>> No.8995595

The Tau girl moaned gently, fucking him slowly, moving up and down on his shaft. Serghar buried his face in her chest, sucking hard on her breast as she began to move faster, her breathing getting heavier once more. Maybe this is real, Serghar thought. Maybe I've actually found the legendary Loco-buri, the greatest yet most sort after heresy of all time. She began to bounce harder, squealing with pleasure. Serghar felt himself approaching orgasm; his breathing became heavier and he could feel the come welling up inside him. He felt safe, suddenly. All the fear and oppression of the Imperium seemed to wash away as he looked up into the beautiful face of his Tau lover; everything was perfect. Loco-buri! He laughed, and the Tau girl laughed too, not understanding. That was fine; he'd teach her. They escape this planet, find somewhere that they could be together. He'd teach her Gothic; or maybe he'd learn Tau! They could have children, grow old together...

Loco-buri, indeed! The ancient and hated heresy that haunted the Guard incessently as rumour, hearsay and legendary tales. An idea of a world that wasn't so grim and dark; of an existence with aliens that didn't lead to death. And Serghar had found it! He was about to come. He could feel it, could feel her starting to tighten up and orgasm as well. He just wanted to say it; to utter the actual words that for hundreds of years had been an automatic death sentence for anyone even caught thinking them. The sheer heresy of it...the liberating release of it would be perfect as he came inside his Tau lover! He was right on the verge of coming, holding on hard to extend the pleasure as she continued to buck and bounce, squealing and shouting out Tau phrases.

Serghar smiled and decided it was time to say it and begin his new life, away from Commissars and battles and Emperor-bothering. He kissed the Tau girl deeply, then said “Love Can - “

>> No.8995601

The Tau girl screamed, and a short second later Serghar did as well as the pain hit him. The las-bolt had passed clean through the middle of her lower back, penetrating her, severing her spine and vaporising Serghar's cock before punching out of her and into his stomach. “Oh, good shot, Commissar!” the trooper standing next to Commissar Horasho at the entrance to the dugout said. “That'll teach the Xenos fucking heretic!” Serghar gasped in pain as the Tau girl screamed and cried, her arms flailing against him. She was paralzyed from the waist down; she was a dead weight. He tried to move her off of him and reach a weapon, to help her, but the gutshot burned him and he fell back. He tried to say 'I love you!', but the Tau girl vomited a gout of blue and brown gore into his face.

>> No.8995608

Outside, Commissar Horasho and his adjutant walked away from the dugot. “Incinerate that heresy.” he ordered the flame trooper, glancing around at the platoon surrounding him. They were standing with various expressions of disgust on their faces, looking towards the dugout where the screams were still echoing from. The bombardment had finished twenty minutes ago, and they'd set out to reclaim their former post. Finding the heretic had been lucky. “Always remember!” Horasho called out. “Love cannot, will not and never has bloomed!” He turned away, standing beside the platoon Lieutenant as the flame trooper approached the doorway, adjusting the nozzle on his weapon. “That really was an excellent shot, Commissar.” the Lieutenant said. “I've always said, I aim...” Horasho pulled a pair of glare-shades from his greatcoat pocket and slipped them on. “...to please.” “YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” one of the troopers yelled as the flamer roared into life, erasing the heresy from existence.

>> No.8995613

“I’m…uh…not gay,” Chouko gasped.

“Yeah,” giggled the other girl, “Whatever you say.”

“I’m not! I really…ah…thought…you were a…boy.”

She was finding it increasingly difficult to form a coherent argument due to her own over-stimulated panting. Every time she opened her mouth to say something, the small golden-eyed girl would thrust down against her and cut off whatever she had to say in a torrent of profanity and breathless gasps.

“That’s the idea,” explained the girl with the pretty gold eyes. Those eyes that had captured her from across a crowded tavern, drawn her in with their youthful innocence and charm, tricked her into thinking that she was the one doing the seducing, as per the old cliché. How embarrassing, in hindsight, that she had assumed those eyes belonged to some pretty, delicate young boy even smaller than herself and so deliciously feminine that Chouko simply couldn’t resist.

Now she was being used like a pleasure toy and loving it.

>> No.8995624

Ironically, the strange girl had turned out to be far more well hung than most real men Chouko had spent time with, by virtue of some inventive sculpting and a little bit of spellcasting. The thing squelching up into the depths of Chouko’s completely defenceless pussy was certainly longer than anything she could remember seeing, and its slender length was decorated by a series of conical ridges in discrete groups. When inserted, they passed through her soaking labia with a most stimulating sensation and then caught inside her at various points.

With another obscene noise of slippery soaking flesh, the golden-eyed girl buried her tool up inside the trembling young cleric to the hilt. The wickedly curved and tapered tip was surely bashing against her cervix with every thrust, such was the size of the thing. Her insides rippled around it all on their own. All Chouko could do consciously was pant and squeal into the bed covers and pound her fists against the pillow beneath her. The golden-eyed girl’s hips smacked her bottom with a satisfying slap.

>> No.8995633

“Really, I uh…ah!”

The beautiful cross-dressing girl kissed her to shut her up. She didn’t mind at all having Chouko chewing on her bottom lip when she started a viciously fast rhythm pounding her hips into the exhausted cleric’s backside.

“I won’t tell anyone,” she sighed as their lips parted at last. “I swear.”

Akemi giggled. It was a glorious sound, like a singing nymph.

“If I didn’t know any better,” she berated her companion with an expression that was not at all stern, “I’d say you’re not really being very helpful.”

“I’m not?” Kiyoko pouted by way of reply. “And what do you have on which to base these…wild accusations, hm?” The skin of Akemi’s belly was smooth and hot beneath her fingers, and sensitive. The cobalt-haired girl giggled once more as a fingertip slid along the contour of one of her ribs.

“Well, I’m fairly sure what we’re doing right now doesn’t have anything to do with my research.”

>> No.8995647

Kiyoko shivered. Whenever the wizard girl used that hushed, sultry tone of voice on her, it was as if her body went on autopilot. She instinctively pressed the palms of her hands over Akemi’s breasts, felt those stiff little coral pink buds grinding against her skin. She watched the other girl’s face tightening into an expression of strained pleasure.

“In fact…” Akemi sighed. That long intake of breath arched up her spine in the most erotic way, pushing her breasts up into Kiyoko’s hands. Her head turned to one side, she gave a most sensuous look. “I think you just want to take advantage of my naivety. A poor, helpless young arcane student like me, all alone in a quiet library like this where no one can see…you could ravish me in all sorts of unmentionable ways.”

This was not entirely inaccurate. The library was deserted, it was late at night, they were in a secluded corner surrounded on all sides by the well stocked shelves, and Kiyoko had offered help with the sole intention of getting in her companion’s pants. Not that Akemi ever seemed to mind.

“I just can’t resist you,” Kiyoko offered almost as an apology. She felt hot from more than just the flaming heat of passion in her body. She traced a fingertip along Akemi’s delicate nose and around her unpainted lips.

>> No.8995672

The girl with the azure hair blushed quite spectacularly, but kissed Kiyoko’s fingers anyway. One slid between her lips and she laved her tongue about it, suckling like a child.

“You are beautiful.” Kiyoko’s nose slid along the supple curve of Akemi’s abdomen, from the subtle contour of her ribs beneath smooth ivory skin down to the crest of her pubic mound. “And I’m not just saying that. I’ve never met a girl like you before, in my whole life.”

Akemi grasped the warrior girl’s head in her hands and wound her fingers into Kiyoko’s raven locks with a breathless sigh.

“I bet you say that to all the girls,” she replied in a purr. Her emerald eyes were almost shut, though the glimmer of passionate joy remained as clear as ever. Her lips parted slowly, delicately.

Kiyoko held the wizard’s lithe hips in both hands and kissed her belly. The shimmering crimson fabric of Akemi’s robe slid down her thighs like oil.

“Maybe,” replied Kiyoko impishly, and then kissed the edge of Akemi’s sex.

>> No.8995684


The golden-eyed girl was impressed. This victim did not struggle. She did not beg for mercy, she did not wail like an infant, and she did not cry out for more. She did make the most delightful mewling sound, and she did squirm in her bonds as she was tortured.

Meilan was as stoic as she could possibly be pinned to a wall upside-down with her arms and legs akimbo, with magically animated implements attacking her genitals. That is, not very, but more so than anyone would have expected.

She did not resist the sensations that were forced upon her. To resist the feeling of primal lust and desire aching within her would be futile, and likely only make her predicament worse. She let the ecstasy wash over her like a tidal wave, crashing down with every savage pulsating thrust of that wicked device plundering her neglected pussy. She embraced the feeling of thick, unrelenting solidity plunging into her depths with every breath she took, the vicious squeeze of her clitoris sandwiched between stiff fingers. The less she fought it, the more her mind floated over it all.

The golden-eyed girl tugged cruelly at one of the little silver weights dangling from Meilan’s nipples. Her smile had turned to a displeased frown. She was not enjoying this as much as she had expected, and the exotic young woman in her captivity was enjoying it all too much.

>> No.8995687

“Please apologise to my friend,” Meilan repeated, her voice unusually steady for one in her position. She was panting slightly and her body was slick with sweat from head to toe, but it didn’t seem to bother her. Neither did the trial of her own sticky sweet juices dribbling along her naked body up to her collar. Her pale blue eyes were fixed on the smaller girl’s face like a hawk watching a mouse.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to make demands.” The girl laughed a hollow laugh, humourless, and tugged the weights from Meilan’s breasts with a sharp jerk of her hand. They bounced beautifully, and the exotic young monk gasped again and writhed in her bondage. There was a lewd squelch from up above and a spray of clear fluid squirted out around the relentlessly thrusting object in her cunt. Some of it splattered the golden-haired girl’s face. She just licked it off.

>> No.8995695

Meilan didn’t say anything after that. Instead, she began meditating, using the rhythm of the device driving into her to focus herself around it. The beat of her heart became attuned to that incessant pulsing. It flowed through her body, and her mind, until it was all she could feel. It surrounded her like a cocoon, pulsating with energy.

Then out it went in a powerful surge, destroying the arcane bindings holding her in place and shattering the wall to which she had been pinned. It knocked the girl with the golden hair onto her back with a surprised yelp.

“Apologise,” Meilan commanded of her once captor as she righted herself. Now her hands were dusty. “If you do not, I will have to repay you for your wickedness.”

The golden-haired girl was surprisingly quiet. She just stared at the thing Meilan had plucked from the table. It was almost twice the size of the device she’d used on the helpless monk, and she was considerably smaller than Meilan.

>> No.8995726


>> No.8995733

Probably BAD END.

>> No.8995749

No more that I know of.

>> No.8995751

yeah. BAD ENDS are bad

>> No.8995819

If you don't like dick vaporization then fuck you.

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