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vampire nightmare-like sheep

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Repostan old heresy to lure anon around.

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Draw me HATE.

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Circle of Salamanders sitting on logs, roasting marshmellows over a gaunt.

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A cute little ginger girl looking a bit sad

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Draw a squad of Enclave guys (the F2 kind, like in the pic, not the F3 kind) fighting that dragon from How To Train Your Dragon

Also they keep calling it a "fire gecko"

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A Canoness, General Sturnn having tea, with Macha, dressed as a french maid, serving crumpets. The background is appropriately grim and dark but everybody seems to be happy and enjoying themselves.

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hey i heard there was heresy in this thread

more heresey

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Clandestine heresy here.
It defiles the purity of your beloved :3 drawfag so handle with lots of secrecy please

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Did you ever add more to this image?

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Draw a sexy feminine Wraithlord using a disabled Dreadnought's arm to pleasure herself, somehow.

By "Disabled" I mean the Dreadnought can't move, but the pilot should be alive (I use that term loosely) and protesting about being molested.

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An Eldar Banshee breakdancing on the outstretched forearm of a Dreadnought in mid-punch.

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sister of battle with massive tits wearing an outfit like this. Guardswoman with long wavy blonde hair, wearing the same. they're about to start making out with each other

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...Mix these two and we might have something interesting.

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Sarah Palin in Warcraft-style armor, i.e. rule-of-cool in appearance and highly impractical/non-existent, with an oversized sword. She is fighting Barack Obama, who is a paladin in full plate.

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And thus I appear!

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Sarah Palin dressed as an Eldar Ranger or some sort of Battle Sister

She is in the process of killing the fuck out of some Space Wolves

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Help me out; draw the Adeptus Quest MC:

>look self
You are about average. You're not very high ranking, either. You have a robe that is a size too big on. You have a single mechadendrite, built for manipulation of fine objects, based in your left shoulder. You have one Good mechanical eye you built yourself after a rogue servitor got you right in the eye with a pick. You have several datadendrites; one for each limb and one in your mask. You have the standard lower-face mask. You have enhanced joints; you were born with these; you're a natural contortionist. You are SO BALD.

You are wearing a belt with a laspistol (belonging to the late Techpriest Alloysious), and you have a sidekick; Peg-Leg the servitor:

>look Peg-Leg
Peg-Leg is a standard aide servitor; it has a multitude of tools in its arms, and two legs; one original, and one hastily attached from another servitor you have scavenged. It is not intelligent, and will follow your orders to the best of it's ability. Peg-Leg is carrying a satchel with most of your inventory and has a lasrifle around his neck. He has a nameplate bolted to his neck; it says '#alt.bin.boss'.

She has like three eye-lenses in the MSPaints I made up originally, but whatever works, greenmarine.

They're lost on a time-displaced space rock.

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Look at all those white faces.

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Oh, and for the love of god, no profanity. That's not rage. In rage, you cannot utter anything other than GRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGHAAAAAAAAAAAA or similar long, yelling phrases.

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Anything you like from this thread

Batman & villains as they would be in 40k. Judge Dredd Inquisitors are also acceptable.

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I'll revive an old request of mine, though it's kind of a biggie;
Three panels: 1) a bunch of mostly-normally-clad Space Wolves partying, screaming, "ALE AND WHORES!" 2) a Wolf Priest saying "Nay, wolves." 3) a bunch of sullen-looking Space Wolves in excessive wolfgear.

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I still want to see an Imperial Big O fighting a chaos Big Duo.

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Hey, Captain, what happened last night?
I conked out towards the end, last thing I saw was we were looking at the one servitor after we lost the marine.

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I second this.
Big O, I love thee.

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> Judge Dredd Inquisitors

> Judge Dredd
> The who the Adeptus Arbites are based on
> Inquisitor

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Not really , brother. Sorry.

Uh....I am not really a big fan of GoW...

Doing >>8976552 at the moment

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Third. Good god that would be cool... but it has to look cool and well made.

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Arbites can become Inquisitor's too, you know. They just get far more bling when they upgrade.

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A Sister of Battle in a bikini and Horo/Leman Russ with bolters and flamers, desperately trying to fight back tyranid/slaaneshi tentacles. And slowly losing. And enjoying it.

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I would like to see a dwarf bleeding from his fingers/toes/head with his skin in various stages of being melted off from the inside.

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A short, thin monkey-man sits, reading from an old leather-bound tome. He wears a chain shirt and has brown/black fur. A staff rests over his right shoulder.

pic is an example of the character's race, apparently (he's a friend's character)

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Man is kneeling, his eyes and mouth duct-taped. His hands are nailed into praying position with screws. He is looking into the heavens.

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Did whoever started coloring this ever get it done?

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Fran vivisecting Ribbon. Possibly erotic.

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Macha in a Leia slave outfit.

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Sorry for wonky sketch.

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I once started a mission to get a full band put together, gonna post all the ones i got made. all the members.
maybe green marine could make another member, or draw them all together?

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key stealer.

i like to sing-a about the bio-mass-a

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zoanthrhope drummer, evil grin and a million floatin drumsticks playing hell with the kit.

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lictor bassist.

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That was...stereotypical.

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A guardsman cowering in a trench while a grey knight fights against a bloodletter in the background.

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oop, that was the last one.

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It's Foxy Brown. Goddamn.

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do want

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Cultist0chan getting poked by a Sister while she's eating waffles, and the sister asking "Can I have some of your Khaoss too?"

Thanks Greenmarine.

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Could you draw this out for me?

"The Silent King remembered fondly the days he had fought alongside his beloved crimson Angel... Now he had only his engrams. Sat in darkness, working the shaft of his Staff of Light, his mechanical form shuddered at the sweet release of Gauss energy."


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>complaining about racism on 4chan
You must be new here.

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Second this, please tell me it is finised

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Dude, what were you expecting?

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Just draw some more thri-kreen girls and I'll be happy.

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Oh, hey, Greenmarine. Did you ever get around to drawing that character portrait of the black chick with the two-handed falcata?

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Can you do a slaaneshi techpriestess with no crazy drugss/sex/music, more perfection.

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40k /r/: Four Space Marines. An Angry Librarian (Twin Force Fists, like Power Fists but Force) and a Pretty Librarian (No skull helmet, Sephiroth hair) are arguing while a Reasonable Terminator tries to break them up. A Lazy Scout lounges nearby while pretending to be working with his exitus rifle.

DnD /r/: A warforged paladin, a female elven bard, a ninja and a generic female fighter, dress like a medieval SWAT team, busting through a window to arrest a bunch of drow in pin stripe mafia suits.

Exalted /r/: A lunar exalted of the No Moon Caste with the Tell of a MAJESTIC NUCLEAR SPACE WHALE.

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Expected more booty, but I like it.

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How about the pathfinder from this, being examined by the imperial guardsman that captured her? She should look pissed and maybe a bit afraid, arms tied over her head. The guardsman can be male or female, whichever you prefer to draw.

Another idea off the top of my head... A female drow captured by tentacles with one of the tentacles ripping the last of her clothing off

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>Exitus Rifle

Exitus rifles are made exclusively to be used by VIndicare Assassins.

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That was me. I lost the image when I flattened my hard drive, but now I have it back, I can start work on it again :D
thank you anon!

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Sister of Tzeentch.

I'm thinking naughty librarian.

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Whoops, this is a reply to >>8976938

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Lucy the Daemonhost

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Which is I think is shitty.

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From the Nazis in fantasyland thread:

Drow gestapo officer.
Paladin of Hitler with longsword and Luger, wearing black leather and partial plate armor plus a swastika tabard.
Armored black dragon with a gun turret on it's back.
Goblins in fur coats, dual wielding hammer and sickle.
Dwarves manning an artillery piece.

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...Try again.

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I SEE...

>> No.8977521

The Wolftime
The Salamandertime
The Raventime
The Khantime

It is actually a bitchin' pool party. So bitchin' in fact, Chaos just gives up and asks politely to be let in.

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A single Imperial Guardsman; pale, gaunt, almost ghoulish in appearance. His hair is either shaven off or is black and messy; either way, his head is covered in surgical scars. He has an explosive collar around his neck and is carrying a lasgun or a shotgun in his hands. He should look like a complete, monstrous sociopath, only held in check by his collar.

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A paladin kneeling before an altar of Heironeous, leaning on his sword.

Pic for reference

>> No.8977548

Draw more Ribbon.

>> No.8977556

The Bloomtime?

>> No.8977568

Doomrider doing LSD and riding unicorn.

>> No.8977569

That works too

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>> No.8977626


Irontime, Fagtime, Fisttime, Khantime... Plan/Alphatime? Lion/Angeltime, Wolftime, Night time (do ho ho), World eatin' time, Sanguintime, ULTRATIME, Guarding-Death-time, Redtime, Horus time, Word Bearing time, Salamandertime, and Raventime. Phew.

Wow, these are horrible.

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You asking for requests?

>> No.8977641

I just feel like my space marine snipers should have something a bit more kinetic then a long las.

>> No.8977701

You do know that a regular bolter can be converted into a sniping weapon? Stalker bolts + Longer barrel + Scope = Sniper

>> No.8977715

If you're in a request filling mood, how about a sexy picture of braids?

pic related

>> No.8977725

Oh, well then. Silly me.

>> No.8977731


Could you draw a blonde Sister of Battle D'awwwing excessively over a Kitten with the mark of Slaanesh?

>> No.8977737

I have a guardsman character for DH. Part of his backstory is that he was a noble born duelist, (useless noble, and all that. Ridiculously high WS), and killed another noble in a duel. To escape assassins/retribution/housewarfare, he joined the Guard to get away from it.

Eldar manipulate Orks into attacking planet to fulfill some alien objective, Guard respond. One morning, before a particularly brutal Ork assault, the Eldar actually take a hand in the combat, launching a few surgical strikes to weaken the Guard lines enough that the Orks will overwhelm them.

My dear character, after grabbing a cup of recaff, wanders around the corner in a trench, and almost runs into a Elder striking scorpion, and, with some luck, manages to kill it, rally his squad (the Eldar was on the way back from assassinating the local officers.), and, miraculously, survive the Ork assault.
[This is what made his Inquisitor go, "Damn nice job. You're coming with me."]

tl;dr: the scene I'd like, if you could manage it, would be him fighting a striking scorpion. mastercrafted mono-sword on one side, chainsword for the Eldar, and the pair of them dueling in a trench.

Thank you.

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Imperial guardsman firing at a hormagaunt with a shotgun

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>> No.8977796

>> No.8977799

An Inquisitor, A Psyker and a Feral World Scum fighting Cthulhu.

>> No.8977806


Marine sniper rifles are kinetic that's why the kneeling scout with sniper rifle model is loading a round into his weapon... you don't load rounds into a long las.

>> No.8977819

Wouldn't a Tyranid band be great at jamming? Being a hivemind and all, they'd be amazing at improvising and working together.

>> No.8977822

YES! God I love Braids.

>> No.8977859

I suck terribly at drawing people interacting, it seems.
Enjoy your mutant porn.

>> No.8977862

Failbaddon and Rin from Katawa Shoujo. They're trying to plan the attack on Cadia, but Rin keeps distracting herself and nobody is willing to interrupt her mad ramblings because they see it as proof of Tzeentch's favor.

>> No.8977869



anyway, a bunch of adventurers are walking about, eating sammichs.

One's a dorf, an elf, a human, and a um... tiefling?

>> No.8977934

I now know this to be true. My ignorance is lifted.

>> No.8977953

Sex up Jaheira please. Think something like if she got thrown into a BG3 designed by Blizzard. She should have an angry/embarrassed expression about it too

>> No.8977959

Why hello there, poor creature.

Would you like to have another meeting with the pointy end of my pencil, yes?

>> No.8977967

Can you draw some schlicktau in sundress?

>> No.8978004

Draw a Kirby Jace Beleren, please.

>> No.8978039

those eyes scare me :<

>> No.8978081

Yes they are. I wonder what I was thinking...

>> No.8978082

I'd like to see your interpretation of this drawing another Anon did for me. It's an NPC from a game we play in, a tielfing rogue and informant. Her general mood should be amused and cocky.

Please consider this!

>> No.8978083

Hey, Greenmarine, enough cheesecake, draw a Sister of Battle riding a Guardsman's cock.

>> No.8978124


I know I requested this before, but pleaaaase...

The 40K version of this pic, with either someone putting on a cultist-chan costume OR someone putting on a Sister of Battle costume.

Character putting it on is free for you to decide, could be any canon character or fan character.

Just please give it a try?

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Too many requests of Sisters of Battle in bikinis.

We need more variety.

I humbly request 3 sisters of battle, one in a backless one-piece swimsuit, one in a slingshot bikini, and one in a shibarikini


>> No.8978132

SoB Cultist?

>> No.8978189

I Would love to see a drawing of my DH: Ascension character. He isn't overly complicated, but apparel makes him look rather funky.

Take your bog stand Vindicare assassin, then apply (in addition to his Exitus rifle), twin old-western gunslinger style holsters in which he keep his pistols.

Atop his head he wears a cowboy/dusters hat, and has a long brown dusters coat ala the sheriff of Megaton from fallout 3.

TL:DR, A cowboy-ish vindicare assassin. (Pic somewhat inspired)

>> No.8978237

One of the guys in my game has an assassin who dresses like that, though not actually a vindicare - he just uses a body-sock for amour.

It would be nice update his character wiki with an actual picture

>> No.8978257


You have a weird fetish, brother.

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>> No.8978272


>> No.8978276

Maybe he's trying to make Kirby the next touhou?

>> No.8978298

I'll repost an old character portrait request, in the slim hope it'll get drawn.

A tall, solidly-built yet not hypermuscled black woman. Her facial features are reminiscent of North African peoples - Egyptian or around that area - but she has piercingly, startlingly clear green eyes. Her hair is coarse and black, and kept cropped mercilessly short in a soldier's practical cut.

She's wearing a practical set of plate armour(no booby-plate); on the breastplate is a slightly raised golden sunburst and on the pauldrons(which are also not fuckhuge, see above 'practical' comment) golden dragons.
She's leaning wearily on a massive two-handed version of a falcata(pic related); her expression is halfway between annoyed and amused.

I'd really appreciate the drawing, it's extremely hard to find portraits of women in practical armour, never mind black women.

>> No.8978314

Requesting your take n Islander Elf and Tikiforged


Bonus points if tikiforged is pissed off and therefore his head is on fire.

>> No.8978320

you get no effort for creppy character

>> No.8978339

Still hoping someone draws this. I would be eternally grateful.

>> No.8978341

what what are these marines called?

>> No.8978344


For a second, I thought you said "crappy" and I was about to RRAAAAAAEEEEEGGGGG

however, "creepy" is a fair statement, and that's pretty funny.

>> No.8978361

Could you draw me this fellow here as a very loud and well-dressed bard?

>> No.8978364

Nah, kirby as other characters is a bit of a meme, I like to collect them to when I run across them as well.

I'm not kirby requester dude though.

>> No.8978401


Titty Marines, or Adeptus Mammalis.

>> No.8978413

dear god its like the artist has never even seen a woman.

those pussies look like balls

>> No.8978470


>> No.8978478

this is my new background

>> No.8978614

Brothers, i must dissapear for a little while, i'll be back later today with additional heresy and my take on >>8978082

If i didn't do your request, stick around. I'll do as many as i can on this or my next drawthread.

>> No.8978676

braids isnt creepy ;_;

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>> No.8978749

oh man moar!

>> No.8978754


>> No.8978779


>> No.8978781


D'awwwww... Thanks a lot

>> No.8978881

could you draw a take on island elf girl and tikiforged, as mentioned here >>8978314 ?

>> No.8978937 [DELETED] 

Building a Chaos Space Marines army. What's a good list of 2000 points using Tzeench and Khorne, with no other gods?

>> No.8979035

i have seen that drawn already

>> No.8979069

no fucking shit those characters have been drawn, thats why it happens to link to two posts with pictures of those characters.

goddamn retard

>> No.8979090


>> No.8979116

Who doesn't like Tau girls?

>> No.8979122

I hope its okay that I re-request this.
A women with dark olive skin, long black hair and orange eyes. Wearing something like this, but instead of red/black its purple/black.

>> No.8979152

he already did it

>> No.8979169


i'm sorry i didn't return sooner /tg/

>> No.8979199

Cultist Daemonculaba

>> No.8979201


Speaking of "He already did it", whoever originally requested a "Non-sex based Slaaneshi Techpriestess", Greenmarine drew one, rather well, I must say.


...Wait, what?

>> No.8979261


>> No.8979284

Nobody wants to draw falcata girl.

I am sad. :(

>> No.8979289

Braids is fucking awesome. She gave me both a fetish for braided hair and a steampunk goggles.

Anybody out there have the drawing of her that was on the MtG website back in the day. It's supposed to be a base for other artists to use when drawing her.

She's standing there with some funky looking sword by her side. I don't remember much else, of it, but I remember loving that picture back in the day.

>> No.8979295

Draw Professor Pyg as a Cultist of Nurgle.

>> No.8979312


I requested it (with none of the normal slaanesh stuff) and then someone requested drugs


>> No.8979366


If it makes you feel any better, the exhaust isn't drug-based, just toxic.


>> No.8979379

Thanks for showing me this. His original thread 404 by the time I was able get back on the computer.
Forget about my request greenmarine. Thanks a bunch for drawing her.

>> No.8979446


Nurgle? Sir, that man is a prime example of a deranged Slaaneshi cultist.

>> No.8979465


>> No.8979487


If there's none of the "normal" Slaaneshi stuff, then how is it Slaaneshi?

>> No.8979517

tried again

>> No.8979530

Very cute. Not quite that insane gleam in the eyes, though.

>> No.8979539

Yeah, this: >>8979295 but Slaaneshi..

>> No.8979568

No, he's Nurgle, trust me on that.

He's all about disease, not excess.

>> No.8979648


I guess Dementa Summoning as a side effect of DAT ASS?

>> No.8979715


I live again ,mah brothers.

>> No.8979834

Huzzah! Praise the Emperor and pass the beer.

>> No.8979846

Here, here, little xeno mutant heretic.
I have flowers for you and there is candy in my cold, lifeless dreadnought.

>> No.8979874


Bumping this

>> No.8979880

>> No.8979882


It is a bong


Much more to slaanesh than drugs/rock'n'roll/sex, such as art, perfection, skill

>> No.8979922

SUDDENLY, mostly unrelated tangent!

Naming my Ogre Battle 64 (fuck yeah, Virtual Console). Drawfag who fills my request gets to pick name, and I mean anything. I'll take a screenshot and all that good stuff as proof, too.

Cultist and Slaaneshi Salesgirl in a ticklefight. Clothing optional.

>> No.8979944


Awesome! I didn't know you did color pics or I'd have specified the right haircolor, gah.

>> No.8979965

Duhhh, meant to say naming my Ob64 battallion. "Blue Knights" my ass.

>> No.8979984

Welcome back.

I'll toss out my request in here too.
A half dragon secretary. Dark red medium long hair, red eyes, black skin (like a drow.), scaled like in the picture here and a tail. Wears a dark blue business suit and a red tie.

Also too too long to write this up.

>> No.8980008

I'm sure certain 'Blue Knights' would like to your ass.

>> No.8980076


>> No.8980114

seconding this

more tikiforged is always a good thing

>> No.8980116

Heh, A vindicare cowboy... >>8978189

>> No.8980117

Will you please draw my character for DnD?
He is a human warrior who uses a spear and light wooden shield with leather (with some wolf fur) armor. He is only 15 years old as well.

>> No.8980139

Yuki Nagato in SoB armor, go!

>> No.8980205


"Art" isn't something well captured by a Techpriestess, I would think, and it's hard to find "perfection" in any sort of drawing without taking ages to do it

>> No.8980207

In hindsight, I should have thought up this clever little scheme BEFORE I got to this point in the game.

Now I can't play ;_;

>> No.8980224

Draw more porn.

>> No.8980235

Requesting a female striking scorpion slowly undressing out of her armor. Leave the mask on though.

>> No.8980308


>> No.8980364

A girl? Enjoying sex?! She clearly must be nuttier than squirrel shit.

>> No.8980489


Never done one of these before. Hope you like it.

>> No.8980523

Female human, very pale skin that's blue around the edges, light brown hair, really intense ice blue eyes, wearing 'armour' that's loosely strapped together leather and metal plates. In one hand is a luminous ice blue 'sword' of energy, and she's staring creepily at the viewer.

If anyone'd be so kind, anyway.

>> No.8980579

Utterly drunk Dragonborn chick aggresively coming on to a NOT SURE IF WANT human.

>> No.8980667


seconding this, anything with nude dragonborn ladies, like this..

>> No.8980669

THE HELLTREE! Needs the drawfagging it never got.Final description in the last few posts.

Or did it and was just never archived?

>> No.8980693

Oh how i wish i could have been the one who created you, Ribbon. We would have so much fun togheter.
But i have come to understand that it cannot be, so all i have left to do is tarnish your image as much as i can.

>> No.8980713

Then it's Blue Braids

>> No.8980745

I would like to see Taylor Swift as a halfling paladin either standing beside or propping up against a regular sized guitar.

>> No.8980765

Re-requesting. I'm adding to my collection.

>> No.8980779


Well, vibrant colors, symmetry in the design, meshing well together, really big drill on one arm

>> No.8980801




Feel free to replace that with Cestree riding Ribbon's cock, since she's been a futa on occasion.

>> No.8980816


>> No.8980871


>> No.8980882

I would like to see a steampunk android drawn for a game I am running. She is 5 feet even and has ebony black hair with a slight wave down just past her shoulders and short bangs across the front.

She has large dark brow eyes with long eyelashes. She looks verydoll like but still passably human. I figure body shape wise she's very petite and slim all around. Her skin is white (like ... white person) but somewhat pale.

She's not of the working class after all and she of course always has her hats and parasols. her clothes are always very fancy since it is the turn of the century. She has a fondness for deep purples and greens. She has a large Golden key coming out of her back,like a wind up doll.

>> No.8981042

You are my hero.

>> No.8981459

i dont want to

>> No.8981494


Why not draw this, then?

> Cultist and Slaaneshi Salesgirl in a ticklefight. Clothing optional.

>> No.8981518

Can you draw an older female tiefling Paladin lecturing a younger human male Fighter with a MASTERWORK BASTARD SWORD? I have enough porn already.

>> No.8981533

because i dont know this Slaaneshi Salesgirl

>> No.8981559

The orkiest young man who has ever manned. red war paint. he's missing teeth and an ear. what teeth heas left might be sharpened. his hair is short and he is covered in scars and burns. he is wielding a chainsword yelling "WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH" . maybe some orcs looking at him happily .

>> No.8981624



There's a bunch of stuff about her here.

>> No.8981642

She's a slaaneshi daemonette in a business suit and skirt, with glasses.

>> No.8982059

How about an ultraviolent Drookian Commissar in a kilt!

>> No.8982071

I'd love a pic of the Silent King and Tycho cuddling. Tycho is just Tycho, Silent King is a handsome Necron Lord. Matt Watd wrote them as in love, so let's see it. Here is fluff to get juices and pencils flowing;

"The Silent King remembered fondly the days he had fought alongside his beloved crimson Angel... Now he had only his engrams. Sat in darkness, working the shaft of his Staff of Light, his mechanical form shuddered at the sweet release of Gauss energy."

"In these Dark Hours, Tycho would turn to the image of his spiritual liege... He knew the form that haunted his dreams was a foul xenos, a twisted mockery of form... And yet in it's soulless eyes, Tycho had found perfection... Placing the framed picture of Guilman face down, Tycho unbuckled his power jock strap, fondling with melancholy, the organ that He on Terra had deemed better hanging useless upon his sons... Tycho weeps the name Silent King..."

"Xenos abomination... touch me..." Tycho breathed, as the exploring digits of his Metal Love caressed the outline of his Death Mask. The Silent King and his army were weary from the conflict with the Tyranid swarms, and this lull in the battle would only be brief... But at least, they both mused, they had at least this night..."

>> No.8982099

As much as I hate re-requesting, I'd really like to see this done; it's my Dark Heresy character.

>> No.8982145

Gonna have to re/r/ because I'm running another thread later tonight and I want something cool to slap on the top of that bitch.

>> No.8982211

Fran as a Dark Heresy villain.

>> No.8982331

Jambassador Udina

>> No.8982353

>> No.8982363

"Clank, clank, clank.... To his retinue, these were but the sounds of the failing engine of the Baal Predator. To Tycho, they swept his mind back to a beautiful moment of passion in his life. A time where love had truly bloomed on the battlefield. Against an alien horror, an alliance, and in that alliance, beauty... A greater beauty even than the pickled Nads of Sanguinius... From the pit of his Largamanns Spleen to the bottom of his Oolotic Kidneys, Tycho shuddered... "Clank, Clank, Clank" he whispered..."

"Infinite Hatred, that is what Tycho should have been feeling. Suffer not the Xenos. Purge and destroy... And yet as the sun rose, over the crest of the mountains, it glinted from the perfect form of the leader of the alien horde. Breathless, Tycho observed the beautiful monster stride forth. Without a word, it stared directly into, and through, Tycho's very being. This was not fear. Not hatred. This was awe, and more... And it was reflected in the chromed body of this alien, this creature, this enigma..."

"The two had finally met. Toe to toe, their conflict was a breath away... A laboured, ragged breath... "I should detest you..." Tycho narrowed his eyes at the Abomination. "What foul xenos trickery is this...?" The enemy commander, the so-called Silent King, merely stared back. Deep in his empty eyes, Tycho suddenly understood... He saw a yearning of millenia, a heart long turned to dust, still aching in an imprisoned soul... As the first of the mucetix spores fell about them, Tycho understood... And should he die beside this silver god, it would be a good death..."

>> No.8982395



>> No.8982410


Even though no one cares, I touched up my picture a bit.

4000 hrs. in Photoshop

>> No.8982449


Looks really good, do you have a site or anything you post your stuff at?

>> No.8982482

don't be fooled, it's crap

>> No.8982505

Hmm. Looks like the fun's over. Ah well. There'll be other drawthreads.

>> No.8982673


I so rarely draw anything. Can never work up the motivation. MS-Paint guys are usually the extent of what I bother with.

>> No.8982729


I know exactly how good or shitty my drawings are, at all times, regardless of how much smoke anon blows up my ass or how frothingly rabid anon attacks it.

Don't worry 'bout me, I'm under no illusions.

>> No.8982735


You're pretty good when you put effort into it, you should try drawing more things.

>> No.8982745

Thread over, everyone go home.

>> No.8982798

I am home. You go home.

>> No.8982833


Where to you think I'm posting from, the fucking arc de triomphe?

>> No.8982854


Yes yes, draw more things! Like, all the requests in the thread! It'll be good for your personal development.

do you think noko fell for it guys

>> No.8982875


Drawfag threads are never over till the thread is deleted

>> No.8983005


Gimme your top five. I'll see what I can do and just post them in a different thread if this one gets deleted by then.

>> No.8983040

Fuck, I go watch Zombieland, eat 2 delicious sammiches, spill a full glass of delicious Fly By Night every fucking were, come back, and NOTHING?

Fuck it, army's the goddamn Party Van.

>> No.8983094


Hey guys, what's going on on this drawthread ?

>> No.8983106


>> No.8983113

Shamelessly re-requesting?

>> No.8983155

Hey B&Hammer!

>> No.8983161

sup guys ? :D

>> No.8983178

Hmmm.. Scary Marine Dreadnaught? Perhaps something with it pulling a Creed and appearing where it shouldn't, like behind a guy sitting at his desk.

>> No.8983189

Not much. Browsan /tg/ at 3 am. : D

>> No.8983201

Do dis -
and I reload my save and rename army as you see fit.

>> No.8983228

OMG B&Hammer!

Shameless re/r/ing: you might recognise this one. Blind drunk Dragonborn chick, aggressively propositioning NOT SURE IF WANT human male.

>> No.8983232

I was looking for that.

>> No.8983251


Uh... How about these?


>> No.8983279

I'm glad I'm not the only eurofag around :D

>> No.8983287

Draw me a fucking Cat Dreadnaught. I'd love it if it were an Imperial Fist. Thanks :-D

>> No.8983289


I'm the guy who requested this and I'm still here if anyone wants to pick it up. Just so you know.

>> No.8983299

Har har.

Not going to draw live?
Might sound freaky but I enjoy watching you draw. >.>

>> No.8983309


Insomniac eurofags unite! Under the influence of Mother Caffeine!

Also, Mother Delayed-Action Sleeping Pills. I hope this thread is still here in 8 hours...

>> No.8983313


Or a cat space marine...

Or just anything cat-SpessMarine of any sort.

Thanks :P

>> No.8983331


We waaaant to see you draaaaaw. WE WAAANT TO SEEE YOU DRAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWW!

>> No.8983394


In a non-creepy manner, of course.

>> No.8983415

Of course.

>> No.8983427

Don't know if it was done on this board this morning or last night, but requested something.

Acolyte Assassin wearing a hardened body glove(leather suit) with thin plates of armor decorating the major parts of his body but still allowing for easy movement. Depending on the pose, wears a back pack.

As for his facial features, pic related. The guy on the right is the closest I've gotten to him from another Drawfag's thinking. Short spiky hair and a few scars on his face, but not enough to disfigure him. Likely has a permanent scowl on his face.

This is up to the artist in design and whether or not to include it, but his weapon of choice is the sniper rifle or silenced auto pistol.

>> No.8983507

Caffeine... Failing. Sleeping pills... Kicking in.

Tell my /r/equest... I lo-

>> No.8983544


>> No.8983567


I will forever love the drawfag who did that gif for me.

>> No.8983571

Frederick motherfucking Douglass as an Inquisitor. Make that shit happen. Bonus points for him fighting back-to-back with Abraham Lincoln against unseen horrors.

>> No.8983587

You sir are weak-willed.
Not even the rippers would want your biomass.

>> No.8983663

So, I want if, the army's name appears in any dialog such as "the *** is coming unto us" or "we're attacked by the *** " or even "There's no way the *** can defeat us", then I want it called "Band of Faggots"

See, I have this game with a friend to call any RPG character "faggot" and make screenshots when the name appears. Often hillarious.

Otherwise, I want it to be called "Eutechnian Pilgrims".

>> No.8983705


Guys, I like you and God know I'm a filthy exhibitionnist but I'm about to hit the haye.

>> No.8983814

"Band of Faggots"
I will do my best, good sir!

BRB, reloadan save.

>> No.8983828

Good night.

>> No.8983882

Well whadda ya know, 12 character limit.

>> No.8984057


damn i need a larger version of this...

>> No.8985098



>> No.8985137


That's just adorable

>> No.8985201


Thanks. My hand hurts though, so don't think I'll be able to do the others. Plenty of drawfags in the sea, though.

>> No.8985212


>> No.8985215

7 hours ago i requested thri-kreen girls and there are no thri-kreen girls in this thread at all

throw me a fricking bone here -- wait, no, thri-kreen don't have bones

throw me a sclerite i guess

>> No.8985314

Greenmarine needs to draw more smut, like actual sex.

>> No.8985587

Yes, with thri-kreen girls.

>> No.8985604

I'm going to have to second this.

>> No.8985653


Or a Sister of Battle, or Futa Ribbon and Cestree.

>> No.8985666

Pleasure to meet you, sir. I think this will be a profitable relationship.

>> No.8985737

Still requestin Jason Statham from the Transporter as a serious get-shit-done Imperial Guard/Inquisition Acolyte.

Smoking a cigar.

>> No.8985782

I'd settle for just Cestree.
Just grinding her hips against something, in a mixture of frustration and lust.

>> No.8985820

I'm going to assume that by "something" you mean "a thri-kreen girl."

>> No.8985879

I was talking more in terms of an inanimate object.
Like a body pillow.
One without a thri-kreen girl printed on it.
Or anything else for that matter.

>> No.8985937

>Click picture
>Expect Tinka
>Is Not Tinka

In any case, B&Hammer, will you draw me a dwarf with a crossbow in one hand, going "DERP CANNOT HOLD BOLTS" and about fifteen other dwarves yelling at him "HUNT FOR THE LOVE OF ARMOK WE'RE ALL STARVING"

>> No.8985962

I guess it could be a STATUE of a thri-kreen girl or something.

That's inanimate.

>> No.8986228

Why would i taint the beauty and perfection of the female figure with such heresy?

>> No.8986256

cause it's hot?

>> No.8986291

just leave the balls off and don't make the dick that big

>> No.8986300


You WILL draw some more thri-kreen girls?

>> No.8986305

somebody has issues with their manhood

>> No.8986354


Occam must be rolling in his grave right now...

>> No.8986365

I think it's more that he paid attention in 7th grade health class and knows that girls don't be havin' no penis.

And I would say that it is you, sir, who has issues with his manhood, because the only way you can relate to a woman is if she has a penis.

A penis like yours.

So she's not too different.

>> No.8986384

Honestly, I used to think that icon hanging around your neck was a dick.
Just saying.

>> No.8986389

Yes, i am ok with thri kreen girls.
I have manhood issues because i do not enjoy watching girls with penises? Sounds quite logical.

Anyway, to each his own. What should i draw next?.

>> No.8986400

Oh hey, Oh Greenmarine, with your tablet oh so dear, may I make a request?

A Eldar farseer,
oh so haughty, caught up in the moment of battle,
oh so naughty.

She fights with her hair undone,
Her spear held high, and her body tense, ready to strike.
But her face, oh her face, it is crystal clear, serene and peaceful. Her eyes gaze off, blind as a bat, to the carnage that surrounds her, only the cold snap of the warp kisses her lips,
the fearful zap of the lighting, deafening her ears.

She wields her spear, she wields it well, as per proof. She is lost in the battle, gone forever, never to return.

Please oh drawfag, I beseech thee, try your pen, open your book. Draw me my farseer, so that I too, may be freed from my blind fervor.

>> No.8986402

Blame Slaanesh.
See if you can't shoo them back to /d/ickgurrlz.

>> No.8986415


Make it a Strap-on then, as long as Ribbon is handing out dickings to Cestree.

>> No.8986424

Well you've done Ribbon already, so how about Cestree?

>> No.8986452

>Yes, i am ok with thri kreen girls.

>What should i draw next?

>> No.8986458

How about one of these?


>> No.8986459

this please. i would be oh so pleased mr. green. I wrote you aprayer to the mods when we thought you had died a last thread.

>> No.8986464

Okay, now THIS I can get behind.

>> No.8986531

Your issues are thinking that a penis would ruin the "beauty and perfection of a female figure". First that says you think a penis is ugly. Secondly it shows you put women up on a pedestal.

The second one is why you aren't getting laid.

>> No.8986561

Oh /tg/.

Not into futa?


>> No.8986589

>posting on /tg/
>into futa

Clearly you're up to your ears in pussy.

>> No.8986612

if someone could just illustrate that epic thri-kreen dirty fanfiction that everyone's read...
it would be so awesome.

>> No.8986626

Actually I am, but you won't believe me.

>> No.8986629

The penis is ugly. This is why women enjoy looking at women more than they enjoy looking at men.

>> No.8986671

We thank you oh lord for sharing with us a great spirit. A spirit of virtue and lover of tits. Though he may have been green on the outside, his heart was nothing but gold. Though we may walk through a /v/ defiled /tg/ without good drawfags to keep us together, his spirit will serve as our catalyst, and we will fight them in the image boards; we will fight them through the archives, we will fight them over the ocean of the internet. His geneseed will live on in us. He was more than our friend, he was....my brother. We few...We Lucky Few. Though the days may come down in the west, behind the hills, into shadow. He will be our beacon. In the name of the Mod, The writefag, and the holy drawfag. Kerplah.

>> No.8986694

Ok everybody! Kool-Aid will now be served in the den!!

>> No.8986725

Bah. koolaid is for wimps WE DRINK ABSINTHE.

>> No.8986788

You totally missed the cult joke.

>> No.8986793

this maybe?

>> No.8986854


>> No.8986890

Myself, I'd very much like to see Cestree being milked, either manually, mechanically, or through self-stimulation.

I mean, with breasts that big, it's a shame that there's no function to go along with that form.

>> No.8986955

>I mean, with breasts that big, it's a shame that there's no function to go along with that form.
Umm... pillows? epic motorboating?

>> No.8986990


>> No.8987330


>> No.8987389

You are simply wonderful. Simply wonderful.

>> No.8987413

I'd actually like my DnD request done most of all.

>> No.8987438


>> No.8987477

I totally didn't. Manson.

>> No.8987550

>>Me not liking futa has a deep psychological meaning that somehow affects my everyday life

Durr hurr, well, guess what, faggot?
I'm the drawfag, i draw what i like.

If she's a Succubus why she has no tail and her horns look like cat ears? As much as i have a hard time admitting, a character cannot be based on having delicious tits alone. She needs a bit more personality.

>> No.8987677

I wouldn't call it epic, it's only 2000 words after all. And there's no plot, it's just "HUMAN-KUN I LOVE YOU SUGOI~" and then some fingerfucking and blowjobbing and cuddling

>> No.8987737

so give her a tail and add some Tim Curry horns.

And draw some thri-kreen girls later. or now. Or just have them in the cestree pic, I don't give a fuck, just draw them damn it

>> No.8987828

>> No.8987843

You haven't seen her final form, have you?

>> No.8987879




>> No.8987946

next time be clear and just say you don't feel like drawing it instead of the heresy bullshit and telling us you don't have issues

>> No.8987957

I will draw, dammit. Just tell me what do you want! dammit! Spare me some thinking! "Thri-kreen girls" is a bit general and not quite inspiring. I can't think of insects doing anything remotely sexy

Totally unexpected, etc. Pic may have been my reaction....or not at all.

>> No.8988078

I think you may have mixed up our posts, good sir.

Fine then, I'll be more specific. How about instead of a thri-kreen girl being all flustered and frustrated we see one in a dominant role for once? Specifically, dominatrix thri-kreen girl and her slave, the local exterminator. See, he's been a bad boy. He needs to be punished.

I'm personally not really into BDSM at all but I'm getting sick of pictures of thri-kreen girls blushing, which is something that they should be physically incapable of anyway.

>> No.8988371

Greenmarine, just draw what you want to draw man. those of us who appreciate it will let you know and continue with hopefully decent requests for you to choose from.

The Cesree looks good to me (not the requester either)

>> No.8988478

Also I do not mean to imply that I am ungrateful because you are an awesome drawfag and /tg/ is lucky to have fellows like you to indulge their disgusting desires

Also you draw cool stuff like this for me

>> No.8988503

Draw an XCOM Operative in combat armor with a laser rifle (as second from left in pic related) peering into the entrance of a UFO/readying a grenade as some form of alien has its back turned/battles xenos with an IG trooper/taking cover from a Beholder's eyebeams/standing over the smoldering corpse of a Thri-kreen girl asking "What the fuck was that thing?" while a guy cries in the background
or whatever you come up with
can be female if you like, as you can always put some tits on it

>> No.8988512

And the local exterminator happens to be a dorf for maximum heresy.

>> No.8988550


>> No.8988571

Pssh, it's cool, brother. I draw to please all of my /tg/ brothers. I just hope you'll understand that, as most dudes with a pencil, there's stuff i'm not really fond of drawing. Think of it as a matter of personal taste.

>> No.8988604

You must now draw the most angry reaction image ever created to respond to this image

>> No.8988684

Fucking hilarious. Thanks.

Back to your fleshy sacks of goodness, then. If you're stumped on what to have Cestree doing in her FINAL FORM pic, might I suggest that she do a drow?

>> No.8988720


Yup I understand completely, I like to think that my requests are not distasteful to you, (I requested the wound tending eldar chick and surprise Heresy.

Also >>8977380

Ill just start tossing out random ideas as they come to me whenever you have a thread going.

>> No.8988724

It would never see any use, brother. /tg/ loves thri-kreen.

>> No.8988745

I'd rather see her tearing something apart, like another demon.

>> No.8988769

To be fair I think it's mostly me, but I'm surprised at the number of thri-kreen requests that I've seen that are not me.

Overwhelming positive response to new thri-kreen sexy writefaggotry is also unexpected/a little worrying. I'm concerned that there are this many people out there who are as fucked up as I am. It's an understatement to say that finding THIS sexy is not normal.

>> No.8988800

If she is tearing the demon apart so she can get back to more drow scissorfucking then I think we have an agreement, my good man.

Perhaps some sort of two-panel comic or serialized drawfaggotry is in order. Or the good drawfag can simply choose his poison. His sexy tit-filled poison.

>> No.8988802

he doesn't look as angry as he says

>> No.8989051

Oh, i like her final form.
It has a nice HR Giger-esque feeling to it.

>> No.8989085

bumping request.

>> No.8989116

He's wearing a helmet.

>> No.8989130

This sounds....mmmh..
are we talking regular cesree or final form cesree lesbian action?

>> No.8989131


>> No.8989202

You're asking the admitted xenophile this, you realize?

You're the drawfag, so you pick.

>> No.8989315

Mmmh this is kinda new to me, so i hope i don't screw up too bad.

>> No.8989340

that doesn't seem to stop the angry marines

>> No.8989354

That's what she said.

>> No.8989384

>implying that anything can stop the Angry Marines

>> No.8989444

no actually, I didn't imply that

>> No.8989562

>correcting an Angry Marine

>> No.8989643

Ok, i had to go check a couple references.
Is this good for anon? I hope i'm not getting too creative trying to improve my porn drawing skills.

>> No.8989742


Not the one who requested it but it looks damned good to me.

>> No.8989959

I specifically requested scissoring but I can masturbate to this so fuck yes that's awesome. Keep up the good work. Get some sleep, too, I don't know where you live but if it's the US then it is fucking late and a promising young pornographic artist such as yourself needs his beauty sleep.

And the character's name is Cestree, I think, not Cesree.

>> No.8989992

I am sorry, i kinda went with the first reference pic i liked.
Also, i'm in the middle of coloring, i cannot possibly stop now.

>> No.8990064

>in the middle of coloring

Yeah, I'll bet you are.
Looks good mang

>> No.8990336

Can you do Inquisitor Yerald on Farseer Keraiel?

>> No.8990394

If you're going to request specific characters then you should give the man some references.

>> No.8990456

Chill, brothers. I don't want to come off as some prissy ass drawfag. I just don't like futa, that is all. While i appreciate your concern, there is no need to go over and start trashing on other anons.

Also, here's the colored piece. I hope you like.
And i'm off to bed, it was nice being your drawfag today.

>> No.8990539

Just saying is all. Requests are more likely to be filled if we, you know, actually provide materials that let you know what the fuck we want drawn.

I prefer my drow ladies with coal black skin and I cannot lie but neither I nor other brothers can deny that this is a very nice picture. Good night, thanks for being our drawfag for the evening and seriously get a deviantart hentai foundry account or something. Smut of this caliber requires a repository for future fa/tg/uys to fap to.

>> No.8990602


Sorry, it did not attach

This is the only one I have, there is a full version somewhere

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