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How does it feel to get a blowjob from a Tiefling, /tg/?

No, seriously, how do peasants actually react to them? I mean, they have horns and tails, do Dragonborn and Tieflings just get hunted down and murdered by townsfolk when possible?

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Depends on the location.

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Some traditionalist Dragonborn hate Tieflings. Doesn't really apply in reverse though, since traditionalist Tieflings just hate everyone.

Outside of that though, they're supposed to be rather integrated into society. The Turathi empire was ancient fucking history, there are honestly hundreds of more immediate threats. Plus a lot of communities are secretly devil-influenced anyway.

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...And the rest of them are secretly dragon-influenced.

I'm surprised they haven't played up the Bahamut vs. Asmodeus aspect more, considering how Devils vs. Dragons is fucking everywhere else.

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nah tieflings are just as average as everyone else in the world sure some over zealous priest cleric or pally might call them devils and attack them, But there just average people trying to make a way in the world

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>No, seriously, how do peasants actually react to them? I mean, they have horns and tails, do Dragonborn and Tieflings just get hunted down and murdered by townsfolk when possible?

If this was WFRP then answer would be yes.

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In 4e, no one cares.
In 3.5, tieflings are just seen with suspicion. They get lynched only on special occasions.

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iirc the only race that has serious racism issues are the Shifters, who get killed as werewolves a lot.

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Actually, Dragonborn and Tieflings are less common then the other PHB1 races.

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Less common, yeah, but that just means more of them are adventurers.

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They're basically medievil jews.

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Err... not really.

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The PH3 races are explicitly said to be problematic and that players of such races should expect to meet with suspicion and scorn, especially Minotaurs.
Githzerai, on the other hand, hate and distrust just about everyone else. They may grow to tolerate others, but "Only a member of the race can truly understand the struggles that the Githzerai have undergone". Successfully pushing the Tiefling well out of the way as the most wangst ridden Mary Sue fodder available.

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I fluffed it as the more out-of-the-way, rural villiages tend to lynch Teiflings they come across, not really seeing the difference between them and the stories of Demons or Devils they've passed down through generations. But in larger settlements and full-scale cities, they're treated mostly like everyone else, though there's still a bit of friction between them and other races.

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What's this about blowjobs and tieflings?

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Peasants aren't usually as routinely aggressive as that.

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Dragonborn aren't exactly hunted down, considered they're PROUD NOBLE GOOD DRAGONLIKE PEOPLE.

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If they REALLY were influences by the old bard's tales, they would hate AND fear them.

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>Implying rural villagers ever see Tieflings other than adventurers
>Implying rural villagers stand a chance against an adventurer.

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And even if they were, you can kill shitloads of peasants at level one.


Except for the ones that are total assholes, you mean. Their racial tendency is Aligned.

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I dunno. A whole small village of maybe 50+ people (some of whom would have some fighting experience), I'd say would have a good chance against a low-level party.

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Yes, but there's kind of the counterparts to tieflings, considerably more good aligned individuals than anything else.

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Probably. Adventurer's at low levels can be taken down through sheer numbers. Although peasants would probably be one-hit kill and anything in full plate would probably be nigh-invincible.

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Except that unless they're under crazy mind control they aren't going to all fight you to the death. There'll be a mob and things will get ugly, but after the first couple people get viciously slaughtered (or effortlessly knocked out, if you're bleeding heart good), the mob's going to shit themselves and go home.

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Yeah, but none of them would be ready to be the first one to die.

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And then, of course, if they AREN'T level one... well, have you read the dark tower?

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If your villagers are by default more than minions, you missed the whole fucking point. The best warriors in 50 person village might be the equal of the MM human guard, most of the rabble are, well, rabble. Now, before you mention attacking them while they sleep or are relaxing, you'll need to explain how the PCs passive insight didn't catch the murderous intent in the rabble's eyes.

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Maybe they all dumped WIS.

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The Gunslinger is more than a millenia old. He's far past epic.

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Tieflings stick to cities where they can blend in or fade into the background. Pretty much everyone distrusts them naturally, because they have tendencies to do dark things.

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In general, fights vs. hapless villagers just exist to make the PCs feel bad.

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To answer the OP's first question, I present this document.

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That's what the CHA bonus is for.

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And assume that no one is trained in Insight or Perception, and no one has any racial bonuses in those areas.

Indeed, if you custom build a party to die in your otherwise pathetic trap, they will, but that is the only way.

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Rarest player race is the deva.

But they're, you know, angels incarnate, so I'd imagine that people generally treat them nicely.

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Do you mean Tieflings passing through or ones that live in the local community? Because if it is the second they probably get along fine, when you live in a small community you tend to get along with people you normally wouldn't becuase you can't help but see them as people.
"I hate Tieflings, creepy shifty fucks"

"What about Vivian? She is a Tiefling"

"She is one of the good ones"

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Still quite possible, given an uncoordinated party.

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Why would the average person be any more wary of tieflings than they are of adventurers as a whole?

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Tieflings are thew best, hot chicks with emotional vulnerabilities to manipulate.

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Because they give off an aura of something not quite 'right'. Animals get spooked around them, too.

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What I find funny is that the current Tieflings are essentially a giant walking moral lesson about NOT dealing with devils.

Everyone does it anyway.

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Statistically, though, they lean towards less scary classes. I mean, who are you going to be more scared of? The Tiefling Bard or the Human Barbarian?

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rolled 9 = 9

Now tell me, does she look evil AT ALL?

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Not really. But I'm pretty damn open-minded when it comes to these things.

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Less so than the guy who is constantly on fire though.

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I'd spend a pleasant evening chatting about nothing very important with this young lady.

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And this lovely woman would be welcome to my company, as well!

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You're ignoring that they're red skinned and very monster-looking.

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Don't tell me this girl doesn't look like anything other than a genuine pleasure to know.

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rolled 15 = 15


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what's wrong with red skin?

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Red skin. Big fucking horns. Tails that can't be easily concealed. You don't get to play one and look normal anymore.

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rolled 86 = 86

i prefer blue myself

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It means one of the following:

1. The subject is sunburned badly.
2. The subject is turning into a tomato.
3. The subject is evil.

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Don't look too monstrous to me. Red skin, horns, tail. Other than that they're basically human. Teiflings are pretty cool bros.

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It just makes them seem hotter.

Drumroll, anyone?

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>blowjob from a tiefling
Well for one, you have to get over the fact that she has a face right out of the "Demons and Devas" school of thought, so if you thought they'd look like a human, with horns, you're sadly mistaken. Of course, some find that rather attractive, but just putting out that disclaimer. If you can ignore the face, you have a lot going for you, because tieflings have bodies that can only be described as "smoking hot." The only things you have to watch out for are the extremities--the claws, the feet, the tail (if there is one present--as a general rule, the tiefling race does not share similar characteristics beyond the probability that certain things will appear). That shit hurts. But the most important thing on your mind won't be how pretty she looks, the curve of her ass, her hips, or those tits, it's the smile. You're good to go, and you know she's on board, and then she gives you a smile. THOSE TEETH. It's like a sawblade got crossed with a carnivore. I'll tell you, nothing kills the mood when you see you're about to have your dick surrounded by a nest of daggers. Get past that, my friend, and you're in for a treat: tieflings have long, prehensile tongues, and no gag reflex--and their body temperature is warmer than a human's. With their natural propensity for rough sex, you're in for the ride of your life. I just hope you come back with all your parts intact, if you catch my drift. The guys down at the bar joke that the markings they leave behind are a badge of honor for xenophiles like myself: you stuck your dick there, and survived it.

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rolled 5 = 5

okay, i know you all have teifling pics already so i'm gonna shoe the dragonborn girls some love.

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I don't even see the horns, tail, or red skin any more when I see a Teifling. I just see another person.

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Smell like egg-farts when they get sweaty.

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rolled 43 = 43

just wow

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rolled 18 = 18

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>THOSE TEETH. It's like a sawblade got crossed with a carnivore.

You say that like it's a bad thing. The teeth are great. I'm in a long-term relationship with a Teifling, and I *love* it when she gently bites my cock with her teeth, or scratches me with her claws. It's amazing, really. You don't get that heady mixture of pleasure and pain with any other sort of girl.

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Could be epic. ASSHOLE LAWYER Asmodeus versus JUSTICE Bahamut.

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rolled 90 = 90

okay, horns are really sexy and all but those are just outrageous

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Think of it as plumage.

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rolled 88 = 88

i thought this was teiflings and dragonborn. are we doing harpies now too?

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The world is full of weird looking humanoids, and its best to not make more enemies than you already have.

Next question.

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Think of it as handlebars.

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Technically, I just like the word 'plumage'. Don't get to say it often enough. On the other hand, HARPIES FUCK YEAR

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Don't even get me started on harpies, there's a reason they call disagreeable human woman harpies. But sometimes, you're in the mood for a straightforward hateful fuck with no strings attached, and in this capacity they provide a valuable service. Just.. don't get too into it. They love it. After a particularly nasty break up and the resulting harpy visit, she was following me around like I owned her.

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Actually, the main place you'd see Asmodeus literally playing lawyer would be vs. The Raven Queen, since you have to really bitch at her to get her to give up her precious souls. The fact that Asmodeus is willing to fight for non-hero souls is why hell is chock-full, but the good gods only have a handful of their favorite mortals in their own realms.

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Bahamut is too busy trying to eat/rape his sister to mess with Asmodeus.

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Actually, he doesn't really have to fight that much. He made a contract with the other gods during the Dawn War that allowed him to harvest souls to preserve Baator. They agreed cause they needed Asmodeus's skills to fight the Primordials. They didn't read the fine print though. Asmodeus added a clause that made the contract's terms last in perpetuity.

And you really don't want to get in a legal battle with Asmodeus

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Nobody ever fucking reads the smallprint.

>> No.8980365


That's FR, if I recall correctly.

In PoL, he was not a god during the dawn war, just the highly skilled lieutenant of his predecessor, who he killed in its aftermath.

The soul stuff happened later.

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Well, to be fair, this was back when the gods had yet to get their heads around concepts like organization, much less contract law.

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Simply put, tieflings, dragonborn, infernal warlocks, etc. are rarely hunted down. There would not be witch hunters if witches could incinerate you with a glance. ALL dragonborn can incinerate a room full of people (or freeze/poison/etc. them).

Anyway, the reason why dragonborn are found in very small enclaves but all over the place is because the human empire of Nerath feared dragonborn... they didn't have the desire to exterminate them or anything, but they passed laws requiring them to be spread out all over the place to prevent uprising.

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Was Nerath the group that bred the Half-Orcs or am I thinking of a different empire?

>> No.8980845

I don't think so. They're a bit vague on where half orcs come from.

>> No.8980923


The only realistic one on the list is the super-soldier breeding program.

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Wait what? Expound on this please.

>> No.8981615


There are several suggested origins for the half-orcs. However, all of them save one are things like "born from the fallen blood of Gruumsh". The remaining one is being the product of a fallen human empire's super soldier breeding program.

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>There would not be witch hunters if witches could incinerate you with a glance.

But what if the witch hunters could smite their enemies with holy flame?

>> No.8982476

Witch hunting is based off the desire to kill a bunch of defenseless people to make you feel less delusional, either about witches existing or about your god existing.

Either way, it wouldn't fit standard models of xenophobia and intolerance.

>> No.8982493

That's stupid. Any origin other than "orcs are fucking savages and rape people and can knock up humans" is stupid.

>> No.8982532

I know 4chan loves fantasy niggerishness, but the original origin of half orcs was indeed the whole breeding program thing

>> No.8982542


Except in a fantasy universe, witches are a real threat, incinerating villagers with a glance and all.

Ignoring the fact that you're making the rest of us Atheistfags look bad, the fact is that in a world where witches can actually be going around fucking up people's day, witch-hunting might actually be a noble calling, especially if you differentiate between "evil witch" and "legitimate spellcaster who isn't hurting anyone."

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In b4 Zelly apparently.

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Original? What the fuck are you talking about? Half orcs as a playable race originated in the PHB of AD an d D, and it specifically states orcs are fecund and have their way with women of other races, usually by force. As a result the offspring are treated poorly.
Rape is the original origin. This shit about breeding programs and Gruumsh's blood is post-Gygaxian PC bullshit. You can prefer it if you like(wuss) but don't lie and try to claim it's the original anything.

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Never claimed to be a gaytheist. Simply the fact that witches (or warlocks) could burn people if they wanted, ensures there would not be anything even distantly resembling witch hunts. More specifically, read the Old Testament for how people react to crazy dudes who can call down pillars of fire.

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>Original? What the fuck are you talking about?

Oh yeah, I forgot how D&D invented orcs and half orcs. My bad.

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Since 4th edition is completely PC bullshit there is no difference between a Tiefling and a regular human.

>> No.8982859

Yeah, its completely PC bullshit to try to cut down on good PCs having a solid reason to kill tons of villagers, and to cut down on reasons for PvP.

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Why are tieflings hated if they are as lame as anyone else?

>> No.8985304

Tieflings are exactly like medieval Jews, some of the fluff even mentions how all the bankers are tieflings in D&D-world.

It's not like Jews got hunted down and lynched all the time in the middle ages, right? Oh wait.

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Who here plays a tiefling character? I've got a level 26 tiefling hybrid infernal pact warlock/paladin of Asmodeus/hellbringer/demigod.

He's basically my testbed for dumb combos...like marking something with divine challenge and then shooting at it with hellish rebuke from a distance. And taking Ethereal Sidestep and various items that improve the distance I can teleport so I wind up with an at-will move action to teleport 4 squares.

>> No.8985776

It depends on the area. In a big city, a tiefling probably doesn't need to do much besides watch his back. But he'd probably be an idiot to show his face in a small town unless he's a goodhearted orphan adopted by the grandfatherly smith at the edge of town or something.

>> No.8986388


Yeah, try using your Wiccafag magic to threaten people who know their Cleric personally has god's ear.

Enjoy being curbstomped by ten Straladins and an Invoker.

>> No.8986928

jews have horns and tails like them too.

>> No.8990955

It's 4th ed, I thought this was the edition where all the PC able races got along in the end, no matter what the fluff said, and anything that isn't a combat roll is just a skill roll...

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teiflings are inferior to draenei, that is all

>> No.8991053

any pics of sexy tieflings?

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bump, need more tieflings

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that red skin is fucking hot

I just thought of something... how do they deal with their tails? I mean, isn't it hard to have clothes like pants and dresses with a tail? Do they make their clothing from magic, or have it all custom made? Like, how would a tiefling squeeze their ass into some pants they just looted...

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They get bullied by mean girls

>> No.8991410

I vote for assless clothes. The tail covers the important bits from behind anyway.

>> No.8991425

>> No.8991428

Scissors, dude! Every Tiefling's best friend!

But i'm pretty sure that tail-hole clothing modifications are fairly common, so they could probably just take it to a tailor for a quick fix.

>> No.8991437


The best kind of horns. Right?

>> No.8991442

Modding looted clothes on the fly wouldn't be much of a problem, unless it was some invincible bullshit.
Fuck off dumbasses.

>> No.8991444

I know how that feels....

..playing 'pull the horns' is never fun...

>> No.8991449

Why is Summer Glau Kratos?

>> No.8991451

Oh Kratilla, you mean girl you!

>> No.8991480

Not a tiefling, but still awesome

>> No.8991498

do teilfings ever have hooves? They'd prolly look like draenei then...

>> No.8991506


I'd find this so unusual if it didn't sound so damn appealing.

>> No.8991590

They cut a hole dawg!

>> No.8991688

if you could kill it to take its stuff, that stuff is probly either magic (every day convenince magic, like self cleaning/reapiring) or you have some way to open a hole.

>> No.8991700

Guys, I just wear a skirt.

>> No.8991702

Now you know how I feel.

Damn this writer's block.

>> No.8991730

Yeah but you can't wear a skirt whilst adventuring.

>> No.8991747

It's called a kilt.

>> No.8991758


You the guy with the ...What the crap you call them fetish and the one writing the fic with them?

My memory fails right now

>> No.8991783

Kilt and skirt are different things. If she had meant kilt, she should have said kilt.

>> No.8991795

>That weird fetish with the guy writing the fic.

Cool info, bro.

>> No.8991856


The fucking mantis things dammit.

>> No.8991870

Teiflings are like black people.

Most people don't care in the slightest, but there's probably a smaller class and rural folk that are suspicious, though not outright hostile unless given opportunity.

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>> No.8991876


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how could you forget this they're requested by people in like every drawthread ever

>> No.8991895

I HATE bugs.

>> No.8991899


That's the one.

I'm tired and in need of sleep.

>> No.8991901

They're a fad and will go away eventually.

That is until Dark Sun comes out. Then they will become popular again.

>> No.8991903

You too? I have worn a skirt with a lot of ruffles ever since some dude tried to finger me through my tail slit while I was eating lunch in a shoulder to shoulder crowded tavern. Wandering hands get tangled in the frills and I can break their nose with mah elbow.

>> No.8991920

This is hateful speech and it must be punished.


>> No.8991931


Right. That does it. Off to bed I go.

>> No.8991935

Ayla walk half naked. No trouble.

>> No.8991944

Yes, they will. Hopefully I'll have finally vomited this monstrosity of a fapfic out onto /tg/ in acidy chunks and we'll all have moved on to new, equally disturbing things.

Well, the rest of you will have anyway. I'll still be stuck with this weird psychological complex.

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>> No.8991963

>> No.8991965

I'm pretty sure we all will. I read the Thri-Kreen erotica.

Interesting stuff...

>> No.8991968

>> No.8991969

But I have so many things to tell you about! Don't you want to hear about mandibles and maxillae and palps and the wonderful sexual possibilities associated with them?

Oh well, he'll be back. Now about those tieflings: how do you gentlemen deal with the sulfur smell? It makes certain acts rather... well, let's just say my tongue has no first-degree burns on it whatsoever, but I'm in the doghouse until I figure this out.

>> No.8991970

>> No.8991974

Fabreeze fixes EVERYTHING.

>> No.8991976

If I let them start sucking me off it's hard to BURN AND DISMEMBER THEM

Goddamn demons

>> No.8991994


That or start to really like the smell of sulfur.

>> No.8992004

I don't know what nasty tieflings you have been around, with good hygiene we smell like candle wax, burning paper and cinnamon mixed together.

>> No.8992019

So did I. I was intrigued by it and I wondered just how far such a relationship could be taken. Ideas floundered and festered for a long, long time and all of a sudden the writing bug bit me again, and THC and alcohol got involved, and, well...

I'm sitting here looking at all 8000 words of what I've gotten done with chapter one, planning out dream sequences (especially weird things for a creature that normally doesn't sleep to have) for future chapters and seeing if I can find some way to weave an entertaining story in between all this weird smut. I'm a little concerned but at the same time I'm just happy to be writing again.

>> No.8992022

Tell her not to wipe the wrong way.

>> No.8992033



>> No.8992042

If you ever finish, be sure to post it. I'd very much like to read it. I wrote a story about a romance between a Human and a goblin, but everyone accused me of being a pedophile.

>> No.8992083

why did they?

>> No.8992099

I think she'd be offended if I told her plainly that she needs to wash. Broken furniture doesn't bug me -- I long ago learned to buy exclusively from IKEA -- but I don't have health insurance, for one thing, and for another that flanging DEATH VOICE scares me. (Though not as much as the fact that said voice makes me hard as a rock.)

But to top things off... fuck me, she's crying now. I better get her outdoors before her evaporating tears fill up the whole house with carbon monoxide. We've gone through three cats so far. I'll try to make her see my side of things.

>> No.8992101

Because I described the goblin girl as having the build and stature of a 12 year old girl.


>> No.8992109

Goblins look like little kids... who are green and have pointy teeth and ears.

>> No.8992115

No one bitches about etna

>> No.8992139

Why? Because I won't deliver, because I won't shut the fuck up, or do you simply despise heretics as your God-Emperor instructs you to?

Either way, like I give a fuck. Everyone on /tg/ seems to have some sort of sexual dysfunction. Mine simply happens to be an obsession with the bizarre. You think thri-kreen are the only weird thing I like? You're quite wrong.

Thri-kreen become full adults at about four years of age, according to the original DS splats. How do you think I feel?

And did you post that goblin fapfic here? I don't think I ever saw it.

>> No.8992143

Take showers with her, all the time. It works.
And chew a lot of gum and offer her some. Helps with the breath.
No idea what the deal with the tears is though.
She doesn't get hot until the end.

>> No.8992166


Drawing parallels between children and fictional sexual partners is always a bad idea. Especially since goblins are not proportioned like little girls, they're more like angry midgets with big ears and sharp teeth. Also, a sexually mature female (really mature, goblins have shorter lives than humans in most fantasy game fluff) would probably have well-developed titties. Unless she was an Asian goblin or something.

>> No.8992170


>> No.8992187

I'd bang THAT goblin girl, then take her to breakfast the next day.
Character from the newest Zelda game, Twilight Princes.

>> No.8992189

It is a sensitive subject, but be reassured it is not her fault. The odor problems come from a bacterial infection, normally it just feeds on our sweat and you can shower it off, but sometimes when things get out of whack downstairs it can become a resident. I had to go to a cleric to get it resolved.

>> No.8992211

The deal is, I presume, the same thing as her sister's goat legs. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be, being a god. They spend all this time and effort putting together an elaborate system of genetics and DNA and alleles and all that good stuff only to have mortals throw it all out the window and fuck fiends whose traits manifest at random in their half-breed offspring.

I've never really thought to ask why beings that reproduce via corrupting, converting, and devouring souls have functioning genitals in the first place. Or what demon sperms look like. Maybe I should.

>> No.8992215


>> No.8992221

Disgaea character.

Oh, you.

>> No.8992227

depraved monkeys only think about killing one another and bedding every thing?

>> No.8992231


>> No.8992238

Oh FUCK, I was thinking of MIDNA.
Sorry, my bad.

>> No.8992246


better than retarded dogs who only think about dumpsters and fleas?

>> No.8992247

I think about food too you know!

>> No.8992286

call a Fenrir ahroun a dog, you would be either fast-runner or suicidal, shithead

what's for breakfast, anon?

>> No.8992318

I'll just call you a fat furry otherkin retard.

>> No.8992321


i am not afraid of a dog boy like you, cant even wash, no wonder exalted does not want you

>> No.8992343

yeah, short and fat, anon

take a shower every morning its home instead of with sept, anon

have craving for waffles and bacon today, eh?

>> No.8992351

The fried flesh and aborted fetuses of lesser creatures.

>> No.8992358

bacon and eggs sounds great, anon

would you let me in for breakfast?

>> No.8992376

No answer, eh? I suppose I scared him off, with strange feelings he's never had before. He's confused and he's lashing out at people. It seems I have awakened a part of him that was deeply buried, but it was there. And it is there in all individuals.

>> No.8992390

It makes you so easy to manipulate.

And soon, you will all be my slaves, driven mad with lust for women you cannot have. Not without me, anyway. This world will be mine.

>> No.8992399


>> No.8992400


>> No.8992404


what the fuck am i seeing here!

>> No.8992410


>> No.8992414


>> No.8992422

Don't make me get my +1 Rolled-up Newspaper of Swatting.

>> No.8992429



>> No.8992444

Oh shit I didn't see your post, despite the mantis pic.

I posted part one on a Writethread, but I haven't finished part two yet and I don't know if I ever will. Also, it wasn't truly a fapfic, because they only had implied sex.

>> No.8992461

Grace. Beauty. A marvelous example of evolutionary diversity.

The Chinese developed fighting styles around mimicry of the insect's hunting behavior. The Europeans thought them pious. I find them hauntingly beautiful and frightening at the same time; somewhat reminiscent of Giger's xenomorph, in a rather roundabout way.

>> No.8992481

Just ugly green cockroaches.

>> No.8992484

>> No.8992485




>> No.8992491

all you're capable of is destroying every thing you can reach, human-anon

>> No.8992509


>> No.8992513

>Hot tiefling thread.

Should I start dumping some Zelly?

>> No.8992514

Is it really too much to ask for you to stop fagging up every single thread on /tg/ with your passive-aggressive little whinefests and 'LOOK AT ME I'M TOTALLY A WOLF GUYS HEY GUYS LOOK'?

>> No.8992515

You don't want to sell me death sticks.

You want to go home and rethink your life.

>> No.8992520


... Trying to read the damn thread.

>> No.8992522


it is the single most creepiest thing ive ever seen in my entire life.

>> No.8992526

Oh my. If that's Zelly, then please, do go on.

>> No.8992531

Which is why I'm on the top of the fucking food-chain buddy.
AND I HAVE THUMBS! Fuck yes Tool-users!
I bend mother nature over and RAPE HER for FUN AND PROFIT! Yeah sometimes that bitch gets uppity and throws a Hurricane or Earthquake, but I slap her back into line.

>> No.8992532


Nice... did he start at level 1 tho?

>> No.8992534


Very well!

>> No.8992540


>> No.8992543

>> No.8992549

Ugly? Surely you jest.

Oddly enough, they did develop from proto-cockroaches during the Tertiary period. Termites did, too. And so, of course, did cockroaches -- not all of which are as filthy as the American or German varieties. Madagascar hissing cockroaches are really quite clean, for example.

>> No.8992551

Ugly woman with a man's ribcage and rat tail. No thanks.

>> No.8992552

I asked about Zelly about a week ago due to just finding out about her myself...led to pretty much universal cries of rage and GTFO.

...fire and ice, this board.

>> No.8992553

>> No.8992558



>> No.8992564

do wolves have air conditioned apartments or monkey-toy laptops, anon? not a wolf

... feeling okay today, anon?

>> No.8992567

>> No.8992569

Night and Day /tg/ are as different as... well night and day.

>> No.8992570


This, actually, is the main reason why I think they decided to add the bit that townsfolk rarely engage in attacking tieflings and such... besides the fact that angry mobs would only attack beings that lack supernatural power and who did not, in fact, pose a threat.

>> No.8992573

>> No.8992575

What? No!! I don't want to go home! My father's wrong! The tribe doesn't need me to produce strong warriors, there are much better and more virile males to take my place! And so what if she's an elf, I love her!

I mean, she tastes so good!

>> No.8992576

>> No.8992578

I know that, that is why I insulted them like that.

>> No.8992582

It's 4AM. I feel fine.

>> No.8992586


Can we be friends?


>> No.8992587

>> No.8992596

>> No.8992599

BACK FOUL BEAST! BACK! Take your freaky mouth and dead demonic eyes back to the hell from whence you came!

>> No.8992600

was that the thread were they guy was raging and threatening to post the artist number?

>> No.8992602

you would be invited to go with for tim hortons run, anon

long as you leave rifle at home

>> No.8992605

>> No.8992608

Do you like ANYTHING? What's your opinion on Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator?

>> No.8992612

>> No.8992617


>> No.8992622

>> No.8992624


why so mean...

>> No.8992626

What does it feel like to run a marathon with a centaurized Horo?

>> No.8992628

>> No.8992633


My tiefling porn sense was tingling and I have returned.

...Someone tell me, who is Zelly?

>> No.8992634

>> No.8992635

Pretty good, considering you'll overtake her halfway along.

>> No.8992636

I don't see how this compensates the pizza franchise at all. He can't exactly tip out on this. And he's doing it on company time, too.

>> No.8992638

Hey guys what's going on.

>> No.8992641

>> No.8992643

It's true! Humans are the best long-distance runners in the world.

>> No.8992652

Fuck yes, dinner!

>> No.8992654

>> No.8992661

>> No.8992664

>> No.8992669

>> No.8992671

Spider thread?

>> No.8992673

Who's Zelly, and why is she always sexing up guys with tails?

>> No.8992675

Because you and your kind are all hellspawn! Demons from the abyss! All of you should be terminated!
But we can;t DO that because it fucks up the ecosystem.

>> No.8992677

>> No.8992687

>> No.8992693

>> No.8992701

>> No.8992705

Fuck you, buddy! Those things are tasty! I say keep 'em coming!

>> No.8992706

>> No.8992713

>> No.8992720

>> No.8992726

>> No.8992739

>> No.8992746

>> No.8992752

Porn drawn by women makes me feel so in adequate, I will never stretch them out with a dick as girthy as my wrist.

>> No.8992754

>> No.8992764

>> No.8992768


What's going on here in this thread, my good chums?

>> No.8992770

>> No.8992774

You can make girls orgasm six times in a row just by baaaaarely moving a fingertip, dude.

>> No.8992776

>> No.8992779

>> No.8992780

looks like depravity, anon

>> No.8992781

Sorry guys, new to this whole World Internetwork thingamabob, Arthur set me up with it. He sent a lovely lady named Mavis to teach me how to touch-type. I'm touch-typing right now! Isn't that super-keen?

>> No.8992783

>> No.8992786

I have a question, do Tieflings have tails?

>> No.8992788

>> No.8992792

yeah but I want to give them that full feeling of being crammed full of meat.

>> No.8992803

And gosh-darn it if I didn't forget to say what I was apologizing for! I forgot to post my picture the first time.

This on the line thing is hard! How does Arthur do this all day?

>> No.8992806

>> No.8992810


>> No.8992814

>> No.8992819

with one hand.

>> No.8992820

>> No.8992821

Yes, they do. Also horns.

>> No.8992822

And wanting your cock to be massaged by her engorged love-hole has nothing to do with it, I'm sure. At least have the juice to admit it, mammal.

>> No.8992824

who drew all this zelly porn? Jaxthebat?

>> No.8992827

>> No.8992832

I never intended to deny it.

>> No.8992836

>> No.8992842

When you put it like that...
brb fappin'

>> No.8992845

As far as I can tell, Zelly is JaxtheBat's (yes, THAT Jax, if you are an ancientfag) Tiefling.

>> No.8992847

Wowzers! Now that's just showing off! He must be trying to make me jealous! And boy howdy, it's working! Now I wanna be that good!

Maybe he's just getting back at me for acting all strong all the time. I can't help it, I don't know my own strength! But I know when I'm makin' my good buddy feel bad, and now I feel all guilty! I'll have to do better.

>> No.8992856

>> No.8992860

Tailsex = hawt

>> No.8992864

And that's about it.

>> No.8992865

She has to go at least 165 - 170

>> No.8992868

I'm just newfag who use google, found out that Zelly is Jax's thiefling, still is that porn drawn by him?

why THAT Jax?

>> No.8992877

Thank you, anon.

>> No.8992883

Where is this from?

>> No.8992885

Well the horns are kinda obvious but I wasn't sure about the tail.

Thanks people.

>> No.8992904


My pleasure.

>> No.8992938

So, in addition to the fucking Mantis jackass, we have The Tick, or at least some fat basement dwelling mutant who thinks they are oh so clever by this imitation of the live action movie persona.

Thank the God-Emperor this thread has tits, otherwise nothing would save it.

>> No.8992945


"Jax the Bat is also a meme from 4chan. Whenever somebody posted a furry picture, it used to be standard procedure for posters to declare that it was © Jax, that the OP was © Jax, and that © Jax is © Jax. Although they may be right, as Jax's art is spread around the internet like herpes at a furry convention"

The meme is back from 2005

>> No.8993013


>> No.8993165

We've also got some weeaboo faggot crying and posting reaction images.

>> No.8993648

I've only ever found SFW Zelly pics. Where are you getting this stuff, kind anon?

>> No.8993739

sauce is required

>> No.8996470

I am extremely high right now, so this thread is the coolest fucking thing in the world to me at the moment and I don't really know why.

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