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Apparently, she has some fire resist.

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Fuck you I am not reading this goddam heart breaking comic again

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>Nana's everyday life

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god why does this exist

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traditional games are my favorite traditional games

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Hey, it looks like she's fine after all! Isn't that nice?

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Because you are gay my son.

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It looks like someone is a little grumpy today!

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HAHAHAHahahahahahahaaha..... WHEEZE! HAHAHAHAHAHA!


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That whole comic is bunk, Nana is fine and living happily with a caring family.

Prove me wrong.

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Silly Nana!

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Feel better /tg/

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This, a thousand times this. I am not going to read it ever again, fuck you OP.

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Oh, look! It's a kitty! Hey there, Kitty!

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She dies at the end.

This was posted in the full knowledge that spoilers do not work on /tg/.

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>Nana's Everyday Life



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and suddenly we realize that this happens over and over again.

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Because she doesn't deserve to suffer.

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Too bad she doesn't have any cold resist.

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What's so bad about this comic?

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First time i've seen these, doesn't seem so heart breaking.

Bearing in mind I just fapped to putting Fio through all the horrorfying acid-slime-monster deaths in Metal Slug 3.

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Wake up, silly kitty!

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inb4 /tg/ ending.

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We're almost there, folks! Just hold on to your hats!

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op is sick son of a bitch.....

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Am I Kawaii, Uguuu~

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Please post the good end????

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seconded. Good end would be appreciated.

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I wish I could reach over the internet and chocke you to death, you sick fuck. N.E.L is emotional equivalent of fucking Hiroshima, you don't just go around posting it.

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She's dead, Jim

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Fuck you, OP, I'm choking back tears here.

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Silly Anon, you can't fuck Hiroshima, it's a city

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Requesting Robocop ending.

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/r/ing rule34 on Hiroshima

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>Implying I can't fuck a city

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Should've posted the whole thing.

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op.....i will track you down....even if it takes me all my life...and when i do find you....you will die a slow painfull death

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I <3 this thread

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Tree/nuke sex>?

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so... I'm supposed to feel sad about this.. chibi who I know nothing about and might be some sort of deadly science creation that was stopped before it got bad. It then dies along with a wounded stray, who may have died because it was WITH the little thing.

But this is from someone who knows nothing about this at all and has no idea who "nana" is. If it has anything to do with touhou I'm glad the thing died.

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Now I'm gonna get eaten:
Calling Rule 34 on the amputee loli.

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Good end, you sick son of a bitch.

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If anything can help you to alleviate the pain, /tg/

Peter the cat says though her death is completely ignored, she will always be appreciated by the flowers that bloomed on her deathsite.

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i will help you hunt down the sick coward

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Is there any more?

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One cannot be told what Nana is.
One has to see it for themselves.
But fuck me you wont be able to see due to tears...

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Nana is from Elfen Lied, she's the series' Butt Monkey

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Why am I laughing.

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Nana from Elfen Lied. Somebody really didn't like her, and made this comic. First time we see her in the manga she gets her arms and legs hacked off by a psychotic telekinetic mass-murdering eldritch abomination in moe form.

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Somehow I doubt that.

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Because you're a monster.

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...but no one can save Nana ;_;

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Basically she's a telekinetic who was working from a young age to recapture another rogue telekinetic. She might technically did pose a threat if she had wanted to, but had no intention of doing so.

It has nothing to do with touhou.

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Elfen Lied is pretty much a series about "Am I kawaii Uguu" girls who get raped, naked and are ultra powerfull god mode rape trains when they want to be. Everbody is a asshole and the kawaii mass destruction device is supposed to be the victim.

It's a terrible series that wants you to feel bad because "a loli is for loving not for hurting baaaw why can't the Navy SEALS understand this? If I was a Navy SEAL things would be different! I would protect Nana!"

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here robo nana you can have natasha

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It's like I'm really on /v/.

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No idea what Elfen Lied is, and its bad storytelling to have a character who's sole perpous is to be beat up.

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The entire series has multiple characters like this, not just nana FYI.

You got the loli who got raped by his farther, the main female character that is a nana with longer hair, and so on.

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Is it odd that I thought Lucy was the most sympathetic character in the whole series (not read the Manga) and was pretty much on her side the whole time?

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The entire series is like Song of Ice and Fire

Every exists only to be beat up.

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That was so awesome

It's as awesome as that alternate ending of that horrible demon rape game where the young girl who keeps dying horrible deaths over and over again due to rape demons got rescued by Dante and kicked ass together.

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.....the shows director must be mental

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Actually, it wants you to feel bad because humans become extinct as a result of the series' events.

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Bandou was the biggest badass in the series. fetish-attending lolis got nothing on him.

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Fuck you OP. Fuck you and the sick fuck of a comic creator.

I dont be able to get an errection for days now.

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Something about a giant amphibian baby god, and natural selection.

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You sure?

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some one go get enginer and medic....we can rebuild her

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OP, you just broke this man's nutbladder. Fuck you.

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So its written by the same kind of psycho who makes about half the hentais that exist. I can't feel remorse for a fake character that exists just so the writer can torture them in an attempt to make the reader feel bad.

Want good remourse in an animu form? Nina from FMA. THAT was a tearjerker. This is just dumb.

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>humans become extinct

What? No, they don't. Series ends with Nana and the other girl living with Kouta and his girlfriend, and Lucy either dead or alive - it's an ambigous ending in that regard. The facility which was conducting the research into Dicolonii is still intact and unharmed, though having lost some of its highly-placed staff. There's nothing to suggest it wouldn't just keep on doing whatever it was. The overal status quo isn't changed.

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Damn it, boys

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I'm laughing. I guess I can't feel sad anymore.

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She gets artificial legs and arms that she can move with her vectors by her "dad" later, they only fall off occasionally.

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Are we both talking about the manga?

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The laughter holds back the tears. It's like a gag reflex.

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>Want good remourse in an animu form? Nina from FMA. THAT was a tearjerker. This is just dumb.

FMA is just as bad. The drama is poorly written and it's so over the top and inconstant it's just weird when it happens.

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How one could feel sympathy for fictional characters at all.

I mean, only thing that made me bad was the NEDM or Zippocat, but I can't cry to some made up bullshit such as this.

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And now she is a fetish.

Ah Elfen Lied I hate you so much.

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Fun fact manga continues. Lucy dies and the one wench who was never allowed to bathe makes a vaccine so no more diclonius are born, Nana's "dad" is still alive (tho he did go insane for a while), etc.

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Ehh, wasn't that bad. I've been sadder in B'awww threads.

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It's worth pointing out that while the show does contain Nudity, none of it is really done in a sexual fashion. The anime veers between horrendous, bleak violence and cruelty interspliced between lighter, more comedic scenes. In the former, the nudity serves mostly to show how detached Lucy is - she quite happily massacres people without seeming to realise she's naked. In the latter, it's just played for laughs. I don't think you could see the show as pornographic, even if you dislike it.

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I came as fast as I could. Come, soldier. Show me vhat ve are dealing vith--


--oh, my.

I am zo zorry. I do not believe zis falls under my purview.

I am zo, zo zorry.

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Nah, I was talking about the Anime.

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The episodes until the plot goes dumb are pretty good. It goes to shit, but it starts out decent. Still has one of the few pieces of entertainment that has ever given me tears.

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dohohohohohoho this makes me feel much better and doctor you will do it or else!

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Hey I like FMA too.

But I cannot take it seriously when it tries drama. The writer, whomever it is doesn't do it properly.

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Only ending ;_;

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>Implying FMA would make me cry

I would've done the same, advancing in scientific fields are always justified. No matter at what cost.

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Zhere are limits to vhat even my medicine can rebuild. However, perhaps the Engineer may be of assistance. If such a zing should come to pass, I vill safeguard her vith mine life vhen the battle ist to be waged.

As I do you. As I do you all.

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from /co/.

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context is: She was found by Tony Stark.

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Givin' up so easy, doc?
Lemme tell you a little something. In my line of work, we fix things. If something's broken, you put it back together. If something's wrong, you make it right. This... this is wrong in ways that I can barely manage to comment on... but I'll be damned to hell and back before I give up on `er. I build things by repeatedly hitting them. This is just one more impossible thing to do before we break for dinner.

Now are you gonna hand me my tools and gimme a hand or are you gonna go back to cutting up lab mice?

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that sounds bad ass! iron nana?

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This is awesome.

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Totally unrelated, I read Nana's Everyday Life, fapped, and I'm ATM watching Elfen Lied, and it's not even nearly that fappable. Kinda dissapoint

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I feel better now
Thanks man

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This pleases Mighty Iso-God. Continue!

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It's kinda amusing to see how people BAWWW about my fapmaterial. And their ragetears....ambrosa.

I'm sick fuck, but I really, really can't complain.

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Emotional breakdown, helplessness ect, they're my fetish.

But tis' /tg/, let us not judge anybody

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We judge everybody. If you want compliments for being a sick fuck, go to /d/.

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Not maybe compliments, but /tg/ faps to everything so we really can't judge.

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>let us not judge anybody
How about NO?

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Just keep telling that to yourself.

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In in your -chan, drinking your tears.

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>/tg/ faps to everything
Pardon me, but you seem to have misspelled /d/.

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Nobody posted the good end? For shame, /tg/. Also, Dan Kim is a sick bastard who regularly browses 4chan. Or used to.

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/tg/ = /d/
Now you know.

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good end

become fertiliser

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What's so damn sad about this thing anyway? I never got why people thought this comic was sad. The emotional trauma in this series gets piled up so much and is so blatant that it becomes funny or pathetic rather than dramatic.
Oh, and GUNS DON'T WORK THAT WAY! Goodnight.

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